The Feeble Files Walkthrough



Listen to the (three) messages on the HoloMail Machine. The 2nd message advises you that your Bike is repaired, and activates it's return to the outside the building. Pick up the Doll and then place it in the Broken Teleport to enlarge it. Take the Leather Jacket off the enlarged Doll. Open the Locker Door and remove the Helmet. Wear the Leather Jacket – your Lab Coat is retained in ORACLE. Go outside and get on the Bike.


Enter the Bar. Speak to the Protestor – he tells you about a petition to ban the music of a group known as 'The Loyal Citizens' (TLC). Take the Protest Leaflet from him. Speak to the Pilot – he tells you that he is a freighter pilot transporting musical discs by TLC. Talk to Delores – she offers you 400 credits to deliver a package to METRO PRIME (in the Alleyway near the NewsStand). Accept the offer and get the Package.


Remove the Doll from the Broken Teleport. Put the Protest Leaflet in the Broken Teleport and enlarge it. Pick up the enlarged Protest Leaflet.


Go to the Alleyway near the NewsStand. Knock on the Door to deliver the Package and get paid with Credits. Go to the Observation Dome. Insert Credits in the Vending Machine (on the right). The Vending Machine is faulty. Repeat three times until you kick the Vending Machine – this activates access to the Omni Brain Centre enabling you to confess. Go to the Omni Brain Centre. At the Confessional confess to kicking the Vending Machine– this activates the Traitor Alert Station. Insert the Protest Leaflet (it must have been enlarged) into the Traitor Alert Station – a new Directive Update is activated with the Enforcer in Dave’s Space Bar.


Talk to the man in the Vid-Phone Booth – he asks for a Light Wave Soda. Enter the Bar. Talk to the Enforcer and ask him about Directive Updates. Tell him about the Pilot’s freight. The Enforcer wipes out the Pilot, who drops his Docking Pass. Pick up the Docking Pass. Talk to Dave, the barman, and order a Light Wave Soda.


Give the Docking Pass to the Pilot and Docking Controller in order to resolve their argument. This also enables the shipment of chemical supplements to arrive at the Pill Shop. Go to the Pill Shop and talk to the Shopkeeper. Buy Charisma X and Old Pills from the Shopkeeper.


Put the Old Pills into the Light Wave Soda, and then give the Light Wave Soda to the man in the Vid-Phone Booth. He becomes aggressive with his lover and leaves.


Go to the Vid Phone Booth and try talking to the Unhappy Citizen (the woman who was talking to the man at DAVE’S SPACE BAR). A HappyBot appears and obliterates the Unhappy Citizen. Go to the Ministry Headquarters. Swallow the Charisma X and then talk to Molly (the receptionist) who tells you to enter at any time. Return to the Vid Phone Booth and change into the Lab Coat (first try to ‘wear’ it and then ‘use’ it on the Vid Phone Booth). You are now able to enter the lift in the Ministry Headquarters. The Minister sends you to CYGNUS ALPHA for personality restructuring.


You find yourself inside a Cell. At short intervals you are hypnotised and transported to the Mess Hall, Work Area, Recreation Room and back to your Cell. This cycle is always repeated. The only locations that you are able to do anything in are your Cell and the Recreation Room. Pick the Directive Charter from the table next to the bed in your Cell – you will need it later. Remove the Poster from the wall in the Recreation Room, together with the Tacks that pinned it to the wall.

To escape from your Cell:

1) open the Sanitation Unit;

2) put the Tacks on your bed (this will wake you from your sleep);

3) sleep on the bed – you will wake when an attempt is made to hypnotise you;

4) remove the Tacks and lie on the bed again – the Prison Warden (droid) thinks you are asleep;

5) the Prison Warden (droid) will enter your cell to investigate, leaving the door open;

6) the Prison Warden (droid) will go to the Sanitation Unit to close it;

7) leave your Cell and exit to the right.

You need to get to the Work Area. The Prison Warden (droid) will attempt to find you and must be avoided. Go to the Mess Hall (through Door 11). Fill one of the Bowls at the Dispenser – you now have some Gunge. On the way to the Work Area throw the Gunge at the Cameras (see Map) – this makes it harder for the Prison Warden (droid) to find you.

Once inside the Work Area, also use the Gunge on the Camera in this location. Go to the Chute to the right of the conveyor belt. Examine the Chute and talk to the ‘person’ (Delores) down below. You can pull the lever to start the conveyer belt, but the Prison Warden (droid) will arrest you if you do. A way must be found to deactivate the Prison Warden (droid). Continue talking to Delores (through the Chute) until she tells you about the Rebel VidScreen Channel – this activates the channel on the VidScreen in the Recreation Room. Return to the Recreation Room (through Door 8).

Open the cupboard to prepare a hiding place. Switch the VidScreen on by turning the TV Knob – the alarm goes off. Turn the TV Knob again to set the VidScreen to the Traitor TV channel. Pull off the TV Knob and then quickly hide in the cupboard. The Prison Warden (droid) will enter and try to turn off the VidScreen. With no Knob he will be unable to do so – causing him to malfunction. Go back to the Work Area.

Pull the lever in front of the Chute to start the conveyer belt. You are now able to go down the Chute.

Delores will update ORACLE with the Freedom Fighter’s Database. Pick up 5 Traitor Dolls. Talk to Delores and ask her "What’s that thing you’re fiddling with?". She gives you a Reworked Doll. Return through the Chute and go to the Vent.

Put the 5 Traitor Dolls next to the Vent – then put the Reworked Doll on the Vent. This causes the Vent to explode open, allowing you to crawl through it.


Read the Directive Charter to get the solution to this puzzle:

" the path of enlightenment is not an easy one…

it starts out white, to lighten the night,

red comes next, for with yourself you are vexed,

yellow is humble, for that you must be,

green is clean – eventually,

never look blue or we will shoot you "

Follow the sequence (white, red, yellow, green) to cross the tiles. Initially each coloured tile has a distinctive shape.

As soon as you step on the first one, the tiles continuously change colour – although the shapes remain the same. You must only jump onto a tile when it is both the correct colour and shape. Follow the map below to cross the path.



Open the Cover near the seats in the front of the Spacecraft. Pull out the Wires inside the Cover. Open the Ignition Circuit next to the Cover, then examine it. On the left of the circuit board are 4 Input points, and on the right are 3 Output points. Attach the Wires to the Inputs. The correct Output point for each of the Wires is randomly generated. Begin by connecting Input 1 to Output 1, Input 2 to Output 2, etc. When all 4 are connected 4 ‘beeps’ will be heard. A short ‘beep’ signifies an incorrect connection, while a longer ‘BEEEP’ means a correct connection. Therefore, for example, if you connect Input 1 to Output 1, Input 2 to Output 2, etc. and you hear ‘beep’–‘BEEEP’–‘BEEEP’–‘beep’ then you know Input 2 and Input 3 must be correctly connected – but Input 1 and Input 4 must be changed.


Delores gives you a Remote Control to operate SAM. Follow SAM to the gate at the entrance to the Village. Note that the villagers drop a Spear when they close the gate. Pick up the Spear. The little blue villager who ran away has to be captured. To do this he must be trapped between FEEBLE and SAM. The area between the bridge and the mountain path is the best place to trap him – more specifically, where the Log was. First get SAM to destroy the Log so that the villager cannot get across the river at this point.

Next, position SAM on the bridge, and FEEBLE at the foot of the mountain path.

Follow the villager (as FEEBLE) and manoeuvre him to go to the area where the log was. When he is near this area, move SAM into position – then FEEBLE.



During the conversation with Filbert you get 2 important bits of information:

(1) Filbert controls the villagers with his drugs

(2) He puts the Directory on the table

Try to ‘pick up’ the Rope – ORACLE will untie it. Use the Chemistry Set.


First, have a look at the FORMULA PAGE:

Passive Control Compound formula is:

The only combination that gives A(2) B(3) C(2) D(1) E(1) is: (ABC) = F and (ABE) = I and (BCD) = J

Waste: Any mixture of chemicals resulting in a wrong mix:


Pre-mixed Chemicals: A, B, C, D & E are the only available pre-mixed chemicals.

is the only formula that uses only pre-mixed chemicals in it.

Using a process of ‘trial and error’, only one combination produces a successful result:

Chemicals B and C are now known

Now work out what A, D & E are.

Again using ‘trial and error’ attribute all the different combinations to the various formulae:

Chemicals A, B, C, D and C are now known

Now work out what F, G, I, H, J, K & L are.


You know that the formula for making a Passive Control Compound is F, I and J – but you don’t know whether to use a ‘HOT’ or a ‘COLD’ mix.

By trying both you get the following results:

Chemicals F, I and J – with a COLD mix produce the correct mixture

You now have the Chemicals, which is the correct mixture to use as the Passive Control Compound. Pour the Chemicals into the water supply via the Water Cover – this gets the villagers to become passive.


Use the Remote Control to activate SAM, and move him to inside the village.


Use SAM to analyse the Great Big Statue – this reveals a Gem in the statue’s one eye. SAM uses his tractor beam to take the Gem.


Press the top button (next to the Teleporter) to open the statue door.


Manoeuvre SAM into the Teleporter.


Press the bottom button (next to the Teleporter) to engage the Teleporter, getting SAM inside. Examine the Directory – finding out that the operator can change a listing status. Call the operator on the Telephone and select the "I want to cancel my unlisted number status" option. Filbert enters to answer the phone, and is overpowered by SAM. Delores tries to use the Teleporter and is changed into an octopus.


Send SAM to the top of the Mountain. Get him to destroy the Bird – it falls to the ground down below. On his way back get SAM to pick up the Bird.



Pick up the God Costume. Use the God Costume in the Projection Machine – the villagers need a Lesser Spotted Tragic Bird for a sacrifice. Go to the broken bridge.


Put the Bird on the rock near the bridge, and then leave the area.

The villages build the bridge in order to get across and fetch the Bird. Cross the bridge and return to the Spacecraft.

Delores gives you Del’s Book, which has instructions for making a ‘Do It Yourself Emergency Transmitter’:

(1) a power source

(2) a focusing crystal

(3) a laser relay

(4) various electrical parts

(5) a high place

Open the Cover on the Spacecraft with the Spear, revealing a Battery (power source). Pick up the Battery. Go back to THE LABORATORY.


Look at the Directory – it now has an advert for ‘FreeCell Laser Relays’. Call the operator on the Telephone and select the "Connect me to FreeCell Laser Relays" option. You will get immediate delivery of a Laser Relay. You now have all the components to build an Emergency Transmitter (the Gem that SAM got from the Great Big Statue is a focusing crystal), so go to the MOUNTAIN TOP.


Give the Battery, Gem and Laser Relay to Delores. She tells you to get SAM to the MOUNTAIN TOP as well. Delores makes the Emergency Transmitter and the 3 of you are rescued and taken back to METRO PRIME.


You are at the Rebel Headquarters, the room in the alley past the NewsStand. Take the Old Newspaper off the wall. Look at the Filing Cabinet – there’s a Dress inside, which you take. You are unable to walk past the NewsStand – your picture and the story of your escape from Cygnus Alpha are on the front page. Go back to the Rebel Headquarters and wear the Dress as a disguise – the Prison Uniform is retained in ORACLE. You can now go to the NewsStand.

Take a New Newspaper from the pile of Newspapers. When the Newspaper Seller tells you to put it back – replace the Old Newspaper in the pile. Read the New Newspaper – 3 sets of Adverts and a Newspaper Article (about you) drop out.

The Docking Controller, due to overdue parking, has clamped your Bike to the Docking Pad.

Go to the Arcade and speak to the assistant in the Kiosk at the entrance. Select the "I’ll just have some tokens, please" option – he gives you some Tokens. Go upstairs and play the Arcade Game. Putting in a Token activates the Game.



This is like ‘Simon Says…’ The sequence in which the Goblins are hit on the head must be repeated. If you ‘number’ the Goblins 1-6, the sequence is relatively easy to follow.

The solution to this puzzle is always the same. Begin with all the red Dwarfs on the one end of the seesaw, and the brown ones on the other. A little bit of shifting around should do the trick.

This is a variation of 3-Card Monte. Hold a pen or pencil up against the screen to ‘trace’ the movement of the hat under which the frog is.

A puzzle based on ‘Battleships’. You have to find the right ingredients and the order in which to put them.

One of the near ‘impossible’ puzzles. All the gold coins must be the same way ‘up’.

A memory game. You must flip over all the identical pairs; one at a time.

For the 1st ‘win’ you get 5 credits; for the 2nd you get 20 credits and for the 3rd you get 100 credits. You need a minimum of 240 credits to complete both the remaining games in the Arcade. Go back downstairs to the Grabber Machine.


Each game costs 20 Tokens. The ‘grab hand’ must be moved to the left (directly above the Fish) then down and eventually dropped to ‘grab’ the Fish. Repeat to get the Wild Cat.


Go back and talk to the assistant in the Kiosk (you must have at least 200 Tokens remaining) – select the "What’s that big new machine there?" and "Can I have a go at that Super Virtua Challenge 4 machine, Citizen?" options. He takes you to the Super Virtua Machine, you play and win. Return to the assistant in the Kiosk who will give you a Zoo Ticket.

Enter the Zoo and talk to the Tourist. He gives you his Camera and asks you to take a photograph of him. Set the Flash Control to maximum before pressing the Button. While the Tourist is blinded you quickly leave the Zoo, taking the Camera with.

Return to the Rebel Headquarters and talk to Del (and SAM). Select the "My space bike has been clamped. What am I going to do?" option. This activates Gardum – who is hiding outside the Ministry Headquarters.

Talk to Gardum – he tells you he’ll create a diversion and you must watch for a Cargo Freighter (KICK A55) to arrive.

Got to the Airlock, which is at the extreme left inside the Observation Dome. The Airlock controls work as follows:

Note the ‘Stand Here Spot’ – it is important for later. Turn off the pair pressure (blue button) and the open the airlock (green button). Use the Camera to look through the porthole – you see KICK A55 docking. This will activate the Wurbles’ Freighter in the Docking Area.

Go to the Docking Pad and open the Saddle on your bike – there is a Wurble hiding inside.

Read the description of WURBLE in the ENCYCLOPEDIA function in ORACLE:




Go to the Docking Administration Office. Open the Locker Door and put the Wurble and the Wild Cat inside the Locker. Note that if the Docking Controller interrupts you, return to complete this task. Close the Locker Door – the Docking Controller enters; opens the Locker and is killed by the ‘now-multiplied’ Wurbles. Pick up his Keys that are lying on the floor.

Unclamp your Bike with the Keys.


There’s a Guard (Bounty Hunter) at the entrance. Talk to him – he tells you that he’s under orders to capture Feeble. He gives you his Bounty Hunter’s Card.


Open the Trunk – you get a Space Hopper and a Bicycle Pump. Try using the Bicycle Pump to inflate the Space Hopper – the Bicycle Pump breaks leaving a Tube, a Metal Bar and a Valve. Take note of the number above the door – 7829353 (needed later).



Go to the aid of the Broken Down Biker (SonTwo) and tow him to DAVE’S SPACE BAR. Talk to him – he will give you a bottle of Miracle Mud and enter the Vid-Phone Booth to call the SVA. Read the description of MIRACLE MUD in ORACLE’S ENCYCLOPEDIA (FREEDOM FIGHTERS DATABASE):

…leaves a huge unremovable mess on anything it is applied to…

Look at the Salesman’s Bike – the alarm goes off and he switches it off. Repeat this (3 times) and SonTwo will believe the alarm is faulty. He leaves it off and goes to the Bar for a drink. Now look at the Salesman’s Bike – the Tow Cable is visible and you can take it.


Use the Metal Bar to open the Doors, and enter the OmniClub. Switch on the DJ Console as follows:

1) pull the Master Control

2) insert the Tube into the Broken Handle to fix the Bar Light Master Switch

3) pull the Bar Light Master Switch

Pressing the Blue Spotlight Control turns the blue spotlight both on and off. Note that the spotlight appears to be faulty. Keep turning it on and off until the Blue Filter falls out. Pick up the Blue Filter. Press the ‘Play’ button (on the barlight sequence) – the light moves from Stool to Stool. Press the ‘Stop’ button to freeze the light on a particular Stool. Keep trying different Stools until you freeze the light on the Loose Stool, i.e. the 2nd from the left.

Pick up the Bar Stool.


Go to the Omni Brain Centre to confess. Select the "I’m the wanted escapee, Feeble and I’m NOT turning myself in" option – this activates a new announcement from the Omni Brain (see later). Go to the Air Supply unit – attached to the wall of the Arcade. Fix the Space Hopper with the Miracle Mud. Attach the Valve to the Space Hopper, then fill the Space Hopper with air from the Air Supply.

Listen for the new announcement from the Omni Brain – that FEEBLE has won a prize for the ‘confession of the cycle’. If you have not yet heard it, walk around METRO PRIME until you do. Don’t collect the prize; walk around until you hear that your deaf friend Phoebe) has collected the prize.

Go to the Confessional in the Omni Brain Centre and pick up the Jumper.

Go to the Airlock to make a replica of Feeble on the ‘Stand Here Spot’.

1) Put the Bar Stool on the ‘Stand Here Spot’ – legs

2) Put the Space Hopper on the Stuff – head

3) Wipe the Stuff (the messed Miracle Mud on the Space Hopper) with the Jumper

4) Put the Prison Uniform on the Stuff – body

5) Put the New Newspaper on the Stuff – face

6) Press the red button to close the Airlock

7) Press the blue button to de-pressurise the Airlock

8) Put the Blue Filter on the Porthole to give the Feeble replica true colouring

Use the Bounty Hunter’s Card on the Vid Phone Booth to telephone the Bounty Hunter and tell him about Feeble in the Airlock.


Listen to the 2 new messages from you mother on the HoloMail Machine. In the 2nd message she tells you that your Grandfather’s ‘place of rest’ is coming by.


Examine the Coffin. The holographic projection of you Grandfather tells you that in order to get your full inheritance you must [prove yourself worthy]. Open the Drawer – you get Paper and Spray Paint.


On the wall outside the Rebel Headquarters is a Symbol. Put the 3 sets of Adverts on top of the Boxes. Use the Spray Paint to paint the Symbol. Use the Paper to get a copy of the Symbol.


Copy the symbol on the Paper onto the Symbol on the floor. The holographic projection of your Grandfather will appear again and give you the wrong inheritance – a Magnetic Swipe Card and a Screwdriver.


Open the Drawer with the Magnetic Swipe Card to reveal a Coin and Photo. Pick up both the Souvenir Coin and Photograph.


Study the Exhibits in the Zoo carefully – there are clues to the ‘current stardate’.

Go to the Observation Dome. Insert the Souvenir Coin into the Vending Machine (on the left) – this will release the jammed Credit in the Vending Machine. Insert the Credit into the Vending Machine (on the right) to get a Starmap and Activity Pack.


Get the following information from the ENCYCLOPEDIA function in ORACLE:-


1 Click = 100 MiniClicks

1 Cycle = 20 Clicks

1 Period = 460 Cycles

1 Millennium = 1000 Periods

at the start of each millennium the 3 primary planets are in alignment


the 7-digit stardate consists of the cycle number and period number in coded form


the first cycle of each period is called New Periods Cycle

OmniFest is 15 cycles earlier (in the previous period)

Get the following information from the exhibits in the Zoo:-


Discovered in the 2nd Millennium

Introduced into the community on Stardate 1240912

Known: Millennium = 2 Stardate 1240912


Started monitoring the planet in the 250th Period of the 6th Millennium

Further Millennium (250 Periods) settling in period

Permanent post established on Stardate 0102536

Known: Millennium = 6 / Period = 500 (250+250) Stardate 0102536


Discovered on New Period Cycle

Discovered on Stardate 1020416

Known: Cycle = 1 or 001 Stardate 1020416

STARDATE is in the form P3–C1–P2–C2–P1–C3–M, where:

C1 C2 C3 is the 3-digit Cycle number

P1 P2 P3 is the 3-digit Period number (in reverse order)

M is the Millennium

Read the Newspaper Article to get the following information:-

Sent to Cygnus Alpha 34 Cycles ago

Cell discovered empty 13 Cycles later

Escaped 101 Cycles after last period’s OmniFest


Escaped on cycle number 086 (101-15)

This occurred 21 cycles ago (34-13)

Current Cycle is 107 (86+21)

Get the following information from the STATISTICS function in ORACLE:-

Feeble’s S.O.B. (Stardate of Birth) was 7104728

Current Millennium = 8

Examine the Starmap.

Known: At the start of each millennium the 3 primary planets are in alignment.

1) The Starmap (if you look carefully) is divided into 10 segments.

2) The planets PLEBUS, CROESUS, DIO and HALE-BOPP2 are at 600, 900, 900 and 800 respectively.

3) The stardate on the Starmap is 9293648 – therefore the period is 699 (600, 900 and 900).

4) PLEBUS, CROESUS and DIO are the 3 primary planets and indicate the period.

Analyse the Photograph in the same way.

1) The stardate on the Photograph is 6310408 – therefore the period is 416.

2) PLEBUS, CROESUS and DIO at 400, 100 and 600 respectively.

3) Note that HALE-BOPP2 has not moved.

Now use the Telescope to look at the galaxy as it is at present.

1) The 3 primary planets (PLEBUS, CROESUS and DIO) are at 700, 300 and 200 respectively.

2) Therefore the current period is 732.

3) Calculated previously: The current cycle is 107 and the current millennium is 8.



Go to the Ministry Headquarters. Use the Intercom on Molly’s desk to talk to the Minister – he wants a cup of OmniCofe. Pick up the OmniCofe Cup and pour some Miracle Mud into it. The Guard can be distracted by giving him the Activity Pack. Enter the lift to get to the Minister’s Office. The Minister will drink your prepared concoction; he collapses and you send him to Cygnus Alpha in the same way as he did to you. Slide the Magnetic Swipe Card through the Encoder.

Enter the JUNKSHIP NUMBER (7829353) as the I.D. CODE and the CURRENT STARDATE (2130778) as the DATE CODE – as per the graphic on the right. The Magnetic Swipe Card is now encoded for access to the JUNKSHIP.


Attach the Tow Cable to the Car to secure it to the JUNKSHIP. Use the Magnetic Swipe Card to open the door, and enter inside. Pull the Lever to disengage the Big Magnet. When you exit you are able to drive off in the Car. Note that there appears to be a need for some sort of repair to the Car.


Unscrew the Numberplate on the Salesman’s Bike with the Screwdriver. Now put the Numberplate onto the Car. The SVA (previously called by the Salesman, SonTwo) will arrive to repair the Car. Fetch Delores and SAM and head off to intercept the Prison Coach.


In order to capture the Prison Coach Delores must:



Major Benson talks about the attack on the Company Central Command Compound (CCCC) situated on the planet Aldoria Major. Go through the door on the left to get to the Icy Bunk. Sleep on the Icy Bunk. When you wake everybody but SAM has already left.

Try to open the door on the right – SAM fires at it, leaving some Small Metal Discs on the floor. Pick up the Small Metal Discs.

Go to the Strange Machine (Burpy Liquid Machine) through the left door and insert one of the Small Metal Discs. After drinking the Cola you are left with an Empty Can.


Try to walk to the front of the CCCC – you hide and watch the 2 Apprehender Droids having a conversation. The left droid, PEG, will eventually go on patrol. When PEG has passed, go to the posts and put the Empty Can on one of the posts.

Also, close all 3 the outside vents (needed for later).

Keep trying to walk to the front of the CCCC until PEG goes on patrol again. Seeing the Empty Can on the post, PEG thinks it's a shooting range and fires at it. While PEG is occupied, use the Screwdriver to disable her. Look at the disabled Company Robot (PEG) – her circuit boards will be visible. Remove the blue Circuit Board (PEG'S Personality Board) and the green Circuit Board (PEG'S CPU Board). Now use the Screwdriver to disable SAM. Look at SAM and remove the 2 same corresponding Circuit Boards.

Insert the blue Circuit Board (SAM'S Personality Board) and the green Circuit Board (SAM'S CPU Board) into the empty slots in PEG – making a Newlook SAM. Activate the Newlook SAM. Talk to him and tell him to find a way into the CCCC – he goes to the front entrance of the CCCC. Manoeuvre him into the Turbolift and select the Maintenance Area destination.


Get the Newlook SAM to push the lever (inside the Maintenance Area) 3 times – the flow of the air ventilation being blown to the outside vents will be at maximum.


The force of the air ventilation (at maximum) causes the closed vent (nearest to where you arrived) to burst, leaving a Deep Hole.


Get the Newlook SAM to pull the lever (inside the Maintenance Area) 3 times – the flow of the air ventilation being sucked from the outside vents will be at maximum.


Go down the Deep Hole to the ventilation shaft. 'Move forward' twice, 'Turn left' then 'Move forward' twice to get to the Maintenance Area.


The Newlook SAM and WCDF (the other Apprehender Droid) engage in battle. After the battle turn SAM off. Cross the metal walkway. Examine the Grenades and note that they are miscellaneous explosive devices. Pick up (a few) Grenades. Take the Jacket – you get an Engineer's Jacket and a Class B Pass. The Class B Pass enables you to use the Turbolift. Use the Screwdriver to remove the Metal Plate from the Mangled Robot.

Take the Brain Slime (pink liquid) from inside the tank in the Brain Room – you will also get a Chain.

Talk to the Gokky Rebel in Interrogation – he tells you that Gardum is on the surface. This will also activate Mandrin. Talk to Mandrin – he drinks the Brain Slime and in appreciation gives you a Key.

Examine the Fire Extinguisher in Research and Testing – it's for use on dry ice. Take the Fire Extinguisher. Switch off the Antimatter Weight, then take it.


Go to the Car – Gardum will be standing there. After talking to you, Gardum turns himself into a liquid metal form.


Open the Cabinet (next to the Burpy Machine) with the Key – you get a Stretchy Rope.


By examining the Grenades you know that they are miscellaneous explosive devices – perhaps some of them contain knockout gas. If so, a way must be found to use the gas on the Interrogators. The Ventilation System runs throughout the CCCC, as well as to the surface. Vents are visible on the surface, in the Brain Room and in Research & Testing. Therefore, assume that there is similarly a vent (or vents) in Interrogation. You also know that the lever in the Maintenance Area controls the Ventilation System.


The Surface


2 of the vents were closed previously. Use the Fire Extinguisher on Gardum – he freezes up. Roll the Frozen Gardum onto the Deep Hole to close it.

The Brain Room

The Ventilation Shaft is accessed from the Maintenance Area (to the right of SAM). To get to the Grill ‘Look up’, ‘Move up, ‘Turn left’ twice then 'Move forward' twice. Tie the Chain to the Stretchy Rope – then lower it through the Grill into the Brain Room. To return to the Maintenance Area ‘Move forward, ‘Turn left’ then 'Move forward' twice. To reach the lever in the Brain Room first pull the Rope & Chain and tie it to the floor ring. Attach the Antimatter Weight to the Rope & Chain, then switch it on – the Rope & Chain becomes a Bungee Rope. Pull the Bungee Rope, then switch the Antimatter Weight (Weight) off again to release the Bungee Rope and 'shoot' yourself up to the lever. Lastly, pull the lever to close the Grill (vent).

Research & Testing

Pressing the Button closes the vent.


It is assumed that any vents in this area will still be open.

Maintenance Area

Set the Ventilation System to 'SUCK' mode by pulling the lever.

Research & Testing

Throw the Grenades at the Firing Range. Continue doing this until one of the Grenades releases gas instead of exploding.


Research & Testing

The gas from the Grenades will be 'sucked' into the Ventilation System through the extractor fan in the Firing Range. The extractor fan must be sealed – it is also accessible from inside the Ventilation Shaft. To get to the Fan in the Ventilation Shaft (from the Maintenance Area) ‘Look up’, ‘Move up then 'Move forward'. Attach the Metal Plate to the Fan. To return to the Maintenance Area ‘Turn right then 'Move forward' twice.

Maintenance Area

The gas will be visible here. Set the Ventilation System to 'BLOW' mode – the gas will now be blown into Interrogation (the only place to have open vents).


Take the Class A Pass out of the pocket of one of the Interrogators. THE TEMPLE is now be accessible from the Turbolift.


Read the Book on the Chest – it's a History Book and gives some story background. Open the Chest – you get an Axe. If you try using the Axe on the OmniBrain, Major Benson appears. Before Major Benson can kill you – jump behind the OmniBrain. Major Benson will kill the OmniBrain by mistake. Push the OmniBrain off the stand and go to the ETERNITY CAPSULE.


Talk to the Body (The Founder) – this activates the Computer. Use the Computer:

A Walkthrough by Malcolm Schmidt

Courtesy of Malcolm Schmidt

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