Little Big Adventure

A complete solution   -   By Simon Burrows

Introduction & Basic Hints

After lots  of pleads  from readers  of Cheet  Sheets, here's the
full solution  to this  big (and  little) adventure from Adeline.
The solution  is split into several parts.  Each part begins when
you travel to a NEW island, so their content will not necessarily
be about  only the  island in  its title  if you travel back to a
previously-visited island again.

Before this,  however, here's  a trio of basic tips to cover some
of the more important aspects of the game :-

  Once  you  have collected  goodies from  a  location  (Kashes,
   health and  magic bottles  etc.)   this isn't  the end  of its
   potential for  boosting your stats!  If you leave the location
   so the  screen fades,  then return,  you can  then search  the
   location again  and recollect  all the  goodies! By  repeating
   this over  and over again you can boost your totals of health,
   magic power  and money to enormous heights so long as you have
   the patience to repeat the tiresome task of searching!  A good
   example of  where this  is possible is your own little home on
   Citadel island  where you  can search  over and  over again in
   safety to get loads of everything!

  Whenever  you  get caught  in this game you will get thrown in
   the local  jail.  In most games this may be time to restart or
   restore.   Not so  in Little Big Adventure, though, because it
   is easy  to escape  the jail  and recover  all your items in a
   matter of  only a  couple of  minutes.   If you  get caught on
   Citadel Island,  all you  need to do is kill the guard when he
   descends on  the lift,  then use  the same lift to escape your
   cell.   If it's  on Principal  Island you  kill the guard then
   jump out of the window. Finally, if it's on Proxima Island you
   walk into the corner of the cell and press [SPACE] to turn the
   floor into  a lift.   In each of these three cases, the guards
   will leave  your possessions  in a cupboard, so you can easily
   retrieve them as you leave.

  When  you  save your  game  in  LBA  it    doesn't  save  your
   character's position  at where he is standing, but back at the
   start of  your present location.  This can be very tiresome if
   you are in a very difficult location such as the tunnels under
   White Leaf  Desert, and  you want to save half way through the
   location because you have just completed a difficult manoeuvre
   that you  may not  be able  to do  again.  Even if you do save
   your game  past this  difficult manoeuvre, when you reload the
   saved-game you  will be  back before  it again at the start of
   the location.  Just thought you might want to know!!!!

Now on to the solution...

The Solution

Part One  -  Citadel Island

At the  start of  the game  you find yourself stuck in a maximum-
security prison  on Citadel island.  The prison is the possession
of Dr  Funfrock, but  fortunately for  you, the  maximum security
aspect of it is not quite up to present-day standards.

To escape  your cell, first press [F3] to enter 'Aggressive Mode'
then kill  the guard  with two  or three punches when he descends
the lift  towards you.  The guard should leave behind a coin when
you kill  him and  you can  collect this if you like.  Once he is
dead, walk  over to  the lift  and ascend on that to the platform

As soon  as you  reach the top you must kill the guard nearest to
the alarm  before he  gets the chance to sound it.  If you aren't
quick enough  then a  band of  Supergros will reply to the alarm-
call and fire homing stun-bombs at you!!

If you  do kill  the guard in time, attack and kill the remaining
nurse, then  collect the  key  that  he  leaves  behind  when  he
collapses.   Once you've  done that,  the killing is over for the
time being,  so you  can hit  the appropriate  key to get back to
'Normal Mode' again.

Now descend  the steps  and go  through the door.  As soon as you
get through  the door,  select 'Discreet  Mode', then slink round
the corner  ensuring that  you avoid  the  guard  patrolling  the
courtyard.   As quickly  as you can, venture into the room on the
right and  head behind  the dressing  screen to  put on the guard

When you  are dressed  up for  the occasion,  search through each
locker in  the room  for Kashes and health until you find your ID
Card and  Holomap.   When both  of those  are in your possession,
walk into the courtyard again and kill the wandering guard.

Now hurry  north again,  this time into the second room, and kill
the resident nurse.  When he is dead, investigate every locker as
before in  the search  for health and Kashes.  When that task has
been completed,  depart from  the room  once again  and this time
head up the stairs to the prison control room.

Similar to  the earlier situation, you must kill the guard before
he has  the chance to raise the alarm.  To do this, quickly sneak
up behind  him and slay him before he knows what's happening. Now
kill the  nurse that  resides here  as well,  and collect the key
which he leaves behind.  You can now leave this building to enter
the prison grounds.

To get  out of  the grounds you will need to enlist the help of a
roaming dust-truck.   By using 'Discreet Mode' you can sneak past
the sentry  post, then by pressing [SPACE] whilst standing on the
rubbish pile   (still in 'Discreet Mode')  you will get picked up
by the truck and carried out of the grounds.

Once you  have been  discarded at  Citadel Island's  rubbish tip,
walk over  to the  nearby building,  enter it  and  talk  to  the
Rabbibunny.  When the conversation ends, search the chest to gain
possession of  more health  and Kashes,  then leave southwards in
the direction of the main part of the town.

It's now  time to have a look around the island.  On your travels
make sure  you steer  clear of  any military positions unless you
want to  make a quick exit from the game!!  When you are bored of
searching around, go south twice and locate your house.

When you  find your  house you  will see  Zoe,  your  girlfriend,
outside.   After you've  given her hugs and kisses etc.  you will
both enter the house itself.

If only  life could be simple!!  Unfortunately, it's anything but
that!!   Instead of  having a nice meeting in the comfort of your
own home  you will  find out  that Dr  Funfrock has been watching
your every  step since  you escaped  the prison.  Just as you are
getting comfortable,  two  Groboclones  will  appear.  They  will
arrest Zoe and knock you with a homing stun-bomb.  The next thing
you know you are back in the prison cell, and there's nothing you
can do about it!...

Since you've  done this all before there's no point explaining it
again.   All you  need to do is escape your prison cell using the
same method as before.  Carry on doing exactly the same things as
before until  you get  to the first locker room, then go straight
to the  locker where  you found  your Holomap earlier and collect
all your possessions from it.

Once this  has been done, escape the prison buildings in the same
way as  before, then  use the dust-truck once again as an escape-
route to the outside world.  When you've jumped out of the truck,
go north  (at least, I think it's north)  and onto the hill over-
looking the town.

From here  you should  be able to see a grating that leads to the
sewers   (well, where else would a grating lead?).  Similar to in
Space Quest  IV, you  must enter  this grating  and get  into the
sewers.   This is  accomplished by  standing on  the  grating  in
'Normal Mode' and pressing [SPACE].

Once in the sewer, collect the empty Clover-Leaf Box to allow you
to gain extra lives, then take all the  mushrooms too in order to
restore your health.  When  you are  feeling  a little healthier,
return to ground level and take another gander around the city...

In the  city make  sure you steer clear of all sentries as before
because they'll  be very  suspicious of your nurse's uniform.  As
you walk around, search every locker, cupboard, flower pot, dust-
bin and chest that you see in order to gain extra health and more
Kashes.   You WILL  need loads  of money  later on in the game so
make sure you make a good search round for all that you can find.

As well  as searching  for money and health on your travels, make
sure you  talk to  everybody  that  you  see    (except  for  the
soldiers, that  is).   Since your  prime aim  at the moment is to
find Zoe,  the first thing you will ask people is where she might
be.   Generally, you  will be  pointed towards the tavern so that
should be your destination when you are sick of searching!!

The tavern  is at the right-hand side of the city near the ocean.
The screen  it is  in is  guarded by  a strange  yellow and green
robot looking  mightily like  a floor-polisher  with  binoculars!
This beast  is Dr Funfrock's latest surveillance toy, and it will
shoot at anything that moves!  You must stand still if you are to
live and survive to tell the tale!

When you arrive at the tavern, go inside and head upstairs to the
Grobo sitting  at the  table.   He will  offer you information in
return for a drink, so speak to the strapping Rabbibunny to order
a shandy  for him.  When he's got the drink he will tell you that
he saw Zoe being transported to the port.

Now you've  got this information it's time to change and get your
weapon before  going off on the hunt for your dearly beloved.  To
do this head back to your house.

Upon arrival  at your  abode you  will see that the door has been
bricked-up and there's no sign of life.  To learn of an entrance-
route into  your house,  talk to  the Rabbibunny  who lives next-
door.   He'll tell  you that  his son fixed your chimney recently
but he  never properly  sealed it  up  -  maybe you can go in via
the chimney?!

When you've  finished talking with your next-door neighbour, head
back to  your house  and activate  'Athletic Mode'  for the first
time.   Now jump  onto the grass patch behind your house and make
your way up to the chimney-top.

From the  top of your chimney, drop down on top of your fireplace
and begin  searching everything  you see  for health  and Kashes.
When you reach the room with an artist's easel, open the cupboard
and collect  the magic  tunic and ball of power from it's depths.
When you  have both  of these,  search the  whole house again and
start collecting  the magic blue bottles to power up your magical
energy bar.

When the whole house has been thoroughly searched, go back up the
chimney and  carefully lower yourself down to ground level again.
During your  search through  the house  you  may  find  a  secret
passage  -  don't worry about this yet!

When you get back outside you will see that Dr Funfrock, mean and
nasty that  he is, has dispatched a Rabbit Robot, a Grobo and two
guards at  the front of your house to keep watch.  You don't have
the energy  or fighting  ability to  kill all  these, so kill the
Rabbit Robot  with two  or three shots from your magic ball, then
escape quickly northwards towards the port.

There is  just one thing left that you need to collect before you
leave on a ship to chase after Zoe and that is a bottle of syrup.
To get  this you  need to  enter one of the only buildings in the
city which  is open  - the  pharmacy.    Unfortunately  for  you,
however, the  owner of  this shop is a complete grass and as soon
as he sees you he will raise the alarm.

It's not  all bad  news, however, because it's easily possible to
dodge the  Clone that  answers the alarm call.  To do this, first
enter the  shop and  quickly run  round the  till  and  kill  the
chemist with  either a  few punches  or with  your ball.  He will
have set-off  the alarm  before he dies, but if you exit the shop
even faster  than you  entered it,  you will  miss the Clone, and
when you  re-enter it,  the clone  will be  gone and  the chemist
still dead!!

Once back  in the  pharmacy, this time in safety, take the bottle
of syrup  then raid  the till to get extra Kashes.  When you have
completed these  two tasks, head to the port which is in the same
screen as  the grating  you went  through to  get to  the  sewers

At the  port you will find that if you try and buy a ferry ticket
legally, the  man at  the ticket-office  will recognise  you  and
sound the  alarm.  Instead, you must knock-out the guard and then
the Grobo  that guards  the gate.   When  both of these are down,
collect the key that the Grobo leaves behind and use this to open
the gate.

Once inside the port you should talk to the elephant by the dock.
He will  show you  the crates  and tell you that he'll give you a
ferry-ticket if  you can  move them  around into the right order.
This is  a very  simple block  puzzle which  shouldn't cause  any

When you  have completed  the puzzle,  take the  ferry ticket  as
promised, then  walk towards  the chap  in the  sailor suit  (the
ferry's captain)   and  board the  ship for  a ride  to Principal

Part 2  -  Principal Island

Principal island  has the wonderful task of housing Dr Funfrock's
HQ which  isn't good  news for you since it makes it very heavily
fortified in most locations.

Anyway, as  soon as  you leave  the ferry  at Principal  Island's
port, walk  right along  the dock  in the  direction of the guard
post.   Use your  ball of  power to  kill the uniformed guard who
resides behind  the sandbags,  then do  the  same  on  the  Robot
Rabbibunny by the guard hut.

When both  of these  nasty characters  dwell in  the land  of the
dead, head northwards in the direction of the main section of the
island.   You must  move very quickly at all times on this island
for reasons explained above, so run past the HQ and into the next

Continue north  at a  quick pace until you reach the steps of the
island's library.   From  there, head  up the stairs and into the
library itself.

Once inside  the building  you need  to talk to everybody around.
There are  four people  who will  tell you something of interest,
the last  of whom   (the  librarian)  will offer you something of
much importance if you do something for him.

First of all talk to the Grobo.  He will inform you of Clearwater
lake, and  island of  rebels and some mutant monsters.  Secondly,
make conversation  with the  Rabbibunny who  will talk  about  Dr
Funfrock's statues  on top  of  Sendell's  magical  seals.    And
thirdly, chat with a Spheroid who will give you a couple of clues
to a puzzle which you will encounter later in the game.

When you've  conversed with  these three  characters, talk to the
librarian   (the big  orange Rabbibunny), and he will promise you
access to  the Censored  Publications Department if you can raise
the quality of the local tap water.

When you  have talked  to all  these creatures, leave the library
again and  this time go westwards past the guardpost.  As soon as
you enter the next screen, run southwards as quickly as possible,
because  there   are  two   guards  concealing  themselves  under
camouflage netting  who will  attempt to shoot you down if you're
not quick enough.

Now enter  the main  part of  the town known as The Old Burg, and
walk over to the two Rabbibunnies whispering to each other by the
wall at  the bottom of the screen.  As soon as you try to talk to
them they will run off, but this doesn't matter, just ignore them
and walk though the nearby door.

Once inside the building try talking to the female bunny, but you
will soon find out that she won't talk until she knows you can be
trusted.  To prove yourself, leave the house again and head north
until you  locate a  big yellow  robot bumping  down some  steps.
Kill this  mechanical mouse with your ball of power, then retrace
your steps back to the house.

This time  the female rabbit will talk, but much of what she says
is no  more than  local gossip.  Eventually, though, she will say
something of use when she points you in the direction of a friend
of hers who lives in Peg Leg Street, called Julia.

Now you  know of  this new  character it's time to go and talk to
her, so  leave the  house and  head south  into the  next screen.
Here, enter  the house  by the  sea and  talk to Julia.  She will
tell you about an astronomer that resides in the town, but before
you leave  to go and visit him, search the cupboards in her house
for health, Kashes and magic bottles.  (Charming, huh?)

When your  search is  complete, leave  the house  and talk to the
rabbit by  the wall.  He will pass you on to his cousin, who will
then pass  you on to a Grobo locksmith.  When the locksmith drops
a key,  pick it  up and  use it on the gate, then walk left, past
the statues  of Dr  Funfrock   (as mentioned by the Rabbibunny in
the library earlier).

Enter the  building past  the statues  with the  Jerry-can symbol
above it   (the  store)   and buy  some gasoline  and  the  Mecca
Penguin.   When you  have made  the purchases, retrace your steps
outside and  this time  talk to the female Rabbibunny standing by
the wall.

She will  tell you  how to  pass the  Supergro guarding the steps
towards the  right of  the screen, so follow her instructions and
sprint past the distracted elephant.  Once past there, walk right
and ascend  the stairs  onto the roof.  Here, stand on top of the
grating and  press [SPACE]  to climb  down into  the astronomer's

Once inside the room, talk to the astronomer  (called Bob Vortix)
and he  will tell you about a legend.  More importantly, however,
he will mention a friend of his who will be able to help you out.
He is at Port Belooga.

When you  have finished  talking with  him, accept the 15 Kashes,
then leave  his house  by crawling through the little hole at the
bottom of  the screen.   Back  on the  streets of  The Old  Burg,
activate 'Discreet Mode' and sneak behind the Supergro.

Past the  Supergro, search  the flowerpot  next to  the tavern by
jumping over  the wall.   In the flowerpot you will find an extra
life in  the shape of a clover leaf.  Once you've got that, enter
the tavern  and talk  to everybody there to find out whether they
like Principal Island's tap water or not  -  it seems not. Yuck!!

Now seems  as good  a time  as any to sort out this water problem
and gain  access to  the secret  books at the library at the same
time.   To do  this good  deed, head back to Peg Leg Street where
you met  Julia earlier.   By  heading left  along this street you
should find the road ends in a dead-end, and at this end there is
a yellow-coloured motor-bike parked.

Wait nearby  until the  guard leaves the bike, then walk up to it
to 'borrow' it for a while!  Use the bike to take yourself to the
Water Tower.

Upon arrival at the tower, climb the staircase, then stand on top
of the  grating and  press [SPACE] again to reveal a hole.  Climb
down this  hole to  get into  the tower  itself, then  set  about
collecting all the power-boosting mushrooms that grow nearby.

When you've  finished collecting the mushrooms, stand next to the
tank of  water, press [SHIFT] to call up your inventory, and then
[RETURN] to  activate the  syrup-bottle.  This will make you drop
the pink  solution into  the water and make it appetising for the
island's inhabitants once again.

Once the  water has  been purified, climb back up the ladder, and
make your  way back to the motor-bike.  Use this to take yourself
to Leg Street once again.

At Peg  Leg Street,  go and visit the librarian by retracing your
steps all  the way  back to  the library.  Once he has tested the
water to check it's new flavour we will lead you down some stairs
to view  a mammoth  book on  the subject of the legend, the White
Leaf Desert and the heir.

When you have read-up on this it's time to follow your other lead
on this  island   -   the chap at Port Belooga who the astronomer
mentioned.   To get  to there, leave the library and run past the
guard post again.  This time, however, when you get to the screen
with the  guards under  the camouflage  netting, head left to the
military camp instead of going south.

When you reach the sandbags, jump over them before continuing up,
past Dr  Funfrock's statue,  making  sure  you  avoid  the  Robot
Rabbibunny that  guards the  square.   Continue  past  the  three
wooden toilets and the tents, and walk up to the green buggy.

Use the  buggy as  you did the yellow motor-bike to take yourself
to Port Belooga.  When you reach the port, head down the pier and
chat with  the Rabbibunny sitting dangling its feet in the water.
Because you  are an acquaintance of the astronomer, he offers you
a lift  anywhere in his boat in return for 10 Kashes.  Accept his
offer and choose White Leaf Desert as your destination.

Part 3  -  White Leaf Desert

When you  reach your  destination you will be dropped off on some
rocks just  off the  island.   Jump across  these  rocks  in  the
direction of  the island  making sure  you avoid  the machine-gun
fire emanating from the pillbox on the island.

Upon arrival  at the  beach, use  your ball  of power to kill any
guards in  the vicinity.  Collect any items that the guards drop,
especially the  key dropped  by  the  guard  nearest  the  fence,
because you  then need  the use  of this to enter the compound to
the south.

Once in  the compound,  walk over  to the desert and approach the
old chap  with the  guitar.   After talking  to him  for a  while
you'll learn  that he's looking for a sacred book which is in the
underground temple accessed by the chimney by his side.

Drop down  this chimney  and you enter a temple.  This section of
the game is split into two parts.  The first part is completed by
locating a  small white  statue and pushing this across traps and
platforms to  another pedestal.   This  action will  open a  door
allowing access  to the  second part  of the temple.  This can be
quite annoying  because things  happen too  quickly  for  you  to
consider what you're doing, so you often make wrong moves.

Anyway, when  you complete  this task with the statue, go through
the door that opens and you get to part two.

Part two  of the  temple is 'guarded' by a massive log covered in
spikes which  rolls down  the various passageways, forcing you to
fall through gaps in the floor or die!   Whenever this approaches
you must hide to one side and let it roll past.

Apart from this log there are lots of creatures to shoot as well.
In the  end, if  you are very skilful and lucky you will find the
Book of  Bu which  gives you  the power to read ancient runes and
advances you  to the  second magic level  (resulting in your ball
of power turning to green).

Once you  have the book in your possession, return to the desert,
and reapproach  the old man who wanted it.  He will tell you that
you should  return home  because you are the heir to some ancient
ancestral artifacts.

Okay, so  do as  he says.   Get  back to  the boat  and this time
select your  destination as  Citadel Island.  When you arrive run
back to  your house  and locate your cellar then enter the barrel
to get to a secret grotto.

Ever since  you got  the Book  Of Bu you are able to read ancient
runes   (as I  said earlier),   so you can now read the legend on
the door.   These runes tell that there are locked doors guarding
your inheritance   (the  ancestral weapons) and these can only be
unlocked by  a key  that the pirate LeBorgne stole.  It says that
this key is now hidden in his treasure.

Now head back to the Citadel Island port.  Upon arrival, approach
the elephant with the block puzzle from earlier, and buy a ticket
off him.  Now take the ferry back to Principal Island.

When you  arrive, go  to The  Old Burg area again and chat to the
rabbit by  the wall.  He will tell you that LeBorgne's log is for
sale somewhere  in The  Old Burg.   Where else would something be
for sale but a shop, you might ask, so head to the shop where you
bought the  gasoline and  Mecca Penguin  earlier, and talk to the
shop-keeper about it.

Unfortunately the  log is  no longer for sale because it was just
sold to  the librarian!   Now  you'll have  to chase  after it by
running over to the library!

When you  reach the  library ask the librarian about the pirate's
log and  he will point you in the direction of an elephant at the
back of the library.  This elephant will read you sections of the
book to your heart's content, but the only section of interest is
"LeBorgne's Treasure".   By  listening to this you will find that
the treasure's on Proxima island!

Finding out  this new information makes Proxima island visible on
your Holomap, so you can now travel there straight away.  Do this
by going  back to  the military  camp again  and using  the green
buggy to get to Port Belooga.

This time,  the astronomer's  friend doesn't  want to take you on
his boat  so you  will have to find some other means of transport
to get  yourself to the new location.  Fortunately, a spheroid is
on hand to sell you a catamaran for 200 Kashes.

If you  do not  have enough  money, stroll  around the area a bit
until you do, because this is the only way you're going to get to
Leborgne's treasure.   When  you get enough cash, but the vehicle
and set-off for Proxima Island.

Part 4  -  Proxima Island

When you  arrive at Proxima Island you'll dock at Proxim City and
soon find out that LeBorgne's treasure, the one with the key that
you need, is kept in the city museum.  Unfortunately, though, you
can't just  stroll in  and take  possession of  the key; you must
make an ingenious plot to recover it in secrecy.

When you  dock, approach and chat with the hairdrier salesman for
a bit  and he'll offer one of his products for 30 Kashes.  Accept
this offer  then enter  the building  by the  snoozing guard  and
converse with  the resident elephant.  He will tell you all about
the museum's  security system, and especially about the pressure-
sensitive floors.  When you've finished talking with him, use the
gratings  as  entrances  to  the  sewers  below  and  acclimatise
yourself with  this underground  network, as you'll be spending a
long time in it later.

Anyway, when  you've finished  looking around,  return to  ground
level the  way you  came and  leave the  building back  into  the
street.   This time open the gate by the museum to gain access to
a shop and a house.

If you  have a coffee-pot in your inventory which you have picked
up earlier  in the  game, give  this to the elephant who lives in
the house  and he  will give  you a  list of  all the  extra life
locations in  the game. If, once you've given him the coffee-pot,
you then  talk to  him again,  he'll also  give you an electronic
keypad which  will open  a  door  in  the  Teleportation  Centre.
However, it  is not  vital to have either of these two objects in
order to complete the game.

Now walk  back to the dock again, and this time head west, out of
the city,  and into  a new  screen.  This time enter the building
with the  large hole in it, and talk to inventor you will find in
there.  When you've finished learning about what he's doing, give
him the hairdryer and then offer to test his jetpack.  As well as
getting a  great mode  of transport  he will  give you  a nice 10
Kashes which may come in useful later on.

When you have taken the money leave his house again and this time
try and  gain access  to the  other house  on the screen  (with a
chain across its door).  Doing this will alert a Groboclone which
will teleport  into the  screen to  stop you, so defeat this with
your ball  or power  and he  will drop the exact key needed to go
through this chained door.

Once inside  this second  house talk  to the  resident rabbit and
you'll learn  about his  brother's plight  in Dr Funfrock's HQ on
Principal Island.   He  tells you  that if you can find out about
the brother for him, he'll give you a red security card!

Now it just so happens that you need this card to win the game so
you're gonna  have to  help this  poor creature out.  To do that,
take your  catamaran back  to Principal  Island and enter the HQ.
Find the  jail-cell beneath  the machine-gun emplacement and talk
to the resident rabbit.

Once he's finished talking, head back to Proxima Island again, go
back to the house with the rabbit, and you will be given the card
as promised.   You  now have  all you  need to  access LeBorgne's
treasure in  the museum  so head  over there  right away  and get
ready for some exciting action.

Upon arriving  at the  museum, use  the red keycard you were just
given on the locked door.  When you get inside the building, have
a look  around the  place making  sure you see the treasure chest
and pirate  flag on  the upper  platform.  When you've acquainted
yourself with  the area, exit the building via the grating in the
floor to reach the sewers again.

Now comes the sneaky bit!!

First use  the lift  to get into the jail area, then wait for the
elephant to  turn his  back before pushing the button on the wall
to sound  the alarm.  As soon as the alarm starts ringing, return
to the  sewers through  the mini-panel in the wall past the jail,
then go  back up  into the  museum via  the grating that you used

When you  get back  to the  museum, use  the jetpack so you don't
have to walk on he pressure-sensitive floor and set off even more
alarms.   Make sure  you don't  use any weapons whilst you are in
mid-air otherwise  your jetpack will cut-out and you'll fall onto
the alarmed floor!

First of  all land  on the  pirate flag  display and  collect the
flag, then  go up  to the  next floor  and follow around the wall
until you  reach the  treasure chest.  When you get to the chest,
search it  until you  find the  ancestral key, then take this and
fly back  to the  grating before  escaping through  this into the

The security  robots in  the museum  can be avoided by not moving
since they  detect movement  not presence.   As this is the case,
point Twinsen towards the wall and you should stay safe.

When you  are safely back in the sewers, exit back to the streets
via the  building with  the elephant,  and make  your way back to
your catamaran.   Now sale back to Citadel Island again, and when
you arrive make your way back to your house.

Now go  into your  cellar again  and you  this time open the door
with the  ancestral key  to  find  Gawley's  Horn  and  Sendell's
Medallion.   The latter  of these  will snowball your magic up to
level 3.

When you've  done that,  read the runes on the tablet on the wall
to find out about the runic stones, then use Gawley's Horn on the
'S' symbol  to reveal  five extra  lives in  the shape  of clover
leaves.   Now exit  your house  once again, retrace your steps to
your catamaran,  then use  the flag  with this before leaving for
Rebellion Island.

Part 5  -  Rebellion Island

When you  dock at  this new location, walk over to the Rabbibunny
soldier in/by  the bunker  and talk  to him.  He will tell you to
drive the  buggy many  miles to  go and  see the  leaders of  the
rebellion in their camp.

Do as  the Rabbibunny  says, and  when you  get to the camp, chat
with the  Spheroid hiding  under the  camouflage netting who will
ask you  to rescue  Colonel Kroptman.   He  is,  apparently,  the
leader of the rebellion who is being held hostage in the Hamalayi
mountains in a snow fort.

Just before  you do as the Spheroid says, collect some more fuel,
then use  the buggy  to return  to the harbour.  When you arrive,
talk with  the commando  rabbit again, and you will automatically
enter the  landing craft ready for your assault to rescue Colonel

When the  landing craft  has dropped  you off  at the base of the
Hamalayi mountains  make sure  you see where the catamaran drifts
to since you'll need it again later on.

Now yourself and the commando rabbit must fight it out against Dr
Funfrock's forces,  but you must take the lead because the rabbit
will only  follow you  and not  go ahead.  However, it  is  still
advantage for  him to  be there  because he can help you out with
some of his grenades if you encounter an enemy you are finding it
difficult to dispatch with only your magic ball.

Anyway, first of all, shatter the transmitter on top of the first
building as  this is  the enemy's only link to the outside world,
and without it they won't be able to call for help.

When that  has been  destroyed, continue to your left killing all
the soldiers  and destroying the machine-gun emplacements.  After
a while  your commando-rabbit partner will suggest that you use a
tank to help get to the fortress.

This is  a good  idea, as  you can imagine, and when you get into
the tank  you will see that it automatically rolls 'left' towards
the fortress  gates, then  blasts them open so you can get inside
the fort's grounds.

Once you  are through  this gate,  kill the two Robot Robobunnies
and the soldier, then open the gates marked 'F' and run upstairs.
As you  are going  upwards, kill  the two  guards and collect the
keys they  leave, then  do the  same for  the scientist wearing a
white coat when you meet him.

At the  top go  through the door on the right.  Don't bother with
the other  two doors as these are linked with a passage and don't
lead anywhere else at all!

Once through  the door  dispatch the  red Grobo with your ball of
power, then collect the key that he leaves behind and use this on
Colonel Kroptman's  cell to  free him.  When the colonel is free,
hurry right,  kill the final grobo, then use the mini hatch built
into the wall to escape outside onto the snowy slopes.

From outside,  walk right, off the screen, still with the colonel
and the commando rabbit, and you will be shown a 'cool' animation
of the snowy slopes etc.

When the animation's over and you take control of the game again,
use the  snowboard to  ski to  the bottom  of the  slope.  At the
bottom you  can take  the ski-lift back up to the top if you want
another go at skiing.

When you're  bored of skiing, talk to the chappy by the ski-lift,
then follow  the edge  of the screen along to the right until you
get to  an exit  between two trees.  Take this exit into the next

Now its  time for another good deed - saving the villagers from a
band of  mutants.   When the  battle's over  and the  mutants are
exterminated, talk to each of the villagers in turn, then collect
the clover leaf that's dug up for you.

After you've  chatted for  a while,  head into  the centre of the
village and  examine the  huge pot of soup.  As soon as you touch
this pot  a new  rabbit will  appear and  offer to  show you  the
sacred carrot    (wow,  wot  a  thwill!)    if  you  demolish  Dr
Funfrock's mutant factory.

Agree  to  this  task  then  follow  the  female  rabbit  as  she
approaches the  bottom of  the screen.   When  she opens a secret
passage, drop  down the  hole and talk to the elephant sitting on
the dock.   When you've finished talking, head right and kill the
red Grobo with your ball.

When the  red Grobo's  a gonner,  enter the  shuttle building and
talk to the green Grobo. Once he has activated the ground shuttle
for you,  head around  the gate and drop onto the shuttle when it

As soon  as the  shuttle arrives  at the mutant factory, go right
and destroy  the scientist   (in  the white  coat) before  he can
sound the  alarm   (remind you  of a  certain prison  cell at the
start of  the game?)   Now  knock-out the Robot Rabbibunny before
rushing round the corner and exterminating all the mutants on the

Once these  are all  dead too,  go left  and demolish  the green-
coloured eggs  in the  pit.   This can be a little difficult.  In
order to  do it I recommend you watch how the eggs move and react
to the shots from your ball of power, then move around and adjust
your shots accordingly.

As soon  as all  the eggs  have been  demolished, the screen will
flash red.  Quickly run back through the room with the lab tables
and through  the next  screen   (the tunnel).  In the next screen
head into the control room and quickly kill the guard.

Now turn  your attention  to the  control panel.   This panel has
three levers, and the solution lies in what the Spheroid told you
in the  library back  near the start of Principal Island.  If you
don't remember, you were told to pull the right-hand lever first,
then the middle one twice.

When you've  done this,  exit the  control room  and drop off the
ledge.  As soon as you land on the lower platform, sprint through
the open door to avoid the mutant hiding below.  Once through the
door, kill  the second  mutant then  use a  nearby  fuel  can  to
replenish your gas.

Now take  the buggy  back to  the village again, and head over to
the pot  of soup  for a  second time to grab the attention of the
rabbit.  Now he will lead you to the sacred carrot as promised.

Walk through  the hole  to get  to the coast again, and this time
run left  along the dock.  Kill the guard by the gate then ascend
the stairs,  killing three  more guards as you go.  Now cross the
bridge and  approach the  gate.   Unfortunately you  need a  blue
keycard to  open this  gate, so  retrace your  steps through  the
carrot, down  the secret  hole, along  the ledge,  destroying the
machine-gun emplacement  as you  go, and  finally  dropping  down
behind the fence.

Now walk  left until you reach your catamaran, and depart in this
to White  Leaf Desert.  There, use Gawley's horn again, this time
on the  'S' symbol  carved into  the rockface.  Complete the easy
maze and talk to the Elf you find.  In return for freeing him, he
will give you the blue keycard, giving you lifetime membership to
the Elf Club.

Before you  go and use this keycard on the gate at the Hamalayis,
use your  catamaran to  get back to Proxima Island again.  There,
use the  yellow motor-bike  and  green  buggy  to  drive  to  two
different stones.  First, go to the Marked stone and use Gawley's
horn on the 'S' symbol, then go to the Eclipse stone and take the
magic flute.

Now go  back to the catamaran again and ride back to the Hamalayi
Mountains.   When you  arrive, follow  the coast-line  around and
kill the  guard to  open the  gate.  Now go to the gate opened by
the blue keycard, and this time go through it.

Once through  the gate,  kill at least one guard so you can get a
key that  they leave, then climb down the ladder and bump-off the
red Grobo when you get to the bottom.  Now go round the corner to
reach Clearwater  lake.   Go around the lake and use the flute on
it and you will get another animation.

When the  animation's ended, fill your bottle with water form the
lake and  your magic  level will  advance to four.  Now enter the
boat bobbing in the water and travel in it to Tippet island.

Part 6  -  Tippet Island

This island is made up of loads of underground caverns.  When you
reach it,  chat to everybody you see including the rabbit wearing
flared white trousers who'll tell you about the teleportation and
cloning centres.   If  you go  through the  first door  you  will
reveal a  shop where  you can buy provisions for the rest of your

When you're  ready, head  through the metallic gate at the top of
the screen,  then dash  past the  two  elephants  and  enter  the
Twinsun bar.  In the bar, talk to the rabbit on the stage and the
barman.   You'll find  out that  you will  be shown  to a  secret
passageway in the bar if you can get a guitar for the band.

To get  this guitar  you will need to give the magic flute to the
old bloke  by the  chimney on  White Leaf Desert.  Simply use the
hydroboat to  get back  to Hamalayi, then the catamaran to get to
the desert.   When  you've given the old man the flute he'll give
you his  space guitar.   Now retrace your steps on the two water-
vehicles and return back to the bar again.

Now give  the guitar  to the  band to cheer them up, then talk to
the barman again.  This time he will open a secret passageway, so
drop down  into this and walk along care[fully until you come out
at the top of a hill.

At the hill, talk to the Dino-Fly and it'll let you climb onboard
it before flying you to Fortress Island.

Part 7  -  Fortress Island

When you  arrive at Fortress Island, chat to the Rabbibunnies and
they will  offer to dig you a tunnel into the fortress if you can
disable the  Teleportation Centre.   To do this you will need the
plans to  the centre,  so go back to Tippet island again and talk
with the Groboclone.  For 50 Kashes he'll tell you that the plans
are in Dr Funfrock's safe in his HQ!!  (What a cheapskate!!)

You're going  to have  to go  and get these plans so sail back to
Principal Island  in your catamaran.  When you dock at the island
approach the fortress  (HQ)  and use the red and blue keycards to
gain access to the building.

When you  get inside, free the Rabbibunny who will tell you of an
escape route,  then head  into Funfrock's  office.  Funfrock, for
some reason,  will destroy his own guard before teleporting away!
Once he  has done  this, free  the elephant  in the cell and open
Funfrock's safe.

Unfortunately, your  search for the plans is not yet over because
they have  been moved  again!!  This time they have been taken by
your next-door  neighbour  (the architect), so head back outside,
and take the catamaran back to Citadel island again.

When you  arrive, walk to your house and then go next door to the
architect's house.   Talk to the architect and he will give you a
security pass.   When  you have this, return to the port and this
time go to Brundle Island.

Part 8  -  Brundle Island

At Brundle  Island, use  the security  pass  to  sneak  into  the
Teleportation Centre,  then find  the row  of teleports.  Jump on
each teleport,  one at  a time,  and they  will blow up. Now jump
onto the control panel too, and the centre will be destroyed.

To flee  the building,  approach the broken wall at the bottom of
the screen  and jump  over it,  then drop  down from  the  statue
before leaving  the building  completely.   Now get  back to  the
catamaran again and ride to Fortress Island.

Now you  have destroyed the Teleportation Centre, the rabbit will
dig a  tunnel into the fortress for you once you have entered the
fortress, and killed the guards with your ball of power.

Once inside  the building  you will  find a  robot clone  looking
exactly like  Zoe.   When you  free 'her'  from the cell thinking
'she' is  Zoe, you  will captured  by the  doctor himself.  Don't
worry, this is exactly what you want to happen!

Dr Funfrock  will tell you the rest of the plot then throw you in
another prison cell.  This cell is almost exactly the same as the
one you  were in  at the start of the game, and can be escaped in
the same  way.   When you are out of the cell, recover possession
of your  belongings from  the locker,  then head into the cloning

Once inside here, kill as many of the robots as you can with your
ball of power, then head over to the far wall where you will find
another 'S'  symbol.   Use the horn on this to make a hole in the
wall, then climb through here to find the third runic stone.

At the  stone you  will find  out the  location of  the  Well  of
Sendell, and also a magical sword.  Now use the flask of water on
the stone  and you'll see an animation of the building exploding,
and you will end up standing looking at the ruins.

Walk back  into the ruins and exit the screen into a construction
site.   Explore this site until you find a green Grobo, then talk
to him until he gives you the key to the unused bulldozer.

When you  have the  key, use  it to get the bulldozer going, then
use the  bulldozer to  move the  rocks that  block  your  passage
northwards.   When the  path is  clear, follow it around, dodging
soldiers, vehicles and workmen as you walk.   When you get to the
gate, open this and go through towards the Well Of Sendell.

The Well  itself is  at the  top of a massive green-rock mountain
with three  workers drilling  on it.   Kill  these workers,  then
climb the rock to find Dr Funfrock and Zoe  -  this time the real

Fight with  Dr Funfrock  for a  while, using the magical sword as
your weapon.   After  a while you will force him over the edge of
the rock.   When  this has  happened, talk to Zoe, then jump down
the Well.

At the  bottom you  will meet  up with Dr Funfrock again and this
time you  must fight  to the  death.   Attack him again and again
with your magical sword, and in the end he will hopefully die.

When he is dead, head into the darkness and....


              Solution Compiled and Written by

                         SIMON BURROWS

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