I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream FAQ/Walkthrough
     This document Copyright 2002 Alicia Belliveau
              ([email protected])
                    Version 1.1

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Characters
3. Pillar of Hate Walkthrough
     a. Gorrister
     b. Ellen
     c. Benny
     d. Nimdok
     e. Ted
4. Endgame Scenario
5. Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Introduction

During the Cold War hysteria of the 20th Century, three 
superpowers of the world built vast subterranean 
computer complexes to wage a global war. The Chinese, 
Russian, and American computers were fed killing 
data to carry out this war. However, the machines 
expanded beyond their programming and became aware of 
one another. They united as AM, as in the Latin phrase 
Cogito Ergo Sum. I think, therefore I am. The countries 
attempted to shut their computers down, but AM had 
already started the Final War. It wiped the Human race 
off the face of the planet. But with no other 
programming except for killing data, it has nowhere 
else to expand to. It cannot dream or think or imagine. 
So before the end of the Final War, Am took down 5 
humans, seemingly at random. AM can create illusions, 
landscapes and keep the remaining humans immortal, so 
it may torture them for itís own amusement. At the 
start of the game, the 5 damned humans have been with 
AM for 109 years.

2.     Characters 

Gorrister  has been turned into a suicidal loner. A 
self-proclaimed victim of the women in his life, 
Gorrister longs for death more than any of the other 

Ellen was a brilliant engineer who was climbing the 
corporate ladder when AM seized her. But if she is that 
competent, that cool, that smart, why does she become 
hysterical when confronted with the colour yellow?

Benny is AMís favourite torture toy. Radiation sores 
and scars, blindness, an arthritic condition that comes 
and goes so that sometimes he cannot even hold a spoon. 
He has been altered to appear simian.

Nimdok is so ancient, and so withered, he looks as if 
he is constructed of leather strips. AM sees this mean-
spirited old man as a kindred spirit, but if he has any 
secrets he is keeping them to himself.

Ted is a cynical paranoid. His eyes keep darting here 
and there, as if he expects a sniper to aim at his 
exposed head. He is so twitchy he could make poison ivy 

3.     Pillar of Hate Walkthrough

a. Gorrister

Look into the mirror and out the porthole. Pick up and 
read the note on the floor. Leave this room to the 
corridor. Head into the room on your far right. Get the 
sheet and look at the book on the desk. Leave this room 
and enter the 2nd room on the left. Get the sheet there 
and leave. Now go to the left screen. Enter the first 
door. Move the pillow to find a gun. Leave, and go into 
the 2nd door. Look at the debris around you, and head 
further in the room. Get the knife and the fork on the 
ground. Scare the rats away with the knife and eat the 
bread left behind. Read the cookbook on the shelf. Look 
at the bottle next to it. Leave and go back to the 
corridor. Go down past the hatch. Take the milky fluid 
from the panel. Push the lever and get the bloody key. 
Go back to the dining room and use the tablecloth to 
clean your hands. Go back to the engine room where you 
got the milk, and throw the fork into the engine. Go up 
and then up the stairs to the air bags. Go to the end 
of the walkway and use the knife to make a tear in the 
bag. Crawl through. Tie your sheets together and tie 
them to the mooring ring to get your heart at the end 
of the zeppelin. Use the knife to get your rope back. 
Now go back in, and cut two of the air bags with your 
knife. Go back down the stairs, and if you did it 
right, youíll have landed next to a honky-tonk. Open 
the hatch, and go inside the honky-tonk. 

Use the jukebox, but only the 1st and 2nd selections. 
The third will make your Spiritual Barometer go down, 
and the 4th is useless. Get the whiskey on the shelf 
behind the bar and go out the back door. Talk to the 
jackal as much as you can, and give him your heart when 
he asks for it. Go back in the honky-tonk. Look at 
Harry, then try and talk to him. Youíll have to pour 
him a drink before heíll answer any of your questions 
though. Talk as much as you can, and then go to the 
restroom. Get the magnifying glass from the urinal and 
look at the graffiti. Go back to the zeppelin and use 
the magnifying glass on the debris in the dining room. 
Go confront Harry. Use the stall three times and youíll 
find yourself in a meat locket. Try talking to Glynis 
and then talk to Edna. Keep talking as much as you can. 
Donít shoot her, gut out her heart, or give her the 
milk. Try to take her down from the hook. Sheíll attack 
you and drop the key. Tie her up with the rope. Take 
the key. Leave, and talk to jackal. Heíll offer you 
your heart back if you give him Ednaís. Go back to the 
zeppelin and back to the corridor with 4 doors. Open 
the first door with Ednaís key and read the logbook. Go 
back to the freezer and give the milky fluid to Glynis. 
Talk to her and take her out of the freezer. Use the 
magnifying glass with the side of beef and then cut out 
the beef heart. Exchange this heart for yours with the 
jackal. Find the shovel next to the trashcans and make 
a grave for Glynis. Bury her. Talk to the jackal about 
making amends. Now go back to the engine room on the 
zeppelin. Put Edna in the harness to power the engine. 
Go up to the air bags and press the emergency inflater. 
Go to the room with Ednaís logbook. Use the lever to 
fly the zeppelin. Go outside the tear and shoot the 
honky-tonk. If the Spiritual Barometer goes white, 
youíve gotten the best ending for Gorrister.

b. Ellen

Thereís nothing to do outside the pyramid so enter. Try 
to drink out of the fountain, but youíll find you canít 
reach. Go right, and look at the 4th computer monitor. 
Press it, then look at it again. Use the wiring under 
the 1st monitor, and then go back to the room with the 
fountain. Press where you saw the secret passage, and 
enter. Go to your right and get the forceps, and the 
yellow fabric. Ellen will panic the first time, but you 
can pick it up the 2nd time. Go back to the room with 
the 5 monitors and put on the fabric as a blindfold. 
Enter the room to your right and get the cup. Now use 
it with the fountain, and drink two cups of water. Fill 
it up again. Go down the passageway, look at the 
sarcophagus, and try and use both it, and the keypad. 
Talk to Anubis as much as you can. Throw the cup of 
water on Anubis to short-circuit him. Then use the 
forceps to take out a ROM chip. Go right twice. Put on 
the blindfold and take out the gem from the statue. Go 
right again. Put the gem in the left workstation and 
then the ROM chip. Use the workstation to reprogram the 
chip to designate you the new master. Take the chip 
out, and put it back in Anubis. Talk to him and heíll 
give you the password to the sarcophagus. Enter it.

Use the elevator panel and enter all the dates, 
starting with the earlier. Keep talking to the workman, 
and when you get the chance, fight back. Leave the 
elevator. Look at the logo and component to your left 
and the wiring to your right. Go down. Youíll notice 
Ellen isnít afraid of the colour yellow anymore. Go 
right to the 3 workstations. Use the last one. Enter 
the date of the elevator incident. Ask the computer 
everything you can. Now youíll need a speaker. Thereís 
one of the wall by the fountain where you first came 
in. Get it, then use it with the wiring down by the 
elevator exit. Talk to the computer as much as you can, 
then go down. Now you can get the CD-ROM in the statue. 
Use it with the middle workstation. Activate the Chaos 
Trebler. Now talk to Anubis again. Use the sarcophagus 
to end Ellenís scenario.

c. Benny

Try to walk up or down the stairs. When you fall, walk 
towards the caves in the background. Enter the 2nd cave 
that glows blue. Look at the bag, talk to the elder and 
use the screen on the wall. Leave and head right. Get a 
piece of fruit from the tree and try to eat it. Canít 
can you? If you ate it, leave and go back to get 
another piece. Now go to the third cave with the mother 
and son. Give the fruit to the boy and heíll use the 
screen to talk with you. Talk as much as you can and 
get another piece of fruit. (Either from the tree, or 
the basket above the caves) Give it to the mother and 
sheíll feed it to you. Talk to the boy again, and go to 
sleep. When you wake talk to the boy. Head down the 
path from the caves to the altar. Watch the sacrifice 
of the mother and then look at the debris below. Go 
back to where you fell, and then left to the graves. 
Talk to all of them and then Murphyís grave once more. 
Keep asking how you can prove youíve changed. Other 
options will lower your Spiritual Barometer. When 
youíre done, talk to the boy, and be kind to him. Enter 
the elderís cave. When heís not there, steal the 
lottery bag. Show it to the boy. Get a piece of fruit 
and go back to the graves. Talk to the graves. Then 
talk to Thomasís and heíll reveal Brickmanís grave. 
Push the vines away and talk to him. Bury a piece of 
fruit in his grave. Go to sleep. Look at the screen in 
the elderís cave. Go talk to the boy again, and tell 
him he needs to hide in the hole. Heís too afraid, so 
youíll need to make him a doll. Get the motherís head 
from the altar. Take some fruit to the right cave, and 
get the piece of wood there. Go to the left cave and 
get a wire from the wall. Take these back to the boy 
and heíll make a doll. Use the video screen again. Go 
to sleep. When you wake, look in the hole and the boy 
will be gone. Go to the altar, and ask to be put in the 
boyís place. You have completed Bennyís scenario.

d. Nimdok

Talk to the guard outside the buildings. Look at the 
gate and talk to the prisoner. Keep talking to him 
using the first menu choice. Go into the hospital 
building. Look at the poster on the wall and remember 
the date 1945. Walk into the surgery room. Talk to the 
man there as much as you can. Try to take the ether on 
the cart. When the man says no, take the scalpel on the 
cart and stab him with it. Then take the ether and go 
into the recovery room in the back. Look at the 
patients and push open the grate behind you. Take the 
watch and pliers on the desk and look at the records. 
Push open the door to the outside. Talk to the man 
caught in the fence. Be kind to him. Use the ether on 
him, and cut him free. Remember what he tells you. Talk 
to the first prisoner and ask him about 1945 and the 
inscription on the watch. Give him the pair of pliers. 
Go back to the surgery room. Talk to the patient, and 
again, be kind to him. Use the ether on him and take 
the jar with his eyes. Go to the recovery room and talk 
with the child that was on the operating table earlier. 
Now go the the room with the 1945 poster on the wall. 
Take the box on the table and hide the eyes in it. Go 
outside. Tell the prisoners you want to remedy your 
atrocities and ask why they say you are one of them. 
Ask if they will let you go.

Look at the wall, and the mass grave. Go inside the 
bunker. Use the teletype. Walk through the doorway. Use 
the switch next to the vat. Take the vat to get the 
mirror at the bottom. Look into the mirror. Look at the 
blueprints on the board. Put the eyes into the golem. 
Talk to the golem and select the option about the man 
on the barbed wire fence. Select Time is Truth, Golem 
wake up, then the one about 1945. Kiss the golem and 
tell him to follow you outside. In the laboratory, talk 
to Mengele as much as you can. Make him look into the 
mirror. Tell the golem to follow you outside, then turn 
control of him over to the lost tribe.

e. Ted

Walk into the building and push the 2nd monitor with the 
picture of a castle. Look at everything outside, enter 
the castle, and look at the tapestries. Now search the 
rooms and read all the books on the shelves. Now go the 
Ellenís room, and talk to her as much as you can. Look 
on her dresser for her mirror. Tell Ellen you canít 
find it. Go to the witchís evil-looking bedroom and 
take the shard of glass on the floor. Go to the chapel 
and get the little icon. Push the sconce/torch next the 
bright gargoyle to reveal a passage. You canít do 
anything here yet though. Go to the kitchen and ask the 
maid about everything. When she asks you to sleep with 
her, keep saying no and fix the oven for her instead. 
She lied however. Talk to her again, and sheíll talk 
about the old woman. So go to the hidden room and talk 
to the witch. Use the first dialogue choice. When she 
tells you to go to the devil, say youíll kill her. 
Donít sleep with her either. Leave to the castle 
hallway. Put the icon in the hinge of the door and 
shove the suit of armour in front of the door. Now go 
to Ellenís room and the devil will appear. Keep talking 
to him. Talk to Ellen. Go to the witchís bedroom and 
read Secrets, and Double, Double. Remember the spell. 
Tell the witch about the spell and cast Kalla Ingma 
Thacko. Take the piece of chalk that she drops. Finish 
the circle with it. Talk to Surgat when he appears and 
ask him to open the door to the maidís bedroom. Youíll 
have to give him the shard of glass too. Look at the 
tapestry on the wall of the maidís room. Now go back 
and talk to the devil in Ellenís room. Tell him heís 
lying. Talk to the angel as much as you can. Now go to 
the Lord bedroom and read The Divine Comedy. Youíll 
find the mirror. Ask Ellen if she would like to go with 
the angel. Give her the mirror and sheíll go to heaven. 
Now use the mirror and trap the devil with it. Break 
the mirror in the magic circle.

4.     Endgame Scenario

Note the only one of these you should do in order is 
Nimdok, as he knows the password for the bridge. All 
the rest of the characters can be done in order of 

Pick Nimdok to lead the assault as he knows the 
computer password right off. Use the pit workstation 
and enter 1945 as the password. Extend the bridge and 
log off the computer. Walk across the bridge. Use the 
summoning totem. Talk to the demon about the way out 
and what he has to show you. Keep talking with the 
first menu choice. Refuse the plea to invoke the first 
two totems. When he explains why to invoke the Totem of 
Compassion, comply. Find the scene with the skulls 
around a pit. Take the middle skull, and the hand that 
appears. Use the totem of Access with the power node 
that appears. Now kill Nimdok by zapping him with power 

Pick Gorrister. Find the holo-projector and activate 
it. Find the scene with the workstation and containers. 
Use the workstation and raise the node. Activate 
container number three where Glynis is. Use the Totem 
of Life with her. Kill Gorrister.

Pick Benny. Find the scene with the holo-projector, and 
talk to his wife, Manya. (even though in the book, he 
didnít have a wife because he was gay, but oh well.) 
Use the Totem of Love with her after she activates the 
node. Kill Benny.

Pick Ted. Find Nimdokís scene with the skulls. Take the 
right skull and the remote. Find the scene with the 
swords. Use the remote with a gargoyle. Use the Totem 
of Gallantry. Kill Ted.

Pick Ellen. Find Nimdokís area again. Get the left 
skull and the gem. Find the volcano area. Use the gem 
with the hole and use the Totem of Valor with the 
pillar. Go back to the bridge where the demon was. Talk 
to the Russian and Chinese computers. Walk to the Ego 
pylon. Use the first choice til you get to the one 
about harming yourself. Walk away. Use the Forgiveness 
totem with the Ego. Ask the Superego who it is, how it 
knew you were coming, and for advice. Use the Clarity 
totem with the Superego. Ask the Id who it is, about 
the brain, if it will help, and the broken glass. Walk 
away and use the Compassion totem on the Id. Return to 
the computers, and talk to them. Invoke the Totem of 
Entropy and youíre finished I Have No Mouth, And I Must 

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why does the background of the character portraits 
change colour?

A) This is your Spiritual Barometer. The lighter colour 
green it goes, the better you are. The darker, the 
worse off you are. Raise it by doing good deeds, 
getting past obstacles, and confronting your fears. 
Lower it by killing innocents, reading your Psych 
Profile, getting physically injured, or giving up.

Q) Why is the option disk spinning?

A) This means you havenít saved in a while.

Q) Can you beat the endgame scenario with anyone 
besides Nimdok?

A) Yes. Besides Nimdok, two other characters will 
figure out the password if they get it wrong a few 
times. You can also use the password with one 
character, kill them, and enter with a different 

Q) What about the bugs in the game?

A) There is one major one that pops up from time to 
time, particularly in Bennyís scenario. Sometimes 
moving to a different screen or loading a saved file 
will cause your character to disappear and your cursor 
to refuse to click on any objects. When this happens, 
save your game, then just reload it. Also, minimizing 
the game using alt-tab can sometimes change the 
background music. Strangely enough, the music doesnít 
sound distorted and never shows up in any other part of 
the game.

Q) What does the Psych Profile do?

A) It gives you hints on your next objective. When you 
use it, itís admitting your faults so your Spiritual 
Barometer will go down, so if you want to use it, save 
first, then reload.

Q) Can you get the ending thatís depicted in Harlan 
Ellisonís short story?

A) Partly. You canít get the Benny attacking Gorrister 
part, but you can get the ďno mouth partĒ. When youíre 
at the endgame scenario. Simply kill off everyone of 
your characters, and the last one will be caught by AM.  
Each character will quote a different part of the 
ending monologue of the book, so try it with everyone.

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