Solve To Space Ace

Scene 1.Right-Left-Down
        (right to dodge blast,left to dodge blast,and down to hide behind rock)

Scene 2.Right-Left-Left-Left (Right to dodge first robot arm, left to go under,
left to jump breaking ground, and left to go under last arm)

Scene 3. Down-Up  (Down to dodge lazer blast, Up to dodge laser blast)

Scene 4. Up   (Up when ship is close to landing)

Scene 5. Fire  (press fire to shoot monster)

Scene 6. Right-Up   (right to miss crushing arm, and a quick up to jump to     

Scene 7. Right-Right  (Right to jump to platform [on its second rise], and
another quick right)

Scene 8. Down-Right   (down to dodge monsters jaws, and a quick right to

Scene 9. Down-Left    (down to dodge monsters jaws, and a quick left to escape)

Scene 10. Fire   (Fire to destroy Monster)

Scene 11. Up      ( Up to escape blue cat people)

Scene 12. Up      ( Up to escape dogs)

Scene 13. Right   (right to go to corridor)

Scene 14. Up      (Up to avoid dogs and escape)

Scene 15. Right   (Right to escape Robot Blast)

Scene 16. Left    (Left to dodge energy bolt)

Scene 17. Left    (Left to dodge more energy bolts)

Scene 18. Right   (Right to again dodge energy blast)

Scene 19. Up      (Up to get to Borfs control center)

Scene 20. Fire    (Button to block Borfs staff)

Scene 21. Fire    (another staff block)

Scene 22. Fire-Right   ( fire to block staff, and right to roll away from Borf)

Scene 23. Fire-Down    (Fire to go on offensive, and down to duck staff)

Scene 24. Fire     (Fire to block staff attack)

Scene 25. Up-Down  (Up to jump over staff, down to duck under staff)

Scene 26. Right-Down    (Right to dodge staff, Down to jump on Borfs Back)

Scene 27. Up-Left       (Up to get to rope,Left to jump to rope)

Scene 28. Do Nothing    (Ace jumps onto a platform..seems to do it by himself)

Scene 29. Right         (To jump from platform)

Scene 30. Right         (To dodge Infanto ray)

Scene 31. Left          (Left to dodge Infanto ray)

Scene 32. Right         (Right to again dodge Infanto ray)

Scene 33. Left-Right    (left to move mirror into infanto ray blast, quick
right to escape)

  Well thats it.....A great graphic achievement but a very short and easy game
to win.....Oh well!!!!!!!!


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