Aliens: A Comic book adventure
The Final Walkthru

Landing the ship
Go to MOM, press on the CD-ROM.  left of the CD-ROM there is an on switch
press it (This will unlock the hatch).  When you are in the corridor the room
to your left is a CD.  The corridor to the right there are four doors to the
right and the room to the left you will find food and a coffee cup.  The second
door to the right you will find the reversi.  The third door you will find a
keyboard (give this to the William's).  The four door you will find a yellow
pass key and a Unformated CD (you will need these to land the ship).  Now you
can use MOM, she will format the disk, then give the disk to the William's
(the ship will land).

Green Pass Key
Talk to Lora, ask her the last question on the list, then ask her  the first
question on the list, she will then give you the green pass key.

Place four food trays in each characters inventory.  click on a food then hold
the right mouse button on the food and drag it to the face of the character
that you have highlighted and drop it on there face.  Do this for all the
characters about three to four times each.

Laser Gun
Go thu the door which you needed the green pass key.  you will see a control
stand on the right side of the screen (this controls the crane to pick up the
laser gun and take it to the other room).  Now you are ready to leave the 

There is a computer connection in the docking bay for the reversi.  The thing
is, is that the computer connection is not working right so when you play
reversi you do not have to win to get the information you want.  All you need
to do is start the game then end it or restart it and you will get the

Docking Bay
When you first walk into the docking bay you need to walk to your right until
you come to a big hanger door turn around then turn left there will be a pipe
on the ground (you will need the pipe to turn the valve but give the pipe to
William's).  Turn around so your facing the hanger door and then open it.

Look at the jeep on the left there is a piece of the x-scanner there.  Then
at the left corner of the room press the switch on the wall this will bring
down the truck there is a piece of the x-scanner in the back of the truck.

Go to the far right of the room and you will find a elevator go in it.  On
the second level, this is the room with bodies on the ground. You will see a
door in the middle of the room with a red light on it press the light (the
sky robot is behind the door).  Go left and on the bench there is the red
pass key.  Go to the elevator door not close up to it, only until you can see
the door and the wall to the right because there is a re box on the right wall
that you need to press so that the red light turns on (this will let you
access the white door in the docking bay).  Go back to the docking bay and
press the keypad at the terminal where the big SOS sign is, then turn around
and the white door will be open.  Use Lora to cut off the hand and take the
CD-ROM from the other hand. Go back to the big SOS sign and turn right use the
pipe on the valve (this will fill the fuel pump).  Then go up the steps on the
other side of the docking bay where the computer terminal is and use the sky
robot on the network connection (this will repair the sky robot). Go back to
where the jeep is and go to the elevator to the far right again and go up it
back into where the dead bodies were. Use the sky robot on the door lever,

inside you will find a piece of the x-scanner and a map (Make sure that all
the pieces of the x-scanner and the sky robot are in William's inventory).

Go back down to were the jeep is and on the right side of the jeep there is a
another elevator, go up it and use the red pass key o the door.  When you come
to the first intersection open the door in front of you (exit SAS 6) this will
be the control room.  Look at the controls in front of you and on the ground
is a piece of the x-scanner.  Turn around and to the right of the door are a
round green lighted objects these are mines (you can use these mines when you
are fighting aliens).  Go out of the control room (Exit SAS 6) and turn right.
Open the door (Exit SAS 9) make a left at the intersection and open the door
(Exit SAS 11) the second room on the right you should see a bad.  By the bad
is a CD-ROM and in the same room on the otheride is a wall safe (you need to
try to light up all the letters for the safe to open).  Inside  the safe is a
battery key card and microchips.  Go back to the intersection where you just
came from and make a right open the door (Exit SAS 10) at the next intersection
open door (Exit SAS 7) this is where the force field is, let Lora use the hand
on the panel to the right of the force field (the force field will lower).

Formula         Formula          Formula        Royal Jelly
CO      PAT     FOR     THINE    BE      DIL    DE
TE      THINE   BE      PI       NA      NO     NO
H20     PI      KU      XI       XI      CL     DIL
  									EGG SLIME

The last formula I cannot find CL and FOR you can find in the freezer with a
CD-ROM  and a funny looking object. Two more of these objects are on the
ground in the lab and one in one of the drug cases in the lab and another in
the vent in the lab.  The last of these objects you can find in the under zone
down stairs on the second level also on the second level you will find a
electronic card.  Then down the stairs to the first level you find a cable.
Once you have all six of these objects William's will create a alien 

Egg Slime
The battery key card can be used on the panel in the egg testing chamber, use
the key card once to mount the system then click on the picture of the alien
to the right (this will light up the room).  Then look at the egg chamber, you
can now get the egg slime WARNING if you do not take the egg slime right then
you will be killed.  Put the battery key card in the slot  twice to get the
print out, drag the print out to the face of the character holding the print
out, to read it.. 

In the lab there is a door that leads to an office.  In the office on the desk
you will find a CD-ROM ,then turn to the door that you came in and on the
right side you can use the panel which will open a secret door.  In the
secret room you can use the keypad on the middle chamber and the code is
MYYRMIDON (the chamber will open and an alien will be placed in your inventory).
go out the door on the other side of the room then turn around and on the
ground to the right by the door is a pass key card for that door.  Now go
pass the dead alien and out that door you will be in a chamber with alien eggs
look to your right there are grenades on the self take two of them.
Backup then go to the room in front of you, you should be in a area where
the eggs are in front of you do not backup or you will go up an elevator, go
forward and you should be fighting alien facehuggers.  Use the grenades on them.
After that go back to the secret room there are tubes fill with drugs take
one of each.  Go to the white counter and on the left side you will see a
vent, open it.  After you open it then turn the valve by the alien facehuggers
one will go in the vent the other is dead, take it.

Problem Getting Past The Dead Alien
There is another way to get past the dead alien in the secret room.
Go back to where the force field is and go past it.  Open the door at
EXIT SAS 9 then open the big door and go down the corriders until you
reach the fourth big door.  Stop at the door and turn around use the
x-scanner on the floor it will open a elevator that will take you to a
secret room past the dead alien body.

Alien Cave
Go to the second level down the stairs in the under zone.  Walk in the second
level door, on the top left corner of the screen your cursors will look, then
click.  Now use the alien body then use the cable you will now climb down to
the alien cave.  This is the way out of the alien maze cave.
F F L F F F R R F L F F L F R F L R F R F   

After you get out of the cave take the blue key card off the table (this will
unlock the door in the corridor were the lab is).  then have Lora take the
hand off the dead body (this will give you access to the truck).
The truck will take you to a docking bay.   THE END OF THE GAME

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