TEX MURPHY : OVERSEER The ultimate walkthrough by CRASH


This is the fourth series of Tex Murphy, the unluckiest PI in the world. This time, the story is about his first case. The client is drop-dead gorgeous and her father is just plain dead of a suicide. Tex has to proove that this is not a suicidal case. The first part of the hints is just to give you the main idea on how to solve the game. So, it'll not tells all the points in the game. This will make sure that I'm not ruining your game. But for you, the score hunters, I provide the special section that will show you all the points in the game. This special section called the SCORE LIST. For the conversation option I use A, B, C, D, E, and F order from top to bottom choice of conversation. So have fun and keep on gaming.

NOTE : Use this walkthrough on the GAMER mode only !!!

Addition : The magnet location for Big Surf Lodge puzzle. Total solution of the Brick Cell puzzle in ALCATRAZ (The one that many people feel very hard to solve) !!! The cheat code for all puzzle is '911'.

Thanks goes to Erik Gos for his special addition on cell lock control panel puzzle (in Alcatraz) and GAMBIT password.




Q : What is my mission all about ?
A : The key to trigger the mission is at Tex's bedroom. Try to play the Parcheesi game.

Q : I can't go to Sylvia house. What should I do ?
A : Visit Eve Clements first, ask her about Carl Linsky. After you know about his suicidal note and personal belongings, you could go to Carl Linsky house.

Q : How to make Eve Clements talk ?
A : Choose any order until you trigger the key sentences (look below). This is one of the shortest way. "Obviously pleasant", "Laugh it up", "Make an offer she won't refuse", and "Resort to charity". The last two option are the ones that let Eve giving all the information you need.

Q : How to solve the dominos game ?
A : The answer lies on the table beside the dominos. Read the blackjack card. All direction must have summation of 21. There are many solutions for this one. Look at this picture as one of the solution (Note : 8 can't be together with 11 and 3 can't be together with 9) :

Q : Where can I find the first clue for Carl's case ?
A : Find out about his closest friend : HIS GIRLFRIEND. The address to her house can be found inside the bedroom. Read the love note on the desk. Her name is Delores Lightbody.Open the drawer on the left nightstand. Get the address book and read it.

Q : How can I make Dolores to speak ?
A : Choose any option that make her flatterd. If you could "milk" her about the info, you're in the right track. You'll know about her hattred to Sylvia. Go back to Carl's house and see what happens.
Note : If you want to have full points (8) from her, you must look at the chess piece inside Linsky's bedroom.

Q : What should I do with the keys in the brown envelope from Sylvia ?
A : Go to attic. Enter the small room at the back. Unlock the locked credenza at the corner with the small key. Inside you'll find a lease of a warehouse. Read it (it'll trigger the address to the warehouse). The other key will be used later on.
Notes : The small note inside the iron filling cabinet and the one inside roll top desk will explain more about the case.

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Q : What should I find in this warehouse ?
A : There are 3 main things to find. First, the secret safe. Second, some faxes and notes that tell several names. The last one is the sleeping pill. These things will anvanced your quest.

Q : Where is the secret safe ?
A : This is a tricky one. Climb the stepladder on the corner. Move the box on the top of the shelf. Move the calendar to reveal the safe.

Q : How can I open the safe ?
A : Use the combination from the dominos game. The number is 498. Inside you'll find insurance policy and card reader. Read the insurance.

Q : Where are the faxes and the notes ?
A : The important fax, the one with initial S.F. on it, is inside the middle drawer of the filling cabinet. Inside the bottom drawer you'll find Linsky's project notes. There's an article and deposits slips inside the drawers of the drafting table. An important letter from Wanda Peck. And the last one is quite hidden. Move the woodboard near the computer. Behind that board you'll find a strange note :"HIP S.O.B.".

Q : Where is the sleeping pills ?
A : It's under the pillow. Read the bottle and it'll tell you about an important clinic.

Q : How can I use the computer ?
A : You can't do that now. You need a security card to access it. The security card is inside the first aid kit box on the back wall. Get the kit and open it. Inside you'll find fragments of security card .... but ... one fragment is missing.

Q : Who is S.F. ?
A : Dolores Lightbody knows the answer. Visit and ask her.

Q : How can I end day one ?
A : Go back to your office and play the message from Sylvia on the vidphone.

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Q : What should I ask to get full points from the clinic ?
A : Choose any order (the good one is B, B, C). Then ask about De Leon clinic (from the sleeping pill bottle) and C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N. This will lead you to 4 pts.

Q : How can I get information from C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N. representative ?
A : Don't make her sick and tired with your "love" affection. Speak directly to business with her (the best option is C, A, C, A). Ask her about Overlord (from the HIP S.O.B note), CAPRICORN, and Low and Order party. It'll gives you max 3 pts.

Q : Where can I find Sonny Fletcher ?
A : Use vidphone in your office to get his bad record. Get his fax. Ask about his record to Eve Clements. She'll give you his address. Talk to Sonny and he'll give you a bishop. Choose A, C when talk to Sonny.

Q : What the use of the bishop ?
A : It's the 'key' to use the computer in the warehouse. Look at it to reveal the missing piece of the cardkey. Combine it with the fragments and then you're set to use the computer. Use the card reader to hook on the computer.

Q : How can I solve the fragments puzzle ?
A : Look at this picture below

Q : What is the password of the computer ?

Q : How can I open the safe in Fresno office ?
A : You got to have the planner first. It's on the box at the opposite area from the time zone puzzle (the safe). Inside the planner, there is a schedule written. It says : Diner at San Fransisco at 6 p.m, Lunch at Paris at 2 p.m, and Breakfast at Sydney at 9 a.m. Then it says three set of three. Look at the time zone chart on the wall. From it you could get a conclusion that the time difference of SF-Paris is +9 and SF-Sydney is +18. To solve the puzzle you have to do this in order :

Q : What to do next ?
A : Go to Sonny Fletcher house. He left something for you.

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Q : What must I do in this ruin ?
A : You have to find 8 bricks with symbol on them.

Q : Where is the bricks ?
A : Here is the list where you can find them

Q : How to solve the cog and lever puzzle ?
A : Do this in order. Pull middle lever into 2, right lever into 6, left lever into 1, right lever into 6, and finally left lever into 1. Look at the picture below.

Q : How to take the brick from the snake in the ceremonial chamber ?
A : Use a bait and a little trick. Get the line on a stick from the inner chamber (through the top left door behind the right door from main entrance). Get wooden box from the opening (area behind the right door). Combine line on a stick, mouse, and the wooden box to make the Scout Trap. Use the trap with the snake.

Q : How to take the brick in the pit near the main entrance ?
A : Get the pipe from the inner chamber and the rope from the ceremonial chamber. Combine them and use it with the bucket in the pit.

Q : What is the solution of the Anasazi God Brick Puzzle ?
A : Look at the picture below, put the bricks in their appropriate number. This is only one solution of many.

Q : How can I cross the collapsed bridge ?
A : Make a new bridge. Collect leather strips from Anasazi corridor, poles from the ceremonial chamber, and long poles from the opening (near the box). Combine them all to make ladder. Use the ladder to cross the pit.

Q : How can I open the iron door ?
A : Collect coin, pocket watch, and glasses on the floor around you. Examine the watch to get the spring and the glasses to get the tape. Use coin to open the compartment beside the iron door. Use spring to connect the wire. Use tape to isolate the wire.

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Q : How can I operate the computer ?
A : You need a password key first. It's kept inside a secret compartment below the computer. To open it, you need a special note for the soundlock. Look for the hidden camera. It has recorded the sound while Bosworth opening the compartment. The passcard reader is inside the cabinet with a lamp on it.

Q : Where is the hidden camera ?
A : It's the smoke alarm. Examine it closely and you could take the disc from behind it. Get the video disc player under the bed. Use the player to view the disc.

Q : What is the sound combination ?
A : Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Red, Yellow, and Green.

Q : What is the password for the computer ?
A : It's written on the printout beside the equipment table. It has been scrambled. The password is : CHECKMATE.

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Q : What is the name of the project that Lisky was working on ?
A : To get the information on that you have to visit C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N. several times. First, show Wanda the photo of John Klaus and Linsky. Then get out and walk around for a while. Return there again to get the info of the project. She will tell you about Jorge Valdez and STG. Go home and use the vidphone to find out about them. Read the faxes that come. Go back again to Wanda and ask about Gideon Enterprise

Q : How can I meet Mr. Gideon ?
A : Frank Schimming know his address. Go home and you'll receive a fax from a "friend". He'll give you Frank's phone number. Contact him using the vidphone. Choose this combination as one of the solution : A,A,C,B. Ask him about Mr. Gideon.

Q : Where is Jorge Valdez ?
A : Ask Mr. Gideon about his address. He know something about Law and Order party. Robert Knott's name will appear on the list.

Q : How to make Valdez talks ?
A : Open the conversation with chess subject and go straight with him. Choose this as one of the solution : A,B,C,C,A. He knows something about Poisoned Pawn and link to Val Davis lab will be trigger sometime after this.Go home and use the vidphone.

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Q : How can I get the small box from the ape ?
A : Try to drug it first. Combine the banana and the sleeping pill. Get the ten foot pole near the chamber door. Give the drugged banana to the ape.

Q : How can I deactivate the gas chamber ?
A : Try to repair the control box beside the door. Use your circuit kit with the box. Then connect the dot vertically and horizontally with only that 4 connector. Look at the picture below as one of the solution :

Q : What is the password of the computer ?
A : Get passcard reader from the floor in the gas chamber. Connect it to the computer and insert passcard A. The password is : QUEEN.

Q : What is the function of the microscope beside the computer ?
A : It is for looking tiny things. Use it to look at the small writings in each passcards

Q : How can I find Big Jim Slade ?
A : Go back home and get the telegram on the floor. Sonny Fletcher has some info for you. Go there and he'll tell you Slade's address. Unfortunately, Sonny will die after this. Slade has wounded him pretty badly.

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Q : How can I get inside the Surf Lodge ?
A : Examine the counter through the small opening to the right of the door. Combine the magnet (you have it along the list beside the equipment table in Bosworth Clark's lab, remember !!!) and the measuring tape. Use magnetized tape to get the key. Use the key to unlock the glass door.

Q : What should I find inside his lodge ?
A : There are several things to search in this room, for example : clothes in the wardrobe, wallet on the table, the chart under the pillow, the Gideon bible and the Marvey's tube (inside the kitchen drawers in the next room ).
Note : When you're collecting these things, be careful because the last thing will trigger the phone to ring. In mycase, the Marvey's tube. Big Jim Slade will come out from the bathroom in any second.

Q : Big Jim Slade always caught me, what should I do ?
A : Hide. First of all, put everything back to its place. Close back all the drawers, put the wallet and the clothes back, close all doors, then go to living room. Open the wardrobe's door. Get inside. Close the door and wait until Slade comes out

Q : How can I unlock the cuffs on the suitcase ?
A : The key is in his coat in the bathroom. As soon as Slade walks to the kitchen, go quickly to the bathroom. Get his coat and search it. Don't forget to put it back. This will call back Slade. Move the curtain on the bathtube. Hide behind it and close the curtain again. Wait until Slade comes back to the kitchen. Get out and use the key to unlock the suitcase.

Q : What is the combination to open the suitcase ?
A : Look for his favourite number (6). The answer lies on the lottery card which you've picked up from his wallet. The combinations are : 613, 222, 731.

Q : Slade always caught me after this. What should I do ?
A : Act quickly, get out as soon as you can. Go back to your office.

Q : How can I solve the words puzzle ?
A : Combine the bible with the code. The number that shows represents chapter, verse, and the position of the word from the left. The answer is : POST OFFICE BOX NUMBER 969.

Q : Where is the post office ?
A : The alphabet chart and the grill will shows the way. Combine them and solve the puzzle. Look at these pictures from the answer :

Picture 1 Rona Morgan
Picture 2 Val Davis
Picture 3 Bosworth Clark
Picture 4 Carl Linsky
Picture 5 Sylvia Linsky
Picture 6 Greg Call
Picture 7 Samuel Q. Jones
Picture 8 Larry Hammond
Picture 9 J. Saint Gideon
Picture 10 Tex Murphy

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Q : How can I get rid the guard ?
A : Drug him. Use Mickey's vial with the coffee maker. Then hide in the mens room just right to the counter.

Q : How can I enter Robert Knott's office ?
A : The guard has the key. Take it from the floor near his leg.

Q : What is the password for the alarm ?
A : In the men's room, open the locker number 5 and 11. Get the credo and the brochure inside. Combine the credo and the coded message from the post office. The password is : PIRANHA.

Q : What is the answer to the Credo puzzle ?
A : Just match the number with the alphabet order in the letter. The number represent the position of the alphabet. The answer is :

Q : How can I open the safe behind the lizard picture ?
A : Open the locker number 17 in the mens room. The key lies under the chair inside Knott's office. Move the right chair from door view.Inside the locker you'll find an index card. On the index card you'll a strange number with word : ENOHPELET YM beside it. Read the word from right to left. It will spells : MY TELEPHONE 6980500406. Use this number with the vidphone on the table inside Knott's room. Again there will be a backward words. It spells : OPEN SESAME. Look at the telephone's button to get the number : 6736737263. This is the combination number to open the safe.

Q : What to do next ?
A : Follow the address on the small note on Knott's chair.

Q : Where is the key for the entrance door of Law and Order office ?
A : You need a keycard for it. It lies on the small table in front of Knott's office.

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Q : How can I get the box inside the piranha's aquarium ?
A : Move picture of the horse. Get bent nail behind it. Open the cabinet under the sink, just to the right. Get the wrench. Use it to release the metal hose on the faucet. Combine the nail and metal hose. Use it to get the box.

Q : Where is the key for the cabinet inside Knott's bedroom ?
A : Knott has it. Try to get out from the cabin and you'll meet Knott. Choose this word order as one of the solution : C,A,B,A,B,B. After he is shot down, get the key near his leg.

Q : How can I escape from this ambush ?
A : Make a diversion. Take the doll under the bed. Take the coat and hat from inside the locked cabinet. Combine them. Take the torch from the cabinet under the sink. Take the rope from the big cabinet in front of the sink. Get the log from the fireplace. Combine the log with the rope. Flip the switch beside the door to open the hatch on the roof. Put the doll on the window sill. Throw the grappling hook through the hatch to escape. Tex will throw the torch to make the big explosion.

Q : I don't have enough time to do them all !!!
A : Do everything except the locked cabinet thing before you try to get out to meet Knott. This will save lots of your time.

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Q : Where is Greg Call ?
A : Ask Eve Clement about him after Larry Hammond contact you again through the vidphone.

Q : How can I solve this tag puzzle ?
A : Go to Fresno office. Open the UPS package on the floor. Combine the braille with the tag. The answer can be seen on the braille. Match the form

Q : Where is NEXUS ?
A : Ask J. Saint Gideon for it. He'll show the way.

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Q : How can I operate the chip removal machine ?
A : Get and read the chart beside the experiment chair first. Grab the keycard also. Get the syringe from the chip maker machine. Use the keycard with the card reader to the left of the front door. It will open the panel beside it. Get the N216 serum. fill the syringe with it, then use the syringe. Go to the chip removal machine and turn it on.

Q : How can I solve this brain puzzle ?
A : Guide the serum to the chip in the middle and avoid that antibody. Look at this picture to help you. Follow the green trace from the start.

Q : What is the password for Greg's computer ?
A : The note from the Larry Hammond will helps you on that. See that Passcard D move. It's a Gambit move. The password is GAMBIT. Special addition note from Erik Gos to solve this puzzle : In the Fresno office you'll receive that UPEX package containing a note about 2 methods used by Greg Call, one of them being braille and the other one using every third or fourth word in a note. If you use the latter method on the note that is in the envelope Larry gives to Tex in the Nexus starting with Larry and then selecting every fourth word, you'll end up with a sentence saying that the first letters of the following words will give the password. This way you can find it without knowing any names of chess moves.

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Q : How can I trick the guard ?
A : Use picture trick. Get the music stand in the reception hall (through the door behind the counter), then combine it with the brochure you've got earlier from the Mens room. Then put this combination in front of the camera beside the door. Just put it on the camera, that's it.

Q : Where is the entrance to John Klaus' lab ?
A : It's behind the flag on the wall. Move it and use the high level ID card to open the door.

Q : Where is the slot for the ID card ?
A : Flip it with something. Get the chopstick on the bowl on the table, then flip it open with the chopstick.

Q : What should I find here ?
A : There are several things that you can find here. But the most important thing is his passcard. It's in the CD drawer below the computer on the right corner. Solve the cat puzzle and you get the passcard. Beside that, you can find memorandum, photo, referendum on the top of the shelf, and hear the tape recorder.

Q : What is the solution of the cat's puzzle ?
A : Look at this drawings for the answer.

Q : How can I get out from this office ?
A : Distract the guard first. From the note inside John Klaus lab (the one that on the floor) you know about Knott's extension number. Use the vidphone to dial his number. When it's connect, quickly get out from the room. Use the high level ID card to open the front door.

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Q : How can I operate the elevator ?
A : Find the switch box first. It's hidden behind the small boxes on the back shelf (it's in front of the entrance door). Move the box, the flip the switch. Now you can operate the elevator switch.

Q : How can I escape from Big Jim Slade ?
A : You need two important things first. Oooopps, I hope you don't forget to take the penknife and the rock from the room downstair. The penknife is in the red box below the shelf and the rock is at the corner beside the entrance door. If you've bring them, it's good. Choose this option in the conversation : B,A,C,B,C,A,E,B,B.

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Q : How can I solve the chess puzzle ?
A : First, take the chess pieces from the box below the left nightstand. Then analyze the position of the big statues on the floor (these statues resemble the chess pieces). Then put the chess pieces on the board according their position on the floor. Look at this diagram :

Q : How can I get accross to the door at Gideon's gallery ? I can't touch the floor, it'll be alarmed.
A : Use the ramp above the exhibition rooms. First, take the metal bar from the bedroom. Then take the 2 top railings (left and right) on the balcony. Combine them with the metal bar to make longer pole. Flip the switch on the right wall on the balcony to bring down the chandellier. Use the long pole to reach the chandellier.

Q : How can I get pass this alarmed floor ?
A : This is a little bit tricky, but you can get over it if you know the sequence. This is one of the solution. Look at this schematic to help you. The floor is formed by 4 X 4 section. I name this section from bottom left to top right by A1, B1, C1, D1, A2, B2, etc until D4. Remember the number increase from bottom to top, the alphabet increase from left to right. Top section is next to the exit and the bottom section near the entrance (balcony). The sequence is : 1(C3), 2(B3), 3(B3), 4(B2), 5(B2), 6(B2), 7(B2), 8(A2), 9(A2), 10(B2), 11(B2), 12(B2), 13(B3), 14(A3), 15 (Run like hell to exit door).

Q : How to open the cabinet with sword picture on it inside Gideon's study room ?
A : You need a special key for that. Check out the bookcase on the left wall. On the third shelf, you'll notice a strange book. Push it. Inside you'll find this metal cross. Put the metal cross on the cabinet, then solve the puzzle.

Q : How can I solve the glass cabinet puzzle ?
A : Look at this picture to solve it. After you solve it, you'll get a security card.

Q : How can I unlock the locked doors in Gideon's hallway ?
A : There are 2 doors. One at the north side and the second one at the south (there's a passcard combination lock beside it). The key to the north door is hidden safely inside Gideon's study. Look at the Dime-o-saur on the table. Insert your coin in it. Then take the small key. Unlock the door with it. The south door's combination is inside the game room.

Q : How can I solve the jigsaw puzzle on the table ?
A : Look at this picture to help you. You'll get note with passwords on it. Remember these passwords for the final puzzle.

Q : How can deactivate the alarm on the south locked door ?
A : The answer lies on the pool table. Take the billiard balls (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8). Strange the colors don't match with the numbers. These are the combination for the alarm at the south door. The combinations are : Red(1), Blue(6), Orange(4), Purple(7), Black(3), Yellow(8), Dark red(5), and Green(2).

Q : What is this monitor used for ?
A : See that CD player below the monitor. Open it. Get CD#1 from the bench in Gideon's hallway (near the door to Gideon's gallery) and CD#2 on the top of the monitor. Play them. Inside CD#1, you'll see an important information for later.

Q : How can I get out from Gideon's house ? Everytime I step to the door, it always tells me to override the alarm.
A : Inside Gideon's control room, to the left of the door, there is a alarm override panel. Insert the security card to override it.

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Q : How can I escape from this cell ?
A : Go through the wall on the wall. Of course, you have to create one first. Move the right bed then examine the brick on the wall.

Q : How can I solve the brick puzzle ?
A : Finally, this is the full version on how to solve the brick puzzle. The numbers on the brick represents the brick not the order to solve it. Clue : You can rotate the brick to hold down the brick above it.

The Original Arrangement

First Steps

Second Steps

Third Steps

Fourth Steps : Rotate bricks 1,10, and 11, then put in their positions
Fifth Steps

Final Steps : Rotate bricks 12

That's it, you finally solve it. This is only one of many possible solutions.

Q : Now what ?? I'm stuck in another cell.
A : This time is easier. See that shelf outside the cell. It looks very fragile. Throw something to it. Get the brick on the floor. Throw it to the shelf. The torch and tape will fall down to the tarp. Get the chain beside the bed. Use that to pull the tarp. Take the torch and the tape. Use the torch to cut down the cell bar.

Q : How can get to cell block B ?
A : The key to cell block B lies behind the door to there. Get barb wire in the cell just near the door to the right. Examine this wire to make a hook. Use it to get the key. Use the key to unlock the door.

Q : I always get caught by the droid. What should I do to avoid them ?
A : Move swiftly from one open cell to another one. Everytime you heard the sound of the droid approaching, get inside the cell. They won't bother you if you're in the cell.

Q : How can I unlock the door to cell block C ?
A : There is a security card lies somewhere in this block. Use the cell key to unlock the cell to the right of the entrance. Get the passcard on the floor. Use this passcard to unlock the door to cell block C.

Q : How can I get the gas canister (hanging above the wall) at the end of block C hallway ?
A : You need a screwdriver to get that. The screwdriver can be found in Alcatraz Dungeon below the cell block D. Use the screwdriver to release the gas canister.

Q : Where is the key to cell block D ?
A : The key is inside the cell (the second opened left cell from the end). Get the key from the wall and use it to unlock the door to cell block D.

Q : How can I use the control panel to open the cell in this block ?
A : The answer is written on the door of the panel. (e+o=2, o-e=8). You have to solve that set of equations, resulting in o=+5 and e=-3. These are the correction factors used when you set the lever to a certain position (if you set the lever to an odd number 5 will be added to that number, if you set it to an even number 3 will be substracted). So if you set the lever to 3 door 8 will open. Setting the lever to 8 will open door 5. To open door 7 you therefore have to set the lever to 10 (10-3=7). That means leave the left lever position to number 2 and move the right lever to number 10. Inside the cell you'll find explosive in the red box. Then move to the Alcatraz dungeon.

Q : How can I get pass the guard view to get the screwdriver ?
A : Walk slowly until you can see the guard behind the glass door. Move the crates to the right. Duck and walk swiftly to the right (behind the crates). Keep on walking until you reach the end. Stand up and get the screwdriver on the top of the crate. Repeat the step to get back to the entrance.

Q : How can I get pass the guard in the inner entrance of the office ?
A : Use gas diversion. First, get the gas mask in cell block B. Move one of the chair there to reveal the gas mask. Then get the dirty filter from the room to the right of the entrance of Alcatraz dungeon (the green bag on the floor, examine it).Combine the gas canister, explosive, tape, and the filter to make a good time bomb. Look at the filter panel and watch how the cleaner droid change the filter. Go to the small path to the right (between entrance and the filter panel). Open the door and get the droid part on the floor. Use this tool to open the filter panel. Insert the home-made explosive in it and watch the cool movie.

Q : How can I open the security door ?
A : Use the security passcard on the keyslot.

Q : How can I bypass the scanner ?
A : Find something that can trick the scanner. Get the hairbrush behind the counter. Examine it to get the hair of Gideon. Use the hair on the scanner.

Q : What is the passwords for the computer ?
A : Insert each passcard with appropriate passwords. The answer is : A(Queen), B(Draw), C(Castle), D(Gambit), E(Bishop), F(Resign), G(Checkmate), H(Knight). You can read this answer from the note from the jigsaw puzzle.

Q : How can I defeat Gideon in the chess match ?
A : Follow this step to beat Gideon. Rd1, Rxe7, Qxd7, Bf5, Bd7, Bxe7.

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Tex's Office On the table Use vidphone : choose Murphy 4
. Fax machine on the filling cabinet Get the incoming fax 3
. On the small table beside filling cabinet Use Perpetial motion device 5
. Bottom left drawer of filing cabinet Get mouse toy 1
. On the floor near door Get Boyd's Life magazine 1
. Inside filling cabinet near window Look , get, and read letter 3
. On the left shelf Get tape 2
Tex's bedroom Inside drawer in the cabinet Look underwear 5
. On the bed Play Parcheesi 2
Eve Clements' office . Ask all questions 6


Linsky's house . Ask Sylvia all questions 4
Linsky's living room Table Get and read the blackjack note 2
. Table Get and look dominos 4
. Inventory Solve the dominos puzzle on time 230
. Inside refrigerator Get bananas 1
. Table beside refrigerator Get case 5
Linsky's bedroom Desk Get and read Dear Jane note 3
. Desk's middle drawer Get letter 5
. Left nightstand Open drawer 1
. Left nightstand's drawer Get and read green address book 2
. Clothes upper drawer Look at Dookey book on the right 5
. Right nightstand Look at the chess set 5
Dolores' house . Ask Dolores everything 8
Carl's house . Talk to Sylvia 2
Linsky's living room Behind the left door Climb stair to attic 1
. Inventory Open envelope 1
Linsky's attic On the table inside the small room Listen to the recorder 5
. Third right drawer of the iron cabinet Get Blaire's note 5
. Roll top drawer Open roll top 1
. Roll top drawer Get credit report 5
. Inside locked credenza Unlocked credenza with the small key 2
. Inside credenza Get and read lease 2


Warehouse . Go to 1
. Box on the floor near entrance Get circuit kit 1
. Under the pillow Get and look bottle of sleeping pills 2
. Back wall Open the first kit box 2
. First kit box Get and open the kit 3
. Filling cabinet Open middle draweer 1
. Middle drawer Get and read fax 2
. Filling cabinet Open lower drawer 1
. Lower drawer Get and read note 4
. Wall beside the computer Move woodboard 1
. Behind woodboard Get and read note 2
. Inbox on the table Get and read Wanda Peck's letter 2
. Table's right middle drawer Get deposit slips 5
. Table's right top drawer Get news article 5
. Shelf above the stepladder Climb ladder 1
. . Move box 1
. . Move calendar 1
. . Look and open safe 25
. Inside the safe Get items and read the policy 3
Dolores' house . Ask her about S.F. and Arnold 5
Tex's office . Go there 1
. End of day 1 TOTAL 401


North hill clinic . Ask about everything 4
CAPRICORN . Ask about everything 3
Tex's office Vidphone Ask about Sonny Fletcher 1
. Fax machine Get and read Sonny's fax 2
Sonny Fletcher's office . Receive bishop 2
Carl Linsky's house . Ask Sylvia about insurance policy 5
. Inventory Look bishop 1
. Inventory Combine pieces and solve the puzzle 124
Linsky's warehouse Computer desk Use passcard reader on the computer 1
. Computer desk Use passcard with the passcard reader 1
. Computer Type BISHOP as the password 35
Fresno office . . 1
. Right left corner Move board 1
. Right left corner Look plate, safe and conduit 2
. Floor near door Get electric bill 5
. Top left corner near map Get and read planner on box 2
. Plate above the safe Solve the time zone puzzle on time 53
. Inside safe Get and look at the photograph 2
Carl Linsky's house . Ask Sylvia about the photo 5
Sonny Fletcher's office . Get letter under the door and read it 2


Anasazi ruin Main entrance . 2
Opening Area behind the right door (opening) Get wooden box 1
. Under the door Get long poles 1
. Top left corner Get brick 1
. Under the sign Get brick 1
. Beside the stair Get brick 1
. Under the dead tree Get and read guide book 2
Inner chamber Top left room in the opening Get pipe 1
. The back path Get pot 6
. Under the pot Get brick 1
. Inside the next chamber Get line on a stick 1
Ceremonial chamber Crack on the right wall Look snake 2
. Central area of the chamber Get stick 1
. Inventory Combine pine stick, mouse, and box 1
. Snake Use the scoutbox with the snake 1
. Snake's pit Get brick 2
. On the top window Get vicca rope 1
Main entrance The pit on the floor Look at the bucket in the pit 2
. Inventory Combine rope and pipe 1
. The pit Use rope and pipe with bucket 2
. Corner beside the stair Look at the wheel 2
. Wheel Solve the lever and cog puzzle on time 238
. Secret compartment Get brick 1
Tower chamber Open the door Get brick on the floor 1
Inner chamber The Anasazi God Brick puzzle Solve it on time 238
Anasazi corridor On the floor Get leather strips 1
. . Look opening 2
. Inventory Combine strips, short poles, and long poles 2
. Chasm Use ladder on chasm 2
. On the floor at the lab entrance Get and examine glasses 2
. . Get coin 1
. . Get and examine pocket watch 2
. Lab entrance Look metal door 2
. Panel beside door Use coin to open it 1
. . Use spring and tape to repair wire 3


Bosworth Clark's lab . . 2
. Table on the corner Get ashtray 5
. Cabinet beside the table Get passcard reader 1
. Under the bed Get video disc player 1
. Computer Look at it 2
. Surveillence equipment Turn on power switch 5
. Left wall Get smoke alarm 1
. Inventory Examine it and get the disc 1
. . Insert disc in the player and watch the movie 25
. The left side of surveillance table Get and read the print out 3
. Computer Open the compartment and solve the soundlock 3
. Compartment Get the passcard 1
. Computer Hook the passcard reader with the computer 1
. . Insert passcard 1
. . Type CHECKMATE 32


CAPRICORN . Show photo 2
. . Ask STG 9
Tex office Vidphone Search on STG and Jorge Valdez 2
. Fax machine Get fax and read it 2
CAPRICORN . Ask about Gideon 2
Tex office Fax machine Get fax and read it 2
. Vidphone Call Frank Schimming 3
Gideon's house . Ask about Jorge Valdez and Law & Order party 2
Rank & File chess shop . Ask everything 4
Tex's office Vidphone Receive message 3
. . TOTAL 1442



Val Davis Lab Computer table Get and read note 2
. Beside the chamber door Get ten foot pole 1
. Ape's cell Look ape 1
. . Combine sleeping pill with banana 1
. . Give drugged banana to ape 2
Gas chamber Entrance Open door 1
. Floor Get card reader 1
. Circuit box Look and use circuit kit with it 4
. . Solve the puzzle on time 125
Val Davis Lab Computer table Look at the computer 1
. . Use passcard reader with the computer 1
. . Insert passcard and type : QUEEN 34
. Microscope Use it to examine the other 2 passcards 10
Tex office Floor near door Get and read the telegram 2
Sonny Fletcher's office . Receive another passcard 1


Big Surf Lodge Outside Look counter through the right small window 1
. . Use magnet with measuring tape 1
. Counter on the right Use magnetized tape to get the key 1
. Glass door Use key to unlock the door, enter and close it back 3
Slade's living room Small table beside door Get wallet, search it, and put it back 6
. Wardrobe Open, get clothes, examine them, and put them back 8
. . Close wardrobe 1
. Bed Look suitcase 1
Slade's kitchen Couch (under the pillow) Get chart 1
. Kitchen drawers Get Gideon's bible and vial then close all drawers 3
Slade's living room Wardrobe Hide inside the wardrobe then close the door 1
Slade's bathroom . Open door 2
. Behind the door Get and examine the jacket then put it back 4
. Bathtube Open curtain, get in, and close it back 2
. . Open curtain after Slade's gone 1
. Mirror Look at it 1
. . Open door to the living room 1
Slade's living room Bed Use the key to unlock the cuffs 2
. . Solve combination puzzle and then examine the case 129
Tex office . Combine Gideon bible and the code notes 2
. . Solve the verses puzzle on time 123
. . Read the code again 1
. . Combine the chart and the grille 2
. . Solve the words puzzle on time 236
Mill Valley post office . Received package 1


Lobby Coffee table Put Mickey's vial inside coffee maker 1
. Door to the right of the counter Enter the Mens room to hide 22
Mens room Locker number 5 and 11 Open the door, get brochures, and read them 4
. . Look coded message from the post office 1
. . Combine it with the credo 1
. . Solve credo puzzle on time 133
. . Read credo again 1
Lobby Monitor Look at it 1
. Near the leg of the officer Get key 1
. Small table in front of Knott's office Get ID card 1
Robert Knott's office . Enter 2
. Alarm panel Look at it 1
. Alarm panel Type PIRANHA 3
. Middle book shelf Get photo of Sylvia 5
. Right chair from the desk Move it and get the key under 2
. The director chair Get note and read it 3
. Director desk, left drawer Get book 5
. Lizard picture Move it 1
. Safe Look safe and try to crack it 3
Mens room Locker number 17 Unlock it with the key 1
. . Get indes card and read it 2
Robert Knott's office Vidphone on the desk Use it 1
. Safe Enter the combination 42
. . Get CD and examine it 2
Lobby Front door Try to open it without ID 1
. . Unlock it with ID 2
Mysterious address . Visit it 1
C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N . Give CD to Wanda 1


Knott's cabin . Visit 1
Living room Fireplace Get log 1
. Beside the fireplace Move horse painting 1
. . Get bent nail 1
. Aquarium Look at the small box 1
Kitchen Cabinet under the sink Open it and get the torch 2
. Cabinet to the right of the first cabinet Open it and get the wrench 2
. Sink Examine the metal hose 1
. . Use wrench to release the hose 1
. Big cabinet beside the door to bedroom Open it and get the rope 2
Bedroom Under the bed Get doll and examine it 2
. Inventory Combine rope and log 1
. . Combine nail and hose 1
Living room Aquarium Use hose and nail to get the box 22
. Inventory Look at the box 1
. Switch beside front door Flip it to open the hatch on roof 1
. Front door Open it and get out 4
. Floor beside Knott's leg Get key 1
Bed room Locked cabinet Use key to unlock it 1
. . Get coat and hat 1
. Inventory Combine them with doll 1
Living room Window sill Put doll there 1
. Hatch on the roof Throw log there 2
. . TOTAL 2339


Tex office Vidphone Use it to hear the recorder 1
Eve Clements . Ask about Greg Call 2
Fresno office . . 1
. Floor near door Get UPS package and examine it 4
. Inventory Look STG note 2
. . Look Braille 1
. . Combine braille and tag 1
. . Solve the Braille puzzle 73
J. Saint Gideon . Ask about NEXUS 2


Greg Call's lab . . 3
. Switch beside door Flip it 1
. Lamp beside the switch Open and get the passcard D 2
. Under computer's keyboard Get newspaper clip 5
. Computer Look at it 1
. Chip maker machine Get syringe 1
. Back computer Get passcard reader 1
. The experiment chair Get chart and keycard, then read the chart 3
. Panel on the left of the door Look at it 1
. Card reader beside the panel Insert keycard 1
. Panel N216 Get it and use the syringe with it 2
. . Look the syringe 1
. Machine at the corner Turn it on and solve the brain puzzle 128
. Inventory Read note about chess move 1
. Computer Hook up the passcard reader 1
. . Insert passcard D and type : GAMBIT 39


Reception Hall . . 1
. Camera beside the door Look at it 1
. Behind the sofa Get music stand 1
. On the table to the right Get chopstick 1
. Inventory Combine music stand and the phamplet 2
. Camera Close the camera with the music stand 1
. Big wall flag Move flag 3
. Panel beside flag Use chopstick to open the panel 1
. . Insert high level security card 1
John Klaus lab . Discover it 3
. Floor near desk Get note and read it 2
. Desk Get photo 5
. Desk drawer Get crusade memo 5
. Desk near the computer Hear the tape player 5
. Equipment to the left of door, top of it Get referendum 5
. Computer table Open CD drawer and get the cat picture 2
. Inventory Solve the cat puzzle on time 73
Reception Hall Vidphone Use it and dial #107 2
. . TOTAL 2731


Cut scene . . 4
Tex office Vidphone Play message twice 2
Rank & File shop . Received an E-mail 1
San Thomas Mission Inside red box under the shelf, in front of door Get pen knife 1
. Corner just to the right of door Get rock 1
. Shelf in front of the door, middle rack Move small box 2
. . Open panel 1
. . Flip the switch on 1
. Elevator switch Flip it 56
. Upstair Choose the right option when talk 121


Gideon's Bedroom On the floor Get security schematic and read it 2
. . Get metal bar 1
. Left nightstand Open wooden box and get the chess pieces 2
. Big chess board Look at it 2
. . Put the chess piece on board and solve the chess puzzle 33
Bossworth Clark's lab Microscope Examine all the passcard that left 30
Gideon's Gallery . Enter through the secret door inside Gideon's bedroom 2
. The switch to your right Flip it on to bring down the chandellier 1
. Stair railings on the ramp Get left and right top railings 2
. . Combine them with the metal bar 1
. Balcony Use the metal bar to grab the chandellier 2
. Far right corner of the slope Look and open the panel below you 2
. Exhibition area Manipulate your way to beat the alarm puzzle 53
Gideon's hallway On the bench to the right Get disc#1 1
Gideon's Study Dime-o-saur on the desk Look at it 1
. . Insert coin 1
. . Get doorkey 1
. Left bookshelf, third shelf Push strange book and get the metal cross 2
. Glass cabinet to the right Look at the sword picture 1
. . Put metal cross on it and solve the puzzle 127
. . Get security card 1
Gideon's Hallway North locked door Unlock it with the doorkey 3
Gideon's Gameroom Pool table Get balls (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) and examine them 2
. Videogame Play the game 10
. On the table Solve the jigsaw puzzle on time 227
Gideon's Hallway South locked door Look alarm and try to solve it 1
. . Solve the alarm puzzle 2
Gideon's Control Room . Enter 1
. Override panel Look at it, then insert the security card 3
. On the top of monitor Get CD#2 1
. Below the monitor Open CD player 1
. CD player Play both CD's 6
Gallery . Get out through front door 1


Cells Bed Move bed and examine the bricks behind it 3
. Bricks on the wall Solve the brick puzzle on time 127
. Floor near the hole Get brick 1
. Shelf outside the cell Look at it carefully and throw brick at it 2
. Bed's foot Get chain and examine it 1
. Tarp outside the cell, on the floor Use chain to get it 1
. . Get laser torch and tape 1
. Cell's bar Use laser torch to cut it 2
Cells block A Empty cell near the door to block B Get barbwire and look at it 2
. Door to block B Look at it 2
. . Use barbwire to get the cell's key 1
. . Unlock the door with the key 2
Cells block B Broken stall at the lower left corner Move it and get the gas mask 2
. Visiting window (stall) Examine it and the sign 2
. Locked door to the left of entrance Unlock it with the cell's key and get passcard 2
Cells block C The second left empty cell from the end Get the key on the back wall 1
. Door to Cells block D Unlock it with the key 3
Cells block D Door control panel on the left Open it and operate the lever 24
. Opened old cell Look at the cell's bar 1
. . Open small box and get the explosive 2
Alcatraz Dungeon . Enter it 1
. Room to the right of the entrance Open door, get the green bag, and examine it 2
. Room at the end of the small right path Open door and get the tool on the floor 2
. Fan panel Look at it 1
. Crates at the end of the dungeon Push crates then duck and walk behind them 3
. On the top of the back crate Get screwdriver 1
Cells block C At the end of the cells, above the wall Use scredriver to release the gas canister 1
Alcatraz Dungeon Fan panel Use tool to open the panel 1
. . Combine tape, explosive, gas canister and dirty filter 3
. . Put hand-made time bomb on the panel 3
Office Behind the counter Get hairbrush and examine it 2
. Key slot on the left wall Insert security pass to open the door 1
. DNA scanner Look at the platform and scanner 1
. . Put the hair on the platform and solve all puzzles 218
. . TOTAL 3931

Total score is 3931 out of 4000.

There are few things to do to complete the score. Please notice me if someone knows the additional score. This is a great game, in spite of several bugs at the ending puzzle. The mouse will freeze for some machine and video card.

Ver 1.04 @ August 1998
Any comments can be sent to [email protected] or [email protected] after 1.5 year of this released hint.
If someone know about some scores that I missed, could you tell me about it. So I could update this walkthrough. And I'll put your name on it. Happy Gaming !!!!
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