Monty Python: the Quest for the Holy Grail
                           The Walkthrough
                  (not the movie, the computer game)
                as dictated by Ralph the Wonder-Llama
                           to Cindy Wells
               {[email protected]} or{[email protected]}


Warning: Do not use this walkthrough unless you are desperate. This
truly is a game to savor, so just going through and clicking on only
the important things is not recommended. The game has its tough parts,
but it's not one of the more difficult ones. However, if you're near
the end and need to find that one last item, feel free; or if you only
bought it so that you could see the King Brian the Wild sketch, be my
guest. I will soon be putting out a hint file so that those of you who
want gentler hints can have them, so be on the watch. A walkthrough is
much quicker to write.

[At any time during this walkthrough, feel free to click on any 
extraneous items you see in each game scene along the way to suit your 
interest, as it will hurt nothing and only make you enjoy the experience 
the more for it.]

                      Part I: Registration
-fill out all questions of registration, only paying careful attention 
  to name, what you seek, favorite color, and capital of Assyria

                   Part II: Gathering the Items
A Sign From God
-watch the opening
-click on the ground
-shoot the bird
-take the coconut
-click on the hole
-click on the hole that just blew up
-click on the hole that just blew up
-click on the hole that just blew up
-click on the first hole until you get the helmet
-click on the lower right hole until you get gold
-take the Holly Grail from the billboard
-click on right center hole until you get bananas
-click on edge of billboard (the clouds) until it repeats
Go Forward to Plague Village
-click on the dead body collector
-click on the dead body collector and repeat until old man
  stops talking
-click on the old man over the guy's shoulder
Play Drop Dead, then return (you don't have to win)
-click on curtains
-click on naked man
-shoot bird
-take coconut
-Click on naked guy
-quickly click on the knight who jumps on him to take him
-repeat the above two actions until there are no more knights
-click on curtains
-click on window, and look, but don't take it seriously
-click on doorway at the top of the stairs repeatedly until the 
  woman bashes a hole in the wall with her cat
-click on hole
-take gold
-click on doorway again
-the blue hand will try to grab your cursor and then turn into a 
  fist: there is no way to avoid this.
-drag the fist as far to the top and left of the monitor 
  screen as you can go, then click to lose it
-repeat the above if the hand comes back
-click on the dung, then quickly click on the gold while it flips
-click on left wheel of cart (it should come off if you click on 
  the right part)
-click on dung repeatedly until you take it
Return to Sign from God
-click on clouds at sides until God appears again
-click on his beard until Zoot's Medallion comes out
-take Zoot's Medallion
Forward to Plague Village
-click on cart
-take dead body
-click on end of leg to take cover off
-click on cart (with explosions) until a large cavity opens up
Forward to Witch Village
-click on Bedevere
-click on witch
-click on Bedevere
-click on witch
Play Burn the Witch (you don't have to win).
-click on Bedevere
-shoot bird 
-take coconut
-click on bird in tree
-repeat the above until the bird lays a skull in the crowd, and take 
  careful notice of the order that the crowd is "played"
-repeat the same order of notes you saw (by clicking on sections 
  of the crowd)as many times as necessary to get the witch to open
  her robe (the sequence is: lower center part of crowd, lower 
  right, lower center, upper center)
-after sequence, click on left window behind crowd
-take gold from right window
-click on witch until odd flying witch sequence appears
Forward to the Black Knight
-(after sequence) click on bridge until the Black Knight comes
Play Knights in Combat as Arthur
-click on Steer skull near tent
-shoot bird
-take coconut
-click on steer skull until his story's finished
-click on ditch until it fills with water
-click on bridge for Arthur to go over it
-click on leaf at right lower edge of screen
-click on old woman's nose
-take gold
-click on tent to enter it
-take all of the mannequin parts
-click on chest
-take the Holy Prosthesis
-open wardrobe
-take Black Knight's tights
-click on head
-close wardrobe
-open top drawer
-take gold
-close top drawer (if it doesn't close automatically)
-go through Diary (on bed) until you come to "PlaySquire Magazine"
-take Black Knight's sword
-leave tent
Play Knights in Combat as the Black Knight (for fun, just don't be *too*
 good and kill Arthur).
-click on leaf in upper left tree (if it's the right one it should fall)
-click on fallen leaf
-take key
Return to Witch Village
-take Joseph of Aramathea
Forward to Black Knight
Forward to Book
-read through book until the page after a drawing of a page (i.e. 
-shoot bird
-take coconut
-take from the largest pile of gold 4 times
-turn page
-click on picture
-watch sequence
-click on Dial Intershrub button (you should have 1128 gold pieces)
-after sequence click on Laurel
-click on compose message
-write something (e.g. Hope you enjoy "it"!)
-click again on message button to close
-click on address button
-click on down arrow, then choose Knights who say Ni
-click on send button
-click on back, then exit
-watch sequence
-turn page and amuse yourself with the dialogue
Go forward to Camelot
-click on castle to show video
-click on castle until cloud comes out
-shoot cloud
-click on castle
-shoot bird
-take coconut
-click on castle to take bricks until sun and cloud come out
-click on cloud
-take gold
Return to Book
-Turn to Sir Robin's page
-take sign that's at the top of the page opposite picture
Forward to Camelot
-click on castle until only tower is left
-click on tower until it "comes" into your inventory
-after peasant cart leaves click on door
-click on coffin to open
Forward to Loimbard
-click on up hand or down hand (whichever one is necessary)until the 
  dialogue is finished and the Catch the Cow invite appears
Play Catch the Cow (you don't have to win)
-click on Arthur
-shoot bird
-take coconut
-click on Arthur until sheep's bladder comes out
-quickly take sheep's bladder
-click on up hand
-click on brick in center section (second from right, center) until you
  find gold
-take gold
-click on top stone of left section of bricks
-take "vous"
-click on right French guy and shoot targets until he throws the Samurai
-quickly take Samurai Helmet
-click on down hand
-click on the lower portion of Bedevere's garment (surcoat) and shoot 
  targets until Rolly Polly comes out
-quickly take Rolly Polly
Forward to Anthrax
-click on brightest star between left tree and castle
-keep clicking until Virgo the Virgin shows up (there should be a sound
  effect when you reach it)
-click on the outline of castle until there's a string of lights along 
  top edge and lights above the door light up
-click on center of lights above door to reveal sign
-click on each window until the lights are on in all
-click on the stubby branch (bottom center) on the long branch in the 
  lower right of screen
-take the blossoms
-click on base of new branch
-take the broccoli
-click on base of same branch twice
-click on door 5 times to go in
-watch video 
Play Spank the Virgin (you have to win, but it's not hard). Write down 
 the numbers and their order during the final round (the Nude Bonus 
-leave virgins to go outside
-click on Zoot
-shoot cupid
-take both coconuts
-click on plaque above door (a row of numbers should show up)
-enter the combination you got during the nude bonus round
-take the Moldy Tail (i.e. gold grail above castle)
-click on left tree trunk repeatedly until the monk leaves behind gold
-click on castle door to go back in
-sit through video sequence again
-click on white virgin in upper left
-click on pink virgin
-click on lower white virgin
-click on yellow virgin
-click on green virgin
-click on upper white virgin's face
-click on each virgin in the room until they all have gone through four
  costume changes (original to gauzy nightgown, armor, costumes, kinky 
-click on center virgin through same costume changes
-take bodice on center virgin (part of kinky lingerie)
-watch video
-leave virgins to go outside
Forward to Caves of Caerbannog
-watch where the four spare knights come from
-click on landscape (with explosions) until the explosion is right in 
the cave and Tim appears
-click on Arthur twice
-click in the areas where the four spare knights came out to get them 
  all where they stood before
-click on cave
-click on rabbit
-watch sequence where knights get holy hand grenades
-click on cave
[note: this next part takes quick timing, so you may have to try a few
-pick up holy hand grenade with left mouse button held down, and drag it 
  over rabbit, following the rabbit, then releasing it right when he 
  gets to the far left disposable knight
-click on dragon that comes out of hole
-after chase, click on dragon again
-click on the Goldy Hail that comes out of dragon while guy talks (he'll
  give it to you eventually)
-click on cave
-shoot bird
-take coconut
-click on cave
-shoot peasant
-take coin
-click on cave
-quickly take wooden rabbit (it might take a double click)
Go forward to Bridge
-disregard the message
-click on mountains in background to take Huge Tracts of Land
Return to Caves
Forward to Bridge
-click on bridge keeper
-shoot bird
-take coconut
-click on bridge keeper
-answer questions (Assyria is trick question, so you'll die the 
  first time)
-answer questions correctly after being resurrected
  (use same favorite color as you specified in registration)

        Part III: Placing Items & Lightening Patsy's Load

[If you go forward to the bridge you'll notice that there are no boards 
for the  first section. This section is about placing each important 
item in the correct place (you get a board for each one) and making 
Patsy's pack lighter by getting rid of everything unnecessary, so that 
you'll be light enough to cross the bridge.]
-click on Run Away
Go to Sign from God by clicking on map
-click on the side clouds of billboard until "Huge Tracts of Land" 
-drag "Huge Tracts of Land" from inventory onto billboard (#1)
-watch video
Forward to Plague Village
-drag Camelot from inventory onto grill-like cavity (#2)
-watch video
-now it's time to empty Patsy's pack of everything unimportant. Drag all
  of the following items from inventory onto the barrel: blossoms, 
  broccoli, 11 coconuts, 9 bricks, sheep's bladder, vous, Black Knight's 
  Tights, holy prosthesis, helmet, bananas, dung, and 7 knights.
Forward to Witch Village
-open inventory and scroll until Virgin's Bodice is visible
-click on witch until she opens her robe
-quickly drag bodice from inventory onto witch while her robes are open
-watch video
Forward to Black Knight
-click on bridge
-go into tent
-open wardrobe
-drag Samurai Helmet onto hat form (#4)
-watch video
-exit tent
Forward to Book
-go to Lancelot's Page
-drag Black Knight's sword onto sword outline on left page (#5)
-watch video
-go to Knights who say Ni page
-click on picture and watch video
-click Dial Intershrub
-buy and send to Knights who say Ni 5 azaleas and 6 elderberries (you 
  should have 407 gold coins before this point if you followed 
  directions correctly).
-watch sequence
Forward to Camelot
-drag dead body from inventory into coffin (#6)
-watch video
Forward to Loimbard
-click on up hand
-drag wooden rabbit from inventory onto the top half of the bunny 
  outline on the upper bricks of the left section (#7)
-watch video
Forward to Anthrax
-click on bottom left-of-center of screen to bring up Zoot
-drag Zoot's Medallion onto Zoot's hat (#8)
-watch video
Forward to Cave
-drag Joseph of Aramathea from inventory onto the pedestal (#9)
-watch video
Forward to Bridge
-drag certain death sign from inventory onto hole in the rock pile in 
  the bottom left corner of the screen (#10)
-watch video
[At this point your inventory should only have the key and the fake
grails. If you have more than that (which, again, you shouldn't if 
directions were followed) you must go back to the barrel (for items) 
or Intershrub (for gold)]
Forward to Bridge close-up
Forward to go over Bridge
Watch King Brian the Wild segment
-drag key from inventory onto the lock on the chest
-take the grail!

You've now done what they failed to get in the movie: you've gotten the
Enjoy, and if you ended up going through the game too quickly, you might
want to do it again, but this time concentrating on trying everything.

        Any comments or corrections? You can reach me at either 
                {[email protected] or {[email protected]}
Permission is granted for any redistribution of this to other forums, so 
                             long as it reamins intact.

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