Who Killed Sam Rupert is a brief diversion that will keep you amused for an 
evening. The key
to actually enjoying this very brief whodunit is to meander through all of the 
red herrings.
Ultimately, the path to solving this game is very straightforward and obvious. 
One of the key
problems with the game is that you do not actually have to prove to the game 
that you have
found the answers it is looking for. Consequently, the walkthrough can be 

Game Hints

1. Finding the answers to the press conference questions should be your number 
one priority
if you want to get through this game quickly. You can do this the hard (and fun) 
way, by
exploring all the evidence, or you can just guess randomly - the game doesn't 
check that you
SHOULD know the answers, only that you DO know the answers.

2. Once you have got through the press conference, your next order of business 
is applying
for the arrest warrant. Once again, the game doesn't check that you SHOULD know 
the answers,
but it is a little harder to randomly guess the parameters needed for the arrest 
warrant, so
you'll probably need to do a moderate amount of digging to find the answers.


WARNING: This is the minimum number of steps needed to complete this game. 
Following this path
will complete the game, but you will not derive any enjoyment from the 
meandering and sifting
through the evidence that is needed to actually get the answers to these 
questions and the
parameters needed for the arrest warrant.

Go to the Press Conference. The game will ask if you are ready for the Press 
Conference - you
are. You will be asked a series of questions about the circumstances of the 
murder. The
questions and answers are always the same. Give the following answers;

Did any celebrities eat at the restaurant last night?
c. I don't know

How many carats was the diamond ring found at the crime scene?
c. 3.4

Is the medulla oblongata a part of the brain?
a. Yes

How much money was found on the victim's person?
b. $300

According to the autopsy report, how many times was Mr. Rupert stabbed by a 
a. Once

How many cases of Chateau Latour are produced each year?
b. 22,000 - 30,000

Was the door to the wine cellar found open or closed this morning?
b. Closed

According to the receipt found in his pocket at the time of the murder, how much 
did Sam Rupert pay for the diamond ring?
d. $42,000

Were there any signs of forced entry?
b. No

What was the name of Edward Taliman's housekeeper?
d. Anna

Once through the Press Conference, you can proceed to interview up to 3 of the 
suspects or
apply for a search warrant. Simply apply for the search warrant with the 
following details;

Subject: Maria Campbell the Assistant
Alibi Status: Can't be confirmed, was alone
Motive: Jealousy
Weapon: Hat Pin
Time: Midnight

Sit back and enjoy the hammily-acted finish to the game.

Bytten 22nd March 2001

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