This is the correct addendum to Zork Nemesis.
     Note:  This is not the complete solution to Zork Nemesis.  It 
simply follows up where the solution to the main body of the game by 
Steven C. Den Beste leaves off.
     Also, there are no blunt hints in this spoiler, the complete 
solution is here.  Do not view if you wish to figure it out yourself.
     Zork Nemesis begins at the temple of Agrippa in Zork.  If you have 
gathered all the elements and metals from the conservatory, monastery, 
asylum, and the castle either on your own, or with the aid of the 
spoiler, you will have saved the lives of the keepers of the elements.  
Once you have gathered their metals, and placed them in the philosophers 
stone in the temple, the four element people come back to life and offer 
you an elixer of life.  Drink it if you wish to die, or if you wish to 
finish the game, refrain from drinking from the chalice until it 
explodes.  You will be spoken to by the nemesis and it is revealed that 
the four people you just saved are evil.  THe nemesis will throw you a 
ring, and you will be transported to the temple's courtyard.  Click on 
the ring in front of you to view a the origin of the nemesis, and then 
enter the main courtyard to the right where the two fountains run.  
There are two ivory tusks on each of the fountains. One stops the flow 
of water, and the other starts it.  Stop the water flow of the 
fountains. One of the fountains will have a button hidden behind the 
water when you stop it.  If it isn't there, try the other fountain. Zoom 
into the button, and use the ring, which will now be in your inventory 
on the button to enter the tomb.  Go through the eye-shaped entrance to 
the atrium which holds Alexandria's sarcophagus.  there are statues 
around the outside of the atrium.  You must look at the sarcophagus, but 
you can only approach it from one side so stand in front of the statue 
which is holding an sphere of water and turn around.  Look at the 
sarcophagus, and Alexandria will appear.  After she is gone there will 
be a silver ring on the sarcophagus.  Use the golden ring on it and you 
will have them together in your inventory.  Now go to the statue of the 
big dragon. Place the rings in the bowl in front of it and click on the 
triangle on top of the stake right next to the dragon to melt them down.  
Pick up the bowl of molten metal and go to the elephant statue.  Place 
the bowl on the pedastal in front of the elephant and click on it's 
triangle to cool it down.  Pick up the lump of metal.  From here turn 
around and click on the canopy above Alexandrias sarcophagus.  A 
vibration will dislodge a sceptre.  Pick it up.  Go to the snake statue 
and put the lump of metal on the mold in front of it.  Click on the 
triangle and it will squish it into the shape of the infinity ring. (two 
circles).  Take the grey infinity ring and go to the final statue which 
holds the orb of water.  Place the ring on the pedastal and put the 
sceptre in the hand of the statue.  It will smash the orb and make the 
ring shiny and gold.  Pick up the ring and you will be transported to a 
walkway above the philosopher's stone.  turn to the left and look over 
the edge.  Before the evil elements can complete the ritual, click the 
infinity ring on the sheet covered corpse they are chanting over.  They 
will be defeated, and a video sequence will conclude the game.

     do whatever you want with this document, I couldn't care less.
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