Simon The Sorcerer II (PC) Walkthrough By Loopy ([email protected])
                                Version V1.2

This walkthru will detail in some depth the steps you need to take to clock
the game. Be warned, I have been known to write in great detail so that this
walkthru will be very long.


(BTW, To skip the intro, press F5.)

Simon meets Calypso and Alix and after the discussion, it can be learnt that,
to get Simon back to his original world, he needs to find the Mucusade.

Once you get control, go back inside and pick up the Baseball Bat (next to
the cupboard), Dye (on the shelf to the right of the screen) and, if you want
to, hurl a few insults at Alix while you're there. Once done, leave the Magic
Shop and head north (this is known as "leaving the scene" and I'll be using
this phrase a lot throughout this walkthru, so make sure you get used to it.)
Go to the Town Square and talk to the Dancers. Simon will decide to watch for
a bit. After a while, one of the Dancers' sticks will break. Give the
Baseball Bat to the Dancers and watch the EXTREMELY painful scene. If you're
a female, you probably won't feel the pain as much (and I'm not being sexist
- honest!) Leave the scene by going east and head to the Castle. Try to get
in and find out that you're going to have to bribe the guards before you can
get in. They'll explain the currency and here's what they say:

1 Dollar = 256 pence
16 Pence = 1 Grout
64 Pence = 1 Crown
2 Crown = 1 Queen's Shilling
3 Crown = 1 King's Shilling
5 Dollar = 1 Silver Sovereign
3 Silver Sovereign = 1 Gold Sovereign
45 Dollar = 1 Royal Crest

Now, go to the Street of Traders, pick up the Poster for the Dance Instructor
and talk to the Ironmonger until he asks for help filling in his Tax Return.
Using the information the guards of the castle gave you, answer his questions
and give him the answers. Or, if you can't be bothered to use your head, here
they are:

1. 1 Gold Sovereign = 3 Silver Sovereigns = 3x5 Dollars = 15 Dollars
2. 16 Grout = 16x16 Pence = 256 Pence = 1 Dollar
3. 1 Gold Sovereign = 15 Dollars. Now since 45 Dollars = 1 Royal Crest, this
   means that there are 3 Gold Sovereigns (3x15) in 1 Royal Crest

After you're done, he gives you a Left-Handed Crowbar. Go to the Pier. Here,
depending on which side of the Pier you chose, you can see either Um Bongo or
Goldilocks (hiding behind some Crates.)

If you see Um Bongo, give him the Poster you picked up from the Street of
Traders and move west to see Goldilocks (she peeks her head from behind the
Crates every so often. Talk to her when you see her head.)

If you see Goldilocks, talk to her. Ask why she's still here. She'll explain
that she's trying to get away from the Three Bears and can't open the Crate.
Use the Crowbar on the Crate. She'll get in and leave behind an Inflatable
Rubber Boat and her Wig (try wearing the Wig, just for fun.) Pick both up. Go
and see Um Bongo if you haven't already done so.

Once you've spoken to both Goldilocks and Um Bongo, exit east or west (it
doesn't matter which way, as long as you leave the scene.)

Right, next, the Three Bears house. Go there, open up the Letter Box and take
the Letter that's inside. Remember, you can't get in because the security is
way too strong. We're going to have to find another way in. Go to the Loan
Office and take out a loan (it doesn't matter which.) When prompted, open the
Manager's Door and go inside. When he dives under his desk to look for the
paperwork, quickly put the Three Bears' Letter on his Inbox. Now, leave and
watch the scene. The Three Bears' house gets bombed. Go there and now you can
enter. Go inside, head for the kitchen (east) and pick up the Rubber Gloves
and turn off the tap -- make sure you turn off the tap LAST. The bears arrive
home and Simon hides in the chimney. They light the fire and he pops out like
a Champagne cork, landing at the Fountain. Leave west and head back to the
Three Bears house. Hand over the Goldilocks wig and pick up the porridge.

Next, the Tattooist. Head there. You'll find it shut. Move the Ladder so it
comes down and climb up it. Open the door and enter. Talk to the Saucepan
Man. The Fish Man gives you a Pad and Pen -- the Saucepan Man's taken a vow
of deafness. Use the Pad when you want to talk to SPM. It turns out that
there's a vacancy for a Porridge Wearer. Wear the Porridge and SPM will give
you a membership pack. Look at it to get all the stuff inside. (BTW: After
this, Simon will NOT wear the Porridge again.)

Okay, next place: MucSwamplings. Simon will chat with the Swampling -- who
doesn't happen to be the real one. Chat with the fake Swampling further, get
the Balloon and Voucher. Now enter the building. Talk to the Tattooist and
the Anorak and use the Voucher with the Waiter at the counter to get the
Kiddie Meal. Look inside to get the contents. Now leave. Note that the
Tattooist said he wasn't going to return to work until the clock said
2 O'Clock.

Head back to the Street of Traders and head into the Joke Shop. Keep
re-entering and talking until you can ask him to make you a Swampling
costume (you'll give him the model of the Swampling that you got from the
MucSwampling Kiddie Meal.) He'll tell you that he can make you the costume,
provided that you can get him some Green Cloth. Leave and talk to the Fat
Bloke. He'll sell you some Cloth on condition you find him a Lamp in an
underground passage. Easy enough. Head to the end and pick up a Lamp. You'll
find the right one later. Head back and talk to the hole where you entered.
The Ladder will drop. Climb it and you'll get the Cloth -- but it's white,
not black. Problem. We'll sort this out later on.

Head to the Magic Competition and sign up. Go inside and talk to all of the
magicians. Hmmm. Seems like tough competition. Better narrow it down. Talk
to the guy with the ear trumpet (he's on the left of the room.) Use the Swamp
Shake on him and you'll tip half of it down his ear trumpet (eeww!) He won't
be able to hear a thing now!

Try to use the Dye (from Calypso's shop) with the cloth and Simon explains
you need to use the dye with some water first. Head to the Fountain and use
the Dye there. The entire Fountain will start spewing green water. Put the
Cloth next to the Washing Lady's Basket and wait for her to wash it, dying it
green in the process. (It's weird that they don't seem to notice the change
in colour of the cloth.) Take the Cloth back to the Joke Shop on the Street
of Traders. Give it the Joke Man and get your Swampling Outfit. Pick up the
Joke Book on your way out (make sure the owner's got the mask on or he'll
see you.)

Head next door to the Pet Shop. All the animals here are the results of two
animals being genetically combined. Use the Rubber Gloves on the Turtle (?)
in the cage on the right of the shop. If you don't, Simon will get a nasty
electric shock (the Turtle has been combined with a group of Electric Eels.)
Make sure you try picking up the Turtle without the Gloves first.

Put the Turtle in the end (one )cage of the Machine (which can split or
combine animals) and push the Lever to the left. Start the Machine (Green
Button) to split the Turtle into a Turtle and some Electric Eels.

Pick up the Turtle (no more electric shocks this time) and the Glow-Worms and
put the Worms into the Cage where you took the Turtle out of. Push the lever
into the other direction and start up the Machine again. You'll find some
super-charged Glow-Worms. The owner comes out and lets you keep the Worms.

Head to MucSwamplings and enter. Wear the Swampling costume and you'll head
out back, into the Kitchen. Go upstairs and you'll find the real Swampling.
Talk to him and agree to get him some Swamp Mud. He'll give you a Bucket for
the Mud. Leave MucSwamplings and go to the Swamp. You'll end up near the Loan
Office -- you can't get any closer. Talk to the Jester and give him the Joke
Book. He'll give you the bladder in return. Nearby, there's a drain cover.
Use the Crowbar to open it. Inside, is a Giant Spider so we need to flush it
out, but where are we going to get so much water? Ah-ha! Um Bongo's Rain

Head to the Town Square and give him the Bladder. He'll start up his Rain
Dance and Simon will get soaked. Head back to the Loan Office and climb down
into the Sewers. The Spider will be gone now. Head left until it goes pitch
black. Use the super-charged Glow-Worms to see in the dark. Keep going left
until you find a Ladder. You'll also find the Spider -- not that it's going
to be a problem anymore. Climb up the ladder. This is the Swamp. Now, to get
Swampy's Swamp Mud.

Head right as far as you can go and use the Bungee Rope with the Railings
nearby and Simon will tie himself up. Next, use the Bucket with the Mud to
get a sample. Leave via the Sewers. Leave the Loan Office scene and head for
MucSwampling. Enter and wear the costume again. Go upstairs and talk to the
Swampling. He'll give you some Swamp Stew (not again...) Leave MucSwamplings
and head for the Street of Traders. Go into the Joke Seller's shop and give
him the Stew. He'll make a Stink Bomb and give it to you.

Now, to eliminate the Magic Competition opponents. Head to the Magic
Competition tent, go inside and use your brand new Stink Bomb. Re-enter the
tent. All but one will remain, the deaf one. Pick up the Spell Book. Since
we've already eliminated the remaining wizard (he can't hear anything,
remember?) Simon's the only one left so he wins and gets the Wizard ID. Head
to the castle and show the ID to the Door Guard who'll let you in.

Inside, you have an argument with the Prince. Once the argument is over, open
and enter the castle door. Head left and you'll speak with the King who asks
Simon to go to the Nursery and make the Baby sleep. Sound easy? Not really...

To make the Baby sleep, we'll need to do several things. First, leave the
Throne Room and pick up the Cymbals. Open up the two doors and go in. The one
on the left has the Sleeping Princess -- we'll deal with her later on. The
one on the right has the Baby we need to shut up. In this room, pick up the
Klaxon and the Football Rattle (both on the floor, near the cradle.) Use the
Wedge on the cradle to ll stop it from rocking. Pick up the Cog from the

Leave the room, head right, right, leave the scene and head for
MucSwamplings. Here, go round back by heading left. Examine the Dustbin here
for a Fishing Rod. Enter and Wear the Swampling Costume like before. Here,
use the Cog you picked up on the back end of the Clock on the wall and it'll
start working again. Leave the back room and you'll notice that the Tattooist
has gone. Go to the Tattooist's parlour and enter. Talk to the Tattooist and
pick up the leaflet on your way out. Head back to MucSwamplings and give the
leaflet to the Anorak Guy (you don't need to wear the Costume this time.)
Head to the Tattooist's again and go in again. You'll be the 1000th customer
and be entitled for a free tattoo. Opt for the "Crown and Swords" one.

Head for the Swamp now and go all the way left (we went right last time to
pick up the Swamp Mud.) Talk to the Lady of The Lake. Use the Fishing Rod
with the Lake to get a Fish (you'll use the Maggot automatically.)

Head to the Castle, go in, and go left all the way to get to the Throne Room.
Here, use the Fish on the Royal Seal. Make your way out (left, right all the
way then south) and head back to the Swamp. Talk to the Lady again and you'll
show her the Royal Seal. She'll take off her gear and leave it behind. Pick
up all her gear and use the Air Tank on the Rubber Dinghy to inflate it. Use
the Dinghy to cross the lake. Walk right and up to the Sword. Pick it up
(which should be no problem, since you've got that tattoo...) Head left, use
the Dinghy to cross the lake again. Now go right and head back to the Castle.
Enter and give the Prince the Sword. He'll trade his Peashooter and Pea for
it. Go left, into the left room (the one with the Sleeping Princess) and use
the Pea on the Mattresses. The Princess will wake up. Talk to her about the
Baby and she'll give you a Lolly.

Go into the Baby's room and give the Lolly on the Baby -- who'll promptly
throw it out of the window. Leave the room, go right and pick up the Lolly.
Head right and down and make your way to MucSwamplings. Enter, wear the
Costume, go up and talk to Swampy. Ask him about his life and kids and talk
to the kids. Give the the Lolly and they'll drop a bottle of Milk which Simon
picks up.

Go left, down, right, leave the scene and head back to the Castle. Go up,
left, into the right-hand room and give the Milk to the Baby -- who promptly
shuts up (finally!)

After silencing the baby, we now have the day off. Head out of the Baby's
Room and go left into the Throne Room. Go right until you reach the King.
There's a door above him. Enter it. You'll go up some spiral steps. Exit
right and walk past the Pentagram. You'll meet the two Demons you sent back
to Hell in the first Simon game (near the end of the game.) Talk to them and
they'll knock you back down the steps. Climb back up, use the Swamp Shake on
the Pentagram (you've still got half left, remember?) and they'll appear
again. This time, they'll get stuck -- severely stuck (this scene completely
cracks me up each time I watch it.) Head downstairs, go left out of the
Throne Room, right all the way and down to leave the scene. Now head for the
Street of Traders. Use the Balloon (from the MucSwamplings Mascot) on the
railings just to the left of where you entered the scene. Simon will tie the
balloon up. Head to MucSwamplings, talk to the Mascot and get another
balloon. Tie this one to the Railings. Repeat again so that you've got three
balloons tied up to the Railings. Simon will be lifted by the three balloons
and end up at the top of one of the Castle's towers.

In the tower, walk onto the rug, drop down and pick up the Mucusade (it's got
the Radioactive symbol on it.) Head into the tube on the right of the screen
to go back to the room with the rug. Head through the window and Simon'll be
dropped out of the sky by a bird. Leave the scene and head to Calypso's.
Here, watch the scene and you'll find yourself on a Pirate Ship. We need to
get off here and get the Mucusade back!

First, to get rid of these damned chains. Use the Spell Book and pick up the
Skull next to Simon and you'll get an Eye Patch. Next, try to go upstairs.
After the scene, you'll end up in the Captain's Cabin. Look at the Diary from
the table behind you and you'll get the Post Card. There are 3 stuffed
Parrots in here (on the shelf to the right of the screen.) Pick up one and
leave by going left. Next, open the door behind you (not the one you came out
of, but the other one.) You'll see someone sleeping in a hammock. There's a
knife here (at the foot-end of the hammock.) Pick it up and use it on the
Hammock. The guy falls, but stays asleep -- weird. Above the fallen guy is a
Tinder Box. Pick it up and leave the room. Talk to the guy with the Shades
and trade your Eye Patch for the Shades. Go left to the next screen and push
the Pirate that's repairing the ship. He'll end up overboard. Pick up the
Hammer the Pirate was using (Simon will pick up the Nails as well) and the
Plank as well.

To the left is a door. Open it and you'll find yourself back in the place
where you first found yourself on the ship. Talk to the Tough Looking Guy.
Ask if he has a Welding Torch. Head up the stairs and to the right. Use the
Torch on the Chain on deck. The Cap'n will come out and stop you. Use the
plank on the door the Cap'n came out of and use the Torch on the Chain again.
This time, the Cap'n can't stop you.

Open the door and Simon will go down. Pick up the Mucusade and head back up
again. Head left and climb up the Rigging to the left of the main central
mast. You'll end up at the Crow's Nest. Use the Diary's Post Card you picked
up on the Telescope in front of the sleeping Nest Boy and come back down.

Head to the right of the ship, climb the ladder and talk to the Pirate there.
Use the Stuffed Parrot (the one you picked up) with the real Parrot. Now use
the Swamp Gum on the Stuffed Parrot to make it stick. Head left and watch the

When Simon revives on the beach, the only thing you've got is the Save/Load
Post Card -- nothing else (damn.)

What we need to do here is pick up the Mucusade (again) and return to
Calypso's. So, to begin with, pick up the Shovel and go right. Pick up the
Towel (and see that the guy has got our Mucusade.) Talk to the guy with the
Mucusade. Head into the Jungle. Remember that kid? We spotted him at
MucSwamplings a while ago. Give the Balloon to the Kid -- WITHOUT PICKING IT
UP FIRST! You'll get a Shell in return. Pick up the Wooden Pole here and go
right, back to the Beach. Combine the Shovel and the Pole and use the Shovel.
Simon will create a Sand Castle. Now, use the Towel on the Hole you made
whilst making the Sand Castle and use the Shell with the Towel. Aha! A trap!
Go right and talk to the kid again. He'll fall into the trap. Pick up the
Mucusade from his stuff, watch the "Devils & Angels" scene and head into the
Jungle again.

Inside the Jungle, go to the top-left and you'll find a Fierce Dog. Pick it
up (carefully) and continue left, enter the Cafe and talk to the waitress.
Get a free coffee and fall asleep. Get another cup -- which you'll keep for
later. Exit the coffee shop, click on the path below you and you'll walk all
the way round. Exit left. Talk to the Dealer here and ask him "How's it
hanging?" then "Got any salmon?" and then pick up the Whistle from the

Head north further into the Jungle and you'll see a guy tied up on what looks
like a rack. We'll come back later. Go left and use the Dog on the Generator.
Now, go right and pull the lever. Now, use the Whistle and watch happens...
Talk about torture!

Now, head right, go down the path heading left and talk to the Judge. You're
going to take part in a Limbo Contest. How are we going to go that far down?
Cheat, that's how. Use the Whistle and you'll get three Bungas (that's the
local currency.) Go right and talk to the Dealer. You'll end up with some
Caffeine Tablets. Combine the tablets with the Coffee. Go right, right and
enter the Cave -- it's below the Giant Sign. Try to pick up the Bottle and
talk to the Genie. Keep talking until you've used up all dialogue options.
Use the laced Coffee with the Bottle and try to pick it up again. This time,
wish to be returned to Calypso's. Remember a while ago, Calypso and Alix were
being harrassed by those two Demons? Well, enter the shop and watch the

After the scene, Simon will be in the same cell as Alix. Talk to her to find
out a few... uhm, things. Open the door on the right of the cell. Alix will
help by giving you a Hair Pin. Simon will leave and you'll find Runt (from
the intro) chasing... Another Simon? This Simon uses a branch of some sort
and teleports you out of the Goblin Camp.

From here, go right to leave the scene (like before, in the old world.) Head
for the Dark Woods.

In Dark Woods, you'll find the little kid you saw at MucSwamplings and at the
beach. Walk all the way to the right and enter the Cave. You'll step on a Cat
(who runs out of the door.) You'll meet the three Witches -- each with some
part of their anatomy missing. We'll meet them again later on. Leave the
house, go all the way to the left and make your way to the Secluded Hut.
Close the door, pick up the Hanky and three Soda bottles. The Cat you stepped
on earlier on runs into the door when you approach it. Pick it up (it's been
knocked out.) Leave the scene and head for the Volcano Rim. Pick up the
Chemical Spray and the Plant Spotter's Guide Book. Use the Cat with the
Plants -- who'll promptly drool their saliva all over the ground (guess they
weren't taught any manners...) Use the Drinking Straw with one of the Soda
Bottles to empty it and use the empty Bottle on the Saliva. Now, leave the
scene and head for the Goblin Camp.

Use the Saliva you just picked up with one of the Guard's Goblets (either
one, it doesn't matter which.) Now, try to enter the Camp. You'll knock out
the two Goblins. Pick up the Conch Horn (it's on the right-hand side of the
entrance) and enter the camp. Go into the Big Tent and pick up both the
Pepper and the Food Rations inside. Exit and talk to the Elf in the cage and
you'll get a Bottle of Perfume -- which is empty. Again, we're going to
cheat. Use the Pepper with the Elf and then give the Hanky to the Elf (you've
got to be quite quick.) Combine the Soda bottle and the Perfume Bottle and
give this back to the Elf.

Next step, go left and use the Bottle of Soda on the Fire here. Now, be quick
and pick up the Stuff in front of the big Demon. The two Demons will fight.
Make your way out of the Camp, leave the scene and head for the Secluded Hut.
Here, again pick up three Soda Bottles and make your way to the Dark Woods
again. Give the Soda and Food Rations to the kid, watch his belly inflate
(hmm, must have been dehydrated food rations) and pick up the Magnifying
Glass. Head right and have a look at the Antiques on sale. You'll meet a
group of Woodworm -- not the ones from Simon 1, though. These guys have more
of an attitude than the previous ones. Talk to them and give them the wood
from the Elf when prompted. You'll get a set of Wooden False Teeth. Go right
all the way and into the cave with the three Witches. Give the Teeth to the
Witch on the left, the Conch Horn to the one in the middle and the Magnifying
Glass to the one on the right. Watch the scene. Use the Drinking Straw with a
Soda Bottle to empty another bottle and use it with the Potion to get a

Leave the Witches' House and head left until you leave the scene. Head for
the Secluded Hut again. Here, use the Potion on the Role Players. Play with
the remainders and use your own Dice (the one you picked up in the Camp) when
the option appears. You'll get a Catalogue. Leave the Hut and go to the
Goblin Camp. Go left until you pass under the rib-cage of a giant skeleton.
You'll find a large door and two of the Demons that kidnapped Alix. Walk up
to the door and tell them "Are you threatening me?" and then "I'm here on
important business." Simon will pretend to be the Decorator and show the
Demons the Catalogue he picked up from the Role Players. They will let you

Inside the castle, go north into the Eerie Passage and talk to the monster.
Once done, Simon will leave. Pick up the Tapestry from the wall on the right
of the screen. On the left is a stairway, go down it. You'll find a goblin
running, generating the electricity for the castle. Use the Tapestry on the
Sweat underneath the Demon and then use it with the Chemical Sprayer. The
Spray Can will now contain the Goblin Sweat. There's lever just above eye-
level on the screen. Move it. You're completely blind now, but don't worry,
if you can, crank up the Brightness and Contrast knobs on your monitor. If
you don't have any Brightness/Contrast knobs (like me), don't worry, just do
as I say. Click on the right edge of the screen and then in the middle of the
screen (Eerie Passage.) You'll be in the same room as before -- the room with
the big monster. Don't move yet.

Now the tricky part. First, use the Chemical Sprayer to make Simon smell like
a Goblin. Next, wear the Puppy (yes, WEAR the Puppy. Simon will turn them
into slippers. Hehehe... Hush Puppies!) Wear them again and Simon will make
his way past the monster (not that you can see this, of course.)

Okay, we're nearly there. Walk to the left of the screen and Simon will make
his way to the top of the Tower. Here, Simon explains that previously, he
saved himself so to make sure he stays alive, he must go and save himself so
he needs to find the Time Stick -- that branch the other Simon used on him.
On the screen to the right of this screen is a Screw Driver. Pick it up (it's
near the Case and the Palm Reader.) Use the Screw Driver with Sordid's Hand
(it's on that machine which is sitting on all the smoke.) Use Sordid's Hand
on the Palm Reader and pick up the Time Stick. Now, we need to find the past
Simon. Walk left and watch the closing scene....

So, will Simon get his body back? Who knows? Will Simon 3D tell the answer? I
don't know. We'll have to wait and see... If you want to write a FAQ/Walkthru
for Simon 3D when it comes out, let me know. I'd like to hear about it!

               TT    HH  HH  EE        EE      NNNN  NN   DD  DD
               TT    HHHHHH  EEEEEE    EEEEEE  NN NN NN   DD   DD
               TT    HH  HH  EE        EE      NN  NNNN   DD  DD
               TT    HH  HH  EEEEEE    EEEEEE  NN   NNN   DDDDD

   FAQ (C) Loopy ([email protected]) All other (C) Copyrights Acknowledged

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