Arcade Adventure by ADELINE

A solution by Lu Richardson

General tips:

It is important in this game to talk to everyone you meet (even 
animals), time and again.  The characters will give you all sorts of 
useful hints. 

The more time you take to explore everywhere and everything with 
care, the more you'll get out of it.  The most unsuspected items 
will yield things you need and, what is more, when you leave a place 
and return to it later, those things will be regenerated.

You will find that the most vital point of all is to stay alive.  
For that reason, you must try to keep the red line which represents 
your hit points as full as possible.  Fortunately, those little 
hearts which replenish it are very abundant.

Also, you start with two clover boxes.  It is imperative that you 
find as many as you can, and that's not easy - plus they are not 
regenerated.  Clovers are also important and equally well hidden; 
but once you find one, at least they will be regenerated if you 
leave the place and come back.  Since all these things which keep 
you alive are not all that easy to get when you most need them, it's 
worthwhile to save before you try something which might lead to 
death and take the trouble to reload if it does, thus sparing your 
precious clovers.

Combat is constant and difficult, specially if two guys attack you 
at once.  It is therefore vital that you find a good place to 
shelter, if you can, and let fly with the magic ball.  Remember 
that, if you hit somebody, both he and you will move slightly, so 
that you'll have to readjust the next shot.  It is best to change at 
once to Aggressive mode - if unable to hit your enemy with the ball, 
close in and batter him.  However, each fight requires different 
strategies and I am sure you will find the best for yourselves.  The 
cardinal rule, though, is that you attack single enemies with the 
ball and fight them in Aggressive mode if they come in pairs.

The magic ball, by the way, is useful for hitting inaccessible 
levers and for retrieving unreachable items.  Each mode gives you a 
different range, so if you can't hit something in Sporty, for 
instance, try Discreet.

For the purposes of describing my solution, and in order not to 
repeat myself, I will take it for granted that you will speak to 
everyone, search everywhere (even corners or places hidden from 
view), get all the items to be got and save often.  I will only 
mention the most important things you have to do.

Practically all the small creatures you will find are hostile, and I 
will leave you to either kill them or evade them (you can also try 
to run away from people, but this is not always possible).

N is the top centre of your screen, NE the top right hand corner, E 
the right centre of the screen, and so on, clockwise.  I also use 
"left" and "right" if this helps me to describe the position better; 
but I am afraid these directions are fairly loose, particularly 
since the perspective changes all the time.  I hope that you will 
understand what I am saying.  

Consult the holomap often to guide yourself to the places you need 
to visit, which are often clearly marked with a large red arrow if 
you've talked to the right person.  You will also find the signposts 

One of the most difficult things in this game is the jumping around 
you have to do (quite a lot of it, actually).  The important thing 
is to be correctly aligned with the place you want to jump to; 
changing the perspective, when you can, by pressing ENTER will help 
you in this.  I kept a special saved game just for jumps, saving 
every time I was successful.  This is specially important if, 
missing the jump, you could fall to your death.  Sometimes you stand 
on the edge, sometimes you run and press the space bar at the right 
moment in order to leap.  

Finally, please be aware that this is "a solution" and not "THE 
solution".  You can do things quite differently and in a different 
order, and still get there.  Computer games nowadays are not as 
linear as they used to be and the order of the day seems to be:  Do 
Your Own Thing!  So play the game anyway you like, there is no need 
to follow my instructions to the letter - in any case, certain 
things change every time you play and you will just have to try 
something else.  Nevertheless, I hope this account of how I finished 
the game will be helpful to you.

				*		*		*

Right, after the watching the introduction, you'll be at home and 
Zoe will give tell you your first task.


If you stand around for a bit doing nothing, Zoe will come to you 
and give you lots of noisy and embarrassing kisses.  Go to the table 
by the bed and press the space bar to get 15 bucks.  Go to the piece 
of furniture by the door and get a key.  This allows you to get 
through the door.  Pick up the magic ball from the top of the 
barrel.  Note the radio.  You can use it, though nobody will 
answer.  Moving on, get the holomap from the shelves.  Get the 
darts.  Hitting the bullseye of the dartboard (you can use the ball) 
will get you hearts and potions.  Leave.  Go to the table by the bed 
and get another 15 bucks.  Explore the whole house.  Leave it.  
Don't go away, though.  You are going to need a LOT of cash, so keep 
going in and out of the house and getting those 15 coins until you 
have about 300.  I know it's a bit boring, but you won't regret it.

When you've finished amassing money, head N and examine the car.  
Keep going round the house to the Dino-Fly.  Talk to Zoe.  Return to 
the house and then go SE; follow the path around to your neighbour's 
house.  Talk to him.  Examine the map on the table and he will tell 
you he needs a vial of gallic acid.  Leave, head SE and follow the 
path E to town.  It is worth the trouble to walk around talking to 
everyone and looking everywhere.

The Museum

Your first destination is the Museum.  Go in and investigate it 
fully.  You'll find that a door is stuck.  Go outside, go up the 
ramp and around the square  top of the building and you will see an 
open window.  Go through.  Press the red button, pull the blue lever 
and press F6, then run through the door, down the stairs and get 
your tunic and medallion before the case closes.  You can leave now.

Go E.  You can go up the ramp and talk to the kid on the roof of the 
Chemists; make sure you avoid the missiles from his catapult.  Enter 
the Chemists.  Talk to the attendant; the customer will cut into the 
conversation.  A guy will come in and steal her umbrella.  Follow 
her out of the shop and talk to her; she will help if you retrieve 
her umbrella.  Change to Discreet, head S; you talk to he guy and he 
gives you the brolly.  Run N to the woman and stand in front of 
her.  Make sure that the umbrella is selected in the inventory and 
she will tell you to go to Desert Island.

Go W, under the arch, to the harbour.  At the Ferry Office you can 
buy a ticket, but the ferry can't go until the storm problem gets 
sorted out.  Time, perhaps, to take on board everyone's hints and go 
to the Weather Wizard (consult the holomap to get there).  Go inside 
his tent and talk to him.  I'm afraid you will have to find the 
lighthouse keeper.

Before you leave, stand in front of the cauldron and press the space 
bar.  Hm.  Go to the left and pull the lever.  Go through the hole 
in the wall.  Walk SE and face NE.  Press F6, save your game and 
jump on one of those floating boards as it goes by.  Turn right 
around and note the mushrooms and the lever.  Jump at the one 
mushroom on the one slab just past there.  This will yield a clover; 
remember where it is, you might well need it again.  Jump on the 
next passing board, you'll float towards the NE.  When you turn the 
corner, face NE and jump at the cardboard box.  It contains money.  
In the hidden corner to the right, you'll find a key.  Before you 
jump again onto a board, note the dripping water in the complex in 
front of you.  Jump and face E; wait and jump at the door.  Inside, 
a chest contains lots of blue potions.  You might not need them now, 
but believe me, you might well need them later on.  

OK, take the next board and wait till you get to the lever.  Jump, 
use the mushrooms, pull the lever, face NW and take a running leap 
at the gap:  you can now go through to the Wizard's.

Leave his tent.  Examine the holomap.  Head directly to the E of 
here, or as directly as you can; to find out where the lighthouse 
keeper is you would have to travel a lot and talk to a lot of 
people, so I'll save you the trouble.  When you get to the bridge, 
take the path down to the left of it.  Watch out for snakes and 
follow this path, which will take you to an arch (almost directly 
beneath the tent) behind a signpost which says "Access to the 

The Cliffs

Go through the arch in Aggressive mode and kill the spider.  Keep 
left and dispatch the bird and the snakes with the magic ball.  Go 
through the arch and follow the path, leap onto the rock and jump 
again to regain the path, then through the next arch.  

Keep left and you will find the lighthouse keeper, who needs your 
help.  Continue along, up some steps, and you will see a room with 
one door open and another shut.  Jump below the three barrels and 
get as close as you can to the lever to the NE.  In Discreet mode, 
throw balls at it till you hit it, and the closed door will open.  
Go back to the steps and through the two, now open, doors and 
through the arch.

Go to your right and jump across using the mounds of boulders as an 
aid till you see a lever (by the way, boulders can be destroyed from 
a safe distance to produce hearts, potions and coins).  Jump onto 
the boulders to the right and hit the lever with your magic ball.  
Go back to the entrance of this room and keep left - jump at the 
broken stairs (it's a bit difficult, but you'll make it by standing 
at the right distance and angle).  Go NE.  You will meet Joe.  Go 
through the next arch.

Enter cautiously and hide behind the first barrel you come to.  
Start chucking the magic ball around till you kill the beast.  Jump 
down to collect the key it will drop.  Note the black boulder to the 
left of the stairs going down.  Jump onto in and then onto the 
slab.  Go left and, taking whatever cover you can behind the 
candlestick, attack the monster.  If necessary, go into Aggressive 
mode and just bash away.  Anyway, you'll have to go down the stairs 
to collect his key.  Up again and, in Normal/Sporty mode, negotiate 
the wall to the SE with the spikes on it and then work your way W to 
the locked doors by jumping from one platform to the next.  Once you 
are through the first door, the bird will attack you.  Go through 
the second door.  Jump into the pit, trying to hide in the left 
corner of it, and battle it out with the Tralu; or run around 
chucking the ball at him - at the end, collect his key and other 
items.  Walk left and jump into the jail.  The lighthouse keeper 
will be glad to see you - you get a clover.  Leave through the 
locked door, go downstairs and to the right, where you'll meet Zoe.  

Using the holomap and the signposts, find the lighthouse.  Talk to 
the Wizard and watch.

Go to the harbour and take the ferry - make sure the ticket is 
selected.  Watch.


I will leave you to explore the whole village - watch out for the 
phoney trash bins and cacti.  Go to the house of the healer (marked 
with an arrow in the map) and talk to the woman.  Get the vial of 
gallic acid from the shelves.  Find Jerome's house and talk to him.  
He will give you a spare part for your car.  Examine everything - 
use the radio.  Leave.  Examine the holomap.  Go to the oasis on the 

Use the bell and go to the edge of the water.  Save.  A turtle will 
appear and invite you to jump on it.  Do so and it will take you to 
a little rock - jump on it and get the clover box.  Jump on the 
turtle and it will take you back.

Consult your holomap once more.  Go to the extreme NW of the 
island.  Note the bloke on the roof.  Enter the building and talk to 
everyone; behind the counter, you will see some stairs.  Walk 
through the door to the right, across the courtyard and enter the 
door to the SE.  A young lady yells.  Step outside; the Manager will 
be standing there frowning on you.  Then run to the stairs and up.  
Talk to the guy on the roof and he will tell you where to go next.

The School of Magic

Go to the Cemetery.  You will find that the doors are locked, but 
going around to the left of them you will find a passage going in.  
Mind the birds.  That funny green thing in a rock is Joe - talk to 
him and he will ask for help.  Find the grey path which leads to the 
doors between the sarcophagi.  Go through.  Talk to the grobo.  Go 
through the door to the right.  

If you go to the NW you will see there is a locked door.  Head NE - 
you have to negotiate your way through the tables while avoiding the 
blue blobs.  Just pick the right moment.  On the other side, climb 
up the stairs, change to Discreet mode and go open the chest - you 
get a key.  Still in Discreet mode, find the hidden penguin between 
the two large rocks to the left.  Go down the stairs and change to 
Sporty mode - run the gauntlet of the blue blobs once more, go up 
the stairs and unlock the door.

Following through here, you'll come to one of those bunnies.  Talk 
to her and she will present the Master Magician.  Keep talking to 
him, pay your money and ask for instructions.  Go to the door behind 
him and he will give you more instructions.  Enter and go up the 
steps.  Face SW and start throwing the magic ball.  It's just a 
question of timing, I'll sure you'll have no problem hitting all the 
targets in the time given.  When you come out, you get a blowpipe 
and the next task.

Leave the School and, outside, look at the holomap.  The location of 
the next item is marked - you will note that there are two large 
groups of rocks.  Go to the N one.  You have to be almost beneath 
the broken bridge - a phoney cactus will have to be killed or you'll 
get no peace.  Then find the right spot to climb the rock around 
here; persevere, it can be done.  Once you've jumped up, get the 
balsam flower.  Now it's just a matter of jumping down and going 
back to the School of Magic.

You will get the horn of healing and be told where to go next.  Go 
outside to the Cemetery.  Find Joe, stand back and save.  Select the 
horn, aim it at him and when you hit him with a heart, he will be 
well again.  You get a clover or two.

Go to the Ferry Office and get a ticket.  Avoiding a nasty man near 
some crates, get to the ferry and travel to the Citadel.  Go to your 
house, walk round it and go up to the Dino-Fly.  You will find Zoe 
there.  Give her the spare part Jerome gave you.  Now select the 
horn and keep firing it at Dino till he gets well.  Talk to him and 
ask him to take you to the Dome of the Slate.

The Dome of the Slate

Walk to the map to the right of the door and save your game here.  
Examine the map.  Enter the door and stop.  Save another game for 
this highly dangerous and difficult exercise.  As you walk forward 
tiles will appear under your feet, which are hardly visible; but if 
you are too close to the edge or step into the vacuum, you get 
killed.  So advance very carefully and save every time you negotiate 
a part of the maze successfully.  If you've forgotten where you are 
or what you have to do next, save, reload the game at the point in 
which you can look at the map, find out where to go and then reload 
the maze.  I will try to give you directions to help you, though it 
won't be easy.  From the viewpoint of Twinsen, advance forward 8 
tiles, counting as you go.  Then turn him to his left and advance 4 
tiles; turn him to his right and advance 4 tiles; to the left, 4 
tiles; to the left, 3 tiles; to the left, 2 tiles; to the right, 4 
tiles, to the right, 3 tiles; to the right, 10 tiles; to the right, 
4 tiles; then keep going straight to the door and through.

The Magician will appear and give you a magic slate.  Go around to 
the left of the door and climb some steps to get back to the map.  
Consult it and it will be inscribed in the slate.  Enter the door 
again.  As the same way as before, advance forward three tiles; turn 
Twinsen to the right and advance 2 tiles; to the left, 1 tile; turn 
him to the right, jump up; advance 2 tiles; turn him to his left and 
advance carefully till you see a clover box.  Get it and walk back 
the way you came and through the door.

Go to Dino and ask him to take you to Desert Island.  Go and visit 
Jerome. With the use of the radio, you know your car is waiting for 
you.  Go to the village and, near the ferry, you will find Zoe and 
your car.  You can use it by standing near it and pressing Enter - 
you can also shoot with it pressing ALT.  Examine the holomap and 
drive to the racing track.  Enter it and stand behind the white 
line, in the left lane, and wait.  A guy will come and challenge 
you.  I couldn't catch him (may be you will), but had a lot of fun 
driving around.

Drive to the cemetery and go to the Magician.  Talk to him.  Now 
drive to the Hacienda in the NW, talking to everyone you meet.  
Watch the nasty trash bin.  Enter, go right to the courtyard, talk 
to the alien.  Go along with him and enter the door at the NE.  


Inside the ship, go downstairs and get the translator.  Go back up, 
talk to everyone and examine everything.  After you have looked at 
the tourism terminal, just walk around and watch the ship land.  
Follow your leader - as you come into the building, Joe recognizes 
you and gives you away.  You wind up in jail.

Joe will join you inside your cell and explain matters to you - keep 
talking to him until the guard comes and orders the door open.  
Change to Aggressive mode at once and kill him.  Go to the left and 
follow this corridor till someone asks you to free him.  Go SE and 
up the stairs - no need to go all the way up, hit the guard with the 
magic ball till you kill him.  Then pull the first lever, go down 
the stairs and follow the freed insect.  When you come to the two 
red switches, press the first one.  Talk to your pal, then follow 
him through the door.  Attack the robot at once with the magic ball 
and don't leave off till it explodes.  Escape through the gap and 
turn to the right.

Change the perspective, jump over the bale of straw and, avoiding 
the doggies, walk diagonally to the NW.  Outside, cross to the 
building in front, behind the backs of the guards.  Inside the 
building, you can talk to everyone, but go through the gate with the 
arrow pointing SW.  This sets off an alarm and you will have to kill 
two guards.  Keep going SW and down the chute, and SW again.  As you 
come out of the door, stick to the left corner so that the two 
guards will separate.  Change to Aggressive mode and kill one, then 
throw the ball at the other till he's dead.  Come up the stairs and 
talk to the engineer in front of the ship.  Go into the building in 
front of it.

Kill the guard; he will set off an alarm and another guard will 
come.  Kill him also.  Keep going up, all the way.  You come out 
into the control room.  Look around for a red travel token - as soon 
as you are able, take it.  There is no need to kill anyone here, you 
just wait till you can access the token.  Go down.  You'll have to 
kill the new guard.  As you come out of the building, you could run 
like the wind, avoiding the guards chasing you, and enter the ship.  
Otherwise stay and kill them.  

At any rate, once in the ship, go up, select the token and watch.


You will get a radio message from Zoe instructing you to go home.  
Easier said than done!  Almost at once you will be attacked by an 
alien, so be ready.  Change to Aggressive mode and make with the 
magic ball.  Once the alien is dead, press ENTER to change the 
perspective and run towards the NW (mind the snake); you are aiming 
for the grate which leads down to the sewers, by the telescope.  
Stand on it in Normal mode and press the space bar.  Once there, go 
down the stairs in the SW direction, jump onto a floating board.  If 
you need to, go and get a clover.  From there, jump to the left to 
the lever and pull it.  Run to the left, jumping over the gap, and 
enter the Wizard's Tent.  Read the paper he left on the table.

Go back to the sewers.  If you need another clover, you know what to 
do.  At any rate, jump on a board and float to the slab before you 
get to the locked door.  Jump onto it, go up the stairs and run to 
the SE, jumping over the gap - kill the pesky bird before you try.  
This is the Safeguard St. exit and you will use it every time you 
need to get back to the village.  Ignore the alien (he cannot be 
killed) and stand on the lift to go up.

Up there, press ENTER to change the perspective.  Wait till the 
guard heads W and then run N; when you reach the end of the path, 
follow it NW dodging the guard and any dog which might take a fancy 
to your ankles.  You should be able to make it home more or less in 
one piece.

Once there, talk to Zoe; two more tasks to complete - you have to 
collect the protopack and then go to the School of Magic.  But!  
Before you do any such thing, sort yourself out in the matter of 
hearts, potions and money.  Try and get about 200.

When you are ready, run across to your neighbour.  Talk to him and 
select the vial in the inventory.  Wait till he cleans the map, read 
it and he will give you a key.

Before you leave, consult your holomap and work out how you are 
going to get to the Parcel Office.  It might be worth your while to 
save and do a trial run to see which is the best strategy - there 
are lots of nasties out there!

The Parcel

I'll assume you've made it - as you come through the door, the grobo 
will speak to you.  Go through the door, stand on the lift and pull 
the lever to go down.  Go left and do the same thing to go another 
level down; go right through the arch.  You will see a sort of 
balcony with blue arrows on the floor.  As you step onto it, this 
activates the floating magnet.  By stepping on the correct arrows, 
you have to manoeuvre the magnet onto the parcel with the big label, 
and then move the parcel onto the black arrow on the floor and 
through the narrow door onto a lift.  Use the tiles on the floor as 
a grid with which to guide yourself - it's really very easy.  Once 
the parcel goes up and the magnet returns, go N and NE up the 
stairs, through the door.  Save right there.  Before you touch the 
parcel, have a good look around.  Note the guy laying around.  There 
is a clover in one of the barrels around him.  The idea is to push 
the parcel following the black arrows along no end of passageways 
and upstairs to the grobo.  Well, the first moves are easy enough, 
take the parcel to the next arrow, then stand to the left of it and 
push it across, diagonally, the conveyor belt.  Place it on the next 
conveyor belt until it reaches the lift.  Go downstairs and pull the 
lever to bring down the lift.  Move it along, still following the 
black arrows, but time yourself so that the next pusher does not put 
the parcel on the conveyor belt as you try to get past.  The rest is 
easy - till you get to the guy in front of the door.  He can be got 
rid of by just hitting him once.  Unfortunately, I could not find 
the key to the door.  Neither of the characters here can be killed.  
The key is in none of the various containers in this complex.  Using 
the magic ball on the levers of the floor below did not seem to have 
any effect.  I did think vaguely of using the floating magnet 
somehow or other, but frankly, by this time I could not be bothered 
to study the problem further (though YOU might like to try), 
particularly since the guy laying around upstairs will deliver the 
parcel for 102 kash.  

Having payed up, I merely went upstairs and collected the 
protopack.  Now for the Dino-Fly and Desert Island.  You could 
retrieve your car from the Hacienda, if you wanted, but in any case 
head for the School and talk to the Magician.  To get the pearl, 
examine the holomap.  You will see the cave marked with a red 
arrow:  to the right of it, you will see a jetty.  Go there, use the 
bell and jump on the turtle.  It will take you into the cave.  As 
soon as you are inside, save.  The mushrooms you will see on the 
first slab will produce four clovers.  If you need them, jump onto 
them, then jump onto the next slab and onto the turtle.  But the 
idea is to jump onto the third platform and go up the stairs.  Use 
the protopack to get over the spikes and then go up in Normal mode 
and get the pearl.  Go back the way you came.

Go to Dino.  Before you fly back to the Citadel, it might be worth 
travelling to the... 

Island Opposite the Hacienda

When you get there, walk around till you reach the beach, and 
advance very carefully here, pressing ENTER very frequently.  When 
you are aligned with the entrance, use the protopack to go through.  
As soon as you are inside, skirt the area by heading E - if you are 
hit by a ball or a bird, you are dead meat.  Let's hope you make it 
safely to the ramp.  You will notice that you could continue to the 
E:  save and try.  Fun, huh?

Let's concentrate on what we are doing.  Leap over the spikes, 
facing NE, and go hide behind the mound of boulders to your left.  
Kill the two skeletons.  Move towards the NW and have a good look.  
Move the box in the middle of the floor to the lift on the right, 
and don't push it too far NE.  Go back to the platform with the 
stairs and the lever.  Go up and take a running leap onto the other 
lift.  Once there, turn around and throw a ball at the lever.  You 
should go up.  Push the box all the way so that it falls on the 
other box already on the lift - if you are very clever you'll work 
it so that they are not exactly on top of each other, but rather 
forming a step, the lower box being more to the SW than the one on 
top.  In Discreet mode, throw a ball at the lever below and the two 
boxes will rise.  Now it's just a matter of jumping up to reach the 
amphorae you will see in the NE corner.

Run along this corridor - through the arch, fight two skeletons.  
Move a bit to the NE and you will see steps leading to a pit.  
Inside, a spiky creature I did not like the look of; so I lobbed 
balls at it till it was dead.  Go down and get the Protection 
spell.  Now go to the steps SW and stand on the lowest one.  Kill 
the two birds.  Use the protopack and wind your way to the SW.  
Through the arch, stop at the first platform and kill the bird.  
Collect all the mushrooms using the protopack.  At the last 
platform, cast Protect and negotiate the spiky bars to the SW; stop 
at the ramp.  Kill the bird.  Again, using the protopack move S and 
hug the southern edge of the picture to avoid the balls being thrown 
at you.  Get out of the cave and get to Dino.  Before you leave, get 
the clover box on the rocks to his left.

Ask Dino to take you to the Citadel.  Once there, go home if you 
need to, to sort yourself out.  Go to the Weather Wizard - it is 
safest to run like the wind first to the top of the screen facing 
NE, then at the barbed wire, SW and then E, up the ramp.  

Inside the tent, use the pearl on the cauldron - you've got the 
Lightning spell.  Go into the sewer the usual way.  Jump on a board 
and float in front of the clover mushroom to get it.  Jump again on 
a board and, when you are level with the clover box, use the 
protopack to float over and get it.  The mushrooms on the other 
platform give you hearts and potions.  Use the protopack to get onto 
another board and make your way to the Safeguard St in the usual 
way.  Outside, press ENTER and wait till the guard is gone and then 
run to the bar.

Inside, go to the counter and make sure you have enough magic points 
by buying potions.  Go to the centre of the room and cast Lighting - 
everybody should die.  Collect everything left behind, go behind the 
counter and get the key from the barrel.  Buy more potions so your 
blue bar is full.  Go through the door on the right and along the 
corridor.  In the square room there is a hole in the centre, 
obscured by the crates and barrels.  Fall through.  Advance and 
place the pyramid key on the stand.  A wall will open.  Go through 
and, when you get to the big ball, cast Lightning.  You get the 

As you come out you get a call from Jerome.  Never a moment's 
peace.  Go up the stairs and stand on the square patch of bare 
bricks, facing SE.  Jump onto a passing board.  If you need another 
clover to complete your collection (by now I had six boxes and five 
clovers; make sure all your boxes are full), you know where to get 
one.  This is the last time you visit the sewers.  Go out through 
the Safeguard St. exit.

You know the routine, go to Dino.  If you want to go home, this is 
your last chance.  Anyway, get Dino to take you to Desert Island.  
This time, head for...

The Temple of Bu

Before you enter the enclosure, get rid of the robot and all the 
aliens you can from the safety of the concrete fence.  Then go 
inside and through the archway.  Go immediately to one of the 
corners by the door, get into Aggressive mode and kill the dogs.  
Advance SE and kill the guard before you go along the bridge.  Once 
through, save:  stop at a certain distance from the edge and, when 
the cart slows down, jump onto it.

There are certain things you have to bear in mind here.  The cart 
can only go through sliding doors if you are on top of it.  You have 
to throw a ball at the arrows to get the cart to go in the direction 
you want.  The way to do it is to go to through the first door, jump 
off, see what's what, change the arrows you need to, jump on the 
cart and move on to the next section.  The bad news is that you can 
only save your game when you are on top of the cart.  Try it before 
you jump onto it, and the cart disappears.  So be warned!  Although 
this is not strictly necessary, a bit of fun is to get the cart to 
go through the doors with round windows at the top NE corner of the 
map.  Since you've saved, you might like to try it.  There are lots 
of mushrooms to collect, but I confess I didn't need them and so I 
didn't bother to keep jumping on and off the cart.  But that doesn't 
mean YOU can't!

And now to business.  You've jumped on the cart.  Go through the 
first door, jump off, follow the cart, hit the second arrow in its 
path.  Get on it again and go through the next two doors.  Hit the 
arrow pointing downwards.  Get on the cart before it goes down on 
its own.

Hit the first arrow you come to - you should also hit the other 
arrow pointing down, but do so in a way that you can get on the cart 
before it goes down on its own.  Once down there, when the cart 
takes you past a tall ledge with mushrooms on it, be sure you are 
facing SE and jump.  Getting the clover means that, because all your 
boxes are (or should be) full, your hit points and magic points get 
replenished.  Try to get on the cart at the W side of the tracks.  
Cast Protection and, when you come to the cardboard box, jump at it 
and get the key.  

Run down the stairs to the SE and through the doors.  Save.  

The Alien Base

If you go to the SE you can get back to the Hacienda.  Instead, face 
SW and kill the soldier without going all the way down the stairs, 
where he can kill you.  Move on SE and run S to get behind the table 
- the sleeping beauties will come after you but you should be able 
to kill them at your leisure with the table between you.  
Afterwards, go to the NE of the room and search their belongings by 
the bed.  You get a key.  Head W and go through the door.  Kill the 
guard to get a key.  The mushroom on top of the tallest crate is a 
clover... if you need it.

Walk NE and ignore the ship for now.  Continue NE and, without going 
all the way up the stairs, kill the next guard.  Carry on up and 
then W through the doors, stand on the lift and, in Normal mode, 
press the space bar to go up.  Move E and, before you get on the 
crackling bridge, use the protopack.  At the end of the bridge, 
don't press the switch.  Go E instead and get behind the table, and 
from there kill the soldier.  Get his key and use it to open the 
round contraption to the right to get a travel token.  Now go back 
to the bridge and press Enter to get a better view.  Press the 
switch to turn off the electricity and allow the avenging guard to 
run onto it, then press the switch again to watch him fry.  
Actually, I'm a very gentle person and in real life wouldn't hurt a 
fly.  I thought you'd like to know that.

Press the switch again to disable the electricity and proceed to the 
ship.  Use the token and watch.  At the end, the code you want is 
the Green Moon one.  Go down and collect the space suit, then leave 
the ship.

OK, go NE and into the building with the lozenge shape over the 
door.  Enter and go into the lit room to leave the suit there.  Go 
through the other door and kill the guards.  Click on all three orbs 
and then go and look at the map to the right of them.  Basically, 
you need to get to X.

Leave, put on your suit.  Leave and make your way W to the building 
with a circle over the door.  Go through in the same manner as 
before and head W - you will see a clover box by the bed.  Pick it 
up and fight the two guards.  Press F6 and try to get out of here, 
going N, as soon as you can, otherwise you'll get attacked time and 

Then go NE, kill the guard, note the yellow/black door to the NW, go 
the NE, kill the guard, turn the wheel and go back to the 
yellow/black door which will now be open.  Go through and kill the 
guard to get a key.  Walk NW and then NE to the jail.  Jerome and 
his mate will give you a lot of info.  When they leave, follow 
them.  Kill the guard and turn the wheel.  Go to the door to the SE 
and follow the guys out.  The sausage man gets killed - run NE after 
Jerome, kill the guards, continue E, go through the open door and go 
N to talk to Jerome.  Go up the stairs to the E, though not all the 
way up, and kill the guards.  Carry on up and pull the red lever to 
the left.  Go down to join Jerome, go through the door, pick up your 
suit and follow him through the other door.  Watch.


After the inelegant landing, Jerome will ask you to get some 
gazogem.  Look at the map.  You are going to have to jump along the 
rocks to the S to get to the mainland.  At the second rock, kill the 
sea dragon with the magic ball before you proceed.  Carry on jumping 
- from the last rock, you'll have to take a running jump to reach 
the mainland.

You will recognize where you are.  Go through the kennels, avoiding 
the dogs, but this time, instead of going to the building across the 
way, you are going to the one on the left.  There is no need to 
fight here, the guards will ignore you.  Go NE, get on a lift and 
leave through a door to the NW.  Outside, use the orange bin to get 
some money.  By the way, you must have 5 local coins, so if 
necessary go back into the building and back out again to get more 
money.  Look at the map.  Go to the gas station and try and buy some 
gazogem.  No good, there ain't any there.

The Casino

The bouncer at the Casino door will try to get you inside.  Go in.  
It will cost you 5 bucks.  Get onto the lift, talk to the croc and 
you will be taken down.  Go around all the plant pots and you will 
get 10 coins.  Go to a slot machine.  Save your game (if you lose 
all your money, you can always reload and try a different machine).  
You need loads of money, at least 200 coins, and also a key.  A bit 
tedious, but there is no help for it.  Once you have these 
requirements, go through the door to the NW.  Talk to the croc and 
he will give you instructions.  Save.  Go up the stairs and stand on 
the platform, as close to the wheel as you can.  As soon as you've 
activate it, cast Lightning if you have sufficient magic points; if 
not, turn SE, change to Aggressive mode and use the ball if the two 
nasties are one behind the other or just bash them if they are side 
by side.  If you are beaten and thrown out penniless, reload and try 
again.  When you've won the battle, you get 100 cash and a key, and 
stairs will appear behind the wheel.  Alas, you cannot get across to 
the door, but that's not important.  Leave this room and play some 
more games for fun, if you like; to get out, stand on the lift.  
Once outside go E, ignoring the bridge for now, and enter the shop.  
You can buy a memory viewer (use it and see what it does) and 
anything else you need.  Go back to the bridge and cross it, then go 
down to the harbour by turning left.  Enter Rick's and talk to the 
hooded customer by the door.  Go back to the harbour and talk to the 
Captain.  He will take you where you need to be for 100 bucks.  
Enter his blimp.  Watch.

Celebration Island

As soon as you land, save.  Turn to Aggressive mode, advance and 
kill the guard.  Try and get the sausage man between you and the 
second guard; in fact, if you move slightly to the left, the guard 
will drown.  When he is dead, run up the path and go into the 
Temple.  Talk to monk, read the posters on the wall.  Great.  On top 
of everything else, you've got to find the four fragments of the 
key!  Leave.

Talk to the guys to the left of the temple, then to the souvenir 
vendor to the right of the temple.  You are sent to Rick's.  Go down 
to the harbour.  Before you get to sea level, kill the first guard 
from a height by lobbing balls in Discreet mode.  Come down and get 
the hot dog man between you and the next guard; try moving a little 
to the right.  When he's dead, go to the guy with the hovercraft and 
ask to be taken to...


The first hut you will see on the left when you land is the shop.  
Go in, buy a pick and anything else you need.  Go around talking to 
everyone, but leave the compound to the N of the island for the 
moment.  Investigate the round boulder next to the Burgemaster's 
hut.  Actually it's a sort of kennel - inside, the key to the safe.  
Enter the Burgemaster's hut, open the safe with the key and get the 
note.  Read it.  Out.  

With your back to the harbour, go to the N of the island and around 
the huts to the left.  Work your way around to the very obvious 
tree; get in front of it and with your back to it (use ENTER to get 
the correct perspective).  Right below the last hut to the right (i.
e., the shop), you will see a green dip.  Go to it and use the pick 
to get the Francos key fragment.

Now go to the fenced compound.  Jump onto the lowest pipe and, from 
there, onto the wonky bit of the fence.  Jump in and, ignoring the 
two guards to the left (you'll be seeing to them later), walk around 
the right of the building, kill the guard, and enter it through the 

Now, I'm not going to repeat this ad nauseam.  Save a lot:  and 
every time you see a kind of cream coloured cross-shaped wheel, turn 
it.  OK?  They regulate the steam coming out of the square valves.  
Advance SE to the platform which sticks out.  If you can, cast 
Protection and take a running leap onto the first valve, then jump 
to the next and down.  Get the key from the box - if you have 
problems, going up on the lift and killing the guard will allow you 
to turn the steam off.  If not, just go through the door.

Jump downstairs.  Go to the lift to the right (you will see two blue 
lines) and jump on it to go up.  Kill guard, turn the wheel.  Place 
yourself on the platform next to the lift - the idea is to jump onto 
a safe bit of the tank below, without drowning.  Then jump SW and 
work your way around to the NE - get the key from the box and out 
the door.  Kill the guard, get the key.  Jump the safest way you can 
to the NE.  Stand on the moving platform and keep your finger on the 
forward key to avoid being pushed off.  At the other side, go 
through door.  Before you move on, turn to Twinsen's left and jump 
in to get some hearts.

Move forward facing SE and kill the guard in Discreet mode.  Get 
onto the valve to the N and kill the technician; use the ball to 
retrieve his key.  Before entering the first gate, kill the dogs in 
Discreet mode, or jump onto the cube in front of the fencing and try 
other modes.  When they are dead, go through the gate and up the 
stairs.  A soldier will come through the door to the right.  Move up 
the stairs and try to get him in the path of the steam.  Once he's 
dead, get his key, continue up the stairs, open the gate, get the 
gazogem, get the key from the box, go downstairs and leave through 
the door to the right.

Outside, jump out and go to the drums to the left.  Jump on them and 
over the fence.  Go to the harbour and travel to Celebration Island.

The Crystal

You know what to do about the guards.  Climb up the path up to the 
Temple, then turn left.  Follow the path around the volcano.  I'm 
afraid you will have to save a lot and just time your jumps right.  
When you get up the stairs, use the protopack to float over the 
water, hugging the left side of the crater.  When you get to the 
crystals, use the pick.  OK, get jumping again; you will end up near 
the salesman.  Go down the path and get rid of the soldiers 
(remember to kill the first one from a height in Discreet mode and 
to get the old sausage between you and the next soldier).  Get the 
hovercraft to Otringal.

From the harbour, look at the map.  You are going to have to jump 
southwards to get to Jerome.  Take a running leap at the first 
rock.  Press ENTER.  Use the pack to fly to the next rock to the 
left and then take a running jump to land near Jerome.  Give him the 
gazogem.  OK, back to the harbour the way you came.


Talk to everyone.  If you need more money, and you surely will later 
on, use the slot machines.  Check out the dancing girl!  If you have 
a full bar of magic points, go near the door to the office and cast 
Lightning.  You just pick up the key and go through to Rick.

If you don't, climb onto the stage and go behind the curtain to the 
right.  Talk to everyone and get the penguin behind the screen.  If 
you walk to the left of the picture, you will see three wheels.  
Turn the centre one, the one on the left and then the one on the 
right.  The grate to the right will open.  Jump down, move the 
tallest column under it and the shortest one between it and the 
floor to the left.  Climb back up and jump to the two columns to 
enter the shaft.  You end up in Rick's office.

Talk to him.  He will send you to Rocket, at the Hotel.  Leave and 
head for the harbour.  You will get a call from Jerome - the jetpack 
is ready.  So go and get it, jumping as I explained above, and then 
go back to the harbour.

The Hotel

Examine the holomap.  What you need to reach is the secret entrance 
behind the Casino.  So run like mad up the stairs and to the corner 
where you will see water gushing and a door higher up.  Get rid of 
the soldier and take a running leap over the white stepping stone 
onto the path around the mountain.  Soon you will encounter some 
machine guns - if you can, cast Lightning.  If not, cast Protection 
and run in front of the guns as high up the slope as you can.

Run on and, jumping over the small fence, enter the building to the 
right.  This is the Hotel.  Buy hearts and potions.  Hit the bellboy 
and, when the soldier comes in, cast Lightning.  Collect the key and 
buy all the potions you need to replenish the blue bar.

Go through the chain barrier with the key, head to the SE and talk 
to the guy reclining on a divan.  Follow him to his room.  He will 
give you a ring and tell you to go to the shop at Twinson - 
actually, he means at Otringal.  When you leave, save your game.  
Enter the next room at a slant and you will catch the spies in 
action.  Cast Lightning to kill them all.  Collect what they left 
behind.  The wardrobe yields two clovers.  If you are low on 
clovers, you can always run down, buy plenty of potions, come back 
to this room and cast Lightning again, then you can get more clovers.

At any rate, try the next room along for a bit of fun.  Leave the 
way you came, but before you go out of the Hotel, buy all you need.  
You can destroy the soldiers with the machine guns with the 
Lightning spell, if you want.  When you get back to the secret door, 
take a running leap onto the white stone and then run to the shop, 
over the bridge, avoiding the soldiers if you can.

Once inside the shop, first buy whatever you need, then show the 
ring to the attendant.  He opens the bookcase and you can go down.  
Talk to everyone clockwise.  The last guy will tell you what to do.  
Examine the map on the table.  You also get a laser pistol.

Now you've got to get to Francos again, and you can run the gauntlet 
of the soldiers or you can run, as far away from the bridge as 
possible, to the Casino.  Inside, use the slot machines till you get 
the key.  Go through the door to the left and do what you did 
before, only this time you can cross the water with the jetpack and 
go out of the secret door.  Float to the path to the NW and then 
take a running jump and the white stepping stone.  Run like mad to 
the harbour and take the hovercraft to Francos.

Francos, again

Use the shop to make sure you have both bars full.  Get over the 
fence by jumping on the pipe, as I explained above; only this time, 
instead of turning right you are going to turn left.  Cast the 
Lightning spell to kill the soldiers and collect their goods.  Enter 
the building on the left and attack the soldier at once.  Now, using 
the ball or the laser pistol, kill the soldiers on the other side of 
the gap.  Hit the levers so that they are, from left to right, Up, 
Down, Up, Down.  This opens both doors, so go through.

As you come out, run to the drums in front of you to get some cover 
and kill the soldier which will come from the left.  When you've 
killed him, go left.  Look at the map.  You are at the harbour and 
you've just killed the soldier guarding this side of it.  Advance 
along the quay and enter the craft.  When you land, save your game.  
Note the large crate to your right, because you are going to hide 
behind it in a minute.  In Sporty mode, head SE, change the 
perspective and come forward till you talk to the fellow with too 
many arms by the entrance.  Run off immediately and watch where the 
crates he throws fall short of you.  Shoot at him somehow to get him 
to come forward and then run behind the crate.  Stand a bit to the 
right of it.  His missiles can't reach you, but you can take your 
time killing him.

When you have done so, run to get the key, then take a leap at the 
entrance of the lift.  Watch.

Wannis Island

As you come out, move to the N and have a look.  In Discreet mode, 
kill the two characters behind the wall and then throw balls at the 
switches till you hit one and you can come out.  Save. 

Have a look at the holomap.  Run out, dodging the guards, and on to 
the first building you come to.  Inside, another guard.  This is 
some kind of warehouse - note the crates being dropped and the 
ladder on the NW.

Again, running, leave and go to the next building on the left.  This 
is a Bank.  Kill the guards.  The one above the counter yields a 
clover.  Enter the doors.  Pressing the button on the wall in the 
first room yields 5 zlitos.  Go to the next room.  Hitting the 
manager produces a key - you can move the statue, go in and open the 
safe.  This gives you 150 zlitos.  Now go down the stairs.  If you 
go to the right and go through the arch, killing the guard, you will 
notice that the door to the N shuts and opens according to whether 
you are one side or the other of the arch.  Leave this building.

If you run to the left past the guards, and under the pillars, you 
will be able to enter...

The Mine

Your first task is to get rid of the guard dog by lobbing balls in 
Discreet mode.  Follow the tracks, watching out for carts.  Keep to 
the right as you explore the mine.  The mounds of white boulders 
will produce hearts/potions, and you must find at least 7 pinkish 
gems, preferably 8.

So, following the tracks to the right, you will see a guard - run 
past him  and, just before you get to the lava cascade, cast 
Protection.  Run along without falling off.  The tracks turn SW 
here, so follow on - but note the island with the mushroom to the 
left, on the sea of lava.  Carry on and talk to the two guys, one of 
them has lost a glove.  Behind the partition beside them there is a 
hidden gem.  Go on SW and climb up the ladder to enter the crane.  
Using the arrow keys, first down, then right and then down again, 
pick up the clover box and drop it where you can reach it.  Leave by 
pressing Enter.  This clover box is the only one which gets 
regenerated in the game, so if you are short of them, here is your 
chance to get the maximum of 10 the game permits.  I would strongly 
advise you to do so.

OK, go back to where you run past the soldier, not forgetting to 
protect yourself before you cross in front of the lava cascade; and 
then you want to turn SW.  You will see some vertical steps leading 
down.  Go down.  The mound of white rocks produces hearts/potions.  
Between the stairs and the mound there is an entrance to a cave 
which leads nowhere - but by entering and leaving, everything gets 
regenerated.  So when you have collected enough of everything, stand 
on the edge of the rock facing SE, use the jetpack, cast Protection 
and float roughly E to the island with the mushroom.  This will 
produce a clover.  Again, if you need some more, go to into the cave 
and out again to come and collect another.  (By the same token, you 
can also go and get more clover boxes.)

When you are satisfied you have everything you need, float over the 
sliding platforms heading SW and at the end, turn NW.  There is an 
entrance to a cave by the guy with the pick.  Go in and float NW to 
the second island.  Then move SW to the lowest slab of rock.  Climb 
up to the NW and collect the glove, then another clover and a 
crystal.  Go to the lowest slab of rock and float NE till you come 
to some stairs.  Go all the way up and around (protecting yourself 
before the lava flow) and, at the bottom, kill the guy to get a 
key.  Use it to enter the Temple.  Go NE to pick up another fragment 
of the key from the altar and then change to Aggressive mode, 
because this move will anger the locals.  Fight the three who'll 
come at you.  The bowls in the three visible corners of the temple 
give hearts/potions.  Leave and be prepared to fight again.  
Outside, you can drop onto another slab of rock to collect a gem, 
but then you will have to follow the stairs all the way around to 
get back here.  Save and take a running leap and the bridge to the 
right and then run like mad through the next cave.  As you come out, 
drop in the gap and collect another gem.  Kill the guard.  Now you 
can go left and collect some goodies or right and up the stairs, 
braving the guard, and run back to the entrance of the mines.

To the NE you will see the exit, guarded by the dog as before.  To 
the SW, you can get into the packaging section and be delivered, 
probably dead, to the warehouse in the harbour.  You might like to 
try for a bit of fun.  But actually, you don't need to do this just 
now, so get rid of the dog and come out the regular way.

Outside, with the entrance of the mine at your back, follow the path 
to the right, killing soldiers as you go along.  At one point the 
path branches to the SE or to the left, depending of which way you 
are looking at it, and the poster says that this is Ferryman's 
lane.  Leave it for now and continue on the path till you get to the 
village.  The first opening you will see leads to some caves which 
are, in fact, the village.  Keep to the left.

You'll meet an old guy who pines for some tart, and who doesn't.  If 
you keep to the left, you will come to a cosy little home where you 
will be invited for dinner.  Go to the right hand side of the table 
and press Enter.  Watch.  Still, you have a piece of tart.  Go back 
to the old man and give it to him; in return, you get a key.  Go up 
the stairs to the NW; the Temple is just there (you'll see the 
signpost).  Enter and talk to the monk at the altar.  He tells you 
you need the ferryman and to talk to his housemaid.  Leave.

Head for the exit and, before you go out, enter the opening to 
Twinsen's left.  Here you'll find the housemaid and she will teach 
you a song.  You can leave now.  You might like to see the outside 
of the village - for instance, in a sort of pond, kissing a frog 
will produce hearts.  It used to be princes.

Now all you have to do is go to Ferryman's lane, follow it, over the 
bridge, to the open building on the headland and use the song.  The 
ferryman will appear.  Nip down to where you see the lamp post, talk 
to him and cough up 4 gems - and he will take you to...

Mosquibee Island

Jump to the beach, collect the gem and talk to the guy buzzing 
around.  He takes you to the Queen.  Talk to her, show the 
dissidents ring and she will set you a test.

You'll be in a square pit, and balls will start to hit you.  Go to 
the wall on the left, stand in front of the centre hole, turn to 
Aggressive mode and keep striking the space bar.  You'll be 
destroying the balls as they come at you, and eventually you'll get 
a key.  Observe the paths the balls cover and, avoiding them, go to 
the door on the right.  Inside, a weapon. 

You are hailed as one of them by the Queen, who says she will give 
you a key.  Instead, the alarm is given and you go through the only 
opening.  Don't bother to fight the baddies, they just get 
regenerated.  If you can, cast Lightning to clear the decks and have 
a look around.

You will notice the Throne is empty, but a keyhole is quite 
visible.  Run roughly to the SW, casting Protect if you can, till 
you see a red rope going down a hole.  Go N here and through a gap 
in the wall.  Move NW and stand on the lift.  When you come up, walk 
right around the inner centre.  You will see a locked chest and a 
creature.  Talk to him.  Go back a little way to find the stairs and 
go up.  Wear the glove.  Provoke the flying walrus by walking 
towards it and keep pressing ALT.  Eventually you will kill it with 
its own fire balls.  It drops a key - retrieve it with the magic 
ball, go down and open the chest to get another fragment.

Leave the way you came and, when you enter the village, go SW and 
down the rope.  Run to the left to stand on a square wooden platform 
on the beach.  Use the song to call the Ferryman.  Float to the 
ferry and ask to be taken to...

Wannis Island, again

Once there, go back into the caves.  You need to have four gems and 
you must try and have a full complement of clovers.  You know what 
to do.  When you are ready, go to the Packaging Plant.

When you come in, kill the operator and move both levers to the 
right.  Jump into a box and wait.  In the warehouse, jump from the 
smaller crate to the larger and then go up the stairs.

On the roof, press Enter till you can see another hole in another 
roof.  Jump through it and you'll find yourself in jail with the 
Queen.  Talk to her and she will give you the key.  Walk to the left 
window and dispatch the two guards, then hit the lever to open the 
door.  Leave.  You'll see you are just going through to the Bank.  
Kill the soldier, go through the door and kill the other one.  When 
you get towards the exit, cast Lightning to kill everybody, and 
collect everything they drop before you leave.  It's worth getting 
yourself killed just to have full magic points and be able to cast 
Lightning.  Indeed, it's the only way you can cope against so many 
enemies - bear in mind this strategy for other situations like this 

Anyway, it's back to the ferry and to...

Mosquibee Island, again

Get to the village up the rope and go to the throne by keeping to 
the SE.  You will see the throne is now occupied.  Cast Protect and 
bash away at the nasty, preferably drawing him where he is being hit 
by the two guards.  When you've done, cast Protect again (you will 
have collected some potions when the nasty dies) and run to the 
throne.  Use the key and go through and onto a lift.

CX Islot

Go to the right and kill the soldiers - alternatively, let them kill 
you and cast Lightning.  Get the key and go through.  Use the 
jetpack and go E and onto the platform with the lever.  Again, wear 
the glove and provoke the swimming walrus by walking forward.  Once 
you've killed it, use a ball against the dragon.  Wear the jetpack, 
throw the lever and get quickly across to the door to the N.

Kill everybody, preferably with a Lightning spell and go right, up 
the stairs and collect the key.  Go quickly through the door to the 

Kill the soldier, cast Protect and move NW to turn the wheel, then 
up the stairs and through the door.  No point in fighting the 
guards, you can't kill them.  Run towards the NW, turn the wheel and 
go through.  Kill the soldier - you should get a clover.  Get the key 
from the box and then use the jetpack to float SE.  Kill the 
soldiers outside, go in through the locked door and kill the other 
soldier.  Go to the N East and use the lift.

Watch.  Kill the Emperor and collect his key.  This has unfortunate 
effects, but never mind.  Kill the other soldier in the room, open 
the seat with the lock and get the sword - use it immediately (and 
leave it permanently equipped from now on), because you are about to 
be attacked by one of the Emperor's guards.  When you've killed him, 
get on the lift.

You come outside.  Don't bother with the ship you'll see parked 
nearby.  Go to the doors of the central building and kill the guard 
to get the key.  Get back in.  Go NW and turn the wheel, go up the 
stairs and inside and kill the guards - one of them has a key which 
will let you into the door to the N.

Go through and up the stairs and kill the other guard - go up the 
stairs and get the travel token.  Fight your way back to the ship 
outside and use the token.  You will be deposited by the Palace.

Fight your way in; one of the guards has a key to open the door.  
Once inside, you will have to fight/open chests to get keys - keep 
going to your right.  Eventually you will come to a long corridor.  
Fight all the guards and come close to the statue, which turns out 
to be a king-size monster.  Yet I killed it without too much 
difficulty.  You get the last fragment of the key and the last level 
of magic.  Get back exactly the same way you came in.

Now you will have to run for the harbour - you know the way.  Get 
the hovercraft to...

Celebration Island

Get into the temple and use the key on the centrepiece.  Go outside 
and watch.  The Dark Monk gets revealed as FunFrock.  When he has 
done his bit, go to the columns to the right of the Temple.  
Starting from the shortest furthest away, jump from one column to 
the next, onto the book, onto the hand and one more jump will get 
you inside the hollow statue.  Save immediately.  Fight/run to the 
left.  If things get too sticky, cast Lightning.  Go to the monitors 
to the left and turn them off in this order:  2, 1, 4, 3.  Then pull 
the red lever to the right.  All the magicians get freed.  They then 
proceed to make a hole in the fence for you to get in.

Stand on the lift and go up.  Watch.  Go down the lift and run to 
the next hole to the SW.  In the next level, you will notice a 
locked gate to the W.  You have to go to the SE, down some stairs 
and slaughter the green elephant.  He has the key.  Go back up and 
go through the locked gate, stand on the lift to the NW and go 
down.  In the next level, the same thing, more or less - a green 
elephant has the key to the next gate.  You finally catch up with 

I couldn't get to him before he cut the chain (not enough magic 
points/clovers left) but in any case I don't think you are meant 
to.  Kill FunFrock and advance to the edge of the lava.  Watch.  
Jerome has saved the children.

Watch the finale past the last credits.  A bit soppy, but fun.

What a tremendous game!  Brilliant!  Roll on LBA 3! 

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