Blair Witch Volume II:Legend of Coffin Rock

FAQ/Walkthrough v.01
by: S.Wilson (captainharlock)
e-mail: [email protected]
created: 2/9/01

This Walkthrough was created due to the many e-mails I have gotten wanting me
to write one. Since I did one for the first. I thought I should do one for the
second now since I've finally gotten off my lazy butt to finish the game.

This game is all about action. Unlike the first one which heavily involved a
lot of HARD puzzle solving. It's very straight forward in the gameplay, which
makes it a VERY EASY game. You should finish it in about 4-5 hours. Although I
was expecting a lot more from this game, it's still a good sequel/prequel to
the first one.

This walkthrough is broken up by 2 sections: Real World, and Flashback. These
are the 2 realities you will be involved with throughout the game.

At the beginning, a little girl (Robin) finds you in the woods and wants to
take you to her grandmother. Follow the girl. Be sure to grab the sabre that's
stuck in the ground. Go around the barn and talk to the grandmother.

An event will be triggered, you'll pass out and then wake up with your soul
departed from your
body. Some really creepy ghosts of children will be running about. Find the
cross that's on the table and use it to fend off the ghosts. Follow them to the
dining room, next to the fireplace where Robin is lying. The fire ignites and
another event will be triggered showing Robin saying goodbye. You wake up with
amnesia and the grandmother names you Lazarus. She tells you to take it easy
and tells you about what has happened. You then learn that Robin has gone
missing and the grandmother asks you to find her. You're told to get her son's
gun from the dresser and go practice behind the barn. Grab the gun and some
ammo from the dresser and look around the property. Inside the barn, you'll
find some bullets and some more around the big stone pillar behind the barn.
When you are next to the stone pillar, use your gun to practice shooting at the
cans on the fence. After you shoot all of the cans, you'll pass out and enter a
flashback (this happens a lot through the game).

You'll find yourself as a soldier in a farm. Shoot all the enemy soldiers you
You will encounter the first one when you enter the barn, and the next when
you try to exit through the side door. After you kill them, search their bodies
and you'll  find some bullets and a picture. Retrace your steps to the place
you began
this sequence and kill the last soldier. After this is completed, you will then
reawaken back in the real world.

Real World-
The grandmother will give a long speech. When she finishes, follow her
and go past the house to town. As soon as you enter the area, you'll encounter
a demon dog (hellhound as most call it) kill it and grab the twana (stick
figure). The twanas are used to recover your health. Continue on toward the
town and kill two other hellhounds. Once in town, you'll encounter a search
party. You'll then enter into another flashback.

You are called to report to the commander. Talk to him. When you are dismissed,
be sure to grab the bullets on the bench. Then, go meet your troops. You'll
then go back to the real world.

Real World-
When you're back in the real world, talk to the guy Durant. He'll ask you to
read the
books, but they are a bit hard for you to decipher. Keep talking, and then
after you finish all the conversation head for the woods. The best part about
this game is that it's almost impossible to get lost, unlike the first one. You
see, Lazarus will refuse to follow any wrong trails. You'll enter the ruins of
an old railroad station. Search around and pick up any items you can find. Pick
up the broken lantern from the outhouse. As you leave the outhouse, you'll
enter into another flashback.

When you awaken in the flashback, grab the bullets in the corner of the fence,
next to the wagon,
and some twana sticks next to the boulder, behind the outhouse, and inside the
After you kill 3 enemy soldiers, you'll go back to the real world.

Real World-
When you wake up, you'll meet a blind immigrant man named Steuben. After you
talk to him, you'll hear Robin's voice. Get prepared to follow her. Ghosts will
begin to attack you. You can kill them with your gun or sabre. I found using
the sabre was easier. On your way to the woods, you can pick up another twana
stick. Again, you'll enter a flashback!

Kill the 3 soldiers and search their bodies for some ammo and twana sticks.
Return to your troops and continue until you cross the stream. You'll then come
back to the real world.

Real World-
Cross the stream and turn right. You'll be encountered by more ghosts. Kill all
the ghosts and find two twanas. If you move around, you'll find a witch on a
big rock. Approach her and you'll enter a flashback.

Move around and kill all the soldiers and hellhounds. There is quite a bit to
kill. Be sure to search the bodies for twanas and ammo. When you can, leave
through the path north of the group of the dead hellhounds. Witness the event
of the possessed soldier. Back to the real world!

Real World-
When you reawaken, the witch WILL BE ATTACKING. You MUST act quickly!! Quickly
grab the necklace that's on the ground. The necklace will charge your cross!
Keep using the cross to stop the witch. Then finish the job with your sabre.
After you have completed that endeavor, go southwest from fallen witch, turn
right each time you can, and Robin will appear to you. Follow her to wooden
bridge. Enter flashback!

One of your soldiers, Newhouse, will disappear! Pick up the ammo from the foot
of the bridge. Try to cross the bridge, but not completely across it. The demon
hands will try to stop you. Keep attacking the hands! After a while, your
soldiers will then decide to go on across the bridge. Back to the real world!

Real World-
Cross the stream and you'll meet the search party from before. Talk to them and
pick up the offered bundle of herbs. During the event, notice the twana across
the stream. You can cross the stream to get it. After you do this, continue on
north. At the first intersection, take the right fork. You'll encounter some
stick monster. You can kill the small ones, but the large will reform
everytime. No matter how many times you kill them, they'll come back. So it's
best to run from them. You can try to collect the twana and ammo that's next to
the monsters, but I advise against it because it's really difficult. Just keep
going. Be sure to avoid the stone piles because they can kill you. Keep on
going, taking a right turn at each crossing. Collect the ammo from the ground
and continue east. Kill the attacking ghosts an go on. You'll see another
ghost, which does not attack you but hovers over one spot. You can't do
anything to it, so just leave it alone right now. Move around the area and kill
the last ghost. After you have done this, approach the hovering ghost, and
guess what? Yep, flashback!

After the event at the campground, kill the ghost attacking your soldier. Back
to the real world!

Real World-
Pick up the bugle from the ground and run from the stick monster. Follow right
turns, killing small monsters and running from large ones, until an event is
triggered showing some dead men rising and a thorn barrier being formed (very
cool). Go straight up. Kill the ghost blocking your way and continue on to the
big tree. If you attack the ghosts, they'll just keep coming back. So instead
of fighting, use your sabre to cut the four hanging blood sacks from the tree.
This will stop the resurrection and it'll open the thorn barrier. After the
event, move to the right and keep on trucking, collecting twanas on the way.
When you approach the water, you'll trigger another event. As soon as it ends,
you'll be attacked. So be prepared. Kill the ghost and
go back to encounter and kill another one. Run quickly across the bridge. Kill
the ghost that approaches you. You will see a twana sparkling ahead. Go for it,
but do not pick it up yet. Kill another ghost and two stick monsters when you
approach the rock with twana. Pick up the twana and head further down to find
an axe. Grab it. As soon as you do, another stick monster will drop from the
tree above. You can't kill it, so run back up the path so it'll follow you.
Knock it down and then run all the way back down to the area you found the axe.
To the right, you'll locate a tree with axe-marks next to the stream. Equip
that axe and start chopping that bad boy down. It'll fall to form a bridge
across the stream. What are you waiting for? Go across it! Keep going and you
will come across a graveyard. You'll notice the blind man, Steuben. Approach
him and you'll enter another flashback.

Kill all ghosts and go to the opposite gate. Proceed to the shed and collect
all the ammo and twana sticks along the way. Then go back to the grave where
you have met Steuben and read the tombstone!!!! Back to the real world!

Real World-
AHHH! Hellhounds are attacking you. Kill them all then head back to the shed
for ammo and
twana sticks. Go back to the grave and pick up the baby doll. Now, pick up the
shovel and start digging!! You'll find a skeleton arm! Leave the cemetery
through the main gate and proceed to the right. Collect the ammo and twana
sticks from the ground alond the way. Kill everything that comes your way.
Remember, you can't kill the large stick monsters so run from them. Turn right
at every intersection. Collect the ammo next to the tree stump and keep going.
Kill all the ghosts.
Turn right at the intersection. Go to the end of the path and you'll find a
twana stick in the cave behind the tree stump. Equip your axe and use it on the
tree with the axe-marks. Cross the stream. Go to the end of the path and
collect the twana. Now, go all the way back to the fork and turn left. An event
will be triggered. You'll then learn the true nature of Steuben! Approach
Robin, and it's time for a flashback!

Collect the usual stuff and kill all the ghosts. Keep going, and turn right at
the fork. Kill the hellhound and collect the twana. Go back and kill two more
hellhounds. Now, take the left path.
Collect the twana from Coffin Rock and keep going left near the stream. Kill
another hellhound and three stick monsters and collect the twana. Now, head
back to coffin rock and cross the stream right below the waterfall. There is a
cave on the other side of Coffin Rock. Go inside. An event will be triggered.
Back to the real world!

Real World-
Almost finished!! What the heck?? What is Robin doing?? Don't try to argue with
her. Now you're gonna have to locate the 4 large stone piles which are now
being protected by ghosts. One to the
left of Coffin Rock, one right after the turn into right fork, and two on the
other side of the stream. Go to the one on the left of Coffin Rock. The ghost
will start to attack you. Drop a skeleton arm next to the rocks. The ghost will
stop and the light will dim in the rocks! Now, head across the stream and drop
the broken lantern at the first pile, and the bugle at the second one. Finally,
go to the last one, it's the closest to Coffin Rock. Drop the bundled herbs.
Now, you'll have to reach Robin before the countdown stops! Give her the baby
doll. Then you'll drink the essence of the demon. Now you're possessed, but not
completely! You'll regain your memories.
Robin then runs away. After she's gone, enter the cave beside Coffin Rock. Kill
the ghost, collect some twanas in the caves, and go on through the sparkling
curtains. Keep going and at the fork go for the right cave. Collect the twana,
go back and kill all ghosts and hellhounds. Now, go through the second
sparkling curtains. Keep going through a series of doorways until you reach the
house. What the?? It's Rustin Parr's house!!!! Wander around and you'll
encounter Steuben. He'll then transform into a really awesome monster!! The
coolest monster in the whole game. Steuben will attack you! He hangs out around
the room with the fireplace - just behind the doorway to the next room. When
you kill him, begin to exit the room and an event will trigger. This is the
end! You'll then witness a really lame ending. Oh well!

That's it folks! Hope this FAQ really helped you out. Stay tuned for a Blair
Witch Vol. III:Elly Kedward walkthrough!! I just got it, so look for the FAQ in
a few days!

Special thanks to Artisan, GodGames, and Human Head for making the game. Too
bad the Blair Witch 2 movie sucked!!!

Thanks to GameFaqs for posting this FAQ/Walkthrough!

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