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The first part of this section gives you a nice overview of all the weapons you can use in the single player campaign. There isn't any extensive information though, mainly because it's not available. The second part gives you an extensive table of all weapons in the game, including weapons that you are not able to use in the single player campaign (eg. flak guns, turrets, dogfight missiles, ...)

I've divided the weapons into guns and missiles. Just click any weapons to view some detailed specs. I've tried to verify the range of all weapons (which is not easy on flying targets in singe player). If I'm wrong, just mail me and I'll correct the error.

Special thanks to Zarathud of the Descent Chronicles for letting me use his detailed weapon information.


Guns should be chosen carefully, since they'll be your main weapon of attack. Some weapons have incredible power, but usually have a slow recharge rate or do a specific kind of damage.

Gun List


With missiles you only have to check 2 things: Also keep in mind that heavier missiles need longer reload times, are slow (and therefore should be dropped at max speed) and take a long time to lock on to a target.

Missile List

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