The 3 Roads to the Holy Land

By arxel tribe

Walkthrough by MaGtRo     June, 2002

Game Play:      The welcome screen shows a choice of the game play - new game, resume game, save and load. To save a game, type the name you want and then click the check icon. In the Option menu, the volume, stereo and subtitle choices are offered. The visit and encyclopedia are for information to the game play. The game is mouse drive. Left click does all the game play functions and right click opens the inventory, map and the diary, the summary of the progression in the game. The icons are move, use, pick up, drag and zoom. To exit the zoom mode, place the icon at bottom of screen and click the zoom out icon. To exit the map, press the same icon to exit the zoom mode.

Talk to everybody and exhaust all dialogues to progress in the game.

In 1911, Adrian Blake, a Scottish paleographer was on a spying mission for the King. He was wounded and took shelter in Mount Ararat. In a dream the goddess, Ishtar offered to heal him in exchange for his devotion. Adrian rejected the offer and cried for his fiancé, Sophia. Angered by the rejection, Ishtar cursed him to wander through time three times to find and rescue Sophia in her past incarnations. The first time was in Pompeii, saving Sophia from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Now, the trial is in Jerusalem.

Adrian is awakened by a voice that says Sophia is again in danger and that he should go to the Holy City.


Turn around and go to the tree with the beehive. Pick up the braided matting. Look down at the fire pit and pick up a stone and nearby a fragment of harness. Go forward twice and pick up a palm branch by the hole in the sand. Look at the hole and see that you can go in. Turn to the right and forward. Meet an old man running from the dunes that cries that the pillagers that killed his men are coming and that they must hide.

           Pillagers - (Timed). Turn and go to the hole. Place the braided matting over it. Move the cursor to the right and pick up sand and place it on the matting. Take the palm branch and sweep the footprints to the right of the matting. Automatically be in the hole with the old man. The pillagers stand under the beehive. Combine harness and stone by clicking on one and then the other item to make a sling. Move-click the matting to see the beehive and then use the sling on the beehive. The pillagers are beset by the bees and run away.

           Campfire - Ozdemir informs Adrian that it is the year 930 after the Hegira and that it is a day's walk to Jerusalem. Talk to Ozdemir about Hegira, the beginning of their age when Mohammed left Mecca for Medina on September, 622 AD. It is now 1552 AD. Adrian asks Ozdemir to bring him to Jerusalem. Ask him about Allah and he will tell a story about a campfire with a Jew, Christian and a Moslem - three religions born in the desert.

He asks Adrian questions and the answers are chosen from inventory (right click to open), click an answer to select and then click on the sand where the answer gets highlighted. From right to left: Abraham - first prophet, Moises (Mussa) - great prophet that followed him, Jesus (Issa) - man of God that came after Mussa and then Muhammad - the prophet that followed Issa. Now place the holy books under the prophets: Torah under Moses, Gospels under Jesus and Koran under Mohammed. The wisest man is the one that can write the name of Almighty over the name of Abraham. Pick up the empty bowl and jug of water. Combine the jug and bowl to make a full bowl of water. Click full bowl on writing on the sand. Adrian and Ozdemir make another mystic observation. Ozdemir asks Adrian to stay with him for he is in need of a translator about a delicate matter in Jerusalem.


Governor's Garrison:

           Gate of Garrison - Ask Ozdemir about walls and guards. The guards are Janissaries, Christian children raised to be fighting monks by Moslems. Ozdemir announces to the guard that he is shavush to his highness Soliman and must see the governor immediately. They enter the gardens.

CD 2

            Gardens - Ozdemir is Shavush an emissary from the port from Soliman the Magnificent to help the governor in an embarrassing situation - a wooden ancient dagger was found in an excavation on the wall. It is the dagger Abraham brandished to sacrifice his son at the request of the Lord. A quarrel ensues as to who should possess the holy relic.

Ask Ozdemir about everything. Millets are the different religious communities that cohabit under Ottoman law. The governor is administrator and judge who refers to the Sunna, Islamic tradition as well as example of his life. God asks Abraham to sacrifice one of his sons (Ishmael or Isaac) but was stopped by an angel. Ishmael, first born of Abraham by Egyptian Agar, sister of the Arab people. Isaac born to Sarah at age of 90, ancestor of Jewish people. Arabs and Jews share the same ancestors and the same blood. The Governor is an old friend of Soliman, whose 4 sons died in the battle in Budapest and his wife is also dead. He is left with an only daughter, Hykmah. Ibrahim, the governor's aide and chamberlain arrives to take them to the Governor.

          Council room - The Governor is in despair because the dagger was stolen and his only daughter Hykmah was also taken by Hayyat, a fanatic preacher Ibrahim had imprisoned because of public disorder.

          Jail - The preacher Hayyat inscribed on the wall words in 3 languages and maps. The governor asks them for help to find his daughter and advices them to consult the Sufi studying in the library. He will wait for them in the Council room. Ask Ozdemir about everything. Hykmah is like her late mother, Layla. She is greatly loved in Jerusalem. Sufis are spiritual leaders that practice ecstasies and meditations. Click at the bottom black area to get out of zoom mode. Look close at the triptych on the wall. The map shows districts of Jerusalem. The black lines run off the streets and do not indicate a place. Look close at the inscriptions at the bottom of the frames. Are they codes? Zoom out by clicking at the bottom of the screen.

Look at the birdcage on the right of the window behind Ozdemir. Turn around and look on top of the doorframe and they noted that the lock has not been broken. Speculations as to the meaning of the unbroken lock are discussed. Exit the prison and see the map to the Governor's garrison. Click on the place that you want to go to.

Deciphering the code:

           Library - The Sufi greets Adrian as dhimmi (stranger or lost one). Talk to the Sufi about everything. Hykmah is the Sufi's friend and student. To learn more about the Hebrew and Arabic alphabets talk to Youssef al-Bakri, the calligrapher who works in the garden. The prisoner is a man of paradox, gets visits from Hykmah and the Sufi. The Sufi and the prisoner play chess and if the Sufi loses, he brings a book. The prisoner wants to underscore that which unites the 3 religions in the book. Dhimmis are the other non-Moslems and are protected unless they do acts of proselytism. The books, he read are about Zoology, Optics, Book of a 100 doors, the Pastor and the conversion table for calendars. Turn to the left corner, forward and then right. Look close at the open shelves. Pick up the calendar table. Click on the calendar table in inventory for a close look. For example, 632 AD is 4392 in Jewish calendar and year 11 in Moslem. Exit the library and click on the garden in the map.

           Garden - Go forward, turn left and enter the arched entryway. Talk to the calligrapher about everything. Letters are energies and has values and qualities The Hebrews raised the study to a high form and became complex. Kabala is a tool for meditation. The basic practice is by associating each letter with each position in the alphabet. He gives the Alphabet table to Adrian. Isa al Gawri is the name of the Sufi.

          Library - Talk to the Sufi and Adrian asks to read the 3 Holy Books. The Sufi asks which books. The 3 holy books are listed and a box with 4 circles for the numeric description of the book is seen. For each code seen under the map in the jail: left panel is the religion of the Holy Book, middle panel is the number taken from the alphabet table and the last panel is taken from the calendar table. In the 4 circles for the numbers entry, click-hold-pull down or up to desired number, then click the check mark to ask for that book. To return to the list of books, click the arrow point.



Torah - 0266 - Exodus VI_6. I am the Lord and I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians, and I will rid you out of their bondage.... Hope.            Gospels - 1544 - Gospels according to St. Matthew V_44: But I say unto you, Love your enemies and bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you. Love.            Koran - 2177 - II 177: Righteousness is this that one should believe in Allah, and the Last Day, and the angels, and the Book, and the Prophets, and give away wealth out of love for Him to the near of kin and the orphans and the needy and the wayfarer and the beggars and for the emancipation of captives, and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate: and the performers of their promise when they make a promise, and the patient in distress and affliction and in time of conflicts -- these are they who are true! And these are they who guard against evil! Faith.

Faith, Hope and Love, the three virtues are common in all three religions.

           Jail - Talk to Ozdemir and Adrian comments that there are 3 words, 3 boxes and 3 maps. They should find a way to put the words in the maps.

Deciphering the lines in the maps:

           Garden - Talk to the calligrapher about writing some words on the cell wall but he misplaced his glasses. We have to look for it then. Turn to the right and walk to the circled end of the paved path. Look up a dead tree and see a nest. Turn to the left and go to the pond. Look close and pick up a shiny stone. A bird flies down scoops it off Adrian's hand and flies back up to the nest. Go back out of the arched entryway, pass the calligrapher and turn left. Turn left again to another pond and pick up the forked branch. Go back to the nest and use the forked branch to scoop the nest. Adrian takes the glasses from the nest and returns the nest to the tree. Give the glasses to the calligrapher.

           Jail: The bird flies in through the window and enters the bird cage. Talk to the calligrapher about everything until he paints the words Faith, Hope and Love on the maps. Something is still missing and the solution is near. Look close at the bird and notice something is attached to the bird's foot. Zoom in on the calligrapher and give him the parchment from the bird's foot. Adrian asks him to draw the crosses on the map. Adrian then asks Ozdemir if the crosses are any particular place in the map. Click on each X on the map and Ozdemir says the specific place. Left map -Tankyzziya madrassa, Islamic school in Jerusalem. Middle map -  Holy Sepulcher - where the Son of Mary was placed after his Crucifixion. Right map - Ramban Synagogue. Time to warn the governor.

Investigate the 3 places:

           Council room - Ozdemir informs the governor of the 3 places deduced from the clues. The governor asks Adrian to find the dagger and most of all to find his daughter. Ozdemir asks Adrian what he was doing in the desert and realizes the irony of the search for a woman there and here.

          Gate of the Garrison - Ozdemir gives après (coins) and a map to the city. He cautions Adrian to be careful and to come back when he finds out what Hayyat means to do. A map is seen. Move the pointer around the map and click on any of the 3 places that can be visited.

City: The 3 places can be visited in any order.

           Holy Sepulcher - Go forward and turn left. Talk to the 2 people standing. They are hungry and thinking that the men are generous with their money on the word on the ground... Talk to the men by the sign on the floor. The sign appeared at dawn and supposedly if you throw coins on the sign, wishes will come true. Ask them about the poor and find out that the word 'Faith" is written on the ground. The Archimandrite is at the door and if he disapproves he should stop them. Talk to the Archimandrite. Find a way to satisfy your sense of justice as well as the wishes of everyone. Click on the word on the ground and Adrian throws a coin that pushes one of the gold coins out of the circle with the word on it. Get a coin from inventory and then click on a gold coin in the circle until all the coins in inventory are gold coins. The Archimandrite talks about Lazarus and the rich man to the 2 men. He invites Adrian inside the church and to take a tour of the Holy Sepulcher if you wish.

          Madrassa tankyzziya - Talk to Abd el Wahid, Sheik of the madrassa, who wants the word 'Faith' removed from the wall. Adrian volunteers to remove the word. Talk to the other men in the yard. Talk to boy scrubbing the wall. Take the forked branch and lift the lantern off the wall above the word on the wall. Adrian explains that it is written on the lantern and the rays of the sun reflects it on the wall and thus cannot be scrubbed off. The Sheik is grateful. Ask the Sheik everything. Hayyat wants to reunite the Sons of Abraham - Jews, Christian and Moslems under one religion. Take a tour of the madrassa if you so desire. Go outside and leave through the alley. (An empty water bucket that can be filled with water from the trough is seen but is not used in the game).

           Ramban Synagogue - As soon as you arrive at the courtyard, look down and pick up the sewing kit from the ground on the right. Talk to the rabbis about the word 'Faith' on the sand. They want it removed but it is Sabbath and they cannot do any labor or ask any non-believers to do so. Talk to the man in yellow. They discuss that the rabbi wants God to blow away the sand. The man said it is blowing but only on the rooftops. Take arches (hoops) from behind him. Pick up Hessian 1 (canvas) from under the stall on the right behind the man. Go across to the stall at opposite side of the courtyard and pick up Hessian 2. Combine the arches with Hessian 1 and Hessian 2. Then shape it up with the sewing kit to make a wind trap. Place the wind trap on the sign by standing on the opposite of the sign from the rabbis. The wind blows the sand sign away. Ask the rabbi about everything. Take a tour of the synagogue if you want.

Whichever last place is visited by Adrian, a man that Adrian thinks is one of Ibrahim's spies talks to him about all that he observed talking to all the clergy of the 3 religions. I'm above all in God's service. See that reality is not a matter of appearance. Under your nose from the very beginning. My paltry disguise serves some use. He gives Adrian a date.

Governor's Garrison:

           Council Room - Ozdemir meets Adrian by the gate and asks for news. Talk to him about everything. Go to the governor and talk about everything to summarize the events and evidences. Hope is the next path to be investigated. Who would have thought such fruit could contain such flavor!

After the discussion, turn right and go towards the guard by the door in the other room. Facing the Janissary guard, turn left and look close at the bowl of fruit on the table. Take the knife. Use the knife on the date and Adrian picks up a note inside the date. The discussions made Adrian realize that he was talking to Hayyat. The message shows 3 like the sides of a triangle with the Revealed word at the center and on the sides - the Elected of the Patriarch, Holy Lamb and the Seal of the Prophets.

Deciphering Hayyat's message:

          Library - Talk to the Sufi about everything. Christ is the Lamb of God. Jacob is the Elected of the Patriarchs. Mohammed is the Seal of the Prophets. As for the Revealed word - there are 4 ways of thinking of the world - one is common among the 3 religions, that the universe is the unique creation of God, his word is revealed by the prophets to man, his beloved creature.

           Jail - Adrian and Ozdemir made these deductions - A word to find in a triangle made up of 3 places, the places marked by Jesus, Jacob and Mohammed. A triangle linking the 3 places in the map - the Cathedral of the Rock twice for Jacob and Mohammed and the Holy Sepulcher once for Jesus.

Take from the table - knife, nail, water jug and cloth. Turn to the left of the door and get empty calam, colored pigments and empty bowl. In inventory, fill the empty bowl from the water jug to get bowl with water. Add colored pigments to bowl with water to get diluted pigments. Fill the empty calam with diluted pigments to get full calam.

Look close at the paintings on the wall. Move the cursor over each painting to see where the hotspots are. The sites on the left and right frames have a circle on the correct sites and the middle frame has the X mark already. Then use-click the filled calam on the left frame, right frame and then the middle frame. A wax plug is seen at the center of the drawn triangle. The wax plug is too compact to be removed by nail or knife. Zoom out of the frame. Combine nail and cloth to get nail with rag. Heat the nail with rag on the lamp on the table to get heated nail. Use heated nail on plug. Read the note - 'At my house, Messengers!'

Adrian and Ozdemir reflects that it is Hayyat's message that is the revealed word not God's and that possibly Hayyat compares himself to the author of the Ecclesiastes, Qoheleth. What is the science he wants to teach us? They go to the former house of Hayyat in the city.

Look for evidence in Hayyat's house:


          Holy Sepulcher - Go forward and talk to the woman behind Ozdemir. Ask Widow Pichon about everything. Messengers are Angelos in Greek - Angels.

            Hayyat's house - There is a chest by the door with the Star of David, Cross and Crescent moon as locks. Go to the next room and turn right to the picture on the wall. Look close at the Angelus - Mary receiving good tidings from the angel. Click on the picture again for Adrian to take it off the wall and reveal a key behind a film covering. Turn around and open the chest by the bed. Remove the cloth and see a sealed clear jug of scorpions. Go forward and take the stick by the open chest. Look close at picture of Archangel Gabriel stopping the sacrifice of Abraham's son, Isaac to God.

Room Trap - Save Game here! Look through the glass on the door, see lamp tied to a rope on the door and sulfur in the ground. It's a trap!! If you open the door the lamp will fall, lights the sulfur on the floor and burn the house. Exit the house, turn right, go through the archway and then turn right to the board on the wall. Use the stick on the board and that opens a window that blows off the lamp inside the room. Go back inside and can now safely enter the room with the lamp. Pick up the oil lamp off the floor, David's star key and chisel off the shelf on the left and bellows from the open crate on the floor.

Key Trap - Go to the key behind the Angelus picture. See a bug die upon touching the film cover of the key. It is another trap! Use the bellows on the key covering but the nozzle of the bellows is too large. Exit the house, go back through the archway and talk to the blacksmith sitting by his shop. Ibn an Nur makes a nozzle for free. Combine the nozzle to the bellows to make modified bellows. Go back to the key on the wall, use the modified bellows on the key covering to suck the poisoned air and get poisoned bellows. Use the chisel to remove the covering and get the Cross key.

Scorpion Trap - Now for the sealed clear jug of scorpions. Look close and use poisoned bellows on scorpion jug. Great bug killer! Now, remove the poisonous gas by using the modified bellows again on the jug. Use the chisel to break open the jug and take the crescent moon key.

Go to the chest and use the different keys to the corresponding locks. Click on the cross key and the chest opens. Pick up the Talith - ritual prayer shawl of the Jewish, Golden Cross and prayer mat - sadjada used by the Moslems. Show all the items to Ozdemir. Adrian and Ozdemir realize that these last traps where not done by Hayyat but somebody else. The traps are too recently done and Hayyat was in jail. So they have to be careful now. Adrian will use his contacts.

Deciphering Hayyat's treasure clues:

          Holy Sepulcher - Show Archimandrite Palamede the Golden Cross and talk to him about everything. Hayyat was interested in knowing about the History of the Church specifically what language the gospels were written in and when Christianity became the only religion of the West. The Archimandrite says the gospels where originally written in Greek but Hayyat believed it to be written in Hebrew. Hayyat believed that Constantine imposed Christianity on the Roman Empire for personal gain to gain absolution for his sins. Armenia is the first empire to be Christian at beginning of 4th century. Bar Korchebas is a leader of a rebellion but defeated by Adrian, these resulted in Jerusalem closed to Jews and became a pagan city.

           Ramban Synagogue - Go to the door of the Synagogue and show the Talith to Isaac.  Ask him about everything. Kalonymus, the rabbi is praying at the Wailing Wall. The phrase on the Talith is shown by 2 knots on the tsitsit separating the spaces, count the number of turns on the knots and each one is different. The phrase is an affirmation of the oneness of God and that God is one - the number that shows that is 39.

           Wailing Wall - Click on the place in the map. Go forward, turn left and talk to Kalonymus about everything. He notices tiny embroidery silver thread between 2 dark bands of the thread which he translated as a name and date in Hebrew - Burgos, 5252 which is 1492 in Christian calendar (look in the calendar table). It is the time that Jews were expelled in Spain. Hayyat is 67 years old, this year is 1552, so he was born in1485. Hayyat is an apostate Jew and he created his own religion which is a synchronism of the 3 religions.

          Madrassa tankyzziya - Show the Sheik the prayer mat and talk to him about everything. Hayyat must have been in contact with the Futuwwahs, chivalrous group involved in social justice. Adrian thinks he met one of them.

          Holy Sepulcher - In the map for Holy Sepulcher, the smithy should also be written, if not exhaust all dialogue with the sheik at the madrassa. Talk to the blacksmith, Ibn an Nur. The chamberlain's guards told him that Hayyat is kept where he cannot visit him. Learn that Hayyat is a preacher born in Spain a Jew, moved to Portugal, sold in slavery to Muslims and bought by Christians.

A cry of 'Fire' from the widow next door shows a thief running out of Hayyat's house into the street. Pick up the stick left of the blacksmith. Follow the thief and throw the stick at him. The smithy goes in the burning house and brings back a burned manuscript. The thief says that he will not talk and the Governor's days are numbered.

In search of Hayyat's accomplice:

Governor's Garrison:

           Council Room - The discussion reveals Hayyat could not have done all the deeds he is accused of and that Abraham's dagger is kept in Ibrahim's desk. Ibrahim has been the aide of the governor for 30 years and has saved the life of the governor. The manuscript has Christian, Moslem and Jewish writings about death and resurrection. Adrian connects it to a path of Hope. The prisoner is afraid to talk because his loved ones will be harmed by the man who ordered him to start the fire. Adrian allows the prisoner to be kept in the jail overnight and interrogated tomorrow at dawn. Alone in the room, Adrian and Ozdemir plans for Ozdemir to secretly watch over the prisoner in jail and Adrian will check on Ibrahim.


            Library - Talk to the Sufi about the three religion's thought about death and resurrection. The soul's journey does not end in the destruction of the body. Ibrahim does not have any descendants and wants to marry Hykmah.

            Corridor - Click on corridor in the map. Talk to the Janissary guard. Click again on corridor in the map and a top view of the corridor is seen. Save Game here! Whenever the guard start his walk through the corridor and his back is turned away from Adrian - move Adrian to hide in an alcove (click in alcove) and then move him out to a hotspot at the corridor in front of the alcove where Adrian is hidden (click on corridor) before hiding in the next alcove (click on next alcove). You might need to move Adrian in the alcove so that he can easily get out of the alcove into the corridor. Do this until Adrian enters the door to Ibrahim's chamber (click on door) at the end of the corridor.

          Ibrahim's chamber - Look at the left wall  and see a locked glass case. Turn to the left and look close at the scimitar on the wall. Pull it out and see a writing etched on the blade - MOHACS 932. Go back to the locked glass case and enter 932 on the padlock - move the correct numbers to the edge of the padlock (second line). Take the box. Look close at the lock of the box. Look at a fireplace on the right wall.

Enter the inner chamber and take an ewer on the left table. Turn to left and right by the screen, see a small empty pot on a heating unit. Look close and take the empty coal container at the bottom of the stand. Take the needle, spatula and sugar on the table to the left of the heating unit. Go to the window by the bed and take the knife from the window sill by the lamp. Go back to the outer chamber and use the empty coal container on the fireplace to get coal container with hot coals.

To open the box - Save Game here! Go back and place the coal container with hot coals at the bottom of the heating unit. Using the ewer, place water on the empty pot on top of the heating unit. Place sugar in the pot with water. Mix the sugar water with the spatula. Use the needle in the heated sugar water to get thickened needle. Look close at the box in inventory and then insert the thickened needle in the lock. (If incorrectly done, the guard will hear the noise and Adrian will be removed from the case).

Look inside the opened box and take the 3 letters and look in the small chest of poison. Read the letter of Hayyat to Ibrahim, his first disciple. The hiding place for Hayyat and Hykmah will be a holy and forbidden place - a place worthy of the grand finale of my prepared. Read the letter from the governor dated 22 Nissan 956, about refusing Ibrahim's request for the hand of Hykmah and the governor's desire to continue his own lineage by marrying Hykmah to someone who can give him grandchildren. Read the letter from Layla, the governor's late wife dated 8 Muharram 939 about her rejection of Ibrahim's indecent proposal.

Save game here! Exit the chamber the same cautious way that you entered - wait until the guard's back is turned, move Adrian to the alcove, move him out to the corridor and hide him in the next alcove until the end of the corridor. Click to get the map at the end of the corridor.

           Council Room - Ibrahim was found trying to poison the fire-starter. Give the governor Hayyat's letter. Adrian asks Ozdemir about the spectacular holy place. Isa al Gawri, the Sufi might have an idea.

           Library - Talk to the Sufi. The holy and forbidden place is Haram as-Sharif, the Noble Wall, the heart of Jerusalem where the Cathedral of the Rock and Al-Aqsa, the largest mosque in Jerusalem are located. Adrian as dhimmi cannot go there except by imagination or thought. The Sufi guides Adrian to Haram as-Sharif. Close your eyes.

Build the Cathedral of the Sacred rock. Open the inventory and one by one pick up the different parts of the cathedral and click it into place.

Now, build the Al-Aqsa, the largest mosque. Open the inventory and click the parts into place on the floor.

Explore all the places, first the mosque and then the Cathedral while the Sufi explains the different areas. When all places have been explained, go out the door of the Cathedral of the Sacred Rock that has a small building with a cupola and see an 'Open your eyes' dialogue. Click on it to exit the imagination trip that the Sufi took you in.

Following Hayyat's message:

            Council room - Hayyat sent a message for Adrian. Adrian is to bring with him the ram, fish and the lion to the Quarries of Solomon and become the second of Hayyat's disciples. Talk to the governor. Ozdemir says that the ram are the Jewish people, the fish are the Christians and the lion are the Moslems. The quarries of Solomon are outside the city at the ramparts. Adrian asks the governor to call the 3 leaders of the 3 religions - Archimandrite Palamede, Rabbi Kalonymus and Sheik Abd el Wahid.

CD 1

             Quarries of Solomon - The three heads of their religions in Jerusalem started to disagree knowing that Hayyat wants to see who will convert who. Turn around, go down and pick up the parchment. Read the parchment - That together the Ram, the Fish and the Lion point out the right direction and protect the witness. Going from Ramses, the sons of Israel camped at Soukkoth.... Stand up. To the hip, the truth as belt, the law for armour. Take mainly the shield of Faith. It will allow you to fight all the fire missiles of the devil. May the impious know that we've prepared a big fire for them. Ask the Rabbi about the ram sentence - take the right path, the Archimandrite about the fish sentence and the Sheik Abd el Wahid about the lion sentence.

Turn to the opening by the Archimandrite and take the bucket. Go forward to the tunnel beside the Moslem holy man (right of the Rabbi) . (If you take the tunnel with the bucket, Adrian will fall through the planks and die - game ends).

Face a cart with planks on the sides but not in front and see fire at the end of the tunnel. Turn to the left and take the planks. Place the planks at the front of the cart and it will seal the cart. Click forward and Adrian pushes the cart with the Religious leaders inside through the fire. They pass through the fire and crashes on the wall at the other end.

Go down the tunnel and see another forked paths. Turn left (right will cause Adrian to fall into the chasm - game ends) and forward until the paved floor with drawing. Next to the drawing is a big hole. Look close at the drawings on the floor. Click on the tile with the ram on top, fish and lion at the bottom - middle bottom tile, similar to the parchment. Boulders drop from the ceiling and fills the hole to allow it to be passable.

Go forward, turn left and see another drawing on the floor and etched sticks in front of a gate. Pick up the etched sticks. Place the ram, fish, lion stick at the bottom tile and realize it is not set straight in the hole. (There is no need to place the other sticks in the hole). Take the stick off by clicking at the bottom part of the stick. Place the ram, fish and lion stick in the bucket to make a modified ram, fish, lion stick. Place it back in the hole and take the key. Use key on the gate padlock.

Go forward and meet Hayyat. He is so delighted in bringing the three religion together to save a human life. Ibrahim comes out with a knife in Hykmah's throat. Talk to Hayyat to save Hykmah's life. Hayyat attacks Ibrahim, gets stabbed and Adrian hits Ibrahim. The dagger falls to the ground and breaks. (If you talk to Ibrahim, he will kill Hykmah and Ishtar will laugh at Adrian's despair).

CD 2

          Garden at Governor's Garrison - The Rabbi swore that the dagger disintegrated into dust. Ozdemir will tell Soliman that the knife is a fake and that the quarrel of the 3 religions over Abraham's dagger is done. He looks for Adrian and finds him gone. Hykmah says that Adrian asked her a strange question, smiled and disappeared.

The question was what is her name in Greek? Sophia.

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