Tex Murphy Overseer (PC) Walkthrough Final Version
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will be made to this guide.

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WARNING: This walkthrough does contain spoilers that may ruin the game for
anyone who may be playing this game for the first time. Do not read ahead
unless you fully understand the risks involved.

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Update History:

1 – March 30, 2003 – The first version of this guide is completed and released.

2 – October 24, 2007 – The final version of this guide is completed and released

Windows XP/Vista Compatibility:

Tex Murphy: Overseer was designed to run on Windows 95, but it will work on
Windows XP and Vista. Before playing the game, be sure that you're running
v1.04. There will be some additional settings that you will need to change as
well with the Intel RSX 3D that you should have installed when installing
Overseer, and you can learn more by visiting Steve's XP Games Corner at this link:


Note that you will get an error message as you play through the game, but you
can ignore it because it doesn't prohibit you from playing the game. According
to Steve's XP Games Corner, the error is caused by Windows XP returning a code
to the game that it couldn't anticipate years ago. There may also be a certain
point late in the game where it'll crash, no matter what you do, but I will
explain how to get around it when you get to that point.


This game is being played in Entertainment mode. For those playing in Gamer
mode, you may experience more puzzles and other differences not present in the
other mode.

While watching the opening sequences, you may be presented with three choices.
There are times when your decision may affect later events, so choose wisely.
If you want to get this game off to a good start, give Chelsee some fair
warning about Tex's appearance and follow it up with some Chuck Heston humor.
After having a little fun with her, show her the goods and pretend that there's
some sibling revelry. Apologize to Chelsee and play up her Beatles reference by
being really Beatlemanic before asking her about the Lover's Lanes.

After Tex begins to tell Chelsee the story behind Sylvia Linsky, you'll flash
back to Tex's first day at his new office. Take this time to familiarize
yourself with the controls. You can either use the arrow keys or mouse to move
around by holding the right mouse button. You can run by holding Shift and
looking up and down is accomplished with the Home and End keys. There may come
times when you'll need to crouch down or look up high for something, and so you
can accomplish that by using the Page Up and Page Down keys.

As you move your mouse cursor around the screen, you may notice three panels.
The panel at the top is the system panel, which you would want to access if you
need to save, load, exit, re-configure the game, etc. The right panel is the
inventory panel, which displays all the items Tex is currently carrying with
him. A rule of thumb is that with every item you pick up, you should examine it
for any additional clues, unless it's noted otherwise in this guide. To examine
an item, click on it and then click on the magnifying glass.

The last panel is the travel panel, which is located on the left side of the
screen. You can think of it as shortcuts to locations that you need to visit or
have already visited. It comes in handy for when you need to make a quick getaway.

Now that the little tutorial is out of the way, let's get on with the game.
Walk over to the desk and pick up the red book, which is the Little PI's Book
of Rules that Tex was reading during the cutscene. Examine it in your inventory
and after you're done looking at it, open the very bottom drawer of  left
filing cabinet near the desk. You will find a wind-up mouse inside, which you
should pick up and take with you.

Cross over to the other side of the room and open the bottom drawer of the
filing cabinet that's sitting next to the door to Tex's bedroom. You'll find a
letter from the Colonel, Tex's previous employer. Read it and then take the
tape measure off of the bookshelf on the other side of the bedroom door. Walk
over to the front door now and pick up the magazine off of the floor. Look at
it and return to Tex's desk.

Turn on the videophone and call the American Information Database, or AID.
Request that it search for information on Tex Murphy and when you're done, take
the fax that just came through the machine sitting on the top of the filing
cabinet. You can read it to get some biographical information on Tex. Go into
Tex's bedroom and pick up the Parcheesi board game off of his cot to trigger a
sequence in which Tex meets Sylvia Linsky for the first time.

After Sylvia leaves, travel to the police station to meet with Eve Clements.
Once you arrive and talk to Eve, show her a lesson in good form and then
quickly change the subject. Make her an offer that she can't refuse and resort
to the 'Good Book' to get Eve to talk with you. Ask her about all the available
topics and then leave the station. Travel to Carl Linsky's house to meet with
Sylvia again, and this time question her about all the available topics.

Once you're finished, Sylvia will leave to go pick up her father's personal
effects from the police station. She'll leave Tex the key and he'll have her
permission to roam around the house. Pick up the note from the coffee table and
when you read it, Tex will realize that it could be a possible clue to
something. Take the domino set and examine it in your inventory to start your
first puzzle of the game. The paper you picked up is actually a clue as to how
to solve this puzzle. What you will need to do is arrange the dominoes so that
each row and column equals 21; diagonally, horizontally, and vertically. The
solution is as follows:

1st Row: 4, 11, 6
2nd Row: 9, 7, 5
3rd Row: 8, 3, 10

Once you've successfully completed the puzzle, you will see that lights will
flash next to the numbers 4, 9, and 8. Those numbers will come in handy later
on so make a note of them. Head over into the kitchen and open the briefcase on
the counter next to the refrigerator. You'll find a sort of drug inside,
leading Tex to wonder if maybe Mr. Linsky had an addiction. Open the fridge and
pick up the bananas before walking over to the other side of the room and
entering the bedroom.

Read the note on the desk and then look at the chessboard on the nightstand.
Look inside of the nightstand on the opposite side of the bed to find an
address book. When you open it up, you'll unlock Delores Lightbody's house on
the travel panel, which we're going to visit now.

Listen to the conversation and when Delores tries to steer it into another
direction, get back on track and then get down to business. Put on a show of
good form and ask her about the circumstances. Ask her about who gets the cash
and then choose to get the skinny on Sylvia. Refuse to speculate on the case
and then interrogate Delores using all available topics before heading back to
Carl Linsky's house.

Once you return, Sylvia will give you her father's personal effects, which
consists of a note, two keys, and a wallet. Open up the envelope and read the
note and look inside the wallet. Open the closet, which is next to the bedroom
and climb up the ladder to the attic. Follow the path around and go through the
door. Open up the third drawer of the second filing cabinet to find a note,
which you should read. Open the roll-top desk and read the credit report you
find there. Turn around and go over to the table near the door. Switch on the
tape recorder to hear someone babbling about something. Unlock the dresser
using the round key and take the lease you find inside. Upon closer inspection,
you'll get the location to Carl Linsky's warehouse, which will now appear on
the travel panel.

As soon as you arrive at the warehouse, go over to the filing cabinet on the
other side of the room and open the middle drawer. Take the fax you find inside
and read it. Open the bottom drawer and take the project note. Walk over to the
drafting table and open the top drawer. You'll find a newspaper article inside,
and after that, open the middle drawer to find a couple of transaction slips.
Look at the bulletin board on the wall near the table and move it out of the
way to uncover a note. Take it and then go over to the desk that's just to your
right. Take the note you find sitting in the box and then move the pillow on
the cot to find a bottle of sleeping pills.

Walk over to the forklift and open the box on the floor near it to find a
circuit kit. Take it with you and then turn around and to the right of the
ladder you'll see a first aid kit on the wall. Open it and take the box of
Heal-Aid you see inside. When you open the box in your inventory, you'll find
pieces of a security card but note that there is still a missing piece. Climb
the ladder and move the boxes out fthe way to uncover a safe. Do you remember
those three numbers from the first puzzle? Enter 498 as the combination to open
the safe and take the contents to discover that you've picked up a passcard
reader and an insurance policy. We're all done here for now, so go to Delores's

Act sort of grateful for her help and then ask Delores about any undiscussed
topics before going back to the office. You should have a message waiting for
you on the videophone. Checking it will reveal a message from Sylvia Linsky,
who apparently has been drinking. Tex will visit her at her house before you
see a scene from the present time where Tex and Chelsee start reminiscing about
when they first met before continuing on with the story where Tex meets Arnold
Sternwood, the director of the North Hill Clinic.

Serve Arnold up some good natured bureaucracy and then get right to the point.
Attempt to loosen him up a bit before asking about Linsky's work. Talk to him
about all available topics and then travel to C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N. You'll be
introduced to the lovely Wanda Peck. Start off by asking her a flattering
question and then make a heartfelt proposal. Act as if bit by the love bug and
then use some clever word play. Refer to your client's father and then tell her
that you're looking for a lead. She's more than willing to help you, so ask her
about everything before traveling to the police station.

When talking to Eve, slightly exaggerate Tex's present situation and then talk
to her about all undiscussed topics before moving on to Tex's office. Access
the AID and have it run searches for Sonny Fletcher, the Law and Order Party,
C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N., Rona Morgan, North Hill Clinic, and Delores Lightbody. Take
the faxes from the machine and look at them all before heading back to the
police station to ask Eve about Sonny Fletcher's criminal record and then
visiting Sonny Fletcher at his apartment.

Tell Sonny you're on a hunt for clues and then make him a reasonable deal.
Fraternize a bit and watch the sequence before leaving for Linsky's warehouse.
Inspect the bishop piece to find that the bottom comes off and you'll find the
missing piece of the security card. Put it with the rest of the pieces and then
examine them to get your next puzzle.

The puzzle itself isn't too difficult. You'll have to put the pieces together
and the magnetic stripe can run along either the top or the bottom. You may
have to rotate some of the pieces to get them to fit into the right spot, which
is done by holding the mouse button down on them and using the arrow keys. It
doesn't matter if not all the pieces take up the space you put them in, because
once you've got them all relatively in the right spot, the card will
automatically complete itself and you'll get a passcard.

Attach the passcard reader to the computer and swipe your new passcard through
it. Enter the password 'Bishop' and read the message that was left behind to
get a new location (Fresno Office) on the travel panel. Leave here and go there
now. Upon arrival, Tex realizes that the message may have served as a red
herring to throw off people like him. Since we're already here, let's snoop
around because who knows, we might find something useful.

Look at the day planner that's sitting on one of the boxes to get a clue to an
upcoming puzzle. Look at the floor near the door to find an electric bill,
which you should also take with you. Move the bookcase that's propped up
against the wall to uncover a safe, and notice that it's hooked up to the
display above it. Take a closer look at the display to get the next puzzle. To
solve this, just point each plate at the correct times and then push Set Time.
If you are correct, a green light will show. There are three different sets of
times that you need to enter to unlock the safe, and it just so happens that I
have the answers, as if you would expect anything less from me.

1st Settings:

San Francisco - 6 p.m. Paris - 3 a.m. Sydney - 12 p.m.

2nd Settings:

San Francisco - 5 a.m. Paris - 2 p.m. Sydney - 11 p.m.

3rd Settings:

San Francisco - 3 p.m. Paris - 12 a.m. Sydney - 9 a.m.

By rotating the plates to these times, you'll have unlocked the safe. Take the
photo you find inside and look at it to see that it's a picture of Carl Linsky
with an unknown man. Go back to Linsky's house and show Sylvia the photo to
learn that the mystery man is John Klaus, an old friend of Carl's. Ask her
about any undiscussed topics and then head off to C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N.

Stick to business for now and ask Wanda about all undiscussed topics and then
head for the North Hill Clinic. Act like a fashion detective and ask Arnold
about all topics. Go to the police station to ask Eve about Val Davis before
going to Sonny's apartment. Tex will find a note left on his door, which you
should take to Tex's office and read. Access the AID and have it run searches
on John Klaus, Bosworth Clark, and Val Davis. Take the faxes and read them to
unlock the Anasazi ruin on the travel panel, our next destination.

When you arrive, go straight and then up the stairs that you see to your left.
Go through the door and if you look down, you'll notice a brick hiding among
some jars. Pick it up and then head back out and down the stairs. Turn to your
left and look at the cogwheel puzzle on the wall. The idea here is to get the
red dots on the cogs to line up with the red dots above them. You can
accomplish this by pushing the left lever up once and the middle one up three
times. A compartment will open up next to the puzzle, revealing another brick
which you should take with you.

Turn around and go forward to the opening and turn left. Open the door near the
wall and go through. To the left of the door, lying against the wall are a
couple of poles. Take them and go behind the partition nearby. Take the crate
and then move behind the next partition to find another brick. Take it and then
go through the door to your right. Look down and to the right to find a small
piece of pipe for you to take. Make your way around to the left and click on
the pot to find another brick, which goes without any further mentioning that
you should take it with you. Continue along the way and you'll eventually find
a vine on a stick. Add it to your growing collection of stuff and make your way
back out. Once you're back outside, turn left and about halfway down the path
you'll find a No Trespassing sign. Look near it to find the next brick.

Go over to the tree and take the guidebook lying on the ground and examine it
to see a diagram for a future puzzle. Before going up the stairs, go around
behind them to find another brick and then go up the stairs and through the
door. Go around to find some sticks, which you should take with you and on the
opposite wall, take the rope that's seen hanging from one of the windows. If
you were paying attention, you'll have heard a rattling sound when you first
came in.

If you look in the alcove to your left, you'll find a rattlesnake guarding
another brick. Combine the vine on a stick with the crate and then combine
those with the toy mouse. Go down into the pit and adjust your view so that you
can just see the snake's head peeking out and use the trap on him to get him
away from the brick. Take the brick and then head back to where you first
entered the ruins.

You may have spotted a well near the entrance, and when you look down into it,
you'll find yet another brick sitting in a bucket. Combine the pipe with the
rope and use it to retrieve the next brick. Leave here and go back to where you
found the vine on the stick. Continue down the path and you'll find the brick
altar on a wall, and it's the reason why we've been collecting all those
bricks. It's time for the next puzzle and to start, use one of the bricks on
the altar.

I'll putting the answers in X,Y format. X will signify how many horizontal
spaces over you need to to go to the right, the first column being #1, the
second being #2, etc. and Y is how many vertical spaces you need to go down (#1
would be the very top spot and #8 would be the very bottom). All eight bricks
you need to use are on the left side of the puzzle, and you'll want to start
with the very top brick and end with the bottom one.

Brick #1 (1,4)
Brick #2 (2,1)
Brick #3 (3,5)
Brick #4 (4,8)
Brick #5 (5,2)
Brick #6 (6,7)
Brick #7 (7,3)
Brick #8 (8,6)

Once all of the bricks are in their correct spots, the door at the top of the
stairs will open. Go through it and follow the path to a open circular area.
Look to your right and you'll find some leather strips on the ground. Take them
and proceed up the next flight of stairs. Tex will peer over the edge of an
abyss and realize that he has no way of crossing it right now. Combine the long
and short poles with the leather strips to make a ladder and use the ladder on
the area at the top of the stairs. Tex will take his time to cross the gap,
especially since his ladder isn't all that sturdy. As Tex is just about to make
it to the other side, the ladder will snap and he'll go crashing through a wall
into the room below.

You'll now have arrived at an entrance to a secret lab. Pick the dime up off of
the floor to your right and take the pocket watch on the floor on the opposite
side and then take the sunglasses as well. Examine the watch to remove a spring
and the glasses to remove a piece of tape. Use the dime on the flat head screws
on the panel near the door to remove it. Use the spring on the broken
connection and use the tape to insulate it to open the door.

Inside, go to your left and crouch down near the consoles. You'll see a note on
the side hanging by a magnet. Take it and read it to see that there's a
scrambled word written out which when unscrambled, reads 'Checkmate'. If you
look on the wall beside you, you'll find a smoke alarm. When you take it and
inspect it further, you'll reveal a camera. Tex will remove the disc from the
camera, and now you'll have to find a way to see what's on it.

Cross over to the other side of the room and head into the alcove. Open the
cabinet with the lamp on it to find a passcard reader to take with you and then
look at the table nearby. Pick up the ashtray and examine it to fish out a
matchbook. Now crouch down as far as you can go and look underneath the bed to
find a video disc player, which is exactly what you need in order to view the
disc Tex removed from the camera.

Walk over to the main consoles and flip the switch to turn on the monitors and
then combine the disc with the player to watch a video that reveals exactly
what when on in here. Listen to the tones that Bosworth Clark punches into the
computer and then do the same. The computer is near the wall, and the buttons
you need to press are Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Red, Yellow, and Green. A
drawer will open to reveal another STG passcard. Take it and then hook up the
reader to the computer. Swipe the card with the password 'Checkmate' and read
the information. We're finally done here for now, so travel to C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N.

You'll learn more about the photo Wanda took from you, and afterwards talk to
her about any new subjects. Once you're done, go to Tex's office to make
further use of the AID. Run searches on Jorge Valdez and STG and read the faxes
you receive before going back to C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N.

Stick to business again and ask about any more new topics, including Gideon
Enterprises. When you return to the office, you'll have another fax waiting for
you. Read it and then use the videophone to call Frank Schimming. He's a very
busy man and unless you want him to hang up on you, start off with an STG
reference and then go easy on him. Tell him you're ruggedly independent and
that you're aware of the imposition that he made.

Talk to Frank about all topics and then leave for J. Saint Gideon's house.
You'll be treated to a rather long video sequence, so take the time to relax
for now and when he's ready to talk, talk to him about everything and then go
to the Rank and File Chess Shop to meet Jorge Valdez.

Upon arrival, narrow things down and choose to play it straight. Refer to Tex's
new friend and then you'll be able to ask Jorge about everything that needs to
be talked about and once you're done gleaning him of information, go back to
Tex's office. The videophone will be ringing, so answer it and watch the
sequence. You'll automatically head to Val Davis's lab once you're done talking
to the informant.

Once there, walk towards the gurney and open the cupboard that says Ape Toys on
it. Take the toy mouse you find inside and then go to the other side of the
cupboards. Take the post-it note near the microscope and look at it. The word
is 'Queen' when unscrambled. Take the pole near the radiation chamber doors and
go back behind the stairs to where you see an ape inside the cage. Drug the
bananas with the sleeping pills and feed them to the ape. Tex will
automatically use the pole to retrieve the box the ape was guarding after it
falls asleep. You'll find another STG card inside the box when you're done.

Open the radiation chamber doors and as soon as you enter, an alarm will go off
and you'll have about four minutes to turn it off before Tex is fried to a
crisp. Around the corner from the door is the emergency override. Use the
circuit kit on it to get your next puzzle. I could spend all the next paragraph
trying to explain it to you, but pictures will serve better than words, so you
can find the solution to this puzzle by goingA to this link:


After you've completed the circuit, the alarm will be deactivated and you can
relax. Take the passcard reader that's on the floor near the chair and exit the
room. Hook up the reader to the computer near the microscope and swipe the card
through it. Enter 'Queen' as the password and make note of the chess move
'QXD7' before heading back to Tex's office.

Access the AID and run searches on both J. Saint Gideon and Robert Knott.
Retrieve the faxes as well as the telegram that was slid underneath the door
and read them all before going to Sonny's apartment. Watch the sequence to see
that Sonny is now a changed man after having confronted Slade at his lodge. As
a result, Sonny was injured and passes away before he drinks his last shot of
liquor. You'll leave here with the address to the Big Surf Lodge, so go there now.

While you're here, you have to act quickly because if you take too long or
don't put things back where you found them, Slade will catch on and Tex will be
killed. Combine the magnet with the tape measure and use it to retrieve the key
on the counter to your right. Use the key to unlock the door and proceed inside.

Close the door behind you and open the closet to your right. Take Slade's
clothes and look through them to find a key. Put the clothes back and leave the
closet door open for now. Turn back around and on the table near the door
you'll spot Slade's wallet. Root through it to find a lottery ticket and a
scrap of paper. Return his wallet to the table and then go through the door in
front of you. Open it after it closes behind you and then turn so that you're
facing the couch. Move the pillow and take the chart hidden underneath before
putting the pillow back.

Head into the kitchen and looking at the left hand set of drawers, open the
second drawer and take the Bible. Close the drawer and looking at the right
hand set near the sink, open the drawer and take the vial of mickeys. After
you've taken it, the phone will begin to ring and you'll have a short time to
hide before Slade comes out of the shower. Hurry up and close the drawer and
run into the closet, closing the door behind you. Wait there until Slade comes
out of the bathroom and answers the phone. After he leaves, you can safely exit
the closet.

Go into the bathroom and open the shower curtain. Turn around and take Slade's
coat off of the door. Examine it to find another key and hang it back up.
Slade's on his way back in, so hide in the bathtub. Crouch all the way down and
close the shower curtain. Once Slade has left again, you can exit the bathroom.
From the doorway, use the handcuff key you found in Slade's coat and take the
briefcase with you. We're done here now, so breathe a sigh of relief that you
aren't dead yet and go back to Tex's office to further inspect your newfound

Look at Slade's briefcase and using the numbers from his lottery ticket, enter
613 for the first combination, 222 for the second, and 731 for the last. The
briefcase will unlock, so examine it again to find a couple of items. Combine
the grille with the chart and look at it to get the next puzzle. To solve it,
you'll have to find the ten names that belong on Slade's hit list. The names
you need to find are:

1) Rona Morgan
2) Val Davis
3) Bosworth Clark
4) Carl Linsky
5) Sylvia Linsky
6) Greg Call
7) Samuel Q. Jones
8) Larry Hammond
9) J. Saint Gideon
10) Tex Murphy

While it'll take longer to do, one way to go about solving the puzzle is to put
the grille over one of the green numbers and have it appear through each of the
holes until the name shows up on the list. You'll have to rotate the grille to
find some of the names, and it doesn't matter which order you find them in.
Once you've gotten all ten names, look at the completed hit list to notice that
in each of the names, a specific letter is highlighted and together they spell
out 'Mill Valley'.

Use the Bible with the coded note and look at them to get another puzzle. If
you click on each section of the Bible (Job, Ps, etc.), you will view the
passage from that specific section. With the Job quote, you want to find the
eighth word and type it into the blank. If you're too lazy to go figuring it
all out on your own, here's what should be in each blank: Post Office Box
Number 969

Look at the decoded note and then go to the Mill Valley Post Office. Tex will
retrieve the items from the post office and after watching a long video
sequence, you'll be inside the Law and Order Party headquarters. Upon arrival,
you'll be confronted by an eye patch wearing security guard. Take an easy going
approach before lightening the mood and settling for no nonsense. Take care of
business and the guard will leave to confirm your badge #. While he is gone,
turn to your right and slip the mickeys into the coffee pot. The guard will
come back to check on you, don't worry about anything just yet. After he leaves
again, run into the hallway to the right of the desk and go into the men's

The guard will again return, only to find Tex missing. Once he's satisfied,
he'll drink the drugged coffee and then pass out. Back in the men's restroom,
go over to the lockers and open #11. Take the Law and Order Credo sitting
inside and look at it. Open locker #5 and take the pamphlet. Combine the coded
orders with the Credo and examine it to bring up the next puzzle. To solve it,
look at the number under the line and count that many letters into the message.
The solved message will say "Mr. Slade Priority Target Robert Knott His Office
Password Piranha". Write down the password and leave the bathroom. Go behind
the desk to where you see the body of the passed out guard and pick up the key
off the floor nearby. Continue into the opposite hallway and enter the alcove
to your left.

Take the ID badge off of the table and use the guard's key to enter Robert
Knott's office. As soon as you enter, an alarm will go off and to deactivate
it, use the panel to the left and enter in the password 'Piranha'. Walk over to
the bookshelves behind the desk and if you look closely, you'll see a photo
sitting in one of them. Take it and look at it. Go to the desk behind you and
open up the left drawer to find John Klaus's file. Look at it in the inventory
and then take the note sitting on the chair. You'll end up getting a new
location on the travel panel, that of the mystery address.

Go over to the lizard painting on the wall and move it to uncover a safe.
Ignore it for now and move the chair in front of the desk to reveal a key. Take
it with you and go back to the men's restroom. Unlock locker #17 and look at
the index card you find inside once you pick it up. Go back to Knott's office
and use his telephone to dial 69835374663 and write down the letters that
appear. When unscrambled, it reads 'Open Sesame', which should then be dialed
into the phone to learn that it's the combination for the safe you uncovered.

Walk over to the safe and use the numbers 6736737263 to open it. Take the disc
out of the safe and look at it before leaving for the lobby. Use the ID badge
on the front door and then leave for the mystery address. Watch the sequence
and then go to C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N. and after the next sequence, go to Robert
Knott's cabin. Once inside, go to your left and take the log sitting in front
of the fireplace. Go over to the fish tank on the opposite side of the room,
and if you look carefully, you'll see a metal box inside the tank. You can't
just reach in and grab it because the fish tank is actually filled with
piranhas, so you'll have to find another way of getting it.

Go into the kitchen and open the cabinets underneath the sink to find a
mini-torch. Take it and open the cabinets on the right and take the wrench you
find inside. Use the wrench on the hose that's connected to the sink's faucet
and then turn around to face the large cabinets behind you. Open the one on the
right side and take the rope hanging inside. To prepare ourselves for what lies
ahead in just a few minutes, combine the log with the rope to create a
makeshift grappling hook and then enter Knott's bedroom, which is through the
door to the right of the cabinets.

Grab the blow-up doll from underneath his bed and then look at it to have Tex
inflate it. Go back to the fish tank and move the painting hanging above it.
Take the nail that it was sitting on and combine it with the hose. Use the hook
on the tank to retrieve the metal box and inside is an ID badge. Save your game
now before progressing any further.

Open the door and attempt to leave the cabin by traveling to some place such as
Tex's office, and as you leave, you'll be confronted by a crossbow wielding
Robert Knott. Tell him you're an innocent bearer of bad news and that you have
something in common. Bring up the dish called Wanda and that you seek a common

Watch the sequence and when you regain control, Knott is dead and now there are
guys outside just waiting to kill you. Stay low to the ground and stay there
for the rest of this visit's duration. Crawl over to Knott's lifeless body and
take the key lying beside him. Go into the bedroom and use the key on his
wardrobe closet. Take the coat and hat from inside the closet and put them on
the blow-up doll.

Head back towards the front door and use the disguised doll on the windows to
fool the shooters outside. Flip the switch near the door to open the skylight
and make your escape by using the grappling hook on the skylight. Tex will toss
the mini-torch into the house just as the shooters break in and will just make
it to cover as the house blows up. You'll soon return to the safety of Tex's

Pick up the ringing videophone and then you'll arrive at the police station.
Slide some information to Eve and ask her about Greg Call and his autopsy.
Return to the office and use the AID to get information on Jim Slade, Larry
Hammond, Samuel Q. Jones, and Greg Call. Read the faxes and go to Gideon's house.

I deferred to experience, although I'm not altogether sure if that was the
right choice to make. Since I was allowed to continue on without any problems,
let's assume that it is and ask Gideon about Sam Jones and then go to
C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N. Ask Wanda about all available topics and then go to the
Fresno office. Take the UPEX package that was slid underneath the door and open
it to get an STG note and a Braille alphabet. Read the note and then combine
the alphabet with the plastic tag. Check it out and enter Nexus into the
blanks. Leave here and return to Gideon's house.

He's getting ready to leave, so ask him about where he's going and then ask him
about Nexus. Leave here and go to the Nexus lab. As soon as you arrive, turn to
your right and take the passcard reader off of the counter near the autoclaves.
On the opposite side of the room, you'll see a computer. Take the newspaper
clipping from underneath the keyboard and if you look at the other side of the
operating table near you, you'll find a hanging clipboard. Take the note and
passcard from it and examine them in your inventory.

Take the syringe off of the table near the chair and then go over to the
autoclaves. To the right of them is a passcard scanner, which you should then
use to scan the passcard you took from the clipboard. The autoclaves will open,
and you should take the saline solution from the autoclave labeled N216 and put
it into the syringe. Walk into the implant removal station at the back of the
room and inject the solution into Tex's neck. Turn the station on and you'll
get your next puzzle.

I will try to explain the puzzle as best as I can. In front of you, you'll see
a network of blood vessels. The glowing dot is the implant that you're trying
to deactivate and you'll also see a syringe icon, which you want to move around
and inject into any of the blood vessels. After you've injected the syringe, a
blue cross will appear to signify the Kamikaze that will deactivate the implant.

Once you get started, antibodies will show up in order to purge your system of
the Kamikaze and any contact with them will drain your power faster than normal
so try not to touch them too often. I'm sure that there's more than one
solution to this puzzle, but a good starting point is the blood vessel closest
to the power bar. Guide the Kamikaze through the path and be aware that some of
them do have branches until you manage to find a path that takes you straight
to the implant. If you want an illustrated solution, visit this link:


After deactivating the implant, you'll get to watch a sequence in which Tex
finally meets his mystery informant, Larry Hammond. Go into the inventory and
check out the envelope that Larry gave you. Read the notes and then go back
towards the entrance. Flip the switch to the right of the door to turn on a
light panel. If you get in front of the panel, you'll see a squarish shadow in
the bottom corner. Remove the panel to uncover another STG passcard. Attach the
reader to the computer and swipe the card through it. Use the password
'Gambit', which you will discover after reading Greg Call's letter and the STG
note. Watch the sequence as a recorded message from Greg Call explains
everything that's going on and afterwards, you'll be off to the Law and Order
Party headquarters.

The guard is nowhere to be seen, but that doesn't mean he isn't around. Go
through the door behind the desk to enter the reception hall. Go to the buffet
table in the back and take the chopsticks out of the food. Go to the patio
doors and take the music stand standing nearby, examining it to extend it.
Combine it with the pamphlet and use it on the security camera near the doors
to fool the guard. Now that the guard has been dealt with, walk over to where
you see what appears to be a Law and Order Party curtain and look at it to have
Tex comment that it's a beach towel. Move it aside and use the chopsticks on
the ozonator to the right of the door to open it up. Swipe the top level ID
badge through it to open the door and enter John Klaus's lab.

Take the photo off of the desk and look at it. Read the note from John Klaus
off of the floor near the desk and then go to the other side of the room.
Switch on the tape player sitting on the opposite desk and then turn it off
once it begins to loop. Open the right drawer of the desk and take the cat
picture. Upon thorough inspection of the picture, you find that the cat itself
can be removed and that it's actually pieces of a passcard. Reassemble the
pieces, which isn't hard enough to require a solution, and then leave the lab.

Go to the table to the left of the laboratory door to find a telephone. Dial
107 to distract the guard and leave the reception hall. Use the badge on the
front door and head to Tex's office. Watch and listen to the messages on the
videophone and then go to the Rank and File Chess Shop to find out what Jorge
wants. You'll learn that Tex has received an email and after reading it, you'll
be sent to the San Tomas Mission.

Once you're inside, turn around and look down until you see a rock sitting in a
dust pile near a broom. Take the rock and turn until you see a large red
toolbox resting on one of the bottom shelves. Open it and take the penknife you
find inside. Go into the small area to the right of the elevator and move the
boxes to uncover an electrical panel. Open it and push the button to get the
elevator moving again. Before you head up, save your game and then get into the

You'll find Sylvia tied up and with a bloody nose, realizing that she's been
captured and beaten by John Klaus. When Klaus summons Slade, Slade will turn
traitor and snap his neck. Just when you things are looking up, Slade will pull
his gun and aim it at Tex and Sylvia. Before Tex is killed, make one last
request and ask for one last kiss with Sylvia. While Tex is smooching her, give
Sylvia the penknife and then proceed to challenge Slade.

Now's your chance to run for the light switch and then hide. Throw the rock as
a diversion so that Tex can grab a shield and make for the landing. Buy some
time and then toss the STG passcard into the clock gears. Watch the rest of the
sequence and you'll eventually wind up in Gideon's bedroom.

Take the schematics off the bench in front of you and look at them as they'll
come in handy momentarily. Go over to the left side of the bed and open the box
on the floor. Take the chess pieces and then take the barbell from the other
side of the bed. Put the chess pieces on the chessboard that's in the center of
the room. The key here is to arrange the pieces so that they correspond to the
larger pieces surrounding you. The perspective of the board is that of when
you're looking at the painting across the room from the bedroom door.

The answers will be in X,Y format where X equals the column and the Y equals
the row. The chessboard is 8 by 8, so the lower left corner is 1,1 and the
upper right is 8,8.

Queen - (3,1)
Rook (Castle) - (6,1)
Pawn - (1,7)
King - (3,8)
Knight - (7,7)
Bishop - (8,4)

Once all the pieces are in the right spot, a hidden door will open from behind
the large painting. Enter it and push the button to ride the elevator down into
Gideon's gallery. Look out over the balcony and do you see the chandeliers
hanging overhead? Lower them by pressing the button on the wall behind you, to
the left of the opening. Go over to the staircases and before going down; take
the top part of the brass railing off of both of them. Combine them with the
barbell to create a long railing, which you should use on the chandeliers to
cross over to the display walls.

NOTE: If the game crashes when you use the railing on the chandeliers, a simple
workaround is to mute the MIDI sounds until after you're on top of the display

Go to the far right corner and look down until you find a panel hiding behind
one of the middle sections. Once you've found it, save your game and then open
it and push the button. Jump down to the floor and rather having me try to
explain it, you can actually bypass it by pressing Alt + F, but I don't know if
it'll cost you any points. If you're someone who won't truly feel satisfied
until you've completed every last puzzle without using any cheats, go here to
find a solution:


Just don't ask me to decipher the solution for you because I took the coward's
way out. Every time I attempted the puzzle, I couldn't figure out what it was
I'm supposed to be doing.

Either way, get through the exit to enter the hallway. Turn right and head down
the hall until you spot a bench to your left. Take the disc sitting on it then
continue down the hallway and proceed through the door to enter Gideon's study.
Go to the far left corner and find the fake set of books. Open them to find a
metal cross to take with you. Use the metal cross on the stained glass on the
opposite wall. Use it on the lower left corner and when a shape pops up looking
like an outline of the cross, put the cross on it to open a hidden compartment.
Take the blue card it reveals and then go behind Gideon's desk.

Insert the dime into the dinosaur and take the key that it poops out. Exit the
study and head back down the hall. Follow the corridor branching out to the
left and use the key to unlock the door to the game room. If you're feeling
nostalgic, check out the arcade machine at the right side of the room. You can
play the original Mean Streets, although it appears you can only play through a
shooting sequence. It's purely optional to play, so if you need a break, go
ahead and knock yourself out. Just as a note, while Overseer is a remake of
Mean Streets it is seen as the fifth game in the series because Tex is
recounting the events to Chelsee, which is taking place after the events of The
Pandora Directive.

When you're finished, go over to the pool table and pick up all of the solid
balls. When you look at one of them in your inventory, Tex will comment that
they are incorrectly numbered. As you walk over to the fireplace, you'll spot
some puzzle pieces on the table. Pick them up and then reassemble them to form
a picture of Alcatraz. When you look at the completed puzzle again, you'll see
that on the back are the passwords to each of the STG passcards.

Head back out into the hallway and make your way back to the gallery entrance.
Instead of leaving, go past the doorway and follow the hall down to the other
end. You'll see a security panel to the left of the door, and the password to
put in can be figured out by matching the colors on the panel with the
corresponding pool balls and punching in the number found on the ball.

Red - 1
Blue - 6
Orange - 4
Purple - 7
Black - 3
Yellow - 8
Magenta - 5
Green - 2

Correct entry of the password will deactivate the alarm and you can continue
into the control room. Take the disc from the top of the computer monitor in
front of you and open its disc drive. Insert the first disc and read what's on
it and then do the same with the second one. Before you leave, use the blue
security card on the override panel next to the door so that you won't have to
worry about the gallery floor reactivating when you re-enter it.

Once you're back in the gallery, head back to the elevator and ride it up. Tex
will head back to his office, only to find Sylvia waiting for him. She tells
him the good news, but she becomes angry when she realizes that Tex wants to
see this mission to the end rather than quitting while he's ahead. Tex will
take off for Alcatraz after Sylvia storms off, only to be zapped by a security
droid and locked up in a cell when he arrives.

Move the left cot out of the way and look for some movable bricks on the wall
and once you find them, examine them closely to get the next puzzle. You want
to make a hole big enough for Tex to squeeze through without causing a cave-in.
The square in the middle is the hole Tex will be able to move through once you
complete the puzzle. To start, remove the first five bricks from the left side.
Remove the three bricks in the middle until you get to a point where you can't
remove anymore without causing a cave-in. Take the long brick from the bottom
and rotate it until it props up the bricks near the top on the left side. From
there, you can take the rest of the bricks and use them to fill in the rest of
the hole around the square. Rotate them as needed until the puzzle is complete.
If you want to see a better solution, visit this link:


There's a graphic that goes along with it so you can see just what is supposed
to happen.

Once you're through to the other cell, take the brick off of the floor and then
take the chain off of the right side of the cot. Go over to the cell door and
do you see the shelf off to the left? Throw the brick at it to knock it down
and use the chain to drag the tarp over. Take the laser torch and electrical
tape and use the torch to free yourself from the cell.

While you're in the cellblocks, you'll have to be very stealthy to keep from
being caught by the security droids. You should also save your game whenever
you've accomplished anything that seems important enough to you. When you
arrive in cellblock A, immediately go to your left and into the open cell. Look
at the left wall of the cell to find a roll of barbed wire. Take it and unroll
it, and then wait for the droid to pass by your cell. When it passes from the
right to left, wait a minute and then emerge from the cell to follow it from a

After you follow it around the corner, go to the door on the right side and on
the floor you should see a key. Use the wire to retrieve it and use the key to
unlock the door. Go through the double doors to enter cellblock C. As soon as
you enter, turn to your right and go all the way down to the corner. If you
turn around and watch, you'll see a guard droid sweep by and if you had stood
around any longer, you would have been caught. Wait for the droid to head back
down the cellblock and follow it from a distance. Your goal is to reach the
cell on the left side that has a key hanging on the wall, and it's about half
way down the block. If you don't think you'll make it there without being
caught, just duck into an open cell and wait for the droid to pass by before
continuing on to the cell.

Once you make it to the cell, take the key off the wall and wait for the droid
to pass again. If it has already passed your cell, it should be okay to follow
him down, but be careful. Return to the cellblock entrance and turn to your
left to see a gray door. Go over to it and use the key to unlock the door to
cellblock D.

You're safe from the droids in this cellblock. Open the panel to the left of
the door and move the right handle all the way down to 10. This will open one
of the cells. Go down to cell #7 to see that it's full of explosives. Open the
small explosives crate and take the timer/detonator that's inside. Leave here
and go down the flight of stairs you passed and head through the door to enter
the dungeon.

Turn to your right and open the door. Pick up the black garbage bag and open it
to find a dirty air filter. Continue down the hallway and proceed down the
first hall that branches out to the right. Open the ominous door to find a
broken droid. Take the small air filter removal tool and then go back down the
hall. Turn to your right and you'll see several air filtration systems. Look at
the nearest air filtration unit and you'll see a sequence in which a
maintenance droid replaces one of the air filters. After it leaves, hug the
right wall and crouch down as you approach the crates because there's a
security guard nearby. Move the crates out of the way and head around the corner.

On the far wall, you'll find a screwdriver on top of one the crates, so stand
up just far enough to see it and take the screwdriver with you and then travel
back to cellblock C. Continue to hide from the droid and make your way to the
other side of the block. As long as you stay up along the wall, you'll be safe
from the droid. Use the screwdriver to remove the canister hanging above you
and then make your way back to cellblock D. From there, travel to the dungeon
and save your game.

Go over to one of the air filtration units and combine the electrical tape with
the timer/detonator. Put those together with the gas canister and then with the
dirty air filter to create a gas bomb. Use the filter removal tool to open the
unit and use the bomb on the air filter. Watch as the maintenance droid shows
up and removes the rigged filter and then takes it back into the security
office, where it explodes and knocks out the guard.

Enter the office and take the brush off of the desk. Check it out to get some
of Gideon's hair and then use the guard's passcard on the reader on the wall to
unlock the door. Use Gideon's hair on the DNA scanning station and watch the
sequence. You'll now have to deactivate Overlord by inserting all eight STG
passcards and entering in the passwords for each one. Start with card A and
finish with card H. You'll have to rotate them so that they'll fit into the
slot. Here are the passwords you need to enter as you insert each card:

A - Queen
B - Draw
C - Castle
D - Gambit
E - Bishop
F - Resign
G - Checkmate
H - Knight

Watch the next sequence and you'll be pitted against J. Saint Gideon in a chess
match. You have to make the following moves to put Gideon's king in checkmate,
and all it takes is a simple click of the green select button to do it.

#1 - RD1
#2 - RXE7
#3 - QXD7
#4 - BF5
#5 - BD7
#6 - BXE7

You'll put Gideon in checkmate and Overlord will be deactivated. Sadly
defeated, Gideon congratulates Tex on a job well done and gives him a cigar to
smoke and a shot of liquor to drink. After Tex leaves, Gideon commits suicide
and Tex will go back home to be with Sylvia. As they enjoy their success,
Sylvia presents Tex with his trademark fedora and trench coat and the story
will come to a close. After Tex and Chelsee leave the restaurant, Tex realizes
that his speeder has been stolen. A stranger pulls in and offers to give the
lovers a lift and while Tex has a bad feeling about it, Chelsee badgers him
into accepting the offer. As they're flying, Tex's intuition becomes reality as
the mysterious stranger shoots both Chelsee and Tex with a tranquilizer,
knocking them both out and closing the game with a cliffhanger ending.

Four years ago, I released my first version of this walkthrough. At different
moments during the guide, I tried to persuade readers to go after Microsoft and
get them to release more Tex Murphy games so that the cliffhanger ending of
this game could be resolved. Since that time, Microsoft sold Access Software to
Take-Two Software where it was renamed Indie Built and it ended up being closed
in the spring of 2006 without Take-Two publicly stating any reasons. It's sad
to think that such a fun adventure game series could suddenly be killed off
like that especially when it was made by a company that set several firsts for
the computer gaming industry. If you want to see more Tex Murphy games, write
to Take-Two Software as often as possible and get them to bring back Tex
Murphy, even if it means getting one more game to tie up the loose ends. I
mean, King's Quest fans got Vivendi to allow Phoenix Online Studios to continue
developing its King's Quest game, The Silver Lining after a massive letter
writing campaign, so why can't Tex fans do the same to get Take-Two to bring
back Tex Murphy?


P. Hart – his guide was used to create the one you see before you.

Indie Built (formerly Access Software) – Even though they’re now defunct,
they’re responsible for creating one of the best adventure/mystery series I’ve
ever played.

The Unofficial Tex Murphy Website – For providing me with my daily dose of Tex
Murphy until Take-Two or someone creates a sequel to Overseer.

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