Agatha Christie: Evil under the Sun

by AWE Games

Walkthrough by MaGtRo  October 2007


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game.

The main menu has play (new game), load game, options, credits and exit. The options menu has the music volume, effects volume, brightness, text captions, 3D shadows, animated effects, fog-haze-clouds effects, particle effects and antialiasing selections.

Move the cursor to the top of the screen to access the taskbar. The taskbar has access to in game menu (Inn) at left, character picture, briefcase (inventory) and notebook (documents, suspects...).

The in game menu is also accessed also by ESC key or Inn button left of the taskbar. It has resume game, save game, load game, options and main menu.

To save game, click on a blank square and type in a label for that saved game; then click OK button. The saves can also be overwritten by clicking on a picture of the old saved game.

The inventory menu is accessed by right mouse click or click on the inventory icon (briefcase) at top of the screen. There are scroll arrows at top corners to see all the items. Right click of mouse also returns items picked up from the inventory frame.

Double click an item in inventory will show a close up of that item with a description. A magnifying lens when clicked on will provide additional information.

The dialogues can be hastened by left mouse click. Double click on the legs icon at end of frames hastens transition to next screen.

This walkthrough is just one way of gameplay. The game is non-linear and can be played in different sequences of events.


Act 1

London September 7, 1940

Poirot's Office - Present time:    

Hercule Poirot is in his office with black curtains drawn due to World War II blackout in England.  Arthur Hastings listens to Poirot while he recounts his summer vacation that involved a murder at Smuggler's Rest Hotel in Seadrift Island; the case that he solved in a day. Poirot will guide Hastings through the investigation. Hastings (the gamer) will be Poirot and investigate the murder.

Finger of Suspicion - Poirot shows Hastings the Finger of Suspicion given by a Wizard from Manchester. You can use it to select any of the suspects and get hints.

Poirot also challenges Hastings to solve the mystery of the Finger of Suspicion. He will give 7 clues throughout the evening and then will see the true genius behind the Finger of Suspicion.

The first clue is Power.

Seadrift Island South Devon 1703:    A Ghost beckons a drunken man to enter the Pub. The ghost throws a dart to a board and goes down the stairs. The footprints go through the wall in the basement with an etched dartboard.

Near Brixham South Devon 1940:     A young schoolgirl runs through the forest chased and then strangled by a cloaked person.

Near Brixham South Devon Spring 1940:    A ritual is performed by 4 cloaked persons on a straw doll. A man in bed cries in pain.

Explore the office to get necessary items to use during your investigation.

Take the notepad on Poirot's desk. This will be placed in the taskbar at top of page. The notebook will reference Poirot's instructions, suspects, documents and stopwatch timing.

Turn right and go forward to the cabinet and look close at the Sorcerer's Apprentice book signed by Bill Nicholls.

Go right and look at the map of Seadrift Island. There are colored pushpins at bottom right that signify different character in the story.

Take the briefcase left of the door and this will be the inventory in the taskbar. There are coins (pocket money) already there.

Turn right and take the stopwatch from the side table. This will be at right of the taskbar. Look in the mirror.

The door is another way to exit the game.

Turn right and look close at the case file boxes on the shelves.

Take the case files on Corrigan, Parsons, Drugs and shipwreck. Read the information in the notebook.

Alice Corrigan's body was found strangled at the downs in Totnes.

Milly Parsons, a student at Miss Porter's School was also strangled.

A drug smuggling ring was apprehended on the beach below Carey Spit.

The shipwreck news refers to the case in 'And Then There were None'.

Take the picture of Poirot and Hastings on the wall. This will be the way to move from-to the story at Seadrift Island back-to Poirot's office.


August 24, Morning

Smuggler's Rest Hotel at Seadrift Island

Click on Hastings' picture at the taskbar to be at the Smuggler's Rest Hotel. You will be Hastings that guides Poirot during this investigation.

Check the hotel and the suspects:

Poirot's Room:    Look around. Outside is the veranda that can access the other rooms. Enter and check the bathroom at right screen. Exit the room through the main door.

Hotel rooms at top floor:    Look around and see that the hallway on the left will lead to a lookout tower at top of stairs. We will check that later.

Talk to Gladys Narracot, the maid dusting at bottom right from Poirot's room.

She is upset with Will Jenks. Talk to her completely. Learn about Tom Cutter's ghost that haunts the pub.

Go down to right screen, down the hall and click on the spiral stairs at far end.

Reception desk:    Go to bottom screen.

Talk to Mrs. Hilary Castle, the hotel manager completely.

Take a Seadrift Island brochure from the reception desk. Double click the brochure in inventory to learn about the history of Seadrift Island.

Hotel office:    Go behind the reception desk and enter through the door to the Hotel Office.

Talk to Mrs. Castle again. Learn about the missing wire recorder. It disappeared on evening of August 19th. That was the day Arlena Stuart arrived.

Click on items on the desk that needs to be inspected when Mrs. Castle is not around. Exit the office.

Hotel foyer:    Go left of reception desk, left of the door and see the main entrance.

Look close at the Guest Registry on the stand by left post. There will now be 'suspects' in the notebook. Read the data about the guests.

Go to top screen and take the motor magazine on the chair. Double click the magazine in inventory to get a close look and then use the magnifying lens to see a procedure on how to clean points.

Suntrap bar:    Enter the door at top of the screen.

Talk to Henry Bailey, the bartender completely.

Go to bottom screen. Check the piano. Look at the trash can right of the main door. Take the empty bottle of grenadine.

Exit through the big doors and then enter the door on the left.

Dining room:    Go down the hallway and enter the double doors on the left.

Take an empty drinking glass from the pushcart left of the door. The cart contains coffee flasks.

Go down the screen and talk to Rosamund Darnley, the famous dressmaker completely. Learn about her missing typewriter. It was missing August 20.

Exit the dining room.

Go through the door on top of screen. Go forward twice and exit through the main hotel door. Go forward on the paved road. Go down the road twice.

Smugglers End Pub:   

Talk to John North, the bearded man with the binocular standing in front of the pub.

Follow North by clicking the shadow cursor on North. 

Sea Tractor Landing:    Click on right screen and Poirot refuses to wade.

At the landing, look close at the tractor ferry board. See the note that states to use the phone to call the sea tractor.

Go back to the hotel and on the way check the locked door of the pub.

Rocky Beach:    At the main hotel door, take the path at top of screen.

Go around the hotel and pick up the rock outside the door that goes to the reception desk and is left of the stairs.

Continue to the right and talk to Emily Brewster, ballet teacher. Take another rock right of Emily.  Go back to front of hotel.

Lounge chairs:    Take the path at bottom right of game screen and behind the wall.

Talk to Christine Redfern sitting on a lounge chair overlooking the sea and in front of the deck of the Bathing beach.

See a red sailboat steered by Howard Blatt. Patrick, her husband is swimming.

Bathing beach:    Go down the stairs to the beach.

Talk to Major Montague Barry, the women observer completely. He shows dogs.

Talk to George Strumm, the groundskeeper. He saw the ghost by the pub.

Go left to the sea edge. Pick up the cord buried in sand at left. Click on the water.

Go up the stairs and then go right at the path.


Eavesdrop on the couple at the picturesque lookout point by clicking the ear icon on them.

Talk to the Gardeners (Carrie and Oakley). After leaving the lookout, eavesdrop again on the Gardeners.

Cutter's Cove:    Continue to the right of the screen and see another deck.

Look at the broken ladder to the beach. Pick up the 2 posts left of the deck.

Island Summit:    Go right and up the hill to an empty clearing. Look around and then go back down the path.

Go right and then up to the tennis court.

Tennis court:    See Kenneth Marshall and his wife Arlena.

Kenneth states that Arlena Stuart Marshall received 2 threatening notes already. Talk to Kenneth completely. The first one came August 20th. He left to type letters. Read the 2 threatening letters in documents in the notebook.

Look at the tennis court and see a low spot near the net. See a rake on the wire basket close to the wired fence.

Go back down the path. Go left and then go left again close to the cliff edge.

Monastery ruins:    Go up to the ruined monastery. Look around.

Talk to Stephen Lane, the former vicar completely. There's an oar at the center of a stone ring. He gives chicken feathers with blood taken from the edge of the stone ring. Learn about the Bacchus temple. 

Look close at the Monk's door left of the arched entrance covered by ivies. Move the ivies away from the door and try the door. The door looks like it's been used recently.

Look close at the circular stone at top wall. There's an entrance to a tunnel down there.

Click on the oar at center of the stone ring. Exit the monastery.

Continue on the path close to the cliff edge.

Sanctuary Cove:        Go down the stairs right of the lounge chairs.

Talk to Linda Marshall completely. She wants a guillemot blind.

Blind:    Use the 2 stones, the 2 posts and the cord on the brush Linda was working on.

Bathing beach:    Go back to bathing beach at other end of the cliff side path.

See a couple on a wooden float in the water. Click on the wooden float. Arlena Marshall and Patrick Redfern are seen by Christine Redfern.


Act 2

Poirot's Office - Present time:        Automatically be back at Poirot's office.

Poirot expresses his opinion on how to continue the investigation. He advises Hastings to know the residents of Leathercombe Bay.

Finger of Suspicion - The second clue is Lamp.

Click on Hastings icon on the taskbar.

August 24th, Afternoon

Seadrift Island

Examine the rooms in the hotel:

Poirot's room:    Automatically be back in Poirot's room. Gladys, the maid is still upset.

Go to the bathroom and take fresh towels from the rack.

Cleaning cart - Exit the room and look close at the maid's cleaning cart.

Take the scissors, brush and detergent.

Go back inside Poirot's room. Exit through the balcony door and be at the veranda.

*Stephen Lane's room:     Go to the left and enter the door left of Poirot's room.

Read the bible on the table that is opened to Revelation 2:20.

Go to the bathroom and look inside the medicine cabinet above the sink. Take the mineral oil bottle and 2 tablets from the bottle at lower shelf.

Exit through the balcony door.

Major Montague Barry's room:    Enter the door right of Poirot's room.

*Check the betting receipts on the side table.

Look close at the suitcase on top of the bed. Use the scissors on the leather strap. Check the pillows.

Exit through main door.

Mrs. Hilary Castle at Lookout tower:     Climb the stairs to the lookout tower at top.

Talk to Mrs. Castle completely. Major Barry will be at the Monk's Hood at Leathercombe Bay. She checks for U-boats. Albert Bagley runs the pub. Colonel Weston is in town.

She wants a book - Love's Captive to be returned to the library. She gives the binoculars. The book errand is added to Poirot's Instructions.

*Turn right twice and use the binoculars. See Major Barry on his red sailed sailboat. The boat looks like it's named Parsimony. Turn right and use the binoculars again and see a periscope of a submarine.

Go down the stairs and forward to the hallway at other side of the inner balcony. Before the spiral staircase, use the right door to get to the veranda.

The Marshall's room:    Go to the second to the left door and try the door.

Eavesdrop on the conversation between Kenneth and Arlena. They talk about the threatening notes. Hear about Patrick Redfern.

Rosamund Darnley's room:    Go left and enter the second to the left door from the Marshall's.

Check the suitcase on top of the bed. It has RD on it. Open and take blank typing paper.

Exit through the main door. Go down to the spiral staircase.

Mrs. Castle's office:    Go through the door behind the reception desk.

*Look at the calendar on the desk and see August 2, 11, 17 and 21 have U marks for U-boat sightings.

Move the frame on the right and take the silver key. Move the frame back.

Look close at the green felt under the bust on the desk. Click again and see that the felt is a bit torn. Click on the felt to see a plate with a keyhole. Use the silver key on the keyhole. Take the gold key.

Open the top drawer and take the hotel floor plan. Look close at the floor plan in inventory. Close the top drawer.

*Go to the safe at the corner and use the gold key on the keyhole. See an oil lantern, code book and German 2-way radio. Check the documents in the notebook to learn the codes. Exit the office.

Patio:    Enter the door left of the reception desk. Go forward pass the dining room door and exit out to the patio.

Eavesdrop on Kenneth Marshall and Rosamund Darnley. Hear Rosa ask Kenneth why he doesn't divorce Arlena.

Island Summit:     Go down the path at bottom screen and then up the hill to the Island Summit.

See Oakley Gardener checking the ground. Talk to him completely.

Today August 24th is their anniversary. Poirot will look for a present for Carrie. This is added to Poirot's Instructions.

Sanctuary Cove:    Go down the path and continue to take the path by the cliff side.

Go down the stairs and talk to Linda Marshall about the guillemots.

The guillemot is oil covered and Linda needs help catching it. A task is added to the to do list.

Cutter's Cove:    Go back to the cliff side path and forward until seeing the Redferns.

Eavesdrop on Christine and Patrick Redfern. Hear the discussion about Arlena.

Talk to Patrick completely. He knows the area when he was a boy. There's a Cutter's cave at the cove.

Ledges:    Continue down the path.

Talk to Carrie Gardener knitting a shawl. Oakley had financial problems with a major movie star that took the money.

Poirot will look for a gift for Oakley and another instruction added.

Bathing beach:    Continue down the path and go down to the beach at next deck.

Shed - Open the shed and take the oar, boat varnish and swimming float.

Beach - Go close to the water's edge. *Use the binoculars on the swimming float. Something is caught on the float. Life ring buoy?

Cutter's Cove:    Go up to the path.

Go back to Patrick Redfern at the deck above Cutter's Cove.

Talk to Patrick about the thing caught on the swimming float. His goggles are broken. He gives the broken goggles to be repaired. This gets added to Poirot's to do list - Instructions.

Goggles - In inventory, combine broken goggles with leather strap to get goggles with strap.

Go to the hotel bar. Pick up ice pick at end of the bar.

In inventory, combine goggles with strap with ice pick to get goggles.

Go back to Patrick at Cutter's Cove and talk to him. Automatically give the goggles.

He goes and swims to the Bathing beach and retrieves the ruined life ring.

Look at ruined life ring in inventory and read that the word Parsimony is on the side.

Monastery ruins:    Go left to the cliff side path and go to the Monastery ruins.

Tunnel - Look close at the round ornate stone on the wall. Use the oar on the round stone. The stone wheel is moved to reveal an entrance to the tunnel.

Enter the tunnel and look around. Look at the Roman stones by the wall.

Go forward until the big area. Take the gold coin - 1689 Guinea from the ground.

The other paths can not be checked yet. We need something to show proper direction.

Exit the tunnel and the ruins.

Go down the path, turn right at the junction and forward back to the hotel. Enter and go to the hotel rooms at top floor.

Carrie Gardener:    Go forward from the spiral stairs and right to the room at the corner - room 3.

Use the door and automatically give Carrie the gold coin. She gives the shawl. One to be done task crossed off in the Poirot's list.

Exit the hotel.

Sanctuary Cove:    Go back to Sanctuary Cove and the oil covered guillemot.

Use the shawl on the guillemot. Linda takes the bird. Another task added to the to-do list.

Rocky cove:    Go back to the hotel. Go to the path towards Rocky Cove.

See Major Barry standing with eyes popping out of his head.

Go forward and talk to Arlena Marshall. She got another threatening letter.

Sea Tractor Landing:    Go to front of hotel and down the paved path to the landing. Use the telephone to call for a sea tractor.

Leathercombe Bay

Sea crossing:    Will Jenks will talk about people and the island during the crossing.

Will Jenks Garage:    See the sea tractor call phone right of the building.

Enter the building and talk to Will Jenks completely. 

Poirot says that he will talk to Linda to clear up the situation between Linda and Gladys. Another task added to the to-do list.

Check the table and see that you can not pick up the 3 tools on the table.

Exit the building and go to the village at the end of the path.

Chemist-Library-Post Office:    Enter the first door on the right.

Chemist - Talk to Adelaide Hughes. She is missing letters.

Take the spatula. Try to touch the test tubes on the shelf behind Adelaide.

Click on and get the cough syrup (red bottle) at second shelf. Check it in inventory and see that it has pomegranate juice.

Lending Library - Go to the right counter.

Talk to Adelaide. Ask about the wild birds book first and then borrow it for 50 pence.

The knitting book costs one pound and 6 shillings. Poirot needs money.

Post Office - Go to the left counter.

Talk to Adelaide. Click on the paper on the counter and select the bank address (Fagin and Sons, New Commerce Bank).

Click on Chloe, the cat. See and click on envelope behind the cabinet and Chloe.

*Take a St. Patrick brochure right of the exit door. Exit the store.

Monk's Hood Pub:    Go forward down the road and enter the door on the left.

See a Great Dane sitting under the life ring buoy.

Colonel Weston - Go to right screen and talk to Col. Weston completely.

Learn that the sightings of the U-boats do not match Hilary's sightings.

Weston loaned the Smugglers End Pub key and the stethoscope to Poirot.

Horace Blatt - Talk to the sitting man. Hairdresser!

Albert Bagley - Go to the bar and talk to Albert.

Learn about Baskerville, the dog and that Tom Cutter is a good dart player. Tonight is the anniversary of Tom Cutter's death. There's a painting that has a clue about Tom Cutter's treasure; a copy is on the wall of the chemist. (I didn't find this painting). He is seen standing at the Island Summit looking north.

Garage:    Go back to Will Jenks's garage to go back to Seadrift Island.


Seadrift Island

Poirot's room:    Go back to the hotel and to Poirot's room.

Go to the bathroom and see that Linda has the bird in the tub. Click on Linda or the faucet. Need instructions on cleaning the bird.

*Clean the oil covered bird

In inventory, double click the Birding on Devon Shores book. Use the magnifying lens to read the book. Now that Poirot knows the procedure, he can start the process.

In inventory, combine the brush and the oil to get brush with oil. Use the brush with oil on the tub or Linda.

In inventory, combine the brush and detergent to get brush with detergent. Use the brush with detergent on the tub or Linda.

Use the faucet and then give the towels to Linda. One task crossed off on the to do list.

Smugglers End Pub:    Exit the hotel and go down the paved path.

Use the key loaned by Col. Weston on the door.

Look close at the dartboard and note the N on 20 N, N on 19 and E on 15 notations.

Go down the stairs. Look at the dartboard on the brick wall. There are 3 holes under 20.

There's an active spot on the barrels at left. Exit the pub.

Landing:    Call for the sea tractor. Listen to clues given by Will during these crossings.

Leathercombe Bay

Chemist-Post Office-Library:    Enter the shop.

Linda - Startle Linda. She has lots of candles.

Talk to Linda about Will and Gladys. One more task crossed off the to do list.

Post Office - Talk to Adelaide about telegram. Get bank funds.

Library - Talk to Adelaide. Get the knitting book.

*Buy the sketchpad that is on display on the counter.

Will Jenks garage:     Go to Will and cross the bay.

Seadrift Island

Go back to the hotel. Take the path on the left before the hotel door.

Oakley Gardener - Talk to Gardener and automatically give him the knitting book.


Act 3

Poirot's Office - Present time:         Automatically be back at Poirot's office.

Poirot expresses his opinion on how to continue the investigation. He advises Hastings to remove the red herrings in the case and to not forget about the murder of the young girl and the ritual shown.

Finger of Suspicion - The third clue is Desk.

Click on Hastings icon on the taskbar.

August 24, 1940 Evening

Seadrift Island

Poirot's room:    A knock is heard.

Open the door and talk to Kenneth Marshall. A photograph of Arlena was stolen from his room. His balcony door was left opened.

Exit through the balcony door.

Montague Barry's room:    Enter the door on the right of Poirot's.

Go to the bed and look close at the pillow. Move the pillow and *take Arlena's picture. Look close at it in inventory.

Barry comes in. Talk to him completely. Poirot discusses the training of the dog at Leathercombe Bay.

Exit through the main door.

Linda Marshall's room:    Check the first door left of the hallway, Linda Marshall's room.

Use the stethoscope on door after Poirot says to listen closer.

Hear Linda say some ritual French words. I beat you, I break you, I curse you.

The Gardener's room:    Check room 3 at right corner of the inner balcony.

Use the stethoscope on door after Poirot says to listen closer. Hear the Gardeners' talk about their problem.

Go down the hallway and exit through the balcony door right of the spiral staircase.

Kenneth Marshall's room:    Enter the second door on the balcony.

Typewriter - Go forward and check the typewriter on the desk.

Place a blank paper taken from Rosamund Darnley's room on the typewriter.

Click on keys of typewriter to get a sample. Take the typed paper and see that it does not match the threatening letters.

Exit the room through the balcony door.

The Redfern's room:   

See Patrick on the balcony. Talk to Patrick. After Poirot's advice, Patrick leaves.

Enter the last room at the balcony.

Typewriter - Go forward and check the typewriter under the bed.

Place a blank paper on the typewriter.

Click on keys of typewriter to get a sample. Take the typed paper and see that it does not match the threatening letters.

*Automatically take Darnley's typewriter.

Exit the room through the main door.

Go down to the main level. Go left of the reception area and go through the door.

Dining room:    Enter the door on the left.

Talk to the Gardener's. Exit the Dining room.

Exit the hotel through the front door of the hotel.

Smuggler's Inn Pub:    Go down the paved road to the Inn.

*See Tom Cutter's ghost. Use the shadow icon on it.

Enter the pub and go down the stairs.

Look close at the wet footprints on the cellar floor. Look at the dart target on the brick wall.

Exit the pub and go back to the hotel.

Kenneth Marshall:    Take the path left of the paved road going to the cliff side.

Save game here. Talk to Kenneth Marshall about the picture.

When time to ask a specific question as a reward for finding the photograph, select wisely. If not correct question, go back to saved game or look for him later and ask the correct one.

The correct question is about daughter's difficulty at school.

Ledges:    Continue down the cliff side path.

See Arlena and Patrick at the Ledges. Eavesdrop on them.

Island Summit:    Continue to the left of the cliff side path. Take the shovel at the path's crossroad.

Monastery ruins:   

Enter the ruins and talk to Emily Brewster.

She asked Poirot to solve the murder of Millie Parsons.

Learn all about the rector under suspicion, Miss Porter's School, voodoo ritual and the teacher that left.

Christine Redfern at the patio:     Go back towards the hotel. Take the path at right and go pass the tennis court.

Talk to Christine. The sketchpad is given as gift.


Act 4

Poirot's Office - Present time:         Automatically be back at Poirot's office.

Poirot summarizes the progress in the investigation.

Finger of Suspicion - The fourth clue is Drawer.

Click on Hastings icon on the taskbar.

August 25, 1940 Morning

Seadrift Island

Poirot's room:   Exit the room through the main door.

Stephen Lane:    Meet Lane outside his room.

Talk to Lane. Lane wants to go to St. Patrick and was happy with the brochure given by Poirot.

Learn about the murders, the murderer and his state of mind.

Linda Marshall:    Go to her room at first left in the hallway at left.

Talk to Linda completely. Learn about Gideon Fell, voodoo and the movie Curse of the Island.

The Lookout tower:    Go up the stairs.

*Use the binoculars and see that Blatt's boat now has white sail. Turn right and use the binoculars and see the periscope again.

Bathing beach:    Exit through the front door and go to the bathing beach.

Go down the stairs and close to the water's edge.

Talk to Arlena. She knows the writer of the threatening letters. She used the float given by Poirot to a rendezvous.

Climb up the stairs. Meet Kenneth and then Patrick.

North:    Go back to the front of the hotel and down the path.

Saved game here. *See North and follow him.

There will be several choices of action given by Poirot. Select 'Ask Mrs. Redfern to make a sketch of him".

Smuggler's Inn Pub:    Enter the pub.

Look close at the dartboard. This is a map of Tom Cutter's treasure. Exit the pub.

Hotel foyer:    Go back to hotel.

Talk to Christine sitting at right. She will make a sketch of North for Poirot.

Talk to Rosamund that arrives after Christine leaves. Poirot gives the stolen typewriter.

Treasure Hunt 1:    Enter the bar and exit through the outside door.

Go forward until the crossroad and climb up to Island Summit. This is the highest point in the island.

*Watch Poirot pace the area. At the tennis court, dig, dig, dig... Hahahahah!

Pick up the tennis ball left of path.

Stopwatch timing (can be done anytime):   

Go to a place stated by Poirot to be the best place to do the timing. Use the stop watch. Get the time to reach Cutter's Cove.

Tennis court - 20 minutes; Monastery ruins - 12 minutes, Sanctuary Cove by base of ladder - 15 minutes, Ledges entrance - 6 minutes; Bathing beach by base of ladder - 18 minutes and  entrance of hotel - 25 minutes.

Landing:    Call for the sea tractor. Listen to clues given by Will during these crossings.

Leathercombe Bay

Monk's Hood Pub:   

After having the tennis court fiasco, talk to the bartender. Learn the original place of the island high point. The grassy path in front of the hotel was the highest point then.

Go to the bottom screen and take an old corned beef sandwich from the table.

Go back by the door and talk to Barry about Baskerville, the Great Dane.

Proceed! See how Baskerville is trained. Ah, he doesn't want to enter the store.

Enter the store and automatically place the sandwich on the floor. Watch Baskerville and Chloe interact.


Post Office - Click on the mail behind the mail cabinet twice.

Pick up the missing mails. Give the missing mails to Adelaide.

When asked for a choice - Ask to use the testing equipment.

Chemist:    Click on the book behind Adelaide. *Open the book.

Place the tablets taken from Lane's medicine cabinet in a test tube.

Take the test tube with tablets and click it on the 'drugs' word in the Table of Contents of the opened book.

Automatically, the test is done by Poirot. It is Trional.

Exit the store.

Police station - Home Guard:    Go down and to the end of the road. Enter the door by the fountain.

Talk to Colonel Weston about everything.

Typewriter - After talk about Arlena, test the typewriter.

Place a blank paper on the typewriter.

Click on keys of typewriter to get a sample. *Take the typed paper and see that it does match the threatening letters.

Answer 'Was it Linda Marshall' to the question.

Talk to Colonel Weston about Mrs. Castle and the 2 murder cases.

The answer after reading the report of the Milly Parson's case:

1. The film and the time (3rd).

2. Then the title of the movie.

Exit the village and go back to the garage.

Jenk's Garage:    Go inside the garage and talk to Will.

Will wants Barry's points cleaned.

Clean the car's engine points

Read the magazine in inventory and learn automatically how to clean points.

Go to the work bench and take the screwdriver, spanner (wrench) and flat file.

Spanner-Wrench - Poirot gets stabbed by a magnetic fragment when he picked up the spanner-wrench.

In inventory, look close at spanner-wrench. Automatically a magnetic fragment is in inventory.

Go to Barry's car at left. See the engine of the car.

Open the distributor cap - the big middle pan at center.

Look close and see the ignition system.

Use the spanner on the bolt holding one contact point at bottom of the system. This gets the dull point.

Use the screwdriver on the screw holding the other contact point close to center. This gets the other dull point.

In inventory, use the flat file on one dull point to get shiny point. Do the other dull point.

*Place the 2 shiny points in their original places. Well done, old man!

Exit the garage and meet Will. Go back to Seadrift Island.

Seadrift Island:

Original high point of the Island: Go back to hotel.

Go to path going to the cliff side. *At the lounge chairs, automatically start pacing to the different directions.

The Gardeners are close by.

Dig, Poirot, dig. The treasure is found at side of the hotel where the spiral stairs are located and on the path going to Rocky beach.

*Get 3 gold darts.

Smuggler's Inn Pub:    Go down the road and enter the pub.

Go down the cellar and look close at the dart target on the brick wall. Place the gold darts in the 3 holes under the top 20, thus getting a ton-eighty.

Enter the tunnel and look at the footprints on the ground. *Take the luminescent coat left of the entrance.

Go forward until the intersection. Poirot refuses to go ahead.

Exit the tunnel and then the pub. Go back to the hotel.

Rocky beach:    Take the path on the right side of the hotel.

Go forward and talk to Emily Brewster. Something was thrown at her.

Gardeners:    Talk to the Gardeners at the lounge chair area close to the wall in front of the hotel.

Patrick Redfern is not in a good mood.

Sanctuary Cove:    Go to Sanctuary Cove.

Talk to Christine Redfern sitting on the deck. *She gives the sketch of North.

Talk to her again and see that she too is not in a good mood. Look at the sketch of North in inventory.

Kenneth Marshall:    Go back to the hotel and up to the rooms.

Check the inner door of Kenneth Marshall's room. Use the stethoscope on the door and hear typing.

Landing:    Use the phone to call for the sea tractor.

Leathercombe Bay

Police - Home Guard:    Go down and to the end of the road. Enter the door by the fountain.

Talk to Colonel Weston about North's sketch.

Seadrift Island:    

Automatically, be back at the side of the hotel on the path going to Rocky beach.

Hear the pipes on the wall making gurgling noise. Somebody is having a bath.



Act 5

Poirot's Office - Present time:         Automatically be back at Poirot's office.

Poirot shows the map that will point where the suspects were last seen. It will be updated as the suspects are questioned.

Finger of Suspicion - The fifth clue is Magnet.

Click on Hastings icon on the taskbar.

August 25, 1940 Late Morning

Seadrift Island

Watch as Patrick and Emily row to Cutter's Cove at 11:40 AM and find Arlena's body.

Hotel office:    Exit Poirot's room.

Go down to the office behind the reception counter.

Talk to Hilary Castle. Find out that Arlena has been murdered. The police have been here for an hour.

Exit the office and go to the hotel foyer.

Hotel foyer:    See and try to talk to Gladys.

Go outside and take the path going to the cliff side and beaches.

See the Gardeners by the lounge chairs. Carrie is too distraught to talk.

Bathing beach:    Go down to the Bathing beach and close to the water's edge.

Talk to Emily. She will row Poirot to Cutter's Cove.

Cutter's Cove:   

Colonel Weston:     Talk to Colonel Weston. Poirot will lead the investigation.

The time of the murder was somewhere between a quarter to eleven and twenty of twelve.

The cause of death was strangulation.

Arlena's body:     *Look at the body.

Pick up the coffee flask. Click on her and Poirot states that she died of strangulation by a very strong pair of hands.

Look at the coffee spill on the sand. Look at the hat's ribbon.

Patrick Redfern:    Talk to Patrick. He remembered hearing a clatter from rocks near the ladder.

Rocks by ladder:    Go towards the ladder. Pick up a broken pipe on the sand.

Cave:    Go to the right of the ladder.

Pick up a *torn piece of fabric from the rocks.

Go inside the cave. Pick up *smashed perfume bottle on the ground at right.

*See something mud covered on the wall. Look close and use spatula or tennis ball or brush to remove the clay covering a 6 side metal receptacle used to hold a mast winch handle. (Thanks, Lee!)

Arlena's body:    Go back to Arlena.

Look at the ribbon on Arlena's hat. Use scissors on ribbon to get cut piece of fabric.

Emily Brewster:    Talk to Emily.

She corroborated the rowing time and incident. They turned to the cove at 11:40 and arrived at the cove at 11:45. 11:30 was the time they started to row out of the island.

Now that everything is investigated, talk to her again. Poirot asks to be rowed back to Bathing beach.

Gardener's:    Climb up the ladder and go to the Gardener's at the lounge chair patio.

Talk to Gardeners. Check the time line. He left Carrie around 11 to get the thread and was gone for 15 or 20 minutes.

Hilary Castle:    Go to the reception desk inside the hotel

Talk to Hilary. She gives the hotel's master key.

She was making sure that the dining room was cleared after quarter to eleven until noon.

The only request for coffee flask was by Lane going hiking and Arlena. They are put out no later than half past nine.

If you did not get a floor plan of the hotel earlier in her office, ask her for one now.

Hotel Rooms:    Climb upstairs and open the door. No need to use key.

Arlena's room:    Enter the first door on the left side of the inner balcony and look around.

Go to the bottom screen and take the *JN letter. Read it in documents.

Take the *3 Redfern letters by the curtains at left. Read it in documents.

Bathroom - Go to the bathroom left of the bed.

Open the cabinet above the toilet.

Take the *perfume bottle and the *unmarked bottle.

Go to the left and take the bath salt bottle. Poirot cannot open the bottle.

Take the hairbrush from the table on the right. Look close at the hairbrush in inventory and get *sample of hairs.

Exit the room.

Kenneth Marshall's room:    Enter the next room.

A shadow is seen in the balcony.

Talk to Kenneth. From twenty to eleven until twelve, he was in his room.

Barkett and Applegood are Arlena's solicitors.

Linda Marshall's room:    Enter the next door on the left.

See a box on the dresser with zodiac signs in rings lock.

Look close at the hat on the bed. Take the *fancy stickpin on the ribbon band.

Go to the fireplace and take the *burnt piece of fabric on the logs and *burnt hair on the right side.

Take *Linda's watch on the fireplace mantle.

Rosamund Darnley's room:    Go to the next room.

Go to bottom screen and talk to Rosamund. She is a childhood friend of Kenneth Marshall.

She was at the Ledges from 25 past ten to ten minutes to twelve. At around eleven, she went back to the hotel to get her sun hat.

On the choice of favors to ask, select to compare some pieces of fabric.

The cut piece from Arlena's hat is fine silk. The torn one from the rock is rayon and inexpertly dyed. The burnt piece from the fireplace is from the same rayon as the torn fabric.

The Redfern's room:    Enter the last room on the left hallway.

Open the suitcase on the dresser. See a *photograph of the Redferns.

Go to bottom screen and check the bag on the floor beside the table - sketching supplies.

Go outside to the balcony and talk to Christine Redfern.

She was at Sanctuary Cove at half past ten and left at quarter to twelve. She was playing tennis at twelve.

Go back inside through the door at the other end of the balcony.

Emily Brewster's room:    Enter the room that is first on the right side of the balcony.

Take and read the *Millie Parson's letter on the top of the dresser.

The Gardener's room:    Enter the next room.

Look in the trash can right of the dresser.

Letter of regret puzzle:     Take the pieces of paper and put them together.

Click on a piece and then click on the other piece that you want to replace.

*Read the merged letter of regret in documents.



Take the *handbill from the desk. Read it in documents.

Exit the room.

Horace Blatt's room:    Enter the next room.

Open the suitcase on top of the bed. Take clothes off and see an oily spot.

Use the spatula on the oily spot on the suitcase and get *oil sample.

Gladys Narracot:    See Gladys at the balcony. Talk to Gladys.

If you have not checked Montague Barry's and Stephen Lane's rooms earlier, do so. Take the *bottle of pills from the medicine cabinet of Lane's bathroom.

Exit the hotel.

Tennis Court:    See George Strumm rake the tennis court. Wonder why he's doing that? <wink> Poirot says don't bother him.

Linda Marshall:    Go to Sanctuary Cove.

Talk to Linda. She got Trional prescription earlier.

George Strumm - Go to Bathing beach.

Talk to George. Ask him to dive down and get what was thrown to Emily at the Rocky bath. He needs liquid courage.

Liquid Courage:   

Go to the hotel bar. Talk to Henry Bailey, the bartender. Order Planters Punch, George's favorite.

They run out of rum and grenadine. Poirot gives the cough syrup taken from the chemist. Look at the bottle of cough syrup in inventory and see that it is made from pomegranate.

In inventory, combine the cough syrup with the empty bottle of grenadine taken earlier from the trash can by the door of the bar to get a full bottle of grenadine.

Go to Smuggler's Inn Pub. Go down the cellar. Use the glass taken from the Dining room on the tap of the barrel left of the opened secret brick wall to get a glass of rum.

Go back to the hotel's bar. Give the glass of rum and full bottle of grenadine to Henry to get Planters Punch.


Go back to the bathing beach. Talk to George.

See George dive in Rocky beach twice. He gives an *empty bottle to Poirot.

Landing:    Go to the Landing. Use the phone to call the sea tractor.


Leathercombe Bay

Will's Garage:   

Talk to Will. Lane came across at about eight.

Barry took his car before 10. Blatt came not too long ago.

Learn about North's movements.

Poirot asks about a handle for a sail winch.

Store:    Talk to Adelaide. Barry needed a private phone. Linda filled a prescription just a little while ago.

*Test various substances that may relate to the murder:    Click open the book on the chemist's counter behind Adelaide.

Empty bottle - Click empty bottle on test tube. Click filled test tube on cosmetics on book. It contained artificial suntan.

Arlena's coffee flask - Click coffee flask on test tube. Click filled test tube on drugs on book. It contained trional, a sedative.

Blatt's oil sample:     Click oil sample on test tube. Click filled test tube on oil and waxes on book. It came from oil used to protect a gun.

Smashed bottle from cave - Click smashed bottle on test tube. Click filled test tube on cosmetics on book. It is perfume.

Unmarked bottle from Arlena's bathroom - Click unmarked bottle on test tube. Click filled test tube on drugs on book. It contained hair coloring.

Chicken feathers - Click chicken feathers on test tube. Click filled test tube on blood on book. The blood came from a chicken.

Stick pin from Linda's hat - Click stick pin on test tube. Click filled test tube on oil and waxes on book. It contained candle wax.

Microscope:    *Use Arlena's hair on microscope; then click burnt hair on microscope. See that the hairs are similar.

Post Office:  

*Click on paper on the counter and send a telegram to Miss Porter School for Young Ladies.

 *Click on paper on the counter and send a telegram to Barkett and Applegood, Solicitors.

Monk's Head Pub:

Horace Blatt:    Talk to Blatt at lower screen. He was out from about nine until after one. He said he lost his life ring buoy during a storm.

Play dart to win life ring buoy:    Go to the dart buoy. Click on board and play for the Life Ring Buoy.

Automatically, do the dart game and win. The life buoy is in inventory.

Give life ring buoy to Blatt. When asked for favor, borrow his compass. Get a *compass in inventory.

Hastings and Poirot discuss the possibility of a woman strangler. The women in the island should be put to a test.

Police Station:    Talk to Colonel Anthony Weston.

*Learn about John North. Read the report in documents later.

*Get the report on Alice Corrigan case. Read the report in documents later.

*Poirot asks Weston to check on the JN of the letters and the Redfern photographer, Jimmy Nash.

Will's Garage:    Go back to Will and then go back to the island.

Seadrift Island

Gladys Narracot:    Find Gladys at hotel balcony by the rooms.

*Women strength test:

Talk to Gladys to help with the test to determine if any woman has the strength to strangle. Hahahahah Phobia!

Use the baths salt bottle or the boat varnish bottle for the test. (Thanks, Lee!) Select Miss Brewster on the list. Walk around a bit and then go back outside Poirot's room. I go outside the left balcony exit (by the spiral stairs), down the stairs, to the Rocky beach and back to inner balcony by Poirot's room.

Talk to Gladys. She tested all the women in the island. Emily Brewster opened the jar easily.


Act 6

Poirot's Office - Present time:         Automatically be back at Poirot's office.

Poirot discusses the mystery.

Select each of the choices and Poirot will explain. Listen well to what Poirot says. Eliminate the other suspects.

Finger of Suspicion - The sixth clue is Telephone.

Click on Hastings icon on the taskbar.

August 25, 1940 Afternoon

Seadrift Island

Hotel Office:    Go to the hotel office behind the reception desk.

Look close at safe. Use the safe key to open safe.

See that the signal lantern is gone. *Take the radio and code book.

Gladys Narracot:    Go back to the second floor inner balcony.

Talk to Gladys cleaning close to Kenneth Marshall's room.

She saw Kenneth Marshall during the time he stated to be in the hotel.

The Linda Marshall's fireplace was clean when she cleaned the room this morning.

She also heard someone take a bath around noon.

Kenneth Marshall's room:    Enter the room.

Take the papers left of the typewriter on the desk.

*Read the Letter to Kenneth Marshall and Kenneth's response in the documents.

Horace Blatt's room:    Go across the balcony and enter Blatt's room.

Check the suitcase and take the clothes on the right.

See and take a revolver. Blatt comes in and the revolver is returned. Exit the room.   

Patrick Redfern:    Go down to the foyer and enter the hotel bar.

Talk to Patrick about everything. Learn about Jimmy Nash.

Henry Bailey:    Talk to Henry.

Stephen Lane:    Go down to the Landing by the phone to call the Sea Tractor.

Meet Stephen Lane. Talk to this sick man.

Call the Sea tractor. Hahahaha. Phobia talk!

Leathercombe Bay

Will's Garage:

Montague Barry:    Talk to Barry.

Will Jenks:    *Will gives the winch handle he found.

Store:    Enter the store and go to the Post Office.

*Get the Letter from Barkett and Applegood. Read it in documents.

Arlena took out ten thousand pounds last week.

Police Station:    Go forward to the end of the road and enter the police station.

Talk to Col. Weston. *Get the background checks on the suspects. Read it in documents.

*Also get a packet from Miss Porter. Look close to open the packet in inventory. Get 4 index cards.

Read Miss Porter's letter in documents. Learn what the 4 students did to cause expulsion.

Go back to the Island.

Seadrift Island

Bathing beach:    Go down to the bathing beach and ask Emily Brewster to row you to Cutter's Cove.

Cutter's Cove Cave:    Go to the cave.

See seaweed on the left. *Take the sandwich tin. Open and see that it is loaded with packets of white powder.

Look close at tin in inventory and *get a packet of powder.

*Use the winch handle on the metal thing on the wall.

See an entrance open. Now that you have the compass, enter the tunnel.

Monastery ruins:    At the intersection, take the right passage.

*Just before the exit to the monastery ruins, do stopwatch timing.

Turn around and go back to the intersection in the cave.

Smugglers End Pub:    Take the bottom passage.

Go forward until the entrance to the cellar. *Do the stopwatch timing from here.

Go forward to the cellar. *Pick up the broken compass from the floor in front of the open secret door.

Go up the Pub and exit to the road. No problem leaving Emily, she'll be back at Bathing beach.

Linda Marshall's room:    Go up to and enter Linda's room at the hotel.

Zodiac puzzle box:     Look close at the puzzle box.

Use the 4 index cards sent by Miss Porter as clues.

Linda Marshall - born November 28, 1927. She is a Sagittarius.

Doris Chapman - born December 13, 1927. She is a Sagittarius.

Virginia Price-Waverly - born January 3, 1928. She is a Capricorn.

Estella Haversham - born April 15, 1928. She is an Aries.

Arrange the zodiac signs above the arrow based on the oldest girl on outer ring to the youngest girl in the inner ring.

*The box opens. Automatically get the Voodoo book and the key.

Monastery ruins:    Exit the hotel and go to the monastery ruins.

Use the key just taken on the monk's door left of the arch.

*Take the wire recorder that was taken from the hotel office.

Go to Leathercombe Bay.


Leathercombe Bay


Click open the book on the chemist's counter behind Adelaide.

*Click packet of powder on test tube. Click filled test tube on drugs on book. It is heroin.

Watch Kenneth Marshall call and tries to wake up Linda. She took Trional.

Act 7

Poirot's Office - Present time:         Automatically be back at Poirot's office. Poirot discusses Linda and gave advice on how and what to do.

The smugglers have to be apprehended and taken out of the way.

Q & A:

The smugglers are North and Blatt.

The clues to their plan: color of Blatt's sails. White tells North the heroin is ready to be picked up.

The means to stop them is the compass. Throw it off with the sliver of magnet found in the garage.

Finger of Suspicion - The sixth clue is Telephone.

Q & A:

Power - the thing is powered by electricity.

Lamp - The finger of suspicion is powered by the same circuit as the lamp.

Desk - the wires from the lamp to the Finger of Suspicion are in the desk.

Drawer - You close the drawer every time you operate the Finger of Suspicion.

Magnet - The finger is controlled by a magnet you hold.

Telephone - The telephone is disconnected.

Code - Enter the code on the telephone.

Click on Hastings icon on the taskbar.

August 25, 1940 Late Afternoon

Seadrift Island

Linda Marshall:    Go to her room. Talk to Linda.

Set the trap:

Compass - If you have not done it yet, look close at the spanner in inventory to get magnetic fragment.

*Combine the magnetic fragment with the working compass to make a disabled compass.

Horace Blatt - Go to hotel's bar.

 Talk to Blatt at the piano in order to give him the disabled compass.

Cutter's Cove cave - Go to Cutter's Cove via the tunnels entering through the Monastery ruins or the Smuggler's End pub or ask Emily Brewster to go there.

*Place the sandwich tin back on the shelf in front of the cave. Automatically, it gets covered in seaweed.

Landing:    Call for the Sea Tractor.

Leathercombe Bay

Garage:    Talk to Will. Learn that a guest at the hotel is paying him to help him play a joke on someone.

Will is to see a signal from the tower and he will pick the guest up from Cutter's Cove and take him to Thurlestone.

The signal is 3 short flashes (pickup required high tide).

Select a code to answer:  3 long (fire on this position).

Police Station:        Go to the Police station.

Talk to Colonel Weston. Learn about Mrs. Castle and Fell.

Seadrift Island

Bathing beach:    Go down and talk to Emily to row you to Cutter's Cove.

Cutter's Cove cave:    Go to the cave.

The heroin is gone. Enter the cave.

Talk to Blatt and North.

Select sails in the multiple choice question. Learn about the ghost. Someone stole Blatt's gun.


Act 8

Poirot's Office - Present time:  Poirot knows who is the murderer and will reveal it.


Seadrift Island

I recommend that you do this by yourself and not look at the walkthrough from here on.

Dining room:

Poirot faces the suspects.

You are given the chance to have help from Poirot or do the summation on your own.

2 bottles:     Perfume bottles.

Next comparison:    3 pieces of fabric.

Thrown bottle:    Artificial suntan.

Content of Mrs. Marshall's flask:    Trional.

Reason for perfume, suntan and hat:    Impersonate Arlena.

Sound clue:    Sound of running water.

Reason for bath:    Remove artificial suntan.

Reason for impersonation:    Provide an alibi for the murderer.

Connected murder:    Murderer of Alice Corrigan.

Clue that demolishes the perfect alibi:    Linda's watch keeps perfect time.

The liar is:    Christine Redfern

True motive lies in 2 documents:    Arlena's solicitor and Letter of JN.

Kind of person Arlena was:    Arlena was taken advantage of by men she was attracted to.


Follow the murderer to the tower.

Select:    I told Jenks the lie.

Poirot's Office - Present time:  Select the code that unlocks the Finger of Suspicion.

The clue is from the dedication of Bill Nicholls in the book The Sorcerer's Apprentice that is on top of the bookshelf.

Dial: 4 3 6 4 8 7 - GENIUS.

The End

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