Solution to Martian Memorandum

    When asking anyone, make sure every 
possible questions were asked. Otherwise you 
might not get certain information like 
address and name for a particular person. And 
without that you can't progress much. If some
additional names/information are acquired,
make sure you go back and talk to those you
have talked to before and ask them the new
On Earth
Tex's Office
    Get the gun that is hanging on the door. 
Open the letters on the floor, get letter 
(there are some cash in it).  Get lockpick 
kit and ammo from the shelf. Get the comlink 
on the chair. Your secretary will give you
the latest update. Get the camera on top 
of the file drawer. Get lens from the table. 
Open drawers to go through the old documents. 

    Talk to secretary. Respond 1 to see the 
Boss' Office
    Talk to boss. He will tell you about his 
daughter and ask you to look for her as well
the object he had lost. Exit.
    Move switch to open the washroom. Goto 
Inside Washroom
    Move the towel on the right of the screen.
A earring will drop to the floor, get it. Exit.
    Talk to secretary. Offer earring. 
Respond 1 to date her.  Exit.
Note: A few addresses will now be available 
to you.
Alexi's Home
    Move bed to reveal a box under it. Open 
box and look inside.  You'll find the address
of Chantal Vargas. Look at paper on the floor.
It's give a clue to where Alexi might have 
been.  Get paper. 
Plaza Hotel
    Go to gift shop.
Gift Shop
    Get rose. Use cash on lady. Exit.
Plaza Hotel
    Go inside hotel. Talk to Rhonda (the 
secretary). Offer rose.  Respond 1, 2, 1, 3, 
1, 2, 1. After the animations, ask her 
everything you can.
Jocques Sparrow
    Use lockpick to open the door (automatic). 
Offer cash. Get roll of film.  Respond 3, 1, 
1, 1, 1. He'll give in, then ask him all the 
Tex's Office
    Use camera and lens on the tripod. Use 
film on camera. Move switch to open the 
window. Look at camera. Move around until 
you find the dancing girl. When her have 
finish dancing, take a picture of what she 
is doing. You're are going to blackmail her. 
Exit camera. Get photos.
Chantal Vargas
    Offer photos. This will make her answer
your questionss. Ask all questions.
Rockwell Bache
    Ask all questions.
Use comlink. Ask everything.
    Ask all questions.
    Ask about Rick Logan, Galactic Pictures.
Use Comlink. Ask about Galactic Pictures.
Travel to Galactic Pictures.
    Talk to Rhonda. Ask about Galactic 
Pictures, Guy Callabero, Rick Logan.
    Respond 2, 2, 1, 1, 2. Agreed to look 
for information on Andretti.
Guy Callabero
    Ask about Rick Logan, Johnny Fedora, 
Angelo Andretti. Get film on Andretti.
    Offer Andretti film. Ask about Johnny 
Fedora (get address).

    Save your game first. Walk right one
screen until you reach the shed, avoid the 
dog and the ooze. Open shed door, get ladder. 
Open hole on the junk, get boots. Wear the 
boots and now you can walk on the ooze 
safely. Walk to the box car. Use ladder on 
box car. Goto ladder, this will bring you 
on top on the box car. Goto hole on top of 
box car. 

    Open drawer on the left. Get cat food. 
Get the knife on top of the drawer. Move 
the right dresser to reveal a tear on the 
wall. Open tear will reveal a safe. Do not 
touch it yet, high voltage! Open the door 
to exit box car.
    Goto ladder. This will bring you on top
of the box car. Use cat food on cat. The 
dog will chase after the cat and you can 
now walk near the shack. Open shack door. 
Move the lever inside the shack to turn off 
the power. Goto box car.
    This safe is no longer protected by the
high voltage. Open safe. Look at the stuff 
inside. Get stuff (this will gives you some 
new addresses).
    Comlink : Terraform boss murdered.
Murder Scene
    Talk to policeman and reporter. Move 
bucket, get the bloody dagger. Use dagger 
on policeman. He will bring it back to do 
some analysis. Get keys beside body.
    It's empty now. Goto boss office. Move 
left painting to reveal a safe. Use keys 
(found beside body) to open the safe. Look 
inside. This give you the address of the
power plant on Mars. 
Rick Logan
    Save before proceeding. Walk right, 
when log is falling, walk left. Do this 
fast or the log will land on your head. 
Get log. Walk right till you reach the 
quicksand.  Map out the stones with number 
from bottom to top, left to right. Just
click goto, and then the stone you want to
land on. The correct stones are 2, 5, 6, 
9, 10, 13, 16, 15, 14, 17, 20. If you are 
not sure, save after every successful move. 
Walk off the last one. Walk right. Stop 
just before the pit or you will be killed. 
Use log on pit. Walk across log. Goto hut.
    Inside hut. Save first. Open cabinet. 
Use gun on snake. Click on open, then on
the cabinet, then immediately click on use
gun and then quickly click on the snake. The
snake is moving, so there is a high chance
that you will not click on it on time. If
you failed, the snake will eat you.  After 
you have kill it, look at message inside 
cabinet.  Walk to the right. Open the screen 
on the bath tub. Look at body. Get key on 
the neck of the dead man and use it to open 
the chest. Look at stuff inside. Get shovel.
Exit hut.
    Walk to the mound just to the right of 
the pit. Use shovel on mound. Open box, 
look inside. Go back all the way left until 
you can travel again.
Smuggler's Base
    Save before proceeding. Get stone just 
beside you. Use stone on logs and jug. This
will alert the guard and he will move away
to take a look. When the guard started to 
move away. Quickly walk inside. If he see
you when he turn back, he'll kill you. Goto 
pyramid's doorway.
    In pyramid. Immediately walk to the left 
and hide near the fridge. Wait until the 
guard walk away. Walk left to the table and 
get the food and remote control. Use remote 
control on the button on the fridge. Goto 
fridge and hide inside.  This will take you 
to Mars.

    Press button on the left door. Goto 
left door. Get card key on the uniform beside 
the door. Talk to Ferris. Ask all question.
Press button. Goto door.
    Use card key on the machine to the right
to open the machine room. Enter the machine 
room. Get monkey wrench. Walk near the trap 
door. Use the monkey wrench on the magnet. 
Timing is important here. The magnet will 
bring you up when the timing is right. When 
on top. Walk to the right. Open crate. Get 
hover board and allen wrench. Open door. Goto 
door to come down. Exit.
Aerobics Acedamy
    Talk to Jane. Ask all questions. Open 
purse under the counter to get Jane's address.
Jane's Home
    Open closet, look inside. Move pillow to
reveal some letter underneath it. Look at 
letter, get letter. Move control box.  Look 
at screen to get temple address.

    Walk to the gate. Talk to Deacon.
Aerobics Acedamy
    Talk to Jane again. Ask all questions. 
This time she will tell you something more 
Bradley Ericson
    Ask all question. When you ask about 
Dick, he'll give you some glasses.
Dr. Lawrence 
    Get the facial kit on the shelf. Talk to 
Doctor. Ask all question.
    He'll ask you to get something from 
the safe in Dick's Office.
    Goto alley (middle of scene). Move board 
on the right. Read the writing behind the 
board. This is the password to enter the
casino. Exit.
    Open casino door. You know the password 
now. Go inside. 

    Inside casino. Get the card on the floor. 
Open the restroom door and enter it.
    Restroom. Open all the doors. You can 
get the blueprints in one of them. Use allen 
wrench on the screen above the basin. This
open the way to the ductworks.
    Go to Dick's Office. You can either 
enter it from the main door or through the 
ductworks in the restroom. 
    In Dick's Office. Respond 1, 1, 2. After 
he left. Get the card on his table. Move the 
light on his painting. This reveal a secret 
passage. Enter passage.
    In passage. Save game. Use hover board. 
With the glasses Bradley gave you, the 
lasers are visible. Walk pass the lasers 
carefully. The lasers will not kill you when 
your front leg touches it but you'll die 
when your body touches it. When you have 
reach the scanner.  Use the safe card key 
on Dick's table on the scanner. Use the 
facial kit to make yourself like him. When 
the safe is opened. Look inside. Get the 
cash, markers and the memorandum. Use hover 
board. Go back to the office.
    In office. Open ductwork and enter it. 
Follow the map to exit to the restroom. 
Make sure the screen at the restroom is 
removed or else you can't get out.
Lowell Percival
    Ask all questions.
    Wait till someone walk into the alley. 
If the person don't appear, go inside the 
casino or travel around before you came 
back again. When the man have disappeared 
into the alley, enter the alley. 
    Wait until the man opened the secret 
door. Walk to door and enter it. Be careful, 
if he found you following him, he'll kill 
you. In hidden door. Talk to Larry. Ask all 
questions. Get address for Michelle 
    Ask all questions.
    The gate should be opened now, if not 
you must have missed out something. Go
back and talk to everyone you can if the
temple is not opened. Go inside temple.
    Inside temple. Move both mirrors. Move 
the fire extinguisher. The man will get
himself killed by the laser. After you 
save the priestess, talk to her. Ask all 

Colonist Camp
    Get HCL2. Walk half a screen to the 
right. Move scape metal. This reveals a
box.  Get tuning fork in the box.
Remote Outpost
    Open left door. Get rebreather. Save 
the game. Open box.  Get the card inside. 
It's booby trapped so make sure you don't 
get blown away. So, stay a bit further 
from the right door. Get the jet pack in 
the right door.  Walk to the fire. Use 
the jet pack on the fire. You will escape 
to the sky.
Bradley Ericson
    Ask about Cooper Bradbury to get his 
Cooper Bradbury
    Ask about Thomas Dangerfield to get his 
    Walk to the extreme right until you find 
the door. Use the interlock key (found in 
outpost) on the hole in the middle of the 
door. Enter.
    Alexi is here, but you're trapped. Talk 
to her. Get the rod on the right where all 
the clothes are. Use rod on the cement 
beside the door. Breaking the cement reveal 
a metal plate. Use the HCL2 melt away the 
plate. Press the button inside.
    After Thomas stopped talking. Save game. 
Get the bolt just above you. Talk to Alexi. 
Respond 1, 2, 1. Get bra from Alexi. Use bra 
on the control panel. Walk to oracle stone. 
If Thomas is walking out, talk to Alexi and 
respond 1, 1 to distract him. Use tuning 
fork on the chamber holding the stone. This 
break the glass and the stone fall out. Get 
the stone. Goto the car on the right to get 
the hell out of here.
    After that you'll return the stone to 
the priestress.  With that you have 
completed the game. Hope you enjoy it.
                                 27 Sept 91

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