| Game:     MDK2                                                        |
| Console:  Sega Dreamcast (also available on PC CD-ROM)                |
|                                                                       |
| Author:   KANE 79                                                     |
| E-mail:   [email protected]                                           |
|                                                                       |
| Version:  0.3                                                         |
| Created:  July 1st, 2000 - 12:39PM (Melbourne time)                   |
| Updated:  January 26th, 2001.                                         |


1. Introduction

2. Characters

3. Health

4. Controls

5. Enemies

6. Items

7. Weapons Ratings

8 Walkthrough

9. Dr. Hawkins' Item Combination Chart

10. Boss Profiles

11. Secrets and Cheats

12. Things to come...

13. Credits/Thanks-yous

NOTE: I am aware that the contents list may be incorrect. I do plan to fix
it. I think...


-- THE GAME --

MDK2 is the sequel to the original MDK, which appeared on the PC thanks to
Shiny Entertainment and also on the Sony PlayStation thanks to Neversoft. The
original game was a 3rd-person action/adventure game starring janitor Kurt

Kurt was just an ordinary janitor, working for Dr. Fluke Hawkins aboard his
spaceship, the "Jim Dandy". The Doctor had left the Earth after tiring of
being called too extravagant by his peers. The Doctor planned to return to
Earth when he felt he was redeemed in their eyes.

While out in space, discovered that alien beings were attempting to take over
Earth. They travelled in huge minecrawlers on energy streams. Kurt was forced
to save the Earth from streamriders aliens, outfitted in the 'coil suit' - an
invention of Dr. Hawkins. the coil suit was armored and had three main
features: the ribbon-chute, the chain gun and the sniper helmet.

Kurt entered one minecrawler after another, fighting his way to and defeating
the pilot. Kurt eventually confronted the leader, Gunter Glut. With some
assistance from Bones (a robotic dog created by Dr. Hawkins, known as Max in
MDK2), Kurt was able to defeat Gunter Glut.

Kurt, Dr. Hawkins and Bones were victorious, but not for long. The events of
MDK2 centre around a second wave of attack from the stream-riding aliens.

-- THIS FAQ --

This is my first big FAQ and I'm sure it's full of formatting mistakes and
all, but it's a big job to make sure stuff like the formatting of a heading
matches, even in a comparatively small FAQ like this one. Let me give a
salute to all writers of FAQs, especially the great big ones for games like
RPG's. Rest assured I will fix the formatting but I believe the walkthrough
info is solid.



In MDK2, you have triple your hero. That's right, this time around Kurt is
joined in action by Dr. Hawkins and Max (known as Bones in the original MDK
on the PlayStation). This gives you three different types of gameplay. Rest
assured, all three are great!


Star of the first game. Kurt worked happily as a janitor for Dr. Hawkins.
When Dr. Hawkins packed up for space, Kurt went too. Kurt was content to be
the first janitor in space. When the aliens arrived, Kurt was the only one
around who could don the untested coil suit and stop the invasion. Using the
suit's features, Kurt was succesful.

RIBBON CHUTE: a strange-looking parachute made of ribbon, useful for making
long jumps/descents. This was also used often to ride updrafts to otherwise
unreachable high areas.

CHAIN GUN: derived from detatching the front half of his helmet and in turn
wearing it on his right arm. The chain gun was handy due to an unlimited
supply of regular ammunition. More powerful ammo for the chaingun was
available, though in limited supply.

SNIPER HELMET: by re-attaching the front half of his helmet, Kurt was able
use the sniper helmet to target enemies and objects over a mile away, often
allowing Kurt to avoid heavy gunfire. Standard ammo was unlimited, with other
forms of ammo such as grenades and mortars being available in limited

-- MAX --

Max is a robotic dog and is Dr. Hawkins' greatest invention. He originally
served as a companion and kept Dr. Hawkins out of trouble. Though somewhat
easy-going, he had a strange love of firearms. When the aliens arrived, Max
downloaded himself a more appropriate personality for the situation.

FIREPOWER: Max's main advantage comes from the strange way he was built. Max
has two legs, on which he walks upright, and four arms. This allows Max to
fire up to four weapons at a time.

JETPACK: at times you'll pick up a jetpack. Press and hold the jump button to
fly into the air. Beware, the standard jetpack has limited fuel and must be
refuelled. An atomic jetpack is found later and has an unlimited supply, it
recharges itself when not in use.


Dr. Hawkins is a scientific genius who perhaps is ahead of his time and
therefore, unappreciated. He left Earth to work undisturbed aboard his
spaceship, the Jim Dandy. Planning to return to Earth when he felt he had
redeemed himself, it was the Doctor who decided it was up to himself, Kurt
and Bones to save the Earth.

COMBINING ITEMS: Dr. Hawkins is a genius who, much like MacGyver can combine
two useless items into one more useful. When Dr. Hawkins picks something up,
it will be placed in his left or right inventory. By placing an item in each
hand, the Doc can then combine them. However, only the correct pairs of items
will go together.


| 3. HEALTH |

Each character in MDK2 is of a different physical condition and therefore has
a different maximum number of health points.

Kurt - being of good physical fitness and fitted in the coil-suit, Kurt has a
maximum of 100 health points.

Max - being of robotic construction, Max has health points beyond that
possible of any human, with 200.

Dr. Hawkins - being physically weak, Dr. Hawkins has only 60 health points.
However, his intellect is a suitable replacement.



As each character has different abilities and gameplay focuses, the control
scheme varies between each character. Basic movement is the same for all
three characters, but each also has a unique set of controls.

While this may seem overwhelming, rest assured that the control scheme works
extremely well and you will soon grasp even Dr. Hawkins' item
selecting/combing (which is hard to describe without pictures).

Shared Controls

Analog Stick                 Look Around

Button Y                     Move Forwards
Button A                     Move Backwards
Button X                     Strafe Left
Button B                     Strafe Right

Kurt's Controls

R Trigger                    Fire Chain Gun
L Trigger                    Jump
                             Hold for Ribbon Chute

D-Pad Down                   Enter Sniper Mode
D-Pad Left                   Move Item Selector Left
D-Pad Right                  Move Item Selector Right
D-Pad Up                     Use Selected Item

Sniper Controls

Analog Stick                 Move Crosshair

Button Y                     Zoom In
Button A                     Zoom Out
Button X                     Strafe Left
Button B                     Strafe Right

R Trigger                    Fire Selected Ammo

D-Pad Left                   Move Ammo Selector Up
D-Pad Right                  Move Ammo Selector Down
D-Pad Down                   Leave Sniper Mode

Max's Controls

R Trigger                    Fire Equipped Weapon(s)
L Trigger                    Jump
                             Hold for Jetpack (uses Analog control)

D-Pad Left                   Move Weapon Selector Left
D-Pad Right                  Move Weapon Selector Right
D-Pad Up                     Equip Selected Weapon
D-Pad Down                   Unequip Selected Weapom

Dr. Hawkins' Controls

R Trigger                    Combine Items
L Trigger                    Jump

D-Pad Up                     Move Item Selector Up
D-Pad Down                   Move Item Selector Down
D-Pad Left                   Equip Item in Left Hand
D-Pad Right                  Equip Item in Right Hand


| 5. ENEMIES |

The enemies in MDK2 are the second wave of stream-riding aliens. There are
some new enemies this time around.

Bottrock: the most commonly encountered enemy in the game. They serve as
soldiers in the alien army. You'll know they're around because they laugh at
you. They attack with either an energy blast or concussion grenade, but are
easily defeated - just strafe side-to-side..

Conehead: short and with a pointed head, they seem to have a problem with
gas. When angered they attack with a psychic blast that isn't blocked by
physical barriers. Take them out from a distance to avoid angering them.

Bif: these are one to watch out for. They are like the imperial guard, they
give out and can take a beating. Armed with a lightning rod, they launch
bolts that can home in on the player with decent success. Don't stand still
when you fight them and Kurt should check out their belt...

BirdBrain: the aerial troop of the army. They fly overhead and fire powerful
blasts at you, or swipe you if you get too close. Both ways - they hurt.
Reasonably easy to defeat, just strafe to avoid fire.

Sphere of Death: these spheres act as guard posts high above the ground.
Their gun can zero in on your location and are quite accurate. Don't get too
close and strafe to avoid fire.

Ultra Bottrock: the bigger, badder brother of the Bottrock. These guys are
packing a cannon that fires multiple blasts of energy that bounce all over
the room and track the target. Take them down quick - the energy blasts are
quite damaging and hard to avoid.

Hoser: looking similar to Coneheads but with a long nose, this creature fires
snot at you. Not too much to fear, just keep on the move and plug them.

SamSite: a ball-like creature with spindly legs, the SamSite seems to come
out of nowhere. Your best bet is to know when they'll be around and let them
have it as soon as you sight one - they're very quick and attack in numbers.

Grunt: a robotic creature with a fishbowl-like head. You can pound them all
you like but they'll get up again, unless you know the weak spot. Yep, the
fishbowl head. Put him down with regular fire then snipe the fishbowl to
finish him for good.

Invisi-Grunt: same as above, only mostly invisible. Listen out for it saying
"Who Dat?" (well, it sure sounds like that) to figure out which direction it
is and spray chaingun fire until it shuts-up. The quickly find the

Manta-Ray: acts like a World War II bomber, it flies high in the air and
fires off multiple shots as it passes overhead.


| 6. ITEMS |

As in any good game, there are items to be found which will help you in your
quest to send the aliens packing. Some are helpful, some are essential. You
won't miss them as they are well highlighted. Here's a bit of a list.

-- Kurt's Items --

Grenades           Pretty obvious. The angle thrown affects the distance
                   they travel.

Super Chain Gun    A more powerful type of ammo for the Chain Gun. The
                   supply is limited.

Laser Chain Gun    Another type of Chain Gun amo, more powerful still and
                   even faster.

Cloak              Using this causes a field that disrupts light particles
                   (or something like that) and renders Kurt invisible to
                   enemies. Doesn't work on bosses and automatic guns will
                   see you if you fire.

Apple              Restores 25 health points.

Ham                Restores 50 health points.

-- Sniper Items --

Sniper Shield      Creates a shield that will absorb an amount of damage
                   from attacks. Try to save these for tough spots.

Sniper Grenade     Fires just like regular sniper ammo but explodes on

Sniper Mortar      Much like a regular grenade, this travels in an arc and
                   allows you to reach otherwise unreachable targets.

Bouncing Shell     This shell bounces off walls a number of times before
                   exploding. Useful to attack enemies without having to
                   face them head-on.

Homing Shell       This shell homes in on its target like a heat-seeking
                   missile. However, it goes "as the crow flies" and can
                   not avoid obstacles in its way.

-- Max's Items --

Magnum             An averagely powerful non-automatic weapon. Max carries
                   one with unlimited ammo, but others can be found - with
                   limited ammo.

Uzi                Averagely powerful but automatic weapon. Very common
                   early on.

Shotgun            Slow and non-automatic, but very powerful. These are
                   only somewhat common.

Gatling Gun        Powerful, fast and automatic. This is Max's ideal
                   weapon outside of boss battles.

Raygun             Looks like a cartoon-style raygun. Not as fast as the
                   Gatling Gun, but extra power makes up for that.

Guided Rockets     Extremely powerful but ammo is limited. If you find one
                   of these, grab it and try to save it for the boss.

Jetpack            Max uses this to pass areas that can't be passed any
                   other way. The fuel is limited but refuellers are
                   usually found close to the jetpack.

Atomic Jetpack     This jetpack is self-sufficient. Fuel is recharged when
                   the pack is not in use so clever on-and-off use of the

AA Battery         Restores 25 health points.

Car Battery        Restores 100 health points.

-- Dr. Hawkins' Items --

Dr. Hawkins items are strange to say the least. Some are for use alone, while
most are for use in combination with another item. A few can be used alone
*and* in combinations. I'll tell you about the 'used alone' items here.

Mr. Fizzy          Restores 50 health points.

Duct Tape          Telling you would spoil the fun!

Lighter            Use it to light dark areas.

Fish Bowl          See Duct Tape

Plutonium          Transforms the Doc into Hyde, a hulking beast.

NOTE: If you want to know what the combinations are, or what some of these
'used alone' items do, I have a later section for that.



Kurt, Max and even the Doc can use a variety of different weapons/ammo. Some
are obviously better than others. Here I will rate each weapon/ammo type on
damage, range, accuracy and fire rate.

Kurt's Weapons

Kurt has two sets of weapons: chainguns and sniper rounds. Each has a
standard round that is unlimited, along with other, more powerful rounds that
come in limited supply.


Damage      ///xx
Range       ///xx
Accuracy    ////x
Fire Rate   /////
OVERALL     ///xx


Damage      ////x
Range       ///xx
Accuracy    ////x
Fire Rate   /////
OVERALL     ////x


Damage      /////
Range       ///xx
Accuracy    /xxxx
Fire Rate   //xxx
OVERALL     //xxx


Damage      ///xx
Range       /////
Accuracy    /////
Fire Rate   /////
Overall     ////x


Damage      /////
Range       /////
Accuracy    /////
Fire Rate   /////
OVERALL     /////


Damage      ///xx
Range       /////
Accuracy    /xxxx
Fire Rate   /////
OVERALL     //xxx


Damage      /////
Range       ///xx
Accuracy    //xxx
Fire Rate   /xxxx
OVERALL     ///xx


Damage      ///xx
Range       ///xx
Accuracy    ///xx
Fire Rate   ///xx
OVERALL     //xxx

Max's Weapons

Max has four arms so he can equip four guns at once, in an combination you
like. He carries one Magnum that has unlimited ammo.


Damage      //xxx
Range       ///xx
Accuracy    //xxx
Fire Rate   ///xx
OVERALL     //xxx


Damage      ////x
Range       //xxx
Accuracy    ///xx
Fire Rate   //xxx
OVERALL     ///xx


Damage      ///xx
Range       ///xx
Accuracy    ///xx
Fire Rate   ////x
OVERALL     ////x


Damage      ////x
Range       ///xx
Accuracy    ////x
Fire Rate   ////x
OVERALL     /////


Damage      /////
Range       /////
Accuracy    ////x
Fire Rate   ///xx
OVERALL     /////


Damage      ////x
Range       ////x
Accuracy    //xxx
Fire Rate   ///xx
OVERALL     ///xx

Dr. Hawkins' Weapons

Dr. Hawkins is more adept at using his brain than firepower, but he does
have a few ways to fight back - once he juices up his toaster! Like Kurt and
Max, The Doc also has a basic supply of unlimited ammo: toast (loaf).


Damage      //xxx
Range       ////x
Accuracy    //xxx
Fire Rate   ///xx


Damage      ///xx
Range       ////x
Accuracy    ///xx
Fire Rate   //xxx


Damage      ////x
Range       //xxx
Accuracy    //xxx
Fire Rate   /xxxx


Fire Rate


Damage      ////x
Range       /xxxx
Accuracy    ///xx
Fire Rate   //xxx



LEVEL ONE: Kurt Hectic - "Beware the Hand of Hanz"

- The Jim Dandy, Earth Orbit: 8:59AM -

This level begins with Kurt free-falling from the Jim Dandy to the Alien
Minecrawler. The aliens will fire homing missiles up at you and the Doc
will occasionally drop you a useful item. Just use the analog stick to move
around when a missile is coming. This part is quite easy.

Checkpoint 1A

- Aboard the Alien Minecrawler, Edmonton: 9:05AM -

Kurt touches down in a huge room. Dr. Hawkins will contact you via radio
and take you through a brief run-down of Kurt's controls. Follow the Doc's
instructions and you will seen be told how to leave the room.

TIP: The doorway is locked by a 'sniper lock', Just snipe the blue 'lock
ball' in the centre to leave without doing the Doc's training.

Proceed down the hall and into another large room. You'll see a Bottrock
lying down on the far side of the glass, laughing, no less. You see, he
thinks he's perfectly safe, but he's not. You'll notice him waving his arm
around - he's actually waving a bulls-eye around behing a small hole in the
glass. Snipe the target when it is held still beind the hole.

The glass will shatter and the Bottrock will spring into action. Fear not,
they're easily killed. Just keep a medium distance and dance left and right,
even jumping/floating around - all the while holding the trigger down. You
may notice he spends a lot of timing saying "ow!" and not actually fighting

Checkpoint 1B


Checkpoint 1C

You will emerge from the large pipe in a wide open area with a series of
glass domes ahead of you. Grab the Apple if necessary and beware the Manta-
Rays patrolling the area (they're really only an annoyance though). The
object of this section is to destroy the glass domes to proceed to the next

To do this, you're going to have to lob a sniper mortar into a small opening
at the top of each dome. Grab the sniper mortars nearby and enter sniper
mode. Because the mortars travel in an arc, you'll need to aim up to hit your
target. The first shot requires only a medium angle. If you mess up too
often, the mortars will re-appear.

When you destroy a dome, wait a few seconds as a couple of Bottrocks will
drop down to the platform ahead. Just take them out from the safe distance.
Snipe them in the head for an instant kill. When you've cleared out the
Bottrocks, proceed to the next platform.

The next two mortar shots require very steep angles and you should be near
the edge of the platform. When you're ready to move along, float up on the
air current and quickly move forward as you hit the peak of the air current,
otherwise you won't make it. If you can't reach the next platform, circle
back and land on the one you came from.

When you reach a platform without an air vent, you'll notice a large
structure ahead, just jump and float over to it. Now run around to the left
until you find the opening into the passageway. Enter sniper mode and take
out the drone gun ahead and to the left. Now stick to the right-hand side of
the passage and keep your eye out for another two drone guns.

Grab the Apple once you reach the end of the passageway and then exit into
the open again. Ahead and slightly left of you is your next stop. Jump and
float over there. While you float up, turn back to face the passage you cam
from. You'll notice an item sitting atop the passageway. Float over and grab
it if you want, then just jump/float back over to the air current.

This air current will take you up a very long vertical shaft and you will
notice that Kurt is leaving the Earth's atmosephere again as the Earth
disappears below you. This will take you all the way to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 1D


Hanz pilots a huge craft that looms over the area and fires high-powered
blasts from multiple laser cannons. The sheer size may seem overwhelming, but
once you know what to do, it's easy.

There are two Hams in this area, one to the left of the tunnel you arrive
from and one on the lower level of the area. Keep an eye on your health -
sometimes Kurt doesn't make a sound when he gets hit. Grab a Ham as soon as
you hit 50 health.

For now, sniping is the main focus - not blasting. Hanz's cockpit is
protected by two levels of shielding. Sniping lock balls will open them.
There are a couple of ships floating overhead that drop Bottrocks into the
lower level. You can ignore them, you only need to go to the lower level to
grab the second Ham. Even then, a couple Bottrocks are no real concern.

The first layer has four lock balls to hit, in the formation of a diamond.
Zoom in so you can see at least two at once. Never zoom in too close. You
should be able to line up and hit your first shot before Hanz attacks. When
you hit it, start strafing. To get the last three lock balls, strafe while
Hanz attacks and adjust your aim while strafing. When the barrage pauses,
fine-tune your aim and take your shot. After the four lock balls have been
hit, the first layer of shields opens.

The next layer has only one lock ball, in the centre. Zoom in some more -
there's only one and it's further away. Use the same method to dodge fire and
line up your shot. Once you've hit the lock ball, the last shield opens and
Hanz's cockpit will be exposed.

Hanz himself is your next sniper target. Use the same method a third time and
snipe Hanz himself a few times. He'll jump out of the ship once you hit him a
few times. Now the fight becomes focused on blasting. This part of the fight
is easy with the aid of the Deocy Dummy and the Super Chain Gun, I hope you
saved them as I suggested.

Use the Decoy Dummy as Hanz is jumps out of his ship. Equip the Super Chain
Gun and drill Hanz. You should get him down to 1/4 of his health by the time
the dummy runs out. Continue drilling him and just keep moving - you have too
big a head start to lose from here.


Kurt reports back to the Doc on his success. Doc can barely hear Kurt and
advises Kurt to take a break. A huge purple alien sneaks up on Kurt and
flicks him across the room. Who/what is it? You'll find out at the start of
level three!

LEVEL TWO: Max - "Witness an Inferno"


Dr. Hawkins tries unsuccessfully to contact Kurt after his encounter with
Earth's self-proclaimed "daddy". He concludes that an alien ship in orbit
must be jamming their signal. Max suggests that they destroy the orbiter to
stop being jammed. The Doc has a better idea - MAX should go and destroy the

Max is instructed to 'go and straddle a torpedo' while Dr. Hawkins figures
out how to fly it. However, Dr. Hawkins loses control of the torpedo and Max
(ie: you) is forced to take the controls.

Checkpoint 2A

You have to navigate an asteroid field to reach the alien orbiter. You can
only move up or down. This may sound like it restricts your freedom to dodge,
but it means you have less to worry about. You can use the D-pad or the
buttons 'Y' and 'A' to move up and down.

Asteroids only come from the right of the screen, some small, some big. Some
fast, some slow. I am unsure if the pattern is random or not, so the best
strategy is to try to stay at the centre. If you dodge upwards, return to the
centre as soon as you can. You're almost there if the Earth at the bottom of
the screen has left the screen.

You'll crash land in the alien orbiter, much to the dismay of a group of

- Alien Orbiter, Earth Orbit: 10:10AM -

NOTE: If you die onboard the alien orbiter before the next checkpoint, you
will restart already onboard it.

Dr. Hawkins will run a tutorial with Max, just like he did for Kurt. Follow
his instructions until it is finished. Find your crashed torpedo and shoot
out the wall that it is crashed into. Max can and will need to shoot and
destroy parts of his environment to progress - keep this in mind.


Level 3: Dr. Fluke Hawkins - "What is the BFB?!"

- The Jim Dandy, Earth Orbit, 10:42AM -

With Kurt and Max caught by Schwang Schwing, Dr. Hawkins is forced to get
into the action for himself - intruders have boarded the Jim Dandy!

Checkpoint 3A

You'll start out on the ship's Bridge. The Jim Dandy's computer will zap you
to the 'danger' kitchen for emergency combat training. Follow your
instructions until the tutorial is over. Grab the two bottles of 'Mr. Fizzy'
from the fridge and then run over to the Doc's bar in the corner of the room.
Grab some bottles of 'The Sauce' and 'A Bunch of Dirty Towels'. Now leave the
room and head down the hall until you reach a room with three other doors.

TIP: To the left of the door is Doc's hi-fi. Approach it for some comic
relief - it will relieve some of your frustrations.

In this room are four doors (you just came through one) leading to the
Bridge, your Quarters, the Lavatory and the Lounge. You must visit your
Quarters and the Lavatory before entering the Lounge. The white stairs lead
into the Lavatory, the blue lead you back to the Bridge.

In the Lavatory, grab dirty towels next to each sink. Head over to the stall
in the back of the room and Dr. Hawkins will do his business. Trying to flush
his 'work' away will cause a small explosion/tremor and rupture water pipes
and blast the hand dryer off the wall. Grab the 'Pipes' and 'Hand Dryer' and
wash your hands before leaving - you'll get zapped if you don't!

Now return to the Bridge. To the right side of the controls is some 'Duct
Tape'. Grab it and head back to the 'room with all the doors'. Enter the
lounge via the green stairs. Now is the time to create the 'Leaf Blower'.
Combine the Pipes and Hand Dryer and you'll create the Leaf Blower. Equip it
and then use it by selecting it and pressing left twice.

Run further into the Lounge. It is over-run by Bottrocks, so use the R
trigger to blow them down the hall and into the grasp of Kermit, the
carnivorous plant. He'll eat them all up for you!

Just try to keep all four Bottrocks in front of you - if one gets behind you,
turn back and get him back in front of you. Don't spare the juice on the Leaf
Blower, it has no limit and will deflect the attacks. When you have them
herded to the end of the hall, you may need to stop the Leaf Blower briefly
to allow the Bottrock to walk around - this is when Kermit will grab them.
Just be ready to hit the juice again if an attack is launched!

When the Bottrocks are gone, Kermit will thank you for lunch. In return, he
will turn your toaster into the 'Atomic Toaster'. Now the Toaster and Loaf
can be combined and used as a weapon. Head through the door on your left/in
front of you and ride the elevator down. At the bottom is a checkpoint.

Checkpoint 3B

NOTE: If you load your game from this checkpoint, you'll stay on the Bridge.


LEVEL SIX: Dr. Fluke Hawkins - "Dr. Hawkins and...Mr. Hyde?"

- The Jim Dandy, Earth Orbit, 4:23PM -

Checkpoint 6A

Run up the hall and the BFB will run his mouth and the first bomb will be
activated. Continue forward and equip the ladder.


I didn't bother writing this one down as I played. I will get to it for the
next version.

After diffusing the bomb, head down to the Bridge and grab the Mr. Fizzy to
the left (when looking in) of the entrance and the Baguette to the right. You
may want to take out the Hosers first. Now head for the Lounge, it's safe
from here to the checkpoint.

Checkpoint 6B

Before you can get to work on this bomb, there's a bit of precarious
jumping to be done. Beware, a missed jump will result in death. The big
patches of concrete will fall shortly after you land on them, so quickly
move to the pipe underneath. They're narrow, but sturdy.


The bomb itself is down the hallway just before you round the corner to see
Kermit. Run to it and see which layer is active (the order is random). Now
head back the way you came and look for a ladder pad. Use it and you'll end
up on a circular platform with all four buttons (in corners, if you imagine
a square peg in a round hole) on it. Press the corresponding button, then
return to the bomb and repeat the process until deactivated.

With '1' being the top layer of the bomb and 'front-left' being the button
at the front of the platform and to the Doc's left, the solution is as

1 = front-left
2 = front-right
3 = back-right
4 = back-left

After you diffuse the bomb, you'll have to help Kermit out, but this is

Checkpoint 6C

No danger between the checkpoint itself and the bomb, just continue down
the hall to the portal and the next bomb (the room should be familiar).


The best way to solve this bomb is to use the spiralling walkway as a
reference point. Buttons 1, 3 and 5 are on the high platform, while buttons
2, 4 and 6 are at ground level. As always, check the bomb for the active
layer and then decide if the button is on "ground level" or the "high

Ground Level:

To hit the correct ground level button, run to stand on the ladder pad
near the bottom of the spiral walkway and face it.

( X = Your reference point )
( Y = Other ladder pad )


	     \   \		
		\   \
Bottom of	|   | 4
walkway --}	|   |		

You shouldn't confuse these three buttons, just use the reference point.
The button for layer six is to your left, layer four's button is at 1 or 2
o'clock from the reference point. For layer two's button, run forward from
the reference point and look for another ladder pad. Use the ladder here
and then run to the Doc's right for the button.

High Platform

To correctly orientate yourself for these buttons, run up to the top of the
spiral walkway. When you reach the end, turn 90 degrees to the Doc's left and
look at the platform. The buttons form a triangle, with the top of it
being the furthest from you.


		  5	    3

	 	      X |

You may be forced to climb to the high platform, hit a button, return to
ground level to check the bomb and have to return tp the high platform. It
may seem time consuming but if you get to ground level buttons in a row,
they'll be done in less than 30 seconds.

When you diffuse this bomb, a door at ground level will open and a BirdBrain
and some Hosers will appear. If you're on the high platform for the last
button, beware the BirdBrain, he'll likely swipe you. Return to ground level
and take out the Hosers if you want an easier time.

To reach the newly opened door, find the ladder pad used to access button
two. Use the ladder and the door should be on the Doc's left. Enter the
hallway and it's smooth sailing to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 6D

Again, no danger between the checkpoint and the bomb. Just head down the
hallway to the portal.


Not surprisingly, the most complex and difficult bomb. I doubt you'll pass it
on your first shot (without my solution). There are eight layers, the cables
are very badly tangled and they often pass through dark sections.

To diffuse this bomb:

- Use the lighter in dark sections. But turn it off then back on every now
and then to avoid burning your fingers.

- Walk with the cable in question on your right, as the lighter will be in
your right hand.

- When you come to the tangled clumps, take your time. Don't try to get it in
one go. Be happy to identify two or three correct buttons at a time.

- Learn from your mistakes. If you end up at the button at the back-left
corner and you blow the ship up, remember which number that button *isn't*.
If the ship doesn't blow up, mark down what the button *is*.

- When you've solved all but two buttons, trial-and-error will work. Pick a
button and step on it. You blew up? Then you know it was the other one that
was correct...

- Want the solution without figuring it out yourself? Then use the diagram

|P                 5             |   P = Plutonium (item)
|1                               |   B = Bomb Base
|                         3      |   * = button is up high, use toaster to
|                     2          |       hit it
|                                |   E = elevator to next checkpoint
|                                |
|                                |
|               7*               |
|      --------WALL--------      |
|         4      8      6        |
|                               E|
|                                |
|                                |
|                              B |

Once you have diffused this bomb, a couple of BirdBrains will appear. If you
want to take them out, a good spot is where the Plutonium was. You can set
yourself so you can see the tail end of the BB's, but they won't be able to
get you. When you're ready, head for the elevator to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 6E


Dr. Hawkins jumps out of the elevator with a flying kick while doing his best
Bruce Lee battle cry. BFB is impressed that the Doc's simian brain is
evolving. The Doc says he plans on laying the smack down on BFB's candy ass.

This one had me banging my head on the wall until I figured it out. A hint,
the method is not complex. If you want the answer, read on...

The BFB has a shield up so attacking him will result in you being called a
pea-brain. So you're gonna have to shut down that shield first! From your
starting position just outside the elevator, head forward and drop down to
ground level via the crates. Continute forward towards the pile of crates and
find the Plutonium.

Transform into Hyde and climb the highest pile of crates all the way to the
*very* top. Now look for the BFB and jump on him. Hyde will grab the BFB and
slap the taste out of his mouth and the yellow off his teeth. Repeat this two
more times and the shield will be gone.

Now load up the toaster and baguettes. Point up and fire, they're homing
missiles, so to speak, so don't fuss with perfect aim. Switch to loaf when
you have to and continue to hit him. He will soon drop down to ground level.

Be careful here as the BFB will launch a constant barrage of left brain
attacks, so you better do the pogo dance. Just arm up your toaster and let
him have it. If you line up a face-to-face shot, it seems that you can keep
him pinned down under 'toast-fire'. Just keep attacking.

LEVEL SEVEN: Kurt Hectic - "Janitorial Duties"

- The Upper Reaches, Swizzle Firma, 2:40PM -

Checkpoint 7A

After Schwang talk trash about Kurt being a long way from home, he hops
aboard his ship and begins firing at you. You better haul butt down the
walkway, which crumbles under fire.

When you reach a fork in the road, take the right path. Shwang's ship will
appear in front of you, but just keep running. You'll soon notice a building
at the end of the walkway. Jump over to it and run in the door. You're safe
from Schwang's ship - for now.

Run down the hall until you see it open into a room. Don't enter yet. Stand
at the right side of the entrance and look for the Grunt. Finish him off and
then carefully strafe enough into the room to snipe the drone guns above and
to each side of the doorway. There is one last drone gun at about one o'clock
from the right side of the doorway - you'll peer through mist to see it.

With the drone guns gone, focus on the Coneheads in the small pit in the
center of the room. It takes patience to snipe them, but it is safer. Look
for the blue energy rings to find one that is not running around. With the
flatulent ones gone, clear out he remaining baddies.

You'll notice three 'engines' hanging from the roof with what looks like a
lock ball cocooned underneath. That's what they are! Drop to the pit and
stand on the grate (beware - enemies constantly drop in). The right-most
lockball will be active. Snipe it and then run over to the engine on the left
and snipe the lock ball.

An air current starts up under the grate. Ride it up and into another hall.
Snipe the lock ball here and return down to the last engine and the now-
active lock ball. Snipe it and return up the air current. Continue down the
hall, up another current and into another large room.


Checkpoint 7B


Checkpoint 7C

This checkpoint is fairly easy for the most part, it is just a bit
labourious. You start off outside and under fire again, so haul it! Take the
right path when you have to and keep running. Eventually the walkway will
crumble under your feet - that's okay, you can't beat it here.

Activate the 'chute and float down to a circular area to your left (look for
items on it to help find it). Here you'll find a Black Hole Grenade, an Apple
and a Laser Chain Gun. Grab them all and jump into the portal. Go through the
door, down the hallway and into a *huge* room. It's safe to enter it.

Hanging above the centre of the room is an alien power generator, which is
inactive. There are seven spires around it that must be activated one at a
time. Around the outside of the room are pillars, in each is a lock ball.
Sniping it unleashes a group of baddies and also a small wealth of items
(random assortmemnt of Laser/Super Chain Guns, Grenades, Sniper Shields,
Decoy Dummies, Black Hole Grenades, Cloaks, Hams and Apples) on the lookout
area opposite the door to the room. Finish off the baddies to start up one of
the generator's spires.

TIP: Save your Cloaks and Decoy Dummies for the last spire.

Here's a rundown of the enemies you'll encounter:

1. A couple of Poopsies and a couple of BirdBrains. Just back up and strafe
while firing. Don't waste items on these guys. Just stay out of claw's reach
of the BB's.

2. A group of Grunts, some invisible. The easy way is to float over to the
centre of the floor and lure the Grunts down there. Now float up and snipe
them from the safety of the ring below the portal.

3. An army of S.O.D.'s appear now. Run about one-third of a circle away and
use the sniper scope to take them out. Strafe so you can only see floor to
avoid fire. You want to position yourself so that only a couple appear in
view at a time - less fire to avoid.

4. Remember Hanz, the level one boss? Well, now there's three of them. Lure
them into the pit below and return to the outer ring where you started. Take
them from here, using sniper shots or super chain gun (regular will take
ages). Strafe as in previous bout to avoid fire.

5. Another group of S.O.D.'s, so use the same tactics. This is easy, just a
little tedious.

6. Coneheads, about ten. Just back up and let rip with the chain gun. You may
take a few points of damage, but they'll be dead before you lose ten. Relax,
the apples re-spawn quite a few times (I had a ham and three apples waiting

7. The only hard one. A group of five or so Bifs. They start out spaced out
around the edge of the pit, you have to drop in to 'activate' them. When you
hit the floor, use a Cloak. Make full use of the items you have collected
during the previous battles, but try to save one Cloak for the next
checkpoint. You may want to return to high ground after setting the Bifs in
motion. It's slower, but safer.

TIP: Once the Bifs are dead you won't be able to use the air current anymore,
so make sure to grab any health items (even if it is a ham and you're still
on 90) before finishing the last Bif.

Finishing off the Bifs will complete the generator, which will fire a blast
downwards and allow you to proceed to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 7D

Again, head through the door ahead of you and ride the air current up and
continue until you see the hall open out into a room. You'll see a lock ball
bounce around for a while then disappear, only to re-appear and repeat the

Don't enter the room, snipe the lock ball from just oustide the door. If
you're having trouble, watch the lock ball for a while - it follows a set
path. Pick a spot to watch and be ready to go.

When you've hit the lock ball, stand near the right side of the door and look
left for the Grunt. Snipe his dome or put him down first for an easier shot.
There are one or two more Grunts, they may come into the hall if you wait.
When all Grunts are gone, ride the air current up to the next level in the
room. Turn back and run along the narrow paths to a Ham and a Laser Chain

Continue along until you encounter another bouncing lock ball. Snipe it and
proceed up on the air current. There will be more Grunts on the next level.
If they're invisible (you'll hear them saying what sounds like "who's dat?"),
then just float up and lure them to drop down to the previous level, now
proceed forward.

Repeat this process of sniping lock balls, luring Grunts and riding air
currents until you hear the familiar sound of Bottrocks (these ones are the
Ultra kind) ahead. The wall you must scale via the air current is taller than
the others, so you'll know which one I mean.

Hopefully you saved a Cloak from the previous section - now is the time to
use it. Stand over the air current and activate the Cloak. Rise to the next
level, run forward and rise up another (shorter) current and you'll see a
door. Head through the door into another corridor until you reach the

Checkpoint 7E

BOSS BATTLE - Schwang Schwing's Ship


LEVEL EIGHT: Max - "Xenoic - The Lazarus Effect"

- Lower East Side, Swizzle Firma, 4:23PM -

Max arrives in what looks like a downtown area of the alien world. A couple
of Coneheads in the next room, unaware of Max's presence, discuss a weapon
that they can use to destroy Earth without even needing to go there. Max is
not very happy when he hears of this...

Checkpoint 8A

For the first time, you take control of Max *after* he arrives at his
destination. You are out in the street with Coneheads everywhere, they'll see
you and disappear - and an air raid siren will begin to sound. These are
never good, so run, run, RUN!!!

Begin by running to your left, headed for a blue & red/pink sign. As the
Bottrocks and Poopsies are drop around you, just run/jump past/over them.
Don't bother fighting them. Turn left down an alley with a sad-looking face
on a sign.

Look to your right for an opening - inside is a small cove with a bunch of
weapons: Magnum, Shotgun, Uzi and Gatling Gun. "Great!" you say? Wanna know
what's even better? They REGENERATE! Take the oppurtunity to stock up on
seven fully-loaded Gatling Guns!

Simply equip the three other Magnums you began with and fire them off until
they're discarded. Grab a Gatling Gun when it appears and wait for the next.
It may be a little tedious, but you'll need them very soon. Just be aware
that a group of Bottrocks/Poopsies has formed outside and the occasional one
will enter. A single Gatling Gun will cover it.

Once you're armed to the teeth (and beyond!), it's time to find the way off
the streets. Exit your little stash and head left. Take a right turn to be
back on the path you started on. Take the first left and then continue *past*
another possible left turn and you'll find some crates on the left wall.
Destroy them and enter another small cove.

Grab the shotguns if you can and then find the grate on the back wall. Shoot
it out and enter the tunnel, shoot out another grate which leads you into a
large room. This room has three Bifs in it - they also regenerated.  Arm up
with four unused Gatling Guns (or the next best line-up you can) and drop
into the room.

One Bif is shortly ahead of you, one is further away and to your right, the
last is also ahead of you but further away. A position near where you entered
the room will keep all Bifs mostly in front of you. If you go into the middle
of the room, a Bif may appear behind you.

Keep the trigger finger down and don't stand still. Strafe left and right to
avoid energy blasts. Keep an eye on your guns, don't be stuck firing only one
gun. When you've killed six Bifs (yes, SIX!), grab the AA Battery ahead of
the entrance and then look to your right - the hill-like structure has opened
up. Enter it and run down the hall, grabbing the shotgun on the way to the

Checkpoint 8B

Continue down the hall and grab the Car Battery if you need it, you won't ba
able to go back for it after your next enemy encounter. When the hall opens
out into a larger room, enter it and stick close to the wall. A siren will go
off and a drone gun will begin to fire at you. Stay on the wall and strafe
left & right to avoid being hit.

Next, take out the source of what looks like smoke-rings. From your position
near the wall these are no threat at all. With these gone turn to face the
wall henind you and back-up to take out another drone gun. By now, the round
door to the next room is open.

In the room ahead are several objects you can destroy, including regenerating
Bottrocks. However, only one thing is worth bothering with. Stand outside the
room with the open round door in front of you. Aim up and shoot at the object
that protrudes from the room - it looks like a light or chandelier.

Destroying this opens a door at the far end of the room ahead of you. Run
through the room and up the stairs to the door, zig-zagging and jumping to
avoid the multiple Bottrocks. Another short hall will lead out into a huge
room with TV monitors in the centre.

You begin on a walkway that circles the room, about half-way up it. A fall
from here will do serious damage, while being hit by one of a few patrolling
BirdBrains will not be pleasant either. Grab the car battery if you need it
and do a lap or two of the walkway to stock up on Gatling Guns, they
regenerate so if you can be bothered - get seven of them.

The object of this room is to destroy the tops/ends of three TV antennas that
lead from the mass of TV monitors. The portion to shoot is color-coded: one
is blue, one red, one green.

}From the entrance, follow the pathway to the right. You'll reach a small
ledge pointing in towards the centre of the room. Wait here, avoiding attacks
from BirdBrains, until a platfrom 'docks' at the ledge. Quickly walk or jump
onto it. It will float towards the centre mass and you can jump to a ledge
that circles it.

}From here, run to the other side of the centre mass and look for a platform
that stops near the ledge you're on and then goes upwards. Once you locate
and identify the platform you need, wait to make the jump. Don't be afraid to
line up your jump when the platform arrives, then make the jump next time.
Remember, missed jumps in this room hurt - BAD!

If you do fall down to ground level, don't stress out. If needed, grab a Car
Battery from down here and then climb onto the huge platform in the centre of
the room. A floating platform is available for you to return you to the

TIP: If the Car Battery you saw when entering the room is still there, grab
it instead of those on the floor. When the antennas are destroyed you'll be
forced to make a long drop, so you'll want at least one Car Battery on the

As you float upwards, watch out for BirdBrains. They are not very accurate
with the shots they fire, but you might float into the reach of one to swipe
you. If safe, find the top of an antenna and begin shooting. You can hit them
from half-way through the ride, just watch where your fire hits and adjust
until you're hitting the mark (a green bar will appear when you're on
target). When you are - don't let up.

You should be able to destroy two antennas from this platform. You will come
right up close to one, the other is further away, but reachable. The last
antenna can be hit from here also, but you'll only have a couple of seconds
with a clear shot every time you rise and fall, you're better off getting on
another platform, so return to the centre mass when you can.

When you find the other platform which floats to the top of the room, board
it as before and destroy the last antenna. The entire mass in the centre of
the room will crash through the floor, opening the way to proceed out of
here. To get to ground level,  fall off the platform at its lowest point  and
grab a Car Battery or two from the floor, provided you have not already taken

Once you're down at ground level, climb up the side of the hole in the floor
and stop at the edge. The shaft below is bottomless (believe me, I know) and
if you miss your jump, death is instant. Find the pipe below and jump to it.
This is a very tough jump, try to aim for where the pipe meets the wall, this
increases you chances of landing.

If you land successfully you'll take some damage, but there is an AA Battery
for you to collect. Grab it. Look at the end of the ledge you're standing on,
there are two *very* narrow antennas protruding - carefully  maneuver onto
one of them.

Turn back towards the ledge you landed on and you'll notice that it is
actually a tunnel you can enter. Carefully position yourself so you are
*almost* at the end of the antenna (tunnel end). Turn a bit so that you're
now facing into the tunnel. Run forward and drop (only slightly) into the
tunnel. If you made it, it's clear sailing to the checkpoint.

Checkpoint 8C

Proceed down the tunnel until you drop out onto a walkway in a large room.
You'll take some damage, so don't forget the AA Battery on this ledge at the
right side of the room. You best not stand still, grab the Gatling Gun then
drop to ground level. Right nearby you'll see an alien generator that spits
out Bottrocks. Take it out.

Now turn around and face the attacking spaceships, on the underside is a
protrusion that is the 'hot spot'. Take on one ship at a time, from one end
to the other. Never stand still, strafe like nuts! Destroying the three ships
will bring another down.

Arm up and focus on the ship. As soon as you see Bottrocks exiting the ship,
let 'em have it. There are regenerating Gatling Guns in this room so don't
spare the firepower. When all the passengers are gone, board the craft
yourself via the ramp. Enter the cockpit and step on the red button.

This will cause the ship to turn and shoot out the doors to the next room.
Exit the ship and head for the ramp and newly-opened doors. You may want to
grab a few Gatling Guns before proceeding into the next room, though there
are some even better (I kid you not) weapons just ahead. When you think
you're suitably 'stocked', enter the next room, grabbing the Car Battery and
Atomic Jetpack.

Congratulations! You've reached the notorious 'Silo Climb'. Unfortunately,
this section is known for being one of the toughest sections of the game. But
you've come this far and you can't let the aliens destroy Earth!

In this room is an extremely tall Nuclear Silo. You're aim is to use the
Atomic Jetpack to climb up the silo by jumping/flying to a series of small
ledges that spiral up the silo. This may sound easy, but these jumps often
require you to refuel 'on-the-fly'. Oh yeah, there's usually an S.O.D. or two
about. They love to attack from a safe distance.

SECRET: Do you want to wimp out and take the hidden elevator up the silo? Do
you want to miss out on the satisfaction of knowing you 'did it the hard
way'? Then go to the 'Secrets' section to find out where this elevator is.

The Atomic Jetpack is self-sufficient. This means that it recharges itself
while not in use. To make these jumps, you'll need to carefully manage the
fuel supply and stop the thrust in short bursts to allow small amounts of
fuel to recharge.

For horizontal jumps, make sure you get a good running jump to start with.
From here, press forward and full throttle on the jetpack to get a bit more
height than necessary. You can now float over to your target by pressing the
throttle in bursts, allowing some fuel to be recharged while not allowing to
much momentum or height to be lost.

The lowest set of platforms is a good place to practice horizontal jumps. To
practice for longer/tougher jumps, try to jump from one ledge and skip the
next one, landing on the second one you come to. It can be done.

For vertical jumps, begin by being positioned almost directly under your
target. Making sure you have a full tank, jump and fly directly up, with no
directional control. Let go of the throttle and press forward when you hit 20
fuel, you should have enough momentum to continue climbing and should almost
be there. As soon as your upward momentum ends, put the throttle back on,
your fuel will have replenished enough to finish the climb.

The first jump is a horizontal one, use it to practice - even it requires
somewhat precise use of the jetpack. With practice you should be able to
complete this jump without the throttle on, using already achieved momentum
to finish.

When you're ready to go, return to the entrance to this room. Directly
opposite it is your first ledge. This is a vertical jump. Stand directly
under it and hit full throttle. At 20 fuel, release the throttle and float
over to your mark. Re-apply throttle if needed.

Your next target is above and to your right (when facing the silo).


}From this final platform, look to the left (when facing away from the silo).
You'll notice a bunch of wires (?) running between the silo and the outer
wall. If you look closely, among the wires you'll notice a tunnel opening in
the outer wall.

Fly over and land on one of the wires. Carefully run along it towards the
outer wall. When you're close, float over to and into the tunnel.
CONGRATULATIONS! You've completed the final difficult maneuver in the 'Silo
Climb'. All you need to do now is run to the checkpoint, grabbing the Car
Battery, (other item) and (other item) along the way.

TIP: As you run down the tunnel to the checkpoint, you'll reach a door that
won't open immediately. Fear not, you have not made a mistake. The Dreamcast
is simply loading the next area, which is very big. Just wait a few seconds)
and the door will open.

Checkpoint 8D

Continue through the tunnel until it opens up into an *enormous* chamber.
You'll notice a series of pillars running from floor to roof. You will also
notice an electrical current running between the small gap in the middle of
each pillar.

To progress through this room, you'll need to float over to each pillar and
destroy the top half and then land on top of the remaining portion of the
pillar. This chamber is filled with several BirdBrains and a couple of Manta-
Rays. You should just ignore these, only destroy any that are in your path.


LEVEL NINE: Dr. Fluke Hawkins - "The All Heroes: Break Up"

CUTSCENE: Dr. Hawkins gets the Jim Dandy firing and heads fir Swizzle Firma
to pick up Kurt and Max.

Checkpoint 9A

For the first time, a Dr. Hawkins level begins with a flying section. The Jim
Dandy is in hyperspace so it is a bit different to control than Max's
efforts. You will continue to move in a give direction after you stop
pressing that button, you'll need to 'counter-steer' to stop this.

This flying section is a cross between Max's first two flights. While objects
only appear from in front of you (like level two), you can move forwards and
backwards as well as up and down (like level five). A new feature are
portals, which warp you either back or forward. Useful to avoid a crash.

Just use your previous experience to get through this one, it's possibly the
easiest one. As always, after about twenty to thirty seconds this section is

CUTSCENE: The Jim Dandy comes out of hyper-space and Dr. Hawkins locates
Kurt. He's about to teleport Kurt and Max back up to the Jim Dandy, but he
accidently teleports himself onto Swizzle Firma.

- Swanky Swizzle Heights, Swizzle Firma, 7:19PM -

Dr. Hawkins finds himself in the middle of what looks like a residential
area, surrounded by Coneheads. He does a rundown of the items he'll need to
find to reach Kurt and Max, who are waiting outside the palace gates.

This level is different to the others as you don't necessarily have to
progress through the checkpoints in alphabetical order. From your starting
point it is possible to reach 9C without seeing 9B. I'll take you through the
level in alphabetical order, however.

When facing the phone box, run past it and up the ramp. There is a path that
goes left and right. Found along this path are: Mr. Fizzy (x2), Baguettes
(x2) and Pumpernickel (x2). Grab them all and then run back down the ramp.

To your right is another ramp down. Run down the ramp and take the pathway to
the door. On the other side of the door is checkpoint B.

Checkpoint 9B

You'll be teleported to a corridor with a few Bottrocks and Coneheads. Ignore
them and head for the door at the end of the room, on the right wall.
Jump/strafe to avoid being hit. Run through the door and into an open area.

In front of you is a fence and on the other side are some Bottrocks. To the
left you'll notice an open-topped corridor. This is the entrance to the
labyrinth. The exit is on the other side of the fence where the Bottrocks

The labyrinth is filled with secuirty measures in the form of moving
electrical fields and other dangers include erupting steam pipes and a weird
creature that appears overhead and burps gas at you.

Avoiding the steam pipes is easy. Stand close and watch the pattern for a few
seconds. When it subsides, run past. To avoid the electrical fields, stand as
close as possible and run under them when they're in the air. This takes a
little practice. To avoid the gas burp, back up when he appears and lob toast
at him. He'll hide and you can advance. Wack him again if he re-appears.

For a map of this labyrinth, go to the URL listed below:


When you emerge from the maze, you've got a few Bottrocks to deal with. Just
ignore them and head forward for what looks like a checkpoint. Grab the
PALATIAL LOCATOR and then turn right and jump in the teleporter, which will
take you back to the area you began in, with the phone booth. To your left is
another teleporter, step in it to reach Checkpoint C.

TIP: The items found on the ramp seem to have regenerated whenever you
teleport back to this room. Check to see and grab 'em if they're there.

Checkpoint 9C

You'll be in another area that looks 'residential'. To your left are some
Baguettes. Grab them and then head diagonally right. A BirdBrain will emerge
from a big hole in the ground, run past on the right. Turn right as you
approach the Conehead and enter the teleporter.

In this area there are a number of large columns. Amongst them are a couple
of Bottrocks and a couple of spawners. Run over to your right and along the
wall. Look to your left and stop when the spawner is visible. Keeping an eye
out for Bottrocks, take out the spawner. Also listen for fire from a nearby

With the first spawner destroyed, another one should be visible from your
position. Take it out as well, along with any Bottrocks. Equip the Baguettes
and move past the columns. Look up and faces the five S.O.D.'s - take them
out with the Baguettes. Strafe to avoid fire. Sometimes the Baguette will go
after a Conehead below, just fire again.

With the S.O.D.'s gone, equip the ladder and run forward to find the anchor
point. The next section involves a mess of platforms connected by use of the
ladder. Some anchor point will not take you the way you want to go. You need
to correctly navigate up to the teleporter above. However, you should first
collect the Mr. Fizzy.

Use the following diagrams to reach Mr. Fizzy and then the teleporter to the
next room. The first diagram is the first platform you reach from using the
ladder at ground level.

L  = Ladder anchor
L* = Ladder anchor to take
D  = Doc's starting position on the platform
F  = Mr. Fizzy


(1)  +-----------+   (2)       +-+   (3)  +--------+      (4)  +---+
     |  L*  D   L|             | |        |L*  D   |           | F |
     | +---------+        +----+ |        +------+ |           |   |
     |L|                  |   L  |               | |           |   |
     +-+                  | +----+               |L|           |   |
                          |D|                    | +--+        |   |
                          +-+                    |   L|        | D |
                                                 +----+        +---+


First drop down (carefully!) and return to platform (1) as above. Follow
these diagrams:

(1)  +-----------+   (2)             +--+   (3)  +--------+
     |  L   D   L|                   |L*|        |   L*   |
     |  +--------+        +----------+  |        | +----+ |
     |L*|                 |   D         |        |L|    | |
     +--+                 |  +----------+        +-+    | |
                          |  |                          |D|
                          +--+                          | |
                                                        | +-+
                                                        |   |

On the wall in front of you are four walkways, with a moving fan below the
bottom walkway. Each has a trapdoor in the floor at some point, these are
activated by buttons on the floor. At regular intervals a Conehead will
emerge from the left side of the top walkway and head for the other, open
end. If it reaches the open end, they disappear and a siren sounds - sending
a Bottrock down after you.

Your objective is to juice a few Coneheads by opening the correct trapdoor at
the correct time, causing them to end up in the fan below. If a Conehead hits
a wall, he'll turn around and walk back. Each level has an open end so watch
out. Now, to the solution.

The button for the first trapdoor is the left-most one. Run over to it and
stand on it. As soon as the Conehead falls down, head for the right-most
button. The Conehead will hit a wall and turn back, falling down the open
hole. Now run for the middle button.

Wait for the Conehead to turn back and head to the right of the screen. When
he stands on the trapdoor, stand on the button. He'll fall below and continue
to the right of the screen. Quickly step off the button as he walks over the
last trapdoor. Yummy - Conehead juice! Repeat this for two or three more
Coneheads and the cylinder will be full, revealing the teleporter out of this
room. This will take you to checkpoint G.

Checkpoint 9D

You can only reach checkpoint D via a teleporter in the first area of the
level, near the phone booth. Head up the ramp that had the Mr. Fizzy,
Baguette and Pumpernickel. They may be back, so grab them if they are. From
the ramp, head right and then down the corridor on your left. Step in the
teleporter to be taken to checkpoint D.

Checkpoint 9E

Checkpoint 9F

Checkpoint 9G

You're in a room with a few Hosers and a BirdBrain. Strafe all over the place
and take down the BB. Ignore the Hosers, they regenerate. With the BirdBrain
gone, head through the bunch of buttons on the floor and up a bridge across a
chasm. There is a glowing button. Stand in front of it and turn to face the
buttons. Look up to see a group of lights handing over the buttons.

Hitting the glowing button will cause a bunch of the lights to activate
briefly. This is the answer to this puzzle. Step on the buttons below the
activated lights to reveal the teleporter. When you're ready, step on the
button and try to remember the pattern. Scribble it down in you have to. Just
remember, the pattern is random - so if you mess up and have to start again,
your notes are useless.

When you step on the correct series of buttons, the teleporter will appear
near the single 'start' button. Turn back and head into the teleporter,
grabbing the DIMENSIONAL DESTABILIZER on the way. You're back in the room
with the Phone Booth.

CUTSCENE: A few Hosers are standing on each other's heads to use the phone,
in YOUR phone booth!

There are a few Hosers scattered around providing opposition. For an easy
time, head up the ramp and grab some Baguettes. With all hostilities in the
area gone, it's time to eject the Hosers inside the phone booth. To do this,
eqip the Pumpernickel and line yourself up with the phone booth. When the
door begins to open, fire! You'll hear the sound of fireworks and soon a
Hoser will come flying out of the top of the phone booth and through a
window. Repeat this to remove the last two Hosers.

TIP: You're almost done with this level, so don't spare using items like Mr.
Fizzy and Baguettes.

CUTSCENE: Dr. Hawkins will enter the phone booth and use it to fly to the
Imperial Palace.

NOTE: No, there is no boss battle for this level. Be glad!

LEVEL TEN: Kurt, Max or Dr. Hawkins - "Cosmic Tales"

CUTSCENE: Our three heroes stand outside the palace gates. Dr. Hawkins says a
few gadgets will do the trick. Max and Kurt don't really agree. Dr. Hawkins
calls them 'short-sighted' and a big argument ensues. We're left wondering if
it's the end of the Xenophobic Trio.

Before the level actually begins, you're given the choice of which character
will tackle the palce and ultimately battle Zizzy Ballooba. Each character
will take different paths through the palace, using their unique abilities to
arrive at the final confrontation with Ballooba.

Each character seems to represent a difficulty level - with Dr. Hawkins being
the easiest to defeat Zizzy with, Kurt being in the middle and Max being the
hardest to achieve victory with. I'll start with Dr. Hawkins.


You start out at the palace gates, but they're not open to you. Instead, turn
left and head along the wall until you see a ladder anchor. Use the anchor to
climb a series of ledges. When you reach the last ledge, turn left and drop
into an open-topped corridor.

Scoot along the corridor, using the ever-useful method of staying on the
'inside'. Never go flying around a corner. Before too long you should hear
the jet engine sound that signifies a BirdBrain is near. The straight path
you're on will open out on the right-hand side. If you peek around the corner
you'll see the BB. You should be able to attack one side of it and it won't

As you do this, beware the Hoser that is nearby. If it fires at you, either
take cover behind the wall, or fire back. When the BirdBrain is dead, grab
the Mr. Fizzy from the large alcove and proceed. If you didn't kill the
Hoser, beware it and another one around the next corner.

The pathway will become more enclosed and will be littered with items like
Baguettes and Pumpernickel. Grab them and keep and as you approach each
corner, listen out for a BirdBrain and Hosers. BirdBrains can be safely
dispatched by firing toast up under the protrusion in the wall. The BB can't
hit you from it's position and doesn't move (stupid!).

The hallway will come to an end with a large door. Pass through it to arrive
inside. You'll be at the top of some stairs. On your left is a ladder anchor,
use it. Proceed forward and through the door found on your left. Follow this
corridor through another door and around a corner.

At the end of this stretch of the corridor is another corner, two S.O.D.'s
are hiding here, you can hear them. They are a lot easier to destroy with
regular loaf than other S.O.D.'s, so take them out and head through the door
and around the corner. Kurt and Max are waiting there for you.

CUTSCENE: Zizzy Ballooba claims that he let you win a few and it was all for
his entertainment. He thanks the trio for playing his game, but now it's
over. Kurt disagrees and Doc jumps into the fray once again.

BOSS BATTLE: Zizzy Ballooba

The battle with Zizzy has two main parts: outside against Zizzy, and inside
Zizzy, contending with his innards. First you'll have to deplete his energy
bar to gain entrance to his guts, where the real damage is done. When outside
Zizzy, you most deal with five forms of attack:

- Energy Blast: Zizzy zaps you with his staff. If you watch him, he drops his
staff into fighting position. This signifies what's in store. To best avoid
it, hold still as it's fired and move immediately afterwards. Never pause for
more than a second and keep your distance to decrease his accuracy.

- Lava Trails: Zizzy slams his staff and trails of lava criss-cross the
floor. Your best bet here is the 'pogo jumping' method used to dodge the
BFB's left brain attack.

- Smoke Walls: a series of walls of smoke are sent your way. Face Zizzy and
keep firing, the walls are not solid. Strafe to avoid each wall. Sometimes
you'll strafe left instead of right and the next wall is unavoidable. Kepp
yuor distance to give more time to move.

- Hypnosis: if Zizzy comes right up close, you know he's going to try this.
This is simple to avoid: don't look at him. If you make eye contact, he'll
hypnotize you. The screen will spin and funny patterns will fill the screen.
Keep the fire button down and keep on the move, jumping and strafing to avoid
being hit.

- Tail Whip: if you're silly enough to get too close to him, Zizzy will lash
out at you with his tail. Just keep your distance to avoid this one.

Load up your Baguettes and let Zizzy have it as you dodge his attacks. Pick
up items that you see, Mr. Fizzy will regenerate at a reasonable frequency.
Make sure to grab the Leaf Blower before first entering Zizzy's guts. Keep an
eye on your health and use Mr. Fizzy as soon as you hit 10 or less. When your
Baguettes run out, continue pounding with loaf.

When the bar is depleted, you're sucked inside. This is where the real damage
is done. While contending with shots of stomach acid and stomach bugs.
They're very hard to avoid so try to ignore them.

The first item of notice are the lungs on each side of the 'room' you're in.
They're big and white/grey in color. Pound them with toast until they
explode. For whatever reason, they have to 'power' bar, but just keep
pounding them, they're gone in about six-eight shots each. When both lungs
are destroyed, the eyeballs will fall down. Use the Leaf Blower to direct
them into the pits on each side of Zizzy's guts.

Now you can go after Zizzy's brain. Equip the Toaster and Loaf. Your aim is
to rebound your shot off an eye to hit Zizzy's Brain. Aim at the top 1/3 of
the eye and look up now and then to see where your shots are reaching. Adjust
your aim accordingly and when you see that energy bar appear, keep your aim
still and lay on the fire button.

The last targets are the heart and kidneys in the center of the area. To
destroy them, you'll need to transform into Hyde. Grab the Plutonium from the
ledge behind the remaining open pit. When the Plutonium appears to the left,
it can be reached by jumping up at it. If it is on the right, stand on the
rim around the pit then up onto the ledge.

As Hyde, stand on the eyeball on the right of the center pit. Wait here and
jump on the bubble that comes your way. Ride it until the desired organs are
in sight, jump over to one and pound it. The heart will take two shots and
each kidney will take one shot. When all four targets have been punched,
Zizzy will be finished!

CUTSCENE: Nope. Not going to tell you. You didn't buy the game for me to tell
you what happens. Let's just say you'll emerge voctorious.

ENDING: Not going to spoil this either. I will say that it is presented like
comic book, as with the game's intro.

CONGRATULATIONS! You've just completed MDK2 with Dr. Fluke Hawkins!



- MAX (HARD) -




So, you want to know what the correct item combinations are, huh? Don't want
to have the fun of finding out for yourself? Okay then, I'm going to list the
combinations for you. I'm not going to worry about which hand each item is
in, they'll always be in different hands.

Some combinations yield another item that will be added to your inventory.
Others will yield different effects. For example, combining the Atomic
Toaster and Load will cause Dr. Hawkins to fire toast like a weapon

Here's the chart of item combinations:


Toaster + Loaf = Toast
The Sauce + A Bunch of Dirty Towels = Molotov
Pipes + Hand Dryer (w/ Duct Tape) = Leaf Blower
Cord + Pipes = Ladder


Atomic Toaster + Loaf = shoot toast like a weapon
Molotov + Lighter = light the Molotov and throw it
Magnet + Duct Tape = attaches magnets to your boots


- Fish Bowl (w/ fish): dump the fish out of the bowl
- Fish Bowl (empty): allows you to breath in space
- Duct Tape: fix a leak with this



SPOILER WARNING: This section contains information that may spoil the game
for others. Proceed at your own risk!

Here I have some information on the bosses as characters. There are no
gameplay tips here. Checkout the walkthrough for that.


Hanz is a rather large (compared to Kurt) alien with big hands. He pilots a
huge craft that attacks with lasers, until you force him to jump ship. Hanz
has no dialogue and about the only form of communication he has with you is
the menacing wag of the hand before you fight him. There is little else to
say about him.


A being seemingly consisting of raw power encased in a shield, The Sphere has
nodes all over it that it focuses beam of its energy from. It has little
personality and its dying line suggests that it is indeed a being beyond
mortal fleah and bone.

LEVEL THREE BOSS: Balloons for Brains (BFB)

Finally a boss with some personality, albeit conceited. The BFB is an alien
with with huge brains (he seems to have two). He brags about his superior
alien intelligence and uses his brains (literally) to attack you.

LEVEL FOUR BOSS: Schwang Schwing

You first encounter Schwang after defeating Hanz. Schwang is a huge alien who
wears pink shades, speaks in a deep voice and has an ego as big as he is. He
is the right-hand man of the alien emperor and delivers the quote of the game
after flicking Kurt like a booger: "Oh, I'm just too good for my own bad
self. Hello Earth, who's your daddy? Why yes, I am".


As the name may hint, BadMax is an evil version of Max. The BFB created
BadMax as another display of his superior brain, claiming Dr. Hawkins created
a naughty "doggy". BadMax is a lot bigger than Max and attack with tracking
lasers and fireballs. He also preserves himself via healing and use of a


Obviously BFB isn't dead and still quite full of himself. He concedes that
human intelligence must be evolving after the Doc manages to confront him
again. He is quite happy with the shield he uses and claims Dr. Hawkins'
attacks are of no concern to him.


No personality with this one obviously. You are under fire from the ship from
the beginning of the level and returning outside puts you in the firing line
again - until you can get back inside. When you finally battle the ship, you
have to find its weak spots while avoiding laser blasts and battling aliens.


Although Shwang has got an arm in a sling, a leg in plaster and riding in a
wheelchair - he's still as cocky as ever. He doesn't believe that 'fleabag'
Max is a threat and hopes you won't "hit a guy in a wheelchair", but he's
more than happy to zap you.


'Nuff said.


The Grand Emperor of Swizzle Firma. He's a maniacal tyrant whose attack on
Earth is seen as sport, because as a being who has figured out space and
time, there is little to do for entertainment. He implies that he let you get
this far. You're not going to take that, are you?




Easy way through checkpoint 5D:

If you managed to reach this checkpoint with 15 units of fuel left in the
jetpack, you can take the easy way through 5D. Inch forward until the floor
breaks and back up when it does. Now, you can use the jetpack to fly over the
hole in the floor. At the end of the tunnel, shoot out the wall and drop
down, taking 10 damage.

Easy way through checkpoint 8C:

Sick of falling back down to Earth after climbing so high? The take the
elevator instead of the stairs! It's completely hidden, so it takes some
exact placement of landmarks to stand in the right place. Follow these steps:

1. Head to the side of the silo that is brightly lit. Max should be casting a
strong shadow here.

2. Look up and find the last platform you land on before flying over to the
tunnel out of the area. Directly below is an antenna from the lower set.
Adjust your position to line up the platform and the antenna.

3. Making sure not to move left or right, move so that you are a bit closer
to the outside wall than the silo. You're close now.

4. The elevator will activate after you've stood on it for a few seconds. If
it hasn't shown up, move slightly and wait. Continue until you've found it.

For a diagram of the tile pattern near the elevator, go to the URL below:



Unfortunately (for some), none of these codes will make the game easier, so
if you came here because the game's a little tough, you're outta luck.

KURT'S BOXERS: To see your janitorial hero just in his shorts, at the main
menu screen, hold down L & R together and then press X, X, Y, X.

CAR RACE CAMERA: To feel like you're watching a car race, pause the game,
then hold down L & R together and then press B, A, B, A.

SLOW-MOTION: To slow the game down and have a bit of Matrix-style fun, when
you're playing as Max, hold down R and press Up four times.

CLEAR PAUSE SCREEN: To remove the pause menu so you can watch the cool
rotation effect, press X & Y together when the game is paused.

BODILY FUNCTION: If you enjoy toilet humour, while playing as Dr. Hawkins,
press L, R, A & Left on the D-Pad all at once. Dr. Hawkins will "peel one
off", "let one rip", "drop his guts", etc.

GD-ROM SURPRISES: Place the MDK2 GD-ROM in a PC's CD-ROM drive and look in
the 'mdk2' directory for character artwork. You will also find silly songs
done by BioWare and out-takes from the game in .WAV and .MP3 format*.

GAME MUSIC: Start up your Dreamcast with the MDK2 disc in, but the lid open.
The Dreamcast will go to the system menu screen. Select the audio CD player
and then close the lid. The system will recognise the disc as an audio CD.
Tracks 4 to 29 feature game music. Track 30 is a voice track which may be a

* NOTE: The songs and out-takes are not present on the PAL version disc.
Derek French from BioWare told me that the PAL version disc has less free
space on it. I guess this is because there are voice tracks for five
languages on it. Go to http://guides.ign.com and find their MDK2 guide and
you'll be able to download all this stuff.


| 12. THINGS TO COME... |

Aside from the obvious things like doing the walkthrough for levels and
checkpoints that are missing or incomplete, I want to add the 'title' for
each level (according to the comic book cover on the loading screen) and the
correct time and place that each level takes place (as stated near the start
of each level. If any of you MDK2 fans want to help me with these bits of
info, I'll add your name, e-mail and homepage (if you have one) to my credits

What I need is:

1. The 'title' for each level, which is the title on the coming book cover
   shown while loading your game.

2. The time and place where/when that each level occurs. Please also note
   what part of the level that the time is shown (ie: Level 2 is on the
   alien ship, but not until you have flown Max over to it).



- IGN Guides -


For the cheat codes and some enemy names.

- BioWare Corp. -


For making the game, general character/enemy info.

- Interplay Entertainment Corp. -


For publishing the game, further enemy info.

- Shiny Entertainment -


For creating the original MDK game in the first place.

- Derek French from BioWare -

For answering my questions about the missing 'freebies' on the PAL version

- 'doninss' of the Interplay MDK2 Forums -

For providing the diagram for the secret elevator in 8C.

- Eric-Paul Lecluse -

[email protected]

For providing the map of the 9B maze.

                               End of File.
          This document is Copyright (c) by Adrian Egli, 2001.

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