The Secrets of Atlantis: The Sacred Legacy

by Nobilis & Atlantis Interactive Entertainment

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   December 2006


GamePlay:    This is a first person, point and click mouse driven game. The main menu has new game, load game, quit Atlantis and credits. During gameplay, the menu is accessed by the ESC key. The gameplay menu has save game, graphic options (quality and screen size selections), sound options (master sound volume, music, voice and FX adjustments), game options (crosshair, inverted mouse and subtitles selections), quit game and back to game.

The inventory bar is seen at the bottom of the screen when the mouse is right clicked. An item is picked up and it attaches to the cursor. Right click of mouse places it in inventory. To combine items, left click one item in inventory and left click it on another item. To look at some documents, right click on the document to see a close up. The items that can be looked up this way have a cross at bottom right of the inventory square.

To talk to another character, click on the character and a set of graphic topic selections is seen. Click the graphic to select that dialogue. Click outside the selection to end the conversation.

There are 9 saved game slots.

Howard Brooks is on his way home to New York from a meeting in Germany. He is aboard the Hindenburg zeppelin that he helped build as an engineer. The zeppelin stalls and all passengers are asked to go to their cabins. Howard looks through the window to see if the engines are going. 2 men accost him.

Howard wakes up. You play as Howard Brooks.


Find out what happened:   

Top level - Look around and realize that no one is around. Enter the dining area. Take the crab pincer on the middle table close to the wall and a coin from the pile on the table across this one. Pan left and go forward. Pan right and take the ashtray at the corner. Go to the corner by the window. Turn right and see the 'for emergency only case'. Use the ashtray to break the glass and take the glass breaker.

Go to the right hallway and look around at the other hallways. All the cabins are inaccessible. Go down the stairs.

Bottom level - Turn left, forward and look outside to see that the engine is not moving. Turn left and enter the radio room.

Radio room - Look around and see that someone sabotaged the radios. Open the drawer at the corner and take the nuts and bolts. Exit the room.

Turn right, forward and take the ladder on the wall. Go forward to the end of hallway and enter the doorway on the left.

Steam room:    Talk to Lou Garetti. Click on 3 dialogue selections. Learn that he was following-protecting you by order of his boss. Learn about the 2 men that sabotage the zeppelin and broke his legs. They escaped using the emergency biplane. They are interested in something Howard inherited from his father.  He states that the crew is fixing the outer skin and the hydrogen tanks of the zeppelin. The passengers are all in their cabins. To help fix the airship, he mentioned to turn around.

Fix the leaks:

Gas valves - Turn around and go forward to the end. See 4 red valves, 3 of which is leaking steam. Turn the top left, left and middle red control valves.

Leak - Turn right, left and forward to the end of the ramp. Turn right, forward and turn left. Look up and read the gauge. There's still a leak somewhere.

Go back to the middle ramp. Go forward and turn left on the tank just before Garetti. Place the ladder to lean on the tank. Climb up. Look at the pipe above the gauges. There's a crack on the pipe and the gauges are on the red area.

Go down and go back to the gas valves you turned. Use the crab pincer on the bolts at lower left of the left gas valve. This takes the L-shaped pipe.

Go back to the top of the tank. Pull the lever to the left to stop the flow of steam. Use the crab pincers on the bolts above the gauges. Use the glass breaker to remove the broken pipe. Place the L-shaped pipe as replacement. Use the nuts and bolts on the holes.

Go back down to the gas valves at the corner. Turn the middle and the right gas valves to allow the steam to flow to that tank. Go back to the top of the tank. Turn the lever and see that the gauge is on the green area.  Tada!

Talk to Garetti again and he says to look for the pump.

Fix the pump:

Turn left, forward to end and then right again. Look left and up to the gauge that is now on the green area. Turn the lever on the lever on the right of the gauge. Look down and see that the belt broke.

Go back and talk to Garetti. He gives his belt.

Go back to the pump. Turn the lever above to stop the pump. Place the belt at the pump on the floor. Turn the lever back on and see that the belt holds.

Telex machine:

Go back to Garetti and he now asks that you send a telex to his boss. The message is 'The package is intact. Please confirm delivery point'.

Radio room - Go back to the radio room by exiting the steam engine room, right, forward and left to the end of the hallway. Look out the window and see that the propeller is turning now. Turn left and enter the radio room. Look at the 2 sparking broken wires on the wall. That has got to be fixed. Exit the room.

Phone - Go up to the upper level, go forward to the back hallway and right-forward to the phone on the wall.

Use the coin on the screw holding the wire. Do this to the other screw to get 2 wires. Go back down to the radio room.

Fix the wires - Click on the bolts holding the wires above the telex machine (looks like a typewriter). The 2 bolts dropped on the table. Do this to the other set of broken wires attached to the machine on the right. Place the wires from the telephone on the telex machine. The wires are automatically connected from the telex machine to the machine on the right.

Message and reply - Click on the keys of the telex machine to automatically type the message. An answer is sent back. Take the telex ribbon left side of the telex machine.

Go back to Garetti. Give him the telex ribbon. He said that Mr. Foster has asked the captain to land on top of the Empire State Building. Mr. Foster is on the 14th floor.


New York

Watch the trip to New York and see the Empire State Building ahead.

Get to the ground floor:

Talk to Elmer, the bellhop wearing a red uniform and learn that the elevators are having technical difficulties and access to the fire stairs are for emergency only. You need to get a badge at the ground floor to move freely in the building. There's no way to go down the stairs or the elevators - what to do?

Emergency procedure - Pan left, forward, left to water cooler and left again to see mailboxes on the left. Look at the emergency procedure posters on the wall left of the mailboxes. It states that in case of fire, the bellhop will tell which stairs to use. Look down and take papers from the trash can.

Mailboxes - Look at all the active mailboxes that can be open. Open the middle bottom mailbox labeled Elmer Mitchel. Take the letter. See that the letter in inventory has a cross at bottom right. Right click to see a close up of the letter. Read that Elmer - the bellhop is warned about security breach that could lead to suspension.

Force Elmer to allow us access to the fire stairs -

Pan-go right to end of hallway and then go left. Enter the small cafe on the right. Go behind the counter and take the wastebasket.

Exit the cafe and go right. Open the drawer of the small table left of the fire extinguisher. Take the lighter.

Go back to Elmer the bellhop and give him his letter-service note. Now, he will follow the safety procedures in case of fires.

From Elmer, turn left and left again towards the water cooler. Face the hallway with the mailboxes. In inventory, combine the wastebasket with the papers to get full wastebasket. Place the full wastebasket on the floor. Use the lighter on the waste can.

Talk to Elmer who is now directing as emergency protocol states and he tells to use the stairs.

Get a badge:

Jack Murray - At Ground Floor, pan around and talk to the Jack Murray, the journalist who is leaning on the wall. He's been waiting for one of the biggest star to come down. He has a badge.

Receptionist - Pan around and talk to the receptionist. Learn about Mr. Foster. She cannot give you a badge to use the elevators. Greta Garbo is in the building and there was an incident - a bellhop, maybe Harry Mitchel lost her luggage.

Harry - Pan left and go to the corner. Go right to the elevators and talk to the bellhop wearing green. When the Greta dialogue comes up, select green uniformed bellhop-Harry. Then on the next selection choose the red bellhop - Elmer. If you make a mistake and get thrown out, the game will let you start from the beginning at ground floor. Harry says that Greta Garbo will come down in an hour.

Jack Murray - Go back to the journalist and talk to him about the badge. After giving him the scoop on Greta, he gives the access badge.

Harry - Go back to Harry by the open elevator. Show him the access badge.

Find what is going on with the elevators:

18th floor - Exit to the 18th floor as seen on the number at far end of the elevator wall. Pan left, forward, right, forward to end and right again. Go forward, pan right and take the magnifying glass in the open file cabinet. Enter the door across the filing cabinets. Look at the name plate to know her name and then talk to Ellen O'Connor. Learn about Miss Hatchet and talk about her hair down. Exit the room.

Go left, right, forward to end of hallway and right to other hallway. Pan right and take the inventory register on top of the first filing cabinet. Look at it inventory and see that it is the approved materials for the Equipment Services at the 5th floor.

Pan left, forward to end of hallway and enter the door on the left. Talk to Ms. Hatchet. Learn that Mr. Foster has his museum on the 14th floor. Exit the room.

Go left to the hallway and enter the open emergency fire stairs on the right just pass the elevator hallway. Be at 19th floor.

19th floor - Go forward to end of hallway and talk to the receptionist of CineWorld. Talk to her about Ellen O'Connor. She mentions the magazine with latest hair fashion. Pan around and take the CineWorld magazine from the counter.

Turn around and then talk to Greta Garbo's bodyguard. Learn that he's interested in the ground floor receptionist and wants to know her first name.

18th floor - Go to the stairs and be down to the 18th floor. Go to the outer hallway and give the CineWorld magazine to Ellen O'Connor Talk to Ellen twice. Howard has a date with Ellen now with her hair down. Take the hairpin on the desk.

Ground floor - Go to and take the 18th floor elevator down to the ground floor. Go around to the front and talk to the receptionist. Learn that her name is Julia.

Go back up the elevator to the 18th floor, climb the stairs to the 19th floor and talk to the bodyguard. After telling him Julia's name, he mentions that there where suspicious men on the 12th floor looking for a 'Lansky'.

Go to the 19th floor elevators and see that 2 elevators are open at far end on the left. The #4 at right goes to the -2nd floor at the basement. Take the #3 at left to get to the 12th floor.

12th floor - Talk to the woman taking her break on the couch by the window. She says that Lansky spies on his employees and that his office is across the bulletin board. Go right and the right again to the outer hallway. Look at the bulletin board and see that employees work from 9 to 6 o'clock. Turn around and see that Lansky's door is locked.

Lansky's Office - Use Ellen's hairpin on the door and then enter the office. Search the coat hanging left of the door and see a paper. Read it in inventory and see - to check with Elliot: Maintenance crew uniforms, map of the 14th floor antiques room, elevator electricity plan. Sounds like the elevator sabotage starts here.

Go left and forward to a safe with 6 dials at the bottom and hands on the top.

Safe - Save game here. There are arrow hands on the clock looking safe door face. 2 of each are colored similarly: yellow, white and pink. There are arrow points on the outside of the face that also color coded.

There are 2 rows of 3 dials. The top and bottom dials on the left are yellow colored, the middle ones are white and the right ones are pink colored. Each dials when clicked on the right side turns the corresponding colored arrow above clockwise, while clicking on the left turn the arrows counterclockwise. The top dials turns the arrows 7 spaces while the bottom arrows turns it 5 spaces. There is a block close to the top position that stops the arrows from moving to a full circle.

The aim is to position the colored arrow hands to point at the matching colored arrow points.

From saved game that has not touched the puzzle:

1. Yellow - The arrow hands are one away from the corresponding arrow points.

Turn top right once, bottom left once, top right once, bottom left once, top right once and bottom left twice. The arrows hands are in position.

2. White - The arrow hands are 11 spaces away from the corresponding arrow points.

Turn top right once, bottom left once, top right once, bottom left once and top right once. The arrows hands are in position.

3. Pink - The arrow hands are 6 spaces away from the corresponding arrow points.

Turn top right twice, bottom left once, top right once and bottom left twice. The arrows hands are in position.

Safe opens with a tada sound. Take the heavy metal key.

Go the painting at the corner of the room left of the safe. Click the painting to reveal a grate that Lansky used to spy on his employees. Hear them say something about layout of the floor, numbers and a broad. Howard writes down on the scribbled note: -2, 8, 13, 7 and 14. Exit the room.

Go left, forward and look at the poster on the left. It must have been taken during the inauguration of the Empire State Building but the date is fuzzy. Use the magnifying lens on the poster to read it as the first of May, 1931. Go back to the elevator.

Get to the 14th floor:

18th floor - Take the elevator to the 19th floor and down the stairs to the 18th.

Go to Miss Hatchet's office and see it ransacked. She is unconscious on the floor. Go to Ellen's office at the other hallway and tell her about Miss Hatchet. Talk to Ellen again.

Locked box - Go back to Miss Hatchet's office and see a notepad on the floor. Read it in inventory.

Look at the locked box on the chair. It needs 5 digits. The notebook's 5 items are all numbers. Hmmm...

Elevator doors - There are 8 elevator doors in each floor.

Maintenance floor - Go to Ellen and ask her about the maintenance floor. She says it is on the 4th floor.

Employee's arrival time - The bulletin board states the working hours are 9 - 6 o'clock.

Empire State Building inauguration - The poster states first of May, 1931.

Equipment services - The inventory register picked up on this floor states it is on the 5th floor.

Enter on the locked box, from left to right: 8 4 9 1 5. Take the security key.

Exit the room and go to the fire emergency stairs. Go up to the 19th floor. Take the #4 elevator to the -2 basement.

-2nd floor - Pan to the right, forward and see a man enter a metal door. Go forward and see that the door cannot be opened. Pan left and take the fire extinguisher.

Turn around, forward and look at the locked metal door on the right. Use the heavy metal key from the safe on the door. Tada.

Elevator engine room - Look left at the destroyed wires on the elevator electrical panel. Turn around and go forward to the padlocked cabinet on the opposite wall. Use the fire extinguisher on the padlock. Take the jump leads.

Sabotaged electrical panel - Go back to the elevator electrical panel. Look down and place the jump leads on the shelf.

Study the panel and see that there are panels for elevators 1 -4 with floors -2 to 14.

Using the numbers mentioned by the thugs and written in the scribbled note - -2, 8, 13, 7 and 14, we know where to place the leads.

To know if it works, look down and insert the security key on the black box above the shelf with the jump leads. Click the key to turn it on.

Elevator 1 - place jump lead on floor -2 and 8. See the green light show that elevator 1 is functional.

Elevator 2 - place jump lead on floor 8 and 13. See the green light show that elevator 2 is functional.

Elevator 3 - place jump lead on floor 13 and 7. See the green light show that elevator 3 is functional.

Elevator 4 - place jump lead on floor 7 and 14. See the green light show that elevator 4 is functional.

Tada - all 4 elevators are now working.

Go back to the elevator and enter. Automatically exit to the 14th floor.

Mr. Foster:

Wow!  Go forward to the end and talk to Miss Pennington, the secretary. The door to Mr. Foster's office is opened.

Double wow! Enter and go forward to talk to Mr. Charles Randolph Foster. Before he talks to you, he wants you to play his recently acquired game.

Jade stones and scarab game - The object of the game is to move the pawn to land on the places where the 3 stones are located without being caught by the scarab. Click and drop the pawn on the next diagonal white square.

After completing the puzzle talk to Mr. Foster. He gives Howard his father's medallion. Learn about Elliot and the Thule group, connection to Atlantis and the race to get there. Elliot stole a copy of the medallion. There are 3 medallions that make up a key to an ancient relic hidden in a sanctuary. The other 2 keys are held by an archeologist and a former army officer. Foster wants to use it to help humanity but the Thule group, who thinks they are the rightful heirs to Atlantis wants to use it for nefarious deeds. Elliot is a treasure hunter. Howard agrees. Miss Pennington will give the particulars.

Exit and talk to Miss Pennington. Miss Sullivan, a historian and archeologist has one of the medallions and is in Macao. The other medallion is held by Captain Nathaniel Blackwood, a former Intelligence officer in the army. His whereabouts are unknown. The Hindenburg will bring Howard to Macao.

Exit the museum and watch the zeppelin cross the United States and Pacific Ocean to land in Macao, China.



Look for information about Miss Sullivan:

Go forward to the Chinese junk casino. Talk to the Chinese in blue - Li Tang. He's the bouncer. You can talk to the bartender and the hospitality hostess at the corner.

Gambler:    Talk to the man in white shirt and he asks that you bet for him on the rat race. He is banned from betting. He gives gambler's bet (money). Go to the corner left of the stairs and hear that the betting booth is manned by a snoring man. Go to the other side of the stairs and see a curtain with a dragon motif. The door to the betting office is locked by a slider puzzle.

Dragon slider puzzle - Save game here. The motif for the slider puzzle is the dragon shown on the curtain. Do the puzzle but Li Tang, the bouncer will keep an eye on you. Immediately, turn around and go forward to the race table. Then go back and continue the puzzle. If he catches you, the pattern of the puzzle might be different when you go back.


Row 1 = 15, 14, 13, 9, 5, 6, 10, 14, 13, 9, 5, 6, 10, 14, 15, 11, 7, 6, 10, 11, 12, 8, 7, 3, 2, 6, 7, 3, 4, 8.

Row 2 = 7, 6, 10, 9, 5, 6, 10, 14, 15, 16, 12, 11, 10, 14, 15, 16, 12, 8, 7, 11, 12, 8, 7, 6, 5, 9.

Row 3-4 = 10, 11, 15, 14, 13, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 12, 11, 15, 14, 13, 9, 10, 11, 15, 14, 13, 9, 10, 14, 15, 11, 10, 14, 15, 16.

Door opens.


After completing the puzzle, enter inside and wake up the man. Give him the gambler's bet. He registers the bet. Talk to him again and he gives the receipt.

Go back out and give the white shirted man the receipt. The race starts and #6 wins. Talk to him again and he gives Howard small sum of money. He says that Ishtar might know Miss Sullivan, the archeologist. She will be here since she likes to bet on rat races too. Ishtar arrives.

Ishtar:    Talk to Ishtar. She will help you get in touch with her friend Miss Sullivan if you can sabotage the generator as a nudge for rat race.

Generator - Talk to the barman. Learn that the junk casino has the generator at the back of the bar and that he likes the lady in red sitting by the bar. Talk to the lady in red. Talk to the barman again to buy a drink for the lady in red. Talk to Chun Ying, the lady in red again - twice to ask her help with the barman. Give the small sum of money to the barman and see that he places a bottle on the bar. Watch and wait - the barman falls asleep. Talk to Chun Ying again.

Go behind the bar now. Enter the panel on the wall and check the generator. Pan right and see a hole in the wall which is a handy place to hide in. Pull the lever of the generator and then immediately hide in the dark hole in the wall. See the hand of Li Tang pull the lever again to turn the lights on. Exit the generator room.

Talk to Ishtar and she was successful in winning in the rat race. Learn that she is Kate Sullivan, the archeologist and that she has the pewter medallion. She is following half a bas-relief that was found here in Macao. It is essential for the search for the relic. You need to be at the poker game since the bas-relief is to be a bet in the game. She gives large sum of money.

Get to join the poker game at upper deck:    Talk to the bouncer, Li Tang. Show him the money. You need a password.

Password - Enter the betting room. The man is still asleep. Take and read the paper on the table by him. Pan left and look at the calendar. Click on it for Howard to say the date - Saturday, April 10, 1937. There's a full moon depicted under it.

A paper entitled "Password", with a list of words  that corresponds to dates:

Spring: Tiger

Summer: Dragon

Autumn: Monkey

Winter: Dog

New moon: Four of a kind

First quarter: Three of a kind

Full moon: Two Pairs

Last quarter: Pair

Monday: Jack

Tuesday: Queen

Thursday: King

Saturday: Ace

Talk to Li Tang again. He asks who will win tonight. Select Tiger for spring - April, then select 2 pairs of kings for full moon and ace of clubs for Saturday. He gives winch code to lower the sails.

Talk to Ishtar and you will automatically be up on the deck at the back of the junk.

Raising the sails - Check the winch code given by Li Tang. Remember that starboard is the right side of the ship and port is the left side. You are facing the back of the junk. So the left ideogram is the top one on the winch code. It is tricksy because the clues are only on the number written not the position of where the number is located.

Three Chinese ideograms with a short sentence opposite each symbols:

One turn less than the second halyard to starboard

Two times more turns that the third halyard to port

On turn less than the first halyard to starboard.


While facing the winches, turn the left to +3, the middle to -4 and the right to +2.

Poker game:    Enter on the exposed doorway to the right. Talk to Ishtar-Miss Sullivan. Talk to Elliot, Master Yu and the rat race gambler.

Play Poker - Texas-Holdem - You can review the rules in the manual.

5 cards to win from 7 cards dealt. 2 cards are held hidden by player. 5 cards are on the table. 2 cards on the table are exposed after the first betting and a card after subsequent betting.

Cards to win: a pair, 2 pairs, 3 of a kind, full house made up of 3 of a kind and a pair and 4 of a kind.

Good luck in winning the bas relief.

After winning the bas relief from Master Yu, Elliot holds a knife on Miss Sullivan throat and takes the bas relief. Talk to Master Yu and the gambler.

Exit the junk. Go forward and talk to the man on the right. Captain Nathaniel Blackwood, the owner of the third medallion has joined the team. He has a medallion made up of oricalchus. Elliot and Kate went to the palace at the Sahyadri Mts in India where the other half of the bas relief is located.



Zeppelin:    Pan right and talk to Capt. Blackwood. Learn about his connection with Howard's father. They served in the same company during the Great War. Howard's father kept a journal that is supposedly never found after his death in the battlefield.

Exit and go to the radio room at the lower level. See that nothing was changed from the last time you were here. Take the fine paper and the lead pencil from the table.

Go to the steam engine room and look down where Garetti was sitting. Take the zeppelin knife. Exit to the right and take the stairs going down.

Sahyadri Mts:    Talk to Kate kept in a cage. Learn that the bas relief is needed to open the Gate of Truth. The Gate is the way to the Grotto of Revelation which has the exact location of the Atlantean relic. The rays of the sun will play a role in finding the bas relief. The bas relief is hidden in the Great Hall of Glass. Walk forward and down the stairs to the Hall of Glass.

Hall of Glass:   

Bookcases:    Look at the bookcase left of the entrance. Take the Kama Sutra at 3rd shelf from top.

Check the bookcase on the right of the entrance and Capt. Blackwood says he'll do some reading. Look at the Gem Book on the third shelf from top. It states the most beautiful gems reflect light like suns: ruby, emerald, sapphire... Read the book from the top shelf that shows elephants facing in different directions.

Wall inscription:    Look around and then climb the stairs. The big door is locked. Elliot might be in there. Look at the inscriptions below the god on the left of the door. In inventory, combine the paper and lead pencil. Use the combined paper-pencil on the inscription.

Go down and out to the bridge. Talk to Kate. Give her the inscription and she will translate it as:

He who seeks after Truth must take the path of Enlightenment whose place of departure is Balance.

When he opens the Seventh Book of Knowledge, the ignorant one will be blessed with Wisdom.

This understanding will give him strength he needs to attain Purity. Only then will the truth be revealed to him.

Gems:    Go back to the Hall of Glass.

Book of Enlightenment - Look at left end of the top shelf of the bookcase left of the entrance. Take the Book of Enlightenment and get a sapphire. Tada!

Kali Goddess statue - Go across to the statue by the left set of windows by the other stairway. Study the statue and see a ruby as its halo. Look down and do the ruby puzzle.

Ruby puzzle - The aim here is to turn off all the lights of the rubies.

Click on rubies numbered: 1, 12, 9, 4, 10 and 5. Take the ruby.

Elephant - Go to the elephant on a stand behind the table at the center of the hall. Use the knife to take the pearl at tip of its trunk.

Chest - Go to the chairs on the right set of windows. See a chest with a depiction of Kali, like the statue at the other end of the hall.

Goddess puzzle - Arrange the arms and hands by clicking on them to show the position of the statue that had the ruby.

The chest opens. Take the emerald.

Talk to Captain Blackwood about everything. Show him the gems and he gives the meaning. Emerald represents balance, ruby symbolizes power, sapphire brings wisdom and pearl is purity. He gives a moonstone similar in symbolism as the pearl.

Light and stand:    Look around and see a beam of light striking a stand close to the far bookcase.

Gem placements - Go to the ivy covered stand close to the bookcase just right of the stairs on the left. Use the knife to remove the invasive ivies.

As stated by the translation of the encryption done by Kate: place the emerald - balance on the stand as the point of departure of the path of enlightenment. See the light beam to the next stand.

Go to the next stand and use the knife to remove the ivies. The translation states wisdom, so place the sapphire on the stand.

Go to the next stand where the light beam passes through. Use the knife to remove the ivies. Place the ruby symbolizing power or strength on the stand.

See the light beam to the door on top of the stairs. Climb there and place the pearl for purity. That doesn't work. Use the moonstone given by Blackwood.

The light beams to a post at the bottom of the right stairs. Go down and click on the panel. Howard takes the bas relief. That was a short lived acquirement.

Prison:    Listen to Elliot welcome the new member of his team. You see them through slits in your prison. Do the glyph-sudoku puzzle below.

Sudoku puzzle - Click-cycle through any of the blank squares. Note that there are 9 different glyphs for the 9x9 grid. There are 9 big squares in the puzzle. Each square are made up of 9 little squares. Some glyphs are already in place and cannot be changed.

The object of this puzzle is to place 9 different glyphs in each big square as well as 9 differing glyphs on each row and on each column.

A tactic is to start filling in the big square that has the fewest blank squares. Be sure to check the horizontal as well as the vertical in selecting the glyph to be placed.

I started with: the bottom row of the middle column, top row of the middle column, center big square, 4th row from the top,  middle row of right column row, middle row of left column and did the corner squares last.

See the solution below:

When correctly done, see that the prison is a sarcophagus.

 Hall of Truth:    Look around and see that you are behind the once closed door at the top of the stairs. Take the trident off the statue of Ishtar. Look at the combined bas relief on a stand, the different tile on the floor in front of the stand and the closed door of the Gate of Truth.

Go out and down to where Kate is in the cage. Use the trident on the lever holder behind the cage. Talk to Kate. Go back to the Hall of Truth.

Bas relief - Kate states that 2 people are needed to open the gate. One to stand on the tile in front of the bas relief and one to push in the code to open the gate. Kate stands on the tile. There must be a clue somewhere for the code.

Remember the elephant book seen on the top shelf bookcase right of the entrance at the Hall of Glass. The elephants are positioned in different directions.

Press the left, right, right, right, left and left side of the bas relief. The Gate of Truth opens.

Grotto of Revelation:    Pan left and see the fresco. See a boat on top of a mountain and the 3 medallions. Talk to Kate completely to learn about Noah's Ark, Mesopotamia and the Sanskrit text that is like a prophecy.

It talks about 3 chosen ones, guided by an old blind man whose task is to watch over a sacred treasure. It mentions a dragon, who's the guardian of secrets and whose breath drives men mad... and of a betrayal followed by a redemption.

Exit the grotto. Walk forward to the zeppelin.



Mt. Nisir:     Talk to Kate.

Zirek - Climb up and see a man. Talk to Zirek, an herbalist. Kate will translate the language. Learn that 2 foreigners wanted to profane the Temple of Marduk and that only one man came out - a thin man with big boots and dark stare. Omarin, the old man told him about what happened. He talks about the Temple of Marduk and the dragon. He makes an effective poultice for snake bites. Omarin, hermit and wise man will come anytime he smells cooking on the fire. Trade the pearl for a herb poultice.

Village:     Climb up until the village through a cliff pass that is protected by some broken wire fencing.

Jyan - Pan right and go to the first house on the right. Hear someone crying inside the crate in front of the house. Go forward close to the next house. See a broken cart. Take the iron bar from the left wheel. Take the bucket by the right wheel.

Go back to the crate by the first house and use the iron bar on the crate. Take the smoker exposed by the crate.

Talk to the young girl Jyan. Learn that his Uncle Samal left because of the dragon's breath that came down from the temple. She misses her uncle that goes to the temple. The dragon is angry because of the 2 men. Her uncle cuts stone.

Talk to Omarin:

Cooking - Pan left and forward to the far end of the village and talk to the woman by the fire oven. She talks about the dragon's breath, the foreigners that entered the temple, the others that left in the airship and Omarin. Omarin is blind. She will make bread to get Omarin to come here if you get honey. Pick up the matches on the ground.

Go to the next house with awning and see that it is locked. Take the wire mesh on the wall. Look down and see a grid.

Blackwood - Go to the last house on this side and take the hoe leaning left of the closed door. Enter and see Blackwood. Talk to Blackwood and see that he is caught with war memories.

Turn around and take the sieve on the post and then the shears from the other post. Exit the house, pan right and go forward up the mountain path.

Honey - Take the path right of the rounded stone fence and climb the mountain. See a beehive.

Bees' puzzles - Use the matches with the smoker to get a smoker on. Use it on the hive to remove the flying bees. Click to open the hive.

See the first of 3 bees' puzzles. The aim of the puzzles is to get the yellow bees to change places with the orange bees.

Save game here. The puzzle resets when there's no more possible move.


Use the smoker on bees sitting on the frame numbered:

5, 3, 2, 4, 6, 7, 5, 3, 1, 2, 4, 6, 5, 3 and 4.

Place the smoker back in inventory and click on the frame.



Use the smoker on bees sitting on the frame numbered:

4, 6, 7, 5, 3, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 7, 5, 3, 1,

2, 4, 6, 8, 7, 5, 3, 4, 6 and 5.

Place the smoker back in inventory and click on the frame.



Use the smoker on bees sitting on the frame numbered:

5, 7, 8, 6, 4, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1,

3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2,

3, 5, 7, 9, 8, 6, 4, 5, 7 and 6.

Place the smoker back in inventory and click on the frame.

Take the middle frame full of honey.

Go back to the woman by the fire oven at the far end of the village. Give her the frame full of honey. Wait a bit and see Omarin arrive and get a piece of bread. He sits down to enjoy his food.

Talk to Omarin. Indeed, you're the one we've been waiting for after 1000 years. Marduk is watching over you and the object you have with you.

Then show him the medallion. He goes into a trance and talks about you and the other holder of the medallions as the heirs of Atlantis. In your veins flow the blood of Atlantis; the bearers of the bronze, pewter and orichalcus. Before, the mission of the heirs was to keep watch, now it is to reveal the hidden knowledge on. You will be faced with unscrupulous men. Marduk knows about Blackwood and he will need help to find his way to the path of wisdom.

The Indian prophecy comes true. You would need the Atlantean crystal. -The crystal is sleeping. You have to coax the dragon to allow you to get the crystal. He gives back the medallion. Being an heir doesn't make you superior to any other being.

Talk to him again and he doesn't remember what he said previously. To help Blackwood from his illness, he would need aloe leaves.

Jyan's doll - See Jyan call for help because her doll fell in the water. Go back to the cliff path going down the mountain one click left of the rounded stone fence. Look for the broken wire fence. Use the shears to cut a piece of metal wire.

In inventory, combine the twisted metal wire with the bucket to get a bucket with handle. Go back to the well. Use the bucket with handle on the hook above the well. Use the well handle on the right and automatically get the doll. Take the doll and give it to Jyan.

Talk to her about her uncle's locked door. She says the key is under a wood by his house.

Dragon of Marduk:    Climb up the mountain path outside the village. Go pass the beehive and up to the temple.

Go inside the temple and look around. See the blue bas relief of the dragon of Marduk. After the prophecy about the blind man, we now see the dragon.

Measure - Take note that there are blocks of stone missing from the bas relief. This must be the ones Jyan's uncle is fixing. Take note of the sizes of the 4 missing blocks by clicking the wire frame over the holes on the bas relief.

There's a 6x6, 4x5 and two 2x3 blocks missing. The eye is also missing.

Go outside and pick up 4 pieces of stones. Pan left and see a plant. Use the hoe to get the red roots.

Cut the stones to size - Go back to Jyan's Uncle Samal's house. Take the key mentioned by Jyan under the wood on the ground left of the locked door. Use the key on the door and then turn it.

Look around and pick up the stonecutter's tools from the window sill. Go back outside and place a stone on the grid.

Cut the stone by clicking the stonecutter tools on the stone until you get the size you need.

6x6 block - click the stone 2 times to get cut stone.

4x5 block - click the stone 4 times to get cut stone.

2x3 block - click the stone 7 times. Do another 2x3 block to get 2 more cut stones.

Fit the blocks - Go back to the temple and insert the 4 blocks made. If some do not fit, make a new one. Take a new stone from the pile outside the temple.

Color - If they all fit, see that it needs coloring. The top one needs dark blue. The body needs light yellow. The right side block needs light blue and the bottom one needs an orange yellow color.

Make paints - Go back to the stonecutter's house. Look at the paint maker ensemble at the right of the window.

Red pigment - Click on the empty funnel on top of the machine. It needs red paint. Lucky for us we dug the red roots already outside the temple.

Look down left of the machine and see a mortar and pestle. Take the pestle and then place the red root on the mortar. Use the pestle to grind the red roots to get crushed red roots.

Place the sieve on the wire stand right of the mortar. Take the red dye and place on sieve. Click to shake the sieve. Take the bowl of red dye on a bowl under the wire stand.

Place the red pigment on the empty funnel on top of the machine.

Machine - See that the machine has 2 stopcocks on tubes, one leading right and the other one leading left. The one to the right leads to the blue pigment and the one to the left leads to the yellow pigment.

There is a wheel that releases the paint to a bowl at the bottom. A small furnace is at bottom of machine. To the right is a sink full of water for discarded bowls.

Use match on furnace to get a fire.

Dark blue paint - If not yet done, turn the stopcock on both right and left tubes to the close position (vertical). Closed for blue and yellow pigment. Turn the wheel at the bottom to get dark blue paint.

Light blue paint - Turn the stopcock open (horizontal) for the right tube and close (vertical) for the left tube. Blue pigment is open and yellow closed. Turn the wheel at the bottom to get light blue paint.

Yellow-orange paint - Turn the stopcock on both right and left tubes to the open position (horizontal). Both yellow and blue pigments are open. Turn the wheel at the bottom to get yellow-orange paint.

Yellow paint - Turn the stopcock open (horizontal) for the left tube and close (vertical) for the right tube. Yellow pigment is open and blue is closed. Turn the wheel at the bottom to get yellow paint.

Paint the blocks - Go back to the temple and the dragon bas-relief.

Use the dark blue paint on the top block.

Use the light blue paint on the small block on the right.

Use the yellow paint on the body of the dragon.

Use the yellow-orange paint on the small block at bottom left.

Atlantean Crystal - That looks good! Now, place the medallion on the eye of the dragon to finish the bas relief.

See the water on the pool recede and Howard takes the Atlantean crystal. Take the medallion back.

Blackwood cure:    

Aloe leaves - Go back to the herbalist Zirek via the path going down at the cliff side. Ask him about aloe plants. He says that there some by the beehives.

Go to the beehive at the path going up the mountain. Turn around from the beehives and see a plant at the corner. Take leaves from the aloe plant. Oh! No! Foresight in getting that snake bite herb poultice. It works!

Omarin's remedy - Go back to Omarin who is still enjoying his bread. Give him the aloe leaves. Talk to him and he gives the Omarin's remedy.

Go to Blackwood at the first house. Give him Omarin's remedy. Talk to Blackwood completely. Learn about what happened to him and Elliot. They opened a secret door to a long corridor to the Medallion room. Elliot disabled the trap door. One of the medallions melted and green clouds covered the room. The green cloud also spread out to the village. He knows he is one of the Heirs and he meant to destroy the secret of Atlantis.

Woman by the fire pit - Go back to the woman that baked the bread. Omarin is gone. She says that Omarin mutters - 'the three are reunited', 'way can be revealed' and 'the south, to the south'.

Open the door to the inner chamber:    Go back to the temple. Blackwood says that you need to turn the trident to the pointing downward. Go to the mandala at opposite wall from the dragon. Click the medallion on the trident glyph. Turn it to the bottom. The wall opens to a puzzle.

Ship puzzle - The object of the puzzle is to move the blocks to make way for the block with the ship painted on it to go to the right hole.

The puzzle reset is to place the Atlantean crystal on the slot on the left.

Click the left-right side or the top-bottom part of the brick to move it one space to that direction. Click brick number:

1 up 2xs, 2 right once, 3 down 2xs, 4 right once, 5 right 2xs, boat right 2xs, 6, up 3xs, 7 left once, 3 down once, 8 up 2xs, 2 left 3xs, 3 up once, 9 up once, 7 right 4xs, 3 down once, 9 down once, 2 right 2xs, 6 down 3xs, 8 down 3xs, 4 left once, 5 left once, boat left once, 2 left once, 9 up 4xs, 10, left once and 11 down once. Click boat to the right slot. Door opens.

Medallion room:    The heirs walked a corridor and into the medallion room. Look around and see that Elliot is not here. Look inside the bag Elliot left on the floor. Read a page taken from Howard's father's journal. He must still be alive to write this in 1921.

"In my dream, I see the Queen of Atlantis climb nine steps and sit on her throne. She turns her eyes towards me. She says she will free me from the shadows that imprison me.

Three times, she turns a bronze serpent that adorns her finger.

Then in her gaze appear fantastic images.

I see precious stones that light the way to truth...

I see a flaming pentacle, the symbol of a benign sun...

I see a trident of orichalcus...

And lastly a big ship, the sole vestige of a forgotten past.

In the grip of these visions, I in my turn climb the nine steps. The Queen stands and smiles on me. I am free".

Take note to see if what is in the text can be seen around here. There are 8 torches that lead to the stand across the room and 4 bull heads on the posts.

Go forward to the stand at the far end. Take the fake bronze medallion melted at the bottom. Put the medallion it its place. The door opens.

What else - who else! Elliot pops out of hiding and jumps to catch a bull's horn. The trap door is sprung and the Heirs fall into a prison.

Escape the prison:    Talk to Kate and then Blackwood. He mentions that the mechanism is by the bull's head by the door.

Look around the room. It is empty except for a torch and a ring. Click on torch and then talk to Kate to get her scarf. Use the scarf on the torch. Then use the match to light the torch. See that the ring below is an entwined serpent. Howard remembers what his father wrote on the page.

Click-turn the serpent ring 3 times. Turn around and see a block of stone rise up. In front of the stone is a dark tile. There are 8 other holes similarly position across from left to right on this side of the room. Hmm...

There were 4 fantastic images of bulls upstairs - press the 4th dark tile counting from left to right. See some block of stones rise and some drop down.

There were 8 torches that looks like precious stones that light the way to the truth (stand) - press the 8th tile counting from left to right. See some block of stones rise and some drop down.

A flaming pentacle has 5 sides - press the 5th dark tile counting from left to right. See some block of stones rise and some drop down.

A trident of orichalcus has 3 points - press the 3rd dark tile counting from left to right. See some block of stones rise and some drop down.

A big ship is singular - press the first dark tile counting from left to right. See the blocks make steps to go up to the top.

Climb up the steps. At the top, use the iron bar on the tip of the right ear of the bull on the post above.

The Sanctuary of the Ark:    Go out through the opened door and see the Atlantean Ark.

Look to the left and see a high rock with a broken bridge. Elliot is there in front of a big red crystal and a control panel.

Walk to the ark and see a giant globe on the left and a big green crystal in front of it. To the right is another control panel

Control panel - Go to the right and see the control panel.

Place the Atlantean crystal on the indent on top of the panel. This activated the systems in the ark. That includes Elliot's control panel that is red. Yours is blue.

Find the route to Atlantis - Study the puzzle and see 2 blue end circles and 2 red circles.

The aim is to make a blue path from top right to bottom left. This is a random puzzle and no saves can be done after the completion of the puzzle. If you fail, another chance to replay can be done by clicking the continue red arrow on the screen.

Each click to make a blue hexagon is countered by a red hexagon made by Elliot.

One tactic is to not necessarily make blue adjacent hexagons but skip one or 2 to divert the red hexagons. Be sure that a path can be made from one to next blue tile later or the skipped hexagons can be clicked on later.

This is an example - take note that the cursor is about to fill in a skipped hexagon that is not the end one to the blue circle.

After completing the puzzle, see that the big globe starts to show the path to get to Atlantis. See it go out of northeast of North America to Europe to South America and to Africa.

Elliot tries to see the rotating globe and gets hit by a rock to fall off into the abyss.

Watch the cave in before Kate finishes copying the map.

Watch Kate, Howard and Blackwood meet with Foster in New York.  Howard thinks about his father that might still be alive. All is not lost, Foster notices the similarity of Kate's partial map to a drawing in a book he has in his collection.


The Adventure has only just began...

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