By Clone 1

WARNING: This file will self-destruct any hope for a bloodrushing, mind-                tingling adventure and any sense of orgasmic exultations from the              honest completion of this game.

1st CELL   : GET key. GET cup. USE cup on bug. LOOK at chart on bedpost. TALK               to guard-HELP,OFFER bug. GET knife when guard brings food. GOTO                window. USE knife on window. GOTO window.

LEDGE      : Walk to 2nd window to the right. OPEN window. GOTO window.

2nd CELL   : The hallways are patrolled by guards, I suggest you save before                leaving the rooms. SAVE. OPEN door. GOTO door.
HALL, 2fl  : GOTO open door across the hall (supply rm.). 

SUPPLY RM. : GET blanket. GET scissors. SAVE. GOTO door.

HALL, 2fl  : OPEN door at the "T" intersection in the hallway. GOTO door.

PUNISHMENT : LOOK chart. TALK to intercom- PLEASANT, OFFER blanket, ASK ABOUT CELL         Barney Sacnussen, Sanctuary. SAVE. OPEN door. GOTO door.

HALL, 2fl  : Walk north. Turn west at intersection. OPEN 1st door on the                    right. GOTO door.

BEDS RM.   : GET dummy. SAVE. OPEN door. GOTO door.

HALL, 2fl  : Walk west. Turn south at intersection. OPEN 3rd door on the                    right. GOTO door.

BARNEY S.  : MOVE picture on wall. LOOK at writting. MOVE pillow. GET key.
RM.          SAVE. OPEN door. GOTO door.

HALL, 2fl  : Walk east. GOTO open door on the right (2nd CELL).

2nd CELL   : GOTO window. 

LEDGE      : GOTO open window on the left (1st CELL).

1st CELL   : USE dummy on bed. GOTO window.

LEDGE      : GOTO open window on the right (2nd CELL).

2nd CELL   : SAVE. OPEN door. GOTO door.

HALL, 2fl  : Walk east. Turn north at intersection. Turn west at next                       intersection. When you reach the end of the hallway, GOTO                      stairway to the 3rd fl.

HALL, 3fl  : SAVE. Walk south. OPEN door at "T" intersection. GOTO door.

LOCKER RM. : USE key on locker door 3rd from the right. LOOK bag. GET bag.                  MOVE towel on bench. GET key. USE key on locker door 3rd from the              left. GET boots. LOOK at blood. SAVE. OPEN door. GOTO door.

HALL, 3fl  : Walk south. OPEN 1st door on the left. GOTO door.

STORAGE RM.: GET crowbar from drawer. USE crowbar on crate ontop of the                     filecabinet. GET hook. OPEN magazine on bookcase. SAVE. OPEN                   door. GOTO door.

HALL, 3fl  : Walk to stairway. GOTO stairway to the 1st fl.

HALL, 1fl  : Walk south. Turn left and walk east. OPEN door at the end of the               hallway. GOTO door.

SURGERY RM.: GET scalpel from wall. SAVE. OPEN door. GOTO door.

HALL, 1fl  : Walk south. OPEN door at "T" intersection. GOTO door.

SURGERY RM.: OPEN box. GET flashlight. SAVE. OPEN door. GOTO door.

HALL,1fl   : Walk north. Walk west at turn. Walk south at next turn. OPEN 1st               door on the right. GOTO door.

OFFICE     : MOVE picture. LOOK at writting. LOOK at newspaper on the floor.                LOOK at typwritter. GET keyring from the desktop. OPEN file                    drawer. LOOK at files. MOVE books 2nd shelf from the top of the                bookshelf. OPEN safe. GET money. USE scalpel on Dr.-                           HELP,HELP,HELP,PLEASANT,HASSLE,HASSLE,ASK ABOUT Faroux Hashish.                SAVE. OPEN door. GOTO door.

HALL, 1fl  : Walk north to stairway. GOTO stairway to the basement.

BASEMENT   : USE key on door. GOTO door.

FURNACE RM.: MOVE coal next to furnace. GET pick. OPEN phone box. USE scissors              on phonebox. USE pick on hole. GOTO hole.

CATACOMBS  : The catacombs would be dificult to describe in this format, so                 I'll just give a rough outline on the directions to follow in                  relation to the whole maze. It shouldn't be too dificult to get                out from. Its not overwhelmingly large, and is only one level.                 Good luck.

START}*             * * * *
      * * *         *     *     * * * * * * *
          * * * *   * *   *     *           *
                *     *   * * * *           *
                * * * *                     *
                                          * *
                          Wine Cellar     *
                                 END      *
                                  ^       * 
                            * * * *       *
                            *             *
                            *             *
                            *             *
                            *             *
                            *           * *
                            *           *
        * * * * * *         *           * * * *
        *         *         *                 *
        *         *         *                 * 
        *         *         *       * * * * * *
        *         * * * * * *       *
        *                           * 
        * * * * * * * *             *
                      * * * * * * * *

WINE CELLAR: MOVE crate next to wall. LOOK at plaque on the floor. GET rag on               floor. USE rag on the plaque. LOOK at the plaque (The year is                  1433).USE crowbar on crate on the floor. GET wine. MOVE wine                   bottles in this order (it corresponds to the year):

                            1 * * *
                            * * * 2
                            * * 3 *
                            * * 4 *

             GOTO doorway.

CLIFF WALL : Walk to wall. GOTO wall. Climb up. USE hook ontop of cliff.

FRONT OF   : LOOK at left car. USE keys on left car's door.

POWERS APT.: MOVE pillow. GET key. USE key on the bird cages door. GET cracker              from the dining table. USE cracker on bird. GET key from the                   countertop. LOOK at work ontop of desk. USE key on the desk                    drawer. LOOK drawer. LOOK at photo on the floor. MOVE plant ontop              of fridge. GET cad from hole. OPEN top cabinet 2nd from the                    right. GET toolbox. MOVE fridge door. GET battery ontop the T.V.               USE cad (password=DOLPHIN) and look at all the characters in your              cad. TRAVEL to McBain's apt (travel always by plane). 

McBAINS APT: MOVE light switch. LOOK window. GET key from the floor with the                broken glass. LOOK at statue. MOVE shield on statue. USE key on                keybox. MOVE computer switch. LOOK at computer. GET explosives                 from the bottom-right corner of the computer. GET notepad on                   desk. USE cad. ANALYSE notepad at 75%(or until the letters are                 completely legible). GET box from bookshelf. MOVE bookshelf. USE               explosive on safe. Stay clear from safe. Boooom! GET box from                  safe. TRAVEL to Lisa Loomis. 

LOOMIS' APT: ASK ABOUT Jack Quinn, Frank McBain. TRAVEL to Rachel Akure. OFFER              Dossier. ASK ABOUT Black December, Stormbringer, Thunderbolt.                  OFFER $500 to get truth serum dart. TRAVEL to Fontaine.

FONTAINE   : SAVE. Walk to the garbage dump. GOTO dumpster. USE dart on                     Fontaine when he is close. TALK to Fontaine- ASK ABOUT Black                   December. GOTO alley. TRAVEL to Black December's                               Headquarters.
BLK DEC HQ : SAVE. GET catapult arm. USE catapult arm on catapult. Wait for    (EXTERIOR)   guard to leave before getting rock. GET rock. MOVE lever on                    catapult. USE rock on catapult. SAVE. MOVE lever when guard is                 almost at position of where rock was. OPEN door. GOTO door.                       
BLK DEC HQ : SAVE. Walk east. Watch out for the guard. Walk north at 1st                    intersection. Walk into the room west of the control panel. Wait               in the south-east corner of that room. SAVE. USE explosives on                 the control panel when the guard turns east just before going                  north towards the control panel. Walk into the interrogation room              in the south-east area of the headquarters. TALK to hostage- ASK               ABOUT Thunderbolt, Jackal. USE cad. ANALYSE photo at 100%.                     RESEARCH Jackal. TRAVEL to Carlos Ramirez.

RAMIREZ    : OFFER $300 to get lockpick. TRAVEL back to Black December's                    Headquarters.

BLK DEC HQ : GOTO door. Walk to the north-east room. USE lockpick on safe. GET              note. USE cad. ANALYSE message at 75%. TRAVEL back to Carlos.

RAMIREZ    : BLUFF, BLUFF, PLEASANT, PLEASANT, OFFER wine, ASK ABOUT Scorpio,               Golden Desire. TRAVEL to Golden Desire.

BAR        : LOOK at newspaper between the drinkers at the bar. TALK to                     bartender- OFFER $500 to see Desire, ASK ABOUT Golden Desire.                  GOTO doorway on the right. 

DESIRE     : TALK to blond woman sitting at the table- BLUFF. Wait, GOTO                    dressing room when the guard leaves.

DRESSING RM: GET box on the floor. GET key ontop of the doorway. Use key on                 jewelry box. GET key from jewelry box. USE key on top-right                    drawer. GET satationary. USE cad. ANALYZE stationary at 50%. Walk              back to the bartender.

BAR        : TALK to bartender- ASK ABOUT Buzz Breshnev. TRAVEL to Buzz                     Breshnev.

BRESHNEV   : OFFER $300 to get sleeping capsules. HASSLE, HASSLE, HELP, ASK                 ABOUT Scorpio. TRAVEL to Scorpio. At this point you will recieve               a message on your cad from Lisa. Read it.

SCORPIO    : After talking to Scorpio, TRAVEL to Lisa Loomis in Rome.

LOOMIS     : After talking to Lisa, TRAVEL to Jack Quinn.

QUINN      : After talking to Jack, TRAVEL to see Hakeem Ababas. When you get               there, something unfortunate will happen. You will end up                      unconscious, and hanging from a rope tied to your feet with a                  tiger just waiting for you to fall.

TIGER RM   : SAVE. When you fall, walk inside the cage on the right. Wait near              the northern door of the cage. When the tiger enters the cage,                 MOVE the lever on the wall, then walk out of the cage. GET rope.               MOVE bones. GET hook. USE rope on window.

TORTURE RM : GET bag in the right side of the room. LOOK at newspaper. MOVE                 paperbag on floor. GET postcard. MOVE stone near Hakeem's right                knee. USE cad. ANALYSE postcard, zoom in on microdot. OPEN door.               GOTO door. TRAVEL to Belgrade to get on the Orient Express.

1st TRAIN  : LOOK at newspaper on floor. Walk right of the car until you see   CAR          something on the floor. LOOK at telegram on the floor. GET                     telegram. Walk tight until you get to the door. GOTO door.

2nd TRAIN  : OPEN 1st door of car. GOTO door.

1st DOOR   : OPEN right compartment. OPEN wallet. GOTO door.

2nd TRAIN  : OPEN 3rd door of car. GOTO door.

3rd DOOR   : LOOK at chess set. GOTO door.

2nd TRAIN  : OPEN 4th door of car. GOTO door.

4th DOOR   : SAVE. TALK to Jackal- BLUFF, HASSLE, HELP. USE sleeping capsules               on food. GOTO door.

2nd TRAIN  : Walk to the next room, and go in. Wait a little bit and go back   CAR          to Jackal's room.

4th DOOR   : At this point, the Jackal should be fast asleep. OPEN left                     compartment. GET tool. GET attache case. GET clothes from the                  Jackal. GOTO door.

2nd TRAIN  : Walk right until you get to the door. GOTO door.

LUGGAGE CAR: Walk right until you get to the coffin. USE tool on the coffin.                GET explosives. Walk left until you ge to the door. GOTO door. At              this point you will have arrived at your destination and are now               meeting with whom the Jackal was supposed meet.

WOMAN      : PLEASANT, BLUFF, OFFER Attache case. She will then tell you the                location of the bomb.

SEWER      : GOTO left doorway. GET gear in corner. GOTO right doorway. USE                 gear on shaft. GOTO left doorway. GOTO waterway. GOTO other                    platform. GOTO opening on the wall.

MUSEUM     : USE explosives on boarded doorway. GOTO doorway.

NEXT RM    : MOVE elephant. MOVE stone right of elephant. SAVE. LOOK at bomb.               This is the most tricky portion of the game. You will need to                  quickly open the covering plate on the bomb, USE screwdriver on                screws. MOVE plate. Then you will need to position the control                 screws on the bomb to the predescribed directions: USE                         screwdriver on control screws.   
               * = 3 o'clock
               * = 9 o'clock
               * = 6 o'clock
             Then, you will need to cut the wires in the right order or else                Kapluee! USE wirecutters on Green, then Red, and then Blue. 

That's it you finished the game. The ending screens will now follow and reveal the one other remaining mystery. Who killed Frank McBain?

*** BY CLONE I ***

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