Interactive Cartoon by BRODERBUND


by Lu Richardson

Sit back and watch the video to find out what you have to do.  When 
you are in charge, you can use the bug to move and do all else, just 
like a cursor.  Click on everything, even if it is not important, 
just for fun.


When you start, go to the left and look at the monitor by clicking 
on it.  It doesn't work.  Go left again and enter the caravan.  Go 
to the right.  Keep right and click on everything.  Click on the loo 
door and Koala will come out.  Go right and click on the desk.  Read 
all the books.  The yellow one contains a password (Steamer), the 
blue one contains a card key, right at the end, and the red one has 
another password, on the bottom corners of the pages (PEMEMEZ, the 
Infinity symbol, !! and a padlock).  Continue right and open the 
fridge/filing cabinet.  Click on the monitor, it doesn't work.  Get 
the bug into the keyhole and you'll find Dingo.  OK.  Leave the 

Go left and you will come to a cabin.  Press the button by the door, 
open the door, use the card key on it and then insert the card in 
the slot.  Press the button and you will enter a lift.  Crank the 
handle and then press the button going down.  When you get to the 
lab, get out of the lift.

It is very dark, but advance to the right till you see a red 
handle.  Pull it and the lights will come on.  Have a good look 
around.  You will find two monitors, and it is important that you 
turn them on and note the symbol in the middle.  You will also find 
a board with holes and a peg, but one missing patch in the corner.  
Note the symbols on the top and side.  Pick up all the items of 
clothing you will see laying around, though you only need one.

Go back inside the lift (just press on the arrow up to go to the 
surface).  Look at the monitor outside by the big circle, turn it on 
and note the symbol in the middle - it's a skull.  Go into the 
caravan and click on the monitor inside the fridge.  Turn it on and 
note the symbol - it's a padlock.  Go back to the lab.

Now, this is going to be rather difficult to explain, so please sit 
up and pay attention.  First, go to the board with the peg.  The 
symbols on the left correspond to the monitors from which you can 
send information.  The symbols on the top correspond to the monitors 
which will receive the information.  Place the peg along the square 
symbol to the left and under the padlock symbol on the top.  
Both the square and the padlock will light up.

Go to the monitor with the square symbol and turn it on.  The first 
thing you'll have to do is to enter the password, which is Steamer, 
and then press the key to the bottom right of the letters (Greek 
letter sigma, like a funny E).  Once you are through, click on all 
the buttons to get all the info.  You can click on the question mark 
to find out about each screen.  

When you get to the coding screen, click on the letters forming the 
word PEMENEZ, click on the infinity symbol (like an 8 on it's side, 
as seen on the red book), then on the bar with the exclamation marks 
to the left and finally on the page button to the bottom right under 
the screen, to send the information on.  This will send the code word 
to the monitor inside the fridge.

Go to the caravan and to the monitor, rummage in Koala's hat, pick 
up the shirt and, holding the shirt, turn the monitor on and click 
on the question mark button.  Once the code word is accepted, exit 
the monitor.  Watch.  You have to replace Dingo's marbles in his 
brain, just pick them up and put them in the two "cups", then click 
on the brain to close it.


Move right till you get to four different moving objects.  If you 
click on the top left hand side one, you get back to Dingo's home.  
I don't suppose it matters in which order you visit the different 
places, so let's go for the object in the top right hand side.  You 
will wind up in a dump.

Now, here there is a very complicated maze of tunnels and I am not 
at all sure I can guide you through it, but I'll try.  The thing to 
remember is that, once inside a tunnel, placing the bug a little to 
the left or a little to the right will help you take the direction 
you want.  If you place it further to the left or right, you'll 
stop.  Clicking on the edge of the screen will turn you around.  
Save before you start on this, it's going to be a rough ride.

OK, from the ship go to the right and pick up the bone off the 
ground.  Enter the first tunnel you come to.  Place the bug slightly 
to the left because you are going to enter the first tunnel to the 
left.  When you come out into the room, note the red tube - you 
might find yourself here later on if you are not careful.

Enter the tunnel again and keep left.  You'll come to another room.  
Move right and pick up the giant wrench.  Enter the tunnel and go 
left again.  In the next room you'll find an important book.  No 
need to read it yet.  Enter the tunnel and keep left.  You'll get 
back to the room in which you landed.

Go to the right and use the wrench on the locked door with the large 
nut.  Enter the tunnel and keep right.  You will come out in a room - 
walk right to find a gun.  Enter the tunnel and keep left.  You will 
go back to the door you opened with the wrench.  

Enter the tunnel again and keep to the left till you come to a room 
with a cup.  Pick this up and enter the tunnel from which you came, 
i.e., the one with a plank in front (ignore the tunnels with steps 
in front).  Inside the tunnel, keep to the right at first because 
you don't want to take the first branch to the left.  Take the 
second branch to the left.  You will come to a room with a strange 
contraption; advance cautiously to the right till you just can see 
it.  Use the long bone to trigger it off and enter the tunnel 
quickly, before it resets.  If you should get caught in the trap, 
just come back here, find the bone (in this room) and start again.

Enter the tunnel and keep to the right.  You will come to a room in 
which there is a mobile phone.  Pick it up and enter the tunnel with 
the steps in front.  This time, keep to the right and you will come 
to a room in which you will find a skull.  Get it, by all means.

Here, enter the tunnel with the tyre in front and keep right.  You 
will come to a room with a round contraption.  There is no help for 
it, you have to trigger the bomb to get rid of it - just click on 
the red dial and there will be an explosion.  You will land in the 
room in which you found the cup.

To get back, enter the tunnel with the plank in front, take the 
second branch left and you will come to the first trap again.  Walk 
around this room till you find the bone and trigger off the trap as 
before.  Inside the tunnel, take the first branch left.  In the 
room you'll come to, take the tunnel with the tyre in front and keep 

You will come to the room in which you exploded the bomb.  Enter the 
new tunnel and keep right.  In the next room you will find a bone 
handle.  Pick it up.  Enter the tunnel and keep right.  In the next 
room you will find a sink (that's all that we were lacking, the 
kitchen sink!).  Enter the tunnel with the tyre in front and, when 
you get to the other end, you will get caught in a trap.

Use the bone handle on the hole to the left of the trap and turn it 
to open the trap; walk out and to the left.  You will see another 
tunnel.  Bear up, it's the last one.  This is a good time to read 
the book you found.  You might want to make some notes.

Enter the last tunnel, which will take you directly to a room with 
an elaborate door.  Go in and then enter the next door available.

Customs and Immigration

When you are confronted with the dog and the vocabulary on the left, 
click on the following, in this order:

BowWow, Butt, Woof, Bark, Arf, Bark.  At this point the dog will ask 
what you want.  Answer thus:  Arf, Yelp, Whine.  The dog will 
disapprove of you.  Say:  Grrr, Arf, Bark.  Then sign in by clicking on 
the hydrant symbol in the lower left hand corner of the symbols.  
You automatically sneeze.  Get the cup, or any other item, from 
Koala's fez and click it on the dog.  You are through.

Unfortunately, you have to do more or less the same again.  Start 
with BowWow, then Sniff (you are bigger than him).  Woof, Bark, Arf, 
Bark.  Arf, Yelp, Whine.  Grrr, Arf, Bark.  Sign in as before and 
give the dog anything you are carrying as a bribe.  

Watch.  You get to meet Woody.  When you are in control, have a good 
look around before you do anything.  You will see a cannon with the 
door open.  Practice pulling the chain to the right and see it 
fire.  Now turn around and go to the dog to the right, under the 
fan.  Click on him till he gets fired upward and turned into dogmeat 
(a new bit of the scroll comes to light).  Pick up a chunk of meat 
from the heap, ignoring all else.

Draw the chunk of meat over the other dog so that he drools.  Move 
the meat away from him and he will follow - move slowly or he will 
go back to guarding the lever which opens the door to the way out.
The idea is to entice the dog inside the chamber of the cannon by 
getting him to follow and placing the meat inside, then pulling 
the chain while he is busy eating it so that he gets fired into 
space.  It's tricky, but be patient and you will succeed.

When you've got rid of the dog, pull the lever to open the door and 
leave.  Watch.


Back at the centre of operations (TTRV), move to the right or left 
to see the destinations.  Might as well pick the lower left hand 
side quadrant.  Watch.  You are in the hands of a nightmare brat, 

Your first problem is to get Dingo dressed properly.  Observe the 
machine to the left of Dingo.  Turn all the parts of the body from 
brown to blue, then click on the right arrow and 
finally on the Dress button.  Watch.  You have to keep doing this 
till Dingo is in his proper clothes, when he will be free.  Those of 
Koala will also materialise.  Pick them up and leave the room.  Go 
up and click on all the doors till one opens.  Go in and give the 
clothes to Koala.  Pick up the red jigsaw puzzle piece.

Look at the teleporter control in this room.  You could come back 
here by setting another teleporter control to the same symbols you 
see here, and vice versa.  The three-circle design below corresponds 
to an overview of the ship, and the cross indicates where you are.

I don't know in which order you have to do the puzzles, but the one 
on the door in the centre block works like this.  Put in 555.  
Observe the arrow to the left.  If the top lights up, start putting 
up the numbers, say 655.  If the arrow top is still lit, keep 
putting the numbers up.  If the bottom of the arrow lights up, bring 
the numbers down.  Eventually you'll get it right (the two bars 
across the arrow will light up).  Every time you play, the correct 
number is different, so it's just a question of trial and error.

Inside, have a look around.  Note the teleporter control (this is 
very important, so make a note of the symbols you'll see:  Doll, Red 
hand, Van, House), listen to the recording and turn on the 
information screen.  Click around the edge of the screen and use the 
two buttons at the front to scroll through each section.  
Particularly, observe the design of the satellite you are in:  on the 
first picture you will see a brown hand with two fingers sticking 
out, and three circles with some segments highlighted.  Make a 
drawing of these three circles, in the correct order.

Go outside and advance through the corridor.  There are five doors, 
and the locked ones are opened putting by the jigsaw puzzle piece 
into the indentation.  It doesn't matter which order you do them 
in.  Examine the overview under the jigsaw puzzle piece you've put 
it - the cross will point at the circle which represents the room 
you are about to go to.  Take note of this circle and its 
highlighted segments.  The bar with the moving red lines indicates 
the way the power will move in circles inside the corridor you are 
about to enter.  Save your game each time you enter a corridor and, 
above all, once you are through.

The Power Corridors

Once inside, advance till you see the red circles.  It's just a 
matter of retreating and advancing at controlled speed to get 
through to the other end without getting fried.  It might take a 
while - I must confess, I got rather fed up with it.  Still, when 
you make it through, you will end up in a chamber where there is a 
"teleport controller" in the centre.  Click on it and the puzzle 
begins.  You have to reproduce the pattern you saw outside.  You 
have four concentric circles:  the outer has seven segments, the 
next one six, the next one five and the last one four.  Make sure 
the outer one turns pink in the three segments you are meant to 
light up - never mind about the other ones.  Turn the next circle 
down six times, to see which combination will leave the segments you 
want lit up pink and the others green.  If it doesn't happen, move 
the outer ring once and the next one six times; perhaps this will 
give you the right combination.  If not, move the outer ring once 
and the next one six times, and so on, till you get it right.  Next, 
move the two inner circles, the first one five times, the next one 
four times.  You will soon see what adjustments you have to make to 
reproduce the pattern of the circle you saw marked with a cross when 
you entered the tunnel.

When you have succeeded, a new teleport controller will appear.  
Click on it and make a note of the symbols on it - write them up 
next to the circle you've just completed in the puzzle.  Now click 
on it Doll, Red hand, Van, House (to get back to the bridge) exit 
this close up and click on the handle of the teleporter, and Koala 
and Dingo will end up on the bridge.  Leave and go and get the 
jigsaw puzzle piece.  Go on to the next locked door and place the 
piece in the indentation.  Proceed exactly as before.  Do this again 
for the third locked door.

The first tunnel is easy; the next, more difficult.  The last one, 
is a nightmare.  However, I'm sure that with a little patience 
you'll come through.  There is no way to cheat, I've tried.  You 
just have to grin and bear it.

When you've done the three tunnels and finish up at the bridge, go 
to the big screen again.  Look at the schematic drawing and remind 
yourself of what you saw at the top:  the green hand with two 
fingers and the three circles.  Remember the code for each of those 
circles?  The final row of symbols is the brown hand with two 
fingers, Flower, Fish and Umbrella.  Go downstairs to the teleporter 
controller and enter those symbols.  Exit, click on the handle of 
the controller and watch.


Back at the centre of operations, there is only one more place to 
travel to.  When you get there, you meet up with Tuff Luv.  Watch.  
When in control, find the ticket dispenser, click on the round knob 
and you will get a ticket plus some info.  Later on you'll get 
another bit of the scroll.  When the train appears, click on it to 

The first puzzle consists of choosing the right words to form a 
sentence.  These are:  Please, Unpack, My, Emotional, Baggage.  When 
you are dropped by the train, move around the room till you come to 
a door.  Open it and go through.  The next puzzle is intended to rid 
Dingo of his phobias, so obviously you will go through the door 
associated with the most unusual reaction.  If you choose the right 
door, you will see a little clip; if not, you are back at the 
puzzle.  You will have to keep doing it till you go through all the 
correct doors; of course, by a process of elimination, you can't 
fail in the long run.  However, to speed things up, here are the 
correct doors:  C, B, A, B, C, C, B, A.

The third puzzle is, once more, choosing the right words to form a 
sentence and you get to it the same way as the first one, getting a 
ticket and using the train. This puzzle nearly drove me nuts!  Here 
is the correct sequence:  Beneath, This, Tough, Dingo, Exterior, 
Scared, Little, Pup.

That's it.  When the train drops you, walk around till you see a 
large set of teeth.  Click on them and then go through.  Watch.  Get 
the last scroll bits from the table on the right of the sofa.  Watch 
some more.

Back at the TTRV, you will complete the scroll.  Click on it and 
watch what happens.

When in control, visit all the locations again, save Dingo's home, 
preferably in the same order as before.  When you've finished you 
will know you need a mallet and that Tuff Luv is not about to give 
hers up without a struggle.

Back at the TTRV, you have to do a final puzzle.  The idea is to 
link Koala and Dingo with the mallet.  To do this, first link Koala 
and Dingo to Annie.  The Station piece will come loose.  Next, 
attach Koala and Dingo plus Annie to the Helm plus Woody.  Woody 
will come loose, so attach him to Tuff Luv:  finally, attach Koala 
and Dingo to the Mallet.  

That's it.  Watch the finale with the abrupt ending. 

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