You are Adrian, you start in the oasis from the desert. Go to the tree with the bees and take the braided matting. On the ground near the fire place take a stone and a fragment of harness. Combine the stone and the fragment of harness, you have make a sling. Walk at the hole, take the palm branch. Go right to the dessert and Ozdemir tell you to hidden. Go to the hole, use the braided matting over the hole, click on the sand and put it on the matting.  Use the palm branch on the sand, on the right side from the hole to remove your foot tracks. You are in the hole, click on the matting, use the sling on the bee nest. After the movie clip you talk with Ozdemir about everything, you have to learn about the prophet.  Click at the drawing on the sand. Put the first on the right,  Abraham (right click to open the drawings), then Moises, Jesus and last Muhammad. Then the holy books are from Moises the Torah, Jesus the Gospels and from Muhammad the Coran. Take the Jug of water and the empty bowl. Use the jug of water on the empty bowl to get a full bowl. Use the full bowl on the drawing, you land in Jerusalem.


Talk with Ozdemir about everything.

Gardens of the citadel

Talk with Ozdemir about everything. 


Talk with Ozdemir about everything. Click 2x at the left wall with the tablets. Click at the code under the tablet. Click at the cave in the corner behind Ozdemir. Click at the frame from the door. Leave the prison, you see a map. Go to the library

Library of the Sufi 

Talk with Sufi about everything. Get the calendar table from the shelf at the right.  


Talk with the calligrapher, you get a alphabet table.  


Talk with Sufi. Read all books. Input for the books

Torah the code 0/2/6/6

Gospels 1/5/4/4

Koran 2/1/7/7

Faith, hope and love

Back in the jail

Talk with Ozdemir.


Talk with the calligrapher. Turn left, left and left to the water pool. Take the forked branch. Back to the calligrapher; go through the other arched to the open place. Up in the tree you see a nest. Use the forked branch on the nest to get a glasses. Give the glasses at the calligrapher and all other goes automatic.  


Talk with the calligrapher, he paints the 3 words in the tablets. Click at the cave. Click at the pigeon foot to get a parchment. Give it at the calligrapher. Click on the 3 crosses in the tablets. You all go the governor and land in the city of Jerusalem. 

Holy Sepulchre

In the inventory you have now coins and a map of Jerusalem. Turn and leave, at the map go to

Madrassa Tankyzzija

Talk with Abd Al Wahid and then with the boy that try to clean the wall. Use the forked branch on the lamp above the sign in the wall. Talk again with the Abd Al Wahid (ask always everything). In the new place, talk with all people. Leave the room, go left through the alley, at the map go to,

Ramban Synagogue

Take a sewing kit from the ground. Talk with the two rabbis. Then talk with the man in the yellow dress. Take the arches behind him from the wall and take the Hessian 1 from the ground under the table.  Take the Hessian 2 from the bank by the group people. Combine in your inventory the hessian 1 with the arches. Then combine the arches with hessian with the hessian 2, then sewing kit with arches with Hessian, you have make a wind trap. Use the wind trap with the sign on the ground at the rabbis, you blow the words away. Talk with the rabbis. Talk again with him in the Synagogue. Leave. At the map go to

Holy Sepulchre

Go to the square and talk with the 2 people on the right. They tell you that they have hungry. Then talk with the 2 man in the centre by the sign. Talk with the man by the door. Go back to the round sign and click on the sign to throw a coin. Throw all your coins in the circle. In the church talk with him again and at last choose leave or visit. When you visit you can look everything in the church. Then leave and you talk with a man. He shows you some fruit. Click on it and you have a date. Leave the man and you meet Ozdemir. You go both to the governor and talk with him. Take a knife from the table near the man by the door. Use the knife on the date and you found a message in it. On the map go to


Talk with Sufi about everything


Take from the table a knife, water jug, nail and a cloth. Right from the bed take a empty bowl, empty calam and coloured pigments. Fill in your inventory the empty bowl with water and put the coloured pigments in it. Drop the calam in it to get a full calam. Use the calam on the tablets hanging on the wall. First the right, left and then the centre tablet. When you find the spot on the tablet the calam high light a little. Or find the spot first with your eye (cursor). You paint the triangle and you see a wax plug. Combine the nail with the cloth. Use the nail with rag on fire thats on the table. Use the heat nail on the plug and you get a message. You land automatic in

Holy Sepulchre

Talk with the widow and you land in

House of Hayyat:  

Examine the door in the back room. You can look thru a gap. Look the painting left from the door. Leave the house. Turn right and go thru the arch. Turn right and look up to the window. Use the forked branch on the window. Go back in the house (left from the widow). Open the door in the back room. Take in the room a chisel, oil lamp, David’s star key and bellows. Leave the house, right, talk with the smith, he gives you a nozzle. Use the bellows on the nozzle to make a modified bellows. Go back in the house. Go to the back room and turn right and look to the picture on the wall. Take the picture. Use the bellows in it to suck up the poison. Use the chisel and take the cross key. Turn, open the crate by the bed, move the rag, take the bottle with the Scorpios, use the bellow on the bottle to remove the poison from the bellows. Then use the bellows again on the bottle to suck up the poison. Use the chisel on the bottle and take the crescent key. Go to the front door, look at the chest. Use the cross key in the middle, crescent key in the right slot and David’s star key in the left slot. Open the chest; take the golden cross, talith and prayer mat. Show the 3 items from the chest at Ozdemir. On the map, go to. 

Ramban Synagogue

Left from the round sign at the door show Isaac the talith and ask him everything. Go at the map to.

Wailing Wall 

Talk with Kalonymus, the man at the wall in the centre, you give him the talith. At the end input the number 1492. Go at the map to,

Holy Sepulchre

Go in the church, give the priest Palamede the golden cross and ask him everything. Go at the map to,

Madrassa Tankyzzija

Talk with Abd Al Wahid, give him the prayer map and ask him everything. Go at the map to,

Holy Sepulchre Smithy

Talk with the smith. When you hear fire take the handle, left from the smith. Go to the house and when the thief run away throws the handle at him, you land at the governor. On the governor’s garrison map go to,


Talk with Sufi. Go at the map to,

Ibrahim’s Chamber

Talk with the guard Janitschar. No luck to get in. Save the game. You see the hall from above. Go in the first niche when he walks back. Try to find the spots to walk. Do the same to get to the second niche. By the last niche when he walks down open the door. In the room go left. At the niche in the wall turn left. Look at the sword. Slide to the left on the sword with the arrow and you read Mohacs 932. Turn to the niche and input the numbers 932. Take the box. Go left in the bedroom. Go left; take the ewer from the table. Turn left and take from the small table, needle, and sugar with a spatula.  In the back at the windows get the knife. Use the water from the ewer into the pot between the two tables. Take the empty coal container under the pot. Go to the fire place; use the container on the hot coals. Place the hot container back under the pot. Use the sugar in the water. Then use the spatula in the pot. Use the needle in the pot. Use the needle on the box in your inventory to open it. Take the tree letters. Read the letters. Save the game. Leave the room and go the same way back in the hall. On the map go to,

Council Room

Talk with the governor and give him the letter from hayyat. On the map go to,


Talk with Sufi. Follow his instruction to build a stone cathedral and an aluminium-mosque (you can’t do it wrong). Explore everything and “open your eyes” and you come back in the library.  On the map go to,

Council Room

Talk with the governor. Back to cd1 and we land in the,


Go forwards. Take a parchment from the step, slide to the left and take the bucket. Read the parchment and talk with your tree friends. Go forwards (not the tunnel with the bucket). Take the planks left at the wall from the car. Use the planks on the car; you drive thru the fire wall. At the other end from the fire wall go thru the tunnel. At the crossing turn left and proceeds forwards. Stop before a hole with 6 tiles with engraved animal symbols on the ground. Click on the lowest middle tile – ram,fish,lion. Walk over the rocks and the bridge. Take the staffs in front of the lattice door. Use the ram,fish,lion staff in the bucket and it change to modified ram,fish,lion. Use the modified ram,fish,lion staff in the lowest middle tile. Take the key and use it on the lock from the door. Go thru the door. Go forwards. When Ibrahim Hykmah threatens, click on Hayyat and then click on Hykmath for a Happy ending.


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