Sanitarium Walkthrough Walkthrough by: Toohip and Kaiser Soze

Chapter 1 : The Tower Cells

Goal : Escape from the Tower.

Leave your cell and go to the left of the screen.
Pull the switch to turn off the alarm.
Go to the right, enter the cell closest to yours and take the towel.
Climb the stairs and talk to everyone (the shy guy at the top left of the screen 
and the two others on the right).
Use the towel on the power cable.
Open the door and enter the Control Tower.
Look at the drawer & the safe.
Plug the cables in to activate the VCR (red on red, yellow on yellow, black on 
black). Click on the power button and press Play. Watch the video.
The short circuit will open the safe. Take the key inside.
Look again at the drawer and read the files.
Leave the Control Tower and push the button on the platform to extend the 
Go to the statue and look at it. You will see a locking mechanism at the base of 
the statue.
Use the key on the mechanism. Watch the cutscene.

Chapter 2 : The Innocent Abandoned


Goal : Find and kill 'Mom'.


Talk to Billy and Jessie, then go left and talk to Meg.
Look at the inscription in front of the church, than enter. Read the files.
Talk to Billy and Jessie again. Play the Tic-Tac-Toe game.
Go to the Town Hall and read the files.
Cross the bridge. Enter the house and read the newspaper article and the diary.
Go to the beach and talk to Timmy.
Talk to Marty (the boy with the red ball in front of the General Store).
Enter the Cemetery. After the cutscene, look at the head stones and talk to all 
of the kids (Dennis, Derek, Eileen, Lumpy and Marcus).
Enter the building and take the crowbar.
Talk again to Dennis and play the Hide and Seek game.
Find the 5 kids (located at: church - tree behind the church - under the bed in 
the house across the bridge - barrels near the schoolhouse - schoolhouse).
To enter the schoolhouse, use the crowbar on the door.
Go back to the center of the town and talk to Dennis. He will tell you about his 
‘secret weapon'.
Talk to Eileen (the girl near the statue) and take her shovel.
Go to the cemetery and use the shovel on the headstone (C. Driscoll).
After the cutscene, talk to Dennis again. You will receive the keys for the 
General Store.
Use the keys to open the doors of the General Store. Take the empty old gas can 
and read the files.
Ride the spring pie, then take it.
Go to the broken bridge and use the spring pie to jump on the other side.
Talk to Maria, then click on the lock. Type 451 to open the gate (very easy to 
guess, since you had two big clues : the panel in front of the church - psalm 4 
verse 51; or the tic-tac-toe games lost by Jessie - Meg won 4 times, Eileen 5 
times and you won 1 time).
Enter the Pumpkin Patch and take the scythe near the old truck.
Make your way through the patch, using the scythe to kill the birds (this 
passage is not very difficult. Move slowly and click on the birds with the 
scythe when they are close to you).
When you reach the center of the patch, avoid the pumpkin man and destroy all 
the pumpkins with the scythe. When it's done, click once on the pumpkin man to 
kill him.
Open the gate and look at the old truck.
Open the truck and take the jumper cable.
Enter the barn. After the cutscene, talk to Mom.
Before leaving the barn, take the wrench on the ground.
Go back to the pumpkin patch and talk to Maria.
Use the wrench on the rubber hose near the Town Hall.
Grab a stone in front of the church and throw it at the bell.
Go to the beach and take the fishing rod.
Use the rubber hose on the car. Then use the gas can on the hose to get 
Leave the beach and use the fishing rod on the metallic cross near the bridge.
Go back to the pumpkin patch and use the gas can on the gas power generator.
Put the metallic cross on the metallic rock near the power generator.
Connect the jumper cable to the power generator, then use it on the metallic 
cross and watch the show.
When Mom is dead, leave the barn and talk to the girl near the bridge.

Chapter 3 : The Courtyard and Chapel


Goal : Repair the fountain.


Talk to all of the patients and the nurses.
Go to the fountain and talk to the pretty girl there. Watch the cutscene.
Enter the church and talk to Norman and to the Preacher. The Preacher will give 
you a 'holy mission'.
Go to the house on the right of the screen and talk to Dr. Morgan.
Take the four records on the table.
Select the Disk labeled 'Belladonna in a flat' (the red one) and watch the old 
man's reaction.
Leave the house and go where the old man is. Take the holy symbol on the bench.
Go back to the church and give the holy symbol to the Preacher. He will give you 
the old broom (if not, leave the church, talk with everyone again and go back to 
the church after you have done so).
Use the old broom to open the control box in front of the house.
Solve the 'Fountain puzzle'. (Here again, it's very easy. You must arrange the 
pipes so that the water comes to the third one and only there. When it's done, 
simply pull the lever).
Return to the fountain and talk to the pretty girl.
Look at your reflection in the fountain and watch the cutscene.

Chapter 4 : The Circus of Fools


Goal : Find Sarah's doll.


After your arrival on the island, talk to Antonio Baldini, the ringmaster. He 
will give you a free pass for the Squid Squash game.
Go to the little wagon on the left and look at the alcohol bottles on the 
Talk to Wilbur Smith. You will receive a bottle of rubbing alcohol (Don't worry 
about the needle on the table, you will take it later).
Leave the wagon and go to the rides.
Talk to Carl Rice and play the Squid Squash. You will receive 3 tickets in 
Play the Knock Down game and you will earn 3 more tickets. After the game, one 
of the bowling pins will stay on the ground. Take it.
Play some more games until you have at least 10 tickets (the easiest way for 
that is the Squid Squash game).
Continue to the right and talk with Sean, the little boy.
Take the oilcan near the fire then talk to Collin & Martha O'Leary.
Now, go to the big tent and talk with everyone there.
Jennifer Lang/Inferno will teach you how to breathe fire and give you a baton in 
exchange for some fuel, so give her the alcohol bottle.
Lefty, the juggler, wants a new challenge, so give him the bowling pin and you 
will receive a red rubber juggling ball.
Meano Geno wants to prove his love to Inferno, so tell him to get a tattoo.
Before leaving the tent, be sure to also talk to Baldini and to the 3 clowns, 
Trixie, Simon and Flipper.
Now go back to the little wagon and talk again with Geno. Take the needle on the 
table when Wilbur is not looking in your direction.
Leave the wagon and go to the beach. Talk to Zippy and look at Matt & 
Ashley, the freak twins.
Talk to Stuart Limpkin and give him 5 tickets to enter the freak beach.
Talk to Pret-zool and to Timber. Use the needle to open the cage and free 
Go left and use the oil can on the lever. Pull the lever and go to the Merry-go-
After the ride, continue left and look at Spanky the clown. Put the red ball on 
the clown and watch the cutscene.
Talk to Oliver Tweed and give him 5 tickets, then enter the House of Horror.
After the cutscene, you will find a broken piece of mirror.
Talk to the Leprechaun then climb the stairs and enter the tent.
Ask Lady Ivanna to tell you your fortune and you will then be teleported to the 
big tent.
Talk to everyone in the tent again, then leave and go where Sean was sitting.
Look at the hole, watch the cutscene, then jump inside...


         The Cave


Put the mirror on the dry twigs.
Use the baton on the fire, then enter the cave.
The goal here is very simple : avoid the falling rocks and kill the tentacles.
As for the birds in chapter 2, it's not very difficult. All you have to do is 
move very slowly and click on the tentacles with the baton to destroy them. To 
kill the monster at the end, you must breathe fire 3 times on the big eye.

Leave the cave and you will now enter...


      The Mansion


Look at the walls then climb the stairs and watch the ghosts.
Enter the kitchen and watch another scene with the ghosts.
Leave the kitchen and go to the 1st floor. Go north and take the brass key in 
the bedroom.
Go down and use the brass key to open the old clock. Set the clock to 6 p.m.
Enter the study and take the silver key and the videotape.
Climb the stairs again and watch the tape with the video recorder.
Go left and use the silver key to open the door.
Go to the 2nd floor and take the gold key near the big bear.
Move the trampoline then use it to jump on the other side.
Open the chest with the gold key and you will find a doll.
Leave the room and follow Max.
Enter the bedroom and give the doll to Sarah.


Chapter 5 : The Laboratory

Goal: Escape from the laboratory.


Leave the room that you start in and go up the stairs.
Go to the right into the office and look at the picture on the wall.
Take out the pipe valve from behind it and go back out of the office.
Go left and climb up the stairs.
Use the pipe valve on the hole in the far wall and turn the valve to activate 
the machine.
The object here is to get the ball to drop so you can get into the laboratory.
Once again, it's rather easy. Just imagine that the wheel on the top is a clock 
with different positions (from 1 to 8) and that this clock has 4 needles - 3 
with a 'contact' at the end and one without any 'contact'.

Puzzle 4 : The Wheel Puzzle.

First, turn the wheel so that the needle without any contact reaches position 
'1' on the clock and pull the handle down.
Now, turn the wheel to reach position '2' and pull the handle again. Repeat the 
process for all positions (3, 4, 5,...) until 8. That will release all of the 
locks and the ball will be dropped.
Now enter the laboratory.
Go over to the desk and listen to the tape and read whatever may be there.
Look at the 3 chalkboards. You need to bring down all the capital letters with 
the exception of some of the I's.
The letters must be re-arranged to spell these words relative to the board you 
are doing:




Puzzle 5 : The Boards Puzzle.

Now click on the security box and re-arrange the words again to make the

following sentence:


Leave the laboratory and watch the cutscene.

Chapter 6 : The Hive


Goal: Activate the portal.


When you start this chapter your character (Grimwall) kills the worm...take the 
security belt he has.
Next go to the room just below you to the left of the start position and talk to 
Graven (on the right). He will give you some info including the password to his 
hut which is at the bottom right of the board.
Go to his hut and enter his security code then go inside.
Take the hammer and the tools then leave the hut.
Go back up and directly across from the first building you entered is the 
Enter this building.
Go over to the pipe with the patch on it and use the hammer on the patch.
The worms will move away from the bellows at this point and you can work
the bellows yourself (do so). That will kill a worm or two.
Take the claw left behind by the dead worm and go to the control panel.
Click on the control panel to do the puzzle on it.
There are green buttons on the body of the dragonfly (1 - 2 - 3)...use them to 
activate the wings.
There are 2 buttons (A, B) and 2 dials (C, D) to the right of the dragonfly as 
Use the dials to change the colors which changes the images the wings create 
when you play with the green buttons on the fly. Use different combinations to 
match the patterns on the upper left of the control device.
When you have a match, move the control arm (E) to the matching pattern and 
press the grey button (A or B) corresponding to the side that the matching 
pattern is on.
Repeat until all patterns on both sides are matched to close the furnace.
Now go back to the first hut and talk to the other character in there. Ask him 
about a security upgrade.
After he tells you that he needs authorization go pick up the other claw at the 
top of the hut.
Now it is time to go meet Graven in his hut. Talk to him and tell him about the 
furnace. He will ask for proof, which you will get shortly. He will also give 
you information on what you need for authorization.
Go back now to get the security upgrade. You will be asked to provide proof of 
age. Take the first claw that you found and put it in the yellow circle just 
above and right of the character. You will now have the upgraded security 
Now go to the hive and enter it. Look at the bottles hanging up and use the 
second claw to cut one down to take to Graven in his hut as the proof he wanted.
Show the bottle to Graven. He will now let you into Gromma's hut.
Enter the hut and get the key from under the pillow.
Use the key on the little locked door above the bed to get the sound generator.
Go back to the hive and use the sound generator on the thing dripping – the 
yellow stuff. You are now transported up into the hive.
Talk to the worm thing on the right, then click on the cages. You will hear some 
kind of melody.
This 'melody' is the code to open the door on the left, so click several times 
on the cages to learn it well.
To enter the door on the left you must use the bug instrument panel just to the 
right of the door. The bugs must be pressed in this order to open the blocked 
door to the left : Left, Right, Right, Down Left, Up, Down Right.
The door will no longer be blocked...go through it. Now go over to the right, 
next to where the half worm thing is.
Just to the left of her there is the first part of the big machinery you need to 
take to Graven. Use the tools on the machinery.
Go down and use the sound generator again to leave the hive.
You must now take the piece back to Graven. Go to the lower left of the main 
screen. When you get there, the bridge will disintegrate....throw the piece of 
machinery you have over to him.
Now return to the hive (using the sound generator again) and go back to where 
you got the first part but go left and climb up the rope.
Go over to the device that the cables are attached to and activate it to turn on 
the portal.
Enter the portal and watch the cutscene. You have now completed chapter 6.

Chapter 7 : The Morgue and Cemetery


Goal: Reach the Aztec Temple.


The first and most obvious thing you have to do in here is to open the morgue 
door. Click on the door and go over to it.
On the top right there is a wheel (A). Turn it 3 times so that the gear (D) 
moves all the way up to the top. Now pull the handle (B) to the left.
Repeat this 2 more times and then do it 3 times but pulling the handle to the 
Now turn the wheel in the middle (C) from the left side of the wheel.
You are out!! Go out and to the right into the office.
Take the matches and the bust from the desk. Also Take the urn from the shelves 
to the left of the door.
Throw the bust at the wall beside the bookcase a couple of times to break 
Take the U-joint pipe and turn the steam valve.
Now go to the oven room across from the morgue. Go to the right of the room and 
take the wrench from the toolbox.
Use the controls on the oven to start it and go open the oven door.
Pick up the body with the number 7 tag on it and it will be placed into the 
Open the oven back up and take the glass eye. Then use the urn to pick up the 
Go back out into the hallway and use the wrench on the pipes there.
After you remove the piece of pipe, put the U-joint pipe where you took the 
other one out.
This will heat up the morgue and you can return to it as the door will no longer 
be frozen shut.
Go let the old man out of drawer number 5 and talk to him.
Open drawer number 7. Use the matches inside as well as the glass eye and read 
what it says.
Now go outside (left of the morgue) and over to the left is a broken tombstone.
Spread the ashes on the tombstone and read the name.
Now go up and to the right where you will see a tree with a face on it... talk 
to the tree.
Go up to the crystal heart and take the prism.
Use the prism in the beam of sunlight to open the door to the Aztec temple.
Enter the temple and after talking to the Doctor you have to solve the calendar 
Be sure to take a look first at the drawing on the left wall to know the correct 
order for the pieces (mountain - big sun - small sun - eye - pyramid).
The easiest way is to start by matching the pattern from the left, using the 
buttons to move the pieces.
You will have no problem if you do it that way.
 Watch the movie and get ready for chapter 8.


Chapter 8 : The Lost Village


Goal: Defeat Quetzalcoatl and find the Mask.


Talk to the old woman then leave the underground place where you start the 
chapter and climb the stairs.
Go all the way south, then west and climb the stairs where the sacrificial altar 
Look at the large statue to the right and knock it over.
It will make a lava bridge to the Water Temple when it cools in the water.
Next, talk to Quetzalcoatl and leave the stairs.
Go talk to all 6 of the warrior spirits asking them all their names and 
After you have done that, go to the village and take the copper bowl for later.
Talk to the old woman there as well.
Go into the middle door of the huts and talk to the fisherman’s wife.
Talk to the woman in the next room over (to the right) and to the stone mason 
(chieftain) and ask him about the necklace.
He will take it to the fisherman’s wife and you can now talk to the fisherman 
(the spirit in front of the big totem) and tell him so.
Push the Aztec totem pole over and walk across to the temple.
Move the large boulders from the front and rescue the mason’s daughter.
After the cutscene, go back to the temple to get the wind totem. For this, you 
must solve the puzzle inside.
Bang on the gongs from largest to smallest to destroy the crystal that protects 
Take the wind totem and go to the water temple (using the lava bridge) to solve 
the puzzle there. The solution lies in the fisherman’s creed.
This is the order in which to push the panels: Gods Eye, Spear, Water, Fish, 
Baskets, and the last one with the fisherman on it.
Enter the water temple now and take the water totem and the fish.
Now go talk to the witch behind the jaguar temple and ask what he needs.
After he tells you everything, go to the Chieftain and ask him about the Rite of 
the Warrior.
He will ask you the lineage of the dead warriors which is :
Xilonen, Ometoch, Tepictoc, Centeotl, Huitzilop, Mixcoatl.
He will then perform the ritual on you.
Now go to the joining tree (in the middle of the lava) to get the Pod of Might.
Once you have it, take it to the witch and he will perform his spell and 
sacrifice himself.
After the cutscene, talk to the witch and then use the copper bowl to take some 
of his blood.
Go back to his hut and take the crystal heart.
Now go the jaguar temple and do as the statue says. Put the crystal heart in the 
right basket and the copper bowl in the other.
Go into the jaguar temple to get the totem, but be sure to take a look at the 
signs on the stairs first.
Before you can take it you must complete the puzzle on the far wall.
To get the pattern just go to the second dial from the left and turn it once.
Twice for the next on the right. Three times for the next one and so on... 
turning it one more time for each one to the right until the puzzle is complete.
Now take the Jaguar totem.
Go to the center of the village where the very large statue of Quetzalcoatl was, 
and place the totems as follows: wind/right, jaguar/bottom and water/left.

Watch the cutscene.

This completes the Lost City and you will now enter...


         The Maze


I don't plan on telling you how to get past all of the electricity, since if you 
need help for that you need more than a walkthrough. So with that said just 
watch the patterns of electricity and don’t touch them.
Take the SW (southwest) path to the corner and go NW to the stairs.
Go down the stairs and SW to the next stairs.
Go NW then NE until you get to the first junction and go SE.
Continue SE through the next intersection and follow the path to the stairs up.
30. Go up the stairs and forward to the lock release control.
31. Press the outer 2 gems leaving the middle one unlit and then activate the 
blue switch to the right.
Now go NE from there to the first stairs and go up.
Follow the path through the electricity and go down the stairs that lead SW.
Follow the path all the way around until you get to the stairs.
Go up the stairs and pull the arm on the statue.
Now walk NE (avoiding the electricity) until you come to the stairs going SE and 
go down.
Follow the path and pull the lever on the wall to open the gate before going up 
the stairs.
Once up the stairs go NE and then down the stairs.
Pull the handle to lock the gate into place and proceed along the path.
Enter the mouth and take the mask to complete the chapter.

Chapter 9 : The Gauntlet


Goal: Kill Dr. Morgan.


Looks like we are going through an identity crisis here. You will need to use 
all 3 characters (Sarah, Aztec Warrior, and Grimwall) to complete this board by 
picking the doll, comic or statue in your inventory.
To start, switch to the aztec to cross the thorns to the pumpkin patch.
The pattern to get past the pumpkins is: middle right, bottom left, top right, 
top left, middle left, and bottom right.
Now go take the skull and leave the patch.
Go look at the tombstones and when the ghost appears, use the skull on him.
Switch to Grimwall, open the coffin and take the head of the angelic statue.
Switch back to the aztec and cross the thorn bridge.
Back again to Grimwall to play the game there.
Go over to the giant clown, switch to the aztec and hit the teeth in this order 
red, yellow, green, blue.
The clown's nose will pop out and you can use Sarah to climb through.
Take the angel wings and go back to the wooden bridge.
Follow the wooden bridge through the castle and go up the stairs inside.
Use Sarah to cross the spider web and switch to the aztec.
Stomp on the plates in front of the statue in this order (numbered 1-5 from left 
to right respectively) : 2, 5, 3, 1, 4.
Switch to Grimwall and push the statue to reveal another angel wing.
You must now pull all of the bodies down the stakes to get the crystal to 
Take the wing and return the same way you came.
Go back down the stairs and enter the hive to the right.
Use Grimwall to run the machinery on the right side.
Go over to the honeycomb on the left and take the claw from inside.
Now lift the floor grate off and switch to Sarah to go through the floor grate.
Once up top, switch to the aztec and go up to the top where the rope is 
Use the claw to cut through it and return inside the hive, using Sarah again to 
go through the grate.
Now take the statue part (torso) and return to the castle.
Use all of the parts on the statue, starting with the torso.
Go up the stairs and through the gates to the portal.
Enter the portal and you are now ready for...


 Morgan's Last Game


The object of this is to get all the crystal balls on both sides to cross the 
Walk around the outside starting from the right and work your way to the first 

Do the same, finding the pattern for each path, which is not difficult to do.

Just try to keep walking even when there is no path, yet do not step on the 
black ooze stuff if it’s there.

This part is very easy and I will not explain exactly how it is done as it would 
be very difficult to put into words.

Once you have broken all three crystals you are finished...

That's it!  All done...Watch the final scene and go get some sleep.


The End

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