Solution of DARK SEED

If you plan to use this only for hints, be sure to save the game many times!!!
You may get stuck in the game and have to replay (happens a lot).

1st Day
Goto bathroom, take an aspirin (from mirror) and shower.
Goto to room with globe. Read blueprint and open secret door. Climb ladder.
Take rope. Open door and enter your room.
Take a shower in the bathroom. Goto room with coat. See the bulge in pocket and
take piece of paper. Read it. Go answer the doorbell.
If you miss the delivery man, you will see the package near the door.
Read the newspaper near the door. Enter your house.
Answer the phone and talk with sue. Read the note on the mirror.
Go out to the garage (right of the house).
Open trunk and get crowbar. Enter the car. Open glove compartment and get
Enter the house. Climb to the attic. Open locked trunk with crawbar.
Read diary. Push trunk and get watch. Push trunk and go outside.
Tie rope to gargoyle and go down.
Goto food store. Buy scotch. Get delbert's card.
Goto library. Talk to sue. Give her the book card. Goto aisle C and look at
the green book. Read paper.
Find bobby pin on floor and take it.
Go to the tuttle and get the clock key.
Go back home and read writing in the
clock. Open both secret doors and leave them open.

2nd Day
Goto bathroom, take an aspirin (from mirror) and shower.
Goto the garage. Enter car and listen to the radio. Go back home. At 10:00
recieve the mirror shard. Put it in the mirror and goto the dark side.
Goto the design room and look at the plans.
Go through the machine, out and get the binoculars. With the gloves, pull the
lever between the two doors.
Go out the house door to the leftmost house (acients in stasis). Take shovel
and examine around. Go back to the real world.
Goto the garage. Enter car and listen to the radio.
Dig up McKiggen grave in the cemetery. Read diary pages.
Go back home and get arrested.
Hide everything you can under the pillow. Use can to call guard and give
him delbert's card. Take gun. Go home, shower.
Wait for 6pm and meet delbert. Give him scotch. Take stick.
Now don't waste time doing the following:
(you must be in real world by bedtime or you die...)
Goto the dark world. Goto the bridge and throw the stick into the abyss.
Enter police station and get arrested. Take out your belongings from under the
Pick the lock (twice) with the pin. Go out and give pin to sargo.
Go out to the house of the scrolls (last on right). Use ring before entering.
Enter, turn on screen and listen to the keeper of the scrolls.
Go back home and sleep.

3rd Day
Goto bathroom, take an aspirin (from mirror) and shower.
Goto library and read microfiche card you got from the keeper of the scrolls.
Buy scotch in the store.
Recieve the package (axe handle).
Go home to the cellar and take out the loose rock. Put handle in rock to
create a hammer. Take the car keys from hole.
Goto garage. Pour scotch into gas tank. Enter car and start it using keys.
Goto dark world. Goto the the last house on left. Enter. Put the hammer in
the heart of the power nexus.
Goto the garage and pull the lever using the gloves. Get out.
You will be back in your home. Answer the phone.
Go back to the mirror and hammer it!

Yaron Keren ([email protected])

With the help of:

Alexandria North    ([email protected])
Charles M. Higgins  ([email protected])
Vic Witek           ([email protected])

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