Inside Grandfather's house.

If you have not guessed from the intro, Spud's grandfather is Santa Clause. In the hall, turn right and 
open the door. Go down the steps. This leads you to the toy workshop in the basement.
	Take a look around at the damage wrecked by Doctor Chilblain. On your left, take the gnome 
and the bellows from the side of the  furnace. Advance into the middle of the room, and turn right. Go to 
the hole in the wall and pick the gnome up from inside. Turn around and go through the door opposite. 
This is the gnome's dormitory; there are three gnomes between the beds. Return to the main room.
	Go through the door on the left of the far wall and turn left. Go through the next door and pick 
up the gnome and the wrench. Return to the main room and go through the last door on the right of the 
far wall. Pick up the gnome from the corner and return to the entrance hall.
	Go through the door on the left wall, next to the grandfather clock. Go down the corridor on the 
left and through the door into the kitchen. Pick up the two bunnies seated at the table and exit back into 
the corridor. Go left and through the door. Pick up the bunny hiding behind the sofa and the CD on the 
table. Exit to the corridor. Turn left again and go through the last door. Use the box under the bed twice 
and the pick up Prancer, the inflatable reindeer. Pick up the bunny by the table behind you, then go 
through the other door in this room, to the ensuite bathroom. Pick up the bunny in the bath and return to 
the entrance hall.
	Go through the door between the two vases and through the door straight ahead, use the wrench 
on the red valves to turn the shower to cold and attract Donner's attention. Talk to her and she will meet 
you at the sleigh. Go back out into the corridor and through the door on the left. Rudolph says he will be 
with you in a minute, but look left and pull the plug. This turns off the computer and Rudolph now goes to 
the sleigh.
	Go back into the corridor and across to the last door, straight ahead. Blitzen is asleep on his bed. 
Look left and use the stereo system to open it, then use the CD in it, this wakes Blitzen up, so you can talk 
to him and get him to go to the sleigh. Now you need to get to the sleigh.
	Go back to the entrance hall and open the door with the large ring by "using" the ring. This will 
let you outside. Look right and walk to the shed. Go inside. Three reindeer stand harnessed to the sleigh, 
but the gnome on the left will tell you that you need four reindeer. Go into the inventory and use Prancer, 
the inflatable on the table, then with the bellows. Use the inflated reindeer with the other harnessed 
reindeer; now you can use the sleigh and leave to rescue your grandfather.

The Tropical Island.

	After Dr Chilblain has destroyed your sleigh and you have survived an impossibly long fall, 
Walk forward along the aisle made by the trees. Up ahead is "Island Oddities" if you go inside, Bluebeak 
will tell you he will swap a look at his treasure map for a bottle of rum. Return to the aisle and go forward 
one, then left, go straight on, then right. Pick up the unicycle from the bottom of the tree, the return to the 
track and continue right. Go forward to the house and talk twice to Jerome Bunny; he wants $10 for the 
pedalo. Go up into the house and get the tool chest. Exit the house and take the track ahead, go right 
when you find the tollbooth, then right again. Pick up Prancer and re-inflate him before returning to the 
track and continue right. Take the next right and you will find Indiana Penguin in front of a suspicious 
looking cave. Take Indiana's bag of sand and enter the cave.
	Continue down the passage until you find the spikes on the right hand side of the wall. When the 
beam of white light is broken, (usually by Spud's head), the spikes shoot out and impale any object in the 
passage. The bunnies and Gnomes are too small to break the beam, so they must be raised up somehow. In 
the inventory, use a gnome on the table, then with the unicycle. Sacrifice this gnome by using him on the 
corridor. When spikes hit him, this booby trap is neutralised. Continue down the passage.
	The next obstacle is a bottomless pit that needs bridging. Use a gnome with the toolkit via the 
table, the use him on the pit. After some busy industry, a bridge is built. Over the bridge, and to the left, 
are eight flagstones on the floor. Use the bunnies to test the for booby traps. The correct route is; right 
flagstone, right flagstone, left flagstone, right flagstone. This takes you across to the altar. With the sand 
in hand, pick up the trumpet, the run for it back the way you came and out of the cave. The exit is to the 
right at the end of the passage, the light pattern is different on it. Go back to Jerome bunnies' home.
	Go forward one scene along the track back to Island oddities, then look left and go down this 
track until you meet the orang-utans, (notice the banana they are holding). Listen to their argument, then 
talk to them. They want to be entertained, use the golden trumpet with a gnome, then use him on the 
orang-utans. Pick up the banana when they drop it. Return to the tollbridge and use the banana in the slot. 
You can now go across the bridge to the island.
	Go left between the two palm trees and pick up the pneumatic drill, then go left to the hammock 
in which Cheeky monkey is sleeping. Pinch the bottle of rum from Cheeky then return to Island Oddities. 
Give Bluebeak the rum, then look at the map. The "X" is at the end of the aisle leading off right from the 
tollbridge. Go to the bridge and go down the aisle on the right until the beach is reached. The "X" is on 
the left by the clump of rocks. Use a gnome armed with the pneumatic drill on the "X" to dig up the chest 
on take the IOU from inside it. Jerome will not accept the IOU so swap it for cash with Cheeky. Jerome 
will accept the cash but insists that Spud has an inflatable as a safety precaution. Use the inflated Prancer 
on him. Go right to reach the pedalo by the beach and use it. Watch as Spud, with co-pilot Prancer, leave 
the island.

This is the end of the first CD. Make a note of the password; "jxfe", and then run the second CD.

The South Pole.

	Go left to the submarine. Open the hatch on top by using the wheel. Inside is a door that has 
rusted shut, and an open door, go through this and pick up the Christmas pudding and cracker from the 
table behind you. Exit the sub. Go to the hill on the right hand side. On one side you can see a slope 
leading down from where the railing has broken, and a ramp leading up to the summit. Go up this ramp 
and the left the reach the sign, "Penguin Heights". Pick up the tennis racquets from the left of the sign, 
the use the Christmas pudding where the railings have broken. This creates a huge snowball, bowling 
over the two polar bears blocking the bridge. Go down to the deep snow sign, the across the deep snow, 
(making sure you have picked up the tennis racquets), to the bridge. Go across the bridge to the arch into 
the penguin village.
	The instant Spud enters the village, the penguins sound the alarm; so get ready to run!  Run 
forward, forward, left, right, right, left. Pick up the hard hat on the left and wait. The penguins surround 
Spud and hit him on the head, but as he is wearing the hard hat, they decide to throw him into their jail.
	Use a gnome, armed with the trumpet, on the Walrus; then when he wakes up, talk to him. When 
you have taken the key, a penguin guard comes and takes you to the Emperor penguin. Go forward, then 
right, then forward and talk to the Emperor twice. When he has finished, turn around and go forward, 
then right and keep going straight on until you reach the Pixie mines. The penguins get out your way,  so 
go in.

The Pixie mines.

	Use a gnome with the pneumatic drill on the pile of rubble. This will uncover a door. Go down 
the passage and pick up the oil can, then return to the first room. Go through the other door, and follow 
the tracks, use the oil can with the rusted lever, then pull it to switch the tracks. Return to the cart.
	Look at the cart, the use a gnome with the toolkit on the cart to fix it. Use the cart to go over the 
	Either go straight on, go left quickly, there is a pixie behind you! Or go right, the left. Use the 
gnome and drill on the rubble and descend the stair that are uncovered.
The machine to the right needs to be passed when the pickaxe is down. Keep trying until the time is right. 
Go up the steps and talk to the drunk guard. As he wants a party, use the cracker with him. Pick up the 
paper party hat, and down the stairs behind you. Keep going straight on, and down until Spud reaches a 
chasm. To the right is a sleeping guard with the key to the Emperor's son's cell which you passed on the 
way here. The guard wakes up if Spud or a gnome tries to take the key because he hears them. Use a 
gnome with the paper hat, and then try to take the key with this gnome. The original gnome's hat had a 
bell that tinkled and woke the guard, but now the gnome can get the key.
	Go back and up the first set of stairs until you find the cell on the right. Open the cell with your 
new key, and go in. The guards are busy discussing how they want to eat the Emperor's son, but they will 
see Spud if he goes straight past them. Go round behind the barrels on the right to the egg, pick him up 
then exit the way you came. Return to the end of the mine tracks, and use the cell door key with the 
locked door. Then go all the way down this new passage to get past the chasm, then down the passage on 
the left, then up the stairs on the right to exit the Pixie mine and return to Penguin village. Return to the 
Emperor to give him back his son.  Then talk to him to gain complete freedom of the village. Exit the 
village, and return across the bridge to the hut on the shore. The key from the walrus will open the door. 
Pick up the fishing net from inside. The go to the submarine. The oil can will open the rusty door inside, 
pick up the mistletoe from the right of the door, and the dynamite on the table. Now go to the bridge to 
the penguin village. Go across, then go forward and left to the pond. Use the net on the fish.
	Go to Captain Oat's Restaurant in the Penguins' village, (it's the igloo with the large red sign 
over the door to the left of the penguins' palace). Talk to the penguin inside, then give him the fish. Talk 
to him again. Follow the penguin outside, the go into the igloo on the left, (the door is open) and pick up 
the alarm clock. Go to the blue tower, (you can see it over the walls of the village, it's by the other exit 
from the penguin village). Go to the drawbridge. A huge serpent rears up out of the moat and snaps at 
you; it will eat anything that crosses the bridge. In the inventory use a bunny on the table. Stuff it with the 
dynamite, then attach the clock to it to create a time bomb, then gnome will tell you when you have done 
it. Use this walking time bomb on the bridge to cause a case of terminal indigestion in the serpent. Go 
	Go up to the reindeer guarding the door, the run right and up the steps. Use the mistletoe on the 
hook to distract the guards; now you can enter Doctor Chilblain's fortress.

The Fortress.

	Go forward and through the door on the right. Go forward to the next room. Open the door on 
the left and go in. Pick up the fire extinguisher from the bar, and return to the lobby. Go through the main 
door by the painting, (to the right). Use Prancer with the helium cylinder to the left, then go to the pillar 
in the right corner. Use the lamp.
Go through the secret passage opened up. Go to the robot, then, while it is targeting its guns, use the fire 
extinguisher on it to short circuit it. Go up the stairs ahead and pick up the Game-Pixie. Go back down 
and through the secret passage. Go down the stairs on the left.
	Talk to the Santa Impersonator, then give him the Game-Pixie. Talk to him again to get the key 
to the Pixie Mines. Return to the lobby and go through the door on your left; the door you first went 
through. Use the key on the door on the right. Go through it, and Spud ends up on the other side of the 
chasm by the ogre guard. Take the TNT, and return to the fortress. Go back through the secret passage, 
and along the corridor lit by torches on the left. Up the stair is a large icicle that can just be seen above the 
guard in the ice room off the room with the helium. Use the TNT with the icicle to shatter it and impale 
the guard. Go through the secret passage and through the door on the right to the icy room. Skirt past the 
deceased guard to the control room, flick the switch on the left to turn off the robot sentries. Then return 
to the lobby and go through the other door on the left. The automatic guns have been deactivated, so open 
the door ahead. This is the Pixie dormitory!
	The Pixie dormitory is hell! As soon as Spud enters, someone turns off the lights and you can 
only see one bed ahead. The Pixies loom out of the darkness and surround Spud, before kicking him in. 
Spud must move VERY QUICKLY!!! The object Spud must collect is on the table on the far end of the 
dorm. It's a little kitten (aahh). The correct route through the door is; right, left, right, left, left, right, left, 
right, and grab the kitten from the table. Then go; left, left, left, right, forward, left, right, right, left and 
out. Go out into the lobby, and through the door straight ahead, and straight again, open the door ahead 
and go in. Use the kitten on the dogs to dispose of them, and go through the door. Pick up the ID card 
from the table on the right and return to the room with the short-circuited robot.
	Go through the door to the right to a room with a delivery chute. Use the Helium inflated Prancer 
to distract the guard upstairs. Then return to the other room, and go upstairs to the storage room where 
the Game-Pixie was, through the door on the right and past the guard who is busy chatting up Prancer. 
The robotic sentries have been turned off here as well so go to the door and use the ID card with the slot 
on the left of the door.

Dr. Chilblain.

Dr Chilblain rants for while about how he is going to take over the world with his mutant toy army, before 
challenging Spud to a duel. If you can defeat all his toys, he will let Spud's Grandfather go free if not, 
he'll explode you! (A preferable fate than watching him dance!)

When Dr. Chilblain plays;
You play;

Mutant Teddy Bear
Jet Plane
Action Man
Toy Soldier

The controls for the toy machine are on the console behind you.

When you have defeated all of his toys, you win! Just sit back and watch the ending.
The complete solution to SPUD!                           James Ibbotson

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