This game is damn hard to beat. And there are very few walkthroughs for it out there. Well,
actually, besides this, there's only one more walkthrough, which appears in several different
locations. But here's the bomb! Although it says so, that other one is not the PC DL2
walkthrough, but the Amiga DL2 walkthrough. How do I know? I played that one, too. The thing is,
the Amiga version has about one more scene in each of the 6 levels and even more differences
towards the end. And this game requires faster reflexes than the Amiga game. So, do not follow
that walkthrough when you're playing this game, or you will feel a lot of hostility later on.

1)Breakfast Table: After Daphne's mother starts coming for Dirk with her rolling pin, press LEFT
to escape.
2)Drawbridge: As soon as you see the bridge, quickly press DOWN and RIGHT in quite rapid
3)Castle: Use the SWORD to hit the snake, then move RIGHT.
4)Castle Pit: As soon as the image changes, press DOWN very quickly to avoid the snake, then go
LEFT. When you see Dirk's mother-in-law hanging from the snake with her rolling pin, trying to
whack you, go LEFT and then UP.
5)Ride to the Lair: Press UP immediately to jump off the falling pillar and onto the next one.
When you go close to the edge, tap DOWN to get off the moving pillar head and into the hole.
6)Finding the Time Machine: Dirk lands near a snake. Hit it with the SWORD. Go UP to avoid its
tail, then use the SWORD again.
7)Escaping the Snakes: Go UP as soon as you see a small change in the Dirk's position on the time
machine. Then very quickly move RIGHT to enter the rib cage.
8)Inside the Rib Cage: Quickly press LEFT, then hit the snake with the SWORD and go LEFT again
when the skulls surround you.
9)Back to the Time Machine: Press DOWN and use the SWORD in very quick succession to be able to
get back on the time machine.
10)Activating the Time Machine: Smack the snake in the head with the SWORD, go RIGHT to insert
the sword into the device, and use the SWORD just when you see that happen to push the other way
and disappear into the unknown.
11)Arrival in Prehistoric Time: Move UP to face the pterodactyl and use the SWORD to kill it.
Another one appears. Let the SWORD handle it.
12)First Encounter with Mordroc: Move UP in order to avoid Mordroc's cane.
13)Getting away from Mordroc: Use the SWORD to hit the flying dinosaur and go UP to hang onto
another flying dinosaur. Go RIGHT to land on the cliff.
14)Flying towards Daphne: Get DOWN to avoid the centaur and very quickly afterwards use the SWORD
to make it drop Daphne.
15)Rescuing Daphne: When you see her fall, go DOWN after her.
16)Rescuing the Sword: Go DOWN into the primordial ooze and RIGHT to get the sword. Then jump UP
on the time machine.
17)Heaven's Gate: Dirk climbs the first vine by himself. Then you have to press DOWN before you
hear the guardian say anything. Then press UP quickly to have Dirk grab the next vine.
18)Gates of the Garden of Eden: Very, very quickly tap DOWN and LEFT to escape the angry guardian
and the cherubs.
19)Entering the Palace: Go UP, UP to get rid of the guard and to reach the top of the wall. If
you keep getting sword-slapped, tap the up button like crazy after you know for sure you've
passed the previous scene.
20)Escaping the Cherubs: Move LEFT into the Garden of Eden, DOWN to land on the first branch,
then UP to jump on the next one, and RIGHT to get away. Wait about a quarter of a second in
between moves.
21)Meeting the Snakes: Use the SWORD to swing at the first snake, then use the SWORD again to
attempt to escape after half a second, then swing the SWORD again after another half a second to
a second.
22)Escaping the Snakes: Quickly go RIGHT and UP to avoid the treacherous snake. Then, after
half a second, go UP again and you'll escape.
23)Leaving the Garden of Eden: Just simply use the SWORD to teleport again.
24)Getting Mordroc's Attention: After Mordroc slides the magic ring on Daphne's finger, get ready
to jump UP and then throw the SWORD in the wizard's arm very quickly.
25)Escaping Mordroc's Rage: After Mordroc screams in agony, jump UP, then LEFT to avoid his
anger, DOWN onto the brown platform to the right and then, of course, go RIGHT to get away.
26)Finding the Ring: Go UP and then quickly RIGHT to avoid falling off the crumbling platform,
use the lasso next to the SWORD to get the ring and exit on the LEFT.
27)Mordroc's Mutation: Jump UP to avoid Mordroc's spell and throw the ring at him using the same
lasso, not the SWORD. Mordroc mutates.
28)Mordroc's Death: Duck DOWN and Dirk will jump on the next cliff. Right when the screen
changes, press DOWN again, then hit the mutated Mordroc with your trusty SWORD.
29)Sleeping Beauty: DOWN to kiss the princess, then SWORD to kill the green reptiles, which have
teleported, too. Use the SWORD again to kill another pterodactyl when it appears on screen.
30)The End: Dirk is depressed, but he can still hit the small pterodactyl with the SWORD. Daphne
awakens, so hit the last flying reptile with the SWORD again, and Dirk saves the day once again.

Here is a shortened version:
-Trip to the Castle: L|D,R|S;R|+D,L|L;U|+U|D|
-Back in the Lair: S;U|S;U+R|L,S;L|+D+S|S;R;S|
-The Land Before Time: U;S;S|U|S,U|R|D+S|+D|+D,R,U|
-The Garden of Eden: |D,U|+D+L|+U+U|L;D;U;R|S,S;S|R,U;U|S|
-The Magic Ring of Mordroc: |U+S||U,L;D,R|U+R,S+L|U;S|
-Happy Ending: |D|+D;S|D,S,S|S||S|
'|' means that the screen changes (drastically); ';' means that there is a pause of at least half
a second between the two moves; ',' means that the moves must be executed pretty quickly; '+'
means that you must press the buttons almost at the same time; and '|+' is a warning, meaning
that the screen changes, but you have to press the buttons absolutely exactly when the next
screen appears. Some moves require perfect timing, indeed. And remember that this game allows
very little time between all moves. The scenes in which nothing happens (like when Dirk climbs
the vine up to heaven) last about as long as pauses between moves (like between S and R, when you
first get back in Singe's castle), so keep your fingers always close to the 5 buttons ('Insert'
and the 4 arrow buttons, if you can't or don't want to use a joystick).

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