Martian Memorandum is a nice talking and animated game.

It is a police quest in a Science fiction Background with good pictures.
(Under a killing moon is a new episode)

Here are some advice and a complete walk-through. Please forget any
mistakes I may have done here.

To complete the game, be aware that there are several traps, where you
can miss a very important clue and not be warned. For example, you can
leave to Mars, and not have the address of Big Dick's Casino, if you
miss a very small item. You will be stuck on Mars, and you cannot go
back ! I was stuck on this for several months, and almost gave up.

Also, save the game very often. In most of the situations, you are safe,
but there are some dangerous places where you can get killed, and some
other where you WILL get killed as soon as you move in the wrong direction.
(Junkyard, Jungle, Pyramid, Big dick's office).

To move, deselect all the icons and then use the mouse to move around.
There are several screens where the land extend farther than the screen.

When you talk to someone, you may have itemized answers, or just 
'ask about'. In the first case, explore all possibilities after saving
the game. My solution may be incomplete there. In the second case,
ask about everyone. If you get a new name, ask again, you may get 
some more information (An address, most likely).

You may do some blackmail, when you get a compromising clue on 
someone. This works well.

Well, here is the solution :

Don't read next page if you are not stuck in game !

[email protected]
Starts in your own Tex Murphy office in San Francisco.
Look around at everything.
Look at letters.
Get letters (cash).
Get camera (on desk), lenses, comlink (on chair), gun (near door),
    ammos (on shelf), Burglar kit (on shelf).
Use comlink. Your secretary will give you a mission.
Travel to Terraform.
Talk to secretary. Ask for the boss.
Go to office. Talk with boss. go away.
Move left button behind secretary.
Go to toilets.
Move towels.
Get ear rings.
Go back and Talk to secretary (Rhonda).
Offer ear rings (or use them on her).
Accept dinner rendezvous at Plaza hotel.
Travel to Alexis home
Look at paper on the ground
Get the paper
Move bed spread
Open box
Look in box } Vargas address.
Travel to Jocques Sparrow (must have kit)
Offer cash } film
Talk with him (Not much to help)
Travel to home office
Use camera on tripod
Use film on camera
Move switch between windows (Open shades)
Look at camera
Move to see dancing girl, on next window, wait for drugs selling
Take a photo
Get photos on the ground
Travel to Chantal vargas
Offer photos
Ask about anyone (Gives infos)
Travel to Plaza hotel
Go to shop (right)
Get rose
Use cash on lady
Go to door
Go to restaurant (left)
Here, Talk with Rhonda
You have to take her to bed ! Save, so you can retry as necessary.
  suggestions : (Be rough but gentle) If she fell asleep or anything else, 
  try again from the beginning !
Say :
1 - 1 - 2 - offer rose
3 - 1 - 2 - 1 
You should be in her bed. Now she will answer all your questions. Ask
   about everyone ! 
Travel back to office(You can ask her again later).
Use comlink ask for everyone. Should get Nora Alexander name.
Travel to Nora. Ask her about everyone.
Travel back to Vargas.
Ask her again. Should give movie address.
Travel to Jocques. Ask him again. Should give Galactic pictures name.
Travel back to Terraform. Ask Rhonda about galactic. She will give
Guy caballero address.
Travel to Guy Caballero. Talk with him. Gives Rich Logan Jungle and
Johny Fedora.
Travel to Mac Malden. Talk to him :
2 - 2 - 1 - 1 - 2. He should ask you to help with Andreotti case. 
If not, retry.
Travel to Guy Caballero. Should give you a film.
Travel to Mac Malden. Use the Andreotti film on him or offer it.
Ask him questions about everyone. Gives address of Johny Fedora.
Travel to Johny Fedora Junkyard.
Be careful. Death waits here.
Walk right, avoiding dog and ooze.
Open Shack. Get ladder.
Find square hole, Open it.
Get boots, Use them.
Walk back to left Shack.
Use ladder on it.
Go to ladder.
Go to hole in roof.
Get knife.
Move right dresser.
Open left dresser drawer.
Get cat food.
Open tear in wall.
Open shack door.
Go to door.
Go to ladder.
Use cat food on cat. Dog and cat will leave.
Walk to center shack. Open door.
Move lever.
Go back to Johnny's door
Open safe
Look in safe. This gives a message saying Alexander is dead on comlink.
Get safe paper } Jungle address.
Travel to murder scene.
Look at graffiti.
Get key ring.
Talk to photographer.
Talk to Mac Malden.
Move cover. Look at corpse.
Move bucket on right.
Get knife. Use knife on Mac Malden. He will promise to inform you 
  on the analysis results.
Travel back to Terraform. No one there.
Go to boss office.
Move left painting.
Use key on safe.
Look at papers. } Law. Barkley, Ferris Collet.
Use comlink } New addresses.
Travel to Rick Logan, Jungle.
Save ...!
Move right then immediately back to avoid falling log.
Get log.
Walk near sand pit carefully.
Follow path, saving very often. Path is very small and death close.
-     X     X    O --  O -- O     X 
                /          /   
-  X     O --  O    X     O    X    X
        /                 I
-} O -- O   X       X     O -- O ------ }

Once you cross this, save again, You'll have to come back the same way !
Walk slowly until pit.
Use log on pit.
Walk carefully on log.
Go to cabin.
Save (!). Open cabinet on wall. 
Very quickly, Use gun on snake(You must have ammunitions).
Look at message in cabinet (Smuggler's address).
Get shovel on the right.
Move screen.
Look at corpse of Rick.
Get key on corpse.
Use key on chest.
Open chest.
Look at stuff } Gives 3 addresses, Big Dick, Deacon, Lowell.
Go to door.
Walk near to the pit.
Look at mound.
Use shovel on mound.
Look at box.
Open box.
Look at paper } Jane Mansfield.
Walk back across pit and sands.
Travel to pyramid.
Get rock on ground.
Save !
Use stone on standing wood.
When guard runs, Walk quickly to pyramid door and go to it.
Hide in the left corner until people go away.
Walk to right table.
Get food and remote control.
Use remote control on left crate.
Go to crate...... !

Here finishes the first Half. Now you are on Mars in front of Big
Dick Casino !

Got to alley.
Move rag.
Move board.
Get flashlight.
Look at writing on wall.
Walk out of the alley.
Travel to power plant
Move left door button.
Go to door
Get card from coat.
Talk to Ferris Collet.
Move door button.
Go to door.
Use door card key on machine slot.
Go to plant door
Get monkey wrench (avoid the pit carefully)
Walk behind the pit.
Use monkey wrench on magnet at right time.
Walk right to door
Look at crate } Hoverboard + Allen wrenches.
Open door
Go to door
Go to plant door.
Travel to aerobics academy.
Talk to Jane Mansfield (She is lying).
Walk behind the counter.
Get bag } Jane home's address.
Travel to Jane's home.
Move control box.
Look screen } Temple address.
Move pillows.
Look at letter.
Get letter.
Travel to Lowell Percival. Try to Talk with him.
Travel to temple.
Walk in front of the door.
Talk with Deacon.
Travel back to aerobics academy.
Talk with Jane } True explainations and Bradley address.
Travel to Lawrence Barkley.
Get facial kit on shelf.
Talk to Lawrence (Only chance to do it).
Travel } Comlink news of autopsy.
Travel to Bradley Erickson.
Talk with him } Glasses.
Travel to casino.
Open Casino door.
Go to door.
Look at card on the floor.
Get card.
Open door on right.
Go to toilet door.
Open right door when guy leaves.
Look at blue print and Get them.
Use Allen wrenches on air duct screen.
Go to door.
Walk far right.
Save game !
Open office door (Alternately you can try the air duct in toilet).
Go to office door. Get battered.
Answer 1 - 1 - 1 } 10 minutes delay.
Move light on picture.
Open air duct.
Get card on desk.
Go to back door.
Use hover board. Cross lasers you see with glasses. Save often !
The path looks like this :

-----------------------I               ooooo-------------------------------I
I      ooooo           I              oI    o                              I
------o-----o----------I              oI-----o-----------------------------I
I    o       o         I              oI      o            ooooo           I
I   o         o        I              oI       o          o     o          I
oooo-----------o-------I              oI--------o--------o       o         I
I               oooooooI              oI         o      o         oooooooooo
I                      o              oI          oooooo                   I
I----------------------Ioooooooooooooo I-----------------------------------I

Use card key in slot.
Use facial kit in front of machine. } Safe opens.
Get markers.
Get I.O.U from Lowell.
Get money.
Get Martian memorandum.
Save again.
Use hoverboard back through lasers.
Go to air duct. 
Find your way. (You can skip by INS+o and then forward).
Get back to toilets.
Go to door.
Go to casino door.
Read note about Thomas Dangerfield.
Travel to Lowell Percival. Talk } Rocky Bullwinckel.
Travel back to casino. Save.
Wait for Rocky.
Go to alley, after he entered.
Walk fast in left corner.
Walk to follow him as soon as door is open.
Go to door.
Talk with your friend Larry (and his twin)
  } Amulet (useless)
  } Michelle Bloodsworth.
Travel to temple.
Go to door.
Walk to right mirror.
Move right mirror.
Walk fast on left.
Move left mirror.
Move extinguisher rod, fall. Bad guy kills itself.
Talk to Deacon } Copper Bradbury and Colonist camp.
Go to door.
Travel to Michelle.
Talk to Michelle } Outpost.
Travel to colonist camp.
Get HCL2 tube.
Walk to right.
Move metal scrap.
Get tuning fork.
Travel to Bradley.
Travel to Cooper Bradbury } Cave address.
Travel to outpost.
Open left door.
Get rebreather.
Get tools.
Open box on right.
Save game !
Get card, staying on left of the box.
Walk fast to right door.
Get jet pack.
Walk back fast to fire.
Use jet pack on fire. } Back to Casino.
Travel to cave.
Walk right to the door.
Use interlock card key on hole in door.
Go to door (Prisoner).
Talk to Alexis.
Move clothes.
Get iron rod.
Use rod on cement right to the door.
Use HCL2 on metal plate.
Save !
Move button. Get prisoner again in cage.
Talk to Alexis 1 - 1.
She dance to distract Thomas.
Get bolt from ceiling.
Talk again to Alexis. 1 - 2 - 1. She undo her bra.
Get bra.
Use bra on control panel.
Walk fast to stone Chamber.
Use tuning fork on Chamber.
Get stone fast.
Go to Speeder   

Good Job,  This is the End !

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