Woodruff Walkthru

Hello. My name is Adam Harris and I have just recently finished "Woodruff and the Schnibble." I
am eleven years old. I have written the complete game is order step by step. Note: These two
things are very important.

1) Talk to everyone until they repeat themselves.

2) All of the phone numbers and digicodes are listed on the tobozon once you have received them.

Pick up button
Talk to the Onlooker
Go to the Street of the Sad Boozook
Talk to sad boozook
Talk to woman
Go to Bridge Of Slums
Pick up crate
click on the nut
take the nut
talk to the beggar
use nut with beggar
take boot 
go to azimuth's house
use boot with boot on the roof
take each boot
go to sad boozook street
use photo with woman
go to bridge of slums
walk across river 
take the nut
go to wino's alley
talk to wino
grab feathers
go to bar
talk to bar owner 
give owner the article
wait until the elastic barman comes and click on his pocket
click on coffee by J.F. Sebastian
talk to Sebastian until you get to the title screen
take brush on title screen
go to wino's alley
dip brush in tar
give coffee to wino
go to the street of the sad boozook
use "a" stone with the "a" imprint (by the billboard)
go to stairs street
click on can
take peanut
click on can twice more
go to azimuth's house
click on elevator twice
go to brotoflatron's plaza
click on ad for factory
dial recruitmint # given by ad on the tobozon
talk to gambler
enter 5 to dime store
use nut with wheel 
go back to brotoflatron's plaza
take morphoplastoc finger from sleeping man
go back to 5 to dime store
click on Jeff the lovebird
use tar brush on poster
talk to jeff
give feathers to him 
go to the far right side of the screen
click on flapper (red) twice
click on glapper (green) once
click on switch (far lower right)
use finger with nose
go to red light district
talk to boozook woman
click on pinball machine three times
take strul 
use strul with slot machine
go to Virtual Trip Tower
click on large meteorite
go to plaza
go up to brotoflatron
put a strul in 
click on elevator
talk to boozook slave
click on two ads
dial heart to body channel
dial heart to body #
get the tobozon off of the screen
go back on the tobozon to get message
get shirt front from robot
go into novelty store
click on stain
take trash
go back to elevator
go to red light district
use slot machine
go to brotoflatrons plaza
use elevator 
go to factory's front yard
talk to schnibble disciple
click on newspaper
click on bench
click on woodruff until he cries
click on doorbell twice
dial azimuths #
go to boozook temple
go to waterless fountain
talk to talent wiseman once
buy a hat
talk again
go to bigwigs area
go to novelty store
go to red light district 
use slot machine
dial meteor channel and get a report of rain
go to that place
use meteozon watch
use hat on cross
take hat
go to virtual trip tower
talk to man at the bottom
get a weather report of a flying piece of meteorite
go to the place and use meteozon
take meteor piece
go to virtual trip tower
give meteor piece to man at the bottom
go to boozook temple 
give man bluxtre nut
go to winos alley
dip nut in tar
get a weather report of a huge meteorite
use meteozon watch in the area
put nut on cross
take the pulp
go to temple
give pulp to guard
enter temple
take lid
take gasoline
read time wiseman's message
enter level two
talk to word wiseman
dial digicode of talent wiseman's room
dial council chamber digicode
click on window and enter
talk to time wiseman
go to level three
dial digicode of word wiseman
give animal the peanut
read message on the strength wiseman's door
dial digicode of throne room
take list of formulas
talk to strength wiseman
take gum
look at menu
talk to king
give king the bottle opener
make memory formula (ruling, basic, ruling)
go to temple entrance
give basic syllable to word wiseman
go to level one
dial health wiseman's digicode
click on window
go to level three
dial fertility wiseman's digicode
go to 5 to dime store
go to time syllable clock
use gum on hose
use water in reservoir
take gum
make past formula (time, basic, ruling)
go to stairs street
go to memorial
use past formula on statue of commander
talk to commander
click on jar (top left of the screen)
click on rock 
click on helmet
use fish on commander's armor
take corn
take trident
talk to dying boozook
use key ring on dying boozook
walk over to rocks on the right
use horn
click on the rock
talk to the smashed boozook
use trident on the next two rocks
click on his feet
talk to him
go to the present (the bridge)
click on suit of armor
go to the slammers dead end (by the waterless fountain)
use fish with fish imprint
Click on snail shell
click on stone arm
go to council chamber
give time wiseman his time syllable and talk to him
go to throne room
unlock the boozook trunk
give wiseman his energy syllable
make strength formula (energy, advisory, basic)
go to wino's alley
use memory formula on him and talk to him
give wino the picture
go to brotoflatrons plaza
go up to brotoflatron
click these items on woodruff in this order: shirt front, glasses, chin, tar brush and corn
put a strul in
click on tobozon
use photo with the drive (slot under screen)
go to administration center
talk bureaucrat
use strength formula on him
click on tobozon
use certificate with the drive
go to factory's front yard
give work order to man by the door
take a hat
use it with the mirror. (if it is a defective hat, put in the reject bin)
click on the button to the right
click on the crate
put the hat on the crate
go towards the oil
I you do it correctly, you go to the top of the screen to knot it
do this twice of three times more
click on forearm
click on woodruff six times
take the hook
use hook on wall
take the screw
use screw on door
put screw back into the hole
go into the closet
talk to everyone until you get a tax #
dial the tax # 
click on nurse
click on lever
go to lab
talk to everyone
take snaplure seed
go to waterless fountain
put snaplure seed in the fountain
use hat with water on the fountain
pick bush
go to passage to the bottom
click on tobozon
use your tobozon
dial coh cott's #
when done talking, take the tobozon off of the screen
click on tobozon again
dial coh cott's #
go to passage to the top
go to candlestine gaming room
talk to bookmaker
play until you have at least 5 struls
go to virtual trip tower
talk to man at the bottom
give him struls 
go to seat
make diagnostics formula (basic, medical, basic)
go to stairs street 
use strength formula on window
go to wino's alley
touch switch by bar door
talk to master
go to slammers dead end
talk to jailer about the form
go to administration center
talk to bureaucrat
use memory formula on him
click on graffiti
go to slammers dead end
give man form
take rag
use rag with window
talk to robot
give the robot rummy rules
talk to men at the table
give robot rummy rules
go to passage to the bulwark
go to central tower
get a weather report of winds in the tower side of the prison
use meteozon
put kite on cross
talk to prisoner
use rope with stone arm
use grabber on the left gargoyle
go to lab
go to the right to the fans platform
use gas on tank
push switch
click on fan
talk to jeff
talk to morals
use trash bag on burn barrel
go to president's quarters
talk to president
give president button
play diva tape on VCR
make happiness formula (artistic, basic, advisory)
go to fans platform
use levitation on fan
use snail shell on imprint in statue
make discerning formula (intuition, intuition, basic)
dial digicode of terrace
talk to eye
go to home of happiness
use happiness formula on talented patient
make growth formula (basic, green, advisory)
go to lab
use growth formula on madman
give wiseman his green syllable
talk to wiseman
go to fountain
give wiseman artistic syllable
go to temple level one
talk to taste wiseman
give him snaplure spice
go to virtual trip tower
use discerning formula on three cup man
go to stairs street
take eye
go to aristocrats terrace
give doorman the eye
use diagnostics formula on coh cott
go to lab
click on test tubes
go back to party
use antidote on coh cott
use antidote on glass
use happiness formula on coh cott
talk to coh cott
go to prison tower
use grabber on the right gargoyle
use discerning formula on wall
talk to azimuth
go to council chamber
put can on table
take it
go to coh cott's place
use growth formula on the plant
touch beam
use levitation on beam
go to factory's front yard
talk to disciple
go to bigwig's area
use mantra on microphone
go to place amongst the initiated
when everyone goes around reciting the mantra, use your mantra on the place
do it twice more
when the priest asks who is worthy, levitate
go to computer
put a strul in the cult's bank
make some money
go back to the sect
use the computer
talk to priest
put a strul in the cult
talk to priest
use computer
do the code of the gongs
take ceedeerom out from under the twirling eyes
go to bigwig's place
use lid on bigwig
put ceedeerom in the drive
click on the switch to the left of the bigwig
put viblefrotzer on him
click on monster
use boozioli on woodruff sworn in
put schprotznog on the hook
put gum on schprotznog
go to the left of the screen by clicking on the lock
click on the schprotznog's lever
click on bigwigs'clothes
use card on the lock

                            The End!

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