Solution by Garry B

             Complete walk-thro for UNIVERSE by Core Design

OK you start off on a bridge near the satellite dish.
Walk off the edge of the bridge and drop to the asteroid underneath.
Go North & PICK UP  bent  metal  bar.  Go  North to bridge section, go
West, West & PICK UP circuit  board.  You  can have a wander around if
you wish and pick up some  rocks,  you  can  also JUMP to a stationary
asteroid and PICK UP a sharp piece of  metal but it's of no use to you
like a lot of other junk you can collect throughout the game.
Go back to bridge section, stand  near  the  left of the screen & when
the spinning asteroid appears Jump on  it. When the asteroid nears the
bridge, JUMP to the bridge. (It's  easy  to miss the asteroid when you
jump but it'll be back so keep trying.)
You'll find yourself back at the satellite dish. INSERT bent metal bar
into satellite panel, PICK UP panel  from ground, INSERT circuit board
into satellite panel, USE satellite panel.
From the  terminal  screen  select  "Set  filtration  system"  & close
filtration system for Gavric  Homeworld.  Select  open service channel
for Gavric Homeworld & walk into town.
PICK UP the food container on the  right  (it's no use to you but pick
it up anyway), PUSH/PULL the larger  of  the two ventilation shafts on
the left of the screen. OOPS! You get sucked in and dumped back on the
asteroid together with a mirror and  some  garbage. PICK UP mirror and
garbage (which is absolutely no  use  to  you  but  is typical of this
game) & make your way back  to  the  town  by the previously tried and
trusted method! SAVE HERE it's easy to  get arrested by robots and you
don't want to go back to the spinning asteroid do you?
Go North then West at the end  of  the  street (yes it's a little slow
but possible) DON'T talk to any  robots  or  press any buttons etc. As
you may get zapped. You  see  the  glowing  red doorway on your right?
Well throw your mirror at it. (  What  else? ) An irate alien will pop
his head out the window, give you some  verbal, and tell you to go see
Sylphinaa (Yes it is a silly name).  USE the keypad on the south door.
Sylphinaa will invite you in  and  have  her  wicked way with you (you
wish!).  Have a chat with her and agree to help.


You have to be fairly quick  here:-  the  robots will break in and zap
Sylphinaa (with a name like that  she  deserves to be zapped).  Before
they get in ATTACK the  south  door  keypad  with  bent metal bar (yeh
really!) And go through the door.  OPEN the cupboard door and WEAR the
suit inside.
Check out your inventory - you  have  now  got an arm computer, a blue
I.D card and a green plastic key card.
Use the main console above  the  bed  and  select open window shutter.
JUMP out of the window. USE  arm  computer  with  car to shut down the
force field. JUMP into the car before  the  robots arrest you ( I told
you to save it earlier!)
Check out the controls. INSERT the green  key card into the anti theft
console on the left. USE the anti  theft keypad on the right and enter
your personal PTV number from your game  manual (if you've got one; if
not it's 87764)
ZOOM! You're off  into  the  cosmos.  (But  I  haven't  taken anything
officer honest!)

After a brief vision of what's going  on elsewhere in the UV you'll be
accosted by SNORGLAT (great name isn't it?)  who will ask you for some
goodies in exchange for a  trip  to  Wheelworld  and then leave you in
Click on the  navigation  screen  in  the  centre  &  select 'navigate
course'. Lay in course for Balkamos 7,  WHOOSH!
Click nav. screen  again  &  select  'descend  to  planet'. You're now
skimming the surface.
Click nav. screen again and 'select quadrant'.
Select N.E. quadrant and you'll land.
Phew! Got the picture for  using  the  controls  now? Good coz I'm not
going thro them again! Use this proc. for navigating your way to other
Back to the game.
Ignore the aliens behind the rock,  they're just checking out your PTV
before  they  steal,  sorry,  borrow   it.  (After  all  they're  just
underprivileged,  underdeveloped,  deprived  kids  from  broken  homes
trying to call attention to  themselves  aren't  they your honour?) Go
North where you'll find a space wreck  (you'll also see the alien kids
joyriding in your PTV but  don't  worry  they're  just having a bit of
fun! ). PICK UP the domestic droid and go East, East, South, South and
PICK UP the canister. Go as far  West  as you can and then North where
you'll find your PTV along  with  the  aliens  indulging  in a spot of
mindless vandalism, sorry, youthful exuberance.
COMBINE canister with droid and USE droid on alien kids.
Well that showed 'em didn't it?  Or  perhaps you should have sent them
to Centre-parks for a couple of weeks! Back to the plot:
JUMP into your PTV, ascend from  planet  and  head for Jor-Slev 4 N.W.
quadrant. Have a wander around  &  PICK  UP  any  rocks you find lying
around. When you come across  the  blob  snorting alien, (yes really!)
THROW a rock at it &  kill  it!!!  (This  game  doesn't go a bundle on
interstellar public relations does  it?  -  Visit  strange new worlds,
meet strange looking aliens and kill them!)
USE droid with blue blobs and  go  back  to  your  PTV (by the way PTV
stands  for  Personal  Transport  Vehicle)  ignoring  any  other  blob
snorting aliens on the way, after all they're just underpriv.....etc.
Select S.E quadrant and go  West  till  you  come to a hermit. Talk to
the old creature & give him the  blobs to eat. (NOT snort!) He'll give
you a rock of pure  CARVITE.(now  don't  do  it  all at once or you'll
never get up for work in the morning  and your mum will play hell with
you for using drugs.......)
Jump into the old PVC and set course for Pfallenop asteroid cluster.
Snorglat will accost you again and you  cant get away so just give him
the dope and after a fairly easy  arcade sequence in which you have to
dock your PMT with his GVP he will dump you on Wheelworld.
Once safely landed you will  have  to  talk  to Snorglat but no matter
what you say or how polite  you  are  he'll shoot you.(A bit like Moss
Side isn't it?).
When you recover jump into your PVT..... Look, lets just call it a car
OK?  and lay in a  course  for  landing  bay  REF. 40e. PUSH the robot
welder into the hole and PICK UP the  steel cable. Go back to your car
and head for landing bay REF. 1h.
LOOK at the sky:( WOW! did you have  a little bit of that Carvite?) Go
thro the gate. -This is the ONLY  way  into the city, even if you have
an I.D. pass, so don't waste your time trying other landing bays.
Pick up the flask of blue liquid near the steps & go down the entrance
middle right under the monorail.
Walk onto the elevator which blows  up  halfway down. (Does this sound
familiar? ) Use cable with elevator. Talk  to the tramp politely & ask
for his help. Give him the blue flask, he'll give you his I.D. pass.
While you're here check out the monorail down the entry on your right.
Have you noticed I've stopped using  capitals for commands? You should
be used to them by now.
Go back to the elevator & walk  up  the cable! Use droid with elevator
control at the top. Go back  to  Arcway  &  go North down the freeway,
You're now on Kaleev Way. Go up the  escalator and go right. Go up the
escalator and insert blue I.D. card into dispenser on the left.
Buy some government drugs, go back down the escalator, left &  back to
the arcades. Go  in  brightly  lit  entrance  to  the  North.  Use the
consoles on the right. Good eh? They don't make 'em like this anymore.

Talk to the alien sitting on his  own.  Offer to buy him a drink. Talk
to him again and ask him if he wants another. This time mix your Happy
Carvite with the brandy and give it to him. He'll pass out and you can
steal his badge. You can  then  go  and  bust the dudes hanging around
outside waiting for their  man!..........No,  not  really but it would
make a little diversion to ease the boredom.
Go outside and down the elevator to the parking lot.
 SAVE HERE. There's a tricky little arcade sequence coming up in which
you can easily be killed. Go back  to Arcway, talk to healer and offer
to get his hand back (no, this is not a joke!) Chase after packers.
The arcade sequence which follows is fairly difficult, the best way to
do it is to stay high (sic.) fire constantly and ram the packers  into
the walls as you pass them.
You'll land back at bay  1h.  Talk  to  the  dying  packer and get the
healer's hand back for him. Go to Keevly Way & talk to  the Healer who
is waiting near the taxis. He'll  give  you  a starchart and starts to
take you to a safe house  but  Baron Keevly materialises and sends his
bully boys after you. From here  you'll  run  to the elevator at Wheel
Street. Jump down, climb down the cable  and run down the alley to the
monorail. Walk to the first  opening  on  the  bridge  and jump onto a
passing train. The train will stop  at  a low bridge near the station,
you have to jump onto the right  gantry and climb down rather sharpish
or the train will set off again  and  you'll lose your head! Go to the
edge of the platform and jump down  to the track below. Use droid with
the air filtration duct. The droid will open the door for you but dies
in the process.(Oh! Poor  little  thing).  Insert  blue I.D. card into
ticket machine & buy a ticket to the Mekanthalor Galaxy.


First check your inventory to  make  sure  you've got your ticket then
use the keypad on the door on the far left and enter the corridor.
Once inside the corridor you'll see a force field blocking your way.

DO NOT I repeat, DO NOT use the keypad  on the door to go back out coz
there's a nasty bug in the programme which can crash the game in a big
way (It  also  invalidated  dh0:  on  my  drive   corrupted  the  root
directories on all three partitions and  trashed the game disk in df0:
-some bug!)

OK, insert your ticket into the terminal and walk thro to the shuttle.
Be quick here or  the  Baron's  robots  will  get  you;  Use keypad on
shuttle door, enter the shuttle. Escape.
On board the shuttle,  talk  to  the  official,  drinking man and shop
assistant. Go to the lift door, look  at  your ticket - it says room 1
floor 1. Use keypad on lift door, select launch bay. In the launch bay
check out the blue car and talk to the parking attendant (Yeh, parking
attendants are just as uncooperative throughout the galaxy).
Use lift again &  select  level  1.  Talk  to  builder  (check out his
builders bum!)  about  security,  tell  him  you're  from  security on
Wheelworld. Go left, use keypad  on  your  room,  get message from the
rebellion. Use communicator on the right, select level 3 MYRELL.
Go out to lift, use lift, select level  3 and go right to room 3. Talk
to Myrell who'll give you the  second  piece  of the star chart & tell
you to find Haldebar. Go outside where  a cop will threaten you with a
gun. However an explosion Knocks her out and you can steal her gun and
car card. Go to  the  launch  bay,  don't  forget  to  tip the parking
attendant (joke!), jump in  your  car  and  escape  before the shuttle
explpodes. (They seem to do a  lot  of that, shuttles, don't they? You
know, exploding!!)
OK you're out in space and you  have  another vision (are you sure you
didn't stash a teeny bit of that Carvite?) Use your nav. screen and go
to Ankarlon 5 N.W. quadrant.  Go  west  past  the crawler and pull the
straight metal bar from the pile  of  junk.  Use the bent metal bar on
the ship's terminal cover. Go back to the car, go to Siruf 2 but don't
land, there's nothing there. Go to  Daarlor-Korv N.E quadrant, go east
to the shrine. Combine both  pieces  of  the  star chart & combine the
star chart with the straight  metal  rod. Insert starchart into recess
in shrine & a black hole will appear and suck you in (no comment!).
You are then  transported  to  Haldebar.  Go  east.  You  can  see the
powergem in the middle of an  altar  with six beams radiating from it.
There's a small rock on the right which  you can pick up if you forgot
to collect the ones earlier in  the  plot.  Look  at the plaque on the
left (is this really the time to  inspect your teeth?), it shows you a
riddle and a diagram of the places  to  walk over before you throw the
rock at the powergem. You have  to  walk  to  the places marked on the
diagram and click the right  mouse  button  at  each one until all the
beams from the powergem have  been  extinguished. Have patience you'll
get it right sooner or later.
When you've  extinguished  all  the  beams,  throw  the  rock  at  the
powergem, pick it up and run like  hell back to the vortex from whence
you came.
Jump over the collapsed bridge and run  to the black vortex. If you're
too slow the demons  will  get  you.  This  little  procedure can take
several attempts but it is possible  so  don't  give up. If you got it
right first time you're just a smartass!
OK,  now back to your mean  machine  and  head  back to the crawler on
Anklehorn 5. Use powergem on  crawler  terminal, Use arm computer with
terminal, select the middle  line  of  alien  writing  and walk to the
transporter beam which appears. Talk to the  alien in the ship & offer
to help; he will give you a cloaking device and beam you down (Scotty)
Combine the cloaking device with the  powergem  and take a look at it.
It needs batteries right? (This  game  is  getting too real) Jump into
your hot-rod and cruise  on  down  to  the  Mekanthelor Galaxy cluster
baby. You'll get hi-jacked  by  a  prison  ship  and  drawn  in with a
tractor beam. (I didn't know they used tractors in space!)
Inside the prison ship, talk to Man Brute. (He uses great after-shave)
Use the transporter beam on  the  right  and  you'll be beamed down to
Coros along with your  car  Where  you'll  find  two smugglers hanging
around on the landing pad. These guys  are real nasty so give them the
car or they'll shoot you  dead.  Walk  into  the  city and talk to the
waiting man. Tell him  you're  Boris.  He'll  take  you round the back
and..... tell you about the passages  behind  the wall. Go back to the
main square and talk to the ridiculous robot. Walk south and check out
the sentinel guards. The only way you're gonna get past them babies is
if you're invisible! Get the picture?  Go  back to the main square and
talk to the silly robot. Tell him how decorative he looks and that the
sentinels have a message for  him.  When  he  comes back, give him the
secret password. What? Can this be humour creeping in at last? Go back
to the sentinel square and pick up his battery pack. Ahaa! Combine the
batteries with the powergem and  Eureka!  you  have a fully functional
cloaking device. Use arm computer with powegem and walk North past the
sentinels then West. Oh no, it's  the  mad  baron! He'll shoot you but
your trusty powergem will  reflect  the  fire  and disable old Kaleev.
Take his I.D. chip, use the  cloaking  device again and head back past
the sentinels, thro  the  square  and  back  to  where  the robots are
guarding the wall.
Ask the droid nearest the edge  to  blow  a  hole in the wall, in fact
insist he blow a hole in the wall.  Guess what; he blows a hole in the
wall for you.( Could this be  what  happened at Whitemoor) You are now
in the passages but the baron  has  seen  through your little plan and
has sent his pet gorillas after  you  so  you'd better get your skates
on. Run East & up, run East again,  use keypad and hide in the alcove.
When the droid goes thro the door,  close  it behind him and run east,
and up to the big rock. When the next droid appears on the stairs, use
bent metal bar on rock to crush  him. Run East, then South. Ignore the
keypad it doesn't work. Run East, up, and East into the lizard's den.
Throw the I.D. chip at the lizard's head. (Yes it's so obvious what to
do isn't  it?  It  only  took  me  four  nights  of  using  just about
everything with everything else before I  stumbled on this one. Do you
know how many  different  combinations  there  are  possible  with the
amount of junk you're carrying?)
Jump into the lizard's tail and wait for the dumb droid to come in for
lunch. He doesn't know  that  he  is  the  lunch.  Pick up the droid's
battery pack and  combine  it  with  the  powergem.  Use  the cloaking
device, jump to the ledge at the back of the room & climb out thro the
ventilation shaft. Run past the sniper to  the North and check out the
droid with his back to  you.  Re-cloak  and  insert the bent metal bar
(it's really come in useful that  bent  metal bar hasn't it?) with the
droid. Watch the next scene, I think Core is really going over the top
with the humour don't you? Two funny episodes what! Go North, past the
defunct guards and into the  heart  of  the citadel  where you'll find
He-man, sorry, Man Brute in a  sorry  state.  Talk  to him and get his
power glove.
You might like to save here or you may miss the end of the story.
Go west into the citadel square. Baron Kaleev will appear and threaten
to disintegrate you but just before he  does,  grass him up to the God
Neiamises and watch him fry.
Refuse to surrender to Neiamises then throw the powergem at him.

My programme crashed at this point and  I  had to reload! Good job I'd
saved it. Do you think Core did this on purpose or what?

Well it's all over now bar the  shouting.  Watch the finale as the mad
god is fried, check out your  uncle  who  comes to take you back,(pity
you didn't get to take the girl back  with you), have a brew and go to

Comment: There are some really bad bugs in this game and the fact that
it's not hd installable makes it a real pain to reload etc.
If you bought this game legit. and  it crashes often, take it back and
complain bitterly about it. I'm now on  my third copy and the bugs are
still there. I think it may be  something  to do with the floppy drive
continuing to spin when you have to swap disks.

Whinge over.

Thanks to Wendy B for her help in the solve and relief typing.

A big HI to 1.3 and all at BT.

Sorry for all the clauses in parenthesis.

Keep on truckin'
                  Garry B


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