Alundra Walkthru & Hints -Version 2.0(11/02/97)
(Complete Walkthru)

Introductory Comments:
This game is a lot like Zelda on the SNES, but also has the jumping and feel of 
Landstalker. There are many more puzzles than Zelda and has more things to do 
and find.It is much larger than Zelda. This walkthru is based upon the Japanese 
version, so I had to make up names for the dungeons. Working Designs is doing 
this game in the US and they say December. I have not done a room by room 
walkthru in all areas, but I think I've covered all the rooms that may be a 
problem.I will update this when I play the US version. 

In the Beginning:
Walk around and get used to game.You start out on a ship in the opening 
sequence. When you get on land,you can find a couple items. If you ever get 
stuck and don't know where to go, go see the fortune teller. For $15, she will 
show you a map of overworld and where to go. If her door is closed, it generally 
means you need to do something in town or you need to talk to someone or do a 
dream sequence. The walkthru for the first three levels are brief since I did 
not take notes for the mine and crypt. Also, watch the intro, it shows clips 
from some areas. You can charge your weapon(except the sword) up by holding down 
the attack button. 

Old House:
The first level is easy. Its located to the east near the river east of the 
desert. Walk out of town thru the south entrance and head east. When you get to 
some stairs, go up and continue east. When you get to the bridge, go north to 
the house. Make sure you look in all rooms in this game or you will miss items. 
You need to collect the birds to get items later in the game.

Always stock up and save after each level. This area has three generators to 
start. The first one has levers to pull (L-L-R-L). The last generator you pull 
the levers in a certain order (I think its lower 3 times then upper once, but 
may be opposite to this) and then jump on the machine from above a few times.

Go back to town and heal and restock. There is a dream sequence in this part of 
the game, but I don't remember exactly where it was. I don't recall having any 
problems with it. Make sure you get all the items before leaving the dream 
sequence. You can't go back as you can in most of the dungeons.

Assuming the ghosts are numbered from left to right, the order is 3-2-4-1-5.  In 
room with purple orbs in diamond, hit inorder (R-L-Bottom-Top). In looping 
rooms, start in room with orbs then go to next room.Go back to first room and 
then go left. Now go right to new area. The rest of the level is pretty straight 
forward and you should have no problem.

 Before you can get in the pyramid, you need to get the digger item( looks like 
a tan cape). I think its located in a cave on the stone mountain. Use it to dig 
in the sand and pass under low areas. I'll start near the end of this dungeon 
since most rooms are straight forward. In the room with the North and South 
doors, You need to stay on the "O's" or doors will shut. Get the barrel south of 
the door on the right and use it to get thru. Go thru the top door first.In one 
of the last rooms,you'll need to catch the falling barrels and place them to 
move on. They only appear the first 4 or 5 times you hit the switch. If you hit 
the switch and watch where they fall, this is not where you catch them(it 
changes when you stand by holes. You also do not need to get in the holes to 
 In the final boss area, you need to jump in both holes and place the 
blocks(moon,sun,etc.) on the floor in the order shown on the wall. In the left 
hole its "NEWS" and right is "SWEN" (n=north,etc.). Once you get the count down, 
dropping them at the right time is not to hard. I threw the block on the count 
before it changes to the needed symbol. Once this is done you fight the 
boss(fairly easy). You get new sword, boots and Heart ( opps...throwback to 
Zelda), Diamond(life) container.
 Now that you have new boots and can jump higher. Explore and you can get more 
stuff. You can get another golden bird. The gold birds will get you the items in 
the shop south of town , where he asks for $10000 (you can only get your money 
up to $9999!). The shop south of town that has a life container, ring, blue 
tube(?), and a tiera. Don't worry about them now, you need about 40 gold birds 
to get them.Before going to the next area, stock up, get bottles and life leaves 
(herbs).  Some other quick notes: use bombs to blow up small stumps and ball and 
chain to destroy the white blocks. Make sure you talk to everyone in town after 
each dungeon. Some conversations trigger the next event. At this point I have 18 
life containers and 13 golden birds.

Beach Cave:
 The first part is easy and you should get a key. You'll see a chest you'll get 
later. Next you'll get to a room with 4 doors(three in back and one in the front 
right side). You need to activate three orbs and then go in the back center 
door. In the back left room you need to throw a rock at the orb while not 
getting hit by the rotating ball. Now go down the stairs and defeat all the 
enemies. Don't fall off! Now grab your new you can swim.
 Now go back to room with platforms. Swim back to the right.(there's a chest 
toward bottom with $30). You'll find a locked door. Go across platforms to get 
key #2. Go thru door.
In the next room you must press button and run around ledges before block falls. 
The next room has three spinning balls. The key is to smash the ball support 
with your ball & chain so the ball is near the ledge at the right. You'll also 
need the barrel thats hidden behind the white rock you can smash. Now climb to 
ledge and go to the next room. Here you can save your progress(exit to right).
 The next room is a little tricky. You need to break the spinning ball supports 
so the balls roll to a place to allow you to jump across ledges. The way I did 
it was stand to the east of the top ball and hit the support when ball was at 
10:00. For the lower ball, stand north of the ball and hit the support when ball 
is at 6:00. In the next room don't break the pots. You need to jump from them to 
reach the island. You'll get another key. Now go back to the save warp (save and 
fill up). Head south thru door. Another life container and blue potion.
Go down stairs and ride balls across room. Jump off last ball before it falls in 
the hole.
Now you face the water boss. If you retreat to the ledge in the upper right 
between hits, it is easy. He(or she) takes several hits. When defeated, you get 
the healing scroll.

Now go back to town ,stock up and save. The fortune teller is closed which means 
you need to do your next task in town or nearby. Before moving on, go exploring 
and go for a swim. Go to area in lower right and swim to another life container. 
You can also go to upper left and swim to get some items. After exploring, talk 
to everyone in town and you'll end up going upstairs in the house with 3 people 
standing outside. At the end of the sequence it nitetime. There is no music for 
this sequence. Town gates are locked. Go to fortune teller'll wake 
up to morning.

Snow World(I'm making these names up since I can't read Japanese):
Go to the house in the lower right. Dream sequence will take you to this 
level.There are three switches. Do middle one last.Go in west tower first. You 
need to get three keys to open gates on upper outside balcony. My notes during 
the first part of this level were somewhat cryptic so a few steps may be 
missing. I generally skip easy rooms in the walkthru. Go to save point which is 
outside down to right before going thru door. The next room has arrow 
floor(directional not shooting). Work your way to upper right. Don't smash the 
ice statues. Push onto switch. In the next room, push one statue under the 
platform(so it doesn't fall) and the others in the gaps so you can use them to 
jump across. The trick is to push the two outside statues to the middle first 
before pushing the middle one. Now push the middle one up, then push the right 
one down,right and down. Push the last one right. Now climb up and jump across. 
The next room you will need to quickly jump on each orange switch without 
getting knocked off. Stay on upper ledge if possible. If you do 
previos room again. In the next room, get the ball to break the rocks above. 
Hint..The ball goes in the direction of last switch hit. If you are quick, you 
can hit the switch so the ball changes direction without falling off. The next 
room has four switches. Jump across pillars and get another gold bird. Next, the 
middle dooroutside..get the key in the chest.
 Right Tower: Push the pillars first to change the switch to green( push front 
one to the left first). Leave room after switch activated and then re-enter to 
get chest with another life container. The next room was a pain and took several 
tries. You'll see several pillars. ALL are needed in some way to complete room. 
Some move and some are used as backstop. Since a detailed solution is more than 
I desire to type, here are some hints: Set up a "backstop" on the right side of 
the switch. It will take pushing three pillars from left to right to get one on 
top of the switch. Set up the ones on the left side so that you can push two of 
the ones on the right over to the left. Do this one at a time(the last two). 
Once you push it from right to left, push it up, then to thr right..even with 
the switch (hey..if the game was to easy it wouldn't be fun). When you get the 
switch lit green, make sure you get the key in the lower right. Now jump to 
center platform.
Boss-Now that you have all three keys you can open the three center gates above 
and head to boss. This boss sucks(literally). Try to stay to the side and hit 
with ball and chain. Save some life, as you will have another fight back in 
town, but its not to hard...just don't stand still.

 Now after a sequence you will get the crossbow when you come downstairs from 
your rest. Stock up and save. Go try out your new weapon. If you go to the 
church above the town(right of the large pond) you'll be able activate switch 
with arrow to open a door. A book is missing...hmmm. If you explore around 
you'll find a house(shack) near the west river. Upstairs is a "music" man. Go to 
center table and answer yes or no ( These are the only Japanese words I 
recognize..YES is shorter and has one backwards "J". NO is a longer word with 
two backward "J's"). Above this house is another house with a switch and chest 
behind a grate door. Can't quite hit the switch with my arrow. I wish the arrow 
flew like my golf balls.How to get the chest is covered later on.

Water Dungeon:
 Go to the pond in east of town. You'll see an orb on an island you can't jump 
to. Shoot it with an arrow and it will turn orange. The cave opens behind the 
statue at north end of the pond. Make sure you have full life leaves and 
potions. This dungeon has more enemies than previous. Bombs work good on these, 
but a hit with your new sword kills with one hit. If you need to leave the 
dungeon, there is a white rock on the left side of the wall on the ledge. Blow 
it up and you can exit up the ladder or go south to refill.
At this point I had 21 life, 16 gold birds, and 2 magic crystals.
In the room where the enemies keep coming, the key is to destroy the statues 
with your arrows. Once the statues are gone , the enemies stop coming. Once 
defeated, an opening appears to the right. Avoid the fire balls and head to the 
next room. You'll need to use arrows on the statues again in the next area to 
break the floor plate.
I'm skipping to the boss since I didn't take notes on the last few rooms. There 
was nothing difficult getting to the boos room from the last hints. The boss 
room has ledges on both sides. The left has two chests and you'll get here 
first, but won't be able to get to the boss area til you walk around to the 
other side(thru other rooms).You can't get chests until you beat the boss. When 
you get to the right side ledge, make sure you are stocked up before you jump 
off the ledge. For this boss, I used arrows. There are other enemies which you 
can reduce the number of, but can't eliminate. Concentrate on the boss. I keep 
moving from top to bottom to stay away from the enemies and keep firing at the 
boss. It will heal itself after a while, so keep firing. I finally killed it by 
using the heal scroll next to it which did enough damage to kill it. Once the 
boss is beat, go up the steps on the left that appear and open the chests. You 
get a new scroll.
 A quick note about these items. If you go up from the area above the music 
house, you'll see shrines with a pedestal. There are seven. You should have an 
item which looks like red tubes. Place it on the first one you get to. There are 
three across bridge and one on an island. While you're here, jump off the side 
of the bridge into the water and collect another gold bird on the island.

Town / Dream:
Go back to town and save before going into any houses. Stock up. If you need a 
gold potion, go to house in far southeast corner (below desert). When you are 
stocked up, go into a house and start a dream sequence. You will be in a 
mountain area where you must put crystal balls on alters to open the floor. I 
did not take many notes in this area so this portion is skimpy. You need to loop 
around in this level. Notice the ledges you pass when you fall; you'll need to 
land on these to progress.
You'll eventually come to a room with statue heads that blink the eyes when you 
walk in front of them. Don't walk in front of them. If the eyes blink, the doors 
on the sides will close. Exit the top door and come back in and stay behind 
them. To the left, you'll see a chest you can't jump to. Go back up and fall in 
hole on left. Hold the directional button so you land on the right side (the 
chest you couldn't jump to). Take item from chest and walk around ledge to get 
the crystal ball. Stand on chest and jump across(with crystal) to room with two 
statue heads. Walk behind them or you have to go get crystal again. Go thru 
right door and put crystal on alter and fall thru the floor hole that appears.
In area below, there is a crystal on a platform you can't reach. Go above and 
activate the plates by the openings on the right. Jump across the first opening 
and jump thru the narrower second opening. You'll land on the crystal. Jump down 
with crystal and beat enemies. Can beat easy by throwing crystal at them. Now 
put it on the alter in other room.
Boss-The sucking boss is back( or his evil twin). Don't let the villager get 
sucked in or you will die. I used a sword and got sucked in a lot. Keep at it, 
refill and he's history. Killing the blobs during the battle will give you some 
Go back to town, refill and save.

Burning Bush Dungeon:
I guess we'll find out the real names of these levels when Working Designs 
releases the US version.
Go north past the pond and up the steps to top area. Go in cave where you see 
the two flag poles. Talk to the group and the cowards will leave you alone again 
to fight. Go to the back of the room and break a hole. You have to jump up on a 
small ledge and hit with ball and chain.
Get to save warp by hitting switch with arrow. Fill up and save. In first area, 
get on platform with lamp and throw at bush. Go south and ride directional 
platform to chest at end of room. Go back, refill and save. The warp on top of 
the ledge goes to a water area with 3 chests. Fill up and save when you return. 
Now go thru the door right of save warp(across spike area). This room has a 
chest behind bushes in upper left hand corner. Jump across to switch and back to 
top(CCW). You can now get over the first set of plates. To get over the second 
set, throw a bomb on switch(Don't jump down). On the other side are two lamps 
and a door. I tried to get to the chest with the lamps but couldn't on a couple 
tries so I moved on. I'll go back later. Go thru door to right. Jump on 
platform, get barrel and come back to activate switch and three lamps drop. Go 
in cave door on top of ledge. To get the chest, don't burn bushes on the ledge. 
Go to right side of room, get lamp and throw at bush on top of pedastal. You 
need to clear the pedastals to jump to chests from last pedestal. Need good 
timing to keep from getting knocked off. Go back to room with platforms and go 
thru south door( is this music Mario castle music or what!)
The next room is a water room with lamps and platforms. Take lamps and burn 
bushes to get to the chest with the key. Head out the south door. The next room 
has spike balls rotating around platform with chest. Get herb and go out door to 
right. The next room gets buggy...literally. Kill the thing that keeps 
generating the killer crickets, then step on switch. Go to door at top..use key 
and get key and herbs if you need them. Go back to bug room, press switch and 
run right. Kill the enemies on each level to lower the platform.Use bombs. Door 
is at top. In the next room do NOT kill the turtles immediately. Let them walk 
around and burn the bushes with their fire breath. When they burn the bush in 
the corner, jump on switch that appears. Then kill turtles and lower platform. 
Ride it up. Clear the corridor with arrows. At the end is one lamp and two 
pathes blocked by bushes. Pick the left as it has another lamp in the back. Use 
it to clear the right path. In next area, jump on left warp. You'll go to area 
with spike balls and directional platform. Get chest in lower left corner for 
another key. Go back to warp and then jump on right warp. You now warp to chest 
with $30. Step on next warp and you are now on tall platform in center of room 
with spike balls and directional platform. Jump across to platform on left with 
jars. If you miss jump, warp back around. Break jars for a little life refill 
and go thru locked door. Go up. Now you'll need a little faith. Go to the right 
and fall down to a switch with platform and lamp. Go thru door. Go thru series 
of warps to get to a room with bugs and 5 white platforms. Bomp these and jump 
thru hole. Go to room with warp. You'll end up on ledge with switch which opens 
door below. Look familiar? You're back in room with save warp. Save and refill.
If you're tired at this point,I'd stop and rest. You'll need your jumping skills 
for the next area. This room has a symbol that looks like a backwards Nazi 
symbol, 4 levers and two doors in the back. The back right door has chests with 
potions if you need them. The back left door leads to a room with a maze shaped 
like the symbol and 4 warps. You need to solve each room to get the levers to 
work. Warning: When you beat room, read the plaque in the room to activate the 
lever. If you leave room without reading it, you'll be doing the room again. 
Solve the 4 rooms as follows: Lower left warp-You need to take the lamps to 
light posts in each corner. If you fall or a drip puts out the fire, its back to 
go. Upper left warp-Ther is a switch on a ledge. Burn a path to the switch and 
do't try to light posts. When you hit switch, they all light. Upper right warp-
be quick! Grab first three lamps to left of door and throw quickly to light the 
three nearest posts. You need to quickly grab the fourth before the drips put it 
out. Take it to ledge on other side and throw to light final post. READ PLAQUE! 
Lower right warp- Directional platform. Kill bug generator first and then 
lighting posts is easy. Go back to room with levers. This was trial and error 
for me so heres the solution- Point upper left to right, upper right to left, 
lower left point up and lower right point down. Now you can ride the platform 
up. Work your way to top door( ride up jump to right platform and then to far 
left platform. At top go in room. Again, time is of the essence. Get barrel on 
left and quickly throw to right and get lamp before platform lowers all the way. 
Then jump up on ledge and burn bush..go thru door. The corridor has spike balls. 
Go to door at top. The next room has a directional platform. Go thru door at top 
and get key from chest. Go back and take lamp on platform and burn bush at 
right( avoid drips). Go thru locked door. Kill bug generator and bugs and lamps 
drop. Burn bush and drop to boss(finally). The boss is a giant bug. First hit 
its armor off then go for the head. You need to do this several times. Be 
patient and avoid the swinging tail. When defeated, a spirit appears and you get 
the green scroll (that's all I get for all this work?). You end up back in your 
bed in town.

SAVE. When you leave house you see dream sequence (you watch only). You'll 
notice the fortune teller is gone. Talk to everyone and she comes back. Stock up 
and save.

This part is a good rest after the last area. NO enemies..just puzzles. The 
church door is locked. Use your new (green) scroll at the front door and the 
explosion throws you thru the kitchen window. When you talk to guy in church, 
answer yes to all his questions. Talk to guy in main room. Something drops or 
opens after you talk to the guy. Go to room (two corridors on each side, upper 
and lower) with two switches. Hit both and switch drops. Go up stairs and jump 
thru hole in bedroom floor to activate switch. Next go in to room with coffins 
and moving book. You're not as fast as you think, so go down and talk to the guy 
and he'll help get the book. Now put the book in empty space in library bookcase 
and other bookcase moves showing another missing book. Talk to man again and 
door moves. Go to room with 3 stools and get a life container in the chest. Go 
to room on first floor with lots of stools. Move them back fast and get second 
book. Take it back to library and switch appears. Jump on it and door across 
hall opens. Go across hall. You'll notice the switch disappears as you get near 
it. Stay off the rug! Jump around and hit switch and chest drops. You get a 
large gold staff or something. This opens a stairway in center of church. Go 
down , talk to guy and you are sent back home.

Go downstairs in your house and get the green glove. Now you can pick up some 
big rocks (mainly the gray ones with writing on them). Explore for a while and 
you can get to new areas and get more items. To the west you can lift the stone 
and go to statue on top of layered area with water around it. Talk to statue and 
something happens. At this point, I put the blue crystal in my inventory on the 
shrine (Pedastal) behind where I previously put the blue tube thing. There are 
now 5 more of these that need items put on them. When done exploring, save and 
go talk to people to the right of the church. The second time you talk to them 
they leave and you see a nite sequence. Back in town, talk to guy next to house 
with lady by door(lower house with windmill). Go in and upstairs. You start 
another dream sequence. Get life container, gold bird and save in lower right 

Hide and Seek Level:
Talk to girl and she runs away and opens a door. This area has 7 doors that open 
after each time you find the girl. Door 4 is the last. Most rooms are fairly 
easy so I'll be brief. Room 1- 2 switches. Room 2- Jump around fast on breaking 
platforms. Room 3- 3 torches..burn path. After third door, girl is hiding in 
area west of save. (save after beating each room). Room 5-  4 switches. Hit 
center switch first then jump from bottom ledge to switch in lower right. Then 
jump from moving platform to switch. Use barrel. Room 6- 2 levers and 2 switch 
blocks. Hit lever..jump on blocks. Room 7-Use barrel for step, then throw torch. 
Don't use little platform til have fire. Need to time the final throw/jump. Room 
4- lots of text. She runs to area behind third block. This is like the game "red 
light/green light'. As soon as she starts talking run up and behind block. Work 
your way to her. When you get to her, the dream ends. You see a sequence where 
rocks break behind the water wheel mill. Talk to the people outside the house 
and you are sent back home. Refill and save.

Go south and a little west to dock. Get your next item here. A bag of endless 
magic dust which makes a plant/spring appear where you see the little brown 
round platforms. Head northeast and go to the mill where you saw the rocks break 
in the dream. Go inside and get $, bird and potion. You can go around to where 
the platforms are and can get more items now. At this point I had 27 life and 30 
birds. In cave behind mill with water wheel. Use the magic dust to get up where 
the logs are falling off waterfall. You need to jump quickly across logs to 
platform with chest. Then jump on log and go over falls. Switch to other log 
near bottom to keep from getting knocked off and then back to log that goes 
across screen. Jump to ledge on right. Work your way up to the machine and 
destroy it. Go back thru opening you couldn't get thru before and you eventually 
come out and destroy rocks that blocked your way on stone mountain.( 29 life & 
32 birds). At this point I refilled items and saved in town.

Stone Mountain:
Go to desert and head up to upper right. Work your way thru door at paw on left. 
Get chest at end (herb and key). Go back to locked door. You come out on 
mountainside. ( I previously broke all the stone heads on the mountain. You need 
the magic dust to get to the one in the upper right. A chest is there also..I 
think its a bird). There are more rocks blocking the way. Go in door and save. 
Break the head shooting fireballs. Climb up on right and push the center white 
pillar and jump down. Push statue and go thru door. In next room,push left 
statue left over far left button and push the right statue to the middle so it 
is on two buttons. Step on the last button. Go down either stair to the room 
with two gates and two buttons, with the switches and machine behind the gates. 
You CANNOT run fast enough to get in the gate, so don't waste your time. You 
must press the buttons in the right sequence to start the machine(You never get 
in the room). If you look at the sign in the room above, you will see a 
repeating pattern of two Japanese characters. I've gotten lots of email about 
this puzzle. In english it will be a no brainer. The proper sequence is: R-L-R-
R-L-L. The machine will start when you do it properly. Now you go to the room 
with the white pillars and go up the stairs on the left. Plates are moving. Room 
has chest with herb and a door on the right. Beat lepracans and get key from 
chest. Ehen you come out, a head is shooting fire. Shoot arrows to destroy head. 
Before continuing, you may want to drop down, refill and save. Now go to door 
across first platform into room with spiked balls. Go down stairs and push 
statue. Go thru door and you'll be locked in room. Push the 4 levers down and 
door will open. Save and go outside. The rocks blocking the way will fall. Go up 
and get chest on ledge with level 2 spell #1. Your scroll is replaced by a book.
Go up stairs and in door just under head. Destroy the 5 heads shooting fire. You 
acn easily go back and refill and save if you got wounded. In next room move 
statues and jump in hole. Room has 7 heads shooting with one in middle shooting 
very damaging laser. You need to break in certain order. Be quick. I used the 
sword since it hits with a higher frequency. Kill the one in the middle last. 
You can use up your heal magic since you can refill after this. A chest will 
drop with a key and a platform to go back up. Go back outside and save.
Go up to left of head and drop to locked door. In first room a large plate 
drops. Quickly run around to the left and across plate and to orange button 
before it gets all the way down. Gate opens on right. In the next room, you'll 
be on the the ledge above room with 5 heads you destroyed earlier. The chest 
behind statue has potion. Push top left statue ot left, top right one to left to 
reveal button. Press and stair appears. In next room walk to second platform and 
kill lepracans. When destroyed, go up to statue which will fill you up and drop 
chest with life container (now have 30). Jump to stairs at lower right.Boss- go 
in the next room and a ghost head appears. You end up on a catwalk. Go up until 
you get stopped. The boss will start chashing you. Run down, breaking rocks. 
Don't try to hurt it because you can't. You need to outlast it. Eventually he 
will wear out. Use the run button when you get a chance to add some distance 
between you and the boss. When its beat, a birdman appears and then a lepracan 
appears with a guy with a Don King hairdo. You warp out to chest and get a gold 
crystal. I think this is the spot where you get a blue cape (similar to the 
digging one). I'm not sure at this point what it is for. I think its a water 

In the desert, there is a ledge you need to jump around to on top of stones. The 
cave has two posts in front of it. Inside, get blue key thing (on second 
inventory screen) from chest. The path is blocked by red glowing columns. You 
need to come back later(when you get the ice wand).
Go to town, refill and save. Next stop is west across river. Before going there 
stop at statue near river blocked by large stone. Go up and talk to it and you 
see lots of lightning and hear thunder (?). Not sure what this does. Also go and 
put the gold crystal on the alter. You should now have three crystals on the 
alters. Now go to bridge and jump in water. Go in wirlpool. You should be in 
pool area with two wirlpools. Go in large one.

Underwater Level:
This will be brief since this level is fairly easy and not very long. You will 
get to a warp on the right which will take you underwater. Don't worry about 
drowning, this guy must have gills. The key is to ride the large bubbles. Make 
sure you don't miss the room with the life container and the orange button. When 
you stand on button you hear something fall. The secret to jumping is to watch 
your shadow. When you see the shadow on top of the post you are jumping to, let 
go of the button and you settle down on top of it. You can also cut the floating 
spike balls loose so they don't hurt you when you jump. Near the end you will 
see large bubbles coming out of holes with spikes around them. Jump across to 
the right on top of bubbles to the warp. You see a blue spirit and get the next 
level of sword. Now you can kill many types of enemies with one hit. Rocks start 
falling. Go back around and exit. Go back to town and save.

Fire wand weapon:
If you haven't gotten this yet, this would be a good time. It'll let you get the 
items behind those thorny bushes. Go to southwest and get to the caves on the 
beach (far left cave).To get there, go across the bridge directly west of the 
statue that make the thunder. There is a bridge that runs north-south just above 
the white blocks you break to go south. Jump off the bridge on the west side 
into the water. Swim west past first dock. Swim south then turn left over the 
plants in the water.( you can swim over them). Go up on next dock and walk south 
down the wide steps. You acn kill the tree on the next screen. Go south and move 
rock, go in cave and down stairs. In the second cave, kill the chests for easy 
money. You can't get thru the second cave. Now swim to east to cave past the two 
on ledge. In cave, swim past the spike balls. Hit switch on right to start 
platforms. Exit to the ledge. Go in other cave on ledge. Get potion if needed. 
Use magic dust and jump up and out door. Now you are at the house you couldn't 
reach before.The room has six pillars to light. Fire ball moves around which you 
can redirect with your sword. Steps appear when all are lit. The next room has 
symbols on floor (4x4 tiles). Walk into fireball making it move to next block. 
Follow it around quickly and soon you'll have the fire weapon. Now go burn all 
those bushes  in the overworld and get more items. You can get the level 2 magic 
blue book(heal) and at least one more gold bird. 

Now head for the church behind the town and talk to guy out front. Go home. You 
won't be able to leave until you sleep. You see sequence where someone dies and 
there is a funeral. You get a gold key (on second inventory screen). Open the 
blue chest (finally). The cut sceen shows the rocks blocking the mine entrance. 
Save. Go to the east end of town and go in house with people outside and start 
another dream sequence.

Sky Platform Level:
Follow guy around to various warps. Get chests by dropping from white blocks. In 
room with pool, walk under it to get chests (herbs) and switch. You will soon 
get to a platform where the guy jumps on buttons and platforms appear and 
disappear. Jump across platforms as guy jumps on buttons and you should end up 
on platform with 5 crystals above 5 warps. Fire is upper right, the diamond is 
the lower right, the triangle(gold) is lower left and the water(blue) is upper 
left. After each boss you have a choice of where to go next by hitting the 
changing crystal after beating the boss. Hit the middle one and the crystals 
disappear on the center one and the upper right. Use the save warp to refill and 
Go in warp in upper right corner. You are in room with two switches and a block 
on the right. Hit the bottom switch and the upper one twice to raise the block. 
If you go thru warp under block you get to large area that you are in corner of 
. Hit orange button and go back in warp. In room with two switches, go in top 
door. Jump across lava and go in left warp. You are now in room with two chests 
and two warps. Break only HALF of one of the white blocks. Jump from lower one 
to higher one and then to platform in middle. Now you can jump to chests. Go in 
left warp. You are in room with fire holes. There are four rocks in back of 
room. Put these on holes that look brighter than others and all fires should be 
out. Go in top door and fight blob boss. I used arrows and ran top to bottom til 
it was beat. When beat, hit the crystal when the diamond shape appears. If you 
accidentally (or on purpose) hit a different shape, don't worry, you just have 
to do this portion in a different order. Go back to room with chests and white 
blocks and go in right warp. There are chests here I could not get yet. Go down 
to space where column is missing and jump down to chests below. The top warp in 
this lower platform takes you to the right warp in the room with the turtles. Go 
south 2 rooms to the main save platform (save). Now go thru the lower right 
warp. to the ice platform. This platform has 4 square openings you can fall 
thru. In room you fall to, there are 5 orange buttons that must be pressed. You 
have to do this on one pass, as they reset when you leave. From the ice 
platform, from the second square from the top, jump from the left side, slightly 
below the center. You should land on the larger center area of the ledge below. 
Don't fall off the ledge. Push the ice columns off to allow you to jump to other 
ledges. When you press all 5 buttons, The block in front of the door at the top 
of this room lowers. Don't jump off yet. There is a warp near the right upper 
corner that leads to the large platform with the pond. Step on the switch to 
raise the diamond pedestals. Now go back to the room where you couldn't get the 
chests( the platform with the columns missing you jumped down from. Get the key 
on the left and a herb on the right. Now drop down to the maze below the ice 
room and go thru door on top. You fight the blob again. Hit the eye with your 
arrow. To speed things up, use your blue magic book next to it. You'll heal and 
do some damage. When beat, I hit the crystal when the gold triangle appeared. Go 
back to the save platform and save. The warp in the lower right should be clear.
The lower left warp takes you to a desert platform with two chests and four 
warps. The upper right warp leads to a platform with buried chests which I could 
not get at this point. Go in the upper left warp on the platform with the two 
chests and walk up. You will fall to the chests on the first platform. Go back 
in upper left warp to level you just fell from. Now stay on wall to right and go 
up to warp on right. This goes to the large platform. Step on the orange button 
to raise the triangle pedastal. Now go all the way back to first sand pedestal 
(with two chests) and go to lower left warp. This takes you to the platform with 
the spike ball and the chest on top of the steps. Now with the pedestal raised, 
go get key from chest. Go back to desert platform and back in upper left warp. 
Go to right ledge and up to warp on left. In the next room you see the guy 
again. Jump on his head to get across and press orange buttons. this makes 
platforms appear. Talk to him again and then go thru top warp. In this room, 
kill snakes to lower one column. Go thru top door with key. Now you have to 
fight two blobs. Be patient, it may take a while using arrows. Use your heal 
book after a while to refill and do damage. When beat, break the last (blue) 
crystal and go back to save platform. Now you can do the last area in this 
level. Go in upper left warp.
This part is the hardest of the four. Jump across to the orange button. Once you 
jump on it you must quickly jump to each button as it appears( 8 times). Once 
you finish the sequence (it took me many tries) you can get to the top of the 
room. Now go thru the upper left to the room with two orange buttons. Go in warp 
in lower right which takes you to the large platform (lower right corner of). 
Step on the orange button which raises the posts. Go back to room where you 
jumped around on switches and go in lower right warp. Get key and herb from 
chests which are no longer buried. Return to the room you jumped on switches and 
go back in upper left warp. The other person is in the room to help you. You 
must jump on the button the same time (or very close) as the other person. Jump 
across the 5 buttons in sequence with the other person. When done properly you 
can go in locked door. Talk to woman and dream sequence ends.

Talk to the people by the bed. You get an item (looks like green paper?) that 
shows up on second inventory screen. You end up in your room. Talk to the girl 
and guy and they leave. Leave your house; it's nite and town doors are shut. Go 
in house west of fountain. Talk to people and you hear monkeys. Go outside and 
kill the three monkeys. Go back in house and upstairs. You automatically walk 
down stairs. The guy in bed has changed into a bear like creature. He then 
disappears. Talk to people. You end up back in bed in morning. Save and refill. 
Go in house west of fountain again. You get some gold ball which shows up on 
second inventory screen.

Monkey Business:
You cannot get in the monkey area(in northwest) at the location where the tower 
is. This part requires going thru two areas. First you must work your way thru 
the caves in the west( not beach caves) and then up thru the monkey tree house.
Caves: There are 12 caves in this area to work thru. To get there, go to the 
wide stairs( see fire torch part of walkthru-you jump off bridge and swim to a 
dock).Head north til you get to area with columns. Jump on columns to get to 
ledge. Go up and get gold bottle from chest if needed. Jump across to right to 
stairs and go up to locked gate which will open with the gold key on your 
inventory screen. Jump up on ledge and push rock so you can now get thru from 
the right. (This comes out in opening in rocks just south of the entrance to the 
monkey tower). When you try to go up the stairs, the monkeys push down a spiked 
ball to block a path. Go in cave blocked by bush you can burn. You may want to 
make a quick map and number each cave as you will be going in and out of the 
caves. The main objective in this part is to get across a walkway blocked by 
three stones which raise and lower. The main room has three walkways which run 
north-south and one that crosses each of these and runs east-west. The stones 
that raise and lower are at the intersections. Each north-south walkway has a 
warp at each end and an orange button at each end. You must hit the buttons so 
that all the stones are lowered and you can go across the east-west walkway to 
the east. I had to go around some to get it done, so I'll give you some hints on 
getting thru this part. From what I can tell, the buttons work as follows: The 
buttons on the far west walkway raise/lower the stone in the middle; the buttons 
on the middle walkway raise/lower the far right stone and the buttons on the far 
east walkway raise/lower the stone on the left walkway. The far left walkway 
warps are accessed from the caves to the far west. The bottom warp in the middle 
comes from the cave just below and west of the stonehedge looking thing.The 
bottom warp on the right walkway comes from the cave up the steps to the east of 
the stonehedge thing.
The following is a brief description on getting thru the caves. You may do it in 
a different order depending on which stone you need to lower. Go in the cave to 
the left of the spike ball that the monkeys dropped. Burn the bush to get in. 
There are ledges with a chest in the back and a switch below. I did not get this 
chest at this time. Jump down and step on button. The monkeys drop mushroom 
enemies for you to fight. When beat a step falls. Go back outside and go in cave 
to the east(not the one behind the bush). The room has a spike ball going 
up/down. Step on orange button and go quickly to the rear of the room( up 
platforms that will disappear soon). Bomb thru rocks at rear and go thru. In the 
next room, kill enemies and hit switch on left. Run to right and across platform 
to left before the stone raises back up. Go in door in upper left. Kill 
mushrooms to clear block. You pass monkeys that are surrounding a mushroom. Kill 
monkeys. Go thru door in lower left. Room has statue with a block in front of 
stairs. Go thru top left door (walk underneath the black part to room-jump up 
step at end). Throw bomb down on switch and go under block to left and talk to 
monkey and leave. Go back to room with statue and fight it. Fairly easy battle. 
Get a gold bottle in chest above and then hit switch. Now you can go up the 
stairs that was blocked.Go out door. You are now on ledge outside.(just 
southwest of the first cave you went in). Go up stairs and north.Monkeys come 
out and leave a chest on a ledge. Go to top, burn bushes and jump down to get a 
life container from chest. Now go up into cave. You are in a room with spike 
balls. Jump across and back around and outside. Now go in cave all the way at 
top of steps. Kill monkeys and go in door. Cross walkway (this is east walkway 
to warp at bottom. Refill (3 monkeys drop each time you refill). Go in warp. Now 
you can work your way around the caves to the otherwalkways. To get to the caves 
leading to the west walkway, jump across the ledge that is just west of the 
stonehedge thing. Burn the bushes on the other ledge before jumping. When you 
have all the stones down, go to the cave that is farthest northwest(up steps). 
You know you are in the right place if you enter a room with LOTS of mushrooms. 
Kill them and go down and thru warp. Now you are on the west side of the walkway 
that runs east-west. Go across to warp on right(all stones must be down). You 
get your second level bow in this area. Go thru large room. When you try to 
cross the bridge, monkeys attack. When you kill monkeys, go out door on right. 
Go out and to right. Don't jump down big step. Go to chest on right for a gold 
bird. Now go up to monkey village.
Monkey Village: You are immediately put in jail. No problem...bomb hole in back 
of cell and work thru the maze and up the stairs. Go out south door after 
killing monkeys. Use a barrel to get on ledge after you get the last spike ball 
to move. Now you are outside in the monkey village which is safe to roam around. 
First go out south door of town and move the pillar by the stonehedge thing so 
you can come and go freely without using caves. Now go to the building in the 
lower left corner of the village. In the third door down you can refill and save 
Tree: The base of the tree has three doors. Go in left door and get chest. Go 
upstairs, hit switches to get platforms moving. Take barrel to back to get gold 
bottle from chest if needed. Go up stairs in back of upper right room. Go thru 
next room and out on the outside walkway. Go to left and drop in chimney of 
house. Go downstairs and free the guy. Go back upstairs. He has opened the chest 
and unlocked the door. Go out door. You come out to the left of the tree. Save. 
When you go back in left tree door you go upstairs to a room with 4 chests and 
orange button on ledges you can't reach. Go back to save area and go in door two 
down from the save door. Talk to guy. Now go in center door in base of tree and 
talk to guy again.He'll open the door. Go thru door and ride the platform up. Go 
thru room with monkeys and go outside thru door on lower left. Go to far right 
on walkway and get a gold bird. Go down ladder. Step on orange button. A ladder 
lowers which you can use as a shortcut to the outside area. Go down ladder and 
in house near tower. The guy is asleep. Now go up ladder that dropped and in 
door on walkway which is on the same level as the orange(now green) button. In 
this room use arrows to kill monkeys or you get knocked off. From here you can 
drop down to the chests you couldn't reach before. Three have money. You need to 
drop to back left to get on platform below. There are two chests here. Take 
barrel and get chests(money and herb). Now bomb a hole at the white slaband jump 
down. There are six chests, two of which are enemies. Jump around on platforms 
and step on orange button. At bottom, don't go outside. Go thru wall opening at 
bottom right(above stairs). Go up stairs, go to back and jump down.Jump on 
button and get key and herb from chests. Go back to left room and go outside. Go 
up to right and get life container. Go in building in upper right and get 
another key.Save. Go up outside ladder(the one that dropped) and in door. Go up 
stairs in room and jump on first orange button and go across platform to second. 
Door opens. Go down stairs and monkeys drop on each platform. You need to kill 
all to open door. Now go back in middle tree door and ride up platform. Another 
locked door. Go talk to guy in building. Go back up( climb up outside ladder to 
upper middle door). The locked door will open. Ride platform up. Fight monkey 
and go outside and up. You are at the boss which is a giant monkey. Hit it when 
it stops and stay away when it's spinning. When defeated, you get gold and red 
crystals to put on the pedestals. 

On the way back to town, put the new crystals on the shrines(pedestals) where 
you put the others. One goes where there is three together and the other goes on 
the one on the island. When you enter town, the ground shakes. In town (I missed 
this earlier), drop in the chimney of the house with the locked gate upstairs. 
You get a gray item with markings on it? I have no clue what this is yet. Go in 
shop and then go back out door. The guy who was at the monkey village appears. 
Go back inside and upstairs and talk to him again. Leave, refill and save. You 
can get another bird in the well (on ledge blocked by bush) near the house in 
the lower right corner of the overworld. Your next level is the fire level, but 
you need something before you can get in.

Ice Wand Weapon:
In an area( which I think is in an area below the five white platforms- Where 
tree enemy is), burn bush and go around thru a small wooded maze to a stone cave 
entrance blocked by a bush. Burn it and go in. The first room has six ice 
columns and four orange buttons. You must push the columns around until all 
buttons are covered. I don't remember the exact sequence. Push the top right 
column to the left. The top left one was pushed down and over to the left. The 
bottom right one was pushed to the left then up(into the one that was on the top 
right. Now it can be pushed to the right. When this is solved. Go up to three 
doors and two switches. I got thru by pointing the left switch down and the 
right switch to the left. In the last room you need to push the columns to one 
side so you can jump across to the top. I pushed them to the right side so I had 
two together at the top, two together in the middle and the last two were 
staggered near the start of the jump. I remember pushing the bottom one up as 
the last move. When done , the ice weapon is yours. Now go try it out. Go to the 
desert and get up on the ledge with the cave opening. Now you can freeze the 
fire columns and break them with the ball and chain. A life container is yours. 
Go back to town and save.

Fire Level:
Head to northeast area(east of flagpoles). You see 5 white platforms on the 
ground. Get up on ledge to south. As you jump across, water spouts raise 
platforms. Jump across to the cave on the ledge. In first room freeze and break 
columns. Light the left torch and gates open. In the next room get the life 
container in the chest in middle of fire area. on right. Gate is closed. Go back 
to left and jump around to left and down to orange button. Go in cave entrance. 
Freeze fire balls to jump across. When you get across, the save point is up to 
the left. Your next objective is to get to the two chests above the save point. 
Head south from save point. Go around past two door and go up to the right and 
up the stairs. In the next room, jump on the fire shooter to stop it from 
firing. Do the same with the other two. Get a herb in the chest and go thru the 
door at the top. In the next room is another fire shooter. Jump up and around to 
the right and then to left and back right and up to next area. On the ledge is a 
chest you can jump to which has a gold bottle. Then go thru top door. In the 
next room, freeze the two fire columns. Push the left one left-up-right. Then 
push right one up. Jump up on ledge. Now freeze fireballs to work way up to 
ledge. Sometimes you can stand on one for a while before it breaks(as long as 
you don't jump). When you get on ledge above, you enter room with a stone block 
with a rock on top. Lite all the torches to lower block. Take rock and put it on 
ground. Now put out the torches with the ice weapon to raise block. Now use 
stone to jump on block and go thru door. In next room bomb hole in floor and 
drop into water. Hit switch and ride block to ledge in south end of room. If the 
platform gets away, you can hit switch to bring in back. It only moves one 
direction each time the switch is hit. You now come out on ledge above save. Get 
the key and your new boots. Now you can walk on fire without getting hurt. 
Refill and save.
Go south from save point to the spot with two doors(openings).Go north past the 
three fire shooters in the wall. You came into a room with fire birds. Kill the 
first two or three with ice weapon and take rock to left to get on ledge. Birds 
and shooters in ground will break rock and you will have to start over. Jump up 
on ledge on left and get the rock. Now stack the two rocks so you can jump to 
ledge in upper right. You can now go thru the locked door. You come into a large 
area with torches and gates. There are seven pairs of torches and gates. Talk to 
statue, then go to room with the octgon symbol on the floor. Go out south door 
and lite torch which closes the door you just went thru.Now go south and jump in 
lava. Go right and up on ledge that has lava to right. Go past the first torch 
to the top right corner. Light this torch and head south. Now lite the torch you 
passed on ledge and jump in lava. Walk west in lava til you get to the ledge 
with the statue. Lite torch behind statue and then go up thru door on far left. 
Go right and lite torch and then go up thru next door. You see final gate in 
front of you. Lite torch in this room and go thru door on right. Now light torch 
on top of ledge and go south into room with symbol on floor. Stand on it and the 
gate in upper left will open. You'll need to put out torch in room above to get 
back to gate. Exit room in upper left thru now open gate. In next room, freeze 
the fire columns and go across bridge and burn bushes. Go back and push right 
column left and then up. Cross bridge and jump up ledges to door in back. In the 
next room, freeze birds and stomp the fire shooters as you pass thru. The door 
at the top leads to a room with a statue, a locked gate and two stairs leading 
up. Go up right stairs. Freeze fire columns.First push the left one to right 
then down. Jump up and light bottom two torches. Now push the right one to right 
and up. Light this torch.(The front two lit easy-all the others required jumping 
and lighting). Now push both to left and then push the lower one up and light 
the last torch. Go back down stairs and up left stairs. Freeze column. Here you 
lit one at a time as you go. Here is the sequence: L-lite upper left-Down-R-lite 
lower right-Up-lite upper right-L-Down-Lite lower left. Go back down and talk to 
statue. You get refill. Now go thru gate that is now open. Go to right, stomping 
fire shooters. At far right get a level 2 spell book from chest and go thru 
warp. You warp to the boss which is a fire dragon. Use the ice weapon. Hit his 
head when its down. It takes several hits. When beat, you get another crystal to 
put on the shrines. You end up back in your room in town.

Save while you are in your room. It's nite. Go to house which is two left of 
yours. Go upstairs. You go into a dream sequence.

Dream Sequence (Blue/Brown Mirrored):
In first room with the three spirits, save. You need to look at some rooms 
carefully to do sequence in right order. Rooms are  mirrored, etc. You will 
notice as you go back and forth that one area is blue and the other is brown. 
The objective is to make the three spirits solid (they move to matching brown 
area). You start in the blue area. Go north from the save room. The gates to the 
north are closed. Go to the room on the left. Watch the sequence of the buttons 
and go in the warp in the room. You are now in the brown area in a similar room, 
but mirrored. Do same sequence, but mirrored. Clockwise from lower left. Now go 
in brown room to north and watch fireball. Go in warp in room below and then up 
one room. You are in room similar to room with fireball but again it's mirrored. 
Use the pointed wall as reference where to start and repeat sequence( clockwise 
from upper left).  Now go south and warp to the brown side and go north(across 
bridge) until you get to a room with a stone block and a barrel. Take the barrel 
and jump on the orange button. Now use barrel to get back over and head back 
south. Warp back to blue side and head north, across bridge to room with block. 
Step on orange button and go north up stairs to grate where blue meets brown. 
You need to pick up the barrel, stand in the right spot to throw it on the 
button so that the one on the other side also lands on the button. When done, 
glass will break. Head south on brown side and down stairs on right. Step on 
button and first statue is moved. Now head down the stairs on the left and onto 
the ledge in a room with a platform and warp. Step on orange button to start 
platform moving. Don't go in warp. Ride platfom across room and head south 
across a bridge to next room. Watch the sequence. You will need to write it 
down. Go in warp in room to blue side and repeat sequence but mirrored. The 
sequence for blue side is L-R-R-L-R-L-L-R-L. You also note that there is a keyed 
wood door in this room. Warp over to brown side and go south (or go south from 
this room) one room. Watch sequence of torches being lit. Now use warp in this 
set of rooms and go to the blue side. Lite the lamps in the same order, but 
mirrored. (Top right- bottom right- top left- bottom left). Now you get a key. 
Before going in locked door go up to room with the rocks, warp and  two buttons. 
From blue side go west and step on button. You see one of the double gates in 
the first room open. Go in warp here and repeat on brown side. Now go back in 
room with the two buttons and use the warp. On the brown side, go to the east 
and step on button to open a gate. Go thru the warp here and repeat. Now go to 
blue side and thru the locked wooden door. Go north across bridge and into next 
room. Ride platform across and thru door at top. Go up stairs to platform with 
four buttons and four lamps. Hit buttons in mirrored sequence from lamps. If you 
number from left, the lamp sequence is 2-4-1-3 and the button sequence is 3-1-4-
2. When the glass breaks, head south and down right stair. Step on button to 
move second statue. Go down left stair to room on brown side with the block. Go 
back to the save point in the blue area. Now go to room above and the two gates 
should be up. Get up on ledge and hwad north. Go across bridge to room with 
monkeys. Kill monkeys and don't get bumped off. Go north and up stairs to a 
grate with 5 lamps on each side. Watch sequence (1-4-2-5-3) and move fireball to 
lite lamps on brown side (3-5-2-4-1).Glass breaks. Go down right stair and step 
on button to move last statue. Go down left stair to ledge with monkeys. Kill 
them and head south across bridge to a room with the statues, two chests and a 
warp. Take the gold bird and life container. The warp takes you to the boss(es). 
They shoot lasers, but are fairly easy to beat. When beat, you are warped to the 
building in the monkey village next to the tower. Talk to the kid. You need to 
hit the statue with your ball and chain to open the gate. The ground shakes each 
time you hit it. Now head back to town.

Town (on fire):
On the way back to town you can put the crystal on the shrine.If you forgot 
where this one is, go to the mine area. Go up the steps which are blocked by the 
white stone. Don't break the stone, but go left across the roof, past the 
waterfall and in the cave. It should be easy from here. I have 40 life and 41 
gold birds at this point. When you arrive in town, it's on fire. Save(From your 
room you can see the flicker of the fire thru the window-one of the many little 
touches that makes this such a cool game). Kill the monkeys and talk to the 
people in front of the house behind the fountain. Go inside the house and 
everyone is here. Talk to everyone and go upstairs and talk. (I've got 41 birds 
at this point and still could not get the items in the shop south of town). 
Downstairs, everyone is sitting around the dinner table. (the town is burning 
and they sit around a table and chit-chat??). As you talk to people, they leave. 
You soon wake up in your bed. The fire is out and many houses are destroyed. You 
can now get the breast plate in the shop in town.

Church Area:
Go to the church and talk to the priest. The town people show up at the church. 
The priest then turns into a monster. You end up on a small platform that looks 
like the moon surface and you must fight this boss. This one is a little tougher 
than the last couple. Destroy the things spinning around him then hit him with 
the sword. When he is beat, talk to the people outside the church. More people 
show up and you end up in the room in the basement of the church. They talk a 
lot and you get a new power (sword upgrade). Go upstairs and leave church. Talk 
to person outside church and then the grave digger. The church is now locked and 
you can't get in. At this point I returned to town and saved. Now return to the 
small building to the east of the church and go downstairs. Walk up to the top 
wall and read the message. Answer yes. This next part took me a LONG time to 
figure out. After you throw your controller a few times, light the torches in 
the following order: upper left- lower right- lower left- lower middle- upper 
middle- upper right. When done in this order, a chest drops and you get an item 
that looks like a necklace.

Shop South of Town:
First go to the pirates house(tavern). Talk to everyone. You should get a 
recharge of your life/magic. If you need money or a change of pace, go 
downstairs. There are three rooms where you can earn money( fight blobs, shot 
blobs with arrows or play a game with buttons and lights. Go to shop south of 
town. I had 41 birds at this point. Talk to shopkeeper and you will get all the 
items. With 41 birds, he gave me 3 life containers. When you get to 45 birds, 
you can get another. Now I have all the items in the selectable inventory menu. 
Now you need to figure out where to go next since it appears the fortuneteller 
is locked in the church. At this point I have not figured out what all the items 
do or how to get the stonehenge warps to work. I am still missing one crystal 
for the shrines. If you need a fill up, talk to guy at tavern at bar.

Dock House:
Go into house at dock(south and a little west of town) and the guy blocking the 
stairs is gone. Go downstairs and walk thru water to cave entrance. This is a 
series of rooms that loop around. Each room has three doors which lead to other 
rooms. A simple map will make traveling around easier. You first need to get to 
the back room with the closed door. The first room has bugs. Go in right door. 
The next room has a platform in the back and fish in the water. Go in left door. 
The next room has a tall stone column in the middle. Go in right door. You are 
now in a room with stairs with six orbs on each side. Go up to door and 
read(pretend to read  the Japanese). Now to light these orbs, you must light the 
orb in each of 12 rooms. There is no required order, but all must be activated 
to pass thru door at top of steps. Some rooms require you to kill all the 
enemies first. Go out door in upper right.You are in room with platform. Kill 
fish to lower platform and hit orb with sword. One down, eleven to go.Go out 
middle door. You are in room with barrel. Use it to get to orb.Go out lower left 
door.This room has white blocks. Bomb to reveal 3 doors and orb in upper left 
corner. Hit orb and go thru middle door.In the next room, kill all the enemies 
to raise items. Hit orb and get gold bird from chest. Go thru left door and you 
are in first room.Go thru right door. In the next room jump across pillars to 
orb.Go out right door. In next room there is water and fish and a barrel. Throw 
barrel up at right to get to orb in lower right corner. Go out right door. The 
next room has a circular rock in middle. Walk into opening(in black area) to 
orb. Go out right door. You are back in room with tall column in middle. Jump 
across to orb. Go out left door. Kill enemies in this room and orb drops. Go out 
middle door. Kill bugs, hit orb and go out middle door. In this room, get to orb 
on ledge. One more to go. go out left door to room with white blocks. Go out 
left door.In pillar room go out left door.The next room is one that orb drops. 
Go out left door.  In this room you can see light from three openings. Upper 
right leads to chest. Lower left leads to orb. Walk thru black area up to items. 
Now go thru left door. In room with platform, go thru left door. In next room go 
thru right door to stairs. All orbs should be lit. Go thru door which is now 

House on Island:
When you exit from orb stairs, you are on an island with a house. There are two 
chests. Get to the one up high by cutting plants to reveal thing that grows 
plants. Use magic dust and spring up to chest with life container.  I didn't get 
chest next to house. You may want to try and get it after first conversation in 
house. In house- there is a guy on the floor injured and the place is trashed. 
Talk to him and you get an item. Try for other chest now before next sequence. 
Go to back wall-you place item in wall. You get a crystal(for shrine-the last 
one). Talk to guy again. He has a lot to say. Suddenly a demon crashes thru the 
glass window. You now fight it. Hit it when it lands on ground. When beat, the 
demon says something and leaves. The guy on the floor dies and a spirit appears 
and you are sent back to dock house. The stairs are now blocked.Head back to 
town and save.

Go to shrine with last crystal (its between the two with the gold crystals). 
When you put the crystal in, the ground shakes and a bridge rises from the water 
to the north. Head north across bridge.

Castle(Part 1-Walkways & Towers):
The castle has several distinct areas, so I'll break it up to make it easier. 
When you cross the bridge, the main castle door is closed. Walk to the right and 
jump in the water. Swim up and go in first room. Use the barrels to jump up to 
the left and go up the stairs. Top of stairs is blocked. Stand and swing at 
enemies. Eventually the switch gets hit and the stairs are unblocked. Kill all 
enemies and go thru south door. You are outside on walkway(above where you were 
swimming). Kill enemies in next room then go down the stairs. Go out door to 
left first. Hit switches to drop chests. Hit switches again to drop last chest. 
Two are enemies, last has a key. A red glowing shield blocks the stair. Go back 
to the previous room and go down stairs to room with keyed door. First, go in 
top door which is open. Throw barrels across onto buttons. Now jump back 
over(using barrel). Go back to last room with locked door. If you go out to the 
left, the button is blocked by a red shield. Go thru locked door. Stand in 
middle and shoot arrow at thing behind moving heads. When it's hit, the red 
shield vanishes. A herb is in the chest. Go to the room with the orange button 
at the end that was blocked by the red shield. Stand on button and hit pulley a 
couple times with your sword. Now button stays on and the chain moves something 
below. Now go back to the room where the three red shields were blocking the 
stairs (room with 3 chests). Go up stairs and outside. Now go in next room with 
blue shield blocking chests. Go left to outside and into next room. Kill enemies 
to move block in front of stairs. Go out top door first and outside to room. 
Jump over spike balls and hit switch. The chest is an enemy. Go back down 
stairs. This is another room with a locked door. Push pedestal to open gate door 
below. Go in and hit switch. Blue shield is blocking way. Go back to room with 
locked door. Go in door above locked door. Room has pillars and two orange 
buttons. Kill enemies first. In upper left, move pillar and walk thru crack in 
wall to left. You come out behind blue shield you saw before. Go up thru door 
and step on button. Go back down and grab the barrel. Take it thru wall and put 
on button. The enemies are back because you went in room with button. If the 
break the barrel,leave room and re-enter, kill enemies, then get barrel. When 
you return, they are gone. Step on other button. Door to north is now open. Go 
thru and up stairs. Get key in next room. Go back to locked door and go thru. 
You are in similar roomto before. Shoot arrows to hit thing in back. When done, 
the blue shields disappear. Now head back to where the blue shield was blocking 
chests( up stairs from locked door). You get a key and herb. Go back down to 
room with the previously locked door and go out door to right. Now that you have 
two keys, both walls will slide back. Go over and stand on block and hit pulley 
like before. Step on button. The front gate to the castle opens. Go back left 
and up stairs. Go outside to right and up stairs in next room(room with two 
chests). Now you are on walkway. Jump down thru broken railing. You are at front 

Castle(Part 2-Garden):
Well, you are not quite at the front gate yet.This is easy area and you can save 
soon. You need to step on orange buttons to put out the red fire in the back( 
its not really fire). You acn pass thru cracks in bushes, but they are one way. 
Go thru bush and get a key. You can now get thru part of the center gates. You 
will get the fourth magic crystal container and a gold bird. Use warp on left to 
get to area on right. Go thru bushes to right to get key from chest( its the 
chest you saw from the walkway above near where you first swam in).When you step 
on last orange button, the main gate opens in the back. The door in the back 
left is a fill up. Jump across to button to open. The back door on the right 
will warp you to the well next to the fortune tellers' house in town. Climb up 
and save in your house. At this point I had 44 life and 43 birds. 

Castle( Part 3-Main area):
Go in door at back of garden. Now you are inside.Go thru second door and a ghost 
appears.It stops two large machines and time stops inside the castle. You are 
thrown out the door to this room and the large torches light. Your mission is 
first to restart the machines and unfreeze time, and then put out the large 
torches by finding buttons to step on.Music is nice in here. Kind of a new age 
Head left into dining room. Switch is floating high and can't be reached(you 
won't be able to do much until you get the machines going again). Go left thru 
room with frozen(in time) enemies. You will be in a room with three armored 
statues. Hit the left one with your sword til it breaks. Take barrel and jump up 
to chest(potion).You can't get thru door on upper left yet. Go back to first 
room(with large torches) and up stairs. If you break the armored statues in the 
corner of the hall, there are buttons which operate swinging doors.Each time you 
step on button, door changes position. Go downstairs.Go into library and use 
barrel to get on top of bookcases. Jump down to right and hit switch. Go right 
thru library past room with frozen enemies into room with 6 armor statues. Break 
back middle to expose chest. Don't break others. You can jump on chest, then on 
top of statue to get to door on right, but it's locked. Go to upstairs hallway 
and jump across gap(to south) on right side. In the first door you see a room 
with 9 orbs on a platform with a chest in back of room. You can't do anything 
here yet. Go to upstairs hall and break statue on right. Make sure button is 
orange and go down thru gate to right(we will make some progress now).Go in room 
with floating barrels and button. Jump up to chest and get key#1. Go back down 
stairs to the room to the far right with 6 armor statues. Break the back center 
one and jump up to locked door. Go thru and up stairs. In this room you need to 
carefully push the right pillar back, but not too far. Just enough to push the 
middle one to the left. Now push the right one to the right to clear the ladder. 
Be careful of spike balls on way up. In the room is the first large machine. You 
can't step on button yet. Get key#2 in chest.Hit switch. Now go back to far left 
room downstairs where there are three armor statues. Use barrel and go up to 
locked door on right( get barrel by breaking left statue).Go up stairs and in 
door. In this room, throw barrel on button. Get other barrel under crates. Jump 
up on left to room with 4 statues. You will need to go back and get the other 
barrel as you will need 3 to stack to get up to the ladder. Up the ladder is the 
other machine room. Get the key#3 from the chest and hit the switch. The machine 
starts. Time is now unfrozen. First task complete. Remember, you can run back to 
town to save at anytime.

Now the place is hoppin'! You need to search for buttons to put out the large 
torches. In the second machine room(one on left), step on the orange button to 
open door. Go out. You will see a clock on the side of the building (no 
significance, just a landmark).Jump to right onto roof. Two doors on roof, go in 
either. Jump on button in back and go to left to next room which is a corridor 
with a locked door. Go thru locked door with key you just got. Push pillar onto 
platforms across to button. Now step on other button. You have extinguished your 
first large torch. Go back to roof and jump down and go in door. You are in 
corridor. Go thru open door (there is a locked door you can't open now). Push 
pillar onto button (avoid fire). Four glowing orbs lower.In the room to the 
right,there is a switch and two platforms. Each time switch is hit(or bombed) 
the platforms move. There are two ways to do this. You can throw a bomb at 
switch and have another ready. Just when the first goes off, throw the next bomb 
at the switch and quickly jump across to second rock. When second bomb goes off, 
jump across to button. A way to cheat a little is to throw a bomb at the switch 
and stand halfway between the first two rocks. When the switch moves the 
platform hits you and stops halfway. Now put a bomb at the switch and jump 
across to the second rock. When the bomb goes off, jump to button. Go out of 
room and go to right. Go in first door. Room has six orange buttons. Push the 
pillar quickly onto a button before they raise up. Now put barrels on others and 
jump on last. A chest drops. All that for a herb!  Go back outside(to where you 
jumped from roof) and go down to lower door. Go in corridor and in door to left. 
Go down and hit switch. Door opens. This goes into room with spike balls-don't 
go in this room. Go back up thru door, around up stairs,and around to outside. 
Go thru door and step on button and another torch goes out. Now go back to the 
large machine on the right. You need to step on the orange button that you 
couldn't before. Now go thru south door in machine room to outside and get key#4 
from the chest. Go back to main stairs and up to right.Go down first right 
corridor and in door before hole in floor. Go in room and out right door.There 
are two buttons and one armor  statue. Break armor statue first and then just 
ONE white block so you can jump behind pillar. Now, standing behind pillar, 
break white blocks and push pillar to button. Step on other to open door. Before 
going up stairs, go out door and in two rooms on right. In first room, kill all 
enemies for a chest. Now go up stairs to room with 14 buttons and a pilar. Don't 
move pillar.You start on lower right button,jump on two at left, to one above, 
then one left of pillar and to pillar. Take a rest and then jump from pillar to 
top two and back to pillar. Do same for lower ones and back to pillar.Now jump 
to right and do last four. A little frustrating until you get timing down.Door 
to south opens. You go out door and into a corridor with a large spike ball.  Go 
to right and in top door using key#4. This room is timed. Quickly break all the 
white blocks starting at the stone so it starts moving. Clear its path so it 
stops before the pot drops. Then jump up and step on button to put out another 
torch. Go back to main stairs and up on left. Step on button(break statue 
first)so gate is horizontal(so you can't get thru from here. Go downstairs and 
left thru dining room to room with 3 armor statues. Go up thru door using barrel 
under armor and into next room. Go out open door at bottom of steps. Go up 
stairs and thru door on right to corridor. Go around to outside. Go right and up 
steps and in door at top. Go down corridor to right and up to hole in floor. Use 
magic dust to jump across. Go up and down corridor to left. The gate should be 
positioned to allow you to go right and not into main stairway. In the room on 
the other side. there are platforms shooting fire. Watch the timing. You start 
in lower left, jump up to top, across to middle, down to bottom and across to 
right. Then jump up to button. An orb appears. You can't rush the jumps, 
especially in the middle part. For example, when you are on the shooter in the 
middle of the middle column, wait til the one below goes out and jump before the 
middle one fires. Go to room to left and step on button under spike ball. Now go 
out (don't go up stairs yet).  Go to next room on right. There are 6 torches 
after you break all the armors. Light the one in the upper right last so the 
chest falls there. Jump to it and get key#5. Go in the room to the left. Jump to 
platform and to button. Go back to room down two to the left and up stairs. The 
next room has about 12 buttons you need to jump across in sequence. Start at 
right. Jump left one and down on two and zig-zag up to top and down two and to 
left. Go down thru door into corridor. Go down thru door into room with ghosts. 
You need to make sure the button is set so you can go (later) from the left 
bottom door to the right. This is also true for the similar room on the other 
side. When door is in correct position go back out top door and work your way 
back downstairs thru dining room to room with 3 armor statues. Go up thru left 
door (using barrel inside statue) and into next room. Take barrel and go up and 
kill all 4 ghosts. Now you need all three barrels to get to platform. I stacked 
them on the second step. Be careful not to break the barrel or you redo room. 
Jump on platform and go up to left machine room. Go out south door from machine 
room to clock tower. Jump off roof to right(don't jump down to button). On 
roof,go in door. If button was set right, you can go right to another similar 
roof area. On this roof, jump down. You should land on outside walkway to right 
of chest on ledge. Go to right and in door. Now if switch was set right on this 
side of the castle, You can work your way from another roof with two doors, thru 
a similar room with a gate and back out onto the farthest right roof.Drop down 
to walkway. First go to right and down stairs. This opens door to room below 
right machine room. Go back up stairs to door on right. Go thru, up and around 
to button. This puts out torch#5.Go back to walkway you just jumped to  and go 
down. Go thru door and up stairs outside and in door. First, go to left and step 
on button. This opens gate in main corridor. Go in door to right of button. Kill 
the three enemies. You can jump to chest below from lower left hole. DON'T do 
this before opening gate in corridor or you have to go all the way around again. 
In the upper right is a ledge. I could break two blocks, but never could jump 
across. Go in door to right on bottom. From left to right, jump across buttons 
quickly and they will stay green and gates above will stay open. Go back in last 
room and in top right door. Step on button and put out last torch. Door to boss 
room opens again. GO BACK TO TOWN, STOCK UP and SAVE!

Final Boss(es):
Go in boss room behind 6 torches. After dialog, the floor breaks open and you go 
to fight a dragon. Hit it when it gets close to ground. Jump up and hit it 
also.It takes about 17-18 sword hits. When beat, you see the town people talking 
and then the blue ghost appears which you must fight again. It appears and 
disappears. You need to hit the proper one each time. After this, you fight the 
final boss. It has two hands and two eyes at the end of tenacles.First hit the 
hands to get rid of them(temporarily).Now run up the middle and hit the giant 
head. You need to jump and hit with the sword. Destroy the hands when they 
reappear. When beat, you are in the room with the blue ghost. Shoot it with the 
fire wand and rocks start falling. Run out door. 

Game Over:
You will see the "now loading" screen. Wait a minute and sit back and watch the 
10 minute closing cartoon. Congratulations!

Note: I never did get the stonehedge warps working nor did the green cape seem 
to do anything. If someone knows, send me an email and I will incorporate it 
into the walkthru. 

Sword-you start with this.upgraded several times
Ball & Chain- use as weapon or break white rocks
Bow- use as weapon. can hit switches at distance.
Ice Wand-freeze enemies,freeze fire balls(to jump on) or freeze fire columns.
Fire Wand-use as weapon ,burn bushes or light torches.

Inventory Items:(selectable-1st inventory screen)
Herb-refill some life
Green Potion-refill more life
Blue Potion- refill most life
Blue Special Potion- refill magic
Gold Potion-automatically fills you up when you die
Green Scroll/Book-
Blue Scroll Book-Heal, also does damage to nearby enemies when use
Gold Scroll/Book
Bombs-blow up rocks,tree stumps and can throw on some switches for delayed 
Sand( tan) Cape- travel below sand
Green Cape-
Walkthru by Harold Lanna ( [email protected])
9/2/97,last updated 11/02/97


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