DRAKAN: THE ANCIENTS' GATES for Sony PlayStation2          30 July 2002
                                                           ver 3.1
Yet another FAQ.                                           author: ilphay
by ilphay                                                 (between emails)

i.   Introduction.
     I've perused some of the earlier FAQs for Drakan and frankly, some
are better. BTW, kudos to Zauron for a downright definitive Drakan FAQ.
This is as much for me as anyone, there's a story there. Still, I'll offer
two distinct features: Hit Point estimates, and brevity.
     This FAQ contains spoilers; no codes. Normally, my guides are
thorough, not to mention humorous, but as said, brevity is my goal here.
IMO thoroughness has been achieved in another FAQ. Y'don't have to know
where an extra 100 gold, or 1 potion is.

ii.  Spacing info: This document, saved as text, was written using MS Word
in a 12 pt. fixed-width font w/ .5" margins. 7 hard-pressed pages.

0.   Contents.
1.   Combat Damage
2.   HP Estimates
3.   FAQ-style Walkthru
4.   Formalities

1.   Combat Damage.

     Rynn. Stun and KnockDown apply if enough damage is inflicted.
     3-swing combo/Sidestep-Swing: each hit does 80% weapon damage.
     4 directional stabbing (Stun): each stab w/ 1-handed weapon or 2-
handed sword does 100% damage. W/ a 2H non-sword, cross-checking/handle-
butting does 100% damage, sidekick does 12 damage.
     Full swing attacks (KnockDown): 110%-to-120% weapon damage.
     Overhead strike (KnockDown): (smidgen under) 125% weapon damage.
     Surprise attack (KnockDown): 2X damage of attack executed. IE.
Overhead strike does (2 smidgens under) 250% weapon damage.
     Archery: does 80%-100% damage + enchantment. Surprise attack applies.
     Surprise attack does not apply to magic.

     Arokh, breath attacks. (IMO, the bite attack is pretty negligible.)
  Fireball=20 + fire.     Fire breath=75 over time.
Lightening=12.      Lightening charge=10 per hit.
       Ice=25.              Ice storm=25 per hit.
     Sonic=45.             Sonic bomb=200.
    Shadow=25 heals about 10.  Vortex=auto kill.

2.   HP Estimates.

     These are ESTIMATES. Same goes for the values in the Combat Damage
section. There're several factors in combat w/ seemingly random elements.

     Some notes on HP estimates:
     There do exist some enemies listed who have a different amount of hp.
IE. Olak, that yellow Grull from the beginning, and his cronies have
0.05hp. They're listed individually in the walkthru section.
     "A" denotes an armor-clad opponent.
     Machines aren't listed. Suffice it to say Grull/Wartok machines have
about 50hp, Halfmen 120, those annoying things in Shadowmire 8.
     "Grull Fighters" are referred to as "Cleaver Grulls" in neored13's
FAQ. I call them fighters 'cuz they wear armor instead of plaid dresses.
     "Grull Travel Agents" are those big Grulls that throw powder kegs,
barrels, other Grulls, and if you're not careful, YOU. neored13's FAQ
refers to them as "Grull Kong" (good one). I was originally gonna put in
some shtick like: Grull classifieds, "Wanted: Lackeys. Must be willing to
travel." Grull Travel Agent just stuck. Seriously, tho, go for a quick
kill against these things. Some of the barrels/lackeys they throw have
treasure. Good luck finding treasure thrown halfway across the map.

Rynn/Arokh             80         Trog                    28
Small Spider            8         Yellow Trog             32
Medium Spider          14         Trog Mage               32
Big Spider             28         Toadfist               320
Grull                  28         Chicken                 80
Yellow Grull        32/36         Inquisitor             120
Grull Mage       24/36/40         "Devil of Bone"        120
Grull Fighter          46A        Khossa Vole           5+30
Grull Travel Agent    120         Mezzidrel              600
White Grull TA(Yeti?) 120         Bonegrinder             96
Wartok (brown shirt)   40         "Aww! He's so little"   24
Wartok (gray shirt)    64A        He's not so little     400
Wartok Mage            64A        Vanishing Wartok       160A
Wartok Fighter     64A/80A        Ice Golem               64
Scavenger              32         Halfman                 80
Big Scavenger          40         Halfman Archer          64
Skeleton            32/96         Maulgak                665
Soulless           80A/96A        Snotmaw                280A
Soulless Archer        64         Zola Dane           40+160
Desert Lord           120         Shaza                  600
Blackwing Dragon      120         Tora                   600
Bone Dragon           250         Gothraul               500A
Ice Dragon            140         Golem                  300
Bat Dragon            150         Guard               96/112
Griffon               220         Grotus                 320
Shadow Dragon         220         Jasaad Duthane     420+120

3.   FAQ-style Walkthru. (A minimum for a guide of mine.)
     IMO, this game is actually rather straightforward. The quest paths
are easy to follow (though circuitous). I find the tough part is finding
where to go to begin questing. That's how this walkthru is oriented.

     In Surdana, where is ...

...the Spider quest? Like you don't already know. But I'm also listing
spider hp. Talk to the villager standing next to his front door, next door
to Quaalus', across from Brekk's. The small spiders here have 12hp.

...the Inquisitor? Behind Brekk's, there's a waterfall. Enter the cave
under the falls. A villager in the Surdana tavern assigns the quest.

...the Mushroom Cave? Head out the E exit of the town of Surdana. You'll
see a house. Go past that house. Look around. You'll find either 1) the
Mushroom Cave entrance, 2) the farmer who sends you on the quest or 3) the
Mushroom Cave exit, blocked by a boulder.

...the Brotherhood of the Eternal Word / Monastery? From Quaalus' or
Brekk's, fly towards Jade's. Pass left of Jade's tower. Keep going. While
in the Catacombs, some people aren't sure what to do in a wide open room
w/ steps going down. Go down the steps. The ground moves. Jump across and
pull yourself up. This is easiest over the middle.

...the Sonic attack flare and Lastat's Blade? Defeat the Bone Devil at the
Monastery. Talk to Jade. Map entry appears. Go to Khossa Vole's and take
the teleport pad to his realm, the City of the Damned. Advance/Fight. A
voice will boom something to the effect of "Come... Do your worst." (He
asked for it.) Then, an Inquisitor-like wraith will zap the bridge. If it
sees you, it gets stuck. If not, it goes to the middle of the cemetery and
waits. That means it will attack. Lastat's Blade is embedded in a tree NW
of Khossa Vole's soon-to-be tomb. Like the production healing weapons,
Lastat's Blade heals 1/4 damage. When Khossa Vole falls into the void, his
wraith guard will be vulnerable. It has 80hp. Teleport out of the Damned
City. As you fly off, you'll see the Sonic flare. BTW, bring the
Gravestone to Jade, get a free spell.

...Snotmaw's Base / Kragmor? After opening the gate at Ravenshold, speak
to Dehrimon. He'll mention Snotmaw. A map entry will appear. TAKE AROKH

     What do I do after opening the second gate? Seek out Dehrimon or
Myshala. This will open new quest avenues.

     What's the "4 levers?" There's 4 levers to unlock a treasure room.
     @Spider quest house, knock out wall in lowest room. Then open door
next to bed. @Brekk's, open door. @Palace, in secret tunnel leading to
teleporter, knock out wall. Treasure room is in east wing of palace.

     One more thing about Surdana: Other FAQs as well as the Drakan manual
say that once you use up a melee weapon's enchantments, they're gone for
good. My experience has been that Quaalus can recharge these weapons.

     In Shadowmire, where is ...

...the powder mine? Once you reach the Hermit's Hut, the powder mine and
the way to the Tree of Mourning are all in that same alcove. The powder
mine is locked, use the key in the Hermit's Hut.

...Toadfist's helm? After acquiring the Cypher Rune, a path previously
blocked is opened. Take the new path. You'll know it's the right way when
the Trogs are live. You'll see a lift/elevator and beyond, a bridge.
Toadfist is down the lift. If you take the bridge, it collapses under you.
You'll be committed. Take the lift first if you want a crack at Toadfist.

...the Earth Blade? You have to get Nichols' Tome. For this, you need to
do 3 things. 1) Introduce yourself by pressing L1 when you see him in
Shadowmire. 2) Save him the bother of escaping from his cage. At some
point, you'll find yourself in a grand hall guarded by a yellow trog and a
few other trogs. Two exits lead to where you came in. Between these are
the cages. Pull the lever to open his cell and talk to him. And, 3) defeat
the Trog mages zapping him. You'll see them when the aforementioned bridge
collapses. Nichols CAN die here. Once you have Nichols' Tome, the Earth
Blade isn't far. Stay in the water and look for "where you're supposed to
read this book." ...cute how Rynn clears her throat before reading.

     What's in that place behind a stack of crates that I can jump behind?
Potions. The spider there that has a good 70hp.

     At the Andrellian Isle, where is ...

...Sevoth? After all that Grull butt-kicking, it's hard to remember your
objectives. Sevoth is in a cave in the sailor camp.

...Sevoth's medicine pouch? When you kick butt, you're supposed to take
names. After you take out the catapults, you'll no doubt land and discover
a cave that ends w/ a portcullis. You're actually seeing an exit. The
entrance is around the mountain to the E/NE. Go in that way. The medicine
pouch is in there. 2 Grulls in there have 12hp.

...Fandrill's charts? There's a small cove S of the channel that leads to
Bonegrinder's. In the cove are 2 cave openings. Take the open one.

...the Lightening attack flare? Defeat Mezzidrel. After nearing the flare,
Blackwings appear back in the open water. These Blackwings have 220hp.

     Close your Andrellian Isle affairs before defeating Bonegrinder. When
he's defeated, you'll head straight to Ravenshold with no way back here.

     At Ravenshold / Northern Tundra, where is ...

...the Northman Scout Camp? Northern Tundra. TAKE AROKH THRU THE NORTHERN
TUNDRA PASSAGE. Fly N of the entrance. Map entry appears.

...a vial of blood from a pagan ritual? Ravenshold, Grull Camp. As you
near it, Rynn says "Sorry friend [need pagan ritual blood]."

...ashes from a hero fallen? Ravenshold, Forgotten tomb. It's E/NE of
Zeggoro's. You get a key after bringing Sebborna's journal to Altus, the
armorer @ Ravenshold. Once in the tomb, collect 4 amulets from 4 chambers.
The gate is closed on one, but there's a hole in the wall connecting to
the chamber next to it. When you have the amulets, go down a level and
place them on 4 sides of the statue in a fifth chamber. Get stuff.

...a sword of solid gold? Northern Tundra, Northmen's camp. Serris will
give it to you after bringing him the Vanishing Wartok's gauntlets.

...the Visionary Amythest of Krozvokt. Northern Tundra, Ice Caves. A map
entry appears after you talk to the drinking Northman in the camp. In the
ice caves, you'll see the remains of a big m'ucking ice golem. Its eye is
the Visionary Amythest. Use L1 to remove it or knock it loose w/ a weapon.

...Sebborna's journal? Ravenshold, Daemog's Hunting Grounds. Speak to
Altus after speaking w/ Ranwulf & Zeggoro.

...the Vanishing Wartok. Northern Tundra, Wartok Cave. Speak to Serris.
Map entry appears.

...Clineschmidt's Blade? Ravenshold. From where you came in, the Trading
Post, follow the river N `til you see a foot bridge. E of the bridge is
Hoarfrost cave, W is a camp. N of the camp is a puzzle--a statue w/
buttons in 4 cardinal directions. Solve the puzzle. The combination is
found in parts throughout Ravenshold and the Northern Tundra. The
Cline'Blade heals a smidgen under 1/5 damage.
     Want more? The combination is found at: Wartok Cave, Hoarfrost cave,
cave near Northern Tundra Passage, Ice Caves, Grull Camp, Northern Tundra
Passage, Zeggoro's, Forgotten Tomb. (I know the Ice Cave piece and Grull
Camp piece are the same. I suspect that's by accident. Still, given 7
pieces, you can figure out the 8th.)
     Still want more??? The combination is SEEWSNNS. Try to get it right
the first time. No doubt you've heard a ka-jillion times (or figured
yourself) that you can avoid a fight when getting the Earth Blade. That's
true for most elemental blades (lightening is the only exception). The
same principal applies w/ the Cline'Blade, open the chest, then back off.
Press L1 and run. Let the sword chase you to a safe area.

     At Shiverbane, where is ...

...the Ice attack flare? Defeat Maulgak. Look up.

...the Ice Blade? Defeat Maulgak. Call Arokh. Go back into the "arena"
where you defeated Maulgak. Fly N clear of the arena & some natural
obstacles. Land and turn left/west. Find a cave. Go in, keep left. Find a
bridge, a teleporter, and beyond, a sword altar.

     How do I escape the prison? It's straightforward if y'have strong
magic. If y'didn't buy any magic, use lightening to take down guard. Get
key. Open cell. Run past 2 halfmen. Find a scimitar. Pull 2 levers.
There's a halfman in the corridor. Y'can probably fight 1 halfman no prob.
In the next area, try to get a jump on the archers. Do as much melee
damage as you can. Before the other halfmen converge, make for a stack of
crates and jump up. Get the bow, find shelter, and finish off the archers.
Pick off the remaining non-jumping souls. Using lightening conserves
arrows. It'll be mainly 1-on-1 in the corridors. In the next area (lots of
crates), the exit is to the right. Sneak if you can, otherwise run for it.
Get your stuff. "It's ON, now." Many people chose not to pick up Rynn's
dagger at this point so they'll have more space.

     BTW, the yeti @ Shiverbane has 320hp.

     In Kragmor, where is ...

...Snotmaw's lair. Fly S as far as you can. Map entry appears.

...the Lightening Blade? In the center of the Kragmor map is a single
mountain peak. Go there. Fly SE towards a sword altar. As you approach,
you'll see 2 rows of large stones. Walk through them. Before walking
through the last one, be sure to ready your favorite breath attack (I like
Sonic). Those skeletons are like, "Man, I shoulda picked Ice Blade."

     In the Valley of the Fallen, where is ...

...the Wartok base? Where the river ends, find a cave. Enter.

...the key to the Wartok base? In a cave near the third gate.

...the Lower ruins? Behind the third gate, there's a gap in the mountains.
Fly thru. Fly on. Defeat Shaza and Tora to see the Shadow attack flare.

...the Fire Blade? Around the Wartok base, the map branches S. Follow.
Find some ruins. Land. Get 3 stones. Fly SW of the farm. Find an altar.
Place Strange stone using L1. In the Wartok base, NE of Perry's cage, look
around for a stack of crates leading to another altar. Place Odd stone.
Near Gothraul's throne, find a third altar. Place Curious stone. W of the
Lower Ruins, locate a sword altar. Get sword.

     What do I do after defeating Gothraul? Place the Curious stone
(optional). Help yourself to a nice Mithril Great Axe (optional). Get the
key next to his throne to unlock door to Upper ruins.

     What do I do in this bath-type area around these collapsed ruins?
Rynn is probably long overdue for a bath, but to advance, jump in the
water, push a stone to act as a step to a higher stone. Keep climbing.

     How do I "Deactivate the Sentinals?" Obtain Sentinal Keys from the
base of 2 Gothraul-like statues. In the room w/ red beams, push a stone to
block a beam. Go under. Use keys.
     If you proceed, you'll deal w/ some Griffons in some closed-in air-
to-air combat, and upon landing, some Soulless. If you dismount Arokh and
proceed, the door behind you will close and you'll be committed. Rearm,
repair and resupply first.

     So now I have all 4 elemental blades. Now what? Take them to Brekk's
and buy the Mournbringer. It heals 1-for-1 health for damage.

     In Stratos, you should be able to find what you need to do. Still...

     What do I do here? Y'might wanna defend yourself from those two
Desert Lords and that Golem. Then investigate that "Ferry(?)"
     At Grotus', The door guard has 192hp. You need to defeat all the
guards to open the room to the N w/ the elixir. If the door isn't opened,
look for a guard. Loot their rooms before proceeding.
     Use elixir. Advance/Fight. Bride escort guard has 144hp. Take ferry.
     You can't harm the Flesh Mage directly. Run. The side door is open.
     In the room w/ a bunch of force fields, you'll notice some floor
panels move when you step on them. This temporarily lowers a force field
protecting a power crystal. Use an arrow or magic missile to destroy it.
Go into the room and pull lever (nice lever design; wonder what the
faucets are like). Do 4 of those and you should be able to progress. While
progressing, you'll find an urn. Smash it. Dang.
     The Flesh Mage is through the door, still invulnerable. Run, again.
The other door is open. Run a Golem gauntlet. In the next room, a door
reveals another urn. Double dang. Go back (next to) the way you came.
You'll find a room full of urns. Vent.
     Proceed. At the top of the stairs, there's a lever. Pull the lever.
Destroy chandelier. An urn is revealed.
     "I'm not falling for THAT again. Y'just know this can't be THE
urn..." ...GET TO WORK! Get staff.
     The teleporter in the bunch-o-urns room activates. Time for you and
Jasaad to negotiate that peace treaty. Make sure to have your "pen" ready.
     You can't harm the Pain Golem or Jasaad when he's covered. If you
close in, the Pain Golem takes a swing at you, exposing Jasaad.

4.   Formalities.

     This document is Copyrighted.

     6/10/2002. Written by ilphay!

     7/2002. Re-wrote for brevity. Took out a lotta good stuff: Strategy;
Pieces of the Cline'Blade puzzle; Shtick; Interesting notes. I'll add it
if there's enough demand, but it'll triple (probably more) the length.

     7/18/2002. Reformatted. Re-edited for new format. Moved cataloging
info to beginning. Verified stuff. Took out the story behind this FAQ.
Decided to leave in Cline'Blade puzzle piece locations. It's 5 lines (+2
in this section), but shows I paid my dues for that blade.

	7/23/2002-7/30/2002. Realized that 10pt font won't conform to
GAMEFAQ's 80 char/line guideline. REreformated. RE-re-edited. Found
increasing randomness in combat. Reverified stuff. Reduced magic
discussion in Combat to 1 line (removing about 2 pages from the original).

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