DARKSEED WALKTHRU

                                    DAY 1

Mike wakes up with a headache,so get him to the bathroom which is on the right
In the medicine cabinet,you'll find an unlimited supply of tablets.Mike only
needs 1 dose per visit.Click on the shower stall so Mike can make himself
Next you'll need the Library card.Go to the 2nd upstairs bedroom thru the door
on the rightof the bathroom.You'll detect the Library Card in the pocket of the

raincoat(activate the examine icon and click on the pocket afew times).Mike 
should take the card.You may view it if you wish.
Go downstairs.On your office desk you'll find plans to mike's new home and they
do show a secret passage in both the study and bedroom where Mike sleeps.Now
that you know there is a door here,you can use the hand to open it.It has a 
tendency to close behind you,s0 go backand open it.Climb the ladder.On the 
second floor you'll find some rope;TAKE IT.Exit the passage but make sure it
remains open.If either of the secret doors close,they can cause problems for
you on the darkside.

Depending on how much time you've taken,the doorbell may be ringing.If so,run 
downstairs and answer it so it will stop.Surprised by the package?Now head back
upstairs and go straight to the attic.There's a watch under the largest trunk;
you can move the trunk using the hand icon on the lower corner of the trunk.
Take the watch and wind it .The ancient timepiece will help you keep track of
game time.Now that you've moved the chest,you can step out onto the balcony.Tie
the rope to the gargoyle you find there,thus providing another means of 
access to the house.

Now exit the balcony again,climd down the rope and enter the garage from the 
rear.Open the trunk of the car and examine the area.You should find a crowbar.
Take it.Climb inside the car and take the glooves from the gloove box.
Head around the front of the house and read the paper that's  lying there.
Go back inside,run to the attic and open the trunkon the right with the 
crowbar.You'll find some interesting reading there.Go back outside and move 
right towards the heart of Woodland Hills.
Once in town you'll need to visit the library and the grocery store.In the 
library you must find the bobby pin on the floor infront of the Librarian.
Look hard;IT'S THERE.Give the young lady the card you found earlier.She then
tells you to go to isle C.Once there ,click on the green book to recieve an
important message.Read the message.There is nothing else to do here for the
Next go to the grocery store and purchase a bottle of scotch.Delbert shows up
and hands you a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card and asks you over to his place 
tomorrow at six.
Go home and open the clock case to find the JOHN MCKEEGAN name plate.You should
still have plenty of time left for snooping.So look about the place until the 
librarian calls.After she calls run back into town and pick it up.Now go home 
again and go to bed.

                                   DAY 2
Take your aspirin,shower.If you haven't heard the ethereal voice yet then go 
to the garage and listen to the radio.The missing fragment to the palour mirror
arrives and you need to slip it into place.This completes the portal to the
darkside.Cross over.
Take some time to get adjusted to the new colour sceme.You'll notice 2 doors.
Take the right one to the room with skulls.Enter the room on the left.On the 
table you'll find plans for embryo implantation.Now you know what's causing
your headaches.Go thru the door on the right.This corresponds with the secret 
passage door downstairs back home.
Step into the recessed turbo lift.Go left to the observation deck.On the wall
between the 2 doors(you just excited via the left door)you'll find a switch.
Use the glooves to activate it.If you don't use glooves you could get a nasty
shock.Return to the turbo lift and then the room with the skulls.There should
be a new door open now.Go thru.Go left until you find the shovel. Return to 
the mirror portal and cross over.
Go to the graveyard and exhume john Mckeegan.Read the journal extract.
The Police will then throw you in the lock up.Leave the glooves,money and pin.
Stick them under the pillow and grab the tin cup on you cot.Rattle it on the 
bars.When the policeman comes hand him the get out of jail card.Before leaving 
steal the gun.
Go to Delberts,he won't be there so go to your garage and meet him there.
Debert invites you over and begins to play with his dog.Offer him the scotch.
After delbert leaves take the stick. 
Cross the portal.take first door on the right and then the door that you 
opened by pulling the lever.Follow the road on the right until you encounter
Fido.Throw the stick into the abyss.Continue to the right until you reach the
Dark Sargeant,he takes you into custody and also takes the gun.
Grab the items under the pillow.Use the bobby pin on the door;you might have
to do this a few times.Acroos the way,Sargo asks you for aid.Swap the pin for
the headband.If you have'nt put on the headband,do so now.Exit the building
and continue right.Walk past the guard and enter the archives to meet the 
keeper of the scrolls.Activate the machinery and she appears then gives you a 
roll of microfiche.RUN HOME !!!!!!!!!!

                                 DAY 3

Take aspirin and shower.Wait for a package.Within the box you will find an 
axe handle.Go to the library and head to the microfiche reader,it's in the 
periodicals room.Use film on the reader.
On the way out get another bottle of scotch.Go around the back of Mike's 
place.Don't use the front door.Go to the cellar and locate the loose stone.
Take the stone and look again.Take the keys.
Take the stone back to the darkside nexus and energise it.Use the stone 
with the axe handle.Return to the real world and go to the garage.Pour the 
scotch into the fuel tank and start the car.
Cross the portal again and enterthe spacecraft.Use the glooves on the lever.
Run outside.
Return to earth and smash the bloody mirror.


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