By Paulo Coehlo and arxel tribe

Walkthrough by MaGtRo

October 8, 2001

Game play: Right click of the mouse will show on top of the page - "Bag", that contains things that are collected during game play; "Actions", has objects needed for fast action, "Shield of the Templars", contains the possible dialogues and the "Main Menu Icon". To move back from a close-up view, move the pointer at the bottom of the page and click the closed eye icon. Another icon is used to move Save often, especially on action scenes because you can die.

The Secrets of Alamut is part 2 of The Legend that started with The Legend of the prophet & the assassin, The Legend 1. The prequel to these is Pilgrim, the story of Simon de Lancrois.

The introduction in game play gives a description about Tancrede de Nerac also known as As-Sayf. In the main menu, "resume" gives an account of what happened at The Legend, part 1.

.........So continue the story of As-Sayf in search of Simon de Lancrois.

This story starts in an oasis after As-Sayf defeated the ghouls and had dreamed being attacked by a Jinni. He carries first talisman part and lighter. Talk to Kyot, An-Nab, and Caradoc about the old man of the mountain. 


Upon entering the opening in the rock wall, several pools are seen before the door.

Acid pool puzzle

To get to the door at the other side of the pool, several pools have to be passed. Some of them are filled with acids and knowing which ones can enable a safe path. Throwing the stones at each pool will produce a hissing sound if it is filled with acid.

Turn around and pick up 3 stones to check for acid pools. Move to the left pool, forward to next pool, right pool, left, right, get empty flask, left pool and the door.

The door has a padlock. Turn around and use the empty flask to get acid from the right pool getting acid in flask. Use the acid in flask on the padlock. Enter.

Color puzzle in Spiked room

There are 3 stands with red (center), blue (left) and yellow (right) liquids. At the door on the other end is a contraption that have funnels for 2 circles of red (top left), 2 for purple (bottom left), 4 for green (top right) and 1 for yellow (bottom right). They have to be filled with required amount and color from the color stands. Yellow + Blue = Green. Blue + Red = Purple. This is a timed puzzle, so be quick or else, spiking is inevitable.

Fill empty flask with yellow liquid, making 3 yellow in flask and place one on the yellow funnel and the rest in the green funnel. Fill empty flask with blue liquid, making 3 blue in flask and fill the green funnel 2x and once on the purple funnel. Fill empty flask with red liquid, making 3 red in flask and add to purple funnel once and the rest on red funnel. Enter.

Lava river puzzle

Look down and read the inscriptions.

Left tile - From Zenith to Nadir, live 5 sisters, the 1st is lovely, and you can touch the 4th but don't stay close from the 2nd and the 5th, and fear the repulsive 3rd one.

Right tile - Nadir to Zenith live 6 sisters. The first and the last are not so patient. Don't trust the second but you can woo the 2 younger ones. Be careful with the 5th, she will repulse you.

Save game here!! Every time you hear a ticking sound - be QUICK! Go left to first slab, jump across to 1st right, quickly skip 2 and jump to 3rd and 4th. Skip 5th and go to 6th. Start over the clues () from right tile. Immediately go to 7th (1), skip 8 (2), go to 9 (3), cross over to the other side (3), skip 2 and go to 1.

Fire Room

Enter. The room is heated by squares of fire. A square column with a face at each side stands at the center. Click 3x at the south side, the one facing the door and note that the vertical grill on the window on the left is now removed. Click the west side face 3x, the panel rises and automatically enter a dungeon.

Dungeon puzzle

Pick up the oil in bowl at the right side of the room. Look in the mouth of the sarcophagus to see the next room. Look at the left water bucket and click/hold it and down to scoop some water - the sarcophagus opens. Look in and see that the back is still closed. To raise the bucket lever, removal of the water is needed. Place the oil in bowl underneath the bucket of water and light it with lighter. Go in the sarcophagus, wait until the water evaporates to raise bucket and closes the lid and opens the back door of the sarcophagus.

Weekday puzzle

Look close at tiles on floor. Read the inscription on top - If Monday belongs to the Moon, Sunday to the Sun, rewrite the Order of Time, O Believer and you will darken the light and shine in the dark.

In this slider puzzle, place the colored tiles on the top row, in reverse order - starting with Sunday (Sun) and ending with Monday (Moon). Click each tile to move it.

Sunday (Sun, yellow), Saturday (Saturn, dark blue), Friday (Venus, pink), Thursday (Jove, purple), Wednesday (Mercury, green), Tuesday (Mars, brown) and Monday (Moon, light blue). A door replaces the puzzle wall. Enter.

Valley of Pleasure puzzle

Go to the palm tree area and see entrance, 5-lighted caves and one blocked by vines. The puzzle constitutes opening the lighted caves and unblocking the last one. Once the lighted caves are opened, houri statues are seen. They have to be awakened by giving them items collected from other caves. They will kiss As-Sayf. Every time a houri awakens some vines blocking the cave will be removed.

To open the lighted caves - Go to the center mound and look at the stand, pick up the jewels and place them on the carving. Ruby - heart, emerald (although, it's a blue stone) - eye, jade -ear, sapphire (?green stone) - nose and coral - heart. Collect the jewels again.

Waking the houris - Collect items and give them to houris. They will awaken and kiss - but make that short, please, by clicking closed eye icon at bottom of frame - because that is a kiss of death. Check the hourglass for time left.  Exit through unblocked cave.

left to right houris from entrance

1 reclining with mouth open

2 reclining with hand open

3 kneeling with hand on ear

4 reclining left with nose in air

5 sitting

items to be taken

incense branch on hanging tray at left side, veil behind statue

peacock feather on pot at right side

spatula on left side

bird cage on stand

grape on right side

items to be given

grape on mouth

collected jewels from center stand placed on hand

bird cage placed on stand at left side and then cover with veil

collect embers from center stand with spatula, place in bowl and then add incense branch

peacock feather placed on hand

Top of Alamut

Talk with the old man of the mountain. When he asks you to join them, answer either yes or no - the conversation will end the same way. Complete all other dialogues. Meet Hadjar, the Circassian. 

As-Sayf is poisoned and is on his way to kill a man in order to be given the antidote.


The enemy of our Order whom you must kill is a caravaneer called An-Nab.    NO!

Talk to Kyot and An-Nab. Exhaust dialogue with An-Nab. He gives you second talisman part.

Dream puzzle - As-Sayf dreams again of the Jinni. This time he is attacked with metal spikes. Who can help with metal? - Tahib, the metal/blacksmith.

Talk to Kyot and depart to look for Procles Phytalos at the Monastery of St. Catherine at the foot of the mountain where Moses gave the 10 Commandments.

Cd 2

Temple Ruin

Upon arriving by a well for a much-needed drink for himself and Phorbas, his horse, a voice from nowhere starts asking questions. Say yes or no to showing leg. Click on well to clean leg. Pick up rope and linen bag. Pick up apple core. Ask about Procles Phytalos. He won't answer - flea elephant. So talk face to face with him.

Move toward column where he is and look up. Throw rope on protruding branch. Attach linen bag on ring at one end of the rope. Since As- Sayf is too weak from the poison, look for a way to raise him with little effort on his part. Turn around, move forward and get the stone just in front of the ruins. Attach the stone to the other of the rope. Push stone into pit above it. Talk to crazed hermit. Turn around and click the sun.

Monastery of St. Catherine

Outside the monastery, turn to the right and see a bird circling. Save Game here! Quickly move forward once and right towards the wall of the monastery. Pull rope. Exhaust dialogue with monk. Talk to the archimandrite again upon getting inside the monastery. He said the summer equinox would shine the light on the Chapel of the Burning Bush today. Talk to him again in the room of the tomb of Procles. Read the inscription on the tomb of Procles Phytalos.

To the East of the West of the West of the North, in the shrine of the wild boar and sow, the fawn and the doe, the son and the mother, the warrior of light will find the path to heaven, the earth shall be his if he covers with white, the bare hand of the Pantocrator, a pupil with eight shining rays.

Then, on the first day of spring, he shall in the center of the temple, preside over the wedding ceremony just before the sun broaches the place of the burning bush. Thus, he shall receive that which is his by right.

Turn around to the back wall, pull the ring and get 12 red sticks and 30 white sticks. Go out the door and enter the door across the hall.


Look at left wall and note cavalier mural, sun disk, door with 4 keyholes on the sides and a ladder mural. 

Go to the bookcase. Look at open chest on the extreme left of the bookcase. Pick up magnetized rosary and read the letter of Proclos to Simon. 

Red and white sticks puzzle

Turn left and click on carpet. Look close on drawings on the lid of the coffin. 3 triangles of red and white sticks are already done. The puzzle involves placing red and white sticks on each triangle that will total 21 vertically and diagonally, each stick counts as one. The sticks must fill up a row in that pyramid. 1 to 9 white sticks should be placed in each square and the number placed NOT duplicated. Since 4, 5 and 6 are already on the preset triangles - 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9 white sticks need to be placed on the remaining triangles. The red sticks placement can be found in a diagram in a book on the shelf, found on the right and above of the chest. The diagram shows pyramids with one red dot on each pyramid on the top row, 2 red dots on second row and 3 red dots on the third row. 

Place 1 red stick on each pyramid on top row, 2 red sticks on middle row and 3 at bottom row. For white sticks: 9 - top middle row, 2 - top right, 3 - middle left, 7 - middle right, 8 - bottom left and 1 - middle bottom. Pick up the bone key.

 Ladder mural puzzle

Pick up skull off shelf and use it on the enclosed glass stand to the right. Get rung. Look close on ladder mural. Place rung on the empty space on top of ladder. Pick up copper key

Cavalier mural puzzle

Look at cavalier mural and see a key on the pennant but it cannot be picked up. Use magnetized rosary on it and get iron key.

Sun disk puzzle

Read 2 books on top left shelf from the skull shelf. One has a picture of ladder with text: 

Christ, Sun of Justice, welcomes to his breast the six and ten and nine and eleven and four martyrs before the doors of Paradise open for them...

On the shelf above the skull, a book has figures of astrological signs under a sun disk on the right page. Note location of the astrological signs on the disk at the left page, counted from the top pisces I - 6, capricorn I - 10, capricorn II - 9, sagitarius II - 11 and pisces II - did not find match, possibly 5.

Look close on sun disk on wall. Click on 6, 10, 9, 11 and 4. Pick up the gold key from the 12 o'clock position of the disk.

Door puzzle

Go to door and place the keys on keyhole positioned in relation to their puzzle locations: copper key - top right, bone key - bottom right, iron key - bottom left and gold key - top left. The center circle of the metal on the door protrudes out and it looks like a cross-slot. Collect all the keys from the keyholes and it will form into a secret key. Insert the secret key on cross slot on door. Enter.


Coming out of the stone door, 2 wooden doors are seen. Enter the double door on the right.

Procles' first riddle puzzle

Now, follow the inscription on the tomb of Procles - To the East of the West of the West of the North - E of W of W of N means the go N, W, W, E. Move forward once, turn left, forward 2x and turn around. Look at the icon on pillar - the warrior of light will find the path to heaven by the earth shall be his if he covers with white the bare hand of the Pantocrator, a pupil with eight shining rays. Click on icon and get square box

Tiles in side chapel

Go forward 2x, turn left, forward 2x, turn right and enter the curtained door. Look on the tiled floor. Use dagger on second from the bottom, extreme left tile. Insert the dagger on the bottom edge of that tile. Move the dagger left to right by click/hold several times to pry off the tile. Pick up the round ball and together with the square box makes secret box

Procles' second riddle puzzle

Go back to the room adjacent from the library - the one with the 2 wooden doors and the stone door. Enter the other wood door left of stone door and across from the double door going to the church proper.

Chapel of Burning bush - Two tiles on the floor and a sunray from the open window is seen. The rest of Procles' tomb inscription states - Then, on the first day of spring, he shall in the center of the temple, preside over the wedding ceremony just before the sun broaches the place of the burning bush. Thus, he shall receive that which is his by right. Remove the tile on the right using the dagger and place secret box on the hole. Wait for the sunray to come down and touch the box. Pick up third talisman part. Go back to library and As-Sayf faints.

Talk to the archimandrite and he tells As-Sayf that he is cured. 

Dream puzzle - This time in As-Sayf's dream, the Jinni attacks using words coming out of its mouth. Get Kyot to help since he uses words as tool of trade.


Turn around and go up the incline. Exhaust all dialogue with the woman who stayed behind because her daughter, Khteis went down in the mines looking for her brothers and father and got sealed in. Help her.

Mine gate puzzle

Several numbers on the lock combination is preset and from that can be derived the movable tumbler numbers. The numbers on the top row are 1 + 1 = 2 + x = 5. From the top row, x + 5 = the first number on the bottom row and so on.











First room in mine

In this room find a way to go down the square mine shaft to main mine pit. 

Turn around and pick up the 3 pieces of rope. Facing the room again, on the right pick up the jug. Go right and pick up the wooden platform. Pan left and pick up gutter. Pan left and go forward to the water wheel next to the square mine shaft entrance. Notice that it is missing one of the jugs. Combine rope and jug making jug and rope. Place jug and rope on water wheel. Go back to entrance and face the room. Notice the scaffolding that is attached to an opening on the top of the mine is missing a connection from the top left to the right poles. Place gutter on left poles. Push the scaffolding with gutter towards the water wheel by clicking on bottom of right poles. Go to wall tied rope attached to the top of scaffolding and untie it from the wall. Water flows and runs the water wheel raising the rope of the square mine shaft. Go to the square mine shaft entrance. Attach platform to end of hanging rope. Ride down the shaft.

Mine shaft

Go forward the mine until it splits in to left and right. Go left until the caved in end and pick up the chain. Go back and turn on second right. Pick up crowbar by the wooden gate. Go back to intersection and then turn right to the bridge.

Bridge puzzle

Move forward once on the bridge. Turn around and use crowbar on boards of bridge. Turn around and place board on bridge, move forward again, repeat the procedure until the rock platform using the 2 loose boards.

Pick up lamp from the right pedestal. Look close on raise platform and see the chain holding the rest of the bridge up. Light lamp with lighter making lit lamp and combine it with chain making lit lamp attached to chain. Click it on the chain holding the bridge up. Move forward and turn back and look down and see the slot on the bridge. 

Main Mine Area

Enter main mine, go left, pan left and pick up hook. Turn around, go forward, turn left and see sifter. Use dagger on sifter to get net. Turn around, move forward, pan left and pick up pulley behind the basket. 

Key puzzle

Turn around and go to the stone entrance decorated with eyes at the other end. Look at writing on steps - In the true eye, the true key. Look close and pick letters O, C, U, L and O. Place the letters on the sand - the last O, then L, O, C and U. Pick up key

Go back out on the bridge, look close at slot and use key on slot. The stone entrance is now open. Go there and pick up gold from crate on far right to get gold bars.

Battering ram puzzle

 Go to battering ram on right of stone eye entrance. Save game as soon as you hear a call for help - timed puzzle!! Place hook on hanging chain at end of ram and place pulley on metal clasp just behind it. Combine net and gold bars making net with gold bars and gold bar. Attach net with gold bars on hook. Attach rope on pulley. Look close on rope. Pull rope to break wood gate - click/hold and move as far right as possible and release, may have to do several times.

Body eater

Exhaust dialogue with body eater who has taken the semblance of Khteis. Look at urns on the left. Go to statue on the right, get salt rose from the hand and look close on base of statue - rose and Simon. Go look at view of the sun - that got her talking again. Exhaust dialogue with body eater again. Turn down her offer of marriage!!

Her ghost sisters surround As-Sayf. Nothing can be done to them. Exhaust dialogue with body eater again. Yes, Tancrede de Nerac is mad enough! The men have souls like torn rose, hmmm!

Well of souls

There are 4 Assyrian looking statues with markings on the forehead - water on left, earth on back left, fire on right and air on back right. At the center is a Giant bird ?Roc statue with tongue protruding. Underneath the Giant bird is a place of broken crystal funerary urns (salt pit) - only one is standing upright. Give the statues what they want.

Upon entering the room, go down the steps, go left and look at metal gate with a horned face and mask. Talk to imprisoned Khteis sitting on throne. 

4 Elements statues puzzle 

Go towards the Earth statue at the far back and left of the Giant bird and get soil from second tomb between earth and water statue. Place soil in mouth of Earth statue. He will turn yellow for a while. Go to Air statue, at the back right of Giant bird and use crowbar on his closed mouth. He will turn blue for a while. Go behind Fire statue and get jar with oil. Go in front of Fire statue, turn around and get cloth beside an open tomb. Place cloth on Fire statue's mouth, place oil on cloth using the jar with oil making empty jar and light it with lighter. The Fire statue turns red briefly. Go left of Fire statue and fill empty jug with water from pool making jar with water. Refresh the Water statue with jar with water and he turns dark blue. From Giant bird statue's tongue, a warrior's mask slides out into the tomb in front of it. Pick it up. 

Traversing the graveyard

Go back to the metal gate. Look close and place the warrior's mask on the metal face. Pull down the horns. Talk to Khteis. Go out and fight the awakened warrior with sword. All the other warriors awaken and Khteis screams - crush the rose on the statue before we all die!! Quickly traverse the graveyard towards the stone steps of Giant bird. As-Sayf starts on lower left of screen. Click on gray areas in the sand for the fastest way he can get to the stone steps. 

Break the salt rose on stone ramp. Collect the broken pieces of rose to get rose leaves

Will the real Khteis, please stand up?

Go back to Khteis and finds 2 of them. Ask same questions to both Khteis to determine the real Khteis. Are you Khteis? Spectre, why are you not resting like your sisters? Do you have any brothers or sisters? That's the right question!!! Use sword or dagger on the Khteis on the right. The other sisters want you to bring her back to the salt pit. Go to the salt pit underneath Giant bird, forward to the only standing crystal urn and place the rose leaves in it. The false Khteis disappears. Go back to Khteis. 

As-Sayf gives the widow the gold bar and departs.

Cd 1


Aware now of what he is or what he wants, As-Sayf goes to Hamas and to Caradoc.

Talk to woman about Simon and Jebus. She joins the 3 parts of the talisman. 

She tells As-Sayf - Leave this house and face your fears.

Go out through curtained door. Jinni appears and fights As-Sayf. 

As-Sayf has faced his fears.


The old man of the mountain talks to An-Nab, the caravaneer.

So Simon is .............

What happened to Tancrede de Nerac or As-Sayf, as he is well known in the Arab world? Kyot says the rumors are he died in Hamas, he got married - maybe to Hadjar or some say that during a sandstorm, the youngest member is shown a safe path by a strange apparition.

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