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Start at the dock, where you first arrive on the island of 
Myst, and explore the whole island.  As you start to leave 
the dock, walking toward the stairs you'll see what looks 
like a circuit breaker. It's located to the right of the 
stairs. This is what is referred to on Myst island as a 
Marker Switch. Click on the Marker Switch handle and it will 
rise and be 'turned on'.

On your way up the pathway from the dock you'll find a note 
laying on the ground.  It is a note to Catherine from Atrus.  
From reading the note you can see he has left her a message 
but first we must know how many of these Marker Switches 
there are on the island.

Continue throughout the island examining everything 
carefully, taking notes on what you find.  Find all of the 
Marker Switches as you go and turn them on.  There are eight 
on the island at the following locations:  Dock, Observatory, 
Large Gears on Hill, Space Ship, Fountain with ship, Brick 
building just past fountain, Log Cabin, Clock Tower.  The 
Clock Tower's Marker Switch will not be accessible until you 
solve one of the puzzles.  Turning on the Marker Switches 
'activates' the location.  Now that you've located all the 
Marker Switches you can go to the fore-chamber by the dock 
and get the message to Catherine from Atrus.

To get the message go all the way to the end of the dock with 
the ocean on your left.  Turn right and there in the wall is 
a hidden door.  Click on the door and go in all the way to 
the imaging fountain.  Turn around toward the stairs and 
click on the note on the wall to the left of the stairs.  
Upon examining it you'll see a red button in the upper left 
corner of the paper.  Click on this button and a digital 
readout will appear.  Click on the arrows until '08' (the 
number of Marker Switches on the island) appears.  Turn back 
toward the imaging pool and click the yellow button on the 
front.  The message will play.  Take note of what is being 
said.  Click on the yellow button again to have the message 

Once you've explored the island go back to the library. When 
you enter by stand in the center of the room and turn each 
possible direction examining all the walls.  You will see: 
Map of Myst, Red Book, Picture of stairs, Bookcase, Window, 
Blue Book and a Fireplace.  It may be helpful to draw a map 
of the library so you can visualize it better.  Go to the Map 
of Myst on the wall and click on it.  You will see an outline 
of all the objects you have investigated on the island, 
except for the clock tower.  Turning the Marker Switches on 
makes the locations appear on this map.  Since you have not 
turned on the clock tower yet, it does not appear.

Click on the flashing circle on the map.  This is the tower 
rotator switch.  If you click on this and hold down the mouse 
button a radar-like line will appear and began rotating 
around the island.  At certain points you will notice that it 
turns red (4 different locations).  Stop on one of these red 
locations and back away from the map.  Now go to the picture 
of the stairs and click on it.  You'll see the picture swirl 
around and the bookcase to the right will turn into a 
staircase.  This staircase leads to the Tower shown on the 
map.  Take the elevator to the Tower.  There are two ladders 
at the top.  The ladder with the 'book' looks outward onto 
the island, the ladder with the 'key' is where you want to 
go.  Climb the ladder with the 'key' and look closely at the 
stone wall at the top.  There will be a clue there to solving 
one of the puzzles on the island.  Write it down and go back 
to the library and rotate the tower on the map to the next 
location where it turns red.  Repeat this until you've 
retrieved a clue from the tower for each place on the map 
where the radar turns red.

After you exit the tower with the last clue, click on the 
window to the right of the staircase and the window will 
swirl and turn the stairs back into a bookcase.  Now examine 
the bookcase.  Click on the books and read the ones you can. 
Several have been ruined but there are four 'good' ones that 
contain valuable information.  Write down anything you find 
since it may be a clue you'll need later on.  You can always 
come back and refer to the books later if you need to.

Move over and look at the Red and Blue books laying by 
themselves on opposite walls of the library.  Click on the 
page laying beside each book, then click on the book itself.  
A message will be played.  Listen and make note of what they 
say in each message. From this you learn that the object is 
to find and bring back as many red and blue pages as you can 
find to the respective books.  This will help you determine 
which of the brothers have betrayed their father.

One last thing to click on in the library is the fireplace.  
When you do so nothing happens.  It puts you 'in' the 
fireplace so that you are looking out into the library.  More 
later about the fireplace.

That's about it for the library.  Now out to solve the first 
puzzle.  From reading the books you know there are four 
'Ages' that Atrus has created.  Each of the clues obtained 
from the tower will help lead to one of them. I've listed 
them here in the order I visited each age.  They don't have 
to be visited in any certain order however.

After leaving the library, go down the trail to the end of 
the path by the clock tower.  Turn left into the forest.  
There you will see the log cabin you found earlier.  Enter it 
and turn back toward the door.  To the right of the door you 
will see a safe in the wall.  Click on the safe and enter the 
combination you found in the library tower by pressing the 
buttons below each number.  The combination is 7,2,4.  When 
you've dialed this in, pull the handle and open the safe.  
Click on the match box and it opens up.  Click on the matches 
and pick one up.  Click on the striking surface and it will 
light.  Now turn back toward the furnace on the opposite 
wall.  Light the pilot light in the bottom left corner of the 
furnace.  Once the pilot's lit, turn the handle to the right, 
clockwise, as far as it will go.  The pressure gauge at the 
top of the furnace will start to rise quickly.  When the 
gauge reaches the top you will hear a loud sound and the 
gauge will drop back to zero and start up again.  The burning 
of the furnace makes the tree, in the window to the left, 
rise into the air.  After you've heard that loud booming 
sound 8 or 9 times, turn the wheel to the right all the way 
off, counterclockwise.  Immediately go out of the cabin and 
turn left.  Turn left again and go behind the cabin between 
the two trees.  You will see a large tree there up on a 
platform just like the one you could see through the window 
in the cabin.  Go up on the platform and look up at the tree. 
You'll see what appears to be a 'room' in the tree.  It will 
be coming down since you turned the fire off.  Look back down 
at the tree.  Wait there until the room is right in front of 
you.  When the floor of the room is level with the platform, 
click on it.  You'll see it's an elevator that will take you 
down under the platform.  The button on the left in the 
elevator speeds along the descent, you can ignore it since 
you'll be there shortly anyway.  Once you've stopped at the 
bottom get out and approach the table with the book on it.  
Click on this book and you'll be transported to Channelwood.

Upon arriving in Channelwood you'll be standing on a wooden 
walkway surrounded by water.  Turn around and go toward the 
windmill on the mountain in the distance.  Follow the trail 
up the mountain until you get to the top.  When you get there 
turn on the faucet at the base of the big water tank.  Turn 
and go back down the hill to the wooden walkway.

When you get back down you'll notice pipes running along the 
top of  the walkway.  These pipes carry the water that you 
just turned on at the windmill.  The water is used to power 
pumps that are used in this age to drive elevators and other 
devices.  Go to the only elevator that is currently 
accessible, the center one if you're looking into the trees 
from the windmill.  The water is directed to the pump you 
want to use by switching the handles located at pipe joints.  
You change the direction of the water by pulling the handle 
to one side or the other.  If water is running in a pipe, you 
can hear it.  Also, when you get to the pump you're wanting 
to use, you can hear the motor running if water is flowing to 
it properly.

Go up the elevator and walk around the treehouses until you 
find a switch mounted on the floor of one of them. (A map of 
the treehouses is in one of the 'good' books in the library.  
On this map is noted the location of the treehouse with the 
switch.  There is a dotted line from this treehouse to the 
platform with the gate on it.) This switch opens the gate 
allowing access to the elevator that will take you to the 
second level of treehouses.  Pull the switch then go to the 
platform with the gate and elevator.  Go down the steps 
through the gate and redirect the water to the pump at the 
base of the stairs (this pump operates the upper elevator).  
Go back up the steps and use the elevator to go to the second 

On the second level, when you exit the elevator, turn left 
and go around behind the elevator into the room there.  The 
red page is in this room.  Also in this room is the first 
half of a note you'll need later.  Copy the note down 
precisely before leaving.  Exit this room and go all the way 
across the walkway, past the center building to the shack at 
the other end.  In this room you will find the blue page.  
The building in the center is interesting but not necessary 
in completing the game.

Once you've finished looking around, go back down the 
elevator to the first level of treehouses and walk down the 
stairs.  Redirect the water to a pump on the far left side of 
the walkways.  This pump is located where a walkway abruptly 
ends.  Once water is running to the pump, push the lever and 
a 'hidden' bridge will be raised connecting the two walkways 
so you can cross.  Go across and follow it until you get to 
another elevator.  This elevator is not functional since 
water is not running to the pump.  Follow the pipe from the 
pump and you'll notice it ends a short way down.  There is a 
crank handle on the end of the pipe here.  Turn the handle 
and the pipe extends across the water and connects to the 
other pipe.  Now go back across the 'hidden' bridge and 
redirect the water to this pump.  Once you've done that, go 
back to the elevator and go up.  There you'll find a book to 
take you back to the island of Myst so you can return the red 
and blue pages to the library.

After you leave the library, follow the trail down past the 
fountain to the clock tower. Upon approaching it you'll see 
two round control knobs and a red button.  Here's where 
you'll use one of the clues found in the tower (2:40 and 
2,2,1).  If you look at the clock before you look down at the 
controls you'll notice the time is 12:00.  The large control 
knob moves the minute hand by 5 minute increments, the small 
knob moves the clock's hour hand by 1 hour increments.  Turn 
the large knob 8 times clockwise.  Turn the small knob 2 
times clockwise.  After you've done this press the red 
button.  A 'gear bridge' will appear in the water allowing 
you access to the clock tower.  Now you can turn on the 
Marker Switch and then click on the door to enter the 
building.  Once you enter you'll see a pole there with three 
numbers (3,3,3) on it vertically.  There are handles on the 
left and right of this device as well as another handle in 
the upper right corner of the room.  Here's where you'll use 
the 2,2,1 portion of the clue from the tower.  You must 
rotate the numbers so that they read 2,2,1.  As you pull the 
left and right handles take note of which cubes turn.  
Practice as much as you like, the handle in the upper right 
corner of the room resets the numbers to their original 
location.  It takes some practice but it's possible to do.  
Once you've changed the numbers correctly the chain to the 
left moves and the gears rotate.  Now exit the building and 
go back across the bridge to Myst island.  Go back up the 
trail to the library and turn right toward the dock.  Go to 
the large gears up on the hill to the left of the dock.  
You'll notice that the upright gear has opened and revealed a 
book laying there.  Click on the book and then click on the 
animation in the book.  When you do you'll be transported to 
the Mechanical Age.

Once you arrive in Mechanical Age, looking around, you'll see 
a bridge that leads to an island in the middle of a circular 
rail.  Follow the bridge and enter the fortress.  Hallways 
lead left and right, follow the one to the right to start 
with.  There is a map of this building's floor plan in one of 
the four 'good' books in the library.  If you copied it it 
will help you get your bearings here more easily.

When you get to the room at the end of there hallway you will 
see a throne.  Look to the left of the throne on the wall.  
There is a secret passage there.  Click on the wall to open 
the door.  Go in and find the blue page there.  Once you've 
got this page you can exit this hidden room.

Now look to the left of the door you just exited and you'll 
see an object with two knobs on it.  This is the Fortress 
Rotation Simulator.  Click on this and take a look at it.  
This object allows you to 'practice' rotating the fortress to 
the other islands you may have noticed on your way across the 
bridge when you first arrived.  In a minute we'll go to the 
real fortress rotator but first a little practice is needed.  
Push the left handle forward about halfway and it will lock 
in place.  Now push the right handle forward and hold it.  
You will see the fortress start to rotate counterclockwise.  
When the needle passes the first dock, release the right 
handle.  Now pull the left handle back to the starting 
position.  When you do this LISTEN carefully for the sound it 
makes.  Each of the four dock positions has a distinct sound 
that you'll need to be able to recognize when doing the real 
rotation.  Practice with this simulator as much as you need 
until you feel comfortable with it.

Now move through the room to the back hallway.  Go past the 
red button on the wall for now.  If you keep going you'll 
enter the other room with a throne, a telescope and several 
other things.  In this room there is a secret room located to 
the right of the throne, kind of hidden behind the tapestry 
on the wall.  Click on this section of the wall to open the 
hidden door.  There you will find the red page.

Now go to the back hallway again and  stop at the red button 
on the wall.  Turn to face the button and you'll see a 
hallway.  Press the red button and a stairway leading 
downward opens up.  Go down and you will see a golden handle 
on a table.  This is the elevator rotator control.  Push the 
handle forward and hold it.  Notice while you're holding it 
that the inner circle to the left begins to turn.  The object 
is to get the openings of the two circles to line up.  When 
you do this the circles will turn red. Also take into 
consideration that the inner circle moves one more position 
after you release the knob.

When you've completed this go back up the stairs, turn back 
toward the stairs and press the red button again.  The 
stairway will close and the hallway will reappear.  At the 
end of the hall there is an elevator.  Enter the elevator and 
press the 'up' button.  When the elevator stops and the door 
opens, press the 'middle' button and step out.  When you do 
this the doors will close and the elevator will go back down 
revealing the 'real' fortress rotator on top of the elevator.  
Move forward and look at the rotator.  It is exactly like the 
one in the room below except there is no 'picture' to guide 
you. You'll have to have practiced timing how long to hold 
the right handle, releasing it and listening for the sound 
for the dock you're trying to get to.  You can redo the 
rotation as many times as you need to.  When you are 
satisfied with the fortress' position, press the red button 
and the elevator will come back up for you.  Go back down and 
exit the fortress.  You will then have access to the island 
you docked on.

You will need to go to both of the other islands in this age 
to get the clues that will allow you to return to Myst 
island.  Each island has two clues that will be needed.  When 
you find these write them down.  Once you've got the clues 
you need rotate the fortress back to its original location 
and go back across to where you first arrived in this age.  
When you get across look to the right and you will see a 
control panel where you can use the clues you found on the 
islands.  Press the small buttons under each box to change 
that box's picture.  When you've entered all four correctly, 
press the large button and a stairway will open to the right.  
Go down the stairway and you'll find a book that will take 
you back to Myst so that you can return the red and blue 
pages to the library.

Go to the observatory which is next door to the library.  
Enter and turn back toward the door.  There you will notice a 
blue button on the right side of the door.  Press it and the 
lights go off.  Now turn back toward the chair and click on 
it to sit down.  Take the three dates you received from the 
tower in the library and enter them into the machine one at a 
time.  When you've entered a date and time in the machine 
press the little white button to the right of the black 
screen with stars.  When the stars stop moving copy down the 
star pattern exactly.  Repeat this for all three dates.

Now go back to the library and get the book with star 
patterns in it.  Compare what you wrote down in the 
observatory to those in the book.  Write down the symbol from 
the constellations in the book that match those from the 
observatory.  The symbols that should match the 
constellations are: snake, spider and leaf.

Exit the library and go down the trail to the fountain with 
the small boat in it.  On each side of the fountain you'll 
notice four posts.  If you examine these closely you'll see 
that they are the same symbols as those in the book of 
constellations.  Find the three that match the dates given to 
you and click on them.  The three that match should be 
'darkened' while the other five should be the lighter color.  
When this is done the ship in the fountain will rise above 
water as will the ship down by the dock.  Go to the dock and 
enter the ship's hold by clicking on the door.  There you 
will find a book that will take you to the Stoneship Age.

When you first arrive you're on a ship that's stuck in a big 
rock.  Half the ship sits on each side of the rock.  To the 
left is a gang plank leading to a control panel with an 
umbrella over it.  To the right is a gang plank leading to 
the light house.  Go across the steps to the other half of 
the ship.  There you'll see a walkway leading up.  Follow the 
steps to the top where you'll find a telescope.  Look through 
it and drag the picture from right to left.  When you see the 
lighthouse, stop and take note of  the compass reading, 135.  
Go back down the stairs and across to the other side of the 

Go out on the gang plank to the control panel with the 
umbrella.  Push the button on the far right.  This drains the 
water from the lighthouse.  Now go back toward the ship and 
across to the light house.  Notice that there is a key 
chained to the walkway there.  There is also a lock on the 
door overhead.  Now go down the stairs to the floor of the 
lighthouse where you'll find and old treasure chest.  Turn 
the knob on the left side of the chest to release the water 
from it.  Turn the knob back when it's done draining.  Go 
back up the stairs and out of the lighthouse across the gang 
plank to the control panel again.  Push the middle button.  
This will cause the lighthouse to flood again and the caves 
in the rock to be drained.

Go back into the lighthouse and the chest will be floating 
since we let the water out.  Click on the key and it will 
unlock the chest.  Get the key from the chest and open the 
door overhead.  Go up the ladder and into the top of the 
lighthouse.  There is a crank and batteries.  Turn the crank 
until the batteries are fully charged as seen by the power 
gauge on the side of the batteries.  Go back down and across 
the gang plank.  Turn toward the rock between the ships.  Go 
down the steps to the end and enter the room.  There you will 
find the red page in a drawer. Go back up the stairs to the 
ship.  Go across the steps to the other half of the ship.  As 
soon as you get across turn toward the rock again.  Here is 
another set of steps leading downward.  Go down and enter the 
other bedroom.  Here you will find the blue page on the bed. 
You'll also find the second half of a note you'll need later 
on in the chest of  drawers.  Write down everything in it 
carefully.  Go out of the room back up the stairs.  Stop 
after the first flight of steps. There is a secret door here 
on the wall.  Click on it to open it up.  Follow the tunnel 
and there you'll find a large compass.  Press the 'button' on 
the compass at 135 to light the underwater lights.  If you 
press the wrong button you'll have to go back to the 
lighthouse and turn the crank to recharge the batteries 
again.  Exit this tunnel and go up the stairs to the ship.  
Go across the gang plank to the control panel with the 
umbrella.  Click on the first button.  This will drain the 
ship's hold and flood the caves in the rock.  Go back to the 
ship and turn right looking down into the hold.  Go down and 
enter the door and follow the steps down.  At the bottom 
there will be a table.  Click on this table and a book will 
appear allowing you to return to Myst.

Go down the main trail toward the clock tower.  Just past the 
fountain with the small ship in it there is a brick building 
on the right.  Enter this building and go down the stairs.  
At the bottom there is a room.  Enter this room and go to the 
control panel.  There you'll see two digital readouts and 10 
buttons in two columns.  I'll call these buttons 1 - 5 in the 
first column and 6 - 10 in the second column.  Here you use 
another clue from the library tower, 59 volts.  If you turn 
around toward the door you'll see a diagram on the wall to 
the right of the door.  Examine it more closely and you can 
see that the left digital readout is the power and the right 
number is the power to the ship.  Turn back to the control 
panel and looking at the buttons you press each of these to 
generate a different level of power.  In combination you need 
to press the correct buttons to have 59 on both displays.  
The correct button combination to do this is buttons 1, 3, 4, 
5, 6, 9.  If you enter too much power then you'll trip a 
breaker and the power to the ship (right display) will go to 
zero.  To fix this you must first reduce the power by 
pressing any buttons that are on to turning them off.  Go 
back out of the building and look at the wires running from 
the building toward the spaceship.  There are two electrical 
poles that the wires run across. You need to climb the 
ladders on these poles and reset the breakers.  Then you can 
go back to the brick building and enter the voltage again.  
Otherwise, once the 59 volts appears in both displays you can 
exit the building and start back up the trail toward the 

When you get to the library, you can see the spaceship off in 
the distance to the left.  Approach it and click on the door.  
Enter and you will see a control panel with five slider 
switches and a large handle on one end.  At the other end of 
the spaceship is a piano keyboard.  If you press the slider 
buttons you will notice that they each play a musical note.  
As you move the slider the note changes.  Here you will use a 
clue from one of the books in the library.  One of the books 
had a diagram of a piano keyboard with five keys numbered.  
If you go to the piano and play those five notes, in the 
order they are numbered, you will hear the tune you must get 
the slider switches to match.  Now turn back to the slider 
switches and move each one of them so that slider #1 plays 
the note for the key with #1 on it. Set slider #2 to play 
note #2 and so on.  This takes some time and patience to get 
it right.   Try working on one note at a time instead of all 
five.  You can also count to the position of the keys on the 
keyboard and move the sliders up this number of notes.  For 
instance key #1 on the keyboard is they 8th key.  Moving 
slider #1 up 8 notes will put it in the correct place.  When 
you think you've got all five notes correct, pull the handle 
and release it.  If they are correct a book will appear in 
the circular window above the console.  Click on this book 
and you'll be taken to Spaceship Age.

When you arrive walk up the pathway and you'll see a brick 
building on the right.  Examine this building and you'll see 
a panel to the right of the door.  Here there are five slider 
switches and a button.  Grab one of the sliders and move it 
up and down.  You'll notice that it plays different sounds.  
For now just remember that it's here.  You can't do anything 
with it yet.  You'll use this later on to leave this age.

Moving further inland you'll find five 'sound devices'.  Each 
of these has a red button and a picture associated with it.  
Press the red button on each one to turn it on and make note 
of the sound you hear.  Also, take notice of the picture 
associated with that sound.  The sounds you'll find are 1) 
water dripping (this is where the blue page is), 2) volcanic 
noises from a chasm, 3) tick-tocking sound from an old clock, 
4)  flute sound from a buoy (this is where the red page is), 
and 5) wind blowing up from a manhole.  After you've turned 
all five devices on go back to the device at the very end of 
the island with wind blowing up through a manhole.  Go down 
the manhole and turn the light on.  Follow the tunnel to the 
other side and you'll come up on the island in the water. 
There you'll see a panel with a door on it.  Click on this 
door to reveal the control panel.  There are pictures of the 
sounds you heard, arrow keys pointing both directions and a 
view of the devices on the island.  The object is to click on 
one of the pictures at the bottom and then move the display 
using the arrow keys until you hear that sound.  Once you've 
done this for one picture, move on to the next one.  Do this 
for all five pictures.  The approximate locations, digitally, 
for each of these pictures are: volcanic noises from chasm - 
126.3, water running - 152.2, tick-tocking sound 55.4, flute 
sound from buoy - 16.0, wind blowing up from manhole - 208.2.  
Once you done all of the pictures, press the 'sum' button 
(that looks like a funny 'E') on the bottom of the console.  
When you do so make note of the ORDER in which the sounds are 
played.  Exit this island by going back down the manhole and 
going back through the tunnel.

Go back toward the spaceship you first arrived at this age 
in.  When you get to the brick building on the left, approach 
the control panel.  Each of the sliders must be set to the 
sounds you found on the sound devices on the island.  They 
must be in the order they were played by the console on the 
island.  For instance, the first slider must correspond to 
the first sound played when you pressed the 'sum' button, the 
second must be the second sound played, etc.  When you have 
all five sounds set, press the red button.  If you've entered 
them correctly the door to the building will open.  Enter and 
go down the hallway to the underground ship waiting there.  
Get in the ship and click on the seat at the front to sit 

You are now sitting at the console of the subway that runs 
through a maze.  The buttons in front of you: Forward, 
Backtrack, Left and Right arrows, a speaker on the left and a 
directional indicator on the right. All of these items will 
be used to help navigate through the maze.  Press Forward to 
get under way.  This will take you below ground to the subway 
track.  There you will be looking down the track and the 
directional indicator will show 'N' for north.  The best 
thing to do is map this area carefully, otherwise you can get 
hopelessly lost for hours.  At each stop there are eight 
possible directions to go, N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW.  The 
easiest way to map is at each stop, turn in every direction 
and note on the map which ways are dead ends and which 
directions are open.  When a path is open the Forward button 
turns yellow, when it's a dead end it turns green.  Proceed 
down an open path and map each stop you come to in this way.  
It will take time but is worth it in the long run.

Press Forward to make the subway start going.  When it stops 
you are at a subway stop and must decide which way to go. 
Follow the instructions above for mapping the subway system.  
Another way to tell which way you should turn is to listen to 
the sound that is made when it stops.  There are eight sounds 
that are played, each one indicating the direction you should 
go next. (If you get hopelessly lost in here e-mail me and 
I'll send you the correct path to the end :-).

When you've found the last correct turn you will travel 
through a tunnel with lights and stop at the end.  Get out of 
the seat and go to the back of the ship.  Press the button to 
open the door and exit the subway.  Go forward and there you 
will find a book to take you back to Myst island.

Once you've returned the four of the red or blue pages to the 
corresponding book, close the book and then click on it 
again. You will hear a message from either Achenar or Sirrus 
depending on the book you've clicked on.  If you've returned 
all four of both color pages you'll hear a similar message 
from each of the brothers by clicking on each of their books.  
You don't have to return all four of each of the pages but 
it's interesting to hear what the brothers have to say about 
each other.  You do have to return at least four of one color 
to obtain the final clue needed.  When you click on the book 
again after returning the fourth page you will hear the 
message which is an important clue. The message says to 'look 
at the last book on the middle shelf, get the pattern from 
page 158 and enter it into the wall of the fireplace'.  
You'll need to write this pattern down since you can't take 
the book into the fireplace with you.  Once you've written it 
down, click on the fireplace in the library and you'll be 
looking outward into the library.  There is a red button on 
the left side of the fireplace wall.  Press this button and 
the door will close.  Now click on the wall there to enter 
the pattern you found on page 158 of the book.  Once you've 
got the pattern the same as in the book, press the red button 
again.  If the pattern entered was correct the fireplace will 
spin around and take you to a hidden room.  Exit and you will 
see a green book and a red and blue page laying on a shelf.  
Click on the book and listen to the message from Atrus.  Do 
not take the red or blue pages back to the brothers in the 
library.  If you do so you will end up in the book of the 
brother you gave it to and lose the game.  Atrus will tell 
you he needs one last page and ask you to retrieve it.  Go 
back out to the library by reentering the fireplace and 
pressing the red button.  Once you're back in the library go 
outside.  From two different ages, Channelwood and the 
Stoneship Age you found two halves of a note.  Read this note 
and follow the instructions.  The missing page is in the 
vault mentioned in the note.  Turn all the switch markers on 
the island on.  Go to the dock and turn that switch marker 
off.  When you do this the vault will be 'in plain sight'.  
If it's not then one of the switch markers on the island is 
not set correctly.  Check them all again and then come back 
to the dock.

Take the green page from the vault and go back to the 
library.  Get in the fireplace and press the button.  Enter 
the code into the wall again and return to Atrus.  Click on 
the book and you will be taken to a large room where you'll 
find Atrus at a desk.  Give him the page and listen to him 
talk about his sons.  It turns out that both of the sons 
became greedy and power hungry upon gaining access to Atrus' 
books in the library.  Therefore they are both banished by 
their father.

CONGRATULATIONS!  You've completed Myst.

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