FULL SOLUTiON
                          Typed by: The Silent Assasin

Go West, South, South, PICKUP bent metal bar, North, North, East, East,
PICKUP piece of circuit board, East, stay in the middle of the place and
wait till the spinning asteroid will show up and JUMP on it (if you fail
the first time, just wait and try again :), Go East (wait), JUMP on the duct
and you should be back in the place you started the game. Here stand near
the satellite dish and INSERT bent metal bar into panel, INSERT circuit board
into panel, USE panel, the terminal menu will show up, select CONNECT CHANNEL
option and GAVRIC HOMEWORLD, USE panel again, select SET FILTRATION SYSTEM
and GAVRIC HOMEWORLD (should be OFF, if its ON, try again), Go North, Stand
near the ventilation shaft to the left of the screen and PUSH/PULL it. You
should come out at the same planetoid as in the beginning of the game,
PICKUP mirror, repeat all the steps with the spinning asteroid and go to
the room with the ventilation shaft again. Go North-West to another place,
Here on the right of the screen is the doorway with 2 lasers over it, THROW
mirror at the doorway and the lasers should get burned (You can do it only
if the robot that is moving on the screen is outside), the Alien will tell
you to go and see Silphinaa, USE door console at the northern doorway, talk
with Silphinaa until she will allow you inside, enter, say that you don't
know where you are, read the rest of conversiation until she will tell you
to go upstairs, ATTACK keypad (on the door) with bent metal bar, OPEN
wardrobe, WEAR suit (its inside the wardrobe), USE arm computer on
the console over the bed, USE console, select WINDOW SHUTTER option, JUMP
through the window, USE arm computer on the car, JUMP into car, INSERT
key-card into console to the left of the screen, USE anti-theft keypad
to the right of the screen, enter 87764 or anything if you have cracked
version. Ok, now you are in space, you'll have some kind of vision where
you'll see your soon-to-be pursuer Baron Kaleev, then you'll meet with
Snorglat galactic trader, talk with him using options 1, 1, he will leave,
now you	can use your PTV car by clicking on the console in the middle of the
screen.	Select NAVIGATE COURSE, check the position of the planet Balkamos 7
(to the left of your actual position), use LAY IN COURSE icon and select
Balkanos 7 as a destination, select DESCEND TO PLANET option and SELECT
QUADRANT, choose north-eastern quadrant, go north, PICKUP droid, go east,
south, south, PICKUP canister, COMBINE droid + canister, go west, west,
north, here is your car with some nasty aliens on it, USE droid on alien,
JUMP into car, use ASCEND FROM PLANET option, use NAVIGATE COURSE option,
use LAY IN COURSE icon to Jor-Slev 4 planet, use DESCEND TO PLANET option,
SELECT QUADRANT, and choose N-W part of the planet, go east, PICKUP rock,
THROW rock at Alien, USE droid on blob, you should now have Blobs in your
inventory, go back to car, JUMP into car, use SELECT QUADRANT option,
choose S-E part of the planet, go west, west, talk with the alien until
you'll have the chance to offer him blobs, select this option, he will
give you carvite in exchange, go east, east, JUMP into car, ASCEND FROM
PLANET, NAVIGATE COURSE, LAY IN COURSE to Pfenellop Asteroid Cluster,
You'll meet Snorglat again, offer him carvite, he will agree to take you
to WheelWorld, now its a simple arcade part where you have to dock to
Snorglat's spaceship using left mouse button to move your car and right
mouse button to catch it. Nothing hard anyway. When you arrive at WheelWorld
choose any dialog with Snorglat he will paralyse you anyway and take carvite.
JUMP into car, LAY IN COURSE to Landing Bay - REF.40e. Here you'll find
working droid, PUSH droid, PICKUP cable, JUMP into car, LAY IN COURSE to
Landing Bay - REF.1h, go east through the open portal, go east, north,
go near dispenser, INSERT i.d card into dispenser, select ORDER option,
you'll have now synthetic carvite in your inventory, go west, enter through
the door into the bar, you can use console to the right to play
SPACE INVADERS !!! :), talk with the guy who sit alone, select dialog:
2, 2, 2, you'll go and buy a bottle of Gh'Narhl brandy, COMBINE brandy with
syntetic carvite, SAVE here because the game is a little bit buggy and when
you try now to talk with the guy again, sometimes it gives you again the
1st conversation and you lose your carvite. So talk with the same guy again
and in case its the same conversation as the one you already had, load your
saved position and it should be fine then, he will drink brandy with carvite
and fall asleep, you'll get the badge. Exit the bar, go south, you'll find
here healer being attacked by some jet-packers. While talking select dialog
3, 3, and you'll follow jet-packers then. Here is another arcade part of the
game, also quite easy to pass. After combat, you'll find injuried jet-packer.
Select dialog: 1, 2, 1, you'll have the healer's hand now, go east, north,
and east again, talk with the healer, follow him west, here you'll get
attacked by baron Kaleev and his droids, your character will run to the room
with the elevator, stand on the elevator, it will start to go down but then
blow up, USE cable on the elevator to go down, go beetween the buildings
to the east, stand on the bridge above the rails, JUMP on the train when
it will show up, in the next screen fastly JUMP on the anchion to the 
right of
you, JUMP to the lower entrance (on the left of the screen), go near the 
USE droid on the air duct to the left of the door, he will open the door for
you, USE I.D card on the ordering terminal, select MEKANTHALLOR GALAXY as
the destination route to obtain a ticket, USE door to the left, USE ticket
on the terminal, go east, use keypad on the door to enter the ship.
You'll find yourself in the lounge of big spaceship. USE lift to go to
level 1, here are 2 guys speaking about healer aboard the ship. Talk to them.
Select dialog: 3, 1. Go left, USE door console, watch the transmission
for you, USE communicator, select LEVEL 3, MYRELL, exit your room, go east,
USE lift to reach level 3, go east, north, east, east, north, east, east,
USE doorconsole, use dialog: 1, 1, 1, exit the room, here you'll meet
the assasin sent to kill you, select dialog: 1, 2, and the explosion on
the ship will knock her unconsious, PICKUP key-card from the assasin, go
back to lift, select LAUNCH BAY, JUMP into blue car 3rd from the right side,
watch Emperor King's fleet, NAVIGATE COURSE, LAY IN COURSE to ANKARLON 5,
DESCEND TO PLANET, SELECT QUADRANT, choose N-W part, go west, PULL junk to
the left of the screen to get straight metal bar, COMBINE both parts of
starchart, COMBINE starchart with straight metal bar, go east, JUMP into car,
fly to the mekanthallor galaxy again and then to Daarlor-Korv. Land on the
S-E part of the planet, go east, east, INSERT starchart+spindle into recess,
you'll get teleported to some weird place, go east, PICKUP the rock, LOOK
at the plaque, it will show you some kind of diagram with 6 stones. Now,
you have to run through all of these stones (each disables one of the laser
beams) ending at the one in the entrance to this room. Standing on it,
fastly throw a rock at the power gem. PICKUP the gem and run to the exit!
In the next room, JUMP over the hole and run to the teleport, try again
if you get caught by demons. Go west, west, JUMP into car. Fly to 
Ankarlon 5
again, land on N-W part, go west, LOOK at various places on the giant ship
until you'll find a terminal. INSERT metal bar into it, USE power gem on
terminal, USE arm computer on terminal, choose 2nd option, transporter beam
will show up, go there, you'll have an interesting talk with an Alien of
the Mekalien race, select dialog: 2, 3, 2. He will give you cloaking device.
Go east, JUMP into car, ascend from planet, fly to mekanthallor galaxy
again, here you'll get on board of the rebellion ship, select dialog:
2, 1, 2, 1. Use transporter pad to land on Coros. Here you'll meet 2
smugglers who will stole your car. Select dialog: 2, 2, 3 to get with it
fastly, go north, TALK to waiting man, Select dialog: 2, 1. He will lead
you to the room with droids, wait till he leaves, go west too, go south,
speak for a while with sentinels, dialog: 2, 1. Go back, talk to the
robot, choose dialog: 1, 2 (about the sentinels), wait till he comes back,
choose dialog 2 and wait till he get blasted, go south, PICKUP batteries,
COMBINE power gem with cloaking device, COMBINE power gem with batteries,
USE arm computer on power gem, go west, Baron will wait for you and try
to kill you, unfortunately power gem defends you and you can get I.D pass
out Keelev. USE arm computer on power gem, go back to the room with the
4 droids, talk to the rightmost one, he will recognise you now as Baron
Keelev, select dialog: 2, 1, 1. He will blast a hole in the wall, you'll
enter it. SAVE here! This is another arcade part, you'll have to run
EAST, UP, EAST, EAST, UP (room with the rock, but don't kill the droid with
it coz the game likes to stop sending droids after you when you kill 1 with
the rock, so just keep running. Also if you save while running, most of the
time after loading such version you'll get automatically killed, another
bug in the game), EAST, SOUTH, EAST, UP, EAST. You should be now in the room
with giant lizard. Quickly, THROW I.D chip into lizard's head and JUMP on
lizard's tail. Wait for the droid to come after you, he will get killed
by the lizard, PICKUP batteries, COMBINE power gem with batteries, USE
arm computer on power gem to turn invicible again, go up, west, you should
be in the room with security droids, PUSH the one that got his back to
you, go north-west, TALK to man-brute, select dialog: 2, 1. He will give
you his armoured glove, go west, watch Emperor King's silly talk, select
dialog: 1, 1. Baron will get terminated by the king, select dialog:
1, 1, 1, 1... THE END!


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