Atlantis 2

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Written by Bert Jamin
11 January 2000

ęBert Jamin (www.gamesover.com)
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What to say about Atlantis 2 ? The game really is exciting from the beginning till the end. There is absolutely no part where you will get bored. It all looks great and the music contributes to it all very well. I think we just had to wait to long for such a great adventure! It's just one of those few games you will never want to dispose of. Simply because you just want to play another time again! In short: an absolute must for every adventurer. So my advise: hurry to the shop and buy it!!!

Ain't there nothing at all to complain? Well, to be honest, yes. I do have three minor complaints. In the first place it's a little bit annoying that you have to keep on changing. It gives you the real DJ-feeling sometimes. In the second place the way of saving games isn't quiet logical. The images of the saved games are all the same in the different levels. So when you want to restore a saved game you just have to guess which is the right one. In the third place there is no way of lip-synch. A game like this just deserves better!  Finally I think that the end of the game and the part about Atlantis is way to short. Searching a crystal, which even a blind man can see from a distance and killing the octopus with it, is all there is in Atlantis. So, this part will be over in about five minutes!

Very important:
Later in the game you have to click on six curtains in the right order to be able to go to Shambhala. If you follow my walkthrough exactly from the beginning and in the same order, you have to click on the curtains in the order I am telling you. However, when you played the game in a different order, you may have to click on the curtains in a different order to be able to go to Shambhala.

The pattern on the six curtains are the same as the pattern on the six different triangular stones you place into the planetarium. The order in which you placed these stone are the same as the order in which you have to click on these curtains. So write down the order in which you place each triangular stone into the planetarium and make a drawing of the pattern that is on each and every stone because that order will be essential later in the game. (Thanks Mr. Bill...)


Look around. You are surrounded by a cold chilly landscape. Walk towards your vessel that's lying out there somewhere. Enter the vessel and go down the hatch. Turn around and pick up the triangular piece of stone from the wooden barrel.

Turn to your left and enter the next room. Turn to your right and speak with the man who is sitting down on the floor. Ask him about everything you can. He will give you a crystal ball. No need to say that you have to take it! Turn to the left and pick up the next piece of stone which is lying beneath the desk.

Turn to the right and walk to the device that looks like a planetarium. Standing in front of it, first turn to the right and pick up the third piece of stone that is lying beneath the hammock. Now stand in front of the planetarium. Place the second triangular stone at the bottom of the ring of the planetarium. Write down the order in which you place each stone during the game and make a drawing of it's pattern...

atlantis1.jpg (13942 bytes)
The first stone at the right spot...


Now you will be teleported to Ireland. Ask the old father about the poor monk Finbar. Leave through the door-way at your left. Turn to the right and walk outside. Walk straight down the path. At the end of the path turn to the left and try to have some conversation with monk Finbar.

It seems that things aren't going to well with him for the moment! Go back into the chapel. At the porch of the chapel turn to you left and take a look at the crying statue at the wall. Now walk to the old father. Ask him about monk Finbar first and the ask him about the crying statue at the wall in the porch of the chapel. After finishing your conversation, take a look at the book at the right of the holy father.

Take a pencil out of the container above the book. Zoom in at the open book and try to right something on the right page with your pencil. By doing this you will end up in ... the book!

Talk to the standing man in blue (Dian). Ask him about everything and everybody. Then walk towards the king who is sitting on his throne. Ask him about all you can. Walk back to Dian and stand in front of him. Then turn to the right and walk straight ahead and EXIT the book.

atlantis2.jpg (13194 bytes)
Exit the book...

Go through the doorway and enter the room with the altar. Walk to the doorway out and stand still. At he right of the doorway you will see a bookcase. Pick up the piece of skull out of the case. Walk outside and go to the poor Finbar. At the splitting over there, go to the left. Walk between the two poles into the hay-field. Pick up the hay-fork.

Exit the hay-field, turn to the right and keep on walking straight ahead until you reach the bee-hive. Take the second piece of skull out of the second bee-hive of the right. Turn to the left and continue walking straight ahead until you reach the fox in his cave. Poke him with your hands or with your fork until he leaves his cave. Then keep on walking straight ahead again till you meet the flock of sheep. Between the big boulders, you'll find the third piece of skull.

Walk back to the chapel. This time don't go inside, but walk towards the three cottages at the left of it. From the first cottage, pick up the black cup. Walk to the well and pick up the fourth piece of skull what is lying at the ground, near the chicken.

atlantis020.jpg (69284 bytes)
The piece of skull behind the chicken...

If it isn't there, you didn't drive out the fox, as I told you before! Enter the left part of the garden. Over there you will see a ladder standing against the wall. Climb it.

Look down the hole in the roof. Examine the big cross below. On top of it you will see another piece of skull. Use your hay-fork to shuffle it down the bog cross. Climb down and enter the chapel. Enter the room with the big cross. Pick up the fifth piece of skull from the floor.

Go outside again and walk to monk Finbar. At the splitting go to the right this time. Head for the square cottage you see in the distance. Enter the cottage and walk in front of the broken skull. Fix the skull using the five pieces you found on your trip outside.

atlantis4.jpg (13129 bytes)
Almost finished the job...


Walk back to the entrance of the chapel. This time don't go inside, but facing the frontdoor, turn to the right and walk around the chapel. Turn to the left and you'll see a fish-bone like drawing at the wall of the chapel and a circular drawing.

Enter the chapel and fill your black cup with tears of the crying statue. Exit the chapel and walk to the old father who is sitting outside. Ask him about the remarkable drawings on the wall. He will give you a key.

With that key open the box that is standing on the floor of the cottage to the right of the holy father. Pick up the knife and the piece of parchment. Speak to the holy father once again and ask him about the piece of parchment. Show him the parchment and click on the images of the trees.

Walk back to the square cottage where you transformed the skull into Ailill. Give him some water out of your black cup. When he asks for it, give him the knife. After that ask him about the white horse and about himself.

Go back to the chapel and stand in front of the wall with the drawings. When you have a closer look, you will see three sets of marks. An upper set, a center set and a lower set. By clicking on the right or the left side with you knife, you can change the position of the marks. By clicking on the center of a mark, makes it disappear. Transform the drawing like this:

Click 2 times on the left of the upper set. Then remove from bottom up the 3 lowest marks by clicking on the center of them.

Click 1 time on the right of the center set so that all 5 are pointing up to the left.

Remove all the marks of the lower set by clicking from bottom up on the center of them.

After that, click with your knife on the circular drawing. Now the wall lowers and you can pick up the stick.

atlantis3.jpg (48951 bytes)
It should look this way after finishing...


Walk to the cottage of Ailill. Standing in front of it, go to the right. Then turn to the left and walk to the pillar with the figure of the horse. Use your stick and hit the pillar to set the horse free.

Now the horse takes off. The only thing you have to do now is catching the running horse... The easiest way to do this is to turn to the right and do one step forward. Then turn to the left and go past Aillil's cottage. Then go forward one more time and wait for the horse. When it approaches you, just keep on standing still. You are blocking its way. When the horse has stopped in front of you, simply pick it up...

atlantis7.jpg (13887 bytes)
Now just pick up the animal...


Go to the left and walk to the narrow beach. Walk to the part with the poles sticking out of the water. Place the horse into the water. When the real horse comes alive, climb it.

Arriving on the deserted island, walk to the tree with the birdman sitting in it. Talk to him. The only thing he is doing right now, is chirping. Ask him about himself. Try to learn the sounds of the different birds.

Ask him about the white horse and after that about Aillil. The purpose is to chirp along with the birdman by clicking the right bird. I can't give you the right order, because the tunes of the birdman as well as the tunes of the different birds are changing all the time!

A few tips: when you chirp the wrong song, the birdman answers with an angry tune, consisting of three sounds. When you chirp the correct song, he answers with a little bit friendlier tune, consisting of two sounds. When the birdman is chirping his song, you better move your cursor to the side of your screen. Then after finishing his song, you better touch one of the birds just shortly. So you will hear the corresponding tune of the bird just once. If you hold your cursor on the birds, the tune will be played uninterrupted and believe me, that will drive you nuts! Knowing all this, first ask the birdman about himself. Keep on doing that until he lets you know (by reacting with his two-sounds-tune) that you have given the correct answer. After that, do the same with the question about the white horse and Aillil. So what more can I say? Have fun, keep on smiling, good luck and God bless you...

As soon as you have chirped the right songs, he will jump out of the tree. Question him about the glass tower. According to his answers it should be somewhere below surface. To help you on your search to the glass tower, he gives you a divining-rod. Walk to the open area between the two bent walls. Stick the divining-rod into the ground at the right spot.

atlantis5.jpg (16934 bytes)
Here it is...


When you placed the stick at the right spot, the ground starts shaking. After that, a well appears! Enter the well and swim all the way down. A big electric eel blocks your way, so with the glass tower in view, you can't get deep enough! Swim all the way up to the surface and walk to the birdman. Question him about all you can. Walk back to your horse and climb it.

Enter the chapel again and take place in front of the big open book. Pull your pen and draw something on the man in the red garb, who is standing to the right of the right pillar. By doing so, a drawing of a sword appears. After that, draw something on the right pillar to enter the book.

atlantis6.jpg (15673 bytes)
Look at the sword


Walk to the standing man in the blue dress (Dian) and ask him about his daughter Airmid, who is changed into a statue. Then walk to the king who is sitting on his throne. Talk to him and pick up the sword. Exit the book and walk once more to the cottage of Aillil. Talk to him and ask him about Airmid.

Go back to the chapel. Walk to the holy father, who is still sitting in the garden. Talk to him and question him about the sun. He will give you a mysterious cross. Enter the chapel and stand in front of the big tapestry. Place the cross at the right of the church-tower in the sky.

Turn to the right and meet the fresh awaked Aine. Question her about everything you can. After she tells you that all your wishes have come true, walk to the open book once more. Again draw something on the right pillar. In the book, walk to Airmid and see that she is no longer a statue...

Question her about everything you can and exit the book again. Now draw something on the left dark brown statue. A salmon appears into her hands. Enter the book again and talk to Airmid again. She gives you a amulet which makes it possible to stay below surface longer. May be now you can defeat the electric eel!

Exit the book and walk to your horse. Climb it for another ride to Birdsisland. Back on Birdsisland, enter the well again. Swim all the way down and use the amulet to defeat the eel. When the eel has left, swim down to the bottom of the well and pick up the crystal.

atlantis8.jpg (13473 bytes)
Finishing off the eel


Go back to the chapel and enter the big book for the last time. Walk to the standing man in blue and give him the crystal. Pull your sword and chip the crystal into smithereens. Pick up the silver hand and walk to the king on his throne. Hand over the silver hand and the sword. Exit the book and exit the chapel and head for....

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