The Space Bar  by Boffo and Rocket Science
distributed by SegaSoft
Partial walkthrough by Raven - [email protected]

This is by no means intended as a sequential walkthrough, but as a reference for when you get 
hopelessly stuck. These hints are divided into sections for Emp/Tel flaskbacks, followed by 
a section on the Bar area itself.  I'll assume you check your vidmail when your message light

Note - time spent in the Bar is critical (Flashbacks are more forgiving).  You should keep a 
saved game with very few wasted moves which you can restore when you've poked around.  You'll
need to make an arrest by 22:50, when the game ends.

Emp/Tel Flashbacks:  These are achieved by GREETing a character, then CHATting with them until 
a flashback is triggered.  Not every character in the Bar will trigger a flashback.  Once 
you're in a flashback scene, check your log for information.

FLEEBIX & THUD:  (at the bar)

First chat with Thud.  Once the flashback is triggered, all you must do is pick up the cup and 
go outside.  If you hang around, you'll hear Fleebix tell you to do just that.  
(Relax, they get harder.)

Chat with Fleebix.  Read the audition notice.  Click on the door to your house to call to Thud 
and order him (?) to "take the cup."  Then tell him to "come outside".  Look in the cup, and 
Thud will remove the bus token for you.  Wait for the bus then click the token on Thud and 
ORDER him to "board the bus".  Wait for the next bus and he'll carry you aboard bound for Glom 

Order Thud to "open the mailbox" (use the Thud shortcut bottom-right), then to "get the letter" 
and "open the letter".  Read the letter, order thud to "take the mailing label" and read it.  
By now you should have been buzzed and seen an explosion.  Head towards it.  Zoom in with the 
magnifying glass and order Thud to "take the nav dial". Exit the close-up and read the box.  
Examine the 'to' and 'from' addresses.  Pick up the mailing label and click on Thud (again, 
bottom-right) with it.  Order him to "lick the label," then to "paste the label on the box".  
(Surprise, another fouled effort.)  Exit the close-up and have Thud "take the box."  Head back
 to the mailbox and have Thud "drop the box".  Enter the box and wait to be transported.  
(Now's a good time to examine your inventory, like your newly-aquired nav dial, if you wish.)  

Once you're in the truck, exit the box.  It's important you hang around here long enough to 
overhear the destination code for the Quantelope Lodge.  While you're waiting, examine and 
read the small box, then have Thud take it, open it, and get the crystal from it.  After you've 
heard that the destination code is 42, enter the box and wait to be delivered.  

When they leave to get their nav dial, quickly exit the box, have Thud drop the nav dial, then 
re-enter the box.  Wait for them to come back and leave again to get goggles.  Exit the box, 
zoom in on the scooter control panel, have Thud set the nav dial to 42, (He'll screw up this one
 too - don't panic) then re-enter the box.  Wait to be delivered to the Quantelope Lodge.

When things quiet down, exit the box.  Order Thud to climb the clock tower, then to come back 
down.  He'll tell you what he saw.  Order him to climb the tower, then to press the yellow 
button, then to come back down.  Read the status report - looks like a crystal is broken 
(the one with an "X").  Order Thud to climb the tower, then to press the red button, then to 
pull the lever.  He'll return with all the crystals.  Have him climb the tower again.  
Counting from the top on the status report and going clockwise, number the crystals 1-5.  Have 
Thud replace the crystals (by putting a crystal - starting with Crystal 1 -  in the slot, then 
turning the knob, then putting the next crystal in the slot, etc.), but when you get to the 
damaged one, use the crystal from the small box instead. Have Thud pull the lever when you're 
done.  If you wish, you can press the yellow button for another status report to see if you've 
replaced the broken crystal - all the positions should now read "o".  Have Thud press the green 
button, then the blue button and the clock will reset.  Have Thud come down and knock on the 
Lodge door.  

The shipping simulator was pretty easy, but it may be randomized.  Just try to ditch heavy cargo
early and try to take advantage of  the low numbers for fuel usage.  If the tests aren't 
randomized (I don't think they are), and if anyone has problems with these, I'll include a 
moves list in the next version of this walkthrough.  After three of these, you'll learn you are 
to report to Fringel II.  See the Bar section for what you can do with this info. End of flashback.

SOLDIER 714-Z-367:  (bartender)

Remember, scroll lock will toggle the compound eye graphics.  Toggling this off will make it 

Roll the egg to the Mess Hall, then follow it there.  It's wedged in a doorway, so go to the 
food preparation area through the door to the right.  From here, exit through the other door, 
take the pike, go through the rounded door, and push the egg.  Enter the mess hall, and go 
straight through back to the great hall.  Pry the lift doors with the pike and enter them.  
Take the outdoor access card from the floor.  Enter the mine tunnel on the left and continue up 
the tunnel until you get to the mine cart unloading area.  Examine the control panel - these 
buttons control the security doors - three can be depressed at once.  depress the black 
button - this one must be depressed.  I chose green and yellow as the other two for now in 
order to make the mine maze less frustrating.  (I haven't mapped the maze yet, so the exact 
moves will be in the next version of this file.)

Head through the newly-opened black door into the mine maze.  There are two objects to find in 
here: a hairball and a ventilation access card.  I don't know if their locations are randomized.
(My hairball, for example, was through the first green door - the next black door led back to 
the battlestation.)  After you get the hairball, you can return to the mine cart unloading 
area, disable the yellow button and select the "down" button to open the chutes.  I found the 
ventilation card at the bottom of the first chute.  Head back to the mess hall  - if you come 
out of the maze near the mine cart unloading area, you can bypass the maze by using the outdoor 
access card in the card reader next to the closed gate.

Head through the right door to the swimming area.  Take the plunger, and throw the hairball 
into the water. Wait a couple ticks for the water to flood through the air duct.  (If you look 
at your map, you'll see where it will come out.)  Return to the mess hall and roll the egg to 
the food preparation area.  Go to the battle station and use your outdoor access card in the 
card reader next to the gate.  Enter the lookout.  Aim the spear cannon right, so it's pointing 
at the middle of the river.  If you like, you can fire it and reel it in to get a fish.  Pick up 
the spear from the cannon, then mount the plunger on the cannon.  Head to the food preparation 

Zoom in on the ventilation duct, then slide your ventilation access card through the card reader.
  Open the grate and exit the close-up.  SAVE YOUR GAME HERE!  Roll the egg into the river and 
quickly enter the ventilation shaft.  You'll emerge on the bridge - quickly fire the cannon 
(with the plunger loaded) and you should hit the egg.  If not, restore.  Reel it in, open the 
gate to the unloading area, and roll it that way.  Follow.  Again, SAVE YOUR GAME HERE!  The 
map is useful here for keeping tabs on the egg's location.  The idea is to push the egg, then 
rush through the maze to beat it to the shuttle area.  Make sure the "down" button is pressed, 
then push the egg.  I hate mazes, so upon entering, I went green, down, black, ran along the 
tunnel (ahead of the egg now) to the last door on the right, then green, black into the shuttle
area.  I'm sure there's a better way to do that, but if you're quick, this should work.  
Quickly roll the egg to the shuttle.  You'll learn the combination to Soldier's brooch.  
End of Flashback.

SEEDROT:  (Vedj at a table close to the band)

Read through your log to discover that you need to drop a fruit and why.

The first order of business is to turn on the TV.  You'll have to sit through a lot of this! 
 You're listening for four phone numbers - three commercials: for Nitrogen Fixation Attractor, 
for photography modelling, and for a free day of beauty.  The last number is for "Dr. Root's" 
call-in show.  Feel free to poke around while listening to the TV.  Channel 1 is the most 
useful, while channel 3 is the least.  Once you have the day of beauty number 
(leaf-flower-flower-fruit), you can call it to get rid of your mom (she'll leave soon after you 
call).  Also, once you have Dr. Root's number, turn off the TV and call 
(flower-flower-fruit-fruit) - turn the TV back on after you've called if you don't have all 
the numbers yet.  When a channel starts to repeat, change channels.  (I got the day of beauty 
number and Dr. Root's number from channel 1, photography on channel 2 
(mushroom, root, pine cone, mushroom.), and NFA on channel 4 (mushroom, seed, seed, seed).

Meanwhile, pick up the collar at your feet (uh, roots) and put it on the sheeplant.  Poke 
around or wait till your mom leaves (sorry), then stash the spoon, and look under the table 
for a key.  Unlock the desk with the key, open the drawer, and stash the book (you learned 
from Dr. Root to fantasize about a picture to drop a fruit).  Open the book and leaf (sorry) 
through it till you find a picture you like - I thought page 5 was appropriate {G} - then 
"mark page and close".

Zoom in on the control panel.  Move retractor 3 to the zero position to get rid of the sheeplant
 (did you notice the 3 on the collar?)  If you've tried to bloom one of your buds, you've found
 that it's not getting enough light or water to bloom.  So, we'll move all the lights to 
maximum (far right).  Now, for the water.  Look at your map (and zoom it).  See that water main
 just under your roots?  OK, zoom in on the control panel again and set the ground temperature 
to one notch above zero.  Wait till you get a warning about frostbite, then wait some more.  
Listen for the sound of the water main breaking, then set the ground and air temperature to max 

If you've got the photography number, call it.  When he shows up, just do as he asks.  While 
he's there, put the spoon in his camera bag.  (If you examined the bee or asked the photographer
 about it, you'll know it's a homing bee.  It will follow him when he leaves and return laden 
with his pollen. Kinky!)  So, just rustle your leaves (pan up and click on one), then raise 
them, then stroke a bud.

Once you've made some gallons by modelling, call the NFA number to order some.  When it arrives,
 examine and read it if you like, then pour it on you (using the portrait lower-left).  

By now you should have gotten a message saying your roots are now toasy warm and another saying 
it's getting nice and swampy in here.  Click on bud 3 (left of the roof support) and select 
"bloom."  Wait for the bee to show up over the pink plant, then dim the right bank (the light 
over the pink plant).  The pollen-laden bee should be attracted to your flower.  You've been 
pollenated!  (and you'll grow a fruit.)  Now just fantasize about the book to drop your fruit. 
 You'll learn which page Seedrot prefers - the one you chose.  See the Bar section for details 
on how to use this info.  End of flashback.

CLICK:  (the Auditon in the balcony over the casino)

You begin with a note telling you the alarm code - make note of it (4650).  Check your log and 
read your email.  Most important is the cerebomb recipe.  Auditons "see" with sound, so click 
on the clock and set the alarm.  While it's ringing, you should be able to see the objects on 
the table.  Take the jelly jar and the Doz tablet.  Click on the waterfall and select "reach 
hand into".  Enter the waterfall.

Pick up the basket with rope, and drop it through the west window (you'll hear a splash).  Pull 
up the basket and remove the eel from it.  Put the jelly jar in the basket, pick up the basket, 
and drop it through the east window (you'll hear licking).  Pull up the basket, remove the jar 
(which now contains Slathercat saliva), and stash the jar. 

Zoom in on the right side of the table to see insects and the jars they escaped from.  Stash 
the insects (though you don't really need the dragonfly.)  Exit the close-up and click the 
center of the table to examine the drug processor.  Save here, just in case.  You can find out 
which insect is which by putting it in the processor then pressing the green button, but you'll 
have to restore.  The red button flushes the contents of the processor.  OK, put the sprig of 
flutterweed, the butterfly (crackle snap pop), the eel, and the saliva from the jar into the 
processor.  Click on the mantis (crunch crunch) and select "pull leg off" (I just love these 
wholesome games!)  Put five mantis legs in the processor, as per the recipe.  Press the green 
analyze button and you should automatically stash the cerebomb.  Head back through the 

Examine your remote controller and enter the alarm deactivation code (4650).  Exit the 
safehouse.  Answer the phone by zooming on it and clicking "talk".  Exit whenever you're ready.
  The map is helpful here.  Head East, north, north, west, SW.  Pick up the lunch pail and put
the cerebomb in it.  Head NE, E, E, and reach your tail into the flashing knothole to get a 
phone token.  Head S, W, S, W then examine your remote and enter the alarm code before 
proceeding W into the safehouse.  Save your game.

Wait for the alarm to reactivate (that's the buzz you hear), then exit the safehouse without 
entering the code - that should get the cop's attention.  The idea here is to avoid the cop 
and get to the platform he was originally on.  So, quickly go E, N, E.  When the cop is on 
the platform immediately to your west, go N, NE, then E.  That'll piss him off.  (You can call 
him on the pay phone and taunt him if you wish - just club the phone to get your token back.)

OK, enter the spaceport and read the notice on the wall - note the phone number for the head 
queep trainer - this varies from game to game.  Exit the close-up and examine the locker with
 the green light over it.  Click on the green light and select "press tail to".  The locker will 
open and you can stash the quiet device.  Put the lunchpail (containing the cerebomb) in the 
locker and exit the close-up.  Go back outside.  Put the token in the payphone and call the 
Happy Branches telemarketing number (it's in your log - 88300).  At the menu, press 2 to 
sign up a 'friend' for this call, and enter the number for the queep trainer you got from the 
notice.  Enter the kennel.  The trainer should be distracted by the phone.  Read the logbook 
and make note of the rotation schedule.  Notice which queeps are missing from the cages (they're 
currently on duty), select the Doz tablet and choose "break".  Work out the rotation schedule so
 you'll know which food dishes to put the Doz into - or you can just save, wait till the watch 
changes, and restore.  (For example, A & E were on duty in my case, so I put the Doz in bowls 
D & I)  Anyway, after you've drugged the appropriate bowls, head outside and wait a few ticks 
for the guards to rotate - you can re-enter the kennel to see when this happens:  the two cages 
that were originally empty should be occupied, and two formerly-occupied cages should be empty.
  If the empty cages aren't the ones you drugged, restore and try again.

Enter the spaceport.  The queep guards should look suitably drugged.  Zoom in on the locker
 where you put your cerebomb and press your tail to the red light above the door.  Take the 
lunch pail, turn on the quiet device and put it in the pail (along with the cerebomb).  Hold 
your breath and walk through the arch.  You'll learn Click's lucky number - see the Bar section 
for details on how to use this info.  End of flashback.

BETTAKER:  (aka "Dirtkicker" - Bibblebonk bonkier in the casino)

You can search the trashcan for an unusable chip if you like, and you could also vacuum up the 
remnants of your shattered memory chip.  We've got to get this graffiti off your face!  Head to 
the barber shop, where you'll find another useless chip.  Sit in the barber's chair, greet the 
barber, then order him to give you a facial.  (Oh, go ahead, get a manicure and a scraping while 
you're at it - looks like you had a rough night.)  Exit the barber shop and you should soon meet 
Veeblecoach, who will transport you to the stadium.

Turn on your radio receiver by clicking on your portrait to the lower-left.  Wear the colorful 
cloth strips, the steel-tipped booties, and the leg pads.  Stash everything else. (If you're a 
veteran adventure game player, that is.  The club is the only other item that will prove useful.)
  Wait until the radio announces you (Dirtkicker), then pick up your club and head out onto the 
field (with club in hand) for your ovation, then return.  If you are improperly equipped, the
 announcer will let you know.  In the meantime, you can amuse yourself by reading the rulebook 
and poking around.

Hang around listening to the events until the "arguing with the referee" event comes up.  The 
visitors go first, so pay attention to what he does.  When he's done, go up the steps onto the 
field.  Zoom in on the ref.  Argue with him twice.  Curse him twice.  Kick dirt onto him twice. 
Bump him twice. Hit him twice.  Hit him with your club twice.  You should win the match and be 
spirited away to the President's talk show.

As soon as you can, pick up the black chip from the floor and install it by clicking it on your 
icon and selecting "put in".  Pay attention to the PIN number, then chat with the President.  
You've learned Bettaker's PIN - see the bar section on how to use it.  End of flashback.

CILIA:  (Triseck singer in the band - you'll have to catch her on break, I caught her around

Check your log - it says to use the QWERTY code in R mode to decode the tips there.  If you want
 the hints, you've got to do it manually.  Look down at your keyboard (Really, YOUR keyboard), 
and shift each letter one space to the left.    You should get something like:

1. Override lock controls to pass inspection station
2. Use a barge train to block police boat
3. Grentilbeasts love Babaloo meat

Spin around and stash the drill from the wall, then exit the house.  Open the locker and stash 
the gas can.  Soon your other mate will arrive.  When he does, board the rowboat and untie it.  
Click on the barge, tie the rope to it, then board the barge.  Wait until you get to the lock -
 you'll see signs telling you when you're near.  At the lock, exit the barge. 

Zoom in on the police boat, and take the motor.  Put the motor on your rowboat, then fill it 
with gas from the gas can.  Enter the control tower and read the notes posted about.  Examine 
the control panel.  The top number is the river level downstream, the middle number is the river
 level in the lock, and the bottom number is the river level upstream (where you came from).  
Enter the code you found nearby (617), and raise the lever.  Wait for the middle number to 
equal the top number, then lower the lever.  Press the top button, and your barge should enter 
the lock.  Now raise the lever and wait for it to max out at 10 - the lever will automatically 
return to the center position.  Exit the close-up and press the emergency override button to 
your left.  Quickly exit the tower towards the police boat, and you should be back on the 
barge.  Wait for the surge of water to whisk you past the inspection station.

Wait for the current to carry you past two more signs, then board the rowboat, untie it, turn 
on the motor, and steer it.  (Barman offers to steer for you, how sweet.)  Head to starboard - 
away from the barge toward the tower.  Turn off the motor to save gas, then tie the boat to the 
dock.  Exit the rowboat and head for the tower.  Save here.  Examine the control panel.  You 
need to ride that single barge while using the barge train to block the police boat.  The rocker
 switches turn on and off the artificial current, and the levers determine its direction.   
Try this:

Turn on the middle switch and reverse its direction.  Reverse the direction of the bottom 
current by flipping the bottom lever.  Wait.  Turn on the top current by flipping the top 
switch.  Wait twice.  Turn off the top and bottom currents.  Reverse the direction of the
middle current by flipping the middle lever. Wait.  The barge train should be blocking the 
middle channel, and the single barge should be at the far left of the lower channel.  Turn 
off the middle current, and turn on the lower current.  Reverse the lower current so that it 
points right.  Exit the tower, board the rowboat, untie it,  turn on the motor, and dock with 
the barge (click on the barge, tie the rope to it, and turn off the motor).  This rowboat is 
going to blow your cover, so pick up the drill and drill it.  You'll automatically board the 
barge as the rowboat sinks - just wait until you reach the loading dock, then exit the barge.

If you like, you can examine and read the Shangri-La II brochure on the floor.  Examine the 
crates.  Given the choice, you know you want to choose the grentilbeast's crate - it's the only 
one that sounds dangerous, and it's bound for Armpit VI.  Remember the clue in your log...  
Pick up the sandwich from your inventory, and hold it up to the airholes.  Next, throw it into 
the water, and press the button which opens the crate.  The Grentilbeast should follow the 
scent into the water.  Get in the crate and wait.  (Pay attention to what the soldier says as 
he reads the letter)  You've learned Cilia's contact - see the Bar section for how this helps.
  End of flashback.

DEVIN - 7:  (Sraffan who arrives around 19:40.  Can be found in the raised booths just outside 
the casino)

Time is critical in this flashback - save as soon as you trigger it.  Zoom in on the computer 
console, then sit at it.  Read the bios, email, deal status, etc, then restore your game.  
There's probably a better way to do this - I'll work on it for the next version, but this 
should work.   Right; send Lentil to deal with the Environmentalists, and the rest to deal with 
the politicians.  Exit the close-up and head up the stairs.

Click on Irk, greet her and chat with her about her terms.  Head back to the computer console 
after she's said she's downloaded her terms to you.  Check on negotiations.  You can click on 
the "current time" line to advance the clock.  When Lentil is free, if her negotiations with 
the environmentalists were successful, dispatch her to meet with Yeef-8.  Your other team 
should be able to talk down the politicians.  When they do, send Zig and Norg to Dork.  
Send the rest (including Lentil, who should be done around now) to Swonza-5.  Exit the 
computer screen and head down the back hall.

Knock on the bathroom door to talk to Quosh.  Be nice - validate his neuroses, tell an anecdote,
 then head back to the computer console. 

I bet there's a better way to do this, but I talked down the politicians, environmentalists and 
Yeef, got Swonza-5 on-board, and talked up Dork and Gild.  Then selected Dippik, Vebbil, Gild, 
Dork, Rawley, Jella, and the Mineral Mart for Rg.  Just barely broke even.  Still, it was 
enough to successfully complete the deal and learn Devin's secret password.  Back at the bar, 
bet him that you can guess it and you'll win a high frequency jammer.  See bar section for what
 to do with this.  End of flashback.


Break the window to exit onto the balcony. Examine the flower vines to sneeze open an escape
route (really).  You learn the Shifter is allergic to Teleweed flowers.  End of Flashback.


While still in the entry area at the beginning, examine the terminal (come back around 18:90) 
and turn on your Voice Printer.

After you complete Soldier's flashback, search the DrinkVendor 2000 (behind him), then click on 
the brown bump upper-left.  Open it with Soldier's brooch combination (in your clue list), and
stash the key.

In the kitchen is an energy detector, and you can tear off a piece of tin foil.  If you open 
the energy detector, you'll discover a rag that's being used to silence it.  Press the history 
button to download its records.  (Those energy spikes relate to the Shifter.)  Zoom in on the
megawave, open it, put the tin foil into it, and close it.  set the timer, then press the
button - that'll ditch the cook for a few ticks.  Unlock the store room door with the key
you got from Soldier's brooch.  Enter the store room and stash the nose plugs.

When you get a message from HQ telling you to consult a computer terminal on the Kur'pupu, 
go back to where you started - around 18:90 the terminal should be fixed.  While you're here, 
snag a battery for your residue printer from the advertising sign.  Once you've read about the 
Kur'pupu and completed Fleebix's flashback, go chat with him and propose a deal - he'll trade 
you the frequency for his destination.  Set the jammer you get from Devin-7 to the number 
Fleebix gives you and you should be immune to the shapeshifter's neural scan.

You'll need to find an antidote to the poison dart that's headed your way.  
Complete the Click and Seedrot flashbacks, and discover the body in the kelp trap in the Lily 
Pad (after 19:50) .  Search the body to recover a microdart.  Don't hang around!  Go to Click's 
locker (second from left) and enter his lucky number as the combination (2569).  Take the 
cerebomb (residue print it if you like), go see Click and ask him about the microdart.  Chat 
with him, but refuse to show him the cerebomb - tell him his combination instead.  A deal will 
be reached - an antidote for his stash.  Give Click the cerebomb and he'll tell you to get a 
Vedj fruit and how long to megawave it.  To get a fruit, snag the plastic fruit from the table 
near the restrooms, then return to Seedrot.  Open her book, turn to the page you selected 
before (check your log under "clues" if you don't remember), and order her to look at the
 book.  When she drops her fruit, replace it with the plastic fruit, then head for the kitchen 
(also near the restrooms). Megawave the fruit for the duration Click gave you, then eat the 
fruit.  You'll be immune to that nasty little dart.  Now you can discover the repairman's 
corpe in the Steamy Parlor off the back corridor.

Around 20:00, you'll lose your voice printer, residue printer, and energy detector due to 
infrared jamming.  
When you have the nose plugs, go to the bar and zoom in on the DrinkMaster 2000.  According to
the computer terminal, Oy-Vee-Ai prefer drinks that contain mercury.  Turn on the DrinkMaster,
select "list all ingredients", select mercury, select "What drinks are made with this?", and 
order one of those drinks (My choice was Full Metal Jacket). Go back to the Lily Pad, turn 
around to face the door, and pan down - look in the water to find (and get) an underwater 
light.  Then head for the Moist Grotto (off the back corridor) and wear the nose plugs.  
Enter the water and notice the Oy-Vee-Ai.  Exit and put the drink on the floor grating - 
It should surface and drink it.  Enter the water and notice the infrared jammer. Pick up your 
underwater light from your inventory so you can stash the jammer.  Exit and turn off the jammer.

In the kitchen, you can hide behind the spice rack to overhear Borksh and Paksha.  In the 
balcony  over the casino, you can hide behind the vending machine to overhear the Blobsters.

You can zoom in on the screen in Bettaker's chest - enter his PIN and read the information 
there - note the Recording Station access code.  If you change the Bibblebonk odds, make sure 
it's worth it.  After you win big,  you can hold your credit chip up to the monitor in the 
catwalk over the casino to get a meeting with Gorb.  Unplug his stimulant sprayer, and use 
the Recording Station Access code (from Bettaker) to open his video cabinet.  Click on the 
vid disk and select "put in", then hit the rewind button.  Hit Play, thrn fast-forward to 
cycle through the cameras.

In exchange for her contact's name, Cilia will agree to help you keep an eye out for suspicious
characters in the Bar.  Later she'll give you a vid disc she found in the bathroom - you can
use the recording station to view it.  That looks like the shifter shifting into a Napthaleen...

Sometime after this point, if you keep checking your vidmail, you'll enter an emp-tel flashback
with the shifter himself.  

Once you've viewed Cilia's viddisc and learned the shifter's weakness from his emp-tel flashback,
go to the DrinkMaster 2000 and order a drink made with Teleflower petals (such as "Heaven in 
a Blue Gourd).  Give it to the Napthaleens to induce a sneezing fit from the shifter.  Endgame.

Ah, yes, the legal stuff:

The Space Bar is copyright 1997 Rocket Science Games, Inc., Boffo Games, Inc., and SegaSoft. 
 SegaSoft is a registered trademark of SegaSoft Inc.  The Space Bar is a trademark of Boffo 
Games, Inc.  
This partial walkthrough copyright 1997 Ken Crosby - [email protected]
All rights reserved

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