Tex's Office.
Getting Started in Tex's office.
. Get all the mail by the door. (sales flyer, Gift Certificate, application.)
. Get gun.
. Examine at Phono Graph.
. Play Phono Graph.
. Examine Ex-wife's photo on desk.
. Getting the credit card application for the Electronics shop from Tex's 
. Examine the application.
. Open the desk drawer.
. Get the stamp.
. Open the desk drawer.
. Get the ink pen.
. Combin the pen and the application to create a signed application.
. Combin the stamp and the signed application to create a ready to mail 
. Examine at the fax Machine on top of the Cabinet.
. Examine at the Crime link Computer on the table behind Tex's desk.
. Examine mailbox.
. Go down to the street and find a mailbox.
. Examine Rusty's place.

Find Some Work.
. Go to the Pawnshop and talk to Rook.
. Get the glass shard, from the alley behind the pawnshop.
. Examine shard, Red Hair. (clue)
. Examine foot print, about size 14.  (clue)
. Get Basketball and play with it.
. Pull down staircase.
. Climb staircase and open door.
. Examine dumpster.
. Open the dumpster and look inside.
. Examine radio
. Get Radio.
. Examine radio again getting batterys.
. Examine batterys.
. Open fence and go through to street.
. Get the newspaper in front of the door at the Brew & Stew.
. Examine the Newspaper and read all articles.
 . Go the newstand and talk to Chelsee. B-A-B-A
  Green eyes, and tattoo of anchor on arm.  (clue)       
. Go to police station and talk to Mac Malden. A-A-C
   White, AB- (clues)
. Getting Mac to talk about the Martian case will get you halfway there.



. Go to alley and talk to bum unitl he tells you about his addiction.

. Go to Brew & Stew and talk to Louie. B-C-A ask about all.

. Go to alley.
. Talk to man. C
. Give pie to bum, ask about all.
  Norm, 6'3" or 4" 300 lb. (clues)
. Find key in alley under trash can outside pawnshop.
. Find key under Mate at Rusty's.
. Examine locked door to storeroom.
. Examine noosel in clowns head on wall.
. Find key on Pole in Rusty's.
. Get stacking ring off wall.
. Play TV and find out about inspector Burns.
. Unlock door to back room.
. Open tank and look inside.
. Get balloon from the sink.
. Use balloon on valve in big face in main room to inflate balloon.
. Get plastic dart, crossbow, mask, clown doll.
. Go to your office and use comlink.
  [caucasian] - [male] - [6-0 - 6-4] - [281-320 lbs.]
  [mutant-no] - [red] -  [two] - [green] - [AB-]
   [14] - [anchor]

 Locate Beek Nariz.

. Go to Newstand and talk to Chelsee.

. Go to Coit Tower.
. Talk to Beek. B-B-A-B
. Offer Beek the Surgery gift Certificate.
. Ask about all.

Locate Mick Flemm.

. Go to the Warehouse.
. Examine locked box on wall.
. Open Crate get clothes.
. Go up stairs and get key.
. Use the key from warehouse on power box.
. Pull lever and stop crain above upper lever.
. Put batteries in clown doll.
. Hang clown doll on crain hook.
. Hide near switch box, 
. Pull switch box when Flemm comes in.
. Use Flemm's keys to open storage box.
. Examine box in a box.
. Use key from alley to open strongbox.
. Examine box getting Jade.
. Travel to Tex's office. (starting a new day)


. Get mail, and open mail getting credit card.
. Examine credit card.
. Go to Electronics shop and open door with card.
. Talk to man. B-B    
. Use card on blue light special.
. Get fax machine.
. Travel to Tex's office.
. Get fax #1. 
. Examine the fax.
. Travel to Countess' Mansion.

. Go to Newstand and talk to Chelsee. A-A - statuette - Franco Franco.

. Go to Police station, and talk to Mac Malden.
   C- ask about Franco Franco.

. Go to Pawnshop and talk to Rook.
. Ask about Franco and Jade.

. Go to alley open trash can with sign on it.
. Get paper, and examine paper.

. Travel to Alhombra Theater.
. Talk to man in theater. B-B
. Give Jade to Franco.
. Ask Franco about the Mysterious artifact. -B

. Go to Tex's office.
. Get fax #2.
. Examine fax.

. Go to Police and talk to Mac Malden.
. Ask about Eddie Ching, Knickerbocker.

. Go to Knickerbocker.

. Go to Electronic store.
. Talk to Hamm Underwood. C-C-B-A.
. Use credit card on Blue light special.
. Get laser glass cutter.


. Go to knickerbocker.
. In Eddies library get book 'through the looking glass.'
    (on top of bookshelf.)
. Examine book, opening and get key.
. Open closet.
. Examine trap.
. Examine fish food.
. Take trap.
. Take fish food.
. Open fish tank.
. Use throw ring in tank.
. Use fish fook on tank.
. Go to Ching's Hallway and turn off the lasernet.
. Use dart and dart gun on powerbox.
. Throw water filled ring at lever.
. Examine Geigger.
. Examine and Take Geigger chow.
. Examine fax and Take fax on floor.
. Combine Geigger chow with trap.
. Use trap on Geigger.
. Go to Chings study and move mirror.
. Move painting, and look at safe.
. Get the Birthday fax on floor in front of table.
. Use key in lock on wall between safe and mirror.
. Get noose with trap.

. Go to secret room.
. Look at statue.
. Move box.
. Move picture.
. Get bandana from statue.
. Use bandand on dirty pull lever sign.
. Use card in slot.
. Use trap noose on statue.
. Go back to your office.


Finding Out who jumped you and Stole the Statue.
. Talk to people in the neighborhood. to see who knows about the mugging.
   (Franny in the pizza parlor knows)
. Talk to Franny, get note. A-B-A
. Examine note.

. Go to Brew & Stew.
. Ask about Sal.
. Open trash can outside Brew & Stew.
. Get torn note.
. Put the Note together it reads:
. Combine note with secret code.
. Find missing letters.

We have confirmed
your appointment
with Chastity at 
the suite in the 
Golden Gate Hotel
at the usual time.
the Password today
is silicon.


. Go to the Golden Gate Hotel lobby.
. Talk to Ardo. B-B-C-C ask about all.
. Re-enter hotel, 2nd time.
. Combine Mask with Firesuit.
. Enter Hotel 3rd time B-B-B.
. Enter Password  S I L I C O N

. Go to hot tub room and look in vase, see cork.

. Go to bedroom and open closet doors.
. Examine Champahne glass.
. Get Champagne glass.
. Open and Examine all drawers and cabinets.
. Examine magazine.
. Examine locked drawer.
. Get foil on table.

. Go to hot tub room. 
. Use glass on hot tub, filling vase getting cork.
. Move towel and look down the drain, seeing film and screwdriver.
. Examine cork and get wire.

. Go to bedroom and use wire to pick the lock on the locked drawer.
. Open drawer and get shoelace.
. Move picture and Examine twisty board game.

. Go to Piano room.
. Examine piano, sheet music, and bench.
. Play piano.
. Get the deodorizer magnet.
. Combin the shoelace and the magnet getting a string magnet.

. Move picture to the right of the bedroom door.
. Examine name list of girls.
. Go to hot tub room.
. Use string magnet on screwdriver.
. Use screwdriver on drain cover.
. Get film from drain.

. Go to Electronic shop.
. Use credit card to by blue light special. (developing kit)
. Combin film with developing kit.
. Take pictures to Franny at pizza parlor. -C - mugging, - Pug.

. Go to Coit Towers.
. Talk to Beek. -C - Pug
. Talk to Pug.  C-B-C-C-B-B-B-B-B   
. Go to Colonel's office.
. Talk to Orintal girl.  A-C-B-A-A


. Go to the Countess' Mansion.
. Look at Eagle.
. Use foil on eagle.
. Get cigarette case, and examine case.
. Get the note pieces from trash can.
   and put them together. (Not usefull)

. Get the watch, from fireplace mantel.
. Examine watch.
. Move newspaper, and examine ashtray.
. the first lines of the note read:
   ...circumstances...progressing smoothly...
   delighted to hear that Murphy was able to
   provide the final pieces of our puzzle.


          circumstances ---
   s are progressing smoothly
   delighted to hear that Murphy was able
   the final piece of our puzzle. He probably doesn't
   we repaid him by not killing him immediately
   he gets too nosy, don't be afraid to deal with 
   meantime, go to the basionof Sancity and

. Go back to the colonels office.
. lift picture and look at picture.
. Open desk drawers.
. Get and Examine Greeting Card.
. Get and Examine Envelope.
. Move vase right side at bottom shelf.
. Get computer disk.
. Turn on computer, Use disk on computer.

. Go to girl friends house, Melahn Tode's Apt.
  B-B-B-B-A ask about the colonel, chameleon, key.

. Go back to Colonels office, use key on file cabnet.
. open and take files.
. Examine files.
. Move Magazines on floor in front of door.
. Get receipt.
. Examine receipt.

. Go to Melahn's apt.
. Ask about the receipt.  B

. Go to Colonels office.
. Move picture on left side of file cabinet.
. Examine numbers, open safe.
. Click left knob 5 times, niddle 7 times, right 1 time. 
. Get book.
. Combin coded book with file.

. Go to Roadside Motel.

. Go to G.R.S.

. Go to the R & D office and get access to Paul Dubois computer.
. avoid the Security eye: get between the desk and wall and get down low.
. Examine and Get wrench from floor.
. Get pennet flag on wall.
. Examine pennet getting computer card.
. Examine and get small TV.

. Goto HA office, Use wrench on vent on door.
. Use Geigger on open vent, opening door.
. Examine note on desk.
. Get CD on desk.
. Open drawers, getting CD and Passcard, Examine them.

. Go to confrence room, open desk drawr and get cd-player.
. Combine TV and CD-player and Company CD.
. Examine magazine.

. Go to Tuckers office.
. Examine door control panel.
. Use passcard to open door.
. Examine safe control panel.
. Examine safe door.
. Use panel, use cd-player for voice on safe.
. quickly on 30 seconds go in safe.
. Examine statue, take statue.
. Examine tape, Take tape.
. Examine trash can Take shreaded note.
. Go out and hide behind plants in corner.
. When robot enters safe, quickly close safe.
. Open drawers.
. Read tape numbers: 142235
. Get match.
. Fix shredded Note.

. Go to Supervisor's office and find out about Eva Schanzee. 
    (one door to left.)
. avoid security eye: hide behind the partition wall in the back corner.
. open safe.
. Turn on Eva's computer.
. Find Eva's computer card , under her desk to the inside right side.
. Use card on computer and watch computer...
. Use mini disk on computer.
. Examine safe.
. Open safe.  142235
. Get vial.
. Examine vial.

. Go to R&D office.
. Examine Paul Dubeis desk.
. Examine Paul Dubeis computer.
. Turn on computer and use computer card.

. Examine all doors.

. Go to Conference room.
. avoid security eye: hide behind desk and get low.
. Look at screen.
. Open cabinet door.
. Examine panel on table.
. Use panel on table.
. Get key on ledge of wall left hand side of room.
. Unlock cabinet doors.
. Open doors.
. Turn on vcr.
. Use tape in vcr.

. Examine statue, braking it, getting chip.
. Combine chip with watch.
. Examine watch again.

. Go to your office.


. Go to Bastion on Sanctity.
. Look at the chameleon.

. Go in small hallway.
. Get small clamp.
. Get strap.
. Look at gargoyle head on wall, look at gem.
. Get gem.
. Combine clamp with strap, creating a slingshot.
. Combine gem with sling shot, creating a loaded slingshot.
. Use sling shot on vase, braking the vase.

. Go to main room in Bastion.
. Combine cigarette with vial.
. Combine leathal cigarette with match.
. Put leathal cigarette on table.
. Watch computer show.
. Look at Alaynah.
. Move shield.
. respond   A - B - B - B
. watch computer show.

. Go to Broken Skull.
. Order a manly drink. B - B - B - A
. Offer her a $100 bill.
. responde:   A or B
. When she asks for the token:
  respond   B

. Go to the Roadside Motel.
. Talk to Alaynah.
. Ask about token and silver dollar.

. Go to Pawnshop.
. Talk to Rook, ask about silver dollar.

. Go to Broken Skull.
. Talk to Girl. A
. Show her silver dollar.
. Talk to Ferrel Plus.   A
. Play the game with him.
. Drinks on the house.  A - (B or A) - (A or B or C)


DAY 6.

. Look at the pile of leaves.
. Turn around and look at the door.
. Look at the smoke alarm.
. Open wall panel or right door.
. Get lighter fluid.
. Get the smooth stone.
. Get the flint.
. Get the rake.
. Rake pile of leaves.
. Put lighter fluid on pile of leave.
. Combine stone with flint, creating a spark.
. Put spark on pile of leaves.

. In the hallway.
. Go to Residential Deck.  R L R R L
. Get pipe.
. Examine stasis room door.
. Examine Emergency Room door.
. Go to Stasis Room.  R S R
. Open door and go in.

. Turn on.
. Move left slider: 60
. Move right slider: 12
. Push button: EPINEPHRINE
. Push button: ELCTRICAL SHOCK
. Move Left slide: 90
. Push button: EPINEPHRINE
. Move right slider: 14
. Move left slider: 98.6
. Move right slider: 16
. Push button: EPINEPHRINE

. Go to Observatory: L R L R S R L
. Examine instruction paper.
. Walk left.
. Use key on Wall Panel, Opening wall panel.
. Move Links 986 BOH
. Get the mini Computer.
. Get Cocktail gass.
. Examine Glass, getting straw.
. walk to right side of room.
. Move plant exposing floor panel.
. Examine floor panel.
. Use pipe on floor panel.
. Get computer cable.
. Near exit door, look at small hole in wall.
. Use straw on the Recessed Button in hole.
. Combine mini Computer with Winter Chip, creating computer virus linkup.
. Computer computer virus linkup with computer cable.
. Use Computer Virus linkup on the moon child Computer.
. watch show.

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