Ghost in the Sheet

by Cardboard Box Entertainment

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   May 2007 version 1.04


Gameplay:    The main menu has new game, load game, options, save game and exit. Resume game is seen later during gameplay access. The options menu has the music, sound and speech controls. Left mouse button selects an active item, right mouse click changes to normal cursor. Press tab to show the exits and active spots in a screen. Left click of mouse skips intro and dialogues.

A recently dead man recalls how he came to be in the afterlife. He was ran over by a truck. He goes through a lit tunnel and comes out covered in sheet. He meets the Boss of a Ghost catching organization which he is now an involuntary member. The ghost is told that if the sheet is removed or taken away, the ghost will cease to hold together and wind will blow him apart.

During the first case briefing, the ghost is told that someone or something is interfering with ghost catching. Mortals are dying but their soul never reach the tunnel. An abandoned factory needs to be investigated. Paranormal skills are learned as experience grows. Telekinesis is given as a start skill.

He is ghost... in the sheet.


After the travel through the pan dimensional portal, a training part shows the gameplay manipulations. The left mouse button when placed on an active item will show a description at the bottom of the screen. The upper left icon(s) shows the paranormal skill. The top one is the telekinesis skill. Paranormal skills when gained can be used by clicking on them or using the buttons: F1, F2... Right mouse button toggles the paranormal skill usage to go back to the normal cursor. ESC key accesses the main menu.


Note: This game is non-linear. This walkthrough is just one approach to the game.


Get to the factory:

Enter the station - Outside a cable trolley station, check the door and see that it is locked. Check the cover of the cellar door right of the main door. The cover is not locked.

Click on the telekinesis skill and then use it on the iron bar on the ground. Move the bar to the cover of the cellar and then click.

Enter the hole or the cellar door.

Fuse box - Use telekinesis on the switch of the fuse box. This brings power to the trolley station above.

Climb the ladder at end of the hallway.

Trolley - Look around and check the trolley. We still need to power it up.

Check the writing on the left wall. Death to lady birds.

Enter the door (hole) on the left.

Office - Look around and see a glowing strange brick on the floor. Use telekinesis on brick.

Diary - Read the diary underneath the brick. Learn about Niels' glowing report on this factory, Hansen and Larisa. The progression of Hansen's worries and suicide. Niels seeing a man go down the storeroom, his changing the codes 3 times and Larisa's pregnancy.

See  Niels Grossenson' employee card no. 3822 on the next page of the written diary.

Green trolley machine - See a green machine in the other room. This powers the trolley outside.

After flipping the switch in the fuse box at the cellar, this machine is now powered.

Look close on the drawing (manual) above the green machine. It shows the switches of the green machine below.

Review-click in close up view on the manual-drawing on the wall. GITS says: All the (bottom) buttons must be pressed and all the (top) lights must be on.

Play around the lever and switches using telekinesis.

Power the trolley - Flip the big lever on the right.

Use telekinesis to pick up the pencil. Use the pencil to push all the big red buttons on lower left.

Right lights - Use the pencil on the small button pushing them from left to right: 1 3 4 2.

Left lights - Right click to drop the pencil. Use telekinesis on the flip switches and study the number of lights lit by each flip switch.

From left to right, flip switches: 1 2 3 1 4 1.

See that the cable-trolley is now powered.

Trolley-cable car - Exit and enter the cable car. Listen to the radio.

Use telekinesis on the lever on the stand outside (left) of the cable car.

See a cutscene of the trolley ride across the gap.


Look around the factory:

Ghost in the sheet (GITS) learns a new paranormal skill - push on things (buttons, doors...).

Garage-Cableway - This is the blue colored area in the plan. Look around and read the notice on the left of the window. It states to 'In no case open' something.

Report - Read the report written by Scott Piper on the desk about a factory fire and part of Hall B fusion unit was destroyed.

Junk - Look at the pile of junk done recently in front of the bottom part of the cabinet right of the window. There's strange sound coming from in there.

Check the top part of the cabinet and see a sleeve of an asbestos suit.

Acid - Look at the pipe on the ceiling dripping green acid.

Collect acid - Check the pot on the table.

Use telekinesis on the sleeve of an asbestos suit at top of the cabinet.

Drop it inside the pot.

Use telekinesis on reinforced pot and use it o the acid of the ceiling pipe.

Monster - Use the pot filled with acid on the junk piled in front of the cabinet.

Oh my, a monster flies out and makes a hole on the door behind the grate door.

Open the grate door - Look close at the keypad on the desk.

Use push skill to enter Niels employee number - 3822.

The grate door opens. Enter through the hole in the door made by the monster.

Corridor - This is the red colored area in the plan. Look around. See that Hall A (red line) is to the right and Hall B (black line) is to the left.

Read the scattered documents on the floor about Sector Omega Annual Report.

Read the heading paper on the floor and learn about Kurt's apology letter to Ellen.

Examine the Notice on the left wall written by Niels. He cautions about calibrating the gas. Pipes are clearly marked.

Read the paper on the left wall and see another chart of switches and gauges. Remember this drawing.

Hole on the floor - Look at the blood smears on the floor going down the hole.

Click on the hole and talk to Jacques Dirac, the porter of the Section Omega.

He doesn't believe about ghost in the sheet. Talk to him completely.

Pull Jacques up the hole and oops! Now, Jacques Dirac joins the ranks of the ghosts. Welcome aboard!

Hall B - Go left of the corridor and be at another corridor. Check things in this corridor.

Try to enter the door to Hall B and see that it is locked.

Hall A - Go back down to the other corridor and right to Hall A.

Look around at the crates, papers on the floor, buckets, notice board on the left wall and the conveyor right of the notice board. One paper states there was a fire in Hall B.

The door on the left is the door we came through in from the corridor. At the center and way back is the door to the entrance-arriving hall.

To the right screen is the other part of Hall A. Go right and look around.

Dark Corner - To the left under the green metal platform is a dark corner. Check it out and see bucket and pipe (hole). Look in the hole-pipe that has something stuck inside but cannot make it out.

Top view of Hall A - Pull back and climb the ladder. See the expanse of Hall A from above. You are actually looking at the area you are standing in from afar. You are at the top of the green platform on the right of the screen.

Click on the strange machine at the top of the green platform.

Tube post - Check the tube post on the wall at far end. See that the monster from the garage cabinet is now inside the tube post. There are 2 capsules on the table: one open and one closed.

Back up twice to see the top view of the hall again.

Passage - This is the gold area in the plan. Move cursor to the bottom of screen to go to the passage.

This is the passage that connects Hall A and Hall B from top level.

Midway look at the view-through on the left. See lights floating around.

Go forward and enter Hall B. See the top view of Hall B while standing on the catwalk.

Go back to the passage and Hall A. Click on ladder of the green platform to climb back down.

Go back twice to be at the first part of Hall A.

Entrance (Arriving) Hall - Enter through the door at far wall of Hall A.

See the door that you came through just now on the left. At the center is is the door to Hall B. It is locked.

Go down the hall by clicking at the bottom of the screen. See the Cloak (Dressing) Room and the Lobby.

 Meet other entities:

Lobby - This is brown area in the plan. Enter through the Lobby door. The door you just entered through is at right.

Meet Jacque Dirac the porter ghost, the man that was at the hole in the corridor earlier. He is justifiably angry.

Talk to Dirac. Select dialogues: Stop whining and death makes us all equals. Then choose: Be glad you don't have to look at the mess around here. Dirac has a whole new perspective now.

Now talk to him completely and learn about the different characters and Sector Omega. Nobody knows what is made in this factory. Learn about Ladybirds. Kurt sounds like he can come and go through the factory secretly.

Dirac wants the fan repaired.

Study the plan on the wall below the broken overhead fan.

Other side of lobby - Press tab on your keyboard to see where the exits are located. Go left in front of Dirac.

Read the papers on the floor by Dirac. Learn about needing gloves during fuse manipulations.

See that the door to outside is barricaded. The door to the storeroom is to the right. It is locked.

Back up and while standing in front of him, talk to Dirac about the locked storeroom.

He wants you to eliminate the rats infesting the storeroom.

Storeroom - This is the blue area in the plan. Look around at things in the room.

Niels' letter - Be sure to read the letter on the floor at extreme right and in front of the shelves. It is Niels' last letter to Larisa.

Rats - You promised Dirac that you will eliminate the rats.

Use telekinesis on the paving stones at center of the floor.

Use the stone on the rat hiding behind the box on the floor.

The arcade puzzle starts. See the rats and the floating stone from top view.

Click to hit the rats. There are 6 of them.

Icky - try the bypass: press the backspace key.

Locked cellar door - Look close at the door at the far wall.

The door to the infamous cellar is locked by a keypad. Remember the notations in Niels' diary.

We'll get back to this later.

Go back to the lobby and out the door to the Entrance Hall.

Cloak (Dressing) room - This is the dark brown are in the plan. Enter the cloak room.

The wood door ahead is the door that you entered in.

Lockers - Check the different lockers.

Use the push skill to open and close the rightmost locker door to see if there's anything inside.

Go down the bottom of the screen. Check the lockers on this side. Use the push skill to open the locker right of the one where smoke comes out of.

Check the paper that has names and number and a drawing of 2 opened lockers.

Check the locker left of the smoking locker.

Scott Piper, the Fireman - Click on the smoke coming out of the locker second from right.

Talk to the fireman completely. Learn what Hansen told him and the cellar.

Learn about the Hall B fire and what happened here.

Take note of the No Smoking sign and Ladybird writings on the wall.

Enter the door on the right.

Shower room - See a shadow of a woman showering.

Talk to Larisa several times completely. Convince Larisa that she is a shadow: Larisa, you're just a shadow; Larisa listen to me.

Once you convinced her that she is also a ghost; ask about Niels.

GITS tells Larisa about the diary and the letter in the storeroom.

Talk to her again completely. Learn about the code, ladybirds and Sector Omega.

Exit the shower room and then the cloak room.

Learn more skills:

Storeroom - Go back to the Lobby and then the storeroom.

Cellar door code - Go close to the cellar door and see the keypad.

Based on Niels' diary, the code was changed 3 times. Also remember what Larisa said about the code.

July 19th code - 5 2 9 0

July 24th code - 6 1 0 9

Aug. 7th code - 7 0 1 8

Take note that the numbers changes by one up or down.

Following the sequence above:

Aug 11th code - 8 9 2 7

Aug 22nd code -9 8 3 6

Aug 23rd code - 0 7 4 5

Use push skill to enter 0 7 4 5 and then 'open' on the keypad of the cellar door.

Cellar - Go down the steps.

Power box - Look close at the power box.

Open the brown fuse box using telekinesis.

Press the 2 red buttons using the push skill.

Ahhhhh! You should have remembered the paper on the floor in front of Dirac's station.

GITS now has electric surge skill.

Look right of the power box and see darkness.

Now, where can we use this new skill? Ah, at the floating lights

Hall A - Go back out of the cellar, storeroom and lobby. Go down the hall and enter Hall A.

Passage - Go down the hall at right screen. Climb the ladder of the green platform. Go to the bottom of the screen once you are up looking down at Hall A.

Light Bugs - Once at the passage, look left at the view through on the wire wall.

See light bugs. Use the electric surge skill on each of the light bugs.

See that they coalesce into one big light bug at the center when zapped.

Click as fast as you can before the coalesced light starts to disperse again.

Good luck!  Too fast? - try the bypass: press the backspace key.

The coalesced light bursts and taught GITS to summon light.

The Monsters:

See the boss watch how GITS is progressing in his investigation with Oozy, the sleazy assistant.

Now where can we use this new light skill? There are some darkness that we have seen in the factory.

Garage cabinet - Go back to garage. Exit the passage by going back to Hall A.

Climb down from the green platform using the ladder.

Go down to main Hall A and then through the left door to get to the corridor. Go down to the garage.

Use the light skill on the darkness of the lower cabinet at center of screen where the monster was hiding before.

See and then read the document. Hansen wrote about Sector Omega. He found the cellar door opened  He set a trap and saw a huge monster. That is when he started changing the cellar code. Hansen went down the cellar again and found ladybirds instead of the monster. They revealed something to him by leading him through a passage where he saw the Big Boss but he was also seen by the boss. The letter ends there.

GITS suspects that it is his self proclaimed boss that is behind what is going on.

Cellar - Let's check the cellar's darkness now. Go through the hole on the door to the corridor and then right to Hall A.

Exit through the center door at the back wall to the Entrance hall, then lobby and then storeroom.

Hungry monster - Go down the cellar and use the light skill on the darkness right of the power box.

It is Hansen's monster. Fooooood! Talk to the monster completely.

Convince the monster that GITS can not be eaten. I am ghost. And that GITS is not good to eat by telling him to: Observe this sheet. GITS promises to find him something very tasty.

Factory circuit panel - Look left wall by the monster and see the factory's main circuit.

Let us bring power to other place that we have not checked yet.

Push down the lever of Hall B and then flip the left and the right switches beside it. Leave the middle switch off since the lever stays down only for 2 switches that are on.

Hall A - Pull back and go back to Hall A. Then go down the hall at right screen.

Tube post monster - Climb the ladder and click on strange machine at top of the green platform. Go forward to the tube post.

See garage monster still inside the tube. Use the electric surge skill on the monster in the tube.

It flies through the tube and hits a staircase.

Enter and check out Hall B:

Hall B - Click on the tube post opening to follow the monster.

Come out of the post tube and be in one part of Hall B. See the staircase broken by the monster's impact. Try to climb the stairs.

See a mysterious door on top of the stairs. Read the paper on the floor.

Down the hall - Go to the bottom screen to go to the other side of Hall B.

Go to bottom of the screen (out of the hall) to unlock the door that leads to the Entrance Hall.

Go back inside Hall B.

Car - Look around and see a car hanging from chain. The car's front wheels have no tires.

 The car has a lever for ignition and petrol tank. Try to push the lever and the car will not turn on.

See a 'something' and a bar on the floor.

Open the locked cabinet:

Locked cabinet - Check the locked cabinet on the left post. See that the cabinet has a small hole.

Try to use the bar on the hole and see that it is too big to fit. Hmmm...

Left side of Hall B - Go to left screen. Look around at the papers on the floor, barrels, hole on the ceiling and cart.

See also gas canister, conveyor belt and fusion unit.

Click at bottom of screen (out of hall) to unlock the door that leads to the corridors.

Go back inside Hall B.

Bring gas canister to the right side of Hall B - Telekinesis the gas canister to the right conveyor belt.

Power the conveyor belt - Go to the fusion unit. Read the note on the wall. Green turns off and red turns on.

Use the push skill on the red button. Nothing happened.

Use the light skill on the darkness of the open metal door above the red button. See that wires are cut.

Use electric surge on the wire. See that the conveyor belt moves one surge at a time.

Move the canister until the end of the conveyor belt by continuous use of the electric surge.

Alternate the electric surge on left and right wire to get it to move one way - Alternating Current. :)

Sharpen the bar - Go right to other side of the hall.

Use telekinesis to carry the gas canister and use it on the petrol tank of the car.

Use push skill on the lever of the car to start it.

Use telekinesis to carry the bar from the floor to the bare spinning wheel of the car.

Use the sharpened bar on the locked cabinet and the cabinet is now opened.

Gas Control panel - Push the lever of the opened cabinet. If the green light at top left of the cabinet is not lit, go back to the factory circuit panel left of the hungry monster at the cellar and push the Hall B lever and flip the left and the right switches beside it.

The cover to the factory's main gas control panel stand is opened. Go down to the stands.

See the brown control panel has a setup similar to the drawing at the corridor.

Turn on the fan for Dirac - Go to the red gas control panel. See the sign on the wall - Lobby fan+.

The light is on the sliding lobby fan lever. Push the lever to the ON position by clicking the push skill on the ON word.

Go back up and exit Hall B at bottom of screen. Be at the Entrance Hall. Go down the hall and enter the lobby. See that the fan is still not moving.

Go to storeroom and down to the cellar. Go to the factory circuit left of the hungry monster.

Flip off the left switch of Hall B and flip the switch of lobby using the push skill. Push the lobby lever down.

Go back to Dirac at the lobby and see that the fan is now working.

Learn what the factory makes:

Talk to Dirac about the repaired fan. He teaches a new skill - wind.

Secret of the lockers - Go to the cloak room and talk to the smoke coming out of the locker - Scott Piper.

Talk to the fireman again about the fire (triggered by reading the report on the desk at the garage). Learn about the thief and unassigned lockers were opened.

Go back to Dirac and ask about the thief in the dressing room. Hansen was in the dressing room and he was punching the No Smoking sign.

Open the secret locker - Go back to the cloak room.

Reread the paper in the opened locker right of the fireman that has names, number and a drawing of 2 opened lockers.

Note also that #1 is underlined on the bottom name  (Cassidy) while #2  and #3 are underlined at the name (Vic) above.

Remember that there are 3 lockers in the cloak room that you can open-move-push the doors in 3 positions (not including the close position).

Open the locker on the right while facing the boarded wood door to the 1st position from close using the push skill.

Face the lockers where Scott is smoking his pipe.

Open the locker left of Scott to the #2 position from close and the locker to the right of Scott to the #3 position from close.

Push the 'No Smoking' sign on the wall of the cloak room.

The locker at immediate left of the No Smoking sign opens.

Look at the little box inside the locker - XV - D400. It is empty.

Promise to keep:

The Big Boss calls his sleazy servant, Oozy to take care of Ghost in the Sheet!

Larisa calls to GITS. Talk to Larisa in the shower room. Learn that Oozy is now at the tram, no - he's here! Run!

Note: If you do not see the cutscene of Larissa calling out to you; be sure that you have:

1. Read the letter hidden in the garage cabinet.
2. Found the strange device box in the dressing room.
3. Made an agreement with the cellar hungry monster.
4. Have visited hall B.
5. Talked to Larisa about Niels' letter found on the floor in the Store Room.

Ghost chase - Save game here! See a plan of the factory.

GITS is up on the top at the shower room and Oozy just got off the tram.

The aim of the puzzle is to get Oozy to chase GITS to the cellar.

At the start of the chase, be sure to keep Oozy with one room separating the two ghosts.

The places that are available to go to are highlighted in blue.

The way I did this is: Shower, Cloak Room, Entrance Hall left, Hall B, Entrance Hall left, Entrance Hall right, Entrance Hall left, Hall B (Oozy should stand at bottom part of Hall A), Entrance Hall left, Entrance Hall right, Lobby, Storeroom and then Cellar.

Watch how GITS kept his promise to the hungry monster. Hear munching sounds in the dark.

Look down and see a bone, the only thing left of Oozy.

Talk to the monster to fix the staircase. Oh well, okayyyyyy.

The monstrosity fixes the staircase.

Enter the Office:

Climb the staircase in Hall B. Check the Office door. It is locked.

Dark Corner pipe - Go to Hall A by going down the stairs, to the hall at bottom screen and out the hall.

Enter the door on the left to be at Hall A. Go to right screen and then to the dark corner below the green platform.

Time to check what is inside the pipe. Use the wind (draft) skill on hole of the pipe.

Watch the severed hand gets blown out of the pipe and lands on the table below the tube post at Hall A.

Transport the key - Back up and climb ladder of the green platform.

Go to strange machine at top of the platform. Go forward to the tube post and the table.

See that the severed hand (?Kurt's) is holding a key.

Use electrical surge skill on the hand to get the key.

Use telekinesis on the key and place it inside the opened capsule.

Use telekinesis on the capsule with the key and place it in the tube post.

Use wind (Draft) on the capsule in the tube post. Try push - nothing happens.

Go back to the cellar. Go to the factory circuit.

This might happen later in the game - Meet the ladybirds. Learn who had GITS run over by the truck.

Look at the factory circuit panel. Flip the right switch of Hall A, then push the lever of Hall A down. Hall B and the lobby will be turned off.

Go back to the tube post and push the capsule with the key.

Office - Go back to Hall B. Climb the staircase.

Use telekinesis on the key on the floor and use it on the lock of the office door.

Find out what the factory is all about:

Enter the office and look around. See a computer by the window and a floppy disk on the table at right.

Computer - Use telekinesis on the floppy disk and then use it on the computer.

Use push on the confirm button when the Administrator is highlighted.

It needs a password that we don't have.

Push the down arrow to select log off. Then confirm.

Kurt's area - Go to bottom screen and see Kurt's work area.

Look around and check everything.

Tape player - Look close at the tape player on the desk.

Push close the cover of the tape player.

Push the double left arrow to rewind 'to the beginning' and then the play button.

Listen to Hansen talk to Kurt about the afterlife.

GITS learns a new skill - eavesdropping.

Safe - Go to the safe and see that you need numbers to open the safe.

Find the safe code - Go back and talk to others about the safe combination.

Ask Scott, the fireman inside the locker in the cloak room about the safe combination. He mentions that Kurt might now be a ghost also.

Ask Larisa at the shower room since she worked in the office about Kurt's safe combination. Listen to what happened to Larisa and the safe. She mentions that Kurt likes to oversee production at Hall B. She recommends to ask Dirac.

Go and talk to Dirac at the Lobby. He mentions that Kurt usually stands on the catwalk to scream at the workers.

Go to Hall A and climb the ladder of the green platform. Go to bottom screen to be at the passage. Enter the Hall B door ahead.

Eavesdrop on Kurt - Go to the catwalk of Hall B.

Use the Eavesdrop skill to activate it. Then go back to the passage at bottom of screen.

Go back to the catwalk. See the eavesdrop icon. Click on it to hear Kurt, mumble and 195134.

Safe - Go back to the office at Hall B. Go to the safe.

Use push on the keypad and automatically enter the safe code.

Push the red handle to open the safe.

Diary - Check the papers. Open and read the dairy. Learn what this factory is all about.

Click on the left side of the page to go to previous page or on the right side to go to next page.

He was approached by the boss man. His customers are preachers and doctors (quacks).

The factory makes ghost catchers. Learn about the start of the ladybirds writings.

Ellen, Kurt's wife is giving him problems too.

Learn about Hansen's actions and the hiring of Niels and Larissa.

Oozy took care of Hansen and they placed him in Kurt's hidey-hole. They are torturing him but Hansen knows the words to stop the pain but can't say them in front of anyone.

Learn that Niels was also killed by them. He was made into something very odd.

Read what Kurt thinks about during his last days.

See a drawing of 5 holes at the end. Remember this drawing.

Hidden panel - See a button at top right inside the safe. Use push on it and nothing happens.

The bottom shelf is bloody. Hmm...

Use push on the shelf and aha! a click and swinging sound are heard.

Pull back and see an open secret door.

Help the unfortunate:

Meet Hansen - Enter the secret door and see the head of Hansen.

Ease the pain - Try to talk to the tortured head of Hansen.

Based on what you read in Kurt's diary, Hansen can say the words that can release him from pain. But he cannot say it in front of others.

Use the Eavesdrop skill and then automatically leave the room. Go back inside the secret room.

Click on the eavesdrop icon and hear the words that can ease the pain - It doesn't hurt me at all.

Talk to Hansen and select the dialogue 'It doesn't hurt me'.

Learn what this is all about - Now, talk to Hansen and get some answers. Learn everything about what is made and how it is used. Learn too what happens to the souls that are caught.

Learn what he experienced and what happened to Niels. Niels is now the flying monster.

Hansen tells how to communicate with Niels monster. Find a musical instrument and use the essence on the Niels monster.

GITS now has a new skill - Scary sound essence.

Look at the paper on the floor of this room - 002YZ1.

Exit the room.

Computer - Go to the computer.

Since the floppy disk is already in the computer, use push on the confirm button when the Administrator is highlighted.

Select 002YZ1 as the password.

Push the down button to select Unformat Disc. Confirm. See .jpgs on the left frame.

Select back. Confirm. Now the Administrator is highlighted.

Push the left  arrow to select the .jpg files and see the pictures: 201 - lockers.

Push down arrow to see 358 - a 'No Smoking' sign at the lobby; 362 - the tram; 468 - the safe; 550 - Hall B door; 559 - gauge pointing to 3 on the red control panel and 934 - the door to the cellar.

Push the right arrow. Push the down arrow to select log off. Then confirm.

Talk to Niels - Go to cellar and right of the power panel. You might meet the ladybugs now than earlier.

Make the musical instrument - Look down on the floor and see the bone of Oozy.

Use electric surge on the bone to burn holes and make a flute.

Use scary sound essence given by Hansen on the flute bone.

Learn to talk to Niels - Save game here. Click on the scary sound skill. See the flute in close up.

To make sound, click (use the wind skill) on the hole at the bottom (left) of the flute.

Hear nice music. This calls Niels at top left of screen.

Niels will make sounds as a response to the flute.

Niels' response is in 2 parts. The first is either happy or angry shown by the tone made. The second part is a sound (question) that needs an answer from the flute.

To answer Niels, click on selected hole to cover that hole and then use wind at bottom hole.

If the flute answer is wrong, he will make an angry sound and then a new question sound that needs another response.

If the flute response is correct, Niels will make a happy sound and then a new question sound that needs another response.

7 consecutive correct responses is needed to finish the puzzle and finally converse with Niels.

Niels questions are random but the answers to those questions are the same.

Based on my tin ears:

Niels' question sound: Flute answer by covering the hole (L-R):
bass sound #1
cat's meow #2
like a snore #3
grunt like a pig #4

After learning to communicate with Niels, talk to him completely.

He gives information to make reverse machine which negates the effect of the ghost catcher.

He needs the machine calibrated as well as the gas set up. The code to enter in the machine is randomly generated but in my game it is 86753006.

Set the gas machine:

Ratio - Go to the Cloak room and talk to the smoking fireman, Scott Piper about setting up the gas for both circuits.

Scott says that the ratio should be 66:34 but someone broke the indicator.

Go back to the corridor. Review the paper on the wall.

Then go to Hall B. Go down to the control panels below the floor.

Red gas control panel - See that there is no power to this machine.

Power to red control panel - Go to the factory circuit panel at the cellar.

Push Hall B's left and middle flip switch up on .

Then push the lever. You might need to push down (off) Hall A's flip switches first.

Go back to Hall B and to the control panel under the floor.

Set the gas machine correctly - Go to the red control panel.

See that the green light is on at top left now.

Gauge - Based on the picture seen in the computer, set the gauge to 3.

Do this by pushing the second and the third from the left red button at top of the red control panel.

Gas ratio for Halls A and B - Based on what Scott Piper said, the indicator should read 66:34 ratio.

The indicator on this control panel is missing the arrows.

1. Solution A - Go to the working gas indicators at the corridor. Look close at the indicators and they show a ratio of 93:7.

93:7 and the required 66:34 ratio has a difference of 27. The left indicator needs to be lowered 27 to be 66 and the right indicator increased by 27 to be 34.

Based on the drawing seen on the wall left of the working indicator at the corridor, the flip switches from left to right has values: 1 2 4 8 16. If these values are multiplied by the 3 on the gauge in the red control panel: to get 27; the first and the fourth from the left are 3 and 24. These total 27.

Go back to the red control panel in Hall B. Push up flip switch 1 and 4 (left to right).

2. Solution B (Thanks, Jan) - According to diagram A=3 (you find this in the computer) and the little levers are 1,2,4,8,16.
What you're actually setting is the first number of the ratio, the second is automatically the leftover to 100, so your goal is to set 66  which are levers 2, 3 and 5 because:
2*3 + 4*3 + 16*3 = 6 + 12 + 48 = 66.

Click on levers 2 3 and 5.


Verify this by reading the indicator at the corridor. See that it is 66:34 ratio.

Go back to the red control panel in Hall B. Push the lever at bottom left and hear the machine turn on.

Make the anti-ghost catcher - Go to the brown machine making control panel on the left.

Enter the code number given by Niels on the numbered wheels.

Based on the drawing seen at the last page of Kurt's diary, press down red buttons (left to right) 1 4 5.

See the 2 red lights are now on at top of the panel.

Push the lever. If done correctly, see the machine at Hall A make the anti ghost catcher - a bucket!

Free the ghosts:

Go to the main Hall A. Go to the conveyor line right of the notice board and behind the crates.

Pick up the anti-ghost catcher.

Use the anti-ghost catcher on your friends: Hansen, Scott Piper, Larissa who wants Niels and Dirac.

The Boss:

Watch Ghost in the Sheet and the Boss confront each other.

The ladybirds aid GITS and later intervened in his wanting to have a well deserved rest.


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