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                              Unofficial F.A.Q
                                Version 1.25

              DemiGodX ([email protected], [email protected])

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NOTE: This FAQ is best viewed in a DOS-based ASCII viewer like Edit.  Some of
the  characters  may not  show  up  correctly  if  viewed in  Notepad  or any
Windows-based application.

Table of Contents

 About the FAQ
 Version Changes
 System Requirements
 Character Information
   Delon (NPC)
   Navaros (NPC)
   Atimar (NPC)
 Battle Strategies
   Basic Movements and Controls
   Special Moves and Tactics
   Monster Specific Info
 Item/Weapon/Armour Information
 Copyright Information

About the FAQ

This  FAQ is  based on  the PC  action/adventure  game  Drakan,  developed by
Psygnosis. It contains a walkthrough of the game as well as battle strategies
and item  information.  I've written  this mostly  from my own  experience in
having played the game (version 445)  and if I've made any errors then please
e-mail them to me.

Version Changes

- Possibly the last update for the FAQ
- E-mail changed
- Added a shortcut to retrieving the Rift Crystal (courtesy of Joe Bates)
- Added some new battle tactics
- Various other changes

- Put in a new ASCII Drakan title! Thanks again, Dan!

- Added two more weapons (arrows) to the list. Thanks a lot, Dan!
- Minor weapons (arrow) special effect fixes.
- Fixed the broken paragraph after the Key to Priest's House.

- Added another missing item (possibly the last one), the Vykruta's Axe!
- Some formatting mistakes.
- Various other small fixes.

- Added some of the missing secrets. (Thanks, Alex)
- Added some more missing items.
- Fixed some item information.
- Completed the Copyright Information (Didn't actually put it in last time).

- Various typos and mistakes fixed
- Took out most (not all) of the non-Windows characters to make it easier to
  view in Windows.
- Added some missing items.
- Added System Requirements section

- FAQ creation

System Requirements

Drakan requires a minimum of:

100% IBM Compatible PC
Pentium 166 Processor
300 MB of hard disk space
DirectX 6.1
Direct3D compatible 4 MB video card


Pentium II 233+
400 MB hard disk space
DirectX 7.0
3dfx Voodoo2/Voodoo3 or nVidia TNT/TNT2-based 3D accelerator card
EAX or A3D-based, DirectSound compatible sound card

Character Information


Rynn is the main character of the game.  She is a young warrioress with great
fighting  spirit and  athletic  abilities.  You will  be in  control of  Rynn
throughout most of the game.  Her quest begins  after her brother is abducted
in a Wartok raid.  She then finds  her village  in ruins and  is told to find
Arokh, a dragon of the  Order of the Flame.  A thing you should  note is that
Rynn  is not  a brawler.  She depends  on her speed  and athletic  agility to
maneuver around her opponents.  Most of the monsters in Drakan have much more
strength  and vitality  than her so  it wouldn't be  wise to go  running into
battle against a horde of Wartoks with sword swinging. She is able to use all
manner of weaponry,  ranging from short swords to battle axes and some of the
weapons you find will have special abilities imbued in them. However, nothing
is more  important in  battle than  a good  strategy. After  all, this  is an
action game, not an RPG.


An ancient dragon who  once served as steed to  Heron in the Dark Wars. Since
then, he  has been sleeping  in stone  for centuries  when he is  awakened by
Rynn. With his  soul bounded to  Rynn, he will  accompany her in her quest as
well as serving as her  steed. Arokh's fire  attacks are among the best. They
do damage initially  and continue to burn,  doing extra damage. He's good for
the  more  complicated  tasks and  you'll want  to use  him whenever  you can
because his  strength and speed  far exceed his rider's.  However, he is much
more  bulkier  than  Rynn  and  cannot venture  into  the  smaller caves  and
structures. One of the great attributes of Arokh is his ability to absorb the
essence of  those whom he slays.  When a extremely  powerful being dies their
essence is released in crystal form which he can then absorb and utilize as a
breath weapon.  A very  powerful and useful ally  whom you'll constantly rely



From the manuel
"Delon is Rynn's younger brother.  He's as spirited as she is, and he admires
her a great deal.  He delights in listening to the  stories of Atimar, one of
the village elders and a competent scribe. Delon is dear to Rynn, and in many
ways  she is the  only real family  he has. He' s brave,  if a bit naive, and
would do almost anything for his older sister."


From the manuel
"This diabolical man  is a figure out of history,  like Arokh. But unlike the
great red  dragon, he is known  as a betrayer without  parallel, a traitor to
the world itself.  Once he was a respected member  of the Order of the Flame,
but his true goals were self-serving.  With his corrupt dragon steed, he very
nearly wiped  out the Order altogether.  He was finally slain  by the hand of
the  warrior Heron  and his  bonded mount,  a younger  Arokh. Navaros  nearly
brought the world to  annihilation, and his essence  is growing restless once
more. For  now, he lies dormant  while his influence  seeps into the world of
evil creatures, manipulating them from the recesses of oblivion. But his plot
will surely come to a head, and the  consequences for all breathing beings in
the realm will be catastrophic..."


From the manuel
"The  revered  priest  and scribe  of  Rynn's  village. He  is somewhat  of a
grandfather  to Rynn and Delon, though he isn't  officially related. He takes
care of the villagers,  whom he considers  his responsibilities in  many ways.
Atimar cares very  much about both Rynn  and Delon.  He enjoys teaching Delon
some of the secrets  of the great wide  world.  Atimar is a true friend,  and
Rynn trusts him implicitly."

Battle Strategies

*** Basic Movements and Controls *** (default keys)

Running/      - Use  the  Forward  (E or Up Arrow)  and  Backward  (D or Down
Flying          Arrow)  keys  to  run  forwards  and backwards,  respectively.
                When riding Arokh you'll fly forwards and backwards.
Jumping/      - The  Jump (T or Right Shift) button  allows you to  leap into
Ascending       the air and travel over small chasms and obstacles.  The Jump              
                button can be  combined with the  directional buttons to leap
                into different  directions in a  Lara-esque manner.  On Arokh
                this button will make Arokh rise up into the air.

Ducking/      - Hold down the  Crouch (G or Right Control)  button to go down
Descending      on one knee and  strike low at the enemy.  In this mode,  the
                movement buttons will cause you to roll in that direction. If
                you  hold down  the Sneak button  then you'll  drag along the
                ground slowly.  On Arokh  you can use  this button to descend
                and land.

Strafing      - Use the  (S or Left) arrow button and the  (F or Right) arrow
                button to "strafe" or "side step" in that  direction. This is
                the  primary  method you'll  employ  to  dodge enemy  attacks.
                Strafing allows you to  avoid enemy fire while  still keeping
                an eye on the battlefield. Combine this  with the directional
                controls and you can  "circle strafe" (see "Special Moves and
                Tactics" for more information) around your enemy.

Directional   - Use the mouse to  control your direction in the game.  Moving
Control         the mouse left and right turns you  in those directions while
                directions while moving the mouse up pivots the view down and
                moving  the mouse down  does the opposite.  The Y-Axis can be
                reversed in the options menu.

Sneak         - Hold down the  (Left Shift or Keypad 0)  button and  you will
                walk around quietly.  While in this mode, enemies who are not
                looking at you  directly will not notice  you as you approach.
                You can  then launch  a surprise  attack on  them while  they
                remain  oblivious of  your presence.  You cannot  sneak up on
                enemies with Arokh.

Attack        - Use the left mouse button to  attack with your current weapon.
                You can attack even when you're airborne or crouching.

Alternative   - Use the  (Middle Mouse  or Keypad 1)  button to  do a special
Attack          alternative attack.  Some weapons have special abilities that
                can be  enabled by using  this attack.  All of Arokh's breath
                weapons have secondary functions.

Free Look     - Hold  down the  Right Mouse  Button  to look  around at  your
                environments freely.  You can  still move  and attack  during
                this mode but you won't be able to change directions.

Use           - Pressing  the Enter key  will allow  you to  use switches and
                pick up items. You cannot use anything on Arokh.

*** Special Moves and Tactics ***

-= Special Moves =-

Rynn is equipped  with various special  moves that involves  pressing certain
combinations  of keys. Many of  the moves do some  flashy sword-swinging  and
some of them do a lot of damage but  they're not to be used in all situations
and you should be careful when doing them.

Forward Stab  - Press the  forward button,  followed by the attack button and
                Rynn will swing her sword forward in a stabbing motion.  This
                attack is longer-ranged than the normal attack but you cannot
                move while doing this attack.

Right Swing   - Hold the  left strafe button and  press the attack button and
                Rynn will swing her sword to the right as she side steps.

Left Swing    - Hold the  right strafe button and press the attack button and
                Rynn will swing her sword to the left as she side steps.

Step Right &  - Tap the right strafe button, the forward movement button and
Stab            attack to step to the right side, turn and stab.
Step Left &   - Tab  the left  strafe button,  the forward  button and attack
Slash           to step to the left side and do a 360 degree sword swing.

Turn Swing    - Tap the forward button,  back button and the attack button to
                spin around  and do  a quick slash.

Flip Jump     - Hold down the Sneak button  and jump and you'll leap into the
                air and flip over.  This jump is higher  than normal and  you
                move forward slightly.

Full Circle   - Tap the back button,  forward button and the attack button to
Slash           do a slash, followed by a 360 degree spinning attack. This is
                a powerful attack that hits up to 3 times at close range.

Spinning      - Press Jump, Crouch then attack to do a devastating,  spinning
Overhead        mid-air move.  This move can do more than twice the damage of
Attack          normal attacks  and you can gain  extra height if you perform
                it in the rising arc of the jump.  A great backstab move that
                hits two times  and is particularly  effective against  large

-= Battle Tactics =-

Circle        - One  of the most effective  ways to battle.  By combining the
Strafing        directional  controls  while strafing  you can strafe  around
                your  enemy.  This  is  especially  effective  when  fighting
                dragons and slow-moving enemies.  While strafing, slowly move
                the mouse in the opposite direction  (e.g. if you're strafing
                right then move  the mouse left) and  you will be able to run
                or fly in a circular motion around the enemy.

Hit and Run   - Perhaps the safest way to battle is to attack the enemy, then
                retreat  out of  its attacking  range.  Run at  the enemy and
                attack as you come in range.  Then quickly backtrack,  strafe
                or jump away to avoid their counterattack.

Hit and Roll  - This tactic comes in real handy for fighting those Flame/Dark
                Knights. Approach the enemy (aim a little to their right side)
                and when you  get into range,  attack,  then immediately duck
                and roll  (past them).  Rynn can avoid most  attacks with her
                rolling so  it'll  prevent any  counterattacks.  This may not
                work  too  well against  low-hitting  enemies  like  Orcs and
                Scavengers.  It  may  work against  smaller  Wartoks  but not 
                against the bigger ones.

Stand on Box  - Many monsters in Drakan only fight you when you are at ground
                level  with them.  If you  stand on  top of  a box  or  other
                obstacle then they'll most likely cease their attack and wait
                for you to  come down.  You can  then safely  shoot arrows or
                attack them if  they're close enough.  This doesn't  apply to
                flying creatures and if you stand  too close to the edge then
                the monsters might be able to hit you.

Friendly Fire - If many monsters are clustered  together you can make one hit
                another by accident.  Gather them  together and circle strafe
                around them, occasionally  getting in range of one. Sometimes
                enemies will engage in battle with one another if one happens
                to strike another.

Disable       - Many of the monsters in Drakan can  have their arms amputated.
                When  their  attacking arm(s) is disabled  then they  will no
                longer do any damage with  their attacks.  Although you can't
                always disable monsters you can higher your chances by aiming
                at their arms (usually right) or doing special moves.

Sneak Attack  - At time you may come  across an unsuspecting enemy.  In those
                situations you can sneak  (default is Left Shift or Keypad 0)
                upon an enemy and take them out in a single blow.  Just sneak
                right up behind them and attack.  This comes in real handy in
                areas like the Crusher room.

Hasty Retreat - Although not actually any  sort of battle tactic, the ability
                to  effectively  run  away from  battle  can  be critical  in
                certain situations. Rynn  does not have any sort of sprinting
                ability, but her  jumps give her  a great boost. When running
                away, constantly  jump while running  and you will be able to
                outrun almost any  opponent. This does  not apply when you're
                running backwards or strafing, only forwards.

*** Monster Specific Info ***

This section  of the FAQ contains  information on the various  creatures that
inhabit the land of Drakan. Knowledge of these creatures is vital to survival
in the harsh new world and may be your very key to victory.

-= Orcs =-

Probably the  simplest of the enemies you'll  encounter. These beasts go down
easy and don't pack much of a punch.  They can carry light weapons like clubs
or maces and usually travel in packs of 2 or more.

Battle pattern: These  guys like to aim low and  will swing at your feet when
you try to approach them.  They'll also duck to  dodge your attacks.  They're
not  all  that powerful  in their  attacks  so  they are  used primarily  for
scouting and simple defense purposes.

Battle strategies:  The  Hit and Run  tactic  works best  here.  They'll most
likely dodge  your first  attack but will usually  get caught by the rest. In
fact, almost every attack will work well on them except for crouching attacks
because they are prone to hit low.

-= Wartoks =-

These guys  serve as the driving backbone of the army of the Dark Union. They
are  brutal  and relentless, usually  heavily armored and  equipped with some
kind of deadly weapon. Unlike the orcs,  these guys are powerful fighters and
even one  will give you a run for your  money (or dragon, if he happens to be
close by :) ).  Their only  drawback is  their lack  of agility but they more
than make it up with their brutal strength.

Battle pattern:  Wartoks aren't  swift, but they  have power and  range. They
like to take big swings and overpower  their enemy with their bulk. Ones that
carry shields will charge at you as well as block your attacks.

Battle Strategies:  Wartoks come in many  different sizes and you  should use
different  strategies for each  of them. Many  wartoks carry shields and will
block most of your attacks with them. All wartoks equip shields on their left
arm and a weapon in their right arm.  The best way to fight a shielded wartok
is to circle strafe around their right side (your left) which will give you a
better  chance at hitting  them. Either  hit them first,  or wait until  they
attack or charge  at you, then quickly  strike. This strategy  will work well
for the vast majority of the battles. However, there are some wartoks who are
equipped with hammers or other vastly destructive weapons and are bigger than
the standard wartok, and  for these guys you  might consider using the `Stand
on top of boxes' method,  for their range and speed are far superior to yours.
You might also  consider using arrows to  take out the more  problematic ones
from a safe distance. Fire and Lightning Crystals and spells also work well.

-= Giant Wartoks =-

These creatures aren't a different race,  but are vastly different from their
smaller  brethren and  deserve  their  own section.  Once in  a while  you'll
encounter giant-sized wartoks. These guys stomp about, making the very ground
shake. They  don't carry  any  weapons or  wear armor  but  simply crush  the
smaller creatures under its feet.

Battle pattern: Giant wartoks like  to throw things. They will throw anything
in the area that's small enough, even other wartoks. They're usually supplied
with a stack of explosive barrels  or boulders. They'll even throw you if you
get close enough to them.

Battle strategies: The best thing  to do against  these guys is to avoid them.
Run away from them as best you can  or have Arokh deal with them. You can try
fighting them in the later levels but in the beginning you simply won't stand
a chance.

-= Spiders =-

Spiders dwell in caves or other dark  corners of the world. They usually come
in dark  colors, allowing  them to  merge into  their environments  with only
their glowing  red eyes to  differentiate them.  They always travel in groups
and can take down even the largest prey with their combined efforts.

Battle pattern:  Spiders cling  to ceilings  and walls  and sneak  upon their
opponents.  They will  often try to  surround you  and attack  from all sides.
While  their attacks don't  do a lot of  damage, their small  size makes them
hard to hit. Sometimes  they'll even leap at you  with an attack or hang down
from ceilings and strike at you.

Battle strategies: Because of their small size, most of your standing attacks
will not hit them. Therefore, use nothing  but crouching attacks, slashing at
any one  that gets  too close to  you. They go  down easy and  you can easily
disable  them  by chopping  off their  front  claws.  If you  see one  on the
ceiling,  walk close to it to make it come down,  or if you feel particularly
bold, use a Spinning Overhead Attack to take it down. Arrows also work really
well against them.

-= Giant Beetles =-

These insects are similar to Spiders but are slightly larger and faster. They
usually come in dull brownish colors and dwell in caves.

Battle pattern:  Similar to the Spiders, Giant Beetles  travel in large packs
and use melee attacks.  They have more HP  than their arachnid cousins but by
the time you meet them you'll have stronger weapons as well.

Battle strategies: Use the same strategy you used against the Spiders. Crouch
and attack as they come into range. However, unlike Spiders, these guys can't
be disabled. None of their  body parts can be cleaved  off in any way so it's
only upon death that they are no longer a threat.

-= Scavengers =-

One of the most  feared and  gruesome creatures  in Drakan are the Scavengers.
These beasts are excellent predators with an instinct to kill. They come in a
variety of sizes and often travel in packs.

Battle pattern:  The most  dangerous  thing  about these  creatures is  their
speed. When one of  them sees you it'll creep  over to you slowly and when it
is just within range it'll hop over and give you a quick slash with its claw.
Their  attacks  aren't  too  damaging  but  they  have  range  and  speed  to

Battle strategies: When you spot a Scavenger immediately duck and wait for it
to come to you, even if it's not aware of your presence. Doing a sneak attack
on these guys can  prove to be  deadly, on you.  With these creatures, it all
depends on who attacks first. When it comes into range, attack and if you hit
it it'll stumble back. Then  when it comes into  range again attack again. Do
not hammer the attack button or  pursuit after it. Also, make sure you have a
relatively quick weapon. Avoid using heavy weapons like axes and hammers.

-= Succubi =-

These winged creatures are of great beauty on the outside but they are not to
be trusted. Succubi are  demonic spirits, evil to the core and harbor no love
for humans.  They serve as  servants and messengers for the great Shilla, the

Battle pattern:  Succubis  hardly  ever confront  their enemies  straight out.
Instead,  they like  to fly  around, hurling  magic projectiles  from a  safe
distance and only rarely landing on solid ground. Although their attacks only
sting  and they are rather  fragile, they are agile  and swift, often hard to
target, and even harder to hit.

Battle strategies: Use arrows.  Magic arrows do  a nice job but make  sure to
dodge  their  attacks  as well.  If you  must use  a sword,  then run  around,
dodging their shots until they land. Then quickly run over and deal them some
cold justice.

-= Dragons =-

You will  encounter several  of these  mythical creatures  along your journey.
There are  several types of dragons in  the world of Drakan.  Crow Dragons, a
hybrid  of reptile and  bird are among the  most frequent and  there are even
rumors of  a skeletal dragon  who breaths thunder.  Every dragon has a breath
weapon, ranging from  poison to ice to lightning.  Luckily, you have Arokh on
your side and most  times you will  have access to him  when there's a dragon
lurking around.

Battle pattern: Dragons usually  fly around in a pattern in the sky until you
come into  range or fire at them.  They only start firing when they get close
to you and will chase you relentlessly.

Battle strategies: When you  spot a dragon from far  away, fire a long stream
of fire  at them. If you're  lucky then they'll  die before they  even get to
you. If  they survive the  initial attack  or fly past  the fire blasts, then
just  circle-strafe  around them, firing  just in front of them  so that they
collide with your shots as they fly around. If you have problems hitting them
try using the lightning breath on them (when you acquire it).  If you can get
close to  them you  can also  try using  Arokh's secondary  fire attack  (the
flamethrower attack).  It'll kill them in less than 2 seconds.  When they die,
they sometimes leave  glowing Health  Runes in  the air.  Arokh can  then fly
into them to partially restore his HP.

-= Fire Knights =-

Once in a while you'll encounter these hellish fiends. Fire Knights wield two
flaming  swords and have a  special `Fire Wave' ability.  They are strong and
have a  lot of HP.  Make sure to  equip your strongest  weapon when  fighting
these foes.

Battle pattern: Fire Knights will  usually fade in when you've accomplished a
certain important  goal. They aren't very  swift and will often  walk towards
you. At long range they will hurl  fire lances at you and at close range they
will switch  to their swords.  Often  times they  will use their  `Fire Wave'
attack to get rid of unwanted pests so watch out for it.

Battle strategies: Use  a long-range weapon  that does piercing damage.  Stay
out  of their  range  and strafe a lot.  Use the Hit and Run  tactic or  keep
circling around them.  The Hit and Roll tactic also works really well against
them.  When they use their special `Fire Wave'  ability, back up out of range
of  the flames.  Don't back  up too much though,  or they'll  start using the
flame lances again. If you win, you will be rewarded with a Flame Sword.

-= Dark Knight =-

Dark Knights are stronger versions of  the Flame Knights. They wield two Dark
Scimitars and have  an additional ability to `fade out'  when attacked. These
guys are among the  toughest enemies you'll  face and you'll want to be extra
careful around them.

Battle pattern: These guys fight similar  to the Flame Knights but don't have
the `Fire Wave' ability.  Instead, they have a  property that makes them fade
out  when  they're  hit  with a  weapon. They' re only truly  damageable when
they attack  or when  they let  their guard down,  which only  happens rarely.
Their Dark Scimitars are powerful weapons and do a great deal of damage. When
far away, they'll hurl lances of lightning at you.

Battle strategies: Use  the same strategy used  against the Flame Knights but
they can avoid many of your attacks so be prepared for a long battle. The Hit
and Roll strategy works well against them and is probably your best shot.

-= Dragonflies =-

These insects  are only found  in the very rarest  of places. They don't do a
lot of damage and are easily killed but are small and quick, making them hard
to take down.

Battle pattern: Dragonflies  will sneak  up on you  and quickly attack.  They
don't  have any  projectiles  weapons and their  melee  attacks do  extremely
small amounts  of damage. They're  only good as  distractions for  bigger and
more formidable targets.

Battle strategies: If you  have Arokh,  just take them  down with his  breath
attacks. His  flame thrower attack is  particularly effective. When you're on
foot, use Magic Arrows to shoot them down. Usually only one will do.

-= War Giants =-

In  certain rare  areas, you'll  meet these  towering titans.  War Giant  are
probably the biggest and bulkiest  enemies you'll face. These guys stand well
over 20 feet in  height and weight  several tons. They  wield huge  knives or
axes and  inflict heavy damage  with them. They are  also extremely quick for
their size and don't react to most of your smaller attacks.

Battle pattern: War Giants, unlike the giant wartoks, are true fighters. They
come in usually  two varieties,  those who  hurl throwing axes  and those who
melee at close range.  They only have  one type of  attack but can  sometimes
step over you and crush you.  It's best to keep your distance with these guys.

Battle strategies: Arokh can be a  great partner in dealing with these brutes.
If you happen to be on foot when  you encounter one of them then try to avoid
them or  run away.  If you  must fight  them, use  circle-strafing  and quick
slashes. The Spinning Overhead Attack  is also a great move against them, due
to  their large size,  but they might counterattack  afterwards so be careful.
When one dies, promptly remove yourself  from the area because they can crush
you under their weight when they fall.


This  walkthrough uses version  445 of Drakan  at the `Normal'  skill setting.
Using any  other version of the game and  different skill settings may result
in slightly different results.

This walkthrough will make constant references to directions. Look on the map
in these situations to find out where to go.

Note: This  walkthrough  is  a MAJOR SPOILER!  If you  want to  find out  the
secrets and storyline yourself,  then don't read this. This walkthrough is to
help  you through  some of  the tough  areas of  the game  but it's much more
rewarding  to play  through  the  game yourself  first, before  referring  to
outside sources.

Extra Note: All dragons  are simply referred to  as [element] dragons, not by
their  distinguished  types so don't harp  to me about this  (I know the crow
dragons aren't really dragons but they look close enough to be called it).

The Ambush

The game  starts off with a  cinematic of Rynn and her  brother taking a walk
when  they're suddenly  ambushed by a  horde of wartoks  and orcs. Rynn tries
to  fend them  off while  protecting her  brother but  is quickly overwhelmed.
Left for dead, the  wartoks take off to Rynn's  village where they ravage the
defenseless town and either  kill or capture the  villagers. By the time Rynn
gets there the  town's nothing but  a burning  wreckage. Atimar,  still alive,
calls out to Rynn and tells her to  search for the dragon Arokh. He tells her
where the key to his house is, where the sacred book is placed.

Objective #1: Find the key to Atimar's house
Objective #2: Get the sacred book in Atimar's house
Objective #3: Place the book in the temple

When  the actual  game starts  you will  be facing  a house.  There's  an orc
wandering  around north nearby so  pull  out your  sword by  either  bringing
up the items menu by pressing `I' or use the `[' or `]' to  cycle through the
weapons and take it for a test run. Now you're going to need some weapons and

Head all the way north to the cliff and turn to the right to see a house  and
an orc  bashing it.  Kill the orc  and go inside the house  where you'll find
your first Health Elixir.  Now,  go  back outside the house and slide off the
cliff  to the right.  There are  3 Health Elixirs  and a  Mithril Short Sword
(Damage:  10 AP,  Durability:  100/100, Speed:  Fast, Range:  Short)  by  the
skeleton along the shore.  Next, jump into the water  and swim along the west
shore and on the other shore there you will find Duncan's Battle Axe (Damage:
25, Durability:  15/150, Speed:  Slow, Range: Medium).  Now, swim back to the
skeleton and take the passage to the south of it. You'll encounter your first
couple of spiders along this passage. Use a fast weapon to kill them and make
your  way through  passage and  you'll get  to a switch and a gate.  Flip the
switch  and the  gate will open.  There are  several spiders  in there so  be
careful  with them.  Now,  destroy all  the barrels  (and collect  the Health
Elixirs that might be in them)  and pick up the  Key to Priest's House on the

Objective #1 Completed!

Next, flip the switch beside the closed gate to make it open. Kill the orc on
the other side and jump onto the boxes and onto the upper ledge.  You'll find
a Mace  (Damage: 10, Durability:  100/100, Speed:  Medium, Range: Medium) and
some Health Elixirs in the barrels.  After you've  grabbed the goodies,  jump
down and  head up south to the doorway.  Destroy the barrels  to find another
Health Elixir  and go into the  doorway and fight  the orc  carrying the  jar.
Make your way up  the stairs  and the door will at the top.  You'll now be in
the tavern. Run up the stairs and check the first room to your right and pick
up the Health Elixir in there.

Go out of the tavern and you'll see two orcs outside.  Take on the bigger one
first,  then scrap the other one.  Make sure  to grab  the Elixir one of them
drops when it  dies.

Your  next destination  is Atimar's  house, which  is located  south across a
river. Make your way south and you'll encounter your first scavenger. Kill it
and continue  south, destroying all resistance along  the way and you'll soon
come to a bridge.  Cross it and go eastwards at the other side. (Don't bother
going  into  the house  directly  across the  bridge, it  has nothing  in it).
Beyond  the big  tree is Atimar's house. Make your  way there but turn around
when Rynn talks for a scavenger will be behind you. Continue towards Atimar's
house and use  the key to  open the door.  Go into the  house and pick up the
Potion of Life on the shelf and get Atimar's Book on the desk.

Objective #2 Complete!

Go back outside where two orcs will  be waiting for you. Kill them, then make
your way  back to the bridge cross it to  the other side. Take the right path
at the fork, destroying  the orcs along the  way and it will take  you to the
temple. Enter  the temple and  put Atimar's book  on the pedestal. A circular
stairway  should open  up in  the center  of the  room. Go down the stairs to
clear the level.

Objective #3 Complete!


Objective #1: Find Heron's Soul Crystal
Objective #2: Awaken Arokh

When you can move again you'll be standing on a platform at the bottom of the
circular stairway.  Turn to your east  and jump across to  the platform there.
Then turn  north and jump  down onto the  next platform. Continue  along  the
path  and you'll  get to five swinging blades.  Time yourself and run between

Soon you'll  come  to a large,  domed room with  a central  platform  holding
Heron's Soul  Crystal. Run around to the other side  of the room and push the
stone block  onto the yellow floor tile.  One of the statues in the room will
light up. Run over  to it and step on the floor tile  in front of it. Now the
other statue will light up so run over  to it and step on its floor tile. Now
the  floor  around the  central platform will  rise, allowing you  access  to
Heron's Soul Crystal.

Objective #1 Complete!

Grab  the crystal  and  the  floor will  turn into  a stairway.  Go down  the
stairway, into the small passage and  onto the gray platform. It will rise up
and bring you to a  small cave with a passage to  the outside. Go outside and
run across the bridge. Continue along the path on the other side and kill the
2 orcs along the way. Now you'll come to an area with 3 boxes and a dirt road.
Follow the  dirt road  and you'll  see a couple of  orcs in a  brawling match.
They'll take notice of you as you  approach. After you dispatch them, pick up
the Rusty Axe (Damage: 12, Durability:  35/75, Speed: Slow, Range: Medium) on
the  log but  DO NOT  DESTROY THE BARRELS.  THEY WILL  BLOW UP.  Now continue
northwards and  there should be a big, dead tree  just on the cliff. Touch it
and it will fall. Wait until the tree stops moving, then walk across it.

Go  north-west  after you  have crossed  the tree and drop  down to the lower
level. Fight the orc  down there and go into  the big cave. Battle the 2 orcs
and  jump onto  the boxes and  onto the ground  above to pick  up some Arrows
(Damage: 10). Jump back down and continue east, out of the cave. Kill the orc
and run up the path to the east and there will be a broken bridge there. Jump
over  the gaps  in the  bridge and  battle the  horde of  orcs on  the  other
side. AVOID BLOWING UP THE BARRELS and continue eastwards.

Soon you'll come to a small bridge and there will be a path just to the right
of it which leads to the cemetery.  Go to the cemetery first. In the cemetery
you'll see some tomb stones, a mountain opening to the east and a hill to the
west.  Run up the hill  to the west and grab the  Health Elixir and the  Worn
Long Sword (Damage: 15, Durability: 30/150, Speed: Medium, Range: Medium). Go
back down the hill and go into the mountain opening on the other side. You'll
see 2 statues inside and a path forward. The right statue is holding a Potion
of Life so make sure to pick it up. Now go into the passage and fight off the
scavenger.  Pick up the  Fire Crystal  on the center  block and make your way
back to the cemetery.  A big scavenger will be waiting  for you when you  get

Now, go back to the small bridge and  cross it. Turn left and follow the path
which  will lead you  to a small  cave. It's  dark in there but  there are no
monsters  so just maneuver  around until  you come to  the exit  on the other
side.  Take care  of the orcs  when you come out.  Now there will be  2 paths
you can take. The path to your left is  the obvious choice because the bridge
to your  right has a gap too  big to jump over but  if you can jump onto  the
rope on either side of  the bridge and carefully walk on  it, you can make it
to  the  other side.  The pay off is  an early grab at  some armor, the  Worn
Chain Mail  (Armor Rating: 20, Durability: 25/100)  and a Health Elixir.  For
the sake of this FAQ, we'll assume we have taken the left path.

Follow  along the left  path and  kill the orc  at the bridge.  Don't  bother
with  the barrels.  They have  nothing in  them. Now,  run across  the bridge,
jumping  over  the gap  and you'll  see a  big boulder  and a  orc behind  it.
When  it begins  to push  the boulder,  stop and wait.  The boulder will come
rolling  down and crush the orc below.  Wait until the boulder  rolls off the
side or if  it doesn't, then  carefully approach it  and kill the  orc behind
it. There will be  another orc with a boulder on  the other side so watch out
for it.

Now, continue  south and you'll come  across another bridge with  a gap. Jump
over the gap and go to the other side.  First, take a look at the cave to the
right and kill the scavengers there. Grab the Worn Chain Mail, if you haven't
done  so already  and the  Health Elixir.  Go back  out of  the cave  and  go
straight forward and up  the hill (south-east).  At the top you'll see a cave
like the mouth of a dragon. This is Arokh's lair. Kill the scavenger guarding
it and enter the cave.

Just after going into the cave there  will be a series of swinging blades for
you to maneuver through.  Time yourself and jump  over the first blade.  Make
sure  to pick up the 2 Health Elixirs in the dark corner.  The seconds series
of blades  involves jumping over  the right one,  then crouching  beneath the
left one.  After the  left blade  swings towards you,  run and jump  over the
oncoming right blade. Then crouch immediately after you land and roll forward
to safety. The third series of blades  all swing at the same time and involve
3 blades.  Just crouch and  wait for the blades  to swing,  then roll  to the
other side, staying on the left wall.

After the blade traps there will be a  gap you must jump. However, the ground
will crumble and fall  after you step on them so  you must be quick. The best
way to do  this is to approach from the right  side and do a big jump over to
the other side, then  jump again over the gap in front of  you and onto solid

Now, go through  the passage and you will  come to a big cave with an opening
at the top and a stone dragon.  There will be a path to the right which leads
down. Follow the path down and approach  the structure in the middle. See the
cool scene where Rynn and Arokh join  in the Order of the Flame. End of level.

Objective #2 Complete!

Wartok Canyons

Objective #1: Find Grimstone Mines

Ride  Arokh through the  cave and toast  the orcs on  the other side.  Take a
moment to get used to the way he moves  and attacks. When in the air, use his
primary fire attack and  when on land use his secondary  flame thrower attack
to maximize effectiveness.

First, fly eastwards along the north side of the river and you will come to a
cave blocked by a boulder. Land there and use Rynn to push the boulder out of
the way.  Enter and kill the  scavenger  then pick up  John the Monster's Axe
(Damage: 25, Durability: 12/75, Speed: Slow, Range: Medium)  on the skeleton.
Go back out of the cave and mount Arokh again.

Now,  look on the map  and you should see  a slightly darkened  house on  the
south side of the river  (the center structure, the one that's not destroyed).
Make  that your next destination.  Fly Arokh over to that  side and toast all
the orcs and  wartoks on that side.  You can pick up  some Health Elixirs  in
the ruins  on either side of the house and you'll  find two more hidden among
the trees at about  mid-point between the bridge  and the center house.  Make
sure to  kill everything on that  plane because otherwise Rynn  will have  to
battle them  later on and it's  MUCH easier to  do it with Arokh.  You should
watch out for  the catapults, which are,  at this point the only  real threat
you have.

When  you're  ready, land  in front  of the  house and  enter it.  After  the
cut scene you should  have the Mace Key. Now, look on your map and you should
see a cave just south of your position. Fly Arokh up to the cave and enter it
using the key.

Upon entering  the cave you should  come across your  first batch of  spiders.
Wait until they  drop to the  ground, then take care  of them. Go deeper into
the cave  and when you get  to the big square  log, touch it to  make it fall.
Cross over  it and fight  some more spiders.  It's pretty much  a linear path
through  the cave so just  keep going, killing the  spiders that get  in your
way.  Make sure to pick up the  Long Bow (Durability: 75/75),  the Arrows and
the Health Elixirs in the barrels.

When you  come to the room with  the seesaw, jump on it  and run over  to the
other side and your weight  should push the barrel upwards,  making the rocks
above collapse onto the big spider below. Make sure to pick up the Chain Mail
(Armor Rating: 20, Durability: 100/100) and continue eastwards. Jump onto the
wooden crates and make your way out of the cave.

Arokh should immediately  sense your presence and  come to you. If he doesn't,
then just call him and he'll come. Now, go back into the center house and you
will  be given information on a sword  and you will receive the Rune of Stone
which will allow  access to the cave where the sword is located.  Mount Arokh 
and look at the map.  There should be a rocky structure north by northeast of
your location.  Make your way there and you  will encounter your first dragon.
Use your primary fire  attacks to shoot it down  but be wary of the catapults
along the way and land on the ledge.

Dismount Arokh and use the Rune of Stone  on the center stone  to make it  go
down. Pull out a good (fast) weapon and venture forth. Some distance into the
cave, when you get to the second stone-like area the wall will suddenly burst
and  a scavenger will  crawl out.  Be prepared for  it and after it's dead go
into the hole where it came out of. You can go the other way as well but it's
best to avoid the spikes at the door.

There will be 2 paths to take. Take the right one and you'll encounter 2 more
scavengers so get rid of them, then pick up the Health Elixir by the skeleton
around  the Grimstone (green crystal).  Now  take the  other path (left)  and
step on  the switch on the floor.  The wall will open up in front of you.  Go
through it and soon you'll find a scavenger.  Kill it and you'll have 2 paths
to take.  Take the left  one down which leads  to a sword at  the other  side.
When you cross  the narrow pathway the blades  will start swinging,  breaking
the walkway.  Grab the Sword of Flame  (Damage:  15 AP,  Durability:  150/150,
Speed: Medium,  Range: Medium, Fire Attribute),  a powerful weapon which does
fire damage and also has an alternative  `Fire Wave' attack. Now, turn around
and jump  across the blades  when they both swing away from each other.  Make
your way back up and take the other path.

The  road soon ends,  leading to an  area below  full of scavengers.  You can
fight them or just avoid them all.  The only thing they guard is a one Health
Elixir.  Exit the  area by jumping  onto the large,  square platforms  at the
bottom.  Jump  through the hole  and into  the passage above.  There will  be
several scavengers in there  and a hole on the ground that leads outside.  Be
careful  while going  down the  hole because  it's steep  and you  might take
damage if you fall too high.

Once  you get outside,  Arokh will automatically come to you.  Mount him  and
follow the river east, annihilating any resistance. Destroy the catapults and
acid dragons with your primary fire attacks and  fry the wartoks from on high,
picking up  any Health Elixirs they might drop.  Your destination is the cave
at the east end of the map.  Ignore the mine at the center of the map because
you won't be able to get into it now.

Land Arokh in front of the entrance to the east cave and enter on foot.  Walk
in a certain distance and you'll be confronted with a wartok.  The best thing
to do  is to run  back to Arokh.  Turn around  and run back  to the  entrance,
making  sure  it's  following you.  Once outside,  Mount Arokh  and  use  his
flame thrower attack to fry it.

Dismount Arokh again and go back into the cave. You'll come to a storage area
of some sort with  several boxes and weapons on the bottom level.  There's an
orc and 2  wartoks in the area.  Slide down  into the  area around  the boxes.
Jump  onto one from  them and jump  across the others  to get a Health Elixir.
You can now see a furnace on the other side of the cave. Ignore, or fight the
monsters  and run  to the  furnace  area  where you  will find  a Long  Sword
(Damage: 15,  Durability: 150/150,  Speed: Medium,  Range: Medium),  Long Bow
(Durability: 75/75),  Arrows (Damage: 10),  the East Cave Entrance Key on the
anvil, and a Health Elixir around the big box.

Now,  run over to the switch by  the wooden platform  and use it to make  the
platform rise up.  Quickly jump onto it  and you'll be  brought back up.  Run
along the path and get back outside.

Now,  fly over to  the cave in the  center of the map  and use the  East Cave
Entrance Key to open the gate. Past the gate there is an orc and wartok. Lure
the  monsters  towards you,  then run  outside the  doorway  and  use Arokh's
secondary  fire to  fry them  to death.  The wartok  will drop  a Long  Sword
(Damage: 15, Durability: 150/150,  Speed: Medium, Range: Medium) when it dies.
Open the gate from inside to allow Arokh in.

Walk Arokh inside  the cave and along the path.  Soon you'll come to  a large
watery area.  As soon as you arrive bars rise up, restricting access to Arokh.
Jump  off and  go on  foot.  Walk between  the bars  and you'll  attract  the
attention  of 2 wartoks.  Get them to follow you and then fry them  both with
Arokh from the other side.  Now, take the right path (eastwards)  and go into
the passage.  Another wartok will  be waiting for you there.  Either fight it
off on  foot or run  back to Arokh.  Continue into  the passage after  you've
disposed  of  it.  You'll  meet  an  orc  wielding  a  Scimitar  (Damage:  10,
Durability: 100/100, Speed: Fast, Range: Short)  which you can  pick up after
you kill it.  Continue  forth but watch out at the doorway.  The ground  will
give way and dump you into a pit full of wartoks. It's best to avoid this and
take the safer route into the pit (see below).

After jumping over  the trap, keep going along the passage where  you'll meet
an orc and a wartok.  Fight them off and then turn around and go back the way
you  came.  You'll  now notice a  pit with a  ladder off to the  right of the
path (safer route).  Go down the ladder and you'll arrive  at what appears to
be a wartok torture chamber. Jump down from the boxes (or stand on top of the
lowest one)  and make ready to do battle.  After you will all 3  wartoks grab
the  Health  Elixir  on  the  table  and  the  Iron  Battle Axe  (Damage:  25,
Durability: 50/50, Speed: Slow, Range: Medium) from the corpse. Now jump onto
the boxes and backtrack your way up.

Continue going up the passage  and after a while you'll  come to a small gate.
Skip this for now but remember where it is. You should now come to the end of
the passage and a big wartok will be  waiting for you on the big bridge. It's
not suggested you try to fight this big brute. Try to run and/or jump past it
and  flip the switch to  the left of the  door on the other  side of the  big
bridge.  This will release the wooden bars, freeing Arokh. Jump down into the
waters below and swim back onto the land. As you make your way to Arokh check
the wooden wagon.  There's a Health Elixir in the barrel so make sure to grab

After  you mount Arokh,  fly up to the big bridge  and take care of  the  big
wartok.  Now, go back to the small gate  (previous paragraph) and leave Arokh
under or  just past the gate.  Dismount and go into the room beyond.  Pick up
the items in the room:  Health Elixir,  Magic Arrows (Damage: 15),  Heavy Bow
(Durability: 150/150)  and a Fire Crystal.  A wartok will appear in the other
room when you  pick up that last item.  If you left Arokh at the gate he will
make  short work  of it.  Wait until  the  flashes  of fire  stop before  you
progress. When you come  back out of the room  you'll see the gate has closed
and Arokh is embedded within it.  Don't panic, he's perfectly okay. Just flip
the switch by the gate and it will rise, freeing your dragon. Mount Arokh and
go back  across the big  bridge and to the  gate on the  other side.  Open it
using the crane on the right side of the gate.

Go in with Arokh and tread along the path, frying any opposition that gets in
the way.  At the end of the cavern you'll come to a big,  wide,  open area so
spread your wings and take off. Destroy the acid dragons flying around and go
to the ruined structure in the middle of the area (it is outlined in black on
your map).  You'll come by a dying  soldier who'll give you some info.  He'll
give  you info on  how to get into Grimstone Mines. After the cut scene there
will be a new location on your map by the waterfall.

First,  fry the 2 wartoks guarding  the mine entrance,  then make your way to
the waterfall area to the north.  There's a small ledge  just to the right of
the waterfall where you'll find the secret entrance the soldier talked about.
Dismount and go in.

Objective #1 Complete!

Fight off the  spiders as you make  your way into the mine.  You'll soon come
across a big drilling machine and a narrow,  wooden bridge.  Cross the bridge
carefully  and go through the  passage on the other side.  You'll now be in a
small  maze of tunnels  infested with spiders.  Go through  each passage  and
collect the goodies that are there. The total list of items are: Invisibility
Potion, Power Crystal, 2 Health Elixirs, Great Sword (Damage: 20, Durability:
150/150, Speed: Slow, Range; Long). Watch out for the spiders, sometimes they
creep up on you from behind.  When you've explored the  entire area make your
way back to the narrow bridge and to the drilling machine.

Use the  Power Crystal  on the machine  and it will come to life,  drilling a
hole in the wall for you. Walk through the hole, and on the other side you'll
see a big chasm in front of you and bunch of boxes to your right w/ a passage
beyond them. Fight off the  3 wartoks,  utilizing the boxes if they overwhelm
you.  Afterwards, go along the right passage and you'll eventually get to the
main entrance to the mines.  A wartok will be guarding the switch to the gate.
Kill it  and flip the switch to open the gate.  Arokh will automatically come
to you and when  you mount him another dragon will appear. Kill it and a Rune
of  Poison  will  appear.  Fly  into  it  and  Arokh  will  be  armed  with a
Poison-elemental breath weapon!

Now,  go back into the mines using the main entrance this time and cross over
the chasm with Arokh.  Go into the passage on  the other side and you'll come
to the end of the level.

Grimstone Mines

Objective #1: Find the Hider

Enter the passageway,  toasting the orc along the  way and make a left at the
fork.  This will lead you  an iron gate.  Park Arokh in front of the gate and
walk through.  After the short cut scene the 2 wartoks will be after you. Use
the easy method and lead them to Arokh or fight them off yourself.

After killing  off the wartoks  examine your  surroundings.  There's  an area
below you with 2  wartoks. There's a ladder you could take but it's dangerous
with the 2 brutes down there.  The alternative is to jump down onto the boxes
to the right of the ladder.  Either way, go down to the lower  area and fight
off the monsters down there and flip the switch beside the ladder.  This will
open  one of  the cells.  Go into the cell  and pick up the 2  Health Elixirs,
Potion of Life,  Worn Mace (Damage: 10,  Durability:  42/100,  Speed:  Medium,
Range: Medium) and the Chain Mail (Armor Rating: 20, Durability: 100/100). By
this time you should be  running out of inventory space  so drop whatever you
don't need by dragging them out.

Now,  climb up the  ladder and go back to Arokh.  Mount him,  turn around and
head eastwards.  The wooden gate will now be open.  Go through it a use Arokh
to fry  the 3 wartoks just inside.  Continue going,  killing everything until
wooden bars rise  up and bar your way. Dismount Arokh  now and venture  forth
through the gates on foot.

You'll now be in a Grimstone mining area with several villagers chipping away
at the  foul stuff.  You can ignore them,  and it's best you should,  because
your presence  will attract a  wartok on guard.  Fight it or  lead it to  the
wooden bars and let Arokh deal with it. Now you'll need to deal with that big
wartok guarding the switch above.  This wartok will never  leave its post and
is really defensive.  Use this knowledge  and whatever resources  at hand  to
kill it.  When it's dead,  flip the switch and it'll  lower the bars.  Get on
Arokh nudge your way in through the gate. Go up the walkway north-west of you
and  you'll see a small entrance  at the top.  Kill all the wartoks  in there
with Arokh's fire attack and when all of them are dead,  dismount and walk in
on foot.

Be wary of the cliff and make your way along.  There'll be a shielded  wartok
about mid way  who can push you off the cliff with  its dashing attacks so be
careful  when fighting it.  When it's dead,  cross the bridge and  keep going
along the path.  Soon you'll come to  a big construction-like area.  A wartok
will see you and run to a couple of orcs to call them over to help. Run up to
it as it's calling  its buddies and  strike it in the back.  After killing it
you'll have to deal with the 3 orcs above the walkway. If you can, try making
them hit one another.  They're not very intelligent and  will end up battling
each other if they hit one another.

After they're dealt with, go eastwards and down the walkway.  There will be a
lone wartok in this corner.  Sometimes he'll be in the  far corner facing his
back at you, and if this is the case, sneak up on him and surprise him. He'll
drop a Potion of Life so make sure to pick it up afterwards. Now, go back the
way  you  came  until you  get to  the ladders  leading to  the upper  levels.
Climb up the ladders to the swinging,  spiked balls.  Jump past the first one
(ignore  the ladder on the  other side for now),  then  turn north  and  jump
across the second. Go along the passage and you'll see an orc run into a room.
Catch up to it and kill it. Grab the Scimitar (Damage: 10, Durability: 46/100,
Speed:  Fast, Range: Short)  if you  want to,  then go  out of  the room  and
continue east.

As you  turn the  corner an  orc will  push a  boulder down  towards you in a
pathetic attempt to crush you. Simply jump onto the barrels to your right and
kill it (don't bother destroying the barrels,  they have nothing in them) and
flip the switch to  raise the platform.  Backtrack to the swinging spike ball
and after you jumped it, go up the ladder on the other side.

Kill what little  resistance there is and  jump across the platform  you just
rose and  over to the other side.  Kill the orc and continue moving along the
path. You'll soon reach  an outside area and as you approach, the wartok will
suicide by  chopping supports holding up boulders.  Wait until all the debris
and flesh  have crumbled down,  then continue.  Sneak upon the  wartok by the
passage at the end of the ledge and go into the passage.

You'll see several villagers in the passage.  Leave them alone and battle the
lone wartok in there. You will now be at the other end of the passage,  which
leads to a large clearing. A wartok will alert the others of your presence so
prepare for a battle.  You should get a head start  by running at the  wartok
while it's  calling its friends  (jump to go faster)  and hit it in  the back
with the Spinning Overhead Attack. Often one hit will kill it.  You can fight
the rest on foot, or if they overwhelm you,  run away or use the cheap method
and find something to stand on.

After they're dead, go up the ramp to the north if you haven't already and go
into the  passage up there  (ignore the barrels, they explode).  You'll see a
ladder  leading up,  but first  grab the Arrows  (Damage: 10)  by the barrels.
Climb up  the ladder and you'll  be presented with 2 paths,  to your left and
right.  Take the right path  first and kill  the orc  standing there.  As you
can see on the map, the road splits into 2 identical areas. Explore each area
and grab the goodies in there.  You'll have to fight a couple  of wartoks and
orcs  along the way  but the pay off  is well worth it.  Right area contains:
2  Health Elixirs in barrels,  Great Slayer (Damage:  25,  Durability:  75/75,
Speed:  Medium,  Range:  Long),  Scale Mail  (Armor Rating:  30,  Durability:
100/100)  and  an  Ice  Crystal.   The  left  area   contains:  Magic  Arrows
(Damage: 15),  Long Bow (Durability:  75/75)  and a Health Elixir in a barrel
(careful of the one that explodes).  After you've grabbed  everything go back
out and take the left path at the ladder.

Just  follow along the path,  killing the single orc  along the way and  soon
you'll  come to a  series of arched passages  leading to a small  room in the
back.  Grab the Crusher Room Key on the center pedestal  and 2 Health Elixirs
in the treasure chests.  Just stand before them and they'll open.  Now, equip
your longest and most powerful sword (your newly acquired Great Slayer should
do fine) and head out.  The arched doorways will close one by one and a Flame
Knight will materialize. Get ready for a long and enduring battle. This guy's
pretty  fast and has a  `Fire Wave'  attack that's  especially deadly  in the
small  room you're in.  Don't use  any special  attacks on  this guy  because
they're  slow  and  leave you  vulnerable  afterwards.  Use  the  Hit and Run
tactic. Run up to him and attack as you come within range (time yourself with
your weapon so that it hits as soon as you come into range), then immediately
strafe  to the side  or run back.  With the Great Slayer  he shouldn't be too
hard  to  beat.  Afterwards  you  get  a new  Flaming  Sword  (Damage:  20 AP,
Durability: 30/30, Speed: Medium, Range: Long).

The arched doorways  should now be open so go through  them and make your way
back across the ledge to the ladder and climb down. Go outside and you'll see
a  giant  wartok  stomping  about.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO  FIGHT THIS THING!  Run
towards the west passageway,  jumping to hasten yourself.  A orc and a wartok
will cover for you as they get in the big one's way and gets crushed by it.

Make your  way all the way back to the  ledge in the snowy area  and take the
right path at the fork  (there will be a wooden sign there).  Sneak up to the
wartok standing at  the top and use the Overhead Swinging Attack  from behind
it to kill it in one blow. Now you will come to a big, snowy area filled with
numerous wartoks  and even a dragon.  Arokh cannot aid  you here so  the best
thing you can do is RUN! Run along the dirt path,  ignoring everything.  Jump
continuously to go faster and to avoid the dragon's attacks.  Rush down along 
the dirt path and at its end there'll be a cave.  Run into the cave, ignoring
the 2 wartoks in there. Keep running forward and jumping to lose them and you
will come to a switch and a gate.  Quickly flip the switch  and the gate will
open.  Go through and you will be back  at the beginning of  the mines. Arokh 
will also be there so run to him and mount him.  The wartoks you left  behind 
and any  others who were on your  tail should  now be  pouring into the  room 
through the gate so use Arokh to destroy them all.

Now  that you  have Arokh,  make your way  back through  the gate to  the big
area you just ran through and show that dragon what you're made of.  Kill all
the wartoks in the area and look around for a platform with boxes, a door and
a gate.  Land here and  use the Crusher Room Key to open the door.  Go in the
door and you'll  attract the attention of 2 wartoks.  Run out of the room and
use Arokh's secondary attack to toast them. Just fire a constant stream right
into the door and they'll be thoroughly barbequed. Now, go in the door and go
through the  passage inside.  Destroy the barrels (one explodes) and  pick up
the 2 Health Elixirs contains in them.  At the end of the passage you'll come
to a  big area with three giant blocks. There's an orc  and a wartok sleeping
here as well.   Sneak upon the wartok first and  kill it quickly.  It drops a
Potion of Life  afterwards.   Now, sneak upon the  orc and do the same.  When
both are down flip the switch by the wartok to get the 3 octangular blocks to
move.  Run up the path beside  the first block and  jump onto the blocks  (be
careful when jumping off the third one)  one by one and get to the other side.

Run along the passage and the wall will  burst open and scavenger will wander
out. Kill it, then go into the wall it came out of and pick  up the 2  Health
Elixirs.  Go back out and continue along  the passage. Another scavenger will
burst out of a wall accompanied by another along the passage  so be  prepared.
There's  a  Mace  of  the  Hand  (Damage:  20 AP, Durability: 150/150, Speed:
Medium, Range: Medium) in the wall so grab it if you want to.  Continue going
along  the passage and  you'll come to  a steep pit.  Be careful when sliding
down. At the bottom is Hider.  A brief conversation and you will be given the
task of destroying the Grimstone generator.

Objective #1 Complete!

Objective #2: Destroy Mines

As you guessed,  the Grimstone generator is the  big green crystal with the 4
platforms around it. In order to destroy it, you will need to flip the switch
on each of  the platforms,  which will make  them fall down.  When all 4 have
fallen,  the center crystal  will fall.  The platforms are all  positioned at
different heights.  There is a crane on each of the  platforms that bring the
platform up a level.  What you want to do is to bring all the platforms up to
relatively the  same level  before you  destroy them.  Start with  the lowest
platform  (east platform)  and bring  it up a bit.  Then jump  onto the  next
lowest one and do the same.  Make sure not to raise one too  much because you
cannot lower the platforms once you've raised them and you need to be able to
jump across each one of the platforms,  which is the purpose to bringing them
up to the same level.

When all 4 platforms are more or less at the same level, put your weapon away
if you're still holding one and jump to one of the platforms,  preferably the
highest one and flip the switch. Move quickly and jump across to the next one
before the platform falls.  Flip the switch on that  platform and jump across
to the next one. Watch out for the energy bolts that the center crystal gives
off.  They can disrupt  your jumping and  damage you.  Keep doing  this until
you've flipped the switch on the last one.  Then quickly jump onto the ground
and watch  as the  whole thing  collapses.  The green  force field  that  was
blocking the round gate will now disappear.

Objective #2 Complete!

Go through the round gate  and make your way  through the passage.  Watch out
for the boulders that come rolling down and jump across the various platforms
and  you'll eventually  be led outside.  Mount Arokh  when he comes  down and
head south towards the big round cave passage.  Fly through the round gate at
the other side and out into the snowfields to end the level.

Passage to the Eastern Archipelago

Objective #1: Find the entrance to the Eastern Archipelago

You'll start this level in an area infested with dragons.  Use Arokh and make
quick work of them.  Some will drop life spheres afterwards which should help
you afterwards.  When you've killed them all of them (there should be a total
of  3 in the  near vicinity)  go towards  the tunnel  to the  west  and fight
another dragon at  the end of it.  There will  be an opening  above but watch
out for the dragons. Kill them all, then fly up into the opening.

Kill the  giant wartok  to the  south,  then go  into the  snowy tunnel.  Use
Arokh's  flame thrower  attack to  blow open  the passage  at the  end,  then
dismount  and walk in.  You'll  see a  large party of  scavengers.  Lead them
towards you,  then use  Arokh to fry them from  the other side of the passage.
When they're all dead proceed through the tunnel and pick up the Invisibility
Potion  from the  skeleton on  the wall  and the Ancient Long Sword  (Damage:
15 AP,  Durability: 25/150,  Speed: Medium,  Range: Medium)  and  Scale  Mail
(Armor Rating: 30, Durability: 100/100) from the skeleton on the floor.

Slide down the ledge and mount Arokh. Go out of the tunnel and fly up west to
the ledge with  the small passageway.  Dismount and go in.  When you come out
the other side  you'll be in a large snowy area with  a giant wartok sleeping
beside a batch of large snowballs. Slide off the ledge to the right and sneak
up the pathway along the right wall up to  the big structure above.  Enter it
and you'll come to  an icy area with 4 pillars  and a pedestal in  the middle
with a sword that sends out waves of ice from it. Make room in your inventory
for the weapon and jump onto  the pedestal and grab the Sword of Ice (Damage:
15 AP, Durability: 150/150, Speed: Slow, Range: Long, Ice Attribute),  timing
yourself so that you do not get hit with the ice waves.

Make your way back outside and go back down the left pathway.  Now, there's a
passage south of the giant wartok  by the snowballs and  although you can try
running past it,  you'll most likely have to fight it to prevent being capped
from behind with the snowballs.  Pull out your  best weapon and sneak upon it
from behind.  The Swinging Overhead Attack  works very well against it for it
stops its attacks and prevents you from getting stomped on.  For an even more
effective method,  wait for it to  pick up a snowball,  then attack it.  When
it's dead  go through  the path  south and  you'll come  to another  clearing.
There are 2 more  giant wartok in this area,  one above a ledge and one below
on the ground, each with a pile of snowballs.  Go after the one on the ground
first {west)  and fight it off,  avoiding the snowballs  from its brethren up
above (align yourself with the 2 wartoks and try to make them hit each other).
When it's dead, run up the pathway and take care of the other one.

When they're both dead,  go back down into the cave by the first giant wartok.
Pick up the Health Elixir,  Potion of Life,  Ice Arrows (Damage: 15)  and the
Long Bow.  Now, run up the pathway to the right of the cave and make your way
back to the passageway you came from and to Arokh.

Fly  back down the opening  and fly east out of the  tunnel and back to where
you  started from.  Now,  look for a round,  green gate south  of the passage.
There's a  small cave entrance to the left of it.  Drop Rynn off there and go

Within entering,  you'll see two boxes and  a wartok wielding a hammer,  just
beyond them. Lead it to the entrance and let Arokh deal with it. Don't forget
to pick up the Arrows (Damage: 10) between the boxes. Continue going into the
passage and you'll see some barrels. The closest one to you contains a Health
Elixir. You will now see a bridge ahead of you and below it is a giant wartok.
It'll throw barrels and boulders,  even a small wartok at you so take caution.
The  safest thing  to do is  to hide behind  the big tree  and wait  until it
throws all its ammo at you,  then proceed safely.  2 wartoks will  be waiting
for you at the other  end of the bridge.  Fight them off,  using the boxes if
you must  and pick  up the  Arrows  (Damage: 10)  and Heavy Bow  (Durability:
150/150) and continue going eastwards afterwards.

You will not have to  slide down into the lower area.  There will  be a ledge
that's  less steeper than its  surrounding  (covered in snow)  which you  can
slide down.  Watch out when you land. The big wartok will come stomping after
you. Whatever you do,  don't let it catch you.  Run down the path to the west
as fast as you can and if you're lucky,  you'll pass by it.  In the next area
you'll come to  the other side of the round,  green gate.  There will also be
another  giant wartok to  your north.  Play it safe and let it  throw all its
goodies at you. When it's out of things to throw,  it will stand still.  Then
walk south to the green gate and just west of it is a little symbol.  Step on
it and  the force field  will go down.  Arokh will automatically fly  through.
Mount him, fly up to the giant wartok and fry his ass.

The next section if split into 3 sub-areas,  divided by a catapult and a wall.
The first section has a catapult to the north and an acid dragon.  The second
area also  has a catapult and  an ice dragon.  Both dragons  will drop health
spheres  after they die.  The third area  has a green gate  and another  acid
dragon. There are wartoks in each area and the wartoks in the third area drop
Health Elixirs  so remember  to pick them up  after you fry them.  Beside the
green gate will be a cave tunnel  with a switch and several wartoks.  Get rid
of them to avoid future hassles.

Now,  fly to the platform where the  second catapult was and  you will see  a
small doorway to the south. Enter through this doorway and you'll see another
giant wartok.  Like previous times,  wait until it throws all its ammo before
proceeding. You will have to dodge its shots because there's nothing to block

After the  giant wartok's  wastes its ammo,  walk along the ledge  and you'll
soon come to a  cave with a ladder and a  wartok wielding a hammer and shield.
This guy's fast and strong but not all that alert. Try sneaking around to its
back (yes, even though it can see you directly) and backstab it.  Kill it off
and destroy the  barrels to find an  Invisibility Potion.  Go down the ladder

If you killed the  wartoks by the switch earlier,  there will be  no one here
and you can flip the switch by the ledge in complete safety. If you find some
wartoks  down there,  then go back out to the  green gate  and kill them.  It
makes  it much  easier than  physical  combat.  The  switch  will  lower  the
force field around the green gate.

Now,  go back up the ladder but as you go out of the cave,  look below you to
your right.  You will see some  platforms with which  you can jump down below.
This is optional and isn't recommended for beginners,  but for completeness's
sake I will add it in. If you wish, you can skip this part and go to the next
paragraph.  Carefully descend down the platforms, making sure to land on each
platform  (you'll die if you slide down the whole thing at once).  There will
be several wartoks down there. Ignore them and make your way east.  Turn left
at the 2 trees and you will come to several big boxes,  some more wartoks and
a giant wartok.  There will also be a closed  wooden gate and a switch beside
it.  Jump onto the boxes and when the  monsters aren't paying attention,  run
towards the switch and flip it.  It will open the gate.  Run outside and call
Arokh  and use  him to  fry all the  monsters inside  (beats the  hell out of
fighting them on foot). When they're all dead, walk in and pick up any Health
Elixirs they  might have dropped.  Now,  from that position,  there will be a
left path leading  up and the right path  (where you came from)  leading down.
Go up the left path first. There will be some boulders up there which you can
roll down to crush the wartoks below.  When you've pushed down all 3 boulders,
go back down  and take the  right path.  The wartoks  below will  probably be
aware of your presence now,  if they haven't been crushed by the boulders you
pushed down earlier.  You can kill them or  lead them to Arokh to kill.  They
will  drop a  Potion of Life  each so remember to  pick them up.  Your reward
after all this is  a Battle Hammer  (Damage: 30,  Durability: 150/150,  Speed;
Slow, Range: Long) and a Banded Mail  (Armor Rating: 40, Durability: 100/100).
Afterwards, go back to the gate where Arokh is waiting.

Make your way back to the green gate which will have lost its forcefield. Fly
through it and you'll go to a cut scene. Arokh encounters one of his old pals
but it seems he's turned over to the dark union. After the cut scene you will
have to fight him.  Circle-strafing works best here.  Fly up into the sky and
pelt  him  with fire  attacks  until  he drops.  His ice  attacks are  pretty
damaging but not difficult to avoid.  Watch out for the obstacles  in the way
though.  After the battle you will be able to gain the ice breath weapon. Now,
kill the  rest of the resistance on the  ground and make your way through the
big gate to the west, ending this level.

Objective #2 Complete!

The Eastern Archipelago

This is probably one of the largest maps in the game.  Fly in a bit and it'll
automatically skip to a cut scene with a trio of succubis. They tell you that
the  grimstone is  being imported by t he wizard of the  Ebon Fortress and he
might  have her  brother as well.  After the  cut scene you  will have  a new
location on your map.

Objective #1: Find Rimril

Fly to the new location on your map. It's a structure at the northern edge of
the map.  Fly to  this location,  destroying all  enemies who get  in the way.
They'll mostly be dragons but you should meet some new faces as well.

Once you get  close to your destination, a cut scene will engage.  Arokh will
meet  Heron's   former apprentice,  Rimril.  He stands  guard  over  the Rift
Crystal and will only let  Rynn take the test to retrieve it  if she gets the
Elemental Amulet and the Bellhammer.

Objective #1 complete!

Objective #2: Retrieve the Elemental Amulet from the goblin Base
Objective #3: Find the Bellhammer of Alwarren
Objective #4: Recover the Rift Crystal

The first thing  you should do is explore.  Fly all over the  map and destroy
any and all enemies you encounter.  If you don't destroy them here, Rynn will
most likely have  to face them on foot later on.  Avoid the towers that shoot
lightning  at you.  They only shoot  air-borne things  so avoid flying around

After your exploration  of the islands you should now  retrieve the Elemental
Amulet.  On your map you should  now see 2 new locations.  The goblin Base is
located in the north-west corner of the map. Make your way there and kill the
goblins  at the  entrance if  you haven't  already done so.  Fly down  to the
entrance and dismount.  Enter through the entrance and  you'll soon come to a
ladder leading down. Once you go down the ladder head west.  A goblin will be
standing in the passage pelting arrows at you. Use your own arrows against it
or run at it, dodging its shots and use your sword.

When you've  dispatched it,  continue  going and  you'll  see another  ladder
leading down. Go down the ladder and head east.  Jump across the big gap over
to the other side. The passage here has a black line going through the middle
of it leading to a wooden gate.  There's also an empty  section in the middle
of the passage.  As you step into  the passage the gate  will open behind you
and release  a spinning blades trap that  travels along the black line.  Head
for the empty middle section of the passage and duck and roll into it. Spikes
will shoot out from the walls but will miss if you duck.  Stay there and wait
for the spinning blades to come back and when they pass you, quickly roll out
and run to the other side.  An easier alternative is to run  into the passage
and continuously jump as you run. The jumps will give you enough speed boosts
to make it out the other end of the passage well before the blades get to you.

At the other  side will be a beetle  (bigger spider) and a couple  of goblins.
Use  your arrows  (don't use magic arrows, use the normal ones)  to kill them.
When they're dead,  head for the north passage. The passage splits into 3 and
the center one will close as you approach.  However, you can still shoot your
arrows through the gate and hit the goblins on the other side. Now there will
be a left and right path. Take the left one first and kill all the goblins in
there. Now head up the stairs and kill the goblin up there with your sword.

Now there will be  paths to your front and right.  Take the path to the right
and head up the stairs there.  Kill the 2 goblins in the next room (stay just
below the stairs to make the goblins aim down and hit the ground).  There are
a whole  bunch of weapons in there:  Battle Hammer (Damage:  30,  Durability:
150/150,  Speed:  Slow,  Range:  Long),  Mithril  Long Sword  (Damage:  15 AP,
Durability: 150/150,  Speed: Medium, Range: Medium),  Great Sword (Damage: 20,
Durability: 150/150,  Speed: Slow, Range: Long) and a Battle Axe  (Damage: 25,
Durability: 150/150, Speed: Slow, Range: Medium).  Now, observe the north and
south walls.  In the center of the walls there will be blocks you can push in.
Push both blocks in and the west wall will open up. Pull the switch there.

Now,  head down the stairs and at  the bottom take the passage to  your right.
The wall there should be open if you pulled the switch in the room above.  Go
into the open wall and you will come  to a large area filled with water and a
pyramid-like  mound in the center.  Jump into the water  (faster than walking
down) and go to the center structure.  Kill the goblin and enter. In the room
there  will  be  an   Invisibility  Potion  and  the   Sting  (Damage:  30 AP,
Durability: 25/100, Speed: Fast, Range: Short).  Go back out and walk back up.
There will be 2 goblins above so use your arrows to take them down.

Walk back  through the open  wall and go through  the passage in front of you.
Keep going forward back to the room with the big barrels.  Head east,  out of
the room and go  up the stairs there.  You will come to  a white statue and a
path to either side of you.

Take the  left passage and go  up the stairs.  There will  be a switch  and a
gate. Use the switch to open the gate.  An orc will come out of the  gate but
will get crushed by the walls. Pick up the Health Elixir left by the orc and
head back out.

Now,  take the right path from the statue and go up the stairs.  You'll see a
goblin running around.  Don't enter the room just then.  Wait for the ceiling
to press down,  then when it comes back up,  run in and kill the goblin.  The
goblin seems  to drop Arrows  but they disappear  afterwards.  Grab the Magic
Arrows  (Damage: 15)  and the  Goblin Access Key from the rack.  You can also
grab the Speed Bow (Durability: 75/75) if you need it.

Now,  flip the switches beside the gate to open it.  2 orcs will  run out but
will promptly get squished  by the ceiling trap.  Go into the  room they came
out of and break  the barrel to get a Fire Crystal.  Now,  go out of the room
and back  to the room  with the  white statue.  Go through  the west  passage
there,  back to the initial starting area.  Use the goblin Access Key to open
the  gate  to the  north.  There  will be  several  beetles as  well as  some
goblins to  deal with.  Flip the  switch in  the room.  There's also a Health
Elixir in a barrel beside the gate.

Now,  head west through  the passage in  that room and  you'll come to a room
with  broken pillars  and a  hanging cage.  In the  middle of  the room  is a
pedestal  holding  the  Elemental Amulet.  Suppress  your  urge  to  grab  it
immediately and go to the  only standing pillar in the room.  You can push it
from the south side  and make it fall.  This will  make the cage  above start
swinging  back and  forth.  Put your  weapon away  and approach  the pedestal.
Watch the  cage and  when it  swings away from you,  quickly grab the  Amulet.
Immediately  roll away after you grab  the amulet to avoid  the poisonous gas
that spurts out from below.  The cage will also come crashing down.  A goblin
will come  investigating so take  care of it and  grab the Banded Mail (Armor
Rating: 40, Durability: 100/100) by the skeleton.

Objective #2 Complete!

Now,  go through the north passage and fight some more goblins.  Some of them
drop Health Elixirs and there's another one in a barrel. The chest contains a
Invisibility Potion  so make sure to grab  all these goodies.  Continue going
north and you'll come to  a room with a small fountain.  There's a big wooden
block to your right that you can push.  Push this in front of  the passage to
the west.  Now, enter the passage, pushing the box along in front of you. The
wall on the other  side will shoot out darts as you come.  The box will block
the darts  and allow you to get through.  Just don't push the box all the way
to the wall.

Once you're past that part you'll come  to a large area with several  goblins.
Be especially wary of the one shooting explosives at you. After you beat them
head north and there will be  3 platforms swinging back and forth.  Time your
jumps to get past this obstacle and kill the goblins on the other side.  Walk
along the ledge and  you'll get to a switch  and a ladder with spikes  at the
bottom.  Use the switch to get rid of the spikes, then climb the ladder.  The
exit is from the goblin Base is at the top of the ladder.  Kill the remaining
goblins there and step outside.  Arokh will come to you so mount him and take

Your next goal  is the Bellhammer of Alwarren.  Head for the southwest corner
of the map.  More dragons have appeared so take care of them and pick up some
health runes after they die.  Find the gate at the bottom of  the target area
and enter through it.

Ruined City of Alwarren

Objective #1: Find the Bellhammer of Alwarren

As you enter, a cut scene will tell the story of the fall of Alwarren.  Tuiri
will ask you to retrieve her Soul Crystal which is located on the far eastern
edge of the map. Follow the river and make your way there.
Objective #2: Retrieve Tuiri's Soul Crystal

There will be some  catapults along the way which  shoot faster than the ones
encounter  previously but  nothing too  serious.  Make sure to  pick up the 2
Health Elixirs  by the  first catapult  in the barrels  and follow  the river
which will take you to a small waterfall with an open area above. Look to the
south-east  direction here  and you'll  see a  small cave.  Land on the small
strip of land in  front of it and  enter it to find a  skeleton with 2 Health
Elixirs  beside it.  Head back out and mount  Arokh and fly up  the waterfall
which will lead you outside.  Destroy the catapult and  the dragonflies using
your secondary fire.  Watch out for the war giant  out there that hurls giant
blades  at you.  Blast it with  your fire attacks  from a distance.  After it
falls, go through the passage it was blocking.

Follow  along the  road and it  will lead you  to a  big area  swarming  with
goblins.  It may be safer to fight on foot here.  Arokh is easily  hit by the
goblin's arrows.  Get off and use  your arrows  to battle the  goblins.  When
they're dead, get back on Arokh and venture forth into the room. Grab all the
Health Elixirs  and flip the switch at the west  corner to open the big gates.
As soon as you do,  a giant wartok  will come out.  Mount Arokh and attack it.
Blow up  the barrels before  it gets to them  and pummel him with  a constant
stream of fire.

Now,  look to your east.  You will see a small  hole in the wall.  Park Arokh
just outside and walk through.  Kill the two goblins in there  (be careful of
their  flaming missile attacks)  and you'll come to  a pedestal with  Tuiri's
Soul Crystal on it. Grab it and 2 Flame Knights will appear.

Objective #2 Complete!

Don't try to fight them here. Lead them to the small hole and have Arokh deal
with them.  Use his secondary fire  attack to blast a stream  of fire through
the hole. You can then pick up their Flame Swords  (Damage: 20 AP, Durability:
30/30, Speed: Medium, Range: Long)

The gate to the  south should now be open.  There will be a couple of goblins
on the  other side so  take care  of them,  then continue  following the path
south.  The path will come to a  waterfall and river.  Follow along the river
and it'll come  to a large body of water.  Be wary of the  goblins there  and
kill them quickly. Go further south and the road will split into a passage to
the south and a  gate to the west.  Land there and dive  into the water below.
Swim  westwards  and you'll  reach  a  small cave  with  a  skeleton and  the
Vykruta's Axe Key.  Swim back out and head north for the shore.  Now head for
the south passage and  you'll come to a dungeon area.  There's a Fire Crystal
you can pick up at the  left side of the entrance.  Kill all the orcs and the
wartok in there and  pick up the 2 Health Elixirs.  Use the Vykruta's Axe Key
on  the  locked  gate  to  open  it  and  get  the  Vykruta's Axe (Damage: 40,
Durability: 42/150, Speed; Slow, Range: Long, 25 Lightning).  Go back out and
follow the path west which leads to a big gate with a door beside it. Go into
the door and  you'll attract  the attention  of a  giant wartok.  Use Arokh's
secondary fire attack on it from  the other side of the gate.  When it's dead,
leave Arokh parked a decent distance from the gate and go into the door again.

Sneak upon the orcs  in the area beyond  the door and flip the switch to open
the gate.  Mount Arokh again and go in.  Follow along the  path and you'll be
led to a large area  with 2 catapults and lots of orcs.  Destroy them all and
pick up the  2 Health Elixirs  by the ruins.  Fly down the path and you'll be
brought  back to  the river.  Go back to where  Tuiri's skeleton  is and land
there. Go to the skeleton and the gate to Alwarren will be opened.

Objective #3: Collect All Six Magic Barrier Runes
Objective #4: Break Great Spell of Protection

There are six Runes to collect which means that you should probably make some
space in  your inventory for them.  Drop some weapons at  the gate before you
head out so you won't run out of inventory space.  You can reclaim them after
you place the Runes at the City Seal.

Go through the gate and  the first crystal will be there.  Park Arokh  in the
room facing west, then pass between the columns of fire to get the crystal. A
flame knight  will appear  when you do.  If Arokh  sees it  he will open fire.
After killing the knight slide down the west pathway. The floor will break at
the  bottom so  move quickly.  Kill the  scavenger there and  jump across the
broken floor.  There may be some Health Elixirs  in the barrels so break them
as you go along. Kill the beetles as you progress.

The location of the second Rune should be visible on your map.  Make your way
there and  you'll come across  a Flame Knight.  Kill it and  proceed into the
stone tunnel.  You'll have to jump  across the floor tiles.  Make sure to get
the  2 Health Elixirs  and kill the  scavenger waiting  for you on  the other
side.  To get the second Rune you have  to knock over the stone block located
north-east of it.  Jump onto the lower  block beside it and  face towards the
block to knock it down. Jump onto the block and grab the Rune.

Now,  backtrack out through the stone tunnel (or jump down the slope which is
risky but saves a lot of time)  and head north along the path.  Pull out your
bow and prepare to do battle with some goblins.  Upon slaying them, go up the
hill and you should now see the third Rune. Getting this one requires precise
jumping and  it took me  quite a while  to get it right.  Jump onto the stone
blocks around the flames, then jump over the flames to get the Rune.  Jumping
back is the hard part.  You have to jump over  the flames and  onto the stone
block.  Stand at the outer edge of the pedestal and make a short running jump.
It takes a while to get it right but it does work and frankly,  it's the only
way to do it.

After you've grabbed the third Rune, go through the door north of you.  Climb
up the ladders in the room and walk east to the tunnel at the other end.  You
can walk  over the  shield without  any bad effects.  As you  go through  the
tunnel goblins will appear.  Pull out your bow or run up to them and use your
sword and cleave them to pieces.  Drop down through the hole and you will see
the fourth Rune. First, kill the goblins north of the area, then attempt this
trap.  This is probably one of  the hardest traps in the game,  simply due to
the timing involved.  Basically,  the Rune is surrounded by flame columns all
around it,  except for one.  In a short moment this unlit one  will light and
the  next one beside  it will become unlit.  So this goes,  rotating for each
column of fire.  What you must  do is step  in when the  column is unlit.  It
sounds pretty  simple but  it's very hard to do.  The columns  have different
lengths of time for when their fire  will be out for so finding one that goes
out for a relatively long period is critical.

After you retrieve this Rune head north through the tunnel.  You'll encounter
2 goblins  at the end of the  tunnel and you'll  see columns of fire across a
bridge that  indicate the next Rune.  This is an easy one.  Just slash at the
water fountain and it  will fill the floor with water.  Just wait a while and
the water will put out the fires, allowing you to grab the Rune with ease.

Head north after  grabbing the Rune by  going up the path to  the side and go
into the stone tunnel. Jump across to the center platform and pick up a Great
Sword  (Damage: 20,  Durability: 150/150,  Speed: Slow,  Range: Long)  on the
skeleton.  Jump across to  the west platform  and pick up the  Flaming Arrows
(Damage: 10)  and a new Banded Mail  (Armor Rating: 40,  Durability: 100/100)
from the hanging skeleton.  Now,  turn around and head  back the way you came.
Go all  the way back  to the where the  fourth Rune was and  head west to the
gate. The orc will open the gate, allowing you access.

Go through the  tunnel and you will  soon come to the last Rune.  To get this
one, go south to the pillars and roll the fallen pillar down. This will known
over the pedestal,  throwing the Rune out of the flames.  When you grab it, a
Flame Knight will appear. After you kill it, go west into the tunnel.  At the
other side is  the City Seal.  Place a Rune in  each of the six  pedestals to
lower the barrier.

Objective #3 Complete!
Objective #4 Complete!

Step into the barrier  and both Rynn and Arokh will come in.  However,  their
presence will awaken Tultol the war giant.  You will be riding Arokh when the
cut scene ends.  Use your breath attacks against Tultol, avoiding the axes he
throws  at you.  After  he dies,  grab the  Bell Hammer of Alwarren  from the
pedestal.  Another elemental crystal will appear,  giving Arokh the lightning
breath ability.

Objective #1 Complete!

Now that you  have the Bellhammer,  you can exit this  level by going the way
you came in.

The Eastern Archipelago

Objective #3 Complete!

You now have both the  Elemental Amulet and the  Bell Hammer of Alwarren.  Go
see  Rimril now  so that he  may give  you the  test for retrieving the  Rift

Land on  Flame  Fortress  (center-north) and  Rimril  will allow  you  access.
Dismount Arokh and enter.

Objective #5: Pass tests of Flame Fortress

Enter the  fortress and head straight  forward to the center gate.  Turn left
at the gate and you'll see the holding place for the Elemental Amulet.  Place
it in there and the gate will open.

Enter through the  open gate and  look to your left.  There's a white,  unlit
candle sticking  out of the wall.  Push it and the  wall behind you will open.
Walk into the  newly opened wall and  after you turn the  corner you'll see a
passageway.  Go through the passage  and you'll come to  a room with a square
structure in the  middle and  3 statues at  the north,  west and  south walls,
each holding  a different elemental  crystal with a metal  gate guarding them.
There  are also 7 "steppable"  floor tiles in the room,  4 in the corners and
One in front of each statue. To get the crystals the statues are holding, you
must step on all the floor tiles.  Only one of them are raised and "steppable"
at a time.  Just find one that is raised slightly above ground level and step
on it,  then find the next one and continue doing so until all 4 corner tiles
have been stepped on. The 3 floor tiles in front of the statues will now rise
so simply step on them  to lower their respective gates.  When you've grabbed
all 3 crystals:  Fire, Lightning and Ice crystals,  backtrack out of the room
and take the left  path when you get out of the passage.  The gate will swing
open as you approach it.

Now you're back at the beginning of the fortress.  Go back through the center
gate and forward into the passage.  You'll come to a lava-filled area and the
gate will close after you enter.  Watch out for the floor as it breaks before
you. You must now jump across the platforms and make your way up.  Jump north
across to the  center platform,  then north again to  the far platform.  Turn
east and head  up the stairs.  At the top  of the stairs turn  around to face
west,  then jump onto the platform above you.  Now,  turn east again and jump
across to the  platform across from you.  Turn north and  you'll see the next
platform  and after  you jump  to it,  turn south-west and  jump  the next  2
platforms.  Head up the stairs east of you, then jump onto the platform above
you. Make one final jump to the door and you're scott free.

As a quick and dirty  alternative you can simply jump  onto the ledges to the
right at the beginning of the trap.  The third ledge is a  bit too high for a
normal jump but you can use the Overhead Spinning Attack to give yourself the 
needed height boost. It will take you directly to the end of the trap.

As you enter,  the gate will close behind you.  Observe the white  statue and
grab the Potion of Life it holds.  Now go forward into the passage and you'll
soon arrive at your next test.  This one involves multiple  stone blocks that
move up and down.  The blocks each have a pattern to them and it's crucial to
note their pattern. Let's map the blocks this way:
                          _______|         |_______
                         |                         |
                         |  _____   _____   _____  |
                         | |     | |     | |     | |
                         | |  A  | |  B  | |  C  | |
                         | |_____| |_____| |_____| |
                         |  _____   _____   _____  |
                         | |     | |     | |     | |
                         | |  D  | |  E  | |  F  | |
                         | |_____| |_____| |_____| |
                         |  _____   _____   _____  |
                         | |     | |     | |     | |
                         | |  G  | |  H  | |  I  | |
                         | |_____| |_____| |_____| |
                         |  _____   _____   _____  |
                         | |     | |     | |     | |
                         | |  J  | |  K  | |  L  | |
                         | |_____| |_____| |_____| |
                         |                         |
                         |_______   Rynn    _______|
                                 |         |

Blocks  C, I and K all move  at the same rate  and block F moves  inversed to
them (when C, I and K move up, F moves down, vise-versa). The easiest path is
K, I, F and C.  Run under K when it moves up.  Block H and L  will block your
way and as soon as they move, run to F as it will rise up now.  Stay close to
block C and as soon as it goes up, run under it to the other side.

Go through the passage now and the gate will close behind you. Your next test
involves more  moving blocks.  Timing and precise  jumping is key here.  Jump
to the first platform as the blocks are coming together (not after they part).
You'll land as they start to part.  Without hesitation,  run forward and jump
onto the next platform. Make one final jump to the passageway.

You'll immediately  arrive at your  next challenge.  This one is kind of like
the first one in that it involves lava  and jumping from platform to platform.
There are switches  to the west and east which you must pull.  Carefully jump
across the  platforms to the  west side and pull  the switch there.  The lava
will lower.  Jump back  across and  onto the lower platforms  and get to  the
east side. Use the switch to lower the lava again, revealing a key. Jump your
way there and  grab the Mystic Key.  Now you'll see stair-like  blocks to the
east.  Jump up those blocks and use the Mystic Key in the keyhole to open the
gate.  Go forward into the passage and up the stairs. The next area is tricky,
but  not difficult.  Run into the middle  of the room and  2 blocks will come
crashing down from the ceiling. After they've descended,  jump back as 3 more
blocks  come down,  forming  a staircase.  It might  take some  practice  but
shouldn't be that hard. Jump up the staircase and go into the passage.

The wall to  your left can  be opened,  but first go to the  white statue and
grab the  Mithril Great Sword  (Damage:  25 AP,  Durability:  150/150,  Speed:
Medium, Range: Long). Now, look for a loose block around the north wall. Push
it and the wall will open up. Walk in and you'll see lots of coffins. Most of
them don't open up but observe the middle one in the lower section  and it'll
open.  Grab the Banded Mail  (Armor Rating: 40,  Durability: 100/100)  if you
need it. Go eastwards into the passage.  Jump across the platforms and on the
pedestal  on  the  other  side  there'll  be  a  Lightning  Axe  (Damage:  30,
Durability: 150/150, Speed: Slow, Range: Long, Special Lighting Attack).

Go back out of the  wall and head west  into the next room.  The ceiling will
start coming down so run  to the wedge at the west end of the room.  When the
ceiling comes down,  jump onto it and walk to the middle of the center circle
on it  and stay there.  The platform  will start rising  and there  will be a
small, circular hole at the top where it'll deposit you. Turn west and you'll
see a  circular stairway  leading to a  large bell  at the top.  Walk up  the
stairs and use the  Bell Hammer on the bell (you have to equip it and attack).
The portal  will now  open up.  Jump into it to be  transported to the  inner
sanctum of the Flame Fortress where the real tests will begin.

Flame Fortress

Objective #1: Recover the Rift Crystal

You'll start out  in a pool of water.  To the north is a  large body of water.
A white particle will shoot out and head into the north passage.  You'll also
see a  Flame Knight running away.  Dive into  the water and  get to the other
side. Follow the white particles and you'll see the Flame Knight retreat into
an open section of the wall.  Follow him in and you'll see two of them in the
next passage.  Use your Mithril Great Sword or  any of your other long-ranged,
AP weapons to kill them.  They will often strike  each other as  well and use
their alternative attacks a lot which will most often damage the other.  They
should go down pretty easy.  Walk outside the passage and  you'll see another
one.  Take care of it easy but  watch out for the one  at a distance shooting
its flame  lances at you.  It might  be risky,  but if you want  to kill them
quickly,  then use your  Overhead Swinging Attack on them.  Jump straight  up
into the  air and perform  the move,  hitting them  with the  second swing as
you're  coming down.  You can guide yourself  in the air so  jump from a safe
distance, then guide yourself at them. This move launches you higher into the
air which allows you to  dodge their attacks and  if you hit them in the head
it'll sometimes put them into shock, making them stumble and making it easier
for you to  back up or get in  another shot on  the ground.  With the Mithril
Great Sword,  they'll go down in 3 hits.  It also saves wear and tear on your
sword. :)

After you've  disposed of the  Flame Knight,  make your way  north and you'll
come to a passage to your west.  Go into the passage and  go forward down the
front passageway (ignore the right passage which leads up for now).  Flip the
switch along the way and you'll be lead to the first test:  the Test of Flame.

F = Fire Column
 = Floor Tile

                                    --   --  
                        ___________|       |___________
                       |                               |
                       |                               |
                       |                           |
                       |           _________           |
 ______               _|          |         |          |_      ______
|      |_____________|            |         |            |____|      |
|     __F__F__F__F_             |         |             _F__     |
|______|             |_           |_________|           _|    |______|
                       |                               |
                       |                           |
                       |                               |
                       |                               |
                       |__________           __________|
                                  |         |
                                   ---   ---  

This room has a center block and to all sides are columns of flame. There are
4 tiles in the room  which turn off the 4 columns of  flame in the passage at
the west part of the room. They only turn off for a certain amount of time so
you must be stealthy.  I found that jumping helps greatly here. Step on all 4
tiles one  after another  (jump on your way to each one).  Now,  run into the
west passage which should have all its columns unlit.  Make haste and step on
the tile at the end of the passage. Run back out of the passage and go to the
east end of the room. The column should be unlit now so go in and step on the
tile inside.  This will disable  all the flames.  Congratulations,  you  just
passed your first test. Not so hard, eh? I'll get much harder later on.

Now,  take the north  passage out of the room.  You'll see another  switch up
there.  Use it,  then backtrack down the passage,  through the room of flames
you  just cleared,  through the  south passage  and go  into the  passage you
passed earlier on (previous paragraph). The gate should be open now. Grab the
Fire Crystal in  the center  pedestal  and the  Invisibility  Potion  and the 
Health Elixir in the two chests.

Now, head back to the room of flames and through the north passage and you'll
meet another  Flame Knight.  Dispose of it,  avoiding the shots  from the two
Knights below you.  Afterwards, make your way north through the passage.  The
passage will split into two,  the left one leading to  your next test and the
right  leading to a  hammer on the other  side of a big chasm.  You can't get
this right away  so head for the left  passage and prepare for  your next big
test, the Test of Wind.

 = Floor Tile
                        _____________|   |_____________
                       |                               |
                       |                           |
                       |                               |
                 E    _|         _________         |_
                 n  _|            |         |            |_ E
                 t                |         |               x
                 r  _             |         |             _ i
                 y   |_           |_________|           _|  t
                       |                           |
                       |                               |
                       |                           |
                       |_____________     _____________|

This is a  very tough one and you  might have to heal yourself  repeatedly to
complete it.  This room has 8 tiles in it, 4 outer ones and 4 inner ones.  As
soon as you step in, whirlwinds will start,  randomly moving about everywhere
and damaging you if you're in their area. To pass this test, you must step on
the 4 outer  tiles which will make  the 4 inner tiles rise up.  Then you must
step  on the 4  inner tiles  and as  soon as  you step on  the last  one, the
whirlwinds will  dissipate and you  will have cleared this test.  It's harder
than it sounds,  because the whirlwinds do massive damage and have no pattern
to them.  If you find yourself cornered,  hug the walls or go into the wedges
along the walls  until it's safe to  come out again.  When you've cleared the
test the  8 tiles will  rise up again.  Step on them again,  in no particular
order and when all 8 tiles are down  a portion of the south wall will open up.
Go into  the passage beyond  and you'll come  to the hammer  you saw  earlier.
Pick up the Mithril Hammer (Damage: 30 AP,  Durability: 150/150, Speed:  Slow,
Range: Long) and check out the  two treasure chests along the north and south
walls to receive 2 Health Elixirs.

Backtrack  out of  the passage and  take the east path  out of the  test room.
Below is  another trap  for you  to pass  which tests your  speed and jumping
ability. The area has a center platform surrounded by a gap on all sides with
4 ceiling blocks that move up and down in a pattern.

S = Mithril Great Sword

                              _|   |_
                       |                                |
                   ____|       ___________________      |____
                  |    |      |         |         |     |    |
                  |    |      |         |         |     |    |
                  |    |      |         |         |     |    |
                  |    |      |_________|_________|     |    |
                  |    |      |         |         |     |    |
                  |    |      |         |     S   |     |    |
                  |    |      |         |         |     |    |
                  |____|      |_________|_________|     |____|
                       |                                |
                       |__________________ _______ _____|
                                          |_     _|
                                            |   |

Time your  jumps so that  you land on  the middle  platform when  the ceiling
block move up.  Then immediately jump onto the side areas. If you want to get
the  Mithril Great Sword (Damage: 25 AP,  Durability: 150/150,  Speed: Medium,
Range: Long)  then run under  it quickly and grab it,  then quickly  jump off
somewhere safe.  Make sure you have enough room in your inventory for it.  If
you don't,  then drop a weapon or two.  This is a great weapon  to have until
you get the Mourn Bringer later on.

After you pass this little challenge,  continue going south  and you'll fight
another Flame Knight.  When you kill it,  the east gate will  open but before
you go in,  check out the area west where  you'll find a  Mithril Axe (Damage:
30 AP,  Durability:  150/150,  Speed: Slow,  Range: Medium)  embedded in  the

Go through  the east passage and  you'll come to your next test:  the Test of
Earth.  I don't even need to draw  an ACSII drawing for this one.  This is by
far the  easiest test in the game.  There are 2  floor tiles at the  east and
west sides of the room.  The floor will crumble and  fall when you step on it
so don't stay in one place for long.  Step on the east tile first which  will
cause the  entire floor to crumble  except for certain areas.  Jump across to
the west side and step on the tile there to clear the test (what a joke!) and
exit the area south.

When you go down the stairs,  you'll have 2 paths, one to your left and front.
Take the left one first.  When you step in, you'll hear laughter and the gate
shut behind you.

A = Axe of the Order
 = Floor Tile

                                 |        |
                 ________________|        |________________
                |                                          |
                |   ___________          ___________   |
                |    |           |        |           |    |
                |    |     ______|      |______     |    |
                |    |    |                      |    |    |
                |    |    |     _____   _____    |    |    |
                |    |____|    |  ___|_|___  |   |____|    |
                |              |_|         |_|             |
                |             _|    A    |_            |
                |     ____     | |___ _ ___| |    ____     |
                |    |    |    |_____| |_____|   |    |    |
                |    |    |                      |    |    |
                |    |    |______          ______|    |    |
                |    |           |      |           |    |
                |    |___________|        |___________|    |
                |                                      |

Whenever you  try to approach the  middle structure,  the gate will  close on
all sides, except for the opposite side of where you're standing.  If you try
to go around,  it will do the same for that side.  To get the treasure in the
middle (and to get out of here),  step on the 4 outer floor tiles.  Then step
on the 4 inner  floor tiles but don' t actually go into the inner area.  Just
step  on the inner tile,  then step out and go around  the outside circle and
do the same to the others. When you step on the last inner tile step into the
inner area and all the gates will rise up.  Grab the 4 Health Elixirs and the
Axe of the Order  (Damage: 30 AP,  Durability: 150/150,  Speed: Medium, Range:

The entryway  should now be  open so go  through and go  to the west  passage.
Fight another Flame Knight and go through the north gate.  This will lead you
to the next (and potentially the toughest) test: the Test of Lightning.

 = Floor Tile
   = Lighting Column
                                   __|  |__
                     _____________|        |_____________
                    |                                    |
                    |                                    |
                    |                                    |
                    |                                    |
    ________________|                                    |_______________
  _|                                                                   |_
 |_                                                                 _|
   |________________                                    _______________|
                    |                                    |
                    |                                    |
                    |                                    |
                    |                                    |
                    |_____________          _____________|
                                  |__    __|
                                     |  |

This area has 2 Floor Tiles to the east and west passages and a center column
that  shoots out  lightning.  Your goal  is to step  on both  floor tiles  to
disable the  lightning and  pass this test.  Jump to hasten  yourself through
this ordeal. I don't think there's any way to avoid the lightning so just try
to do  this the  fastest way  possible.  Heal yourself  if you get  struck by
lightning but don't stay in any one place for long. Afterwards, head south to
exit this room.

The next  area has a  passage that  leads to  a floor  tile and  a some armor
through  the gate.  Step on  the floor  tile and you'll  hear laughter.  Turn
around and you'll find that the  passage has been blocked off and 2 more have
opened up to the side.  Go into each of the 2 new passages  and at the end of
each one  you'll find floor tiles.  Step on them on both  and another passage
will  open  up  leading  to  a  room   with  Explosive  Arrows  (Damage:  25),
Invulnerability Potion, and a Speed Bow (Durability: 75/75).  Flip the switch
there  and go  back down  either side.  You'll now  see that  another set  of
passages have opened up.  Explore the new area and you'll be lead to a single
opening that leads to the armor you saw through the gate. Grab the Plate Mail
(Armor Rating: 60, Durability: 23/100) if you're the type who doesn't get hit
a lot  (low durability)  and exit through  the entryway  which has  opened up

Now,  take the west path  down into the  next room.  There's a single  Health
Elixir  in the  center of  the room  with nothing else around.  Looks kind of
suspicious, doesn't it?  Put your weapon back in your inventory or drop it if
there's  no room  and grab  the Elixir.  Immediately  step back  to avoid the
spikes trap that gets triggered.

Next,  head north and  fight two more  Flame Knights.  One of them  will drop
Explosive Arrows  (Damage: 25) when it dies.  Now follow the  path to the big
bridge  where you'll  encounter another Flame Knight.  Kill it and  cross the
bridge and another set of Flame Knights will appear.  Kill them both and pick
up the Health Elixir one of them might drop.

Keep going  through the tunnel  and you'll come to a  room surrounded by sand
with a  pedestal holding a  Potion of Life  and the  Rift Crystal room beyond
that.  Pick up  the Potion of Life  (there's no trap)  and  go into  the Rift
Crystal room.

Note:  I don't know if  the challenges of  the Rift Crystal  are set up  in a
certain way  (it seems to be) or if it's random that the crystal will finally
free itself but I  found the following way to work.  Just play around and you
will eventually get it.  If you get the lightning trap  which isn't mentioned
below, then simply back up into a corner and you should be safe.

You'll have to pass  several challenges before you can grab the  Rift Crystal
(figures, huh?).  Step on the floor tile and whirlwinds will swirl around. Go
into one  of the corners  and wait for  the whirlwinds  to die down.  The two
passages south and  north will have opened up.  Go into the north passage and
flip the switch up above.  Slide down and step on the floor tile again.  This
time  fire will erupt  from the crystal  in expanding circles.  Jump over the
flames  as they get to you  (use your Overhead Swinging Attack to  extend the
jump if you need to). After 3 or 4 waves of fire, it will stop.

Go back up the north passage and  flip the switch again to change the element.
Slide back down and step on the switch again.  Earth will come crumbling from
above.  Get in a corner and stay there until the rocks stop.  Afterwards,  go
into the south  passage this time and  flip the switch there.  Come back down
and step on the  floor tile again  and this time the  shield around the  Rift
Crystal disappears,  allowing you to take the crystal.  Grab it and make your
way east to the portal to exit the Flame Fortress.

As an alternative you can use this strategy, submitted by Joe Bates:

"When you are  getting the  Rift Crystal,  in the rift room,  go to the south
 entrance, pull the lever twice, until the circle is showing.  Go back to the
 south entrance and  pull the lever once.  Then go step on the  panel and you
 can get the crystal w/o doing any challenges"

Objective #1 Complete!

Eastern Archipelago

Objective #4 Complete!

You've  finally passed the  tests of  Flame Fortress  and retrieved the  Rift
Crystal. But wait, there's something wrong! Arokh's been kidnapped and Rimril
critically injured and dying.  This is bad news!  You will have to find a way
to free Arokh and without his help,  you will have to travel through the Hive
Islands on foot.

Objective #5: Find a way into Succubus Lair

Note:  If you killed  some of the  monsters previously  with Arokh then  they
might  not appear here.  For  the sake  of this FAQ  I will  assume that  you
haven't killed anyone.

Well,  better get  started.  Take  a look  on the  map.  The entrance  to the
Succubus' Lair  is that structure outlined  in black way down on the southern
edge of the map. There's no possible way to swim over there and you can't fly
over  the mountains  anymore.  You must  walk to  the edge  of the string  of
islands  just east of your location,  cross over the small bank of water over
to the other side of the continent and walk down south. It's a long way to go
and will be filled with monsters.

Head eastwards and you'll encounter 2 goblins. Kill them with arrows and pick
up the  Arrows (Damage: 10)  one of them drops.  Keep going  east and  you'll
encounter 2 succubi.  Pull out your Magic Arrows  and use them to  fight them.
They'll dodge  them but the  Magic Arrows will  "home in" on them.  After you
kill them you'll see several goblins in the area below you eastwards. You can
pick  them off  with arrows  to save the  hassles of fighting  them on  level
ground.  When you've killed every  goblin you can see  (below and above) dive
down into the waters below and swim up to the shore.

Keep going east and run up the circular walkway.  There'll be a goblin who'll
roll down a boulder halfway up so step out of the way of the boulder and show
the goblin how much you appreciate its efforts.  Kill the rest of its buddies
and make your way up to the bridge.  There's a giant wartok on the other side
and getting past this one without getting grabbed is a tough obstacle.  There
are some dragonflies in  the area and use your  Magic Arrows to take 'em down.
Then run across the bridge and the giant wartok will go out to meet you.  All
I can tell you is  to keep jumping and try to  stay away from it as  best you
can.  Its stomping will make you lose your  ground so jumping is essential to
survival.  Just past the giant  wartok are 3 goblins.  One of them  carries a
Potion of Life  but make finish them quickly,  because the giant wartok'll be
right on your tail.

Keep going (there's really only one path you can go) and whatever you go,  do
not attack the  dragons that fly  around the area.  If you don't  bother them,
they won't bother you. At the top of the circular walkway you'll meet a Flame
Knight  (geez, these guys are everywhere, aren't they?).  It'll drop a Health
Elixir afterwards.  Go down  the circular  walkway on the  other side of  the
small bridge and either  ignore or kill the  3 goblins shooting arrows at you
from  below.  Keep going  along the  path until  you get  to the  beach  area.
There'll  be several  goblins down there.  Kill them all  and head along  the
shore  east.  You should  come to  a large  clearing with a  pillar of  light
shining down  from a hole above.  As you approach  the ground below the light
pillar explodes and a coffin will rise up from the hole.  It'll open up and a
ghost  will emerge  from within it.  For a  quick and  easy battle,  use  the
Mithril Great Sword and use the  Spinning Overhead Attack as soon as it comes
out to whack  off most of  its life.  Then when it  re-materializes strike it
once more time to finish it off.  To get the Energy Bow Key in the coffin you
have  to do  some fancy jumping.  Stand at the  edge of the  hole and  either
1) use a standing  Spinning Overhead Attack at the rising arc of the jump and
guide  yourself into it,  or 2)  use the Flip Jump move.  It might  take some
amount of practice to get it right.

After you  get the key head  west out of the  cave and back to the shore.  Go
south-west  and you should  reach what looks  like a goblin base.  Kill the 2
goblins down there  (use your sword,  it's faster and you're  close enough to
them).  Pick up the Explosive Arrows (Damage: 25) and examine the locked cage
just north of the base.  Use the  Energy Bow Key  to open it and  pick up the
Energy Bow (Damage:25,  Durability: 50/50,  Energy Arrow Quiver).  Now,  head
back down  to the base  and dive into  the water and  swim to the  other side.
Sneak upon  the goblin and  go to the  shore west of  the ruined base on that

Watch  out for  the goblins above  the beach.  Kill them  quickly.  If you're
feeling  particularly adventurous,  try killing the  giant wartoks.  Use your
Mithril Great Sword  w/ Spinning Overhead Attack  and after a couple of  hits
they'll  go down.  They'll  try to stomp  on you but if  you stay in  the air
frequently  they'll have  a hard time.  They can  also grab  you and hurl you
towards a wall  but if  you attack  fast enough you can  stop their  grabbing
attacks. The only thing to watch out for is their stomping, which will cause
you to lose ground. Recover quickly and jump away constantly.

Go further south and you'll encounter a war giant of all things. You can, and
should  run away  from it but,  if you feel particularly  adventurous  and/or
suicidal,  then try fighting it.  The war giant wields  a huge axe  that does
massive damage if it hits you with it.  It can also walk over you or stomp on
you. You can try fighting them normally but there isn't much room to maneuver
about.  They won't react to  your normal attacks,  but they'll reel back from
the  Overhead Swinging Attack every time.  Back away when they attack and hit
'em fast and hard.  When it dies, move away quickly, because it can crush you
under its tremendous weight when it falls.  Now, move south and make your way
to the Succubus Lair. There'll be two goblins near the entrance but otherwise
the area should be clear of all enemies and obstacles,  if you killed the war
giant that is. Otherwise, it'll be chasing after you by now.

Objective #5 Complete!

Go into the Succucus Lair and into the passage to end the level.

Succubus Lair

Objective #1: Rescue Arokh

Walk  into through  the passage  and open the  treasure chest  to find  Magic
Arrows (Damage: 15) and a Long Bow  (Durability: 75/75).  Continue going east
and two succubis will fly up.  Pull out your bow and use it to take them down
or wait until they land and use your sword.

Enter the next  room and a succubi  will offer a chance  to help you,  if you
get her Magic Mirror from the Bathing Chambers. You really have no choice.

Objective #2: Find Magic Mirror in Bathing Chamber

Walk to  the northern  part of  the area  you're in and you'll  find a  small
platform  that travels  up and down.  Ride on  it to get  to the  lower level.
There's a  Flame Knight there  and after you  dispatch it,  go north into the
arch gate.  The next area has  a circular walkway  that leads down.  Kill the
succubi but ignore  the Flame Knight  and walk down the walkway.  There'll be
another  Flame Knight below.  Kill it,  then grab the  Potion of Life  by the
boxes.  Avoid the shots from the  Flame Knight above you  and go over to  the
arch gate east of you. Be careful when entering.  The spikes will close in on
you.  Stop just before the  spikes so that they close in,  then walk as  they
pull back.

Go into the passage and kill the beetles that come along. When you get to the
big open area Rynn will say "It's quiet, too quiet." The gate on the opposite
side will now shut close and  numerous beetles will drop into the room.  Just
crouch and swing  at them as they come to you. This shouldn't be a problem at
all.  When all the beetles are slain,  the gate will open.  Go through it and
check out the  2 treasure chests in  the next room.  One of them will contain
a Potion of Life and the other, nothing.  Go into the next area and a succubi
will come out to meet you. Kill it and continue going south.

Soon you'll come to the Bathing Chambers,  an big area filled with water.  To
the south  is a dungeon area.  Make your way there first.  When you get there
you'll encounter several scavengers.  Kill them all then pick up the Jail Key
beside the  treasure chest.  There are 3  prison cells here.  Two of them are
open and one of them is closed.  Search the second open cell.  It has a Death
Mace  (Damage: 25 AP, Durability: 150/150, Speed: Fast, Range: Medium)  and a
new  Plate Mail  (Armor Rating: 60, Durability: 100/100).  Make sure  to pick
them up,  then head for  the locked cell.  Use the  Jail Key  on the lock and
it'll open.  The orc  inside will  immediately run  out.  It'll  open up  the
treasure box and drink  something out of it.  Kill it after it has opened the
box,  then pick up the treasures:  Health Elixir,  Invisibility Potion, Magic
Arrows (Damage: 15).

Now, make your way out of the dungeons and explore the Bathing Chambers.  Run
on the land around the water and you'll attract the attention of Ghosts.  Use
your most  powerful weapon  and get rid  of them.  After a while  you'll come
across a cell with a big orc in it.  It'll come out to greet you.  Be careful
with this one.  It carries a powerful hammer  with it and can take  a beating.
After killing it  you can pick up its weapon:  Grungle's (orc's name?) Hammer
(Damage: 35 AP,  Durability: 75/75,  Speed: Slow, Range: Long).  Go into  the
cell and open the big treasure box to find the Succubus Mirror.

Objective #2 Complete!

Grab the mirror,  then go outside the cell and face north.  You'll see a gate
across the lake with  large spikes barring it.  Make your way there and it'll
open and a  Flame Knight will come out of it.  It won't respond to  you right
away  so take that  time to deal some  heavy damage and/or  kill it.  Then go
through  the open gate  and you'll be  brought back to where  you were before.
Turn to  your right and  take the small  platform back up.  Travel across the
bridge and  the succubus will appear  and take the mirror.  It'll leave you a
small glimmering light that'll take you to the docks.  It'll go into the east
gate so follow behind it.

Pull out your bow  and arrow and hunt  down the succubus  that comes out.  Go
along the ledge  and jump across the platform to the opposite ledge.  Pick up
the  Arrows (Damage: 10)  then jump  back across  the platform  and  continue
going. There'll be a Flame Knight by the next gate.  Approach it, dodging its
shots and give it a taste of your blade. Go into the gate and follow into the
passage.  As you enter the next area you'll encounter another succubi so pull
out your bow and deal with it.

You'll see  the glimmering at a gate in the distance but first  let's do some
exploring.  Go along the ledge to your right.  Kill the Flame Knight (pick up
the Health Elixir it drops) and succubi that get in the way. You'll come to a
gate and a platform on the other side.  Ride the platform and on the ledge on
the other side you'll find 2 Health Elixirs, Invisibility Potion and an Enemy
Bow (Damage: 25, Durability: 50/50, Energy Arrow Quiver). A Flame Knight will
materialize when you get near them. Fight it off or run past it and make your
way back to when you first entered the region.

Now,  go along the ledge to your left and fight the  Flame Knight by the gate.
Go through the gate and follow along the ledge.  You'll see a closed gate and
a Flame Knight along the path to the right.  Kill it,  then continue going on
the path and you'll  reach the gate with  the glimmering light.  However, the
path is closed when you enter the gate. You're gonna have to find another way
in.  Go along the ledge  past the gate and  you'll soon get  to another  gate.
Watch out for the succubi and use your bow to take it down.

Enter the gate which will close behind you.  It seems they're trapped you but
don't  despair.  Pick up  the Magic Arrows  (Damage: 15)  and  the  Heavy Bow
(Durability: 150/150)  if you need it,  then look at the floor.  The floor to
the north is of a darker color  and seems to have fine lines in it.  Use your
sword and hack away at it.  Make a small hole and drop in.  Go southwards and
kill the  Flame Knight  out there.  You'll hear other  Flame Knight  shooting
their flame lances at you but just ignore  them and avoid their shots if they
get too close. You can use your bow to take them down but it's better to save
your arrows for the succubis.

Now,  there will be a  platform moving horizontally  north of you and another
platform moving  vertically on the ledge east of you.  There's also a passage
along  the east  with 2  Health Elixirs,  a Potion of Life  and  The  Cleaver
(Damage: 40 AP, Durability: 150/150, Speed: Slow, Range: Medium)  embedded in
the skeleton. Pick them up, then ride the vertically moving platform up. Kill
the Flame Knight up there and you  will spot the glimmering light in front of
the gate there.  Go into the gate  and through the passage.  You'll come to a
cave  area.  Break  the  barrels  and pick  up the  Potion of Life.  Continue
through the  cave and you'll  see two gates,  one to the south and another to
the north. Take the north gate, as it's the one that's open.

At the end you'll be in a large area.  There's a shrine-like structure across
a  big bridge  and a  Dark Knight  guarding it.  This is  a special  unit and
carries with him one of the most powerful weapons in the game. He's quite the
formidable fighter and this would  be a good place to use the Invulnerability
potion of you still have it.  When you kill him,  he'll drop a Potion of Life
and the  Mourn Bringer  (Damage: 30 AP,  Durability: Indestructible,   Speed:
Medium, Range: Long).  This weapon has special abilities that drain life from
living creatures.  It'll restore  a small  amount of  life when  you strike a
monster with it.  It also looks pretty damn cool and screams whenever you use
it. Equip this new powerful weapon and head for the shrine across the bridge.

A green mirror  will show Arokh,  and the queen  of the succubi, Shilla.  She
seems to  be waiting for you  to bring her the  Rift Crystal for  the "master"
and using Arokh as a bait and as offering for him.

Objective #3: Find Grimstone Shipping Dock

After the cut scene ends, make your way  across the big  bridge and work your
way south.  The south gate will now  be open so go  through it and  you'll be
taken to an outside region with a war giant. Circle-strafe around it and test
out your new sword. You shouldn't have any problems taking down this big goon.
When it's dead the gate on the other side will open up.  To into the gate and
through the passage, fighting off the scavengers in there.  At the other side
you'll reach a gate which leads to the shipping docks.

Objective #3 Complete!

Follow the passage and  turn left when you see the sands.  You'll see another
path leading up. Follow along this path, killing the useless orcs (they'll go
down with one hit from the Mourn Bringer) and pick up the Arrows (Damage: 10)
by the box.  Go back down and  run towards the ship.  There's a  giant wartok
here as well and  you can fight it or ignore it.  Jump onto the ship from the
docks and it'll sail away.

Dark Union Lair

Objective #1: Free Arokh

The ship will be brought to another docking area. Rynn will jump off the back
of the ship and swim to the dock.  The orcs will gather before Arokh, dancing
before him.  A deep voice will now command all the Dark Union members to join
in a meeting. They'll then move away to the meeting, leaving Arokh unattended.

Move over to  Arokh and he'll  explain that the only  way to set him  free is
with the Rune Cage Key that Shilla carries.

There's some armor  on the other side of the docks,  along the northern shore.
Swim you  way across  to find  a Plate Mail  (Armor  Rating:  60,  Durability:
100/100)  and a health elixir by the skeleton.  If you had picked up the used
Plate Mail from  Ebon Fortress you  probably need this  one really bad  right
about now.

Swim back to shore and  move westwards and up the hill.  Kill the Dark Knight
throwing bolt  lances at you  and pick up  the Dark Scimitar  (Damage:  20 AP,
Durability: 30/30, Speed: Medium, Range: Long) if you want it. Continue north
up the path  and kill the  2 orcs guarding  the entrance to  the lair  within.
They'll both drop a Great Sword (Damage: 20, Durability: 150/150, Speed; Slow,
Range: Long) when they die.

Go into  the entrance and  as you proceed  through the tunnel,  a Dark Knight
will materialize. Kill it and the green force field will go down.  Go through
it and  you'll be on  a big bridge.  In the center of the  bridge will  sit a
giant scavenger.  This guy is HUGE and extremely fast,  not to mention strong.
If you can dismember its limbs it would be a great help. Circle-strafe around
it for maximum results.  Go into the gate at the other side of the bridge and
make your way  through the passage.  When you get to the other side of it,  a
cut scene will take place.

It seems that Navaros is planning to return from the Rift where Heron trapped
him at the conclusion of the Dark Wars.  Furthermore,  it seems that the Rune
Blade has been  reassembled and Delon,  Rynn's younger  brother is to  be the
host! All they need now is the Rift Crystal which they made Rynn retrieve for
them. Let's hope Rynn can make their foil their plan and make it backfire but
she must free Arokh first, and in order to do that, she must defeat Shilla.

When the cut scene ends, move Rynn to the treasure chests at the west part of
the room,  under the walkway.  One contains  Magic Arrows (Damage: 15)  and 3
Health  Elixirs  and   the  other  contains  a   Lightning  Axe  (Damage:  30,
Durability: 150/150,  Speed: Slow, Range: Long, 10  Lightning special ability)
and a Potion of Life.

Now, make your way up the west ramp and run up to the doorway at the top.  Go
through the  passage and when you  come out the other end you'll meet  Shilla.
After the cut scene you'll  engage in a  battle with  her.  She isn't a tough
enemy but can be quite aggravating.  She flies around and  lunges down at you
to crush you  under her weight.  Keep moving and  avoiding her  attacks.  She
often flies  down and engages  in physical combat  with her  wings.  Use this
opportunity to give her a couple of slashes before she takes off again. After
she dies she'll drop the Rune Cage Key.  Go back to Arokh and use  it to free

Objective #1 Complete!

After you free him, mount him and go into the entrance with him. At the other
end of  the  passage  you'll  discover  the  Lava Elemental  Crystal.  You'll
automatically  fly into  it and  you'll  get the  Lava breath attack,  a more
powerful  version of his flame attack  but with a different  secondary attack.
After the cutscene,  switch to the  Lava attack and  try out this new  breath
attack on the oncoming dragon.  This attack has a wide  hitting area and does
considerable damage.  It'll take down a dragon in 3 shots. However, there's a
long delay between  the shots and  they take up  a lot of  breath power.  The
secondary attack shoots our multiple lava shots.

Objective #2: Find Runeblade

Now,  explore this  entire lava  region and kill  everything.  There will  be
several dragons,  mostly ice and some lightning.  Kill all the  Flame &  Dark
Knights with your secondary fire attacks,  it's the fastest way.  Fly low and
keep  away from  the green  towers  that  shoot out  lightning.  When  you've
explored the entire area,  go back to the  place where you  acquired the Lava
breath weapon and fly across  the bridge to the gateway  on the opposite side.
Enter through the gate and go down the  passage back into the meeting area of
the Dark Union.

In that room  there's a doorway  to the south that  you should check out.  Go
into the  passage but watch  out for the  falling floors.  Jump over them and
continue  into the passage.  At the end there will  be a great chasm  and two
identical platforms that rotate about.  Jump onto the broad area of the first
platform and wait until it gets close to the second platform.  Jump across to
the second platform  and run to the  thin portion of it  (making sure not  to
fall off).  When the platform stops  in front of  the south area,  make a big
leap across to it.

When you land,  yellow balls of lava  will shoot up from below.  Try to avoid
them and jump across the platforms,  going south-west.  There will be a Flame
Knight  on the  other side.  Kill it and go  through the gate.  Go along  the
walkway  and fight  two more  Flame Knights.  Another  Flame Knight  will  be
throwing its flame lances at  you from the platform to the east.  Jump across
to that  platform and make  short work  of it.  Many of these guys  will drop
Health Elixirs after so be sure to grab them. From that platform, jump across
to the gate north of you.

In the next room there'll be a center platform with 4 claws around a greenish
stone  (kinda reminds me of the  Overmind in StarCraft).  This is the  Dragon
Armor Rune.  Make sure to grab this  valuable object and go east  towards the
gate afterwards.  Watch out when you go through the gates,  spikes will shoot
out for one.

The next  room has a small,  round structure  in the  center  that has  green
particles rising out of it.  When you approach it 4 coffins will rise up from
the ground.  4 Ghosts will come  out of the coffins.  When you kill  them all
(one of them drops  a Potion of Life),  the force field above the center will
disappear.  Step into the greenish particles  and they'll launch you  up into
the air.  Get to the center of the particles and jump straight up.  This will
launch you up into the room above. Go north and you'll be brought back to the
chasm  with the  2 identical  platforms but  from the  other side.  There's a
moving platform in  front of you that  carries you back and forth.  Get on it
and when it comes  near one of the circling platforms, jump onto it.  Stay on
the  leaner area  of the  platform  and  when it  comes around  to the  north
doorway. jump across to it.

Make your way  back out to  the meeting  room of  the  Dark Union.  Sometimes
Ghosts will be here if they disappeared in the room with the 4 coffins.  Kill
them if they're there and go back outside. Call Arokh and mount him.

Now's the  time to get the Dragon Armor.  Head for the  center-north  area of
the map.  There will be a gate  there shaped like the mouth  of a wartok.  To
the right  of it is a small gate.  Land in front of  it and breathe  a steady
stream  of fire into  the gate and it'll  kill the  Flame Knight  just inside.
Dismount and  go into  the gate.  There will  be another  Flame Knight deeper
inside so take care of this one on foot.  Now head towards the north gate. At
the end of the passage is a round platform with green particles rising out of
it.  Jump onto it and  it'll lead you down.  Check out the boxes to the right.
One  of them  has a  Potion of Life  on top of it.  Jump up to  it with  your
Overhead Swinging Attack and grab it.  Now,  flip the switch  there and it'll
disable the force field around the main gate and Arokh will fly in.

Mount him and fly  east and down into the cave.  There are 2 ice dragons down
there so  watch out for them.  Fly to the green gate and land before it.  Use
the Dragon Armor Rune and the force field will disappear.  Enter and approach 
the treasure chest at the far end of the room.  It will open as well as the 2
coffins at either side of the room. Kill the Ghosts that come out of them and
pick up the Dragon Armor (Armor Rating: 75, Durability: 100/100).

Head  out of the  room and mount Arokh.  The area will now  have yellow  lava
balls shooting  out from below  so watch out.  Fly back up and go through the
big gate to the south and back outside.  There'll be a dragon waiting for you
there so remember to take care of it.

Now  head all  the way  to the  western edge  of the map.  The lava  will end,
leading to a great void below.  Lower yourself down into it but watch out for
the tower with the green gem on top of it. It'll shoot lightning at you. Just
beside that tower is a gateway. Stay below the tower to avoid getting hit and
enter through that gate.  Fight the ice dragon on the other side and kill the
Dark Knight  on the platform  below.  It'll drop  an  Invisibility Potion  so
remember to pick it up.

Head south-east and you'll find a green gate and a platform north of it. Land
on  the platform  and stand  on the  circular structure in  the middle of  it.
It'll carry you up above.  Once it stops,  jump off it and  head east through
the pillars and  fight the  Dark Knight there.  Now jump down  onto the lower
platform east and fight another Dark Knight (it was throwing lightning lances
at you so show it how much you appreciated it). Once it's dead, continue east
into the gate.

Past the first box you can see a lower platform to the north.  Jump down onto
the boxes and battle the Dark Knight and Ghost down there.  Once they're dead,
head south  along the  ledge and  you'll  come to a  Flame Knight.  Finish it
quickly, then head east across the big bridge. Observe the boxes on the other
side and you'll find  2 Health Elixirs sitting on top of one.  Use a standing
Spinning Overhead Attack to gain the extra height needed to get on top of the

Head back  across the bridge  and head west  towards the gate.  Kill the Dark
Knight on the other side,  then run across the  bridge west and turn right to
find a walkway down.  Go down and you'll  see a Flame Knight.  Kill it, cross
the bridge southwards and head  south-west to flip the switch on the platform
there. This will lower the green force field and Arokh will fly in. Mount him
then fly south into the passage.

Fly down the tunnel  (there's a smaller  tunnel in  the middle  of it  with a
Health Rune  and an  ice dragon)  then head  south-west  into the  next  area.
Ignore the gate for now and go up the lavafalls and kill the 2 dragons.  Keep
going west along  the tunnel and you'll  come to another rift  area (it's not
the same  as the first  area).  Kill the  dragons in  the area  and find  the
gateway in the center of the area.

Land there  and dismount.  Go inside  into the  hall of  pillars  and 3  Dark
Knights will  appear around you.  Circle around them and fight them,  or lead
them to the gate  and use Arokh's  secondary fire attack  through the gate to
kill them all at once.  Find the west gate at the end  of the hall of pillars
and enter  through it.  Go through the passage  and jump across  to the south-
west platform  on the other side.  The coffin  will open up  and a Ghost will
come  out of it.  Kill it,  then jump onto the  platform west  of you  and go
through  the  gate.  You'll  soon  come to  an area  with  2  crescent-shaped
platforms.  One will be spinning around  (platform 1) and the other will also
rise up and down (platform 2). First of all, kill the Dark Knight in the room,
then jump onto platform 1.  When platform 2  comes down jump across to it and
it'll bring you up.  Jump onto the platform above and  go into the south gate.
Flip the switch at the end then make your way back.

Go down using the small round platform  (jump onto it and it'll go down).  Go
back into the room with the coffin and jump into it.  The coffin will rise up
and turn about, bringing you up to the ground above.  Head south where you'll
see white particles floating down.  If you observe carefully, there will be a
certain  point where  they stop  floating down  and settle  onto the  air and
form some  sort of path  in the air.  Move carefully and  walk along the path
(there aren't any cracks or wedges along the way) to the other side.

Go south  after you've  crossed the  invisible path  and you'll  be led  to a
room with  8 coffins and  a treasure  chest in  the middle  as you enter  the
coffins will  open up and release Ghosts.  Kill them all,  then grab the Lava
Rune in the center treasure chest. Go out of the room and cross back over the
invisible path.  Jump down,  or take the coffin down,  then head out the east
gate, into the room of pillars and out the gate to where Arokh is.  Fly north
and  go back  into the  lava tunnel.  Go down  the lavafalls  and turn  south
towards the gate  at the bottom.  Fly through it and go into the tunnel.  Use
the Lava Rune in the pedestal on the other side to make the lava go down.

Fly down and land  before the gate  leading into the  structure in the middle.
When you enter  you'll see a  circular platform with 4 walkways around it,  a
middle structure with a circular stairway around it, an unlit  (well, it goes
out when you step in)  torch or flame holder,  a giant statue of an archer in
the south-east corner and switch in the north-west corner.  If you look above
there are 5 circular ceiling holes, 4 covered with glass and one open.

On top of  the center structure  is the Runeblade  covered in thick ice.  The
archer statue shoots out  arrows that hit the  ice when you press  the button
behind it,  but it cannot break it.  You need to  melt it somehow.  Your Fire
Crystals and  Flame Swords don't  have enough power to  do it but what if you
combine the  archer's arrows with  a fire source?  That just might  break the
ice.  Unfortunately the big torch is out.  You need to relight it.  Go to the
switch and use it to  rotate the central platform.  Rotate it until the torch
is lined up  with the open  ceiling hole  (it'll have light  coming down from
it).  Now, run outside and mount Arokh.  Switch to his fire breath weapon and
breathe a stream of  fire down the ceiling hole,  directed at the torch below.
When the torch has been lit, go back down and enter the structure again.

The torch should now be blazing with fire.  Now you need to direct  it at the
ice.  Run over to the switch and rotate the platform until the torch is lined
up with the archer  statue's line of shot.  Run over to the archer statue and
flip  the button  behind it.  The statue  will shoot  its arrow,  which  will
collide with the flames from  the torch and embed itself in the ice.  The ice
will slowly melt.  Climb up the circular walkway and claim this most valuable
prize,  the  Runeblade  (Damage:  50 AP,  Durability:  Indestructible,  Speed:
Medium, Range: Long, Fire attribute).

Objective #2 Complete!

Objective #3: Enter the Rift

Now, fly out of the area  and go back to the  Rift area  (north-west  part of
the map). When you get there, Rynn will use the Runeblade to create a hole in
the Rift and Arokh will fly in.

Objective #3 Complete!

The Rift

Objective #1: Rescue Delan

When you  enter the  Rift,  4 ice  dragons will  be released.  Kill them  all
(they'll all drop a  Health Rune afterwards).  There are 2 doors in this area
that you can enter through. Find them (can't tell any directions; no map) and
enter through the door.  Equip your best sword  and heal yourself  up to full,
then proceed forward into this area. As you cross the bridge you'll see Delan
floating in a beam of light with several ghosts chanting around him.

Suddenly the  Ghosts will be blown away as Navaros will enter his body.  Rynn
will then run over to him and you'll engage in a battle.

This guy  has some  pretty devastating  moves but  they can  be dodged easily.
He'll float around but only  attack when he's on  land so just use your sword
and cleave him up,  using potions as necessary.  After a couple of hits he'll
go down and fall into the Rift,  consequently taking  Delan's body along into

4 serpent heads will how appear from the Rift.  Arokh will fly over to you to
battle them.  The first head fires a cluster of 3 fireballs,  the second head
fires 4 projectiles that weave in and out,  the third head fires a cluster of
4 fireballs and  the last head fires  a single homing fireball.  When you get
close to any one of the heads they'll bite at you.  The heads all fire at the
same rate and  their projectiles are  slow and easy  to dodge.  If you want a
quick victory, use Arokh's flame thrower attack (secondary fire attack). Just
stand in front of one  of the heads and  pummel it with a  constant stream of
fire. You can try to avoid the shots  but if you have a lot of Health Elixirs,
then just heal yourself  a lot and concentrate on attacking.  When one of the
heads go down, switch to the next one until all of them go down.

Arokh will now suggest that they go in now,  when the Rift is open. He'll fly
down into it.  What awaits the two heroes in  the darkness of the Rift?  Will
Rynn finally be able to save her brother and end this evil that threatens the
world of Drakan? Only the people at Psygnosis know for sure.

To be continued...

Congratulations,  you  have  just  cleared  the game.  I know  it's  a rather
disappointing ending  but it gives reason for a sequel,  and nowadays,  every
game's gotta have a sequel.  Stay tuned for some more Drakan  fun in the near

Item/Weapon/Armor Information

Here's a list of all the Items,  Weapons and Armor found in the game.  If I'm
missing  something  (which I most likely am)  then please  mail me  so I  can
put them in.

Weapon name          Damage AP   Durability      Speed   Range   Special

Atimar's Blade       5      No   Indestructible  Fast    Short   None
Mithril Short Sword  10     Yes  100/100         Fast    Short   None
Long Sword           15     No   150/150         Medium  Medium  None
Sword of Flame       15     Yes  150/150         Medium  Medium  Fire
Worn Long Sword      15     No   30/150          Medium  Medium  None
Flaming Sword        20     Yes  30/30           Medium  Long    None
Great Sword          20     No   150/150         Slow    Long    None
Great Slayer         25     No   75/75           Medium  Long    None
Mithril Great Sword  25     Yes  150/150         Medium  Long    None
Mourn Bringer        30     Yes  Indestructible  Medium  Long    Life Drain
Runeblade            50     Yes  Indestructible  Medium  Long    Fire

Mace                 10     No   100/100         Medium  Medium  None
Worn Mace            10     No   42/100          Medium  Medium  None
Mace of the Hand     20     Yes  150/150         Medium  Medium  None
Death Mace           25     Yes  150/150         Fast    Medium  None

Rusty Axe            12     No   35/75           Slow    Medium  None
Duncan's Battle Axe  25     No   15/150          Slow    Medium  None
Iron Battle Axe      25     No   50/50           Slow    Medium  None
Axe of the Order     30     Yes  150/150         Medium  Medium  None
Lightning Axe        30     No   150/150         Slow    Long    Lightning
Mithril Axe          30     Yes  150/150         Slow    Medium  None
Vykruta's Axe        40     No   42/150          Slow    Long    25 Lightning
The Cleaver          40     Yes  150/150         Slow    Medium  None

Mithril Hammer       30     Yes  150/150         Slow    Long    None
Grungle's Hammer     35     Yes  75/75           Slow    Long    None

Scimitar             10     No   100/100         Fast    Short   None
Dark Scimitar        20     Yes  30/30           Medium  Long    None

Heavy Bow            --     No   150/150         --      --      None
Long Bow             --     No   75/75           --      --      None
Speed Bow            --     No   75/75           --      --      Speed Plus
Energy Bow           25     No   50/50           --      --      Energy Arrow

Arrow                10     No   1/1             --      --      None
Ice Arrows           15     No   1/1             --      --      Ice
Flaming Arrows       15     No   1/1             --      --      Fire
Poison Arrows        15     No   1/1             --      --      Poison
Magic Arrows         15     No   1/1             --      --      Homing
Explosive Arrows     25     No   1/1             --      --      Explosive

Armor name           Armor Rating   Durability

Chain Mail           20             100
Scale Mail           30             100
Banded Mail          40             100
Plate Mail           60             100
Dragon Armor         75             100

Item name               Effect

Health Elixir           Restores a large amount of vitality. Hot key = H
Potion of Life          Restores HP fully.
Invisibility Potion     Renders Rynn partially invisible for a few minutes.
Invulnerability Potion  A  very  rare  item  that covers  Rynn in  a metallic
                        substance, making her invulnerable for a short amount
                        of time.
Fire Crystal            Creates a wave  of fire that burns  everything in its
Ice Crystal             Creates  a  wave  of ice  that  damages  and  freezes
                        everything in its radius.
Lightning Crystal       Shoots out bolts of lightning.

Special Item Name       Use

Key to Priest House     Key to Atimar's house.
Atimar's Book           Book used  to allow  access to  Heron's  Soul Crystal
                        under the temple.
Mace Key                Key used to get into the spider mines.
Rune of Stone           Relic used to open the  entrance to the cave with the
                        Sword of Flame.
East Cave Entrance Key  Key used to enter the east caves.
Power Crystal           Stone used to  power up the  drilling machine  in the
                        Grimstone Mines.
Crusher Room Key        Key  used  to  get  into  a room  with  3  octangular
Mystic Key              Key used to open a gate in the Flame Fortress.
Elemental Amulet        A special  amulet that  enables access  to the  Flame
Vykruta's Axe Key       Key used to access Vykruta's Axe.
Bell Hammer             Hammer found in the ruined city of Alwarren.
Rift Crystal            An immensely powerful  crystal that sealed Navaros in
                        the rift at the conclusion  of the Dark Wars.  A part
                        of the Runeblade.
Energy Bow Key          Key used to unlock the cage containing the Energy Bow
                        in the Eastern Archipelago.
Jail Key                Key to unlock the jail cell in the bathing chambers.
Rune Cage Key           Key used to unlock the Rune Cage.
Dragon Armor Rune       Rune used to access the Dragon Armor.


-= Psygnosis =-
For making the game.

-= Jason Hrabi ([email protected]) =-
Watching him play made me realize just how much stuff I missed the first time!

-= Alex Costrinos ([email protected]) =-
Information regarding the Energy Bow Key.

-= Dan Saulesco ([email protected]) =-
Filled me in on the Flaming and Poison arrows I'd missed earlier.
Submitted the new Drakan ASCII drawing!

-= Joe Bates =-
Shortcut to obtaining the Rift Crystal.

Copyright Information

This FAQ is copyright (C) DemiGodX 2000
Drakan is copyright (C)1999 Psygnosis Ltd.

You may use this FAQ for any non-commercial related purposes. You are allowed
to post it on any website as long  as it retains its original content and you
e-mail  me  (with the  website address)  first.  You may  use this  FAQ as  a
template only with the author's permission.

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