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Table of Contents
 *Game Play Information
   *The Beginning
 *Puzzle Solutions
 *Gaming Hints

Created the first version of this walkthrough

Just checking in and fixing one very ugly mistake I made in the walkthrough for
ireland. I am still working on the other areas so please be kind and patient. I
want to appologize to the many people that sent me email asking for help and
got nowhere but somwhere along the line the email I provided dropped a
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Beyond Atlantis is a wonderful game following in the tradition of the
Mist/Riven series. It has a wonderful interface, easy to handle game play,
challenging puzzles that are guaranteed to stump you and a marvelous story line
that will keep you wondering what will happen next. This game is a long and
splendid way to kill a weekend ;)


 Beyond Atlantis offers a very easy to understand method of game play. You will
use only your mouse (unless you are saving) to do everything within the game.
The mouse shape changes when special actions are needed. Here is what the
pointers mean:

 A solid arrow means that you can move ahead/backwards.
 A simple white "+" means that you cant interact with the object/person.
 A simple green "+" means that there is something special needed before you can
interact with the object/person
 Two revolving arrows around the "+" means that you can talk to the person.
 Four spiraling half arrows towards the "+" means that the object can be
interacted with (pick up, use)
 A solid arrow with a red "+" means you have found the exit.
**NOTE** Sometimes the cursor will change and there's nothing you can do with
it, keep that in mind.

 Saving, loading and options can be found by hitting you Esc key. By moving
your pointer to the different icons you can find out what each will do. It's
self-explanatory so I won't waste time with it here.


 The whole purpose of the game is to "travel" to different places and clearing
that particular chapter. You will find yourself in exotic lands and places for
you to explore. Each land needs you to travel into the body of one character
and solve a problem pertinent to that land. Its really quite simple, posses
someone, do what you need to do, get out.

 Once you travel into one of the lands, you can always come back to the ship if
you need to. You have no health so you will not need to recharge.

 I will write this walkthrough in the order in which I beat the game. I will
devote a separate section to each land so that if you want to beat the game in
a different order you can refer to that section of this FAQ. Also, I will
devote a separate section to the solutions of the puzzles so that I wont ruin
it for you. If you are stuck, refer to that section and all the solutions will
be there. That being said, on to the game!
NOTE: Point of return refers to where you should click to go back to the boat.


 After the movie (and there are quite a few) click on the ship. You will be
taken to right outside it. Click on the ladder and you will find yourself on
the deck. Look to your left and click on the staircase going below the deck. In
this screen turn immediately to your right and you will see a triangular stone,
this is a piece of the road, click on it to pick it up and right click on it to
put it in your inventory. Go through the door on the left. Once you go in, you
will have a sequence with the old guy. After he talks to you, click on him and
a few options will appear. Make sure to talk to him about everything and get
the crystal from him (put it in your inventory). After you are done, go one
screen further into the ship. Towards your left and on the floor there is
another piece of the road, grab it and go one screen further in. Note the green
chamber in front of you. Before you examine it, towards your right and
underneath the hammock, there is the third piece of the road, after you grab it
go look at the chamber.

 In the green map on the wall, you will need to put pieces of the road to go to
that place. Look in your inventory and choose one of the stones. With the stone
selected start moving it around and you will see the cursor change. By trial
and error you will find where the piece you are holding fits. If you chose the
first stone you got, it will take you to Ireland. Place the stone on the
inner-bottom left of the map. You may need to move it around a bit before
finding the right place. Once you do, sit back and watch the movie.


 Point of Return: The weeping virgin.

 When the movie is over, you are brother Felim. The Brother Liam (the old
priest) will come in and talk to you. You will hear a scream from outside and
Liam will ask you to go check on Brother Felim. Get out of the chair by
clicking slightly left of Liam and out the temple. Notice the altar and the
wall hanging on your way out. Before stepping outside, you will be in a small
room and you will be able to hear water running) turn to the right and you will
see a weeping head. Make note of that as well. Go out and find brother Finbar.
Talk to him (and get a good laugh) and return to Liam.

Talk to him and learn everything you can from him. And sit back down on your
chair. Look above the book you were illustrating and you will see a cup with
pens and brusher, grab one and stick it in your inventory. You can now click on
the picture in the book and you will be looking at it really closely. Select
the pen you just got and click right on the middle of the picture. You will be
taken into the book.


 Look around and explore. Once you find a blue guy with a tray in hand talk to
him and learn everything you can from him. Find the king and you will learn of
his sword. You now need to exit the book. If you stand right in from of Dian,
look towards the right and you will see the word "Exit" written on the wall. Go
to it and exit the book.

 Go back, and hover again over the picture. Select your pen, but this time
click close to the king and you will draw his sword. Go back into the book and
talk to the king again. Pick up the sword put it in your inventory and exit the


You will notice that Liam is gone now. You can find him if you go outside and
go towards the far right. There's a well and chickens there. The room where the
priest's sleep are here. Go to the leftmost alcove and inside there's an urn or
vase. Pick it up and put it in your inventory.

If you explore well, you will find the mound where the skull of Aillil is.
Notice that the skull is broken, so you must take it upon yourself to find all
the pieces and put him together again.

Once you find all the skull pieces, talk to him, he wont say much, but you get
the clue that he needs something "What can I do to help you talk?" I think is
the phrasing.  Remember the weeping head? Remember the pot thing you got in one
of the sleeping quarters? There you go!

After you give Aillil a drink of water, you may talk to him. Hmmm, where is
that knife?

Now that you have talked with Aillil, go back to Liam and talk to him. In one
conversation he will give you a key. If you look on the floor and to the right
you will see a chest. Use the key to get at the contents inside, one knife and
Vellum. Put everything in your inventory and take the knife back to Aillil.

After you speak with him, he gives you the clue about trees. Go back to Liam
and ask him about trees. He tells you that he has always been partial to trees.
If you picked up the Vellum along with the knife then while with the priest,
select it and click on the pictures of the trees. He will say something about
it. After you are done, go back to the entrance of the temple but don't go in
it. Head towards the left most path (Right if you are staring at the entrance)
and you will be at the other side of the temple. There are carvings on the wall
here. A Vertical line with many smaller horizontal ones. On the bottom right is
a swirly circle thing.

For these puzzle you need to figure out what symbol from which tree to carve.
Start off by erasing all of the lines. When you figure it out (seep puzzle
solutions if you need to) click on the circle thing with the knife. If you
carved correctly, the wall in front of you will drop. Inside the indentation is
the stick. You will need this in a moment.

Along the way, talk to Aillil again and he will tell you about a horse. Well,
if you explored the island (like I suggested) then you would have seen a stone
with carvings in it. The same stone on one side has a Celtic cross on the other
the horse. After you set him free, you need to catch him. The first time
through, watch what path he chooses to run. What you will need to do is not
follow him, but on the way back you need to get in his way so that he doesn't
jump back into the stone. The way to block him is freeing him, then go one
screen to the right and turn immediately let then go two screens, you would
have passed Aillil's mound on the way. When you block him, he will stand there,
he won't move so pick him up and put him in your inventory.

Take the horse to the riverbank. There's one spot where you can click on the
water. Select your horse and click there. After the movie, click on him to ride
over to the Island. You will see an amazing movie again (I love movies ;))

*NOTE* you can find the first crystal journey in this island. Refer to my
crystal location guide for further detail.

Once in the island look around until you see a guy up in a tree. This is
Fintan, the Birdman. He wont talks to you until you can figure out what bird
call he is using. To beat him, all you have to do is listen to the chirp
carefully. 5 little windows will pop up next to him. Drag your mouse over the
pictures but DON'T CLICK! When you drag the mouse over them you will hear bird
calls. Match his birdcalls to the options and when you get it right Fintan will
talk to you normally.

Make sure you talk to him about everything. He will give you the divining rod
when you ask him about the glass tower. Select the divining rod and walk to the
middle of the middle area. Near the wall. The divining rod will let you know if
you are getting close. Move it over the ground carefully and slowly and your
pointer will let you know when you have found it. It's near the brick wall.
After you use the rod, a well will appear. Dive down into it. You will see the
glass tower, but a big monster snake guards it. You wont be able to pick it up
yet though so just remember where it is for later.

Return to Fintan and talk to him again, learn all you can.

Go back into the book and talk to Dian about his daughter. After that go back
to Aillil and talk to him about Airimid and Fintan. Unfortunately the only
person who can help you is inside the book, but she's a statue.

Like you already know, Dian's daughter was turned into a statue because of
Fintan. The goddess Aine turned her into a statue because Fintan used Airimid
as a muse after he had wooed the goddess. You are going to have to find a way
to get Airimid back to normal.

Go see Liam, and ask him about the sun (the ball of light picture) and he will
give you Brigid' cross. Go back into the church. You need to summon Aine to
talk to her and the way to do this is by placing brigid's cross on the wall
hanging. Get need to set the sun spinning in the sky. Place Brigid's
cross slightly to the right of what appears to be a clock tower. You will know
when you do it right.

Turn around and speak to the goddess (kind of cute isn't she). Talk to her
about everything you can (JUST DONT ASK ABOUT FINTAN!). Once she tells you that
Airimid is back to normal go into the book again.


Go by Dian, you will meet Arimid. Once she is done talking, talk to her again
and learn all you can. She will tell you that she needs her Salmon. Go back out
of the book and draw the fish on Airmid. Like last time, go back into the book
and talk to Airimid about the snake in the well once again. She will give you a
talisman to use. All right, lets go back to the island via out new pony.


Once in the Island, go into the well again and go as deep as you can. When you
get there go into your inventory and select the amulet and use it on the snake.
You will attack the snake and get the glass tower.

Return to the book. You are now like five minutes away from ending this
chapter. YAY!


Speak with Dian about the glass tower; give it to him when he asks. After the
conversation use Nuada's Sword to break it. Talk the hand and give it to the
king. He will ask for his sword. Watch as he defeats the big, ugly oaf. You are
no longer able to speak with anyone. Go back out of the book and run outside
the temple. You are done!

Watch the movie and notice that Brother Liam gets a piece of the road out of
the Fomorach armor thing (Looks like a diaper lol). Watch the rest of the movie
and listen to the awesome music. Pat yourself on the back. Ireland is done.

Coming soon

Coming next update


Coming next update


I did not want to give away the solutions before you had a chance to do it
yourself so all the solutions will be in this section. I will categorize
everything by region so I will have all the solutions for Ireland in this
version and will add as I go along.


 Where are all the skull Pieces?
   1. Find a fork in the garden of the temple (behind Brother Finbar) and go
into the back yard (By the well and the chickens). Climb the ladder and use the
fork on the skull piece on top of the 2X4.
   2. After disturbing a fox, you will hear chicken cackling. Go to the well
and look behind the chicken hanging out there. It's close to the well.
   3.Between the rocks by the sheep on the riverbank.
   4.On the second rightmost beehive.
   5.In one of the bookshelves in the temple. It's to the left of the wall


 The answer to which trees you need is Oak and Elderberry. You need to carve

 By clicking to the left or right of the lines (just not on them) they will
rearrange into three different patterns. Chose the one above after carving the
lines in their appropriate place.


 Remember the stick you got for the above puzzle? Use that stick on the stone
with the carving on the horse.


 In each game the calls are different. There isn't a set one.


As of now, there are none. Hopefully I will get emails with them.


 First, I would like to apologize for this walkthrough not being complete. I
don't have too much time, but I will continue to update it as much as I can.
Email me if you need help on the parts of the game that I have not covered, I
have beaten the game and will be able to help you, and the walkthrough will be
completed shortly.

Email me with complaints, questions, hints, and everything else about this walk
through and the game. All emails will be answered provided they are for the
game and non-offensive. If you make any sort of contribution a credits section
will be added to this FAQ with your name on it. Happy gaming and I hope you

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