Action Adventure by Red Storm Entertainment



A solution by Lu Richardson



The product: 


This game (published in 2001) just misses being great because it is highly repetitive and the puzzles you have to solve become very predictable.  Plus it's unnecessarily verbose.  However, I picked it up at budget price and found it very entertaining and fun for the money.


The view is from behind the main character and the graphics are just as we have got used to:  impeccable.  The interface is easy enough.  All things being equal, I'd say the best part of the game is the storyline:  after a devastating alien takeover you get to join the Resistance.  You start on your own but you are soon joined by fellow Resistance fighters.  You can control up to three characters jointly or separately; to me, quite a novelty.


General tips:


As each mission starts, find out what you have to do and what the participants have to say about it, go on to the next (equipment) screen, be sure to take whatever you need and proceed.  When you are at the new site, save.  Look at the map and see what your objectives are (indeed, you must look at your map after anything important has happened to see if there are new objectives).  Get the best equipped character to scout the area a bit at a time to find the enemy and whatever items are about.  After each successful fight (i.e., the character suffers no damage), save and keep scouting.  If the fight ends in disaster, restore and, knowing what's ahead, you are bound to have better luck.  This way, the other characters will be able to go to their appointed tasks without any danger because you've cleared the way.


When fighting it is best to creep up on people (i.e. walk, don't run) and kill from a distance.  Of course, at first you won't have long range weapons, and then it is best to escape notice.  If you must fight, get the first blow in and keep hitting.  When shot at, if you are quick enough you can sidestep out of harm's way.  ALWAYS search the bodies of your victims for weapons and other essential items and always examine any new items you get.


When it comes to weapons, you get a beretta pistol quite early on in the game.  It is as well to walk about with it equipped at all times and shoot as soon as the green triangle over the enemy appears; keep your finger on mouse button 1 to keep on shooting.  Much later you'll get a rifle, which allows you to shoot at a greater distance - unfortunately, you can't fire it as fast as the pistol so use it only as an alternative weapon.  Indeed, it's as well for each character to carry a long range and a short range weapon.  The beretta is best since it can be both.


If you get hurt you will usually find First Aid Kits in the loos (restrooms to our American cousins) of buildings; these kits are scarce, though, so try not to get hurt if you can help it.


The best way to use this solution is for you to try out each mission first on your own - should you get somewhat muddled in any one of them, read the appropriate section, it should help you finish it.  I hope.  Be aware that in some screens for new missions you have the option of doing side missions (i.e., there are two locations to choose from the map); I am only describing the main missions since the others are really irrelevant, just a bit of extra fun.


Well, here we go.





Go E till you see a wall in front of you with "Chrisport Mall" all over it; to the right of it you will see the Theatre.  Turn left and talk to Miriam in the wood-walled room right here.  Ask about the way out - after a lengthy conversation she will give you a couple of items and tell you about Seamus.  Turn your back on her and go around the "Chrisport Mall" wall heading E.  You will see an open shop to the right nearly at the end of the corridor.  You will also see on the floor, in front of it, the Resistance sign (always look for such signs).  Go in and talk to Seamus and give him what Miriam handed you for him; at the end, you get a key.  Leave the shop and turn left, keep going along W until you come to the first opening on your left.  You will see a door with the Resistance sign on the floor.  Before you go through you might like to save and explore the whole Mall and talk to whoever you can.  You will be coming back here, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to familiarize yourself with it.  At any rate, when you finally unlock the above-mentioned door follow the corridor to the very end to complete the mission.





From the start, go forward and turn right.  In front of you, you will see a red mark and a purse - search it and get the quarter.  Turn to your left and follow the marks.  You will see another one as you turn the corner.  What is in front of you is the Park.  Careful here.  Turn to your left and follow the marks to an alley where a rubbish bin contains a Scavenger Token.  Walk out of the alley and now you must avoid some nasty Peacekeepers behind the wall on your left.  So walk back the way you came till you get to the purse and then turn left.  Carry on along here to the end of the road.  If you look left you will see a Peacekeeper (PK, for short), so continue S and hope you are not spotted.  There is another PK ahead of you, so turn into the street to your left:  in front of you you will see a newspaper vending machine and another red mark.  Use your quarter (press the letter Q till the quarter shows in the window in the lower left hand corner of the screen) and then go into your inventory to read the newspaper.  Save.  Go on along here and try to walk quietly to the end of the road heading E, then turn right heading S.  You can sneak past the guards if you walk; if you can't, reload and try again. 


Walk past the mound of rubble (carefully), note the PK to your right; you will come to the Sports Shop on your right along here.  Inside there is a First Aid Kit and, in another room, a baseball bat in a broken white counter.  Go back to the mound of rubble and cross it.  At the other side you will see, on your right, a shop named Leasing and also a red mark on the ground.  Go through the dark archway and talk to Lily on your left, show her your letter from the Resistance. 

Go back and into the Leasing shop, walk to the broken wall.  In some rubble to the right of it you will find the Front Key.  Go through and talk to the guy on your left.  Carry on and, in the next room, find the white cabinet on the wall and get the Interior Key.  Go out the door and walk to your left.  Head NE to a lit door with a broken sign which says "Rent-All".  Use the Front Key to go in; search the desk to find the Back Key.  You will see a First Aid Kit which you don't need right now, but open the door to its left with the Interior Key.  You needn't talk to the PK you'll see in front of you - if you do you'll get into a fight but, if you win, you'll get his weapons - up to you, really, but with a First Aid Kit handy you might like to take a chance (saving first).  At any rate, you have to go through the archway on your right and get to the back door to the SE, opening it with the appropriate key.  Once outside, you will see the red sign on the ground.  Turn right and follow the red signs till you see the message "Mission Complete".





While you are getting the low-down on your next mission you will see that now you have a companion.  At the equipment screen, make sure you (Angel) get the Scavenger Token and the Fresh Fruit, apart from whatever offensive weapons you've picked up and which you have to share out.   At the start, press R and F so that you both walk together and follow the only possible path till you get to a guy.  Talk to him.  Continue along till the path forks. 


Press R and F to separate and have one of the characters take the path to your left.  Just keep flipping switches and going up and down the ramps till you get some beretta ammo.  Go back to the point of separation and press R and F again. 

This time, take the path to the right.  Follow it along till you come to a room with columns and water and turn left to talk to Lawrence.  Give him the Fruit and ask about Leo.  At the end, leave this room through the other end, up some stairs. 


Save before you go up because you are about to be attacked.  Once this is over, follow the corridor and, near the end, past an opening on your left, go on to talk to the woman.  When you've done, go through the opening and follow the path the only way you can go.  You'll come to a three-way fork and another lady.  Talk to her and agree to help her finding Sheldon - she gives you a Nice Knife which you'll need later on. 


Take the left fork, go over the corrugated bridge and take the branch to the right.  Be prepared to be attacked.  Follow the path looking for blue splashes on the walls.  When you get to the water and the red mark, turn left and search the container for the Scavenger Key.  Turn around and you'll see there are two tunnels running parallel:  you came down one, take the other.  Hug the right wall and be prepared for an attack.  Past the branching of the path you will see a short tunnel to your left where you will find Sheldon dead; search him.  Take time to go back and report to the woman then go back to the container where you obtained the Scavenger Key. 


This time turn right and move on till you come to a wall.  Go to the right and use the Scavenger Key on the locker.  Back to the wall and (facing it) this time go to the left - save first, you will be attacked.  Carrying on, you will come to a button on your left.  There are two paths to your right and one straight ahead.  Separate here and have Jimmy stand by the button while you take the second path on your right.  When you get to the locked room, TAB to change to Jimmy, have him flip the switch, TAB to change to Angel, go in, search the rubbish bin to get the bat, TAB to Jimmy to press the button, TAB to Angel and leave.  Join them by pressing R and F.  Facing the button, turn to your right and follow the path. 


You'll have to fight the guy in the first room you come to and go out the other end.  Turn right and go through the next opening on your left.  You will see a red mark beneath a valve: have Jimmy turn it.  Continue and you will see a gap on your left being blasted with gas.  Separate and have both characters run through the gap - there will be some damage.


Turn right and go towards the train.  Be aware that in the opening to the left of it there is a deranged person about to attack you.  When you've dealt with this, board the train; searching the seats will yield another Scavenger Token (which you don't need) and also a Battery Pack, which will be handy to Restore Power at the panel further on.  You can now leave the train and enter the doorway from which you were attacked. 


On your left you will see a camera:  use the Scavenger Token on it and the door opposite will open so go in and meet Leo.  Getting him to join the Resistance isn't going to be easy.  Leave his rooms and turn right, the door at the end of the corridor will be open.  Go through, left, down the ramps and you will emerge in the sewers.  You should by now have a beretta equipped, so if you look on your left you will see the tell-tale green triangle marking an enemy:  no need to stir things up, go right and along.  The first tunnel on the left will take you to Thon.  Talk to him and insist on getting Leo's property back - eventually he'll settle for your Nice Knife and give you a key.  Go back to the train and to the right of the gap through which you jumped you'll find a footlocker.  Open it with the key and take the explosives to Leo.  Join up and go out of the rooms, right and right up the stairs.





Save the moment you are all set.  Look at the lorries:  behind them there are three PKs, so creep around silently and try to take them all out with no damage - it can be done.  Try going around to the right of the lorries and if it all goes wrong reload and try again.  Once you've taken all three PKs out you can search their bodies for weapons; send in the best equipped character into the Factory.


Inside turn left and go get a crowbar from behind the counter.  When you come out, go through the open door in front of you, passing the entrance doors on your right.  As soon as you go through you'll see a guy on your left.  Talk to him choosing the second line and get him to tell you about the fire alarm.  Ignore the closed door in front of you and go into the open room behind this guy.  You'll find Ramon - talk to him.  Go out through the other door and enter the Men's room - there is a beretta in the cabinet.  You won't be able to enter the Ladies' room, it's locked.  Go to the corridor and turn right. 


Along here, on your right, you will see a large room with fridges, also an old one with the Resistance mark.  TAB to the guys outside, join them with F and V or whatever and get them into this room.  Pass the crowbar to Jimmy, TAB to him and get him to pry open the old fridge with the crowbar.  Examine what you get.  Separate.  TAB to whoever is the leader and save your game.  Go cautiously towards the Ladies' room ready to battle a PK - go through Ramon's room to catch her from behind.  Into the Ladies' room and look about for a key. 


Out, into the corridor, turn right and go all the way to a locked door which can be opened with the key.  Up the stairs, talk to the PK and pump him for info.  Out through the other door, along the corridor and take the first right.  To the left, the Office door which you can unlock with the key, go in.  Note the pink filing cabinet and search the Office, get the guys to join you, give the BSR Manual to Leo and have Jimmy pry open the pink cabinet.  Leave this room, turning right.  Shortly along the corridor and to your left you can go into a room and kill your first Catteni and into another and talk to somebody.  This is not necessary and you might prefer to go straight on and open the lift with the keycard you found.  Enter it (all three of you) and save before you use the keycard to go down. 


Move forward and kill the PK in front of you, go on along here and open a door to the right, search the lockers and get the Explosives Timer giving it to Leo, go back to the lift and through the opening now on your right then turn left, keep going and shoot the PK you'll see in front of a door.  Go through the door. 

As soon as you are in you will notice a switch panel on your right:  separate and have one of the guys stand by it.  Move on to the locked door at the other end and send in your other two guys, one by one:  TAB to the one you left behind, Flip Switch, TAB to the character by the door and get him in quickly.  Do the same with the other one.  Pause just inside and save because as you come in further you will be attacked.  Leave another character by the next panel on the right and move on to the next locked door.  Let the last character through.  In this room, you just about have enough time to flip the switch and get through before the last door locks.  In the next room be prepared to fight straightaway.  Move forward and find the switch on the right which will unlock all doors.  Bring the others to this room.


Have Leo repair the alarm and sound it.  Go through the door under the yellow emblem till you get to a large machine.  Save before Leo sets the bomb because your exit will be timed and if you fail to get out it's "Game Over".  You might like to do a trial run and see if you can get away with it.  Basically, you need to go S and then E and, as you reach the corner of the map, go N and you'll see the Resistance sign in front of the exit door.





Proceed along the corridor without going into any room till you get to the end, where you will see an open door in front of you and double doors to your right.  Open those and come out into the Mall.


Talk to Seamus, in front of you.  Past him, turn right (E) and check out the plaque with the Resistance sign in front.  Carry on E, gun the PK, and towards the end enter the wooden-walled shop to your left.  Go through the door and left - you will see a door with a sign in front of it, turn your back on it and go to the phone box to find a quarter.  Plug in the dispensing machine next to it and use the quarter to buy a soda; with the key you get, unlock the door, go in and get the badges from the bag, giving one to each of the characters.  With these ID badges you won't be attacked.  Leave the service corridor.


Go to the Theatre (W then S) and talk to the PK.  From the Theatre go N and talk to the guy near a counter.  Find the Pizza shop, go through the double doors and search the rubble on your right to get the codecard; take it to the PK at the Theatre.  Use the card on the slot to the left of the door to get into Headquarters; be sure both your characters are right up close to the door because you only have so much time to get in.  Once inside go left and open the first door you come to, have a look inside (this is going to be your escape route), then leave.  Go on till you see a counter.  Go through the corridor next door to it and you will come to a broken box and another switch panel.  Go around the wall to your left and get a screwdriver from the pink box next to the other counter.  Walk around the other side of the counter and see what it says by the door with the green emblem above.  Now go around this area talking to the PKs, going SE, E, N:  enter the last door and talk to the PK.  Out, go S and find the staircase on your left, up.  Go right and search the poster in the first room, go back and along the other projection rooms:  open the safe with the combination and go on to the last projection room, where there is a red emblem near the doorway.  Get Leo to obtain the clock parts from the desk and the Catteni timer from the rack near the desk, then let him go back to the broken panel and fix it. 

Now things get tricky because with Leo at the switch you have to place Angel up against the door under the green emblem and get her in.  The problem is that once you are in there and collect what weapons there are (use the screwdriver to pry open the green cupboard), everyone gets sore at you.  Join forces and shoot everyone you talked to you least they come at you from behind.  Run to the room of the escape route I mentioned, killing everybody in your way; press the button to open the far door and follow the corridor to the very end, watching out for a PK lurking in one of the rooms.  When you reach the end, you've completed your mission.





At the equipment screen be sure Leo picks up his toolkit.  At the start, go forward and press the button to open the door.  Go around to your left and talk to the medic you'll meet.  When you've finished go through the door behind her and get the Cabinet Key B from a box on the wall.  Out.  Go all the way E and pick up the codes from the doctor's bag at the end of the hall, turn S and get the Cabinet Key A from the box on the wall.  Open the door to your left and search the area:  there are some passcodes in an open locker plus you'll find a guy in the showers (talk to him).  You should come out facing N, turn right and kill the guard.  Go E past a locked door with a red emblem above, go left and open the first door on your left, in, use the cabinet keys to get two lots of medicine, out, turn left, enter the last room on your right, search the desk, look inside the newly opened niche and get the acid and the liquid nitrogen.  Use the latter on the safe on the floor and leave this room. 


Go two doors along to open the Office, enter and have a look, leave, turn left and follow the corridor E till you come to a zombie-like person.  Explore all the rooms here but you want a room in the N (watch it, there is a PK in it):  first go to the right and get a key from a cabinet then to the other side of the room to open the other cabinet and get the evidence.  Don't go near the E of the map.  Get everyone in the Office and Leo, with the passcodes in his possession, will use the computer.  Stand Jimmy by the switch and let Leo go to the room with the red emblem above - get him in as usual.  Search the fridge on the left to get its contents, use the allergen with the microscope.  Get all the guys together at the Office and go out, left, right, left, right, left and to the main entrance.





You must walk during the whole of this mission.


Enter the maze by the NE opening, glue your right shoulder to the wall and follow through till you are at an exit facing E.  Do this for the two characters separately:  crouch and walk N till you see some stairs going down, open the door and go in.  Inside, right in front of the door, get the lubricant from the pink box, then go back to the door and turn right to see another door, use the lubricant on it and get into the house.


Go W and enter the first door to your right:  look for a glass cupboard you'll need later, search a sofa for an item.  Leave the same way you came in and head W along the corridor:  you can look at the rooms, but there is nothing there.  When the corridor runs out, you can either go left or right up the stairs.  There is nothing of interest to your left, so climb the stairs.  At the top go to your right, enter the room on the right and speak to Claire.  Back to the corridor, follow it till you see some more stairs up and a corridor with rooms either side, on your right.  Go up the stairs for now and at the top, turn left.  You'll see a door with a button to its side, press the button, go in, search the desk for a pencil and use it on the note pad on the table to get a combination, open the cabinet in the SW corner and get the document. Out.


Leave this corridor altogether and enter the room on your left; get what's in the dresser. 


Ignore the last room on the landing and go down the stairs, indeed, all the way down and to the kitchen door through which you entered; with your back to it, turn right go to and unlock the door to your left, opposite the dinning room.  Get the two characters in this room and let Angel straighten the picture while Leo goes into the secret room - get the key, get the document, repair the printer to get it.  Out.


Let Leo go to the second floor and, just before the stairs to the third floor, enter the corridor on your right.  Don't open any doors, just go to the end of the corridor and turn left - unlock the door on your right.  In, look at the globe with the red dot on it and walk to your right, "Study Atlas" and go back to the globe to get a key.


Find the room with the glass cupboard near where you came in, unlock it and plant the device, then all you have to do is to get the team back to the cellar.






Head S then W and be prepared to shoot a lot of people from a distance.  In a chest in the loos you'll find some useful ammo.  Go to the shop where you first met Seamus and get the credit card from the machine, turn right around to the door and use the card to open it.  As you go in you will see a broken panel on your left.  Get everybody in here, post Leo in front of the panel, Angel in front of the switch and Jimmy in front of the door around the corner.  Leo fixes the panel, Angel flips the switch and Jimmy goes in.  Follow the corridor till you see some barrels to your right, go behind them and talk to Al.  At the end, press F so that he will follow but, before you turn into the corridor to leave, go to your right and flip the switch to have the door permanently open.


Join the others and send someone ahead to the Pizza Plaza to get rid of the baddies which will have appeared at the point of entry.  When the coast is clear have everyone run to it.





Move Jimmy to the foot of the stairs and have him search the tool kit for a steel pipe, get him to open the jammed door at the top of the stairs and then get him out of the way.  Send Angel up with her beretta at the ready and save every time she has a successful encounter:  there are Catteni (C for short) galore, some on the second floor, so move carefully.


There is a C in the NW corner of the main floor, try and take him out but don't go into the loos.  Walk around carefully exploring the whole area and getting rid of the opposition.  Once it is safe, have Leo open Footlocker 2 to get a lockpick and then the other Footlocker to get a Tudo badge which will allow you to open the Armoury (the door with the green emblem above) and be careful because there is a C inside.  When you've done, go to the main entrance and enter the passage to the W; let Leo disable the sweeper, go in the door with the red emblem above, use the picklock on the desk and turn and use the toolkit to remove the sweeper parts.


If you have been searching the bodies as you should you'll have a Drassi badge to use on one of the doors in the main entrance:  these doors take you to the second floor, open them both.  Again, send someone up to kill everybody and spy the layout of the floor.  You will see, amongst other things, a locked door with a purple emblem above and, in the NE, you'll come to a room with a blue column on the left and a doorway with a blue forcefield under a purple emblem.  Get Leo to stand in front of it and move Jimmy to the entrance to the room - when Jimmy hits the blue column with the steel pipe Leo can go in and tackle the console, getting the Drassi card. 


Move Leo to the room in the NW corner where there is a triple console and use the card on it.  Now move him to the locked door with the purple emblem above and have Angel flip the switch behind the triple console to let him in and use another console.  Let him out and move everybody to the cellar.





TAB to Claire and have her climb the stairs; careful before you reach the top, there will be a C lurking around.  Get rid of him.  Go to the panel on the wall and to its left to find a screwdriver, then walk around to its right to use the screwdriver on the box and get the cards; use the Tudo one on the panel.  Go to the door by the box and stay on the top floor.  When you open the landing door you will see another one with a purple emblem in front of you, go in.  Kill the C and use the Drassi card on the triple console (you can take a peek through the window to see what's below).  Out and to your right, then left to the other Drassi door.  You will see three switches on the wall, stand by the first on the left, the green Tudo one.


TAB to Angel, advance to the blue box with a red glow and press the button to open the gate to your left.  In, kill the C, carefully up the stairs and kill the other C, up some more stairs and press the green button, TAB to Claire to flip the switch and the door will open.  TAB to Angel.  Continue along here ever watchful and you'll come to a door with a purple Drassi button, press it, TAB to Claire and have her move to the next switch to flip.  TAB to Angel and go through.  Take a look around before you move.  In front of you, a door with a Resistance sign in front.  To your left, a double door you needn't worry about just now and a single door in the far end you must reach right now:  but, behind the structure in the centre of the room there are two Cs you are going to have to take out.  Save and approach them softly by the left end to kill them both, I'm sure you'll find a way.


Once you are through the door at the far end, just follow the corridor killing all the Cs who might pop up later at the wrong moment.  When you go around the corner you will see a door with a yellow button and a yellow emblem above.  Now this is extremely difficult and you might have to try your hand at this several times.


First, station Jimmy inside the open doorway opposite, looking out.  Then get Angel to press the yellow button and move her to the corner, more or less facing the door; finally, get Claire to throw the yellow switch, get her out of the room and to the right, down the stairs (you'll recognise where she is) and stand her next to Angel.  Be sure they are all armed.  When you are all set, save your game.


There are three Cs in there.  Start by taking out the visible one from the door, from as far away as possible, say with Angel.  Unless you kill him straight off, you'll find two Cs coming at you, so back off - however, the presence of all three members of the team will distract them and by dint of TABbing from one to the other you should be able to kill them without kicking the bucket yourself.  Then there will remain the last one inside, so somebody has to go in and do the job - make with the beretta and keep shooting till it's all over.


Next, search the three Cs' bodies.  Give the Tudo badge to Jimmy, the Drassi to Angel and the Emassi to Claire.  Have her go into the room and use the Emassi card on the console, then stand her next to the yellow button on the stand, Jimmy in front of the green button on the stand and Angel in front of the purple button on the stand, all round the centre shell, and make sure they all have the corresponding badges ready.  Starting with Jimmy, give the "Tudo Authorization", TAB to Angel for the same purpose and finally to Claire.  The door to the cell will open.  Save.


Send Claire in to talk to Zared and convince him to come with you.  At the end of the talk, R, F, V and get the heck out of here.  Make Claire the leader and go to the double door, use the Emassi badge to open it, run across the room and do it again, rush out.  Ignore the Cs far to your right or shoot them, whichever.


Simply getting out, as per instructions, following the Resistance signs should complete the mission - in my case the game had a bug which would not allow me to complete it, no matter how much I ran up and down, so I had to cheat to go to the next level.





TAB to Zarad, have him look around for the predictable means to break down the door.  He will soon get us out.  Turn right and get rid of the C, turn left and search the rubble for a glowball, then look at the blue splashes someone kindly left behind, follow them.  In fact, they lead you to a footlocker which can be opened with the sledgehammer but it only contains another glowball and it somehow has the effect of shutting the door so you get locked up.  A waste of time, don't bother. 


Go instead across the way to the double doors in the loo (you'll see blue splashes on the floor) and go in - have Claire talk to your old PK pal, giving him a glowball.  Get Zared to go S down the corridor, killing Cs and operating the console at the end.  Turn your back on the console, walk forward a bit and look to your right to see an open door behind some crates.  Go down here (where you found Al previously) and search the dead body propped up against the barrels.  Flip the two switches at both ends of this corridor (in between you'll find a rifle) and exit through the other end, follow this corridor to the door to the escape route you used before, get rid of the C (getting his card) and go in. 


This time follow the curve to the right, kill the C, and when you get to the counter move to the door to this block and use the card to get in.  Inside you'll find three castes, though you only need the Emassi caste.  Leave, go left and get to the other counter.  You need to enter the last cinema to the N, using the Emassi caste.  Have a chat with the guy there, get down to business but don't trust him, just get what you came for.


Now run to the front door but don't use it, use instead the escape route once more expecting a couple of Cs as you come out of the double door.  You will see that Catteni were waiting for you at the front door; you can either kill them or just run forward and then turn left to reach the room in which you started.





Get one character to go forward, turn right and, along here, find the entrance to the basketball court and talk to Lily.


Back to the others.  Join them all up, go forward and turn left, go along here and you will see a dumpster.  Go on to a heap of rubble and find a steel pipe, use it (Jimmy) to pry open the dumpster - you get the store key, which is on your right.  Beside the entrance you will see a purse, get the quarter. 


Open the door, separate and send Leo in, flip the counter switch to open the other door and use the toolkit on the booby trap to get the trade goods.  Get Leo to join the others and go find a place to buy a paper; you'll find one near the church to the NW, you get a note and a power cell.  Go on to the back of the church and you will find a broken panel between two doors.  Make sure Leo has the power cell and let him repair it.  Both doors will open.  Give the trade goods to Angel and let her go on towards the cemetery; then place the two guys, armed, inside and out of sight from the doors.  As Angel, go to the guy and trade with him.  All hell will break loose.  There will be three Cs outside the back, so be careful and take them safely - you can stand just inside the doors and let fly.  Next, find your way to the S where you started, looking out for Cs on the way.





Take one of the characters, go forward, turn right to talk to Lawrence.  Continue E and go through the warehouse - you'll come out at the back of the church, kill the two Cs.  At the corner of the church you'll find a purse, get the quarter.  You are going to have to search the whole area thoroughly, so go in any direction you like, say, keeping right or keeping left and every time you spot one of those relay stations, look at the map and remember where they are.  Leave the basketball court for last, though if you pass it you can kill the two Cs easily, the visible one with a rifle, the one inside the pod by dropping a grenade near him; only don't do anything else here, just clear the whole area of Cs and find out where the stations are.   Be sure you cover the whole map.


The relay stations are here:  one directly S of where you start, one by the back of the church, one by the Sports Shop, one near the Leasing shop (go in and kill the C first), past where you met Lily the first time (you'll have a tough time killing the Cs) and by the Hotel near the point of entry in your very first visit to the streets.


Semyon is to be found near the park and the place is full of Cs - use the grenades to get rid of them.  Search his body, go in, search the broken desk to get the key, unlock the apartment door, go up, get the door knob from the broken door and use it in the door, cross the bridge, up the ramp, search the duffelbag and read the note.  Get to the Sports Shop and get Leo to join you, give him the lockpick tool and send him to the house to the N just here and he will use the tool to get the stash off the postboxes.  Get him to pick up a transceiver from the dead body near the relay station and leave him there. 


When you've killed all the Cs, feel you've done the whole map and have a clear picture of the stations you have to disable, send Jimmy to the nearest one to him, have him pick up a transceiver from the body next to it and leave him there.  Go to the basketball court, use the transceiver to disable the pod (round the back), disable the station here, get Leo and Jimmy to disable theirs and then let each run to disable the nearest one.  You should have ample time.  Leisurely make your way to your point of entry.





Forward, right, talk to the PK.  Turn away and start exploring the whole hospital, looking out for trouble; keep away from the E at the moment.  You will find a briefcase in the NW, in the only red-slashed double doors open in the area.  The key is in one of the white lockers in the bathrooms (get the briefcase's contents and examine them).  Also in the N you will find a rafter pole in a pile of rubbish.  When you find a zombie who wants what's behind the locked double doors have Jimmy use the pole to pry them open and you'll find Memory Data in the rubble. 


Give Leo everything you've found so far, have him go to the NE, N of the sealed entrance, enter the utility room, search for wire and fuses in a rack and then repair the broken panel nearby.  Get him to the Office with the yellow marking where you used a computer last time you were here and let Leo operate the console to get a card.  Assemble everyone in front of the sealed door.  Save.  Place Leo in front of the card slot, Jimmy in front of the red button and Angel with her beretta ready to the side of the door.  Put in the Emassi card, press the red button and let Angel start shooting.  She should be able to kill the two Cs without any problem. 


In, keep left:  you'll see a huge locked door with some broken machinery by it, keep going left.  You need to kill a C carrying a Drassi badge - when you get to the Drassi door, save.  Let Leo open the door and Angel toss a couple of grenades to kill the two Cs, change to Leo and use the memory data tube on the machine, move him to the console, move Jimmy to the switch and let Angel run to the huge door, beretta at the ready.  Let Jimmy flip the switch and Angel kill the Cs from the doorway.  Let Angel go in and press the red button on the wall.  Change to Leo and let him operate the machine, get the circuit board.  Take Leo to the huge door and have Jimmy let him in.  Leo must go to a white box on the wall behind Claire and place the bomb.  Join Angel and Leo and go fetch Jimmy then just retrace your steps out of these rooms and run to the Hospital entrance, where you came in.





Have Angel run forward and up the hole on the right, get the device from the rubble near the door and run down to the explosives beneath the hole, use the device on them, climb up again and follow the cable on the floor which branches to the right till she gets to the button.  TAB to Clair, into the hollow, follow the cable which branches to the left and place her in front of the button, TAB to Leo and let him follow the middle cable to the button.  TAB to Angel, press button, then Clair then Leo.  When all the buttons have been press the timing clock will stop and you can relax.  Well, sort of.


TAB to Angel and follow the right wall, entering the gap.  You'll find a duffelbag with an interesting diary.  Back through the gap explore the ground floor and you will see a double door in the NE with the Resistance sign in front - this will be the exit point.  When you've been all around, have Leo go to the broken computer and get the hard drive.


TAB to Clair, up the stairs on the left, climb onto the landing and explore.  You'll find a hand axe in a rubbish bin which you'll need to open the locked door - inside, talk to Al.  Take Clair down to join the others.


TAB to Angel, go again through the gap in the wall, save and get the rifle ready because you are going to find Vickers and he's very tough to kill.  At the duffelbag turn right and go to the mound of rubble and turn left - he is hiding behind the twisted metal sheeting.  Side step till his green triangle just comes into view and start shooting the rifle, a couple of shots should do it.  Get everything he was carrying.


First, get Leo near the point of exit but out of sight of the doors opposite the point of exit.  Move Claire to the locked door on the ground floor, under the broken stairs.  Go to the kitchen and use the Resistance key on the box opposite the fridge.  Let Claire in and ransack the locker, get her out again and have her join Leo, out of sight.  Before leaving the kitchen, save and equip some grenades.  Toss them towards the door opposite the exit point.  Having disposed of the two first Cs advance a little to toss another grenade to the one behind.  Now you just have to walk to the exit.





First have Angel advance with her rifle and take out the three Cs.  Search their bodies and give the Catteni blaster to Zared; this is a wonderful weapon, it can kill from a great distance and with only one shot.  Give Leo the Emassi badge and have him use it on the yellow button on the panel to the left of the doors, then disable the panel.  Have Leo disable the sweepers in front of the entrance, advancing with care.


Send in Zared with his little blaster to clear the way.  When you feel the ground floor is secure, get up the stairs and clear the second floor, then the third and position Zared in front of the door with the yellow emblem above.


Get Leo to the second floor and disable the sweeper, then rush past to the open door, shoot the C, get the three cards from the rack and use them on the console.  You will see three different coloured switches about you.  Stand in front of the yellow one and let Zared rip and go in.  TAB to Leo and flip switch again to shut the door, TAB to Zared, operate console.  Get Zared out and down to the next floor to the door with the purple emblem above.  TAB to Leo to let him in moving him to the purple switch, TAB to Zared, operate console.  Get him out and to the ground floor, to the door with the green emblem above.  Again, TAB to Leo (move him to the green switch) to let him in. 


Save and be very careful, there are three Cs here.  Go slowly down the stairs and shoot the one in front.  At the foot of the stairs turn around and manoeuvre Zared sidestepping to the right so that he can throw a grenade behind the staircase or near enough.  Advance him a little and toss another grenade to the guy lurking amongst the boxes at the back.  Now you can pick up whatever you want from the racks, go to the door.  TAB to Leo to let Zared out then back to Leo, press the button by the door to get out and disable the sweeper with the sweeper badge, run out.  Get everyone out of the front door and onto the Resistance sign in front of it.





Send Angel forward to talk to Lily.  Send Zared forward and turn left to find a pole, get him to pry open the door.  In, go left and up the stairs, take care of the C up there.  Explore the whole ground floor killing Cs as you go - you'll see a chap standing in a room, don't go talk to him as Zared or he'll run off.  Continue exploring and go to the door with the red emblem above, collect an empty vial and operate console.  Leave and open the door under the purple emblem and kill the guy inside, move out.  Get Clair to talk to the guy and to use her kit on the console in the "purple" room and hand it to Zared.  Get Zared to use the drive in the other console and he'll get a cryo disk.


Go and open the bay door nearby with the switch by its side.  Again, send Zared in to clear the field.  From the entrance, go right and get a sample of cryo fluid with the empty vial from the greenish box, back to the entrance and this time go left, use the sample on the blue column.  Go to the opening with the purple emblem above and kill the C.  You will see two tunnels.  First, flip the switch to the right of the openings, next take a peek through each tunnel and get rid of the two Cs, go in through the tunnel to the left and turn right:  press the blue button between the tunnel openings.  Turn around and go in and left, note the locked door to the right, enter the other door to the left, take care of the C.  Go past him and to the console.  Get Claire here to the green panel behind the console.  Move Angel to the locked door.


Have Zared use the cryo disk on the console and Claire disable the panel with her tool kit.  Get them both to the now open door.  Once more, send Zared ahead to kill the four Cs.  Go right to the doorway, go through, kill the C and search him to get the badge, use that to open the door.  Go in and toss a grenade at the guy in front of you, walk up the stairs and kill the C, down, down the ramp and start tossing grenades here and there until there is no opposition.  Stand Zared in front of the console and fetch the girls up the stairs, one at each end, in front of the switches.  Have Zared operate the console and the girls flip the switches, then get each girl down the stairs to join Zared. 





At the equipment screen, make sure Zared has an Emassi caste on him.  At the start, get Zared to go to the left of the door to get a transceiver and open the door with it.  Go through and pop the C on the right, go on and kill the other one in the other bay.  Go down far enough the ramp here to kill the two just below but don't go any further.  Up, move forward.  Keep right at all times. 


Go around the wall and you'll come to a yellow lit corridor; to the left there is a ramp, you might like to pop up and kill the C, just to cover your back.  Go down again to the yellow lit corridor and face N, on, take the first right, use the Emassi caste to open the door, kill the C inside, get his Emassi card and use it to open the footlocker and get the codes. 


Leave and go back to the corridor, carry on N down the ramp.  Ignore the doors either side and go round the wall, up the ramp into the blue lit section, around the lift and note the doorway with the blue emblem and the blue forcefield in front; there is another one on the other side of the lift.  Continue and ignore the doors either side, go up the ramp, shoot the fellows below and operate the console.  Leave Zared here.


Join the girls and bring them to the lift, separate them and have Angel go through the left doorway to the end and Clair through the right doorway to the end.  Have Clair open the valve, Angel place the spores, Clair close the valve and Zared operate the console.  Let Zared come down the ramp and enter the room below, push the right hand side button to open the next door and go through.  Go around the lift and into a corridor at the end of which you will see a yellow emblem - ignore the open doors either side.  Careful here, there are nasties around and they are wearing masks.  Kill the guys the other side of the wall making sure none are left lurking about - there is one in the pit.  When the dust settles, note the console.  Behind it, a lift.  Enter it and go up, turn around and kill the three guys, move Zared to the console.  Bring the two girls here.  Move Claire to the contraption on the right with her toolkit ready and Angel with her beretta ready right in front of the door with the two red emblems.  You have very little time so you'll have to work fast:  let Claire restore power, Zared operate the console and Angel get in.  Save.  The chap you want is to your left, so move slowly till you just see his green triangle and start shooting.  You'll probably take some damage but you should be able to kill him.  Take everything he is carrying and use the Eosi caste on the button by the door through which you came in and get out. 


Give Zared the Eosi access and the whip, not much use now.  Get the girls back to the point of entry (locked).  TAB to Zared, take the lift down, use the console.  Run all the way towards the point of entry, go down the ramp by it, onwards and across the bridge to the engine rooms.  As you go up the ramp you will see a hole in the wall.  Kill the Cs and place the bomb in the hole, run back to the girls join all three and, with Zared leading, enter the bay and have Zared operate the console.  Watch.






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