The Summoner's Walk Through basic

Since I don't do detail game play, meaning, I don't usually do side quest, I
will outline only the main story.

Starting in the small town.

This is your basic tutorial game play.  Learn the functions now or you will
have to learn it later.

Keep exploring until you come to the exit  then fight the boss and  go to the
world map.

Boss:  only a cake fight on this one.

When you exit it, move toward Lenle, the capital of Medeva.

Options:  You can explore the city  and get Fleece now or just keep fighting in
the jungle until you level up and get Fleece later.

Secrets:  At the beginning, if you fight in the jungle, there are some
tree-like creatures which gives you alot of EXP( I mean alot EXP= 3000 points
for one kill).  I could not find these creatures later in the game, except in
the Forest..

Once you have Fleece, keep exploring the dungeon until find the exit.

Puzzle:  open the gates
solutions:  split up using solo mode.  send Joseph ahead..not difficult.

Once you are inside the castle, Fleece will go find Yago.  Save often here as
you will need the reload.  If you get caught, you restart from below.

Go all the way to the 4th floor, explore until you see the conversation the
between the Prince and the White lady.  Pick up key and find Yago.

You talk with Yago and your first quest starts.

You set sail for Iona Island.  Talk to all the people and once you get
Rosalind, talk to the flashing guy in the courtyard and you will be given the
key to the catacomb.  Go to the Minor Library (on your left route when going to
the Main Library).  Search the library for items if you want.  Open the door
and you will be on your  way to the Catacomb.

Monsters types:  Undead archers and swordsman.

helpful spells:  regenerate, heal, protect from Joseph
weapons:  sword for Joseph and bow for Fleece
puzzle:  objects turn on

Explore until the tunnel splits into two.  Take either the far left or far
right and turn on the stone sun, then do the other.  Be sure to pickup the
treasures there.
Now take the one in the middle.  Go away the way to the end and you will fight
a boss to get the ring.

Boss:  Dead Knight.
difficulty:  moderate

Once you get the ring of light, and return to the world map, prepare for a
brutal battle.  This is your first battle with the Riders.

Boss:  Rider, very fast
difficult: Very hard
special:  paralize, Summon skeleton or mummy

strategy:  cast firewall and meteor and healing like crazy then run like crazy.

Defeat the Rider and return to Yago for instruction.

You will have your last member in your party, Jekhar.  He is a great warrior.

Be sure to talk to everyone around King when Jekhar joins your party.  You need
clues for the quests.  Talk to the High priest for the blade for the Fire ring
quest.  Talk to Tancred to find the map for the Ikemos.


Monsters:  Balcites and some stone golems

helpful spells:  regenerate, heal, protect from Joseph and Rosalind
weapons:  sword for Joseph & Jekhar, bow for Fleece & Rosalind
puzzle:  unlock statue with for daggers.
(I hope by now, Fleece has level 10 pick lock)

Explore and kill the Balcites.  You will arrive at the castle.  When you enter
the castle, you can simply go right and go down.  Explorer every corner.  There
are three daggers in the lower floor, find them before coming up.  Don't take
the same path on the way up, take the other.

Fight thru and get the last dagger on the upper floor.  Go unlock the statue
and prepare for a boss fight.

Boss:  Stone Priest
Special:  Stone on successful strike
difficulty:  hard

Strategy:  turn off Rosalind's casting.  You need the AP for the healing.

You get the ring of Earth once you defeat him.

Return to the world map and prepare for the second Rider fight.  This one isn't
so hard because you have more people in the party.
use the case strategy when fighting the first Rider.

Mountain of Kosahni.

Go toward the Mountain and you will find the Kosahni.  You must explore and
find them in a battlefield.
This quest is straight forward.  Some of the puzzles are annoying but not hard.
 However, you can save while questing in their Ordeal, except when fighting the

Make use of the Golem ring until you find the Fire Ring.

Boss:  FireDrake
difficulty:  Easy/very hard.

There are two ways to defeat this Boss.  Easy way is to use Blizzard and just
keep healing Rosalind (she is the one casting).
Hard way is to use melee combat (good luck with melee).

Defeat the Drake and return to the surface.  Prepare for another Rider Battle
in the world map..

Boss:  Rider, very fast
difficult: moderate

This guy should be easy by now.  Simply cast Red Minator and keep chopping or
firewall his position.

Return to Lenle and you find yourself a surprise.  Talk with Yago and head for
the Temple for another surprise.

Boss at Temple:  Rider, very fast

strategy:  meteor to get him off the horse.  Summon Minator and firewall his

After the surprise, you find the most annoying part of the game.  You play with
Fleece alone.

The Tower of Eleh:

Hopefull, you have death spell in dark by now.  If you don't, you just have to
hit with bow and run.  If you are skill in bow, you should do just find. 
Shooting a running enemey slows him down.  shoot twice then run and shoot to
slow it down then repeat the process.  Careful not to fight two guards at once.
 Save often.

Puzzle: find keys.  Again, this is so annoying that I kill every single enemy
on the map with Fleece before I got the keys.  But I think that killing the
green guy with the war-hammer on the 3rd floor gives you the key to the cabin,
with the key in the cabin, you can free Joseph.  Have fun shooting and runing
and reloading from casting death spell.

Once you get Joseph, return to Wolong and find Rosalind on the left side of the
map by the forest.


You have lost the summoning ability.  It takes the next quest to restore it.
Explore the deserted town and becareful with the guards.  They are quite

Goto the forest on the west and then you will find Rosalind with one of the
Gatherer.  Do as you are told and solve the puzzle.
Puzzle:  get the pieces needed to get the ritual going. Explore and talk to
everyone for the items needed.  Be sure to explore the forest for the charcoal

After the get all the  items, come back to the Gatherer and you will be given
further instruction to find the Pool of Wander and clense yourself. You can
either fight your way up or use the invisible potion given to you.  I fought my
way up to the entrance of the Cavern..

TIP:  To kill hard enemies, have Joseph in the front line and then have
Rosalind cast firewall as support.  Becareful not to have Joseph standing on

Cavern of Wolong:

If you think that the Tower of Eleh was annoying, you will hate the Cavern map.
 I hate it every minute I was in there because the camera view is locked and
you don't see a damn thing.  Oh yeah, because of the way the background is
constructed and the bad camera view, you can't tell if there is a steep path or
a wall.  Haha.. you will see what I mean.

Enter and keep going.  Always keep left until you get to the bridge.  Try going
right if you don't trust me.  The enemies are not hard but the camera view
makes them hard.  Again, I kill most of the enemies by using firewalls. 
Rosalind and Joseph cast firewall, alternating casting turns.

After you cross the bridge, explore to your left first and talk to everyone not
hostile.  Be sure to find the switch to the hidden room on the north-middle. 
Becareful with the mages.  They can really hard meteor storm.  Simply firewall
their position since they always stand and cast.

Once you get the inside switch, explore to the right..a bit south.  You will
find Azha who can't be killed by your magic or weapons.  Talk to him and find
the switch close to him.  That switch is a trap and can be used to kill him. 
You can kill him first or come back to kill when his slave asks you to kill him
before he shows you the way.  To kill him, simply lure him to the trap and pull
the switch and he low..haha..

Once you kill him, go find the slave and talk to him.  Be sure to ask him to
take you around the maze.  Good luck if you want to find it yourself.

Go through the tunnel to the other side.  thoroughly search the area and you
should find the "tail of Rhukha".  Eat the plant and fight your way to the
pool.  Be sure to talk to the ghost near the pool to get the Ring of Water. 
Exit the Cavern and you will find that Jade Temple army is about to attack.

Back to Wolong:

Talk to them or simply lead the attack.  Now you have the Blue Imp, he can heal
and cast all ice spells.  Again, firewall your way thru to the bottom and you
will have to fight the General.  There are two ways to kill him, one is to
fight him with all his guards and one is to kill his guards using Blizzard
spell then kill him.  He is damn easy anyway.  Once you kill him, talk to
Fleece mother and after that, Jekhar joins the party again.  He brings you the
Ring of Four Wings.  Exit this map by boats if you forgot where the exit is...I

Your next quest is to get the Ring of Forest.

Ring of Forest:

This maps is pretty easy at the beginning.  But annoying too when passed thru
the poison cloud.  You will be poison the whole time on this map.  Be sure to
have the Imp in your party so that you have more healing power, you will need

Toward the end of the map, you will have to fight two of the Riders.  They are
tough enemies but focus on killing one before killing the other.  Again,
Firewall and Blizzard are your friend in this battle.

Explore all the corners and you will eventually come to the Shrine.  Save your
game before talking to the Guardian.  You have multiple battles ahead.  These
are not hard if you play it right..again..firewall their position and keep them
in line for the firewall to do the killing.

Once you defeat the Emperors army, you can have the ring.  Exit to the world
map and return to Wolong if you want to complete the quest for the Spirit girl.

Temple of Jade:

Head to the temple of Jade and you will face the last two Riders.  By now, you
shouldn't have to worry about them.  Defeat them and go up the upstairs.  Kill
anything on the way and prepare yourself to battle the Emperor himself.  He is
not hard.  He starts as a mage and teleports around.  But where-ever he
lands..simply firewall that positon..and he dies fast.  He then changes form
and haha..he is easier than least for me.  He was chasing Fleece the
whole time so I simply run around and have the others chop him to death.  Once
kill him, you get the Jade Ring.  Talk to Fleece's mother by the gate and you
will be going to Kosahni Temple.

Kosahni Temple:

The Firedemon is trapped below and they need your help..but before that
happens, you must find the stolen scrolls.  While the Kosahni makes the rings,
you journey to Iona to retrieve the scroll.

Iona Island:

When you get there, you find that it is gone and was taken to the Lenle by the
traitor Queen and Prince.  Journey to Lenle and you will have to play with only
Jekhar and Rosalind.  This stage can be very hard if your characters are weak. 
The enemies are fast and do alot of damage.  Put Jekhar in front and have
Rosalind cast firewall.  Play slowly and you should be fine.  Run if you get
surrounded.  Be sure that Jekhar has healing spells by now.  Note that the gate
is block and you must take the sewer.  But you want to take the path that exits
to the Marketplace where Fleece first take take you into the sewer.  Don't
think this is the last will come back thru this same path one more
time..haha.  Fight your way to thru to the Palace.  This is your chance to lvl
up Jekhar and Rosalind..yeah you want

Once you are inside the palace, kill all the enemies around the King and Queen.
 But don't get into too close or you be forced to fight them all at the same
time.  Good luck if that happens to you.

This battle with Queen and King is pretty hard if you don't know what the hell
you are doing.

Trick:  The Queen can't be hurt by magic or weapons with magic effect.  The
King has high resistant to physical but can be killed with firewall.  So use
Jekhar in the front and firewall the King first.  The Queen doesn't do that
much damage to Jekhar.  Once you kill the King, switch sword to non-magical
weapon and kill her.  She is pretty easy with physical damage.  Return to
Kosahni when you get the scrolls.

Fire Demon:

The rings are made and now your first quest to capture the demons start.  Deep
down the Kosahni Temple, Fire Demon is raising an army.  Go and destroy it. 
This stage is pretty hard if you play it wrong.  avoid physical combat, except
Jekhar as a bait.  Have Rosalind and the Blue Imp cast Blizzard on those
enemies.  They are weak to ice magics.

Go all the way to the bottom and prepare to fight the Fire Demon.  He is the
hardest of all the demons.  He does a huge damage to all party members and
resistant to magic (fire definitely).  Have Jekhar and the Jade Golem up in the
front and have the rest heal (I used Imp, I like healing).  Revive anyone who
dies except Fleece since she is useless in this fight.  Be sure Joseph doesn't
die or you end up having two enemies to fight.  Slowly, you will chop him to
death and you can then capture him. Return to the the Kosahni when you are done
and your get the ring of Light and the right of Stone.  The ring of Darkness is
not yet done.

Stone Demon:

Go back to the swamp and fight your way through.  Make use of blunt weapons
here.  Also, I hope that by now, you realize the power of your Jade Golem.  His
spell is awesome.  Every cast reduces target HP by half.  So a 1000HP enemie is
reduced to 500HP in one cast.  Second cast will reduce him to 250.  He never
misses, assume you don't have him in combat when casting.  Now just do your
normal chopping to finish the enemy unit.  The fastest way to reach the boss is
to keep left.  Even the main gate to the Palace is blocked so you have to keep
left.  when you get to the entrance on the left side, be sure to save it. 
Enter the Palance and you have to fight the Stone Demon.  He is not hard.  Use
Jade Golem and Jekhar for chopping and the rest for healing.  Fleece can just
run and shoot..she wont die if you just keep her out of the way when the Demon
rams.  Once you defeated the Demon, explore if you want..there are minor
treasures about.  Fight your way to the ship and leave.

Light Demon:

Go back to Iona and you will face some pretty tough warriors, even Jekhar gets
his HP clicking.  Fight slowly and use Jade Golem beam.  Head to the Library
and you will have to fight the Light Demo.  There is a bug the first time I
went into the Library, the Light Demon was invisible to me.  I have to reload
to make it work right.  The battle is very easy compare to the previous two.  I
just summon the Imp to heal and have Jekhar do the chopping.  Return to Kosahni
Temple when you are done.

When you return, the Ring of Darkness is done.

The Demo of Darkness.

Head to the Temple of Urath inside Lenle and defeat the Darkness Demon.  Told
you so..we have to take the sewer again.  But this time with four people and a
summoned creature, you move faster.   I mean the batles are shorter.

Save before you enter the Temple.  Marchival, the Darkness Demon is not hard,
but very very annoying.  He flies away and you must chase him to come down
again.  When you go chasing him, his little minions spawn as soon as you change
view.  What I mean is that if you have characters which are not in the same
window view, that character is very likely to get attack when you switch
windows.  His minions will cause sleep and silence for a long while.  So be
very careful!!!

When you defeat the Angel form, you have to defeat him the "evil Joseph" form. 
 Don't let him summon too many creatures..especially the Jade Golem. Defeat the
Evil Joseph form and you have to fight the Demom form.  The Demon form is not
so hard either.  I had both Jekhar and Joseph do the chopping and soon he was
dead.  Of course, I had to use firewall and blizzard on him to take out huge
HP.  The Demon form has 5700HP and Evil Joseph has 4200HP, I think the HP
depends on your character level.

NOTE: My Jade Golem was lost when Joseph die, a good thing I didn't have to go
up the stairs again where the Golem was willl see what I mean. 
Because Joseph is likely to die sometime during this long batle, don't summon
anything until the Angel form is defeated.

After you defeat the Demon, you can finally become a god.  But if you had read
the Tome Quest when you went to Iona for the Light Demon, you would find out
that there are many Gods and becoming one God will probably change nothing.  I
simply walk out and the game ends with some movie clips.

My rating on this game is about 7 out of 10.

Bad features:
--Items are hard to find in your inventory, can't arrange them alphabetically.
--Camera views are limited.  You can only have two views.  You should be able
to look up and look down in the low views.
--Travel, once you have the Ring of Four Wings, you should be able to travel
without haven't to walk.  How stupid to have the dragons and can't ride.
--Summon the dragons don't really help in battle.  It sucks Joseph  1/2HP and
takes a long time to for mana to recharge.  I don't ever use the summon dragons
in battle.  The only summon creatures worth having are Jade Golem for its Jade
Beam and the Imp for it's healing and Ice spells.
--the chain combos don't have much effect, except the Jade Golem's protect and
faith combo.  But even then, I always cast those before battle so they are
useless even if they come out....
--The market system don't mean very much in this game, you can basically pick
up all items you need.

Good features:
--Good story line with some elements of surprises
--Well balance battle

Written by Windfire
email:[email protected]

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