**************Space Ace for the IBM PC walk through**************

I list the screens in the order in which they are played; the first number
represents the corresponding scene number in the list at the back of the 
manual, so this list could be used by people playing the game on other
platforms. Note that scene 2 is missing. Anyways, the format is simple;
five letters to represent the five different possible moves.
                         (L)eft      (R)ight

I won't bother to indicate the timing involved for each scene, that would
be too much work. For some scenes the first key must be pressed almost 
instantly as the scene begins, and others must be pressed as your feet land
on something.

       1    RLD
       3    DUU
       4    U
       7    RR
       6    RU
       5    F
       8    DR
       9    DL
       10   F
       11   U
       12   U
       13   R
       14   U
       15   R
       16   L
       17   L
       18   R
       19   U
       20   F
       21   F
       22   FR
       23   FD
       24   F
       25   UD
       26   RD
       27   L
       28   U
       29   R
       30   R
       31   L
       32   R
       33   LR

    Total moves: 45          
    Final score (no deaths): 4300
    Total time required: About 2.5 minutes (amazingly short!)

David Strutt ([email protected])

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