Walkthrough for Blair Witch Volume II: The Coffin Rock

General note: save your game often. Save it at least after each cinematic.
It is easy to die in Blair Witch woods...

A little girl wakes you up and wants to take you to her grandmother.
Grab the saber stuck in the ground near you, and follow her.
Go around the barn and meet Grandma.

After a sequence of cinematic, you wake up with your soul departed from your
Some ghosts of children encourage you to join their play. Follow them to the
dining room,
where Robin lies down next to the fireplace. After you move around a bit and
kill all ghosts,
Find the cross on the table and use it to fend off children’s ghosts.
the fire ignites and another cinematic shows Robin saying goodbye.
You wake up with amnesia and grandma names you Lazarus. She tells you to
take it easy and -
consequently - asks you to find missing Robin. You are told to get her son's
gun and go practice
behind the barn.
Grab the gun and some ammo from the dresser and look around the property.
You will find some bullets (they always appear surrounded by white sparks)
in the barn
(nearby the big closed door, and on the wagon next to the main door)
and some more around the big stone pillar behind the barn.
When you are next to the stone pillar draw your gun and practice shooting on
the cans
posted on the fence.
When you shoot all cans, you will enter for the first time your alternate
reality as
a soldier.

Enter the farmstead and shoot all soldiers you find.
You will encounter the first one when you enter the barn, and the next when
you try to
exit through the side door. Search the bodies - you will find some bullets
and a picture
(I could not find any use for it). Retrace your steps to the place you began
this sequence and
kill the last soldier.

ENTER LAZARUS REALITY. After grandma has her speech, follow her
and go past the house to town.  Draw your gun as soon as you can.
You will encounter a hellhound - kill it and grab the twana stick (they
appear surrounded with red sparks). You will need these sticks to recover
Continue to town, but watch out for two other hellhounds.
You will meet a search party - a bunch of hostile folks - and will enter
SOLDIER reality.
You are called to report to the boss. Talk to him and, when dismissed,
grab the bullets on the bench. Go meet your troops.

ENTER LAZARUS REALITY. Talk with Durant. He encourages you to read the
books - you can
try, but they are a bit hard to decipher.
After you exhaust the conversation topics, head for the woods.
Lucky for you, Lazarus will refuse to follow the wrong trail.
You will enter the ruins of the railroad station. Pick up the broken lantern
from the outhouse. Leave the outhouse and enter SOLDIER reality.

Find some bullets (in the corner of the fence, next to the wagon,
and some twana sticks (boulder behind the outhouse, inside the house).
When you kill 3 soldiers, the SOLDIER reality will come to end and you will
meet a burly blind
guy named Steuben. After you talk to him, you will hear Robin.
Draw your gun and follow her. Kill the ghosts which will attack you.
On your way to the woods, you can pick up another twana stick.

From now on, the game will not let you rest a lot!

ENTER SOLDIER REALITY. Kill the 3 soldiers and search their bodies for some
and twana sticks. Return to your troops and continue until you cross the

ENTER LAZARUS REALITY. Cross the stream (again) and bear right. Draw your
weapon of choice.
Kill all the ghosts (kiddies ghosts are evasive and hard to kill) and find
two twana stick.
If you move around, you will find a witch  - approach her and

Move around and kill all soldiers and hellhounds (9 and 6 respectively, I
Search the bodies for twana sticks and ammo.
When you can, leave through the path north of the group of killed dogs.
Witness the scene with possessed soldier and

ENTER LAZARUS REALITY. The witch is attacking you. Act quickly!
Go for the necklace on the ground, which will charge your cross. Use the
several times on the witch to immobilize her, and finish the job with your
Go south-west from fallen witch, following each right hand turn, and Robin
appear to you. Follow her to wooden bridge and

After Newhouse is gone, pick up ammo from the foot of the bridge.
Enter the bridge, but do not go too far.
Shoot at the demon's hands until your soldiers decide to go on.

Cross the stream and meet the search party.
Suffer the insults and pick up the offered bundle of herbs. During the
cinematic, notice
a twana across the stream. You can cross the stream to get it. Continue
At first intersection, take the right fork.
You will encounter some stick monster. You can kill the small ones,
but the large will resurrect. The first time it will take a while,
but after subsequent kills they will resurrect right away. Better run from
You can try to collect the twana and bullets guarded by monsters, but you
will have to
be pretty nimble. Go on, avoiding the stone copses (they can kill you). Keep
taking right turn at each crossing.

After game reloads, collect the ammo from the ground and continue east. Kill
the two
attaching ghosts an go one. You will see another ghost, which does not
attack you
but hovers over one spot. Leave it alone for now.
Move around the area and kill the last ghost. Approach the hovering ghost

After the scene at the campground, kill the ghost attacking your man.

Pick up the bugle from the ground and run from the stick monster.
Follow right turns, killing small monsters and running from large ones,
cut-scene showing some dead men rising and thorn barrier forming.
Go straight up. Kill the ghost blocking your way and press on to the big
Do not try to fight the ghosts - they will resurrect right away. Go for the
sacks hanging from the tree. Use your saber to cut all four of them open.
This will stop the resurrections and open the thorn barrier. After the
move to the right
Keep going, collecting twana on the way. When you approach the water, you
will see another cut
scene. Keep your wits about - you will be attacked as soon as it ends. Kill
the ghost and
go back to encounter and kill another one.
Go fast across the bridge. Kill the ghost which will approach you. You will
twana sparks ahead. Go for it - but do not pick it up yet. Kill another
and two stick monsters when you approach the rock with twana.
Pick up the twana and go for the axe further down on the ground. When you
approach it, another stick monster will drop from the
tree above - and this is immortal.
Run from it to the other end of the path.
When it follows you, kill it and run like hell back to  the place where you
found the axe.
Locate the tree with axe-marks next to the stream and use your axe on it.
Fell it and cross the stream.

Keep going and you will come across the graveyard. Well, well - there is our
Steuben! Talk to him and

Kill all ghosts and go to the opposite gate. Proceed to the shed and collect
the ammo and
the twana stick. The, go back to the grave where you have met Steuben and
"act" on the

Kill the hellhounds attacking you and go again to the shed for the ammo and
twana sticks.
Go back to the grave and collect the doll. Pick up the shovel ad dig up a
skeleton arm.
Leave the cemetery through the main gate and proceed to your right.
Collect the ammo and twana sticks from the ground on your way, and stay
clear of the stone copses.
Kill the small stick monsters and hellhounds on your way; run from immortal
stick monsters.
Keep turning right at each intersection and eventually you the game will
Collect the ammo next to the tree stump and go on. Kill the ghosts on your
At the intersection, turn right.
Go to the end of the path and find a twana stick in the cave behind the tree
Use your axe on the tree with the axe marks and cross the stream.
Go to the end of the path and collect the twana.
Go back all the way to the fork and now turn left.
Witness the scene where the secret life of Steuben is revealed.
Approach Robin and she will send you to  SOLDIER REALITY.

Collect the goodies and kill all the ghosts. Keep going and again turn right
at the fork.
Kill the hellhound and collect the twana. Go back and kill two more
hellhounds. Take the left fork.
Collect the twana from Coffin Rock and keep going left (close to the
Kill another hellhound and three stick monsters and collect the twana. Now
go back
to the coffin rock and cross the stream right below the waterfall.
Drop you weapon, enter the cave on the other side and discover how you got
your injury.

You will witness Robin doing nasty things to the corpses of search party. Do
not try
to argue with her. Locate the 4 copses which are now possessed: one to the
left of
the Coffin Rock (where you fought stick monsters), one right after the turn
into right fork,
and two on the other side of the stream. Head to the on to the left of
Coffin Rock.
The child-ghost will attack you. Drop a skeleton arm next to the copse (if
you wait a bit,
a kid will complain about tickling - this is your hint).
Now, head across the stream and deposit the broken lantern at the first
(the kid does not want to be looked at) and the bugle at the second one
(the kid is making hushed-up noises).  You will have to kill a couple of
ghosts on
your way. Finally, go to the last copse (the one closest to the Rock), SAVE
and deposit a bundle of herbs ("the old man does not like smelly things").
You have to reach Robin before the countdown is up! Act a doll on her and,
drink up the
essence of the demon. You will learn your identity. After Robin runs away,
enter the cave across the stream. Kill the ghost, collect some twanas in the
and go on through sparkling curtain.
Keep pressing onward and at the fork go for the right cave. Collect the
twana, go back
and kill all ghosts and hellhounds. Go through the second sparkling curtain.
Keep going through a series of doorways and killing the hellhounds
until you reach the house. Wander around until Steuben attacks you in his
new form.
He hangs out around the room with the fireplace - just behind the doorway to
the next room.
Kill him and enjoy your victory!

Iza Peszek

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