Welcome to Countdown! A great new game by Access software...This is the first solve I've ever written, so bear with me through this...This will tell you ALL you need to know to win the game and get out of those impossible situations...Read On....

General Hints:
	Talk to everybody about everything (except the guards in the hall)! It matters which approaches you 	use to get certain information! If one approach doesn't work try another...It might!
	Save the Game Regularly! ALL THE TIME! I had over 30 saves by the end...Under different names of 	course!

You wake up in a hospital room, knowing nothing of where you are or how you got there...

1) Get the cup on the floor by the sink. Then Get the key at the base of the bed, by the Right leg. Then get the Wire above the radiator on the window screen!

2) Use the Cup to capture that pesky bug on the right wall! Now, talk to that shadow that passes by the window periodically. 

3) Offer him the bug and he will bring you some food! With the food is a knife...Use the knife on the window, and before you know it, you can climb out on the ledge...

Now your outside...Open the 2nd window on the right, and come on in! You need to do several things in the hospital before you can escape...I will list them out for ya...First off...The hospital is three stories, with a basement that has one door (which happens to be the door to escape!) You start out on the second floor! Without drawing a map, I will tell you generally where each item is...

Now my friend will take over, cuz I'm lazy as hell...Hope he can be semi coherent....

1)  Very Important!! at the top right side of the first floor there is a room with a CPR dummy that looks like you  get the dummy, go back to your room, use it on the bed. Otherwise the guard will notice that you are missing.  

2) then find the scissors the blanket and the hanger on the second floor. Find room with a picture hanging up. It's actually a cell. Move the picture,...Look a t the picture, look at the writing on the wall then Move the Pillow and get the Key! The Key to Escape...On the second floor, there is an awfully cold, naked guy behind some plate glass...Give im a blanket and talk to him a little...for some info...Use the intercom!

3) On the 1st floor, find the room with the dartboard. Get the scalpel from dartboard. There are many surgery rooms, one contains a flashlight in a toolbox. One you got the scalpel, find the sleeping doctor on the 1st floor, and use the scalpel on him! He talks, and you find out about, among other things, Barney Sachnussen, who escaped before! But, what is important to find out, is who is trying to get you! Using a certain list of commands, he will spill his beans to you...The commands are either PLEASANT HASSLE HASSLE or BLUFF HELP HASSLE HASSLE or something like that...Now....move the books and look at the safe behind the books! Move the painting on the wall and look at the writing! It is the combination to the safe!  Open the safe and get the cash!!!! Don't forget the car keys on the doc's desk...Read the Typewriter and papers too...

4) Go to the third floor, and OPEN the national geographic to read it! Get the crowbar from same room, and open the crate with Mountain climbin stuff...

4A) Also on third floor in room with lockers, open locker with the key you  found in your room, then move the towel on the bench, get another key, and open another locker and get the boots!

	Now go back to the bottom level. Open the door with the key from under the pillow on the 2nd floor, and enter the labyrinth!!!

Move the rocks, find the pickaxe, and enlarge the hole in the wall! DO NOT FORGET TO CUT WIRES IN THE SWITCHBOX TO STOP THEM FROM CALLING HELP!

Now go in to the hole...You are in a labyrinth...It's easy, you can find your way yourself...You come out in a Wine Cellar...

1) Greet your dead friend and look at the wine rack. Look at the plaque and then move the debris from the bottom right of the wine rack. There are roman numerals. Move the 1st bottle on the top row, then the 4th on the second row, 3rd on the 3rd row and 3rd on the 4th row! A secret exit appears...Don't forget to open the crates and get the wine there...

2) Go out through the new door. Goto rock on right, and climb! Use your Boots, or just use the goto command. You climb the cliff to the top. Use the Hook to scale the overhang! Now your on top and your out of the hospital...Look as the cars....Use the keys you got from the doctor, and your off! GOODBYE SANCTUARY!

Continued in another Text File...Look For Part II on a Board Near you...Or Email me On Lexicon....


Take a train  to Mason's apt. MOVE the pillow and get the key from under it .  Unlock the birdcage with the key, open the cage and when the parrot gets out give him the cracker from the table. use the key he drops to open your top desk drawer. Look at the paper in the drawer. Move the plant on the fridge get the computer from the hole in the wall behind  the plant. Get the computer from behind the plant .  One of the kitchen cabinets  opens. Get the toolbox from the cabinet. Look at the photo on the floor next to the bed. leave the apartment.

Travel to McBain's place. Move the shield of the statue. Get the key from near or on the desk. look at the glass on the floor, the window, and get  the note from the desk. get the box from the bookshelf and move the bookshelf. Use the key from the desk on the secret compartment in the statue. Move the switch of the computer, look at the screen. get the explosives from the lower right shelf under the computer. Use the explosive on the safe. Get the box with the dossier.  Use the CAD to analyze the note from the desk. research Rachel Akure (and everything else if you hadn't already figured that out yet, DORK!).  TRAVEL.

Goto Lisa (or whoever)  Loomis and ask about everything and get HELP. Leave.

Take a plane to Israel. Offer $500. She will give you a dart of truth serum. Offer Dossier. Ask about everyone. Save first if you are going to Hassle her.

Take a plane to Egypt. Open and goto the dumpster. When the hitman  stops in front  of the dumpster, use the dart from Israel on him. Ask about everything.  TRAVEL.

Goto the Black december h.q. Get the rock and the catapult arm. use the arm on the catapult. Move the lever. use the rock on the catapult. Time it so the guard will be hit by the rock and pull the lever.

Go into the next room hide behind the monitor consol and time it so the guard is at the consol when the explosives blow up it will blow him to kingdom come. then interrogate the hostage. Use CAD analyze photo look at the guards arm close up. Research The Jackel . Research Carlos. Then Travel...Travel to Barcelona, Spain to see Carlos...

Offer him Money and he'll give ya a lockpick. Bluff, Bluff, Pleasant, Help (or something Like that) and offer him the wine! Now ask all your questions!

Go back to Black December HQ and open the vault with the lockpick, get and analyze the message in the safe.

Go to Golden Desire in Venice Italy.  Read the Paper on the bar between the two patrons. Goto the next room. wait until the bouncer leaves then goto the curtained room. Get the key from the top of the door. Unlock  and open the box on the desk get the key from it. Unlock the desk drawer, open it and get the stationary. Analyze the stationary. go to the bartender. Offer him $500 ask about everyone. He will arrange a meet between you and the stripper. Ask her about everything. TRAVEL.

Go see the Russian. HASSEL HASSEL SOMETHING SOMETHING to get him to talk to you. Ask about everything. Offer $300 to get the Knockout pills. LEAVE

When you leave Scorpio you will get E-MAIL on the CAD. Read it. Take this opportunity to research  everything.

Goto Rome. Goto  Quin. Ask about everything. SAVE THE GAME. GOTO the coliseum.

When you wake up wait until the rope breaks. go into the cage. when the tiger follows you leave the cage and move the lever on the wall next to the cage to close the door. When the tiger is trapped move the bones.get the hook under the bones and the rope. Use rope on ledge. 

Now get the poker, the blue prints from the desk and move the paper bag on the floor. get the postcard from under the bag. Move the stone next to the stiff's knee. NO, HIS RIGHT KNEE. get the bag with your stuff in it. Use your CAD to analyze the postcard. There is a micro-dot on the post-card. open the door and leave. Travel.

Goto the train station. GO left to the staterooms. Open the first door and go into the compartment and open the bed doors to see a grisly sight, look at the wallet, leave the room, and check out all the other rooms...What's with that bishop on the chess table? Find the room that contains the Jackal! He's dressed like a priest...Talk to him, save the game! Start with a Bluff, and work from there...You want to get him out of the room so you can put the sleep stuff in his food! Leave his cabin...Go to another cabin and wait a minute...go back to his cabin...Get the suitcase with 100,000 dollars in cash, get his clothes!! Get the tool from the compartment above his head...

Then search the last car! The baggage car! Go to the very end, with a big flat black case...Open it and get what ya can! Use the Tool to open the case! Get the explosives from the case...The train will stop and you go to the woman! Dont forget to get the Telegram by the floor and the ashtray in the first car! Bluff Gina, I think?? and ask about everything...offer the suitcase and she will take you to the bomb!!!

Now, Your in the sewer...Go to the next Room...Get the gear in the corner, next to the pulley! Go back to the first room, put the Gear on the Shaft in the first room and turn it on with the switch. Go back to the sewage room...Goto the sewage channel, which should now be closed, and goto the ladder...Now your in a room! Dont go the DOOR! Use the plastic explosives on the boarded up door, and watch it explode! Go to the next room, move the elephant and move the block behind the elephant!

Now use the screwdriver and take off the plate! Four screws! NOW YOU ARE UNDER TIME LIMIT OF ONE MINUTE! Use the screwdriver three times on the MIDDLE BLUE LINE. Then TWO TIMES ON THE BOTTOM GREEN ONE, and then ONCE ON THE TOP RED! NOW use the wire cutters on the middle one, the bottom one and then the top one!


YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR MISSION! Watch the endgame and enjoy...

Watch for Future Solves...I kinda like this...This one was lame, but it'll get better!

	 Lord Darcy

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