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March 4, 2001


Game Play: The game is keyboard controlled. The movement controls are the directional arrows. The Control (Ctrl) key is used for interacting with objects and characters. The Z key is for run, X key for crouch, Enter key for inventory and the Left Shift is for sidestep. The default controls can be reconfigured using the Options menu. The Escape (Esc) key is for pause and the Main menu. All items that can be interacted on pulses. In some parts of the game, selecting the other character in inventory can do a transfer from one character to the other.


This is the story of the adventures of two friends, Tulio, a man full of ideas who craves for gold and Miguel, a kindhearted, strong man who cares for glory. A story of friendship that survive the perils of intrigue, danger and luck.



Tulio: We find the two friends looking at their wanted poster. Get the poster (ctrl) to add to the inventory of one peseta. Looking around the square, find a guard standing watch by the exit, a roaming chicken behind the corn seller, a chicken seller and a taxman guarding the exit to the docks. The taxman wants 20 pesetas for men and free for women for entry to the docks. The chicken seller wants 20 pesetas for his chicken. On the side of the chicken seller is a tavern. Enter and meet a gambler who invites them for a game of dice but one peseta is not enough to get in the game. Talking it over, the friends decide to find 2 chickens for the dock tax. Buy one bag of corn from the corn seller. While facing the pulsing corn seller, press enter, select one peseta from inventory and press ctrl. Give (ctrl) corn to chicken. Give the chicken to the chicken seller and get 5 pesetas for it. Talking it over, they think of a way to turn 5 pesetas to 40. Go to the gambler and show him the 5 pesetas. The game is to select if the second throw of the dice is higher or lower than the first throw. The amount of wager is selected after the first throw. In the end, the friends win a map to The Road to El Dorado. Inigo, a guard calls away Pablo, the guard standing watch. Now, the two friends can go to town.


Tulio: Go forward through the arched entryway on the left and meet the "Great Malezo", toreador of great repute and conqueror of El Diablo, the bull. Pablo, the guard blocks the road to the left of the screen. Go back to the first intersection after the square. Climb the white steps and enter the first doorway on the left. At Via Alfredo, talk to the man guarding the big gate of El Diablo, who has never been defeated and never forgets a face. "So don't make him mad at you!" Go back through the door, climb the steps and enter the second door on the left. Meet Don Mocoso, who blocks the exit with his slingshot. Look at the barrel on the left and get an idea. Move Miguel towards the 6-year-old kid. Pick up the slingshot. Enter the archway and come out on the tower rampart. The guards are now called to cover the docks. Back to the 2 friends, walk to the other archway exit and come upon the formerly guarded area. Check the gate and get another bright idea. Talk to Miguel again. Go back to talk to the man guarding the gate to El Diablo. Talk to the Great Malezo again and follow him to the El Diablo's gate. A lively discussion between the toreador and the gateman ensues. The gateman departs. Talk to Great Malezo to gain an audience. Unlock the gate of El Diablo. Go back to the fountain area and see the bull has trapped the toreador in the fountain. Standing very close to the bull, use the slingshot on El Diablo. Go to the gate in front of the green dress by way of the tower ramparts and place the poster on it. Pick up the green dress. The kid, Don Mocoso and his father had a lively discussion with our two heroes. 

Go back to the square. Tulio wears the dress. Nice way of walking! Check the disguise with the corn seller and chicken seller. Tulio converses with the taxman. When he loudly states that Miguel sneaks by, use x key and directional arrows to creep to the open doorway to the docks. 


Tulio: The heroes see Cortes' ship and Tulio gives the map to Miguel. In front of a donkey on a platform, a string is hanging from a beam. Move forward and turn right, see the guards and a barrel of carrots. After convincing Miguel to get in the barrel close to the heroes, move Miguel pass the guard by timing each forward action with the turning of the guards and get carrots. Talk to Tulio to get out of the barrel. Miguel or Tulio: Place the carrot on the beam in front of the donkey. Climb the platform on the right of the screen and get an idea on how to get to the ship. Notice that the conveyor belt closest to the ship is moving away from the ship. Go down and move under the conveyor belt, read the Peligro (Danger) sign. Move the lever on the wall downward, changing the direction of the last conveyor. Climb back up on the platform and climb in on the barrel. Do the same for the other hero. 


Brig and Cannon Room

After getting on the ship and being discovered by the sailors, our heroes find themselves in the brig. They discuss the situation and hear Altivo, Cortes' horse on deck of the ship. Tulio: Pick up the apple. Move close to the center beam and climb it. Give the apple to Altivo. Altivo drops a boat hook down the hatch and hits Miguel, knocking him out. Pick up the boat hook. Use the boat hook on the ladder on the top right of the screen on the platform. Climb the ladder. 

Look around and see an overhead handhold that leads to the other platform across the way. That platform leads to a grill gate that has 2 locks. Turn around and look at the grill gate on your side of the platform. See a sleeping monkey and sailor, 5 colored keys on the wall and a stack of biscuits on the table beside the gate. The monkey only responds to her name. Pick up the biscuits, causing the sailor to use the monkey's name - Josephine. Call the monkey and try to get her to play a game with the boat hook and keys. Josephine throws the boat hook away. Call her again, select biscuits from inventory and choose a colored key. Do the same as before and select another colored key. The monkey will only let you carry 2 keys at one time. If you carry more than 2, she screeches and wakes the sailor up and you get thrown back on the brig. Go to the grill gate across the way via handhold and try the keys individually on both locks. This colored key puzzle is a random puzzle. Return the wrong key/s to Josephine and get new one/s until you get the right one/s. Enter the cannon room and see a sailor polishing the cannon. Whatever is done, Tulio gets thrown back on the brig. 

Miguel: Miguel wakes up and Tulio pounds his head on a beam (thinking), ouch! And each time he "thinks", the pulled rope ladder sways. Look at rope ladder. Talk to Tulio to get him to think harder and unrolls the rope ladder, also knocking Tulio out - too much thinking! Climb up the ladder, use the handhold and enter the open gate to the cannon room. Turn to the left facing the screen, move forward, decide to get a disguise and then creep (X key) forward, turn to the left of screen towards the red bandanna close to the first cannon. When close to bandanna, release X key and immediately use Ctrl key to pick the pulsing bandanna up.

Miguel, now disguised sailor gets cannon polishing detail and is given a pair of socks to use. Might as well polish a cannon for a while and when his done, he will be given a biscuit and swig of rum. Get a biscuit and find out that the sailor is scared of rats. Look at door and find out that they are locked in and the only way out is to blow a hole on the side of the ship using a cannon. Go back to brig. Pull up the grate on the floor. Altivo throws another boat hook. Pick up boat hook and use it prop the grate up. Place cookie in bilge/grate and trap the rat. Use sock on grate to pick up rat. Go back to cannon room. Standing close to sailor, give him the sock with the rat. Use sock on lamp oil on crate. Use sock soaked in lamp oil on lantern. Watch what Miguel does. BOOM!! That woke Tulio up. Go to the outside of the ship. Miguel asks Tulio to climb up to the deck.


Tulio: Talk to Altivo. Tulio will untie him and picks up the rope. Use rope on metal ring by the side of the ship. Miguel climbs up. Try to lower the lifeboat by turning the wheel. Ask Miguel to lower the lifeboat. Miguel: Pick an apple. Give it to Altivo and that gives Tulio an idea. Tulio places the apple on the plank and watch what happens.


Bird Rock and Raven

Miguel: At the beach, Miguel notices that the first marker on the map of the road to El Dorado is there - the bird rock. They are on their way to El Dorado!! 

Pull the sword from the skull. Look at bird rock. Climb the bird rock from the back of the bird. Turn around and use sword on vine. Tulio picks up the rope. Use sword on the dense foliage behind the bird rock. They leave Altivo on the beach and enter the opening. They find a poor armadillo threatened by a snake. Moving deeper into the jungle, they see the second marker on the map - the Raven, a shadow cast by the sun on the cliff opening. They have to climb up. Pick up reed/flute from the ground. Go back to the trapped creature and play the flute on the snake. Tulio gave the name, Bibo to the creature. Tulio: Use the vine on Bibo. Look at the tree at the center of the clearing. Ask Miguel to bend the tree. Move Miguel to bend the tree. Look at tree again. Tulio places Bibo, holding the vine on the frond of the tree and Miguel releases the tree. Bibo shoots up and wraps the vine on a tree and drops the other end to the 2 heroes. Climb vine.

Stepping Stone Puzzle

Pick stick off the dead tree. Go to opening at right of screen. Jam stick on pile of rocks by river's edge. Look at rocks again. Tulio asks Miguel to pull on the stick. Move Miguel onto the pile of rocks. Loud Rumblings got our heroes to run away. Later back at the river's edge, the rocks are on the river forming step stones. Move Tulio in front of the step stones and use ctrl key. Tulio jumps on step stones. He now faces big step stones on the river with jumping fishes and turtles in between them. Be sure that the hero faces the stone or turtle he wants to jump on, then use ctrl key. Time the jump right after the jumping fish begins to descend into the water. Now do the puzzle again with Miguel. Get Tulio to move the boulder in front of him to help Miguel. Bibo does the same thing and makes the puzzle look so easy.

Skull Maze

Miguel removes the dense foliage from the skull, the fourth marker of the map and enters. Tulio follows. Miguel, standing on the bridge with Bibo wonders about the lever. Tulio: Pull down the lever. Miguel and Bibo disappear in the river. Go through the open doorway. Pull down the lever under the snake and fish drawing. Enter through the snake door. Pull down the lever under the owl and snake. Enter through the owl door. Pull down lever under the owl and bird. Go out through the bird door. Pull down the snake and fish lever again. Enter through the snake door again. Enter through the fish door and out. Use ctrl key upon standing on the platform inside the skull mouth. Miguel: Now it is Miguel's turn to do the maze. Pull down the fish and bird lever. Enter through the fish door. Pull fish and snake lever down. Go through snake door. Pull owl and fish lever down. Go out through owl door. Pull fish and bird lever down again. Enter through owl door. Exit through bird door. Use the platform n skull mouth. Together again!

Skull Platform Puzzle

Tulio and Miguel: Either hero can do this puzzle and coordination of action is needed. Walk to top of right skull. Ask the other hero to pull down the lever. Transfer control by selecting the other in inventory. Hero on skull moves off the skull. Transfer control. Other hero moves to top of left skull. Transfer control. Pull down lever. Transfer control. Move out off skull. Transfer control. Move to top of right skull and transfer control. Pull lever and get the other hero to the left skull to join the other. Go down the stairs and pull lever. Find Bibo and look at the wall mould at the end of the hallway. Go outside through the left side opening. 

Weeping Woman Puzzle

Move to the left side of the screen towards the left side of the weeping woman marker. Step on the stone platform. Talk to Bibo. Move Bibo behind the stacked rocks. Push rocks. Move Bibo behind statue. Push statue out through the opening. Pick up statue. Go back inside to the wall mould. Place statue on wall mould, the skull closes his mouth. Outside, the weeping woman stops her flowing tears. Climb up the stairs into the eye and find another marker, the Dragon's head and Altivo.

The heroes, riding Altivo travel through mist and falls down to the canyon bottom and hit a stone marker - the engraved drawing of 2 men riding on an animal - the last marker, El Dorado. Natives capture them and a native girl, Chel. They go through a waterfall and a hidden river under the mountains to EL Dorado.

El Dorado

Golden butterflies, colorful amphibians, golden pyramids and awestruck natives greet them. They were mistaken for Gods and treated accordingly. They were having the best time of their life until Tzekel Khan released the terrible stone jaguar. The jaguar controlled by Khan chased the heroes (Gods), Chel and Altivo. Altivo kicked the eye of the stone jaguar, also blinding Kahn and the company got separated. We find the heroes inside a cave trying to cross a bridge.

Bridge of Doom Puzzle

The bridge descends and the four totems at each corner demand tributes to let them pass. Transfer of control is again passed from one hero to another. Talk to the totems before a tribute can be given. Give tributes to the totem when they are lit up. Stepping on specific places, shown by arrows in the graphics, light up a totem. Move Tulio close to Eye Totem to light up the Ear Totem. Move Miguel to Ear Totem and plays the flute as his tribute. The second part of the bridge comes up. Move Miguel to middle area between Nose and Ear Totem to light up Eye Totem. Move Tulio to pick up the shiny plate from the skeleton in the middle of the screen. Give plate to Eye Totem. The third part of the bridge is raised. Move Tulio to middle position at the top of screen to light up the Nose Totem. Miguel gives the sock to the Nose Totem. The first part of the bridge moves up. Move Miguel to position close to the entrance. Tulio goes to Mouth Totem by using ctrl key to jump the gap and gives it the biscuit. The last part of the bridge rises up.
Julio followed by Miguel leaves the bridge of doom and enters the River of Lava chamber.

River of Lava Puzzle

Our heroes must cross the river of lava by stepping on the rock islands to get to the other side in order and to enter a temple with 2 doors separated by the river of lava. Timing is necessary to prevent being caught by spouting lavas. Again face the heroes to look at the island they want to reach before jumping. Upon reaching the other side, a hero pulls down the lever beside the one closed door to the temple, opening the other door. He holds the lever down to keep the other door open. The other hero crosses the river of lava to get to the open door of the temple, enters and pulls the lever by the wall to open the other door for his partner. Climb the ladder and face the Temple of Skulls.

Temple of Skulls Puzzles

Our heroes must now try to get to the top of the temple. They have to coordinate to do the puzzles. The puzzles involve dodging/killing poisonous spiders, raising/lowering platforms and definitely timing. Save your game after finishing each stage
First spider

Wait for the green spider to move to the right side of the platform and then push down on lever, in order to isolate the spider. The spider should enter the hole on the wall before raising the platform with a hero on it.Walk to the other side of the temple and on the way pick up a fruit.

Second Spider

Isolate the spider on the left part of the platform by timing the push down of the lever. Wait until the spider goes in the hole and then pull the lever up, raising the platform up with the other hero to join you.

Third Spider

A hero now goes up to the next level, climb the stairs and pulls the lever raising the platform on the upper level. He places the fruit under the raised platform, run back down to the lever on the level below and lower the platform - squashing the spider. Climb the stairs and push lever to bring other hero up.


Fourth Spider

Walk to the middle of the temple and down the stairs. Pull lever to raise the platform so that the spider can crawl to it. Lower the platform and when the spider enters the hole, raise the platform. Climb up the stairs to the next level. 

Fifth Spider

Wait for the spider to get to the middle platform and ask the other hero to pull the lever to lower the platform with the spider.


Enter the lowered platform then ask other hero to raise it when spider goes out to the landing, trapping the spider in the lower level. 
Transfer control to the hero at the bottom level and he pulls the lever raising the platform beside him and lowering the platform on the middle level when the spider is on the left side of the platform. He climbs the stairs and enters the recessed platform.
Time the pulling of the lever on the top level to raise the platform and trap the spider. Walk to the center of the temple and get chased by the stone jaguar.

The stone jaguar corners the heroes but they get away by punching Tzekel Kahn. Dazed, Kahn lies under the stone jaguar and they both fall into the whirlpool.The problems of the heroes are not over. Tulio wants to go back to Spain with gold and Miguel wants to stay in El Dorado. Cortes' coming to look for El Dorado spoils their plans. They have to seal the city from the outside world by filling the water entrance to El Dorado. To do so, they have to start the flow of water in the Water Temple and as the young girl guide points out, only Tzekel Kahn knows how. Aside from that, there are monsters in the temple. The partners split up inside the water temple.

Water Temple

Tulio: Turn left and enter a room with a trap door on the floor. The lever to open and close it is on the wall on the top left of the screen. Go to the next room and see a water gate with an open archway behind it. Go forward to the next room and see a closed door at top of the screen that says, "Only the bearer of the Sun Gem may pass". To the right of that, a door says, " Only the bearer of the Evil Eye may pass". To the left of the sun gem door, is a contraption that is missing some cogs. To the left of that is a Jaguar Pump. Go back to the entrance of the temple and turn to the right archway, where Miguel entered. On the right side of the screen is another water gate and right across that is a cog lying on a cloth. Pick it up. Enter the next room and find the second trap door on the floor. The lever to open and close it is on the opposite side of the room at the bottom right of the screen. At the top part of the room is a face with a gem as an eye. Enter the room at the top and pick up another cog lying on the floor by the wall between the two openings. Enter the next room and under the wall mosaic on the top part of the room, pick up the third cog. Go back to the Jaguar pump room at the other side of the temple and place the 3 cogs individually on the contraption. Pick up the Sun Gem that falls from above. Go through the Sun Gem door and find a stone jaguar on a pedestal. Tulio sees a lever behind the grate on the top part of the room. When Tulio tries to pull the grate off, the stone jaguar comes to life................

Miguel: Look at the water gate and use sword to lower it. Move forward to the room on the right and pry the eye from the face on the wall with sword. Go to the evil eye door at the opposite end of the temple. Enter and lower the other water gate with the sword. Enter through the archway and see the third water gate. Try lowering it and the stone jaguar comes to life.......

Stone Jaguar Puzzle

The main objective of the puzzle is to get the stone jaguar on top of a trap door and to pull the lever to open it. The best strategy, I found is to run to the other trap door, in the room where the evil eye was obtained. Go across the other side of the room, making the stone jaguar cross the trap door on the floor and pull the lever. Or lure the jaguar to the entrance area, run back to the room to the left, across the trap door and pull lever. Both heroes do this puzzle. Tulio runs from the sun gem room, traps the jaguar and the grate back at the sun gem room opens. Miguel runs from the evil eye room, traps the jaguar, goes back to the evil eye room and uses his sword on the water gate. Now all three water gate are opened. Look for Tulio back at the sun gem room.

Together again!! Miguel pulls the lever in the sun gem room. We're going to die!!! Walls groans, cogwheels turn and water pours from the Jaguar pump. They did it!! On the way out of the temple, see water flowing in all reservoirs. 

Tulio with Chel leaves El Dorado in a boat full of tributes of gold. Miguel stays behind as a God. The tower, being pulled to block the entrance to the city to stop Cortes and his troops, is going down too fast and is going to smash Tulio's ship. The ship's mast is stuck and would not unroll to provide speed. With the help of the Chief, the natives try to hold back the tower. Miguel jumps on Altivo, rides to the ship, soars through the air (reminiscent of an ancient Inca legend) and catches the mast and unrolls it. Together again, they ride the giant waves caused by the tower that crashed on the river. The boat overturns and the gold tributes spill out. The company gets swept out through the entrance of El Dorado. Falling rocks seal the entrance behind the waterfall. The still optimistic Miguel is joyous while Tulio grumbles about lost fortune. The friends, partners in adventure, sail on the barge while Chel washes clothes and Altivo is pulled in a boat behind.

 And that is the story of Tulio and Miguel!


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