Arthur's Knights: Tales of Chivalry

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Knights-Origins of Excalibur), I probably wouldn't have done this walkthrough. 
This is a more detailed guide that will help you throughout the entire game.
This is the first walkthrough that I have done.  Anyway, on with the game.

At the beginning of the game, go to your left and choose a book (white book for
Christian path, red book for Celtic path), then take it to the man writing the
books (click on the book while talking to him).  The story will begin.

Note: Talk to everyone about all subject inventory unless advised otherwise.

CHRISTIAN (White Book)

Quest 1

Meet Morganor at castle entrance (talk about all options), gives mission to
subdue Elad
Meet Anchorite at red dragon's hill (keep going straight until you reach it),
talk to him about all topics in subject inventory. Go to the 2nd right turn,
then left down the trail, and talk to Elad.
Subdue Elad using "honor" clue. Talk to him until he gives his sword.
Go back to the castle, present Elad's sword to Morganor (talk to him,click on
it in inventory).
Enter the castle (the hut in the middle, with the colored stones on the front)
Meet Cadfanan in the central hut, talk to him, receive a mission: alliance with
Meet Gwen in your home (to the right of the castle, with the red dragon on the
door), talk to her, she'll give you the casket.
Meet Corwyn next to your house, talk to him about all possible subjects.
Leave the castle.
Go to St George's Hill (2nd left path)
Meet Novelius, talk to him about all the subjects, use the item "casket".Return
to the castle, talk to Morganor, then go back to St George's hill.
Talk to Novelius, Receive Novelius' seal
Leave for MAGOVENIUM (click on destination icon once in landscape, on
Head to the Colesium (big building, go to the right when you can) show the seal
to the guard at the entrance. In the Colesium, look for a jug of wine. It's on
the ground, next to a hut down the stairs. Find the blacksmith (left of the
entryway), talk to him, take the axe with you. Enter the Monastery (right
beside the blacksmith).
Talk to Armenius, then talk to him again to give him the jug of wine. On the
left, hanging to the wall, you'll see some ham. Take some.
Find Nai, he's standing on the stage up the ramp(right end). Talk to him at
least three times to give the ham to him and obtain the subject "catacombs"
using the subject "Cornelius".
The door (the one immediately on the right from the entrance) is locked. Ask
the key to Armenius in the Monastery using the "catacombs" subject.
Enter the catacombs (using the key in inventory), Cornelius is held in the cell
in the first room down the stairs on the left. Break the lock with your axe
(use the "axe" item in the inventory). Talk to Cornelius, use the item "seal",
then talk again, use "Cadfannan" subject, receive the herbs.
Leave MAGOVENIUM for Home, return to castle, talk to the Pict standing on the
right tower. Enter the castle.
Meet Morganor in royal hall, talk to him, receive the "Gwen" subject.
Discover Gwen's letter on the table in your house, take it (action), then read
it (click on its icon in inventory). Receive destination MAGOVENIUM.

Quest 2

Discover the Saxons laying siege to the city; the entry is impossible.
Discover the postern (go around the right side of the Colesium), closed, and a
torn message nailed to the door. Take it (action) and read it (icon).
Find Armenius inside the ruins (get back on horseback, go to the first right,
then take the next left, run under the archway, then through the doorways to
Armenius), talk to him about Novelius then show Novelius' seal, receive the key
of the postern.
Open the postern using the key, enter the Monastery.
Talk to Novelius, you'll find him in a small cell at the first floor (up the
stairs) on your left after the door. The door leading to the Colesium is closed
because of rioting caused by the arrival of the Saxons.
Contemplate the fresco of St George (action) in the last niche to get the "St
George 's shield" subject (niches are across from Novelius's Cell). Use this
subject talking to Novelius (still in his cell).
Enter the chapel (door facing the niches); pray (action) next to the altar,
gain the shield of St George.
Fight Anglemar (Colesium main entrance) using the shield of St George. Then
come back in the Monastery, talk to Novelius upstairs, then to the guard
downstairs. Open the door facing the guard, enter the Colesium.
Talk to the inhabitants to gather information.Go into the catacombs, pick
Madog's toy on the floor (tiny bell), discover the fresco, receive the "devil"
subject by pressing action facing the fresco (drawing on the wall).
Talk about the tree of knowledge to Novelius; take the crucifix by the door.
Pray with the crucifix before the tree of knowledge in the ruins; an apple
appears, pick it. Go back to the catacombs,Open the fresco by laying down the
apple (icon in inventory).
Enter the cell, talk to Gwen. Explore the cell, leave.
Talk about the sorceress to Novelius, who advises going to see Dionicus. Find
Dionicus in his cell : the last door on the right in a corridor on the left
after the niches.
Discover the blooming crucifix on the tree of knowledge in the ruins (press
action). Find a child at the postern. Talk with the child, give Madog's toy to
him in exchange for his knife.
Cut the blooming crucifix with the child's knife. Go back to the Colesium and
use the blooming crucifix on the hermit, he changes into a sorceress and
escapes. Receive the "Avalon" subject
In the monastery, talk to Novelius about Avalon, receive a map, read it (icon
in inventory) to get the AVALON destination
Leave for AVALON from the landscape.

Quest 3

Find the squire, talk to him about every subject (Follow the path straight,
when you come to a bunch of white flowers, go around the right of them, he's in
a cage)
Talk to the giant (to the left of the flowers, beside the bridge).
Look for the sword, you'll find it in the river in front of the white flowers
Attack the giant using Lancelot's sword, explore giant's corpse to get a key.
Use the key to free squire/give him the sword.
Talk to the sorceress standing in the middle of the circle of stones (go across
the bridge where the giant was, then across the other bridge to get to her).
Do not press action next to Lancelot !
Find a fairy in a small clearing behind Lancelot, talk to her about all the
subjects after she turned Corwyn into a mushroom.
Go to the Tower of Source (go across the bridge, not the one with the horse
beside it, the other one, then take the left bridge, then go straight from
there).Talk to the knight and answer his three riddles, each time he asks a
question, a bride will open up, go there to find the items. (the answer are
respectively "toad", "wheat", "brown"). Do not attack the knight.
Reach Kael in one of the circles of water, talk to her using the subject "witch
of winter", she'll give you some powder. Back in the circle of stones, talk to
the witch and use the item "powder". She escapes again...
Find the sorceress (go back across the bridge you just came from, then you go
straight until you get to the bridge where you go to the Tower of Source, take
the left bridge, then left again) : she's at the prison tree. Try to approach
the sorceress climbing inside the tree, the latter will slap you preventing you
from reaching the witch.
Talk to the fairy you'll meet down the tree, you'll get the "prison tree"
Go to the tower of breath (to the right of the bridge that leads to the Tower
of Source), speak to a fairy on the right at ground level about all the
subjects, then climb the tower and talk to the fairy upstairs using the subject
"prison tree". To answer her riddle, bring her the "sleep" (yellow) stone from
the side tower.
Return to the prison tree. Approach it, and use the "sleep" stone on its hand.
Talk to the sorceress until you kill her.
You now play Corwyn, and begin in the circle of stones. Visit Bradwen where you
left him (prison tree) to obtain the "Bradwen" subject. Return next to the
fairy (circle of stones), and use the "Bradwen" subject talking to her (if it
doesn't work, try riding around for a while, then come back and talk to her).
Get the "Gwen" subject, use it. You now have to find three butterflies and talk
to them about Gwen.
You'll find a red butterfly at the circle of stone near the bridge, the one
opposite of the one with the horse beside it.
A green butterfly is at the tower of breath : ground level on the left.
A blue one is at the giant's bridge, get off the bridge and go around the
right, it's floating above the stone in the ground (after speaking with all of
them, make sure to speak to the green one about Gwen in subject inventory).
The last butterfly contains Gwen's soul, it's above the river where you found
Lancelot's sword. Talk to her about Bradwen and receive the "Gwen papillon"
Item. Return next to Bradwen and use this item.
You can play Bradwen again.Take the torc amongst the trees branches (where you
killed the witch). Go to the giant's bridge. Talk to Lancelot's squire next to
his cage about all available subjects (especially the torc). Go to the tower of
breath talk to the fairy on the top about all subjects, give her the torc, talk
to her again. Answer her 2 riddles. The first answer is "love", the second is
"queen". Receive the "queen" stone, then use it near Lancelot at the circle of
stones. Give the torc to Lancelot, then talk to him about all subject. Once he
knighted you, go to CAMELOT from landscape.

Quest 4

Meet Cymerill at Cymerill's wood (straight ahead)
Find a corpse and pick the horn (go left from the way you came here, then take
the next available left)
Go to the coalman's hutt (from the spot where you found the corpse, just keep
goin straight)
Use horn facing the hutt's door
Kill the ogre and take his necklace
Bring it to Cymérill.
Go to Tintagel village (first available left).
In the cemetary, face St Ophelia's statue (back left of the cemetary) and press
action, receive the subject "St Ophelia".
Talk to one of the inhabitants in order to get the subject "dove".
Talk to the Priest using all the subjects, give him the horn.
Leave the village heading towards the camp of slaves (from leaving the village,
head right, then take the next available left), walk through the small wood on
your left to avoid the ogre's children ambush.
Go to the Black Knight camp (continue on from the slave camp) and talk to
Lutisse and Melatus about all available subjects.
Go back to the camp of slaves and press action to search the totem in the
middle and get a key. An ogre appears, ignore him.
Use the key on the gate leading to the Ogre's sanctuary in the Black knight
Go and fight cymerill, you'll loose.
Talk to Lutisse again, she'll tell you about his weakness, and give the subject
Find Cymerill again and use the subject "Cymerill" talking to him. Accept to
fight and defeat him near the coalman's house. You'll receive the item "cup of
the seas".
In the Ogre's sanctuary, use the cup of the seas on every skull, it will tell
you which one belongs to St Ophelia.
Speak to St Ophelia's soul and receive her bones.
Get back to the Village, and burry the bones in the cemetery next to the
statue. Take the bread and the wine that just appeared.
Leave the village and receive automatically the subject "Arthur".
Back in the Ogre's sanctuary, press action standing in the middle of the three
pillars (comment).
Head to the Black Knight camp, the Ogre will appear in your way.
Give him the bread, then the wine, talk to him about Arthur, get Lutisse's
Talk to Lutisse, give her brooch back to her.
Go to CAMELOT using the destination Item.

Quest 5

Head to Camelot (take the right path, then the next left, then left again).
Explore the flags to receive the subject "Lancelot" the use this subject
talking to the guard.
Go to Sagramor's camp (from the entrance to Camelot, go right, then left), and
talk to the guard about lancelot.
Enter the camp and meet Lancelot (straight up and to the left) talk to him and
receive the sheild as a safe conduct.
Go back to Camelot and use the item "sheild" talking to the guard.
In the courtyard, you'll find Novelius immediately to the left, talk to him
about all the subjects.
On the left from the entrance (keep going to the left until you find it),
you'll see a brand new cross, pray at its foot. Find the beggar not far away
(right of the cross), and talk to him. Then pray next to the broken cross  (go
around the left side of the beggar until you find it) and pick the golden crown
that appears.
Talk to Novelius using the item "crown", get the destination "MAGOVENIUM".

Go directly to the Monastery.
Talk to Armenius (standing at the foot of the stiars) about all available
See Dionicus (up the stairs, take the 2nd left, last door) and talk to him
about all the subjects. Talk to him again until he's got nothing new to tell.
In the Colesium, meet the crowned fool by the catacombs' door (down the steps,
to the right).
Exchange your golden crown for a brambles crown.
Enter the catacombs and explore the fresco, the painting on the wall. (action).
Use the brambles crown on it to reveal a secret passage that leads to the
second level.

Take a look at St Epona's statue (down the stairs to the left).
Find the bramble prison (far right corner down the stairs) and pick some
Find the reflectless mirror (entryway beside the stairs) and use the bramble on
the small flame next to it. It sends you to hell !!!

Once in hell, talk to the Devil until he gives you a black cup. Pick the white
lantern. Back to the catacombs, gather St Epona's tears using the black cup,
which becomes white.
Use the white cup on the bramble prison in order to get a black rose. Use the
black rose on the grave (right next to the bramble prison). Leave the catacombs
by praying next to St Epona. You'll be teleported to St George's hill (New

Pray in front of the cross, get the sword of truth (stuck in the rock). You get
a new destination icon .
Go to the new destination. (once in landscape, as usual).

Once there, go to the black Knight's camp, fight and defeat Melatus using the
sword of truth.
Receive a horn, talk to Lutisse until you get CAMELOT destination icon.
Go to CAMELOT from the landscape.

Return to Camelot and explore the flags (action). Go to Marcus' camp (out of
Camelot, take the left path, then left again, then right). Find Cymerill in the
camp, talk to him, get the subject "Sagramor". Go to Sagramor's camp (the one
beside the path leading to Camelot). Talk to the guard who'll tell you the Dux
is in the Saxon camp. Go to the Saxon camp (go straight, and take the next
Talk to the guard about Sagramor and enter the camp. Talk to Sagramor (striaght
and to the left) using all the available subjects, then use the item "sword of
truth". Get the ARDEN destination icon.
Leave the camp for ARDEN.

At Merlin's tree (just follow the path), go to the lake of offerings (take the
only other path you can take). You'll meet Lancelot here (go around the right
until you find him). Talk to him about every subject, then use the sword of
Behind Lancelot, pick a enchanted tablet, use it talking to him.
Get back to Merlin's tree. Use the tablet on the magic stone leading to the
great hut (big brown stone, not the one beside the path you just came from, the
other one,then take the next available left, then right). Walk ahead, you'll
see a chariot on your right and a black shield. Get it and bring it back to
Lancelot (Lake of offerings) to get clues about it. Talk to Lancelot until you
get the MAGOVENIUM destination icon. Go to MAGOVENIUM from the landscape.

Go to the catacombs level 2, then use the horn in front of the grave. Melatus
appears, talk to him, and show him the sheild to receive the subject
"Doppelganger". Use the item "enchanted tablet". Pray in front of the statue
(action) to leave the catacombs.
In the monastery, talk to Dionicus (still in his cell) about every subject
especially the tablet. Get the subject "Morganor" and the destination CAMELOT.
Go back to CAMELOT from the landscape.

Get to the Atrebate camp (left path, then straight all the way there), show the
tablet to the pict, get inside. Find Morganor, use all the subjects and the
item "sword of truth".
Go to Marcus' camp (straight and to the right of where you are), show the
tablet to the guard and enter. Meet Marcus and get the second tablet from him
(show him the tablet).
Go to Saxon camp (follow the path right, then take the next right), show the
tablet to the guard and enter. Meet Cerdric, obtain the third tablet from him
(show him the tablet, then talk to him again), get the subject "latin words".
Go back to Marcus' Camp, talk to Marcus about the latin words.
Leave the camp and use the ARDEN destination.

Use a tablet on a magic stone blocking the way to the Black rock (the other
brown stone). Go there, and use the formula to open a passage inside the black
rock (go around the right of the black rock). Meet the Doppelganger. Use every
subject, the item "sword of truth". After his riddle, use the sword of truth on
all the rocks, the false ones will disappear. Use a tablet on the remaining
ones, they'll also disappear. Now, you can explore the crystal rose, use the
brooch on it to obtain it. You'll receive the CAMELOT destination icon. Go to
CAMELOT from the landscape.

Back to Camelot, talk to the guard using the "Lancelot" subject, then enter.
Speak to the second guard (in front of the castle door) in the courtyard, then
enter the round table room. Meet Arthur, talk to him about all the subjects,
use the crystal rose.

Watch the ending!!

CELTIC (Red Book)

Quest 1

Right after the intro, walk ahead to Lucius' Villa.
Fight the first Saxon warrior (just step towards him)
To replace your broken sword get the Saxon axe (press action next to the
Enter the courtyard and fight the second Saxon Warrior (straight ahead) using
the axe.
From the right of the entrance, get the iron bar.
On the opposite wall (and up a bit), find the beam, and use the iron bar to
remove it. Go down the stairs.
Once in the cellar, talk to Claudius. You get the subject "saxons".
Go to the castle (get on the horse, then follow the path, then left, left, then
right), talk to Urgan the guard about the saxons (click on "saxons" icon in the
inventory) and he will grant you passage.
Enter the council house (the castle), and talk to Cadfanan about the saxons,
you'll get the subject "letter", use it and get the subject "Corwyn".
Go to your place (red dragon), speak to Gwenn to get the item "chest", then use
the subject "Corwyn".
Find the blacksmith (left of the castle), talk to him (he will fix your broken
sword) and use the subject "Corwyn". (You will find him on the left path of the
Blacksmith, go through the gateway)
Wake Corwyn up and use the subject "letter".
Leave the castle and head to St George's hill (from the castle, 2nd left, then
right). Speak to Novelius about the saxons, give the letter, you'll get his
Go back to the castle and give Novelius' answer to Cadfanan. Pick the chest
near the entrance, and talk to cadfannan again, use the subject "ARDEN" to get
the destination "ARDEN".
Leave the castle, and once in the landscape, click on "ARDEN" destination.
Go to Merlin's tree, and use the chest (the one on the right in the inventory)
near the three raised stones (on the left from the entrance).
After the stone disappeared, take that path and head to the lake of offerings,
then head through the 2 pillars (go straight until you hit the edge of the
lake, then go right until you find the opening), use the offering near the
altar in the centre.
Go back to the landscape and use the new icon (destination).
Go to the castle's entrance, talk to Cadfanan on the upper right about the
herbs. Then see Gwen (at your house) and use the subject "herb" again to get
the destination "ARDEN" and "Merlin Stone".
Go back to ARDEN (using the destination icon) and use the stone standing in the
flowers facing the tree.
Talk to Merlin about the herbs, then about Lebvella, you'll get the blue stone.
Use the blue stone by the three raised stones to invoke Lebvella talk to her
about the herbs. That will lead you to a test of chivalry. Choose the red heart
if you want to obtain the herbs immediately by threatening the fairy. If you
don't want to threaten her, you'll have to answer her riddle. The answer is
"life"; pick the symbol of life (the red stone), and talk to Lebvella again.
Go back home (destination icon), and once in front of the castle door, talk to
the Pict guard about the herbs. Go to the council chamber, talk to Morganor,
use the Gwen subject.
Go home, press Action in front of the engraved stone (on the table) to get a
subject (Merlin), and a destination (ARDEN).
Back to ARDEN again talk to Lebvella about Merlin, talk to her again until she
removes the magic stone leading to the lake of offerings. Follow the path, pick
the three perls (they're quite easy to find, go inbetween the 2 pillars again,
they are on the islands in the lake), come back next to Lebvella and talk to
her. Press the action key amongst the flowers to find Merlin' s stone. Use it
to call merlin and talk to him.

Quest 2

Go to Colesium entrance (right when you can), talk to Claudius (near the
Colesium entrance) about Gwen, Novelius, and the cross.
Find Cornelius (near the ruins, right out of Colesium entrance, then next
left), use the cross subject to obtain his cross.
Back to the Colesium entrance, talk to the guard, use the item cross. Enter the
Once in the Colesium, you can talk to everybody about every subject to gather
information. Take the tongs near the forge (left of the entrance). Use the
tongs on the key (it's in the hole right of the entrance, hooked on a wood
Use the key to unlock the door leading to the underground (right beside where
you got the key, hit the action key first, then use the key). Go downstairs
then straight on to find a key on the floor.
Back in the first room use the key on the door next to the stairs. Enter the
room an talk to Novelius about all the subjects till you get ARDEN destination.
Before going to ARDEN, don't forget to talk to Claudius at the Colesium
entrance about Merlin to avoid a Pict ambush. After defeating the Pict, talk to
the other one, then continue on.
In ARDEN, go to Merlin's tree and talk to Merlin using the subject Witch of
Winter. He'll open the path leading to the Black rock for you. At the Black
Rock, meet Galwitch the giant (to the left) and talk to him about the cup of
the seas until you get the subject Nael.
Go and see Merlin again use the subject Nael, you'll get the subject salt.
With the subject Salt, go back to MAGOVENIUM.
At the Colesium entrance, talk to Claudius and ask him for salt.
Go back to Merlin's tree in ARDEN and give the salt to Merlin. He will teleport
you to Rhiannon Altar and invoke Nael for you. Talk to her, she will ask you to
greet her sisters.
Find two stones engraved whith a fairy's face and press action in front of them
(follow the left path to find both). Talk again to nael, she'll give you the
cup of the seas.
Go back to MAGOVENIUM, enter the Colesium. Talk to the farmer down the stairs.
You'll get the subject Anachorite. Talk to the Anachorite on the platform, then
talk again to the farmer about the anachorite. You get the subject Whip. Use
it. Go up the ramp behind the Anachorite and to the right, a man will give you
his whip if you ask it in order to purify yourself.
Talk to the anachorite again, he won't listen to you usless you purify
yourself. Use the whip, then the cup of the seas.

Quest 3

Go to the Giant's bridge (straight ahead, then to the left). Pick the two blue
stones you'll see on your way (left of the entrance, then right beside the
sleeping giant). Pick some pollen from the white flowers in the middle. Find
the crow on the right, talk to him, give him some pollen. Take the third blue
stone that was under him. Passing by the white flowers, pick some pollen again.
Talk to the giant about every subject.
Approaching the river (go around the left side), after Corwyn's comment, press
Action in front of the fish. Feed the fish with pollen. Talk to the fairy about
every subject, give her the three blue stones. Find the crystalline carafe near
the entrance, drink its content (click on icon). Pick the yellow fruit (on a
tree where the crow was), give it to the giant. Go and pick some pollen again.
Go to the raised stones (cross the bridge, then take the next bridge). Talk to
the witch about every subject (she's in the center) but do not attack her. Near
the second bridge (not the one you come from, it's to the right of it), you'll
see a fairy. Talk to her, give her some pollen, she'll offer you a red gem.
Use the gem on the fire wall blocking the bridge, cross the bridge.
Go to the tower of source (keep going straight until you find the bridge), talk
to the fairy. Use the subject Madog. Do not take the cup on the floor. Find the
crystalline horn (take the path behind the fair), blow it, and talk to the crow
that just appeared. You'll get the subject spring.
Find three cups on three statues of birds (take the path right of the
entrance). Take them.
You now have to find the three fairies of spring, then talk to them using the
subject spring then the item cup. That will turn them into flowers you'll have
to take.
The first fairy is the one you talked to at the tower of source, the second is
the one who gave you the red gem, the last one is standing near the stone where
you found the crystalline carafe.
Go back to the raised stones and use your three flowers on the three frozen
stones. The witch will be paralysed. Talk to her.
Once you've killed the witch, you play Corwyn, the squire.  Talk to the fairy
next to you.
Go to the raised stones and press Action by the wolf (Bradwen). You get the
subject wolf.
Go to the Tower of breath (take the path opposite you came in, then the 2nd
right, it's easier), climb the stairs (Go to the right), then talk to the
fairy. Use the subject wolf, and listen to the fairy's riddle. The answer is
butterfly. Visit the left side tower (just walk towards the red sign on the
ground) to find the butterfly stone (it's yellow).
Go back to the raised stones, use the butterfly stone facing the wolf. That
turns it into Bradwen again.
You now play Bradwen. Go to the Prison Tree (go back to the circle of stones
and take the other path, then go straight until you can take a left, then take
the left path again), find Gawain trapped into its branches, talk to him about
everything until you get the subject prison tree. Use it.
Leave Gawain and go back to the tower of breath. Talk to the Fairy about the
prison tree, (do not take the torque) listen to her riddle. The answer is
firefly. Find the right stone (grey) on the side towers (middle path). Go back
to the prison tree, put the stone into the tree's hand to free Gawain.
You now have to find three animal knights who prevent you from returning to the
real world.
The first, the crow, is on a side island at the tower of source (4th from the
left from the entrance).
The second, a boar, is at the raised stones.
The last one, a wolf, is at the giant's bridge, by the bridge.
There are two ways to get rid of these knights. By pressing action next to
them, you'll turn them to their human form. Then, you'll get their respective
subject talking to them. If you talk to them about their own subject, you'll
have to pass a test of chivalry. Choose the red heart and you'll be able to
kill them (just talk to them again), or chose the white lantern to choose the
test. Note that you can't kill all three like that, you'd be excluded from
knighthood and the game would be over. The other way to kill them is to use
their subjects talking to the fairy at the Tower of breath. She'll tell you a
riddle and stones will appear on the side towers (right path, yellow stone,
middle path, the 2 opposite the entrance, not the one's beside it). The answers
are wind for the crow, hunger for the boar, gold for the wolf. Just use the
right stone on the corresponding knight. Remember : you have to do that at
least for one of the knights.
When the three knights are dead, click on the new destination.

Quest 4

Go to the village (first right), find Clalia standing in her house (go left
from the entrance, then left through the opening, then left again into her
house). Talk to her about her brother, then talk to her again to obtain the
subject wood. Find the blacksmith (go in the opening behind the church), ask
him for wood, he'll give you some. Find the old woman in a small courtyard (in
the opening left of the church), talk to her and give her some wood.
Go and talk to Clalia again, she'll reveal her brother's weakness. With the
subject weapon, talk to the blacksmith to obtain the subject shepherd's staff.
Find the shepherd (right from the opening), talk to him about his staff, he
will lend it to you.
Now you can defeat Cymerill (get back on your horse, go right, and follow the
path straight ahead), who's guarding the way : talk to him, click on the
"fight" icon, and use the staff as weapon.
Once defeated, Cymerill will give you a note of safe conduct.
Go to the castle (go straight to get back on your horse, then take the next
right), show the note Cymerill gave you to the guard, enter the castle, then
the central tower (straight ahead). Talk to the king Marcus about Arthur, then
about the ogre. Marcus gives you a seal.
Head to the camp of slaves (get back on the horse, follow the path, take the
next left, then the next right), talk to the gard about the ogre, the saxons,
then give him the seal.
In the camp, don't fight Anglemar, go directly to the black knight's camp (keep
to the right until you find the path). Talk to Fydia, the imprisoned fairy,
about the ogre and the saxons. She should give you the power of flames to
defeat Anglemar.
Back to the camp of slaves, fight Anglemar (he's in the center) using the power
of flames, search his body to find a key. Use this key to open the gate leading
to the ogre's sanctuary (beside the fairy).
In the ogre's sanctuary, press action in front of one of the stone columns.
You'll obtain the subject sanctuary. Use this subject talking to Fydia. Then,
press action near the totem at the camp of slaves (beside where you killed
Anglemar) to get three strange stones.
Show the stones to Fydia, she'll identify them for you, and use each stone on
the pillar bearing the same sign in the ogre sanctuary. This allows you to
speak to the souls of the dead held inside the pillars.
At the moment, speak to Duldanaan (the red stone) about the ogre. You obtain
the subject Geas. Go to the village. On the way there you will see the Ogre.
You can talk to Fydia about the geas. It's not necessary but it's on your way
to the village.
In the village, talk to the old woman about the Geas,  talk to her again to
obtain the subject wood. Get wood from the blacksmith again, talk to him about
the geas to receive a bronze axe, then talk to the granny again, she'll take
the wood and give you the last part of the geas.
On you're way to the ogre's sanctuary, you'll meet Cymerill, talk to him about
all the subjects, he'll give you an explanation and you'll be transported
automatically at the ogre's sanctuary (Note : do not go to the ogre's sanctuary
by yourself, he woud kill you).
But the ogre is not here, the coward, is hiding in his den.
Talk to Fydia until you get the subject map, use this subject with her.
Search the totem in the camp of slaves again to get the map (where you found
the key).
In the ogre's sanctuary, talk to Gladius (the grey stone), use the map, talk to
him again, and answer his riddle (give him the middle stone that appears behind
him : symbol of clouds, a white stone). He will reveal you the entrance of the
ogre's den.
Rush inside, talk to the ogre, kill him using the axe, and remove his head from
his body to take it with you as a proof (just press action on his corpse).
In black knight's camp, Fydia will give you a lock of her hair.
Go back to the castle, show the ogre's head to the guard, then to the king.

Quest 5

Take the left path, then left again.  Talk to the guard, then enter.  Talk to
Cymerill at the back left corner. Receive Gawain subject.
Go back to the landscape and head back the way you came.  Take the next left,
then left again into Camelot.  Go through the door and find Baldwyn on your
left.  Talk to him.  Receive the coat of arms subject.  Back to Cymerill, use
the coat of arms subject.  Receive Lady Yvaine subject.
Go back to Baldwyn and use Lady Yvaine subject.  Receive brooch.
Go back to where Cymerill is and find Avella (go to the back right from the
entrance).  Look at her (action), then talk to her.  Give her the brooch.  Talk
to Gawain. Receive Arthur subject.
Back to Camelot, talk to the guard in front of the castle doors (use Arthur
subject).  Go in and speak to Morganor (DO NOT fight him!!)  Afterwards, go
talk to Arthur. Receive magic seeds and Arden destination.
Go to ARDEN (follow the path). You'll notice that all the magic stones have
disappeared. You thus have access to the whole zone. Find and take the
following items :
o Flowers, Merlin's tree (you can't miss them, straight ahead).
o Hazelnuts, Dead king's graves, in a small tree near the entrance (take the
path right of where you came in.  the tree is on your left, above a brown
o Bowl, Black Rock, near the place where Galwitch was before (to the left), on
the ground (take the path beside the black wolf, and keep going straight until
you get to Black Rock).
o Water, Rhiannon Altar (take the path beside the horse, then go left, then
right), using the bowl on a semi-frozen river (to the right of where you come
in, a small patch of white.).
Now, you can go to the Great hunt (take the 2nd path to the right of the main
entrance, take the 2nd left). You'll see a strange stone on the left. Approach
it and press action. Then use your bowl of water on it, this will change it
into a butterfly.
Follow the butterfly to a small clearing on the left, you'll see it flying
above a small dolmen.
Use the flowers on the butterfly, it will change into a squirrel, give him
hazlnuts to change it into a grey hawk, give the seeds to the hawk to change it
into... Merlin !
OK, talk to Merlin about all available subjects (one fairy after an other). Now
you must find all the fairies.
The first one, Fhola, is in CAMELOT, go there. Talk to the Blacksmith in the
courtyard on the right, evoke the fairy, she will appear (she's invisible but
you can see her lighting).
Talk to Fhola about Fydia, then give her the lock of hair. Fhola teleports you
in AVALON, to see her older sister Fiachra. Talk to her (another glowing light,
near where you come in), use the item Fhola in your inventory. Fiachra
teleports everyone to the black rock where Ferdia hides.
Ferdia, the last fairy, is on the left, floating above the lava river. Talk to
her, and use the Fiachra item or she won't accept to come with you. Everyone is
teleported to tintagel, near Fydia.
Talk to Fydia, then stand next to the brown rock. Use the items respecting the
order : Ferdia, Fhola, Fiachra.
Fydia is now free and everybody arrives at Merlin's tree. Talk to Merlin (he's
in front of the tree this time) about the ritual. He tells you to find the
sword of three flames. Talk to him until he opens the way to the black rock for
Once at the black rock, find the three parts of the sword (one's to your left,
on one of the circle of skull totems, one is in between a rock in front of the
lave, right of the circle of skulls, and the last part is leaning on a rock
beside the bridge to black rock).
Bring the sword back to Merlin, talk to him, and accomplish the ritual : stand
in the middle of the flowers, press action, and use the fairies in that precise
order : Fhola, Ferdia, Fiachra. (If you mistake, just go and talk to Fydia on
your left).
Now, head to the Great hunt (take the path beside the black wolf, then follow
the path right,2nd left, left, then left again to get back to the Great Hunt.
At the very end of the area, stand in the middle of four stones marked in red
and use the sword of three flames.
After you killed the Pict, search his body, you'll find a scabbard.
Talk to Gawain, but don't fight him. Show him the scabbard and use all the
subjects until he leaves.
After he left, find a blue fairy near the entrance. Talk to her about all the
subjects, then talk to her again. She wants flowers ! No choice, go and get
some at Merlin's tree and bring them back to her, she'll give you some pollen.
Go to Black rock. Walk to the right until a wall blocks your way. Use the
pollen on the wall to make it disappear.
Find the entrance of the central part on the rock. Burn the door using the
power of Ferdia inside the sword (icon "Ferdia" in the inventory).
Step inside, talk to the Doppelganger. Click on the "fight" icon and use the
power of Fiachra to kill him. Pick the ball of clay on the ground, and
Excalibur on the right.
Go back to CAMELOT, enter the round table room (you need to show Arthur's ring
Gawain gave you to convince the guards).
Talk to Arthur, give him his sword back, talk to him again, use the subject
Doppelganger. Speak to him again and use the subject Morganor.
Talk to Merlin, use the subject Doppelganger, then give the ball of clay to
him. Merlin uses it to make a other Doppelganger and unmasks Morganor the

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