The game starts with the dead of your master and you are to perform
a task about which you will find out later. Now you're in a hut.
There's an oil lamp here. It might come in handy when you're in the
dark so take it. Now search the old geezer. He has some loot. A scroll
will drop out. Read it. You'll find "the word for the lake". Think
you're done here. No! the old geezer has more. You'll find an iron
key. (Always handy to have keys) and a postcard. The postcard is no
yoke. It has an uncancelled stamp you'll need later, but for now
you can't get it of so pocket the postcard. Now we can go out. 
north that is. We'll arrive at the forest. Nothing interesting here,
so go further north. We'll see more forest. Ever climbed the trees
when you were young? practice! You'll find an egg and a feather 
both of which you'll need later. Continue west and arrive at the
cliff top. Oh let's go south for a moment and try the "word for the
lake". The rod can produce a rainbow like in any good old adventure
game. For now it's empty, it needs a recharge. So pocket it and
go north, and follow the cliff northeast. There's a lighthouse we'll
search through. At the bottom floor there's a cheez key. Leave it.
Examine the machine instead. The machine itself is of no use, but
there's a bronze plate somewhere we'll need. Look also under the
machine. There's a scroll with the formula for gold. Memorize the
formulat but don't take the scroll. We've already got enough to carry.
Now go up. There's a lighthouse lamp with a secret container in the 
brick foot. Pull the loose brick and a pair of oven gloves will
drop out. Take'm. go down, sw, and east. We're back at more forest
Now go northeast. You're outside the cheez pig in. Go in. You're ..
The bar patrons are of no interest. (Though it's possible to have
them killed later on) Look behind the bar. There's a counterfeit
coin and a health notice. The coin is necessary, the health notice
can be dropped. While we're here go ne to the back room. The bucket
you find there has two purposes in the game so take it. Loaded with
loot we'll find our way back to the forest, and go ne from there.
We'll arrive at the peacefull glade. There's an iron grating there
that's locked. Which key will fit? Right. Open the grate drop the key and go
down (don't forget the lamp!). 
Here there's some inscription on the wall which reveals 
the goal of the game, finally. Now that we now that we might
start exploring the caves. First go south. The mountain king
who used to dine here forgot to eat some meat. Don't eat it yourself
we need it to kill something. Let's do that first. We'll go north 
and north to the branching tunnel and then go west. There's a monster
in the natural cave. Give it the meat it will choke on it. Are we done? 
No! the monster has some loot. Now we'll go east and northeast and then 
to the side cave. Under the rubble you'll find a sword which can
provide light. Why take it? We have the lamp. Yes but the lamp
may not last forever. Go back to the fork. There's a path south
and we might as well take a look in the pillar cave. What's on
top of it? Alas it's not the orb of studiosity. It's your job
to bring the real orb there. We find our way back to the hall
of the mountain king. Let's first go west and read for a while
about the great beaver. Now this is not a fake story, so 
remember the essentials. Go back to the hall of the mountain king.
South of here is the kings treasure room which is garded by a
mean droll. The droll is strong but his eyesight is poor so we
can fool him. Wear the collar you took from the beast, and
walk south. The troll will not interfere (now) with our opening
the chest. Find a sceptre and a piece of animal skin. They are
both needed, but the sceptre is not needed until the very last
moves of the game so if the load gets too heavy we might leave it
in the hall of the valley king. You can also drop the collar there.
North and se is the way to go to arrive at the curving
hallway. There's a guardian of the king suspended in the air.
Examine it. It tracks it's pray by heat. You cannot escape it
unless you can divert it to another heat source. Got it. Yes.
So first try to walk south. The guardian will stop you. Now 
go back northwest. The guardian will follow you. Drop the lamp.
The guardian will kill it (and itself) and the way is clear.
Your load is now light enough to pick up the sceptre again.
We can go se again and south, west, and west, and arrive at
the entrance to unnkulia. If we go west we'll find a chasm.
(Try the rod for fun). 
We cannot cross it (yet) but we can
climb down and down again to arrive at a particular hot spot.
Save the game. The number of moves in hot spots is very limited
and you might have to try again.  Wear the gloves first.  
Put the egg on the hot spot. Try holding the
postcard in the steam. Take the stamp. Take the fried egg.
Go up again, and up again, east and south. We're at the other
shore of the lake. First go west, and up the steep path to
arrive at the clearing. There's a mailbox here with an order form.
One of the items on the order form we'll need later, so lick
the stamp, put it on the order form, put the form in the mailbox
and close the mailbox. Now we direct our attention to the hut.
Enter and take the loaf of bread. It's nutrition we'll need 
later on. (The fried egg is for someone else). The silver key
cannot (yet) be obtained so leave it there. Go back to the shore
and follow the sw path up to the monastry. The old monk you'll
find inside is particularly fond of eggs (ask him about it) 
When you give him the egg he'll grant your wish to visit the
temple. Leave the gloves here we don't need them any more.
Inside the temple there's an altar with a hole in it.
Put something in? No get something out! First put the bronze 
plate on the altar and then examine. When the stone shoots out,
a disc will come loose from the plate, and it's better counterfeit
than the other coin. Take it and leave. Outside we'll follow the
path once more up the trail. The giant boulder does not only provide
a view, but can also be tipped over the edge to destroy either the
monastry or the hut. Choose the hut (remember the key). Now we
go down and find our way back to the clearing. Has the mail arrived
yet? If it has take the jade elephant. From the cottage ruins we
obtain the silver key. Now we're all done here so we find our
way back to the chasm. Go down again and down again and enter
the rocks through the tunnnel northeast. Through the other exit
we arrive in the maze. Sort the maze out for yourself. Go up
and down often to arrive at the tiny cave. Here we find the machine that will 
recharge our wand. Follow the instructions, but for money use the
disc from the bronze plate (it will not accept the Acmid). 
Be carefull to go sw a lot to fin your way back to the fissure and the 
chasm. Other exits lead into the maze which has nothing of interest. At
the top of the chasm we can wave the rod and grow a rainbow.
Before we cross it we go back to the entrance to
recover the axe there. The axe cannot be brought to the 
west side of the chasm (try it) but we can fool the guards.
Put it in the bucket and cover the bucket. No one can check
the inside of the drum, so we'll cross the bridge to
the west side of the chasm. Down the south end of the hallway
we'll find an enourmous door to which a tiny silver key fits and
we enter the alchemists alcove. drop the key.
Here the formula for gold might come
in handy. Alas there are no bird's gizzards. At the north end of
the hallway we'll find enourmous giant foots. Try to tickle them.
Drop the feather.  Wait there's a hole in the ground. Down and south 
we'll find the birds gizzards. We'll make gold later. (or do we?) 
and south we're in the salesmans office. The salesman is very cross with you 
for fooling the machine. Offer him payment. He'll be happy and leave
loosing card! Take the credit card north and ne. 
While we're here we might as well play the drum. It reveals another
opening, but through the opening there's nothing interesting. We need
the points though. Instead go north. Now here's a lock we can pick
(with the credit card) Enter the east gate and find a...giant mouse.
Don't try to pat the mouse, it kills you. Instead show the image of
its old nemesis and it will flee like hell. In the mouses nesting 
there's a cubic object we'll need. Take it and leave. It's time
to make gold (or is it?) and we'll find our way back to the alchemists
alcove. Remember how to make the gold powder? Make it! But do not
poor it on the lead. Gold is fine but with gold we'll never reach
the gold. Go sw to the alchemists bedroom and find the formula for
the black powder. Now we'll make that instead (the iron ore is in
the read vial). Take the black powder and the plant pieces (remember
the library?) an go back to the square chamber. There's an enourmous
yellow door here. What is it made of? Of course. Cheez. It's eddible
(well almost) Eat it and be brave. You'll spill the contents of
your stomach and go hungry but that's why we bring the bread. 
At the other end of the hall of the deamons we'll go north and
find a room of light. The light is deadly but is brought forth 
by a crystal in the western wall. Put the black powder in the
hole and kill the crystall. Now go south and south and arrive
in the dungen. There are several objects of interest here, but
the one needed for the game is the chopping block. Chop!
Some pieces of cedar wood will fall off. Take them. Remember
the library? Now it's time to find the beaver. Eat the plant pieces
and arrive in a strange dream. The beaver loves the cedar chips and
rewards you with a knob. Wander around you will invariably end up
west of chasm. Find your way back to the square room and go north.
There's no light to prevent you to enter the vault of unnkulia north.
Now this vault has a strange podium. It needs power first so look
behind it and plug it. You cannot turn the stem on top of it. But
we have a knob to put on the stem, and we can turn the knob. Now
put the cube in the hole and push the button. Bingo the vault
will open. Inside we just have to balance the scales. Which object
was heavy? Oh yeah, the sceptre. Now that the scales are balanced
we can take the orb and run back to the pillar cave. Oh no the
unnkulian warrior drops from the ceiling. Shal we fight? Not a
chance. Just stay kuul and walk back to the pillar cave. The
warrior will follow you but not hurt you. When you take off the
basket ball and put the orb in its rightful place the powers that
be will take care of the warrior. Congrats. You've won.

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