From the word processor of Mike Varela, here is the completeion 
cheater needed for ZORK: NEMESIS.  This contains logic bits to the 
game that I found irritatingly missing in the cheater this server 
hasfiled on the game.  So, here goes...

Zork: Nemesis Addendum
Since the ZN cheater thatıs available on this server is accurate up to 
a point, this addendum fills in the blanks, and will assist the gamer 
by having the goal of the game firmly in mind before play is 
initiated.  Iıll present the needed fillers in the natural order of 
the gameıs storyboard, plus the cheater for the last part, Phase 3, of 
the game.

Game Story
YOU have to resurrect and free the four EVIL elements before you can 
resurrect and free the genuine good guy and his wife -- who will, in 
turn, aide YOU, the Nemesis, in rekilling the four evil elements with 
the infinity ring.  (Donıt worry, youıll know what  ³infinity ring²  
means when you get to the end [Phase 3] of the game). 

Mouse Clicking Pointers
Left click the mouse to activate or pick up objects.  Right click the 
mouse to scroll through your inventory.  Then when you get to an icon 
(e.g., the normal mouse arrow that you will want back on the screen 
when moving through rooms), or inventory object within your inventory 
that you want to use, left click the mouse to use it or apply it onto 
some object thatıs relevant to the scene in the game.

Phase 1...
You must LOCATE the ROOM(S) of these four elements within the Tibetan 
monastery by following the map illustrated in your small ZN booklet.  
That booklet is the ZN insert pamphlet that came inside the gameıs CD 
case.  Refer to that map whenever you need to locate the room(s) where 
you have to find a particular elementıs lair.  It's in each lair that 
you need to enter to work the puzzles that will resurrect each 
element. The weird symbols on the map, signifying where each lair is 
located for each element -- including what planet they belong to, are 
located in books found in both the monasteryıs library and lab.  (Use 
lots of note paper and pencil to record all this data contained in the 
books, as ZN is not as beautifully advanced as SHIVERS, wherein you 
have some capability of recording what you observe in a searchable 
hardrive file.)

Phase 2...
You must travel to four planets and work the puzles on each planet to 
free a device from each planet.  You then carry each device/talisman 
from the planet where you found it back to earth and lay it on the 
magic four-element table to free each element.  That's why you have to 
teleport yourself to each planet.

Phase 3...
Yes! The unmentionable part of the game: the endplay!  At this point, 
make sure you SAVE the game after refusing to drink the poison offered 
by the evil four-elements (YOU refuse the drink by merely waiting it 
out until the chalice disintegrates!!!).  NOW ... GO DIRECTLY to the 
monasteryıs pavilion where the water fountains are.  DO NOT go on any 
tours of the place, examining any rooms, etc., as the evil 
four-flushing-elements will get ya if you do!  Now, at the two 
waterfall fountains in the middle of the pavilion, click on the horns 
of each water fountain so you can see that theyıre merely ON/OFF 
switches to the water flow.  However, ONE OF THE fountains, when 
turned off, has a BUTTON hidden behind its waterfall!  Click on it, as 
this is your way into a secret tomb, wherein lies the good guyıs dead 
wife.  Your goal here is to resurrect the dead babe.

In the tomb of the known babe, go directly to her sarcophagus and take 
the silver ring off the corpse).  You should now have both the gold 
and silver wedding rings.  Now ... try to LOOK UP from that position.  
If you canıt, you need to CIRCLE AROUND the sarcophagus, and try 
LOOKING UP on each side.  What youıre looking for up there, in the 
canopy of the sarcophagus, is a sceptre that youıll need to pick up 
for your inventory so you can smash a glass globe a little bit later 
on.  If you find that you can't LOOK UP at this stage of the game, 
then you will need to activate two of the three statues, then return 
to repeat the circling and looking up routine around the sarcophagus 
for the sceptre.

The 3-Statue Affair...
Now, take the silver and gold wedding rings and place them within the 
infinity mold thatıs beneath the lizard(?) statue.  Activate the 
statueıs flame by clicking on its head or its diamond-tipped sceptre, 
and it will melt the rings into an infinity symbol. This is the  
³infinity ring² previously alluded to.  Remove the mold with hot 
infinity ring and place it beneath the elephant statue.  Do the same 
sort of activation clicking, making the elephant statue hose the hot 
metal mold with cool water.  Remove the infinity ring from the mold at 
this point and place it beneath the glass globe that the last statue 
is holding.  SMASH THE GLOBE WITH YOUR SCEPTRE.  Then after the movie 
seque, youıll find yourself on a high walkway above the four-elementsı 
sarcophagus pavilion within the temple.  Click the infinity ring on 
the unholy four elements, who are still busy plotting evil below, and 
destroy them.  Watch next movie seque that finishes game.  Relax now, 
youıre the good nemesis that this unhappy couple was looking for!  
Youıve saved their bacon!  Hooray!

Mike Varela
June 1996

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